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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 18, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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we are talking politics. we begin with the race for the white house and it is down to the wire in new york. >> all of the candidates hitting the ground hard making a last minute push for votes in the important primary. >> we are following the latest on the campaign trail. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. a litttrump infenctensified aft lost 14 of wyoming delegates to ted cruz. listen to what he said on staten island. >> i hope it doesn't involve violence. i hope it doesn't. i am not suggesting that. i hope it doesn't involve violence. i don't think it will. but i will say this. it is a rigged system. it is a crooked system. >> but ted cruz who has benefited under the current system is firing back basically by calling trump a sore loser. yesterday he said on twitter
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over 1.3 million voted in eutaw, north dakota, wisconsin, colorado, wyoming you lost all five in a row by huge margins. hashtag no whining. almost every poll has trump ahead by almost 30 points followed by john kasich and cruz in third. there was no energy jeb bush and i will inn cruz and he debuted his nickname for clinton, crooked clinton. she brush it had off on one of the sunday shows. >> i don't respond to donald trump and his string of insults about me. i can take care of myself. he goes after women. he goes after muslims. he goes after immigrants. he goes after people with disabilities. he is hurting our unity at home. he is undermining the values that we stand for in new york.
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>> clinton is ahead by double dig gets in new york but bernie sanders is drawing huge crowds. look at this rally. this campaign claims his rally in brooklyn new york hit a record of 29,000 people. >> this campaign is going to win because order nas-- it is ordin people not just wealthy campaign contributors. >>est that's a clear big at clinton. >> all will be campaigning in new york except ted cruz. he will spend the day in new england. now it is time to take a look at who is talking. randy evans from the rnc rules committee says if trump doesn't hit the magic delegate number of 1237 a deal could be cut at the convention. >> i think if neither candidate gets to 1,000 we are looking at a wide open convention. if it is over 1100 the band
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wagon will push trump over the top. if you are in that middle park 1,000 and 1100 i think you will see deals cut, you will see a sayings where u a nominee a candidate go to a state chairman somewhere and say you have got 166 delegates sitting out there, wouldn't your senator like to be my running mate. running mates may ke a big difference and they can deliver delegates, too. there will be plenty of deal making if we are in the critical number of 1,000 or 1100 delegates. >> voter registration gone wrong. thousands of people including some celebrities registered for the wrong party all because of confusing wording. according to la times as many as 3 and 4 people who are registered as a member of the american independent party may have picked the party by accident instead of registering with no party affiliation. demi moore is among the celebs to make that mix-up.
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ohio to the fox news alert. a hunt for the two brothers accused of killing an ex army ranger and his wife. warning the pair is armed and dangerous. let's go to kelly wright and the new developments in the case. >> the sheriff's office in washington says finding the missing married couple is their number one priority. their second priority is to find those they believe are responsible for the couple's disappearance. 45-year-old army veteran patrick shun and his wife 46-year-old monique disappeared last week. police believe the couple may be the victims of homicide dal violence. they have two suspects disposing of the missling couple's vehicle. >> based on evidence collected from the missing couple's
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vehicles as well as evidence from the residence detectives believe patrick and monique were murdered. >> police are searching for two suspects tony clyde reed and his brother john blaine reed both men are armed convicted felons believed to be armed and dangerous. suspect john reed lived near a couple involved in a property dispute of neighbors which involved death threats. they are not clear if the couple is the defendants in the suit. those who know the married couple are hoping for their return. >> they are so generous and nice and they would do anything for any of their friends. >> police are asking for the public's help in finding the couple but are warning people to stay away from the suspects. abby? >> what a sad story. kelly wright live for us. a philadelphia police officer shot in the line of duty saved his own life. james mccullough was shot in his leg trying to take down two-car thieves. it happened when the 24-year-old
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cop and his partner were fromminged down by a woman who said someone broke into their car. when they approached two men kept on running. he tackled one and was shot in the leg. he applied a turn cut to the leg to stop the bleeding. the two were shot a short time later. an accident or a short time later a man who ambushed two firefighters with a barrage of bullets now says someone was breaking in. john om snyder was killed and another wounded when they showed up at a house in maryland. the accused gunman now says he never heard them knock so he opened fire. the wounded firefighter is expected to be okay. snyder will be laid to rest on wednesday. u.s. troops arriving in japan i don't ever night to help with rescue efforts. the air force delivering aid to remote areas at least 42 people are dead there and 10 missing following two deadly earthquakes. hundreds of thousands told to
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leave their homes amid fears of tremors and after shocks. this all as the death toll in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in ecuador climbs to 272. it has been called the strongest quake in decades. crews searching desperately for survivors. they are struggle to go reach the hardest hit areas following heavy rains and massive land slides. new overnight defense secretary ash carter arrives in baghdad to meet with iraqi leaders about beefing up the fight against isis. the talks are expected to focus on how to retake the northern city of mosul from the terror group. they include air strikes cyber attacks and sending a small number of american troops to the area. doubting his strength iran showing off parts of the missile defense system. they are part of a new advanced air defense system from russia which was delivered last week despite repeated u.s.
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objections. iranian president hassan rouhani says the system is necessary to defend itself and was not meant to intimidate other countries. switching gears and turning to a winter wonderland in colorado, snow up to 4 feet in some areas causing a problem in the foothills of denver. >> another storm system could trigger flash flooding across the great plains. marie a molina is tracking the latest. it will be hot today. >> we are enjoying something nice. >> it would be nice in colorado to melt some of the snow. >> we will see the temperatures climbing as well and helping mellow out the snow. i wanted to mention i was in colorado over the weekend. i got to enjoy some of the heavy snow here some photos. four feet in the foothills where we were. i felt like i was 5 years old.
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>> that's you? >> and my husband on the left-hand side. it was fluffy snow and light. as the snow started melting and getting heavier it was tough to shou shovel out there. any one trying to to travel over the weekend it was a tough go especially i-70. areas east of denver also picked up with snow and had to deal with strong winds. that shut down i-70 going eastbound for a while. now the storm system is heading eastward. a big concern over flooding across parts of the flames. we have been seeing it. with some areas picking up rain across parts of texas and extending over parts of the plains. watches has been issued. >> heather p and abby? >> i believe it is 80 degrees.
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>> the 120th boston marathon. 20 will be wounded u.s. veterans. spectators are expected to watch. >> good luck to all of the runners out there. >> authorities have said there have been no credible threats to the race. this comes after a 2013 terrorist attack at the finish line kill threed people and injured 350 others. >> the fourth state to legalize medical marijuana. it takes effect in 30-days but lawmakers say it could take as many as two years smoking it is still ill league. -- illegal. >> last minute filers. you have until midnight to get
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your taxes done or ask for more time. three extra days to file this year even with the extended deadlines millions are still scrambling last minute. if you are one of them we have got you covered. starting next hour a financial expert is answering your questions all morning long. make sure to e-mail us at are you a procrastinate tore? >> i am a procrastinate tore but i did manage to get it done if my accountant is watching. as of last week i was still sending stuff in. >> a sickening attack on a u.s. soldier. two men caught on camera trying to put a bag over his head. the charges they are now facing. >> scary when a plane packed right into a drone. claer clear
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>> beautiful times square always bright and beautiful. now we want to go to a fox news alert. a drone slams in the front of a british airways plane as it lands in london. the flight was coming from geneva, switzerland. the flight taken moments before it was hit head on by the drone. the plane carrying 132 people suffered minor damage. there have been plenty of flights from the drones. they can be stuck into the engine or crashed through the window. happening today a florida zoo is reopening after a zoo keeper known as the tiger whisperer was mauled to death by one of the
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giant cats she cared for. they were performing a routine procedure friday when the 13-year-old tiger attacked her. it is not clear if the tiger exhibit will be opened today. >> thick black smoke pouring into the sky after a los angeles junkyard went up into flames. it blew off of a resoik elling yard in sun valley. the fire became a michael jackson emergency with 100 firefighters battling the spon ster flames. plumes of smoke could be seen blowing above the yard the cause is still under investigation. bored teenagers facing fell lee charges for taking them on a joy ride. it cost 53,000 in damages after
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whipping up trailers in southern indiana. the trailers home to family businesses. they were competing to see who could cause more destruction. since they have juveniles their parents could be held responsible. are you ready for the next iphone? they reveal add new design that could be coming soon. we are here with what you can expect. if you want to upgrade you might want to wait until next year. apple iphone 8 will be all glass better for wireless charging and reception. air passenger plane landed for the first time in eight years. the international flights to ryan follows the nuclear deal of world powers this year. amazon is et willing subscribers pay for prime which offers
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preskriping and other perks months to months. they are separating the prime video service you can get tv and movie service for 8.99 a month. prooifl netflix is rising the prices to 9.99. they go ontis play at the national mall in washington, d.c. it was a christmas gift to his wife in 1963. you have seen many of the pictures taken when they return to the california ranch. in the box office disney's "the jungle book" opened with $1.63 million the heist weekend ever. the boss with 10 million came in third. the jungle book i am dying to see that. campaign cash, creating outrage. >> their right to protests.
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george clooney charging hundreds of thousands of dollars a star studded event in hillary clinton. where he says the maority of that money is going. >> i don't know. >> was it you? >> >> the adorable little boy caught red handed is now going viral. >> cute. >> a live shot for you looking at orlando. >> wonder if they are asleep right now. you both have a perfect driving record.
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>> george clooney is defending big money events, really big. they hosted a pricey fundraiser for the clinton campaign at their los angeles home. we have more p on the outrage. >> actor george clooney his wife gets past more than 300,000 dollars. just attending the event costs closer to 30,000 dollars. the next earning mo the actor says he agrees with the vermont bernie sanders the amount spent is not seen. >> i think it is an obscene amount of money. we had protestors last night when we pulled up in san francisco. the right to protest. they are absolutely right. it is ab obscene amount of money. the sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. it is ridiculous we should have this kind of money in politics.
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>> clooney says the money raised has a ripple effect impacting the races even a supreme court vacancy. for that reason he would do the same if sanders were to win the nomination. that didn't stop protestors outside clooney's home voicing opposition with the money spent. they topped 1,000 dollars worth of $1 bills at the former secretary of state motorcade. they are capitalizing on the discrepancy releasing an ad revolving around the money received which is 27,000 dollars. the event costs the frontrunner to wall street. >> there's something wrong when few people in this case wealthy individuals and other instances for the secretary it is wall street and powerful special interests who are equal to contribute several sums of money. that's not what democracy is about that is an oligarchy.
2:25 am
i have run this campaign on the basis of saying we are not going to make it with averaging 17 a piece. we suspect he will talk more about clinton and donations ahead of tuesday's primaries. >> heather, abby? >> there are ate lot of things i would do to see george clooney but not 100,000 dollars. >> that could be used for charity. >> the $20 dollar bill will have a new fate. >> they are expected to announce andrew jackson will be replaced by a woman. it is still unclear which lady from history will get the honor. harriet tubman, rosa parks those are two of the top contenders. >> alexander hamilton will stay on the $20 bill thanks to the popularity of the broadway play "hamilton." >> and don't expect any changes
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right away. a new $20 bill won't happen until at least 2030. it takes years to develop security features. we will see about that. time is currently 26 after the hour. rules are rules. >> i think i have done more tk v in the last two weeks than in two years. i am not going to allow any one to rewrite the rules of or part. >> stevens responded to donald trump's attacks on the gop nomination process. >> on this day in history back in 1950 first trans-atlantic jet passenger trip was completed. and in 1999 wayne gretzky played his final game
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the 2016 c-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. >> it is monday april 16th. attacks on a u.s. soldier. two men caught on camera trying to put a bag over his head. the charges that they are now facing. the final push in the empire state. republican and democratic candidates making a final push for votes as the election process is called into question. >> if you wait until today to file your tacks, last minute tips for all of the procrastinators out there. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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>> wake me up before you go go as well. thank you so much for waking up with us. good morning. welcome to "fox and friend first. i am heather childers. i am abby hunts man it is 30 after the hour. it is down to the wire in new york. all of the candidates hitting the ground hard making a last minute push for voters before tomorrow's critical primary. >> we are following the latest on the campaign trail. >> good morning. by now we have become pretty accustomed to trump's nickname. first lie inn cruz, little marco and now there's crooked clinton. he debuted his nickname over the weekend. when asked about it clinton said she couldn't care less. she tried to use trump's attacks against him. >> every one of us has been attacked by trump.
2:32 am
best i could tell from looking around i was you be in washington heights and i said to trump last summer enough. you stop with the hate filled rhetoric. you are not going to divide this country, we are coming together. we are going to be unified. >> clinton is ahead by double digits in new york. bernie sanders is still drawing huge crowds. his campaign claims hit a new record of 29,000 people. >> this campaign is going to win because we list tone ordinary people, not just wealthy campaign contributors. >> that line could be used by donald trump. trump intensified his complaints y after he lostlican nominating 14 wyoming delegates to dead cruz -- ted cruz. >> we are leading my millions of votes and hundreds of delegates. i think we are going to make it
2:33 am
without having to rely. >> john kasich is run ago consistent second in almost every poll. yesterday kasich said his definition of winning is different than most. >> winning is accumulating delegates. i don't have to win the state. i have to accumulate delegates and have momentum going in. to me it is to wendell gats. the person standing who can beat hillary. >> as for ted cruz, he has been polling a distant third in new york. every candidate will be campaigning in new york ted cruz has moved on to maryland. >> crooked clinton. see how that plays out. >> we will look wand see who is talking. the gop process is rigged. they are saying the rules are the rules.
2:34 am
>> there is nothing that is rigged or being changed or altered. they are in place basically for over a century. the dell gaths gages plans by october 1st of 2015. the rules are set i have been pretty clear i have done more tv in the last two weeks than i have in two years because i am not going to allow any one to rewrite the rules of our party. >> let's keep talking about trump slamming the gop system. is it time to change the delegate process? log on to our facebook page after the show and weigh in with the hashtag keep talking. >> a missing army veteran and his wife feared death this morning. they are armed and dangerous and on the run. we are here with the details
2:35 am
they are zeroing in on. >> the sheriff's office in washington. they say that finding the missing married couple is their number one priority or the recovery of them. their second priority is to find those believed to be responsible for the couple's disappearance. patrick shun and his wife 46-year-old monique disappeared last week. police believe the couple may be the victims of homicide dal violence. they have delivered surveillance video showing two suspects disposing of the missing couple's vehicle 15 miles away from home in washington. >> based on evidence collected from the missing couple's vehicles as well as evidence collected from the former residents they believe patrick and monique were murdered. >> police were searching for the two suspects tony clyde read and his brother john blaine reed. both men are convicted felons
2:36 am
believed to be armed and dangerous. suspect john read lived year the coup who were involved in a property dispute with neighbors which included death threats. it is not clear if the suspects were the defendants in that suit. those who know the married couple are hoping for their return, their safe return. >> they are so generous and nice. >> police are looking for help in finding the married couple. >> such a horrible spotory. >> they are arriving in japan with aid to remote areas. 42 people are dead, 10 missing after two earthquakes there. this as the death tole and a 7.8 magnitude earthquake climbed to
2:37 am
272. the strongest quake in decades. searching for survives are struggling following heavy rains and land slides. >> the fate of president barack obama's immigration policy now hanging in the balance. the supreme court will hear the case against the legislation in a lawsuit filed 26 states. ladies and gentlemening the president acted like a dictator enacting the border enacting millions of deportation. >> a ruling is expected by the end of june. >> hot one today heather. pack your umbrella. heavy rains. >> rain in some areas as she is tracking those storms for us. >> good morning. over the weekend we had to deal with heavy snow across parts of the rockies in the storm system which brought severe weather across portions of the planins.
2:38 am
rain in eastern texas into parts of oklahoma and kansas. they are across eastern texas where we can potentially see over 6 this muches inches of r. the flooding continues and even more severe weather with isolated tornadoes large hail and damaging winds all possible across parts of southeastern texas and extending into places like brownsville. temperatures incredibly warm. very spring lake out there. you are in the midwest across the southeast. temperatures are either going to be in the 70's or the 80's for many of you. storms are tell lively school with highs in the 70's in places like dallas and houston. >> nice temperatures out there for a monday. >> the nba playoffs are here. the opener of the first round are finally in the book.
2:39 am
>> san antonio beating fem miss 106-74 handing them their worst post seen loss. the clippers cruz past the blazers 115-105 win. the only lead was by 1 point that was in the second quarter. you can definitely see the heat in miami. they dismapt elled the charlotte hornets 123-91 tied a franchise post season record. a close one over the pistons. they came down the last few minutes as cleveland ran away with 106 victory out won 30116. dale ernhardt, jr. was not the most popular guy at the racetrack. a warm welcome as he ran around
2:40 am
the bristol speedway after the sprint cup series. the university of tennessee has made him some what of a legend there. manning says he's a huge ernhardt fan. >> grounded over half of a fleet of marine corps aircraft are unable to fly. >> just kidding. the university that sent thousands of acceptance letters to students who didn't get in. now a live shot of philadelphia. look at that beautiful sunrise. >> beautiful. ♪ ♪
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>> good morning to you. wouldn't you like that blasting when you wake up in the morning. that will get you out of bed. >> beautiful shot. >> the sun coming up in new york city. >> and it is tax day. >> yea. >> if you haven't filed despite getting three extra days this year you are not alone. >> cheryl casone here with last minute stiptips for all of us. >> good morning. i heard somebody say yea, it's tax day. thank you for the enthusiasm. for those americans who decided to wait until the last minute wito file their taxes and you are panicking right now there are some things you can do. the best advice file for an ex continuation today and you can do it on-line. you will get an extra 6 months. the down side of this you will pay penalties if you end up owing. so as soon as you can starting tomorrow go ahead and file your tax return after the fact.
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you can use the toll to figure out you are going to owe substantial amount. by paying a estimate you lesson your fees and penalties from the extension. today is the deadline to make a deductible contribution to an ira. today is the day you make sure to get the ira deductible amount in. that is crucial. >> you are not penalize iffed they owe you money so why let the government keep your cash is what i am thinking. if i can file today do it. not only do they charge failure to pay penalties there's a failure to file penalty if you do nothing today. my advice something better than nothing. >> we were saying even if you try to tnot to procrastinate it stressful. >> to find the fox business network log on to
2:46 am hillary clinton's top aid huma abedin may have to spill what she knows about the frontrunner's private e-mail server. they agreed to let conservative group judicial watch question several government officials about whether substantial information was entank overed oth over the system. the few and the proud being forced to do more with less. a fox news report revealing a vast majority of marine corps aircraft has been grounded. older jets are stretched to their breaking point after 15 years of war time wear and fair. >> you have a cadillac trying to make it a fer ar rrari. the old aircraft is constant abrake egg. >> the defense budget shrinking
2:47 am
$130 billion over the last five years. rrs boaty makes boat face. the overwhelming face in the public vote to name a $300 million polar research ship. britain's national research council had names that were inspirational about environmental and polar science. >> when a former bbc presenter suggested boaty it became the crowd favorite. it won with 120,000 votes. there is no guarantee they will follow through on the name. boaty mcboat face. almost 10 minutes to the top of the hour. a sickening attack on a u.s. soldier. trying to put a bag over his head. the charges they are now facing. >> who wrote lipstick on mommy's mirror? >> no.
2:48 am
>> who was it? >> batman. >> the adorable little boil going viral this morning. >> what is coming up on "fox & friends"? >> good morning heather and abby. on fox and friends the day before the new york primary aaron trump the son of donald trump is here as his father surges in the statewide polls in new york state. napolitano on the secret weapon that could take downhill ry clinton in the e-mail scandal. karl rove and joe tripy talk politics the day before the new york primary. kelly pickler joins us live. she has a brgreat new show on cable tv. finally, it is tax day? how are you going to relax after paying all of those taxes on the plaza we will have punching bags and we will be giving massages we will have mock tails and i don't know why but we are going
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to be singing karaoke. maybe we are singing the blues. hope you will join us. three hours kicks off 12 minutes from right now right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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a fox news alert, a devastating attack on a u.s. soldier. two men arrested for trying to suffocate him with a plastic bag. >> what's that? >> yeah. >> just horrible. both men from a radical youth group filmed themselves on a u.s. base in turkey. the soldier fights them off. the attack mimics an incident back in 2003 when u.s. troops arrested a group of turkish forces by mistake thinking they
2:53 am
were part of al qaeda. thanks, anby. do you remember this guy? well, we're about to show him and he could be getting a plea deal for rushing donald trump's stage in ohio. the judge decided to continue the case after prosecutors said both sides wanted more time to discuss a resolution and thomas demassimo was arrested for entering a restricted area back in march. he pleaded not guilty. a trial is set for may 31st. johnny depp and his wife amber heard are very sorry about smuggling their two terrier pooches last year. >> i'm truly sorry they were not declared. >> declare everything when you enter australia. >> this video appeared after
2:54 am
they pled guilty -- amber pled guilty. she was fined $1,000. well, here is what is going viral for you this morning. when in doubt, blame batman. a little boy draws with lipstick on the mirror before pinning it on the kapd crusader. >> who did that to mom's mirror? >> i don't know. >> was it? >> no. >> who was it? >> batman. >> his mom says batman is his least favor superhero and that's why he was an easy out. so he doesn't mind if he gets in trouble. >> cute glasses. the time now is six minutes until the top of the hour. dramatic video. the moment a firefighter jumps
2:55 am
into a lake to save his own life. and so the rescue, where firefighters found this adorable little duck. ♪ ♪ jordan and chelsea were searching for the perfect place for their wedding on oh! yurt. yes! earthy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island?
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two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. the 120th boston marathon, about 30,000 people are expected to participate amid tight security.
2:59 am
thousands of uniformed and undercover police will be standing guard along the 26.2 mile course. and the supreme court begins hearing the case against president obama's immigration order. 26 states challenging the president's authority to save millions of illegal immigrants from deportation without congressional approval. and presidential candidates making a last-minute push for voters before tomorrow's critical primary. right now, trump and clinton are leading. time now for the good, bad, and the ugly. good. colorado firefighter rescued one lucky duck stuck inside a chimney. they managed to free him. dramatic footage caught the moments a fire tornado in canada. you can see one firefighter jump into a river. and the university of
3:00 am
buffalo accidentally sending acceptance letters to students not actually accepted. they send a correction email minutes later. that whereas u this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. >> bye! good morning to you. it is monday, april 18th. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump dominating the new york polls one day before the new york primary as his feud with the establishment fires up. >> it's a rigged system, a crooked system. it's 100% crooked. >> this morning, the rnc responds. then we've got a fox news alert. a desperate search right now for armed and dangerous brothers wanted for murder of a missing army veteran and his wife. the dispute that may have led to their death ahead open this monday. old hickory


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