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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 18, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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this evening. thanks for joining us. have a great night. >> this is a fox news alert. donald trump the frontrunner speaks in just moments. here is the question. will he use his new nickname for secretary clinton tonight? in front of buffalo supporters. fox team coverage where protesters and supporters are right now facing off. we have live reports but nor on that nickname. here is donald trump. >> we have crooked hillary. crooked hillary, folks. she has been crooked from the beginning and to think that she has a shot at being our president? crooked hillary clinton. we can't let it happen. you can't let it happen.
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and let me tell you. the only personal that crooked hillary clinton does not want to run against is donald trump. >> trump rally but now donald trump's son, donald trump jr. goes "on the record." good evening, donald. >> hi, greta. how are you? >> good. >> so he is now calling the former secretary of state hillary clinton crooked. a few years ago he told me she did a great job as secretary of state. what happened? how did she become crooked? >> when you look at the record and look at what she has actually done. when you look at benghazi and all the instances over the last multiple decades, it's almost that tits particularly possible to have that many controversy and have that many things go correct me if i am wrong inexplicable in some ways. you know, i think it fits. >> i used to think of crooked as someone who is stealing money or something. you are not suggesting that she is doing anything like that? >> well, listen, i don't know. if you look in the past i think there is probably plenty of places where you can probably make that assumption there are
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probably things much more important and certainly relevant to today. if you look at benghazi. you know, mark geist is a friend of mine. he came out and endorsed us. one of the contractors left behind in benghazi and came out and survived. when you talk to him about what happened in that situation, you see about his friends that he lost over there, you start to realize this wasn't a good person with well intentions. this is someone who didn't want to pick up a phone at 2:00 in the morning? >> does he have a nickname for everybody? >> i don't want to known what mine is nickname thick pretty persuasive. he comes up with these on the spot. is he pretty good understanding people. he knows what people are he is good at labeling them. nicknames are effective because they are true. when people hear them they are that's right. that's 100 percent right. lyin' ted or low energy jeb. they tend to stick because those are the characteristics that those people exude. >> i have seen sort of two donald trumps. one is the very measured one we saw in an op-ed that was written last week or published last week in the "wall street journal." when i did the town hall
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with donald as well, he was very sort of measured. answering the question. then we have this wild side of him where he brands people with nicknames. which one is he like at home? >> well, honestly, is he both. is he incredible father and incredible grandfather now. when i see him play with my kids, it's just amazing. but he do both. i have seen him for 40 years, 38 years, dude deals with people from all different spectrums of life and different nations and nationalities, background and religions. he can be incredibly charming when he needs to be. there comes a time where you have to put your foot down. if you look at the topics big issues today in the republican party, they are all things that prior to him entering this race they were taboo, you can't talk about that you may offend someone. you talk talk about this little too far. they are talking points because he has the guts to actually bring it up and has the guts to say what he is thinking and not necessarily pull punches so as not to offend someone. is he more concerned about taking care of americans.
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about protecting american lives. about protecting american jobs. about creating a great economy again. instead of, you know, our current administration, which is much more concerned about possibly not offending someone who hates us to begin with. it's a very different mentality, greta. >> okay. i don't know if you are a betting man, but i'm going to put you on the spot. tomorrow night, tell me how is your father going to do in the new york primary? what's your bet? >> i'm going long for us. i think we are going to do great. i think we are going to do really well. it's home. people get it they see it and, frankly, i think we will do better here even in a general because when i'm around, when i go to dinner, when i'm out in new york which is not exact lay bassian of christian principles they say i'm going to vote for your father because i know is he going to change the system. system stacked against us giving real persons americans, people who made this country great. hard working blue collar americans, he is giving them a voice again. they haven't had that in a long time, greta.
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>> i know you are going to vote for your father. i have 100 percent confidence. your two siblings missed the deadline to register. how bad do they feel. >> i don't think they're thrilled. i think they voted republican on many instances. i think because of the way the system -- by the time they had to reregister and to become republicans to vote in this primary was so far out we hadn't even announced that we were in this thing, i don't think. so, you know, i think they feel bad but it's not the end of the world. we have new york covered and they are certainly ready to rock and roll for the general. >> if the polls are valid, your father is not going to need their two votes tomorrow night. that's the good news, i guess for the family. >> i think reasonably safe. if we lose by two they are in a lot of trouble but i don't think that's going to be a problem. >> i would say they are. thank you, don. >> thank you very much, greta. >> let's get to that trump rally in buffalo, new york. carl cameron is live. carl? >> hi, greta. the first niagara facility
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more than half full raucous crowd. introductions are over donald trump will be out here in a few minutes. is he looking for a huge win, perhaps a sweep in new york. 95 delegates at stake. not going to be easy. he leads in all the polls. "wall street journal"-nbc poll shows trump is over 50% in the empire state and has more support in that poll than both texas senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich combined. that's really important here in new york because there are 95 delegates at stake. and it's a winner-take-most and can be winner-take-all if the candidate gets a majority of the actual statewide vote and then a majority in each of the states' congressional districts. if not it becomes proportional and much easier for ted cruz and john kasich to pick up a couple of congressional districts, deny trump the full 9 a and perhaps slow some of his momentum. trump has been very aggressive in the last couple of days, criticizing the process for collecting delegates. he says that the republican
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national committee system is corrupt, that it's rigid. that it's crooked. he has been very, very critical about it and even suggested if he wins the nomination he may dismiss reince priebus, the chairman of the national republican committee from his post. the party says that's not going to happen. he is going to stay in his office until the spring of 2007 when his term expires. gives you how heated things have become between trump and g.o.p. establishment. in the meantime ted cruz is looking to pick off one or two congressional districts in new york as well as john kasich. cruz has gone on to say there will be a battle in cleveland. that is him saying as clearly as he can that he expects to go all the way to the convention and contest it. that donald trump won't have the necessary 1237 delegates to clinch the nomination before the first ballot he has a chance to compete in the contested convention. john kasich has been skipping ahead for months. he has only won his home state of ohio. for his strategy he doesn't need to win. he has been saying all along
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he will go to that contested convention assuming there is one. he leaves he will prevail in the end when the voters, the delegates there, these sort of career amateur politicians who make up the delegate composition decide while cruz and trump can't beat hillary clinton and john kasich who served in congress and governor of key state in ohio, cleveland is where the convention will be he thinks that will add up to him being the nominee in the end. donald trump will come out big if he wins as big as he expects from tomorrow night. ranging from west virginia to rhode island. trump has a huge lead. greta? >> carl, thank you. and, of course, we are waiting for this -- for donald trump at this rally. carl has been inside. but outside the first niagara center, what's going on there? protesters and, of course, rick legislative that you will is there protesters began lining up well in advance. rick leventhal is in the middle of those protesters as always. rick?
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>> greta, so far so good for the city of buffalo police, state and local agencies helping out with security here. can you see a line of officers between us and the protesters. i want to show you the first niagara center and what's happening here. a very strict security procedure in place there are stragglers still making their way inside who are being shuttled through metal barricades and through the front doors where they are greeted by secret service who are handling the screening here. these people, we're told, cannot bring any food or drink, certainly no weapons or bags or backpacks and no science or banners there are plenty of signs and banners across the street. protester, 200 to 300 of them at least being kept behind metal barricades. police forming a line between those protesters and the trump supporters who have been arriving here since 4:00 this afternoon. the last three hours they have been showing up. the official estimate somewhere around 7,000 to 8,000 people inside. again, a few hundred outside. police saying that they will respect everyone's first amendment right but violence will not be tolerated. we have been told that the
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buffalo police department does not play around with situations like this. and you can see that they are ready for action. they're hoping there won't be any need for those flexy cuffs that they have on the belts. the goal is to keep protesters separated from trump support ires. when these two sides get too close to each other, that's when the sparks start to fly. >> rick, thank you. donald trump is hoping for a big, big win tomorrow. g.o.p. rival senator ted cruz and governor john kasich are a not going down, at least not without a fight. >> today is tax day. [crowd booing] >> we should abolish the irs. >> i say donald, you say trump. donald. >> trump. >> going to make great, great deals. >> i don't want to feed the anger and anxiety and frustration people have in this country. >> if we ignite, we will win the general, we will beat
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hillary clinton and we will turn this country around. >> governor kasich just picking up a big endorsement from nevada governor brian cornwall. the governor goes "on the record." >> good evening, thank you for having me. >> you had nice things about governor kasich saying under john kasich's leadership ohio's economy has undergone incredible transformation 425,000 jobs return to the state and people have hope again. here is what i don't understand. sometimes i don't get this about politics. you never endorsed him before. you didn't endorse him for the february 23rd caucus in your state and you voted ford senator marco rubio. can you reconcile all this for me. you wanted rubio first and governor kasich for whatever reason is choice number two. >>? fair question and john and i came in as governors together. is he somebody that i have known and respected for a very long time. and you recited his recordohio. is he a tremendous candidate. frankly, i wish i would have
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done it sooner. with regard to my vote for senator rubio, that was a decision that i made on that day. but moving forward, i think john kasich is the ideal candidate for president. he has got that experience as a governor, as a chief executive. he has got the foreign policy experience from when he was in congress. he is a man of faith. he is a family man. i think he is the entire package. >> you know, i always describe someone like governor kasich because he looks great on paper. and then i think to myself why hasn't he gotten the tracked? do you have an explanation of that he certainly is whether you agree with him or not, he probab has the broadest experience having been in congress, having ban governor, having been in business, is he a little bit of what everybody else has. why is he running third? >> he has had a record of success. and, frankly, you know, i think -- john would say himself america is getting to know him. and when they get to know him, they like him. and obviously in ohio is extremely popular. he was reelected with a
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super majority of the vote. the ohio economy is doing great things. i think he can do the same thing for america. but there is a lot of time to go. i think as time moves on, they are going to see who john kasich is. and that he is, indeed, the best person to be president. >> the math is right now not working in his favor. he has got -- his hail mary pass is for a contested convention in ohio, his state, i might add. should he have started sooner? what's your explanation that you say american people are just getting to know him? it's april. >> no, and, again, i don't think anybody would argue that the math doesn't work for him and that he does need to get to a contested convention in cleveland. but he got a late start. that's probably something john would be able, in a better position to talk about. but he, you know, i wish him, i hope the people of new york tomorrow see him for what he is, be incredible candidate and frankly the only person who can beat hillary clinton. >> governor, thank very much for joining us, sir.
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>> thank you very much. >> and now to that steaming democratic race. secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders, well, they are no longer pals, but they are both crisscrossing new york state making last-minute pushes for voters. >> i need your help tomorrow. it's a big election. a primary election, democratic primary. >> how this comes out tomorrow will shape the rest of this primary campaign and how we will go into the future. >> you're standing up for justice, and i applaud what you are doing. we're going to win this thing. thank you. >> we need you. we need every single vote. >> i will stand up and fight for you fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is in new york city, the state where we are going to have a primary tomorrow. he had? >> greta, good to see you. sometimes the best reporting you can do is still the old shoe leather reporting. i was walking through the streets of manhattan this morning and bumped into a clinton advisor and said what do you think? we started talking about thousand democratic race is playing out. he said as a clinton advisor
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is he nervous that these polls suggesting she has a double digit lead are simply not true and that bernie sanders has closed this to a single digit, difference right now. the difference, of course, is going to be next 24 hours. can he actually close it to the point that he takes the lead and wins this state? if he were to win hillary clinton's adopted home state, that would be a huge blow to her campaign in terms of all the momentum. you see this live picture. bernie sanders is planning another very large rally there in long island city. the beautiful manhattan skyline right across the water there this follows last night where in brooklyn a prospect park bernie sanders had over 28,000 people at a rally. we talk all the time about these big crowds that one in brooklyn was the biggest one sanders has had in this entire campaign. back to that clinton advisor on the streets of manhattan. he told me is still confident to be clear that hillary clinton is going to win. he believes she will win by single digits, not double digits. here is the very bottom line on the race. if hillary clinton were to win by single digits, bernie
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sanders can claim a moral victory. he can claim, you know, that he beat the expectations game. he's running out of state to keep beating expectations. he has to win and win big in order to start separating, you know, the delegate situation because hillary clinton has separation from him right now leading by several hundred delegates and can you see that right now. he has got to catch up. that's plain and simple, greta. >> ed, is the campaign say talking privately, are they pulling their hair out why they ever let or didn't push back on bernie sanders running on the democratic side? because he never -- he never really wanted to be a democrat. i still haven't figured that one out. they were letting him be part of the game and then all of a sudden he has this. >> you are right when he was an independent and socialist and not a democrat. they let him into the debates. i have spoken to clinton advisors who are frustrated by that number one. number two you have heard reports that bill clinton is upset that the campaign, once sanders was allow to do run as a democrat, everyone
11:17 pm
said fine, hillary campaign did not push back early and hard enough on these attacks about the wall street money. it's taken its toll on her. they still are confident inside the clinton camp she is going to win. what kind of damage has that done for the general election? that's the big question, greta. >> ed, great to have you. >> thank you. >> nothing like money to stir up a fight. clinton and sanders at each other's throat over money. take you back to buffalo where donald trump is speaking it's more than the cloud. it's security - and flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner. including cloud and hosting services - all backed by an industry leading broadband network and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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a lot of money is being thrown around during the 2016 elections but senator bernie sanders supporters were literally throwing money in los angeles. supporters tossing 1,000 one dollar bills at secretary clinton's motorcade as she arrived attack tore george clooney's home for $33,400 per person fundraiser. clooney is even stating it's ridiculous to have this kind of money in politics. >> i think we had protesters last night when we pulled up in san francisco. and they're right to protest. they are absolutely right it is an obscene amount of money that sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. it's ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. i agree completely. the overwhelming amount of money that we are raising, and it is a lot. the overwhelming amount of the money that we are raising is not going to hillary to run for president. it's going to the down ticket. it's going to the congressman and senators to try to take back congress. >> radio talk show host and star and editor and chief of
11:22 pm
life zet laura ingraham is here. laura, george cleany, who hosted this fundraiser said it's an obscene amount of money. >> o brother how art thou. i was trying to think of some clooney movie. he raised millions and millions of dollars for democrats 15 million and. he goes on television terrible and awful. really a distortion of democracy, then don't raise the money. >> self-defense, is he thinking that the other guy is doing it. i'm not in favor of that. everybody says the money is terrible but everybody does it. >> what gets -- i mean, i was thinking about it. the money they spend on putting on award shows? how many award shows for hollywood? >> something like one every night. >> every channel has award show. think of the money they spend on that. think on the money on the swag bags they give the
11:23 pm
presenters for the award. he is trying to play to both sides. i think bernie sanders is playing this smart though because they're sending out appeals for $2.70. >> bernie sanders says new fundraising letter that went out to everyone says. this there is something i need to share with you, and it's probably going to anger you. it should probably anger everyone. our opponent, meaning secretary clinton, is bending campaign finance through breaking points so wall street fat cats can get away with giving hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single contribution to benefit the clinton campaign. think about sanders has raised $45 million through very small contributions. that's pretty impressive. and that goes with his whole deal. power to the people. this is the people's campaign. hillary's campaign, it's the fat cats in hollywood like cleany, despite protestations to the contrary. goldman sachs, wall street. this is great meme for
11:24 pm
sanders to go to town on. they have to raise money. compete against whoever the republican nominee is report hillary is not sending as much money down ticket as mr. clooney might believe. >> different senators. >> all these feminists, greta were, complaining about you are throwing dollar bills at hillary's motorcade like you are treating her like a stripper. hillary should have said look, at least throw 20's or like 50's or hundreds at me. these guys are so rich they could throw hundreds of dollar bills to people. didn't throw those old coins, dollar coins that could have hurt. >> laura, thank you. >> good to see you. >> right now unless you live in a cave you know exactly what donald trump thinks about the g.o.p. delegate system. will his comments hurt him in a contested convention or will it empower him? that's next. and tomorrow night, "on the record" is coming to you live with smart analysis and instant primary reports from, get ready for, this
11:25 pm
times square. >> red square, prime time election coverage 7:00 p.m. eastern. right there from times square. don't miss it.
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state after state after state is an earmt of the grass roots. >> we have a rigged system. the republican system is rigged. >> donald is not a complicated man to understand. he doesn't lose well. >> i think we are going to make it without having to rely on the bosses. >> well, it appears that donald trump is just getting started. trump on fire railing against the system. does it hurt him or help him at possible contest the convention. ralph reid is here. >> good to be with you. >> he says the system is rigged. the rnc should be ashamed. going heavy on this. come time for the convention assuming he doesn't have 1237, saying he is one shy. is that going to empower him or hurt him. >> both. it hurts him among a lot of the rank and file and process of delegate session is deliberately opaque. and it's a very confusing process. it's designed to reward people who master
11:30 pm
organization. know parliamentary procedure and have iron rear ends and willing to sit in metal chairs for hours on end on a saturday. >> is that another way tois a f? >> i think it's that but i think it also helps trump because trump is running against that system. and, you know, we crunched the numbers this weekend, gretchen. and our -- >> --i will tell gretchen carlson you said that' she gets greta all the time. we tease each other. >> we crunch the numbers. this is a very conservative estimate. gives him 58 delegates in new york. >> shy of the 59. >> we have him at 1163 on june 7th. now, we think that he could get to 1237, but he will have some work to do. so, it will -- this thing of running against the party system and saying the system is rigged, it's going to do two things. it's going to alienate some people in the rank and file, but it's also going to energize his supporters. >> all right. you say -- what date?
11:31 pm
>> june 7th, which is california, new jersey, and the final primary. >> at the end of the day before those primaries or before. >> after those primaries. >> 1163 and 1237. >> there will be 250 or so unpledged delegates. for example most of the delegates out of pennsylvania will be unpledged it remains to be seen what is going to happen to marco rubio's delegates. for example, that's that's yet o be determined but he could get there. >> what does he do to get those 250 in pennsylvania? >> well, it's going to be a lot of block and tackling. it's going to be very similar. the last time we went through anything like this as a party, greta was 1976 when we got all the way to kansas city without knowing who was going to win. and that's where this is going to be. i think it could be five to ten delegates either way when people get to cleveland. >> senator marco rubio will likely give up his to donald trump? >> i think it will be determined on a state-by-state basis. rubio will try to award his to cruz because he has
11:32 pm
effectively endorsed him. whether he can do that or not remains to be seen. >> certainly not dull. >> no. we live in interesting times. >> we certainly do. thank you, ralph. >> thanks. >> is the united states supreme court about to -- president obama. whatever happens, this one could be his legacy. that's next. donald trump is taking the battle from new york to buffalo. "on the record" heads back to buffalo straight ahead. >> ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪
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voting for trump. take a look. ♪ >> i'm going to feel the berne, i'm voting bernie sanders. he seems to be the most cognizant of what the working person needs. >> i'm going to be voting for hillary. sheery confident and supreme court. >> i'm voting for hillary. i like what she says. i'm a feminist and i think she is, too. >> we have to make america great again. the slogan says it all. i'm a democrat. i'm still not 100 percent sure right now. >> i'm still a toss-up between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. i still ain't decided yet. >> i think i'm going to vote for bernie sanders. [cheers] >> i the be voting for trump as well as my wife. >> how come? >> lower taxes. >> i just wouldn't vote for hillary because of being a
11:49 pm
veteran and what happened over in benghazi and other things that she claimed to do. >> i sort of like trump but sometimes i think he gets a little out of hand. >> i do like trump. i think he will fight for us. >> who do you like? >> are you talking about voting? i like the packers. >> can't vote for the packers. you have got to vote for presidential candidate. >> i'm independent but i like bernie. just common sense.f bring tomorrow. >> griff, thank you. and a special guest, trump's first supporter in congress congressman chris collins goes on the stage. good evening, sir. >> good evening, boy what an
11:50 pm
electric crowd this is tonight. i have got to tell you. it's like a stanley cup finals here in our hockey arena. >> it sounds like it. holds about 19,000 people. i understand you have a pretty good crowd there. tell me,. >> they are up in the rafters. >> you have talked to donald trump tonight behind stage? >> yes, i was with donald. i was actually the opening act about 45 minutes ago, warming the crowd up for donald. and we had a nice discussion just before he came out. >> what does he say -- he has been talking an awful lot about -- he says the system is rigged. what did he say to you? >> no. he was just thankful for what i have been doing for him the last nine weeks. he was meeting some of his supporters. he's a very personable, very welcoming individual. and he was just thanking everyone for coming out. we didn't get into the nitty gritty, but tomorrow we're going to get 90 or 95 delegates to start him on his way to 1237.
11:51 pm
>> all right. you were the first member of congress to endorse donald trump. why were you so quick out of the gate on this one? >> as a former chief executive myself, i know we need the chief executive skill set in the white house. we cannot suffer through another seven and a half years with a legislator never been on the hot seat making decisions minute by minute, day by day. we need a chief executive in the white house. >> that would include then governor kasich who has been a chief executive in ohio. republicans need to have ohio in order to win the white house and he also has the added part that he has been in congress. he knows people in congress. so, why donald trump and not governor kasich? >> well, because when i looked at the field, when it was only donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich, it was obvious that this was a two-man race with ted cruz and donald trump. i do love john kasich as a governor and chief executive
11:52 pm
but he is the just not in the running. >> do you know senator cruz at all? have you ever worked with him on anything? >> no. but, you know, the last time we shut the government down, that was ted cruz, you know, let's face it. he is not a compromiser. some things you don't compromise on but you can't be in government and not even have compromise anywhere in your vocab would you larry. >> some -- vocabulary. >> some say he stands on principles and not squishy on principles and that was a good thing. >> well, we all stand on principles but let's face it, we have a divided country. we have different issues that we face, north, east, south and west. new york issues are not the same as florida. we need a chief executive who does know how to compromised, who gets things done. we have to get things done. >> congressman, thank you very much, sir, for joining us. >> greta, always happy to be with you. >> and coming up, i have a
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quiz for you. yes, you. who says gimme, gimme, gimme. find out next off-the-record. and don't forget to tune in tomorrow night smart analysis and instant updates from the most electric place on earth don't miss this on new york primary night "on the record" kicks off prime time coverage from times square don't miss it 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane.
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let's go off-the-record. today is tax day. lucky us, right? this is the day we are reminded that our government wants your money, yet, doesn't give a damn about waste and fraud. it's just gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme. you aren't the only one. former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld is obviously frustrated. he took to twitter tweeting this. at 83 i'm close to losing hope that i will see a flat tax. at age 83, you could send
11:58 pm
that one at 33 and have the same result. none. i don't know about a flat tax, whether it's a good idea for america or not, but i do know one thing. the current tax code dolls out hundreds to special deals and special people. lobbyists who have wads of dough in their pocket to schmooze up washington. they all get special deals but not you. you and i both note congress doesn't give a damn about fix me the tax code it's just gimme, gimme, gimme, either. president obama doesn't give a damn either. paul's if he did he would have done something. he has been in the white house seven and a half years he has done nothing about that tax code. instead, do you know what he is doing? he is asking for a raise. president's budget calls for 18% increase on former presidents. that's money president obama will get once is he out of office in january. gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and campaign flash. donald trump just wrapping up a rally at the first niagara center in buffalo, new york.
11:59 pm
governor john kasich taking on upstate new york. gorn kasich holding a town hall in new york. senator bernie sanders holding a get-out-the vote in upstate new york. actor danny glover one of his guests. secretary clinton holding a get out the vote event in new york city. kirsten gillibrand and former congresswoman gabriel giffords both join senator clinton. ted cruz holding his own event today in maryland. heading back to new york private event in new york city. that's tonight's campaign flash. that's all for now. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. i have something special in store for tomorrow for the new york primary. "on the record" will kick off a spectacular night of fox news coverage with smart analysis and instant live primary updates live from times square. you don't want to miss this one. bite from washington, d.c. but make sure you go to my facebook page. there is a lot going on. go to my facebook page. and like
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it. good night from washington, d.c., good night times square, new york. ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. >> thanks, tom. our top story, hillary clinton reveals she always carries hot sauce in her purse. you're damn right. >> and johnny depp apologizes so his wife will stay out of prison. these movies are sounding absolutely awful. and new york magazine says on-line dating has killed your chances of using your great personality to land a supermodel. >> let's welcome our


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