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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 19, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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the way and hurried back without being noticed. he catapulted facefirst into a wall. never going to live that one down. >> the way some of the candidates feel. >> speaking of candidates, get out and vote today. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. ♪ ♪ i am hoping to do really well tomorrow. i'm hoping to wrap-up the democratic nomination. >> you are going to look back in four years and 12 years and 25 years, and you are going to say that's the greatest single vote i've ever cast. >> reason why i beat hillary is because my appeal is broad and not narrow. >> thank you for coming and i hope you can help me tomorrow. >> if we get a large voter turnout tomorrow, we're going to win here in new york! >> if we unite, we will win the
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general, we will beat hillary clinton, and we will turn this country around. ♪ ♪ live from new york city in the heart of manhattan, it is "fox & friends" from 1211 avenue of the americas and today, ainsley, it is a battle for new york. >> it is. the heat is on in new york city. it really is. it feels nice out here. >> 56 degrees right now. how hot is it now in massapequa? it's hot as the diner, brian. >> brian we miss you but you are looking good out there. i had a seven-minute commute today and it's pretty cool because people in massapequa like many in new york city have extreme opinions, they cannot
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believe this that a new york primary actually matters. their vote, instead of doing they are because they are obligated, they know their vote can affect who is going to win. i'll be walking around the diner getting everybody a pulse of what's happening on long island, but we have so much other news breaking within the campaign. >> we do and brian it's not just new york that matters this time. it's new jersey, pennsylvania, california. >> we're getting closer and closer to june 7th. the last day of all the primaries. >> david lee miller has been out and about on the streets of new york state and he joins us this morning from minneola to tell us how this election day starts. it started two minutes ago as the polls opened. >> the polls are now opened. we're in minneola in nassau county. the poll workers are still waiting for the first voter to
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arrive. we expect it is going to be a busy day not just here but throughout the entire state of new york. this is a contest that is crucial to both hillary clinton and to donald trump. they both need to have very strong wins here. both are expected to do well, but what really matters is how many delegates they are going to win, and a new poll has just been released. this one a national one from nbc news and the wall street journal. it puts trump nationally at 40%, cruz at 35% and john kasich at 24%. trump, meanwhile, keeping up the pressure on his opponents. he said earlier to his followers that ted cruz is not one of us, and nerves on the campaign trail continuing to get frayed. john kasich snapped at a reporter who questioned his overall campaign performance.
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listen. >> listen, at the end of the day, i think the republican party wants to pick somebody who actually can win in the fall. >> if you've only one in ohio -- >> can i finish. i'm answering the question i want to answer it. if you want to answer it, here. let me ask you. what do you think? >> and for hillary clinton, it looks like this race is going to turn into a nail-biter. this latest poll from nbc news andle bought -- the wall street journal shows nationally, let me repeat, nationally, clinton is at 50% and the bernie sanders at 48%. hillary clinton is expected to do well in new york state. 240 delegates are at stake. bernie sanders considerable obstacle to over come. many of his followers are independent and are not permitted to vote in the democratic primary. the polls are now open and they
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will remain open throughout the state until 9:00 tonight. back to you. >> we have that -- we have -- on the right-hand side of your street at the bottom, 14 hours 55 minutes until the polls close at 9:00 like you said. >> i'm going to go to a polling place about two blocks from here this hour. meanwhile, brian, we're going to included you in this conversation because according to politico, saturday over at trump tower, ten blocks from where we were sitting, there was a senior staff meeting and donald trump announced because he's so desperately wants to make sure that he's got the 1237 delegates going in, he's going to ask paul manafort and rick wiley essentially to run the operation and he's also injecting $20 million of his own money in it to make sure he wins in may and he wins in june and a special emphasis on winning the golden state of california.
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>> that's essentially $20 million he's spending in one month. that's more than he's been spending in the months. he knows he's got to get the delegate count, he's got the 1237 going into the convention, if not, it's going to be a contested convention and there's a chance he might not win. >> the last thing we talk about with eric trump yesterday was what's going on inside the campaign, while some say it's chaotic i don't think it is. i think it's a maturation process. stuart jolly who was the field director is resigning. he was close with corey lewandowski. i think he's going to win. he's going for the first ballot, where it looks like guys he's not going to go for any ballot because he did not feel confident that the inside game
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of whining and dining dell gattle is going his way, he feels as though he understands the process, nor does he want to, i think the term is the thing is rigged. it feels like to him it's rigged. >> they are trying to professionalize and make it more like of the other campaign operations. they would not have gotten this far without corey lewandowski. thanks to the core operation and the free media. >> he was included in that meeting. there were four individuals. corey was included in that plus the two guys who were hired, manafort and he hired wiley. >> donald trump right there in trump tower said, look, nobody is getting fired. anybody who wants to stay with the campaign -- >> i'm loyal. he said that. >> it's all about loyalty. you can stay here as long as the
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campaign lasts. roger stone who has done some consulting for many politicians through his career and has work for donald trump in the past -- he no longer does that -- he has -- he sat down for an interview with "rolling stone". it's interesting. it reveals what has gone on behind the scenes and he talked a little bit about what is going on and, brian, you talked a memo ago about how trump said it's rigged. roger stone says he's in the process of being robbed. what is fundamentally happening is undemocratic, but it can be defeated with a well oiled delegate operation that's why they are pumping the $20 million into the next couple of states to make sure they wind up with delegates, brian. >> there's no doubt about it. right now, you are looking at a situation where donald trump is wisconsin, he's now dominating new york. he's poised to get 95 delegates. he grabs maryland, pennsylvania, if he has a big day on the 27th, next tuesday, then he's going to
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be so close. remember, 67% of republicans when asked say how do you feel about going into the convention and having the person with the most delegates becoming the nominee? 67% said they want to see that happen. the person with the most delegates. not necessarily 1237. >> donald trump is going to be with us just one hour from right now. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about hillary clinton. she was up in harlem and she sat down for hip-hop radio show called "the breakfast club." >> why wouldn't she? >> there you go. what's interesting is she apologized for using the term super predator back in the 90s and she also -- she apologized for mispronouncing beyonce's name and it sounds like she also co-opted a line out of a beyonce song, i got hot sauce in my bag swag. that's from a beyonce song.
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here's hillary yesterday in formation in harlem. >> what something you carry with you? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yeah. >> are you in formation right now? hot sauce in my bag swag. >> hot sauce. >> yes. people are going to say she's pandering to black people. >> okay. >> is it working? >> just to give you some background, shacharlemagne. he called her the donkey of the day back in january. he was calling her that because he says -- he's accusing her of pandering to black people and he said he's accusing her of being inauthentic and pandering to black people. what do you think about that? send us your emails. do you really think she has hot sauce in her purse? >> of course she would.
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why would she lie? it's hillary clinton. she always tells the truth. ainsley, this is unbelievable. the black vote goes to hillary, the young vote goes to bernie, the old vote goes to hillary. everyone stays in their same lane. that's going to be trouble when you are a democratic analyst because somehow they have to get all those ends to meet. >> the problem for the millennials who support bernie sanders, they had to register months ago and a lot of them are getting interested right now. they are going to show up at polling places all around new york and they are going to be told sorry, you can't vote. >> there are 3.2 million new yorkers registered at nonrepublicans or nondemocrats. they can't go to the polls. >> meanwhile back in studio e is an election, here's heather with the news. >> good morning. get to be inside today. we start out right now with a fox news alert. an unprecedented flooding
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disaster to tell you about in texas this morning. five people are now dead and thousands more forced from their homes after more than a foot of rain pounds houston. nearly 1,000 rescue calls coming in. these people, look at this, using a refrigerator to float away from the fast-moving flood waters there and watch this, the moment a news reporter helped rescue and escort a man who underestimated the deep water. listen. >> what am i going to do? >> swim. >> what? >> swim! >> and moments later, that car completely submerged under the water. a state of disaster has now been declared in nine counties in that area. some schools and city buildings are closed today as another storm system is on the way. another fox news alert to bring you at this hour. two terror attacks taking place overseas. the taliban taking credit for coordinated attack in kabul, afghanistan, the did he go toll now climbing.
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at least 28 are dead and hundreds more hurt after militants storm a national security facility and detonate a bomb. this comes as israel vows retaliation for a terror attack that took place on a jerusalem bus. hamas praised the attack but not taking responsibility. both of those attacks as ash carter visits the region. a somber day in hollywood as the actor doris roberts is remembered. she died in her sleep at 90 years old. she's best known for her role asthma reon -- as marine on "everybody loves raymond." >> sometimes mother knows best. >> let's head back outside. she will be missed. hard to believe. coming up, young people have
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been coming out in droves for bernie sanders, but wait until they see what bernie sanders is going to take out of their paychecks. we'll crunch the numbers for you. >> we will. live from new york city. " per r. more "sit" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. and try bounty napkins. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving,
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well, bernie sanders supporters still excited over the senators plans to make everything free, like free college. you've heard that, right?
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>> i believe that public colleges and universities should be tuition-free. >> make public colleges and universities true igsd -- tuition-free. tuition--free. free, free. free. >> are you getting the message? there's a lot of free stuff. but according to the tax foundation, the average middle class workers paycheck will get an 8% chop under a sanders administration. you'll be taking home 8% less. everybody! how much would that take off your paycheck? let's talk to brian renberg. bernie is loved by a lot of people. look at all the free stuff i can wind up with. there is a price. it's not just for the very rich. they would completely get hosed.
3:19 am
>> he's talking about increasing federal spending over 40, 50% over the next decade. a lot of this falls on lower and middle income individuals in the form of higher payroll taxes and income taxes. >> we've got a graphic and i know there are a lot of numbers here. the green numbers are what you make right now. the number underneath it. 18,000. if you are making, let's go to the first column, far left, you are making $18,000 of the year. right now, your paycheck biweekly is $616. under bernie it would go down to $541. and across the board, you wind up feeling the bern. >> a couple thousand dollars. when you get to individuals. it just doesn't line up with the campaign rhetoric of the rich paying for it. it's not the rich. everybody has to pay for this.
3:20 am
we have to keep that in mind. >> hillary clinton has made it clear there's no way he could sustain that kind of spending with what he's talking about doing. >> the critics have said the numbers don't add up. the tax plan doesn't cover it. that's the critique coming from both sides of the aisle. >> you know when somebody hammers somebody over and over, in this case the voter, you are going to get free stuff, free, free, free, you want to believe them. >> free sounds good. you have to dig beneath the surface and you have to look at the numbers and when you do nobody is getting anything free here. there's costs across the board. >> mg coming up live from the streets of new york city, it looks like a demolition derby, two bulldozer battle in the middle of the street. wait until you hear what started the clash of construction equipment. all the candidates are losing sleep and gaining weight.
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what's the solution? the doctor is going to prescribe a delegate diet coming up next. (war drums beating)
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3:25 am
suit claims long lines at the polls led to low voter turnout. the attorney general's office wants the case dismissed. over to you and the doctor, ainsley. >> what do donald trump and hillary clinton have in common? besides being presidential front runser dealing with the riggers of the campaign for the past year, they are also nearly 70 years old. how can they and their equally overworked opponents hope to stay healthy during this presidential campaign season. here to answer that question is our fox news medical director dr. somati. they are reaching 70 years old. they have been doing this for months. they are in the home stretch. what do they need to do? >> they have been going through many weeks and months of stress, not getting enough sleep. >> you noticed physical change.
3:26 am
>> it's normal. they are in and out of planes. >> eating on the go. >> this is a very basic formula for them to be able to get to the finish line. anybody who wants to get that 1237 number delegates you got to make sure -- first of all, you need to have a good doctor on your side. >> you are a surgeon. you have crazy hours too. these are energy foods he was telling us. you have your tomatoes. >> red tomatoes, comes your fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, you get your portions of fruits and vegetables and your fibers. this is the best thing. berries. any kind of berries have a lot offanti oxydants. this is great way to start a day, make sure you had a lot of beans and lentil and legumes. if you don't have time to eat, this is how you survive.
3:27 am
for your brain power, almonds and any kind of fantastic. walnut is going to increase your serotonin. lower your cortisone. >> water, eight glasses a day. >> yes. they are tired dehydrated. >> you want to go for the wine and the alcohol. you say not much of that. more of this. >> i would start with at least 7 or 8 glasses of water. once you get dehydrated, you can't present in front of 30,000. that's people. eat breakfast. this is the most important meal of the day. >> sometimes i don't get hungry until after breakfast time. >> fibers, good to go. tend of the day, you are wieng and dining with a lot of people to get their votes. a little bit of alcohol is okay. too much of it is going to
3:28 am
interrupt your sleep cycle. it's not good for you. >> some people believe it makes them go to sleep. >> one glass is fine. more than that, i don't recommend. my advice is to go to bed at 10:00, wake up at 5:00. the first tweet should be 5:01. after 10:00, there's no more tweets. stay away from your cell phone. the light of the cell phone can keep you up. that's how we're going to make them great again. >> thank you, dr. samadi. coming soon, the gun tax, can the government really charge you a $1,000 fee for every legal gun? plus, brian is serving up pan cakes and politics at a diner his area out in long island. brian, what else is on the menu? >> i could name the diner. it's the massapequa diner. it's been around since 1950. here's john. john has narrowed it down to the
3:29 am
top five dishes for breakfast. what they? >> these are eggs benedict. this is a southwest omelet. french toast, and this is breakfa breakfast case dill la. >> this is the massapequa pancake. james franco, he's 38. a round of applause for james franco. happy pittsburgh -- birthday, wherever you are. you are a rich actor. back to you. nd abigail higgins had... ...a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit. which provided for their every financial need. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable.
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3:33 am
is the lowest amount they have made since they took office. donald trump made money last year just selling hats. >> that's absolutely right. and, of course, brian, as we dial you in from the massapequa diner on long island, when the obamas first took office, they had all that money coming in from their books. >> right. they are going to have a lot more when he leaves office. i think what he said made more than $400,000. he's going to make millions when he leaves office, right, brian? >> yeah. i don't know how you live that. poor guy. i don't know how he makes ends meet. he does live in a property that is leased but for another seven months. tour of the massapequa diner. i want to give you a composite of what new york and america is like. a lot of fame people are from here. jerry seinfeld, all the bad wins -- baldwins. this is pat, ryan and this is
3:34 am
rick. what do you do? >> i work in the wireless communications business. >> what concerns you, pat? when you look at you, your family right now, here in america in. >> i paid my taxes yesterd so i'm not happy right now. >> they keep going up. >> you know, the big issue that we all think about, isis, which is isis you can say isis, you can say it outloud. we want want to take care of it. the economy. basically all the big issues. >> what's changed in america for you? >> how much taxes i pay and how -- you know, you look at the graph of things and half the country is not paying taxes. they are not stressed today. everyone should pay their fair share. >> who has the message that resonates with you? >> donald trump. i think he's the best candidate to beat hillary first of all. i don't know how any new yorker can vote go out and vote for cruz today and kasich is a
3:35 am
senator and a governor that has -- how loud and clear can we be? >> how many kids? >> three. >> how many do you like? >> two of them. they are watching. they can figure it out. >> rick, what concerns you right now? >> the same concerns that i have that pat just shared. the economy, because i work for a pharmaceutical couldn't glom are rate -- couldn't glom rate, i'm worried about the kids too coming up. it's all about the kids. >> you talk about that. what about obamacare how's that affected for you? >> not for myself but for the offices i call on and the doctors that i speak to, they are very unhappy, let's just say, with the state of things, the way it's going with obamacare, so when they talk about an immediate repeal, that's -- >> that gets you excited.
3:36 am
>> absolutely. >> you are also a teacher, so -- >> aspiring. >> you filled in on leave, correct? >> correct. >> what are people worried about right now? what about the next generation. >> my students and i'm speaking from the same generation because myself am a millennial, we want a fair shake. we want an opportunity to get a job after college and we want to make sure that things end up in our favor. >> when you talk to kids your age, how many are republican and democrats? >> my students are feeling the bern. they are all about bernie sanders. they are throwing their support behind him, especially when we did a mock primary in class, so they are very passionate. some of my students are of age and they can vote and they know it's a closed primary. they will be coming out today to vote. >> have you got to the socialism portion of social studies? >> that comes up in conversation. we definitely talk about those issues.
3:37 am
students, they hear the whole free college thing and they don't pay taxes yet nor do i, so they are very much in favor of bernie sanders, but they are excited. i want them to again their beliefs as long they can back up while they are supporting someone that make me happy as a teacher. >> thanks a lot. sir, what is your name? >> anthony. >> what matters to you? >> i want to see trump get in. he's the conservative-type of republican. >> what do you do? >> i'm a retired sanitation worker. >> so the billionaire resonates with the working man? >> i think so. >> well. thanks so much, guys. that's the latest from the massapequa diner. a composite of what massapequa and new york is like. the primary matters and everybody is voting today. as soon as they are done with breakfast. most are ordering the pancakes. >> you are going to pick up all
3:38 am
their breakfasts, right? >> yes. steve, i have your credit card. that was so nice for you to leave it out and the door open. >> brian, did you take your kids there growing up? raising all those kids that you have? >> what did you say, ainsley? is that the diner you take your kids too? >> absolutely. especially they revamped the whole thing four year ago. this is the dine are you go right after the prom. after you get off the train station. everyone comes here to the massapequa diner. >> they are proud of you. thanks, brian. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. we have a fox news alert for you. historic and deadly flooding devastating the houston area, leaving that city paralyzed. five people are dead. thousands more are forced from their houses. by more than a foot of rain there. look at that, steve. >> it is terrible. that as residents look to clean up another set of storms is on
3:39 am
the way. maria molina has been tracking the latest. what does the flood watch end? >> we expect flooding to continue to be a threat throughout the day today and tomorrow with more heavy rain in the forecast. we saw 8 to 16 inches of rain out there. specifically across southeastern parts of texas, near the houston area, that's why we saw such devastating flooding and this is associated with a very slow-moving area of pressure. it brought heavy snow across the rockies over the week. it's a slow mover. we're expecting more heavy rain out here. from texas to louisiana and some areas over the next few days could potentially see more than six inches of rain again. that threat for flooding continues in places out there across western texas. the other concern will be an isolated threat for severe weather with large hail, danging -- damaging winds and isolated tornadoes possible. temperatures by the way on the rise out there, especially across parts of the southeastern u.s. in raleigh, north carolina,
3:40 am
ainsley, i know you have family out there. take a look at the temperature. 89 degrees. close toll 90 out there. >> wow. wow. i prefer the 70 degrees here in new york. 90 degrees already in april. wait till august. >> thanks so much, maria. it is exactly 20 minutes before the top of the hour. we're live outside here at avenue of the americas for the new york primary today and indoors we have heather with the headlines. >> yes. new information coming in overnight. a missing priest has now been found dead. 21-year-old rene roberts suspected killer leading police to his body nearly 300 miles from his home in florida. police arrested a man who was driving roberts car. that man told them where to find his body in georgia. reverend robert was trying to help the suspect who is known as a career criminal. he was trying to help him turn his life around. and a grand for a legal gun. that is the tax proposal from
3:41 am
the governor of the northern mariona islands that's considered a u.s. territory. the governor there says it thinks it should serve as a role model in the entire country in an effort to curb gun violence. a number of cities have adopted a higher tax rate, including seattle. a bulldozer battle caught on camera. take a look at this. rival construction companies duking it out on the streets of china. one driver knocking over a wheel loader. another friendlier bulldozer helping to lift it back up with the guys running out of their wreckage totally unhurt. the two companies are fierce competitors. let's send it back to you, outside. it's a beautiful day in new york. >> right now. it's 66 degrees. as new york voters head to the polls, ted cruz goes to maryland. what does new yorker donald trump think of that? we'll talk to him live here on
3:42 am
this program in 18 minutes. the supreme court seems divided over the hottest issue of the campaign, immigration. what does the split-decision mean for the 2016 race? judge napolitano's verdict is next. >> all rise for the judge. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ the president's legacy on the line as the supreme court is now sharply divided over the power of the president and immigration. in 2014, president obama issued an executive order to protect millions of illegal immigrants
3:46 am
from deportation. a move that was challenged by 26 states who just had their day in court. if there is a split decision among the justices, what does it mean? let's ask fox judicial news analyst, judge in a pole i tan know. >> just to refresh people's memory, justice scalia died in february. there's not nine members, just eight. most of the questioning yesterday, it appears that the four liberals support the president's executive orders a -- in which he largely change the law the way he wants. the four conservatives say the president doesn't write the laws, congress did. congress reject ds it. if the vote is 4-4, the court decision immediately below the supreme court will prevail and
3:47 am
that decision stopped the president from doing this. it's very rare for federal judges to sign an order stopping the president of the united states from doing what he wants to do. the united states court of appeals for the fifth circuit, that's the area of the country that covers texas, where this case was filed, said the president is exceeding his authority under the constitution. we're not going to let him do it. >> just to be clear, the president said if you are here illegally you can stay, if you don't have a criminal record and if your kids are here, they can be u.s. citizens if they were born here. >> if a child was born here of illegal parents, and he's going to deport the parents, he now has a choice do i deport the child who is an american citizen or do i separate the children from the parents and break the family up? that's the president's argument. >> what happens next? you've got 4-4. >> there was a very, very subtle effort to draw the chief justice into the liberal camp. when justice kagan said to the lawyers and the government if we
3:48 am
just changed a little bit of the language in the president's executive orders and there are 12 orders, might that salvage them and the chief justice said i can think of some language we might change, that's wrong for him to do that. these are to the statutes, these are not laws that congress has written that are presumed to be constitutional. these are the laws and rules that the president wrote, since the president doesn't write them under our constitution, they are not constitutional. >> what happened after that? >> the court this morning will sit down in a conference room with nobody else there and they will vote and they will haggle back and forth. if it's 4-4, one will write the decision, and the other will write the dissent.
3:49 am
if the president is enjoined, he can't do any of this for the rest of term. >> it's a hot topic. >> donald trump has made this front and center. whatever the outcome, they are going to be did debating it. >> i like your new studio, ainsley. >> isn't it beautiful? donald trump is going to join us live in 10 minutes. we'll ask him about some of these issue. you are not going to miss that. steve, he breck out of our outside studio and now he's headed to a poll. he's talking with some new yorkers about who they are voting for and why. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ we are live as new york votes today and millions head to the
3:50 am
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welcome back. time for some quick consumer headlines. no employees at target will make less than $10 an hour starting next month. the discount retailer is raising their wages once again after feeling the pressure by a competitive job market and labor groups demanding higher pay. and pick up your meds without getting out you have car. cvs is now introducing curbside pickup service. just order your items ahead of time on the company's app. then show up about an hour later to have your purchase delivered to your car. like getting food at outback. all right, steve has left
3:54 am
the outside here, he walked over to the local polling place. where are you, steve, in midtown manhattan? >> i am, ainsley. you're at 48th and 6th avenue. i'm at 46th and 6th avenue. >> i didn't know this was a residential area. who lives in this area? >> people live here. i have been standing here waiting to actually do this shot. no loitering. and no electioneering within a hundred feet. this is the jackie o. kennedy high school. and this is the process that so many new yorkers will go through today. it is a school. and -- good morning, sir. school is actually open today. here's cassie young. good morning to you. how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> you're running the show here today. yes, i'm a coordinator. >> you're the coordinator. how does it work? if i come and i want to say, i
3:55 am
want to vote. what would you ask the person who wants to vote? >> are you a registered democrat or republican? >> okay, what if i'm a registered independent. >> you're not allowed to vote today. >> what? >> sorry. >> there are a lot of independents who want to vote for hillary or donald. >> you can in the general election in november. >> i want to vote today. >> i can't do anything about it. those are the rules. >> what if you're a member of the conservative party. you can vote for republicans, right? >> i don't think so. >> no? >> no. >> so you've got to be a democrat to vote for hillary or bernie. you have to be a republican to vote for the republicans? >> yes. >> so you come over here, they've got two different lists. the pink list is -- that's for the -- >> republicans. >> the green ones? >> the democrats. >> this has all the names of those -- >> yes. >> how many people have been through?
3:56 am
>> three. >> three people so far. >> yes. >> are you expecting a lot of people? >> so far we've got three, but today is supposed to be a good turnout. >> very good. let's look at the actual ballot. this is the sample primary ballot for new york. if you are registered republican, you can either vote for donald trump, john kasich, ben carson or ted cruz. over here on the democrat side, bernie sanders versus hillary clinton and there you have the translation into another language as well. then they'd hand you the ballot. you come over here, what do you call this? into the privacy booth. a.j., come over. see what's going on back here. you have a pen, you have a light. you mark it. and then you bring it back over here, you hand it to these folks? >> no. >> i go over to that side. i give it to this lady right here. >> you hold it in your hand -- >> i hold it --
3:57 am
>> you bring it in yourself. >> then you put it right there. a.j., take a look. right there. then your vote counts. one at a time. all right. donald trump, coming up next, live from new york. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing:
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sorry! live life outside with trugreen, america's #1 lawn care company. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. bye now. trugreen. live life outside. i am hoping to do really well tomorrow. i'm hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination. [ applause ] >> you're going to look back in four years and 12 years and 25 years and you're going to say, that's the greatest single vote i have ever cast. >> the reason why i beat hillary is because my appeal is broad and not narrow. thank you for coming and i hope you can help me tomorrow. >> if we get a large voter turnout tomorrow, we're going to win here in new york.
4:01 am
>> if we unite, we will beat hillary clinton and we'll turn this country around. ♪ ♪ back in new york i'm back ♪ ♪ back in the new york mood >> okay, it's spring, but the trees still don't have the leaves on them. but it is spring-like weather live from 48th and 6th avenue, outside our world headquarters. welcome to "fox & friends" on a special new york primary day. >> it's election day here in new york. the candidates have been in this state, hitting the streets, trying to get folks to go to the polls to vote for them. our friend brian is out in massapequa, at a diner where he takes his kids. hey, brian. >> yes, ainsley and steve. great to see you. great to be here in massapequa diner. now it doesn't matter that the television cameras are here. these are a bunch of people who have to get to work and they want to eat quick and talk to
4:02 am
us. one of the great things about being in the small towns you see what the newspapers is like. this is called "the new york daily news." i don't know if you have ever gotten this. he's with stupid too, taking a shot at donald trump, rex ryan backs donald trump. the coach of the bills. former coach of -- former coach of the jets. over here, hillary clinton struggling a little bit with bernie sanders who seems to be surging. so i just gave you a complex onof what it's like -- complexion of what it's like to be in new york on a day like this. >> all right. brian. now to the actual headlines. for that, heather joins us from studio "e." >> yes, good morning. a fox news alert to start us off with today. it is being call an unprecedented flooding disaster in the state of texas. five people are now dead and thousands more have been forced from their homes. after more than a foot of rain pounding the houston area. nearly 1,000 rescue calls have come in so far. these people look at this, using bathtubs and garbage cans trying
4:03 am
to float away from the fast moving flood waters. dozens of horses look at this right here, saved from a ranch as rescuers struggled to keep their head above water. a state of disaster has been dechained in nine -- declared in nine counties. another storm is on the way. we'll check in with maria in a bit. another fox news alert. this one coming from overseas. two terror attacks taking place. the taliban taking credit for a coordinated attack in kabul, afghanistan. the death toll now climbing at dead and hundreds more hurt. after militants storm a national security facility and detonate a bomb there. this comes as israel vows retaliation for a terror attack on a jerusalem bus. hamas praising that attack. both attacks come as defense secretary ash carter continues his visit to the region he talked to troops in iraq about defeating isis. president obama signaling that he would veto a bill that
4:04 am
would allow families of 9/11 victims to take legal action against the government of saudi arabia for any involvement that they may have had in the 9/11 attacks. >> if we open up the possibility that individuals in the united states can routinely start suing other governments, then we are also opening up the united states to being continually sued by individuals in other countries. >> well, this comes as officials hint that soon to be released classified pages of the 9/11 report could point to saudi funding the attacks. the president heads to saudi arabia later today. the president would have to authorize a declassification of the documents. we'll see if that happens. those your headlines. back out to you. >> thanks, heather. it's 7:04 in new york city and somewhere in new york state is donald trump. good morning, mr. trump. >> good morning.
4:05 am
>> there's a story in politico that said at saturday you had a meeting at your trump tower headquarters and what you said was that you wanted paul manafort who's your convention manager and rick wiley who ran scott walker's operation out of wisconsin to run your campaign so you win the big contests. is that accurate? it also said that you were going to spend like $20 million of your money to make sure you win the delegates needed so you don't go to the contested convention. is that accurate? >> between the daily news and the politico, i hear the daily news is shutting down and the politico covers me so inaccurately. they write stories and don't call. with all that being said, i was not at a meeting. i heard about a meeting that i attended. >> is that right? >> i was not even at a meeting. nobody called me from politico. these guys write stories. it's not necessarily a bad story. but they write stories, they have no facts.
4:06 am
they never even call. and i hear they're going out of business. "daily news" is out of business. they hold up a headline that nobody reads, because nobody is buying the papers. look, the media is so dishonest. i was not at a meeting. now, with that being said i brought in paul manafort, a total professional. won tremendous numbers of races. corey has done an excellent job. everybody seems to be getting along pretty well. but, you know, who would have known i'm in this very good position. when i first started, oh, he's doing this for fun and now we're in first place. we have millions of more votes than others, including cruz. i have hundreds of delegates more and we should do well in new york today. i mean this is great place. we should do well in new york. we'll see what happens. it's terrible when they write stories and they don't even call you. it's ridiculous. >> that's something. brian?
4:07 am
brian, can you hear? i think -- oh, we lost the audio with brian. >> how is that going on -- the politico papers also saying that bringing in these guys, manafort and riley, that the other guys who have been working for you are upset. you have one resigning. is there any truth to that? >> when you bring in high-level new people, the one ran walker's campaign up, i did very well against walker, but he ran walker's campaign. he was and is a very top guy. when you bring other people in, i can see other people -- their feelings get hurt. i don't know most of these people. frankly, we're in a position where we want to see if we can close it out. i think we'll get to the number. i think today is important. we hope the have a big day today and we'll represent new york very well. i mean, cruz refused to give
4:08 am
money for hurricane sandy to new york. he does not like new york, he doesn't like new yorkers. that's when he brought up new york values like in disgust. >> cruz has already -- i think he knows you're going to win today. the polls suggest by a lot. that's why cruz has already moved down to the commonwealth of maryland already. i wanted to ask you, because it is -- today is the day that new yorkers go to the polls. how would a president trump help the people of new york? would it be with infrastructure, social programs? how would you help the people who live in your hometown? >> well, look, the first is we have to strengthen the military, we have to have a strong country. that's for all of us, for all of the states. our military has been decimated by cuts and by stupid decisions by politicians, not necessarily by the generals. but we always have to have a really strong country. okay. but i will bring jobs back like they have never seen. because our country is being absolutely killed by other
4:09 am
countries. they're taking our jobs. they're taking it like candy from a baby. if you look at what's going on with mexico, mexico is just killing us. companies are moving there, carrier air conditioning, ford motor company. nabisco is leaving chicago, moving into mexico. many of the countries from upstate new york have moved to mexico. and that's going to stop. i know how to stop it. i have been all over it. i have been in rochester, syracuse and rome, new york, the real rome, rome, new york. i have been all over the state. i have been out in bethpage. you were there. brian with there with me. it's been an amazing thing and i'm in new york all the time. but when you really tour the state, big state, you look at the tremendous number of companies that left, you know, the manufacturing companies that have left, we're going to get them back. >> it's all about jobs. >> we'll get them back and then some. jobs are a big factor.
4:10 am
>> you mentioned brian, he's at a diner in his hometown of massapequa. you have a question for mr. trump. >> yes. there's something about being in new york and dominating the polls like you are, it will be something. you won't forget it, but i want to bring you to the issue right now, front and center, i'm getting from the people on the radio yesterday and today, are the 28 pages taken out of the 9/11 report. there's a reference to saudi arabia. you have a retired senate e senator graham, he said it's time for the public to see them. is it time for the public to see the 28 pages? >> i do, i think we should have seen its a long time ago. i think i know what it will say. it will be very, very profound having to do with saudi arabia and saudi arabia's role on the world trade center and the attack, and that's very serious stuff. and, you know, again, i have said it for a long time. we attacked iraq and frankly by attacking iraq they were not the ones that knocked down the world
4:11 am
trade center. i have been saying that for a long time. let's see what the papers say. i think they should have been released a long time ago. i think they'll be at least in some form released. but, you know, sort of nice to know who your are friends are and perhaps who your enemies are. but you'll see some revealing things in those papers and i look forward to reading them. >> mr. trump, let's talk about hillary and bernie. if you look at the real clear politics polls the latest ones, they're narrowing here in the state of new york. she has tried to appeal to the black voters here in new york. she joined the hip-hop radio show called breakfast club. here's a little clip of that and we want to get your reaction. >> what's something you always carry with you? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yeah. yeah. >> really? you get into formation right now? what's that for? hot sauce in my bags, what? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yes. >> people are going to say, okay, she's pandering to black people now. >> okay. is it working?
4:12 am
>> okay. is it working? is that an authentic answer, donald trump? >> no, it's the same thing she always does, she carries hot sauce like i carry hot sauce. it's so phony, so pandering. so terrible. i think, you know, frankly, i think bernie probably has a decent chance to win. it won't matter. then they'll say, it doesn't matter because she's -- look, it's a crooked system. the democrats have their crooked super delegates. the republican system is totally crooked. totally rigged. it's very hard for somebody like me to win even though i'm winning very substantially. i'm winning by votes and by delegates. but it's really a rigged system. i will tell you that. and, you know, you win and you win and then you have millions votes more and then all of a sudden, somebody trying to steal your delegates that you have won with the voters. you win delegates with the voters. everybody celebrates. and then they try and pick them off. they give them trips. they give them lunches and dinners and hotel rooms.
4:13 am
i mean, it is such a crooked system, you wouldn't believe it. it's horrible. horrible. it's horrible to see. and, you know, it's not democracy. now, with that all being said, i'm going to get to the -- you know, to the number. i think i'm going to get to the number. i'm pretty sure. and -- >> well, you predict yesterday you'd get in on the first ballot. >> i think so. we're doing very well. after new york we're doing very well. pennsylvania and maryland and rhode island and so many states. i mean, we're doing really well. we're up by down. we're up by tremendous numbers. i hope it stays that way. it's politics. hey, look, people want to make america great again. these politicians can't do it. a guy like cruz can't do it, that's for sure. >> brian has a whole bunch of people at the diner in massapequa who has questions. can you stay with us through the break and answer questions? >> i would love to. >> fantastic. >> you know, we ask all the candidates every day to come on with us. we appreciate you coming on and talking with some of these voters out there in the diners. >> brian will do that next live
4:14 am
from new york city and massapequa, out on long island. you're watching "fox & friends" live from the avenue of the americas. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has.
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4:18 am
all right. welcome back, everyone. the massapequa diner. we're sitting here right in the middle of long island. nassau, suffolk around the corner. this was revamped four years ago. we have some questions for donald trump, the man who is now leading in all the polls in new york state. you have a question? >> thanks. good morning, mr. trump. we know you're not a man of many regrets nor should you be, but if you could change anything from the beginning of the campaign till now, what would it be? >> wow, that's great question. you hate to be put in that position. i guess maybe i could have said a few less words or a few less things. would have been helpful. but i mean, overall we're really happy. we're leading by a lot, a lot of delegates.
4:19 am
i guess i could have tone as couple of words down or thoughts down. would have been nice. >> and you know, as the campaign grows, you became a politician in june. arthur, you have a question for donald trump. >> yeah, hi, mr. trump. my question would be what is your main quality that you think you possess to be the leader of our country? >> well, i think my strongest suit will be -- i'll be bringing jobs back to this country. i deal with foreign countries all the time. we do a lot of winning and we win. i mean, i win in almost all instances when you deal with them on a business basis. when you look at china, what they're doing to us, mexico, the biggest thing i'll bring jobs back. the thing i'll be right up there with though is national security. i think i'll do really great. i have a natural instinct for it. i have been right on so many front from the war in iraq to take the oil, to so many different things. to nato, my recent questions and answers on nato. i think that will be the surprise.
4:20 am
i think that will be something that i will actually maybe end up being best on, along with jobs. bringing jobs back to our country. >> all right. so here's the next generation voter. what's your name? >> hayden. >> all right, hayden, you have a question for donald trump? >> yeah. i feel like an undecided vote could largely factor into -- well, your vp could make or break an undecided vote. >> you want to know who his running mate is. >> yeah, basically. >> can you give us an idea? can you give us five? >> is there an idea? >> well, i certainly have given it a lot of thought. i may not have help you with the undecided then, i have four or five people that i really like. there are some very, very good people out there. i'll make a decision at the right time. but before i do that, or before certainly i announce it, i have to vanquish the remaining folks. we have to knock out the two that are remaining, one of them doesn't like new york. the other one approved nafta which has helped destroy new york. so we should be in good shape. >> thank you.
4:21 am
>> all right, donald trump, thanks so much. best of luck today. i know it will be a big day in the primary if the polls are right. >> thank you, brian. >> back to massapequa. best of luck, mr. trump. (neighbor) yeah, so we're just bringing your son home. he really loves our wireless directv receiver. (dad) he should know better. we're settlers. we settle for cable. but let us repay you for your troubles. fresh milk for the journey home? (neighbor) we live right there. (dad) salted meats? (neighbor) no thank you. (dad) hats then! (vo) don't be a settler, get a $100 reward card when you switch to directv.
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where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. well, it's time for your ne"news by the numbers.numbers." 95 delegates are up for grabs in new york state today. if a candidate gets north of 90% they get all of them. 247 that's how many pledged delegates are at stake on the democratic side. there are 44 super delegates. we have been telling you all about them. 54,000, that's how many voters vanished from the registration rolls in brooklyn.
4:25 am
the purge is blamed on staffers not keeping up with the backlog. that's your "news by the numbers" on new york primary day. political pundits aren't the only ones weighing in. some in hollywood have been inspired by what happens on and off the campaign trail. >> here with his favorite election them scenes, the founder of nerdtears, kern mccarthy. you start with voting by pedro. >> if you told me i'd be following donald trump, that's really, really cool. thank you for having me today. >> and trump plaza is right up there. >> vote for pedro, napoleon dynamite. not a presidential election, but a class president election. >> same idea. >> exactly. we know where pedro gives that boring speech. here's a little clip of the scene right here.
4:26 am
check it out. >> if you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true. >> it was that simple. >> napoleon dynamite joins him for the dance. >> can you do that dance? >> i can't do that dance. is it a jamiraqui song or something? can you do the dance? >> no. i can't sing or dance. >> kilmeade will do the dance. >> how about the campaign? >> the campaign now we know of the idea of the candidates kissing babies, but they took this to the extreme with will ferrell and zach galifianakis. check out this clip from "the campaign." >> that's my baby to kiss. oh! >> oh, you don't -- >> you don't touch my hair. >> [ bleep ].
4:27 am
♪ my country 'tis of thee >> talk about it -- so wrong! >> i mean, i'm surprised they let me actually use that on the air. >> i'm surprised we could put it on. >> that's "the campaign." finally "the black sheep." i love chris farley and david spade. this is about a governor running for election. they're trying to keep chris farley away from his brother so he doesn't ruin the election. we have chris farley showing off his amazing humor. >> vote for donnelly, donnelly! every vote counts. >> oh! >> and he just continues falling for like a minute. one of my favorite scenes.
4:28 am
this is cool to talk about the scenes i used to watch as a kid live here in new york. amazing. great to see you this morning. >> great to have you in a new york state of mind. >> it's an absolute honor, steve and ainsley. see you friday for my review of "elvis and nixon" and the review of "huntsman." >> an amazing story. all true. >> the most requested image ever of the national archive. and kevin spacey is playing nixon. >> what's your favorite movie about an election. it doesn't have to be presidential. it could be about class. tweet us. would bernie sanders loyal supporters join hillary clinton's team? >> i don't want to be mean. >> no, just be honest, it's your answer. >> she's the devil. >> all right. >> the devil? >> that's just the beginning, steve. we have more of that coming up next. >> we do. she's a music legend but what happens when carole king hits the campaign trail?
4:29 am
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4:32 am
this is a fox news alert. and today is primary day here in new york. as you can tell by the locater up in the corner that's chappaqua, new york. gee, who would be voting in chappaqua, new york? >> that would be -- >> we are understanding that hillary clinton is about to hop out of her vehicle and go into that polling place right there. there's the sound guy from the local affiliate. >> the reason you're seeing this movement, it's live. this is what happens in live tv. we are waiting for her to walk down the path and looks like go
4:33 am
into the school to vote. >> you can't see her right now. so when she pops out, we will return. there, taking a look at what it will be look like inside. we hope to have that image for you in a couple of minutes. in the meantime, a fox news alert, devastating flooding in houston. look at the video here. five people are dead, thousands more are forced from their houses. by more than a foot of rain. >> meanwhile, a flash flood watch in effect until tomorrow mornings as residents look to clean up. another set of storms is on the way after that. maria molina is tracking the misery from the heartlands. maria? >> good morning. we do unfortunately expect more rain today and tomorrow. that's why we have that watch in effect across the region and again, expecting to see more showers and more thunderstorms and it's all associated with this very slow-moving area of low pressure. it actually produced severe weather across the plains and
4:34 am
brought heavy snow in the rockies. now, we're dealing with this flood threat across the lower mississippi river valley and across portions of texas. looking at the forecast you can see that regions out there can actually see more than six inches of additional rain that's a big concern for the flood threat. severe weather will be possible across western parts of texas with damaging winds, large hail, even isolated tornadoes in the forecast. however, it's a marginal risk so we think the risk is relatively low. but make sure you have a way to get the weather warnings out there. meanwhile to the east, across the eastern u.s., it is going to be very warm, well above average. we're talking close to 90 degrees across parts of the carolinas and across the pacific nor northwest. seattle could make it into the low 80s this afternoon. >> no one is complaining. >> perfect weather to go vote today. vote a couple of times. let's go inside where heather nauert has some headlines for you. good morning. the hunt is on for the cold
4:35 am
blooded killer wanted for murdering a popular fitness instructor and a mother of three inside a church. police near dallas, texas, releasing this chilling surveillance video. it shows this suspect just moments before the attack wearing some sort of tactical helmet, gloves and a heavy vest with police written on it. the victim terry beavers was getting ready to teach a boot camp fitness class. she leaves behind a husband and three daughters. police are not releasing a motive for her murder. president obama calling on russian president vladimir putin to talk about the syrian civil war but he neglected to bring up the russian military jets that have been harassing our naval ships. and we all saw that one. some of the jets coming within 30 feet of the "uss donald cook." josh earnest said such incidents are quote, destabilizing, but not particularly unusual.
4:36 am
the state department had also called it unprofessional. and an inmate convicted of raping and killing a teacher now wants you to pay for his sex change. edmond brown who goes by katherine, claims he or she is innocent and the south carolina department of corrections rejected his request. you know her by her voice. ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> but did you know that the grammy award singer carole king is also a master campaigner? she hit the streets of new york city trying to win over votes for her friend hillary clinton. but not everybody was impressed. >> i wanted to know if i could come up and speak with you. i'm working on behalf of hillary clinton.
4:37 am
>> no. if i were you, i would go to the apartments on the first floor. >> first floor? >> yeah. those on the first floor, they're the hillary voters. that was carole king trying to talk to a woman through her apartment speaker phone. we're not sure if that woman was confused or didn't want to talk politics. she probably thought it was somebody trying to break in. >> all part of the tapestry of the life on the campaign trail. >> i didn't order any food. the democrats are on the first floor. >> thank you. so as you know, you have been watching. they have had so many rallies throughout new york state on both sides. republicans and democrats. our own david webb went to a bernie sanders rally on sunday. washington square park, just down the road a piece from where we're sitting right here at
4:38 am
avenue of the americas to see if he can figure it out who these people are that want to vote for bernie. >> yeah. do we have -- >> hillary clinton -- >> here we go. david? >> no, i don't. >> is she honest? [ laughter ] >> i don't know -- that was an eye roll. tell me what you really think. >> i think she's honest to the people that pay her. >> she's okay. i don't want to be mean. >> no, just be honest, it's your answer. >> she's the devil. >> he's always changing her mind on anything. >> is there anything you like about hillary? >> not really. >> do you like hillary clinton? >> no way. >> honest? >> absolutely not. >> if she wins the nomination will you vote for her? >> i can't say i would. >> she's not honest. i have been watching her for the past 16 years. >> stealing the nomination? >> yeah, with the help of debbie wasserman schultz. both are corrupt. >> can you supporter hillary
4:39 am
clinton? >> absolutely not. i'm bernie or bust. >> bernie or nobody else? >> bernie or there's a revolution in this country. >> if hillary clinton won the nomination could you support her? [ cheers and applause ] >> yes! e. >> i might throw up, but i might have to do it anyway. >> all right. so a lot of people -- >> not fans. >> not fans. people, brian, are saying they want to support bernie but many say he won't win. will their enthusiasm and their excitement will transferred to hillary clinton? you know, when its co comes timr the actual election? >> when i see that, i think there are people who are going to be pushing sanders out in the democratic party. because they're realizing now it will divide the democratic party up the longer he stays in. if he gets trounced today, however, if he's within single digits of hillary clinton, he's going to say i'm sticking around. i'm going to give this thing a run. that's what i think. but i want to talk to people here at massapequa diner about
4:40 am
bernie sanders. and what the attraction is. and what about for them. what's your name, sir? >> i'm ted. >> what do you do? >> i'm a carpenter. >> you work how many hours a day? >> ten hours a day. >> ten hours a day. what do you think of bernie sanders and what he represents? >> i think he cares, but his policies are off. i don't think everything should be free. this is a capitalistic economy, right? >> right. and when people say free college, is that's what's turning on the college students? >> college does cost a lot of money. i owe a lot for my college, but i mean, it shouldn't be free. business is business. >> what about you? >> i believe 100%. you can't have everything for free. of course with the college kids they'll vote for him. they want a free ride. >> am i looking at two carpen r carpenters? >> yeah. >> how hard do you work every day? >> it's rough. but when you want things in life
4:41 am
you need to work for them. >> are we losing that? >> absolutely. absolutely. you know what? >> we're losing our values. >> losing our values. we're losing our values. we need to become americans again. that's all i want. >> push forward harder, you know? anything you don't have becomes a goal. you work harder for it. >> pursuit of happiness. you want the right to pursue it, not guaranteed. thanks so much. back to you guys in the studio. two working guys who don't want it for free. they want to earn it. >> you better buy them breakfast, brian. >> we love our carpenters. jesus was a carpenter. >> i'm buying them breakfast, i have your amex. >> thanks, brian. coming up an special primary day, donald trump poised for a big new york win. is this system rigged against him? laura ingraham will join us in 18 minutes. andrew jackson set to be replaced on the $20 bill by a woman, but is that changing history?
4:42 am
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4:46 am
network's gerri willis, the author of "rich is not a four-letter word." >> thank you. >> what would your bay check look like? >> annual income of $13,000, biweekly paycheck is $751. the middle income gets slammed by 8%. it's about $200 is what you get taken out of the paycheck, and look, the reality there's no free college education. you can't have medicaid for all. that's just not going to work. >> you know what, we have talked to bernie sanders' supporters when confronted with the fact that at times he's supported a 90% tax hike on people, they go, well, that's okay, i'm okay with that because we get free stuff. >> how can you believe that? >> how can you believe that? >> there's no freedom in your
4:47 am
life. how do you make choices in the government is making all the choices for you? right. that's my major objection. his point of view is that people can't provide for themselves. i believe that they can. >> it reminds me of the kid in fifth grade, he's like free coke machines in every classroom, longer recess. you know -- >> i'd vote for that kid. >> but everyone votes for him because they want to believe it will happen. >> good luck with that. people ultimately wouldn't support it. you would look at the tax bill and go, no. >> right. >> one of my kids was in grade school, somebody was running for a class president promised that harry potter would come to their school and of course he won, and he did not. andrew jackson is being replaced on the $20 bill with a woman. what do you think of that? >> come on, hamilton gets to keep his place, why? because there's a pulitzer prize winning theater production on
4:48 am
broadway right behind us. you know, the problem with this washington, the federal government, it's being run by what is it the top -- who is at the top of twitter right now. no way to run policy. >> right. let's talk about your book. congratulations. lots of blood, sweat and tears went into this. >> a labor of love. >> tell us about it. >> my point is view it's very difficult for people who want to provide for themselves to do it on their own, to be financially successful. seven years, 2% economic growth, it's been tough for average middle class americans to make it. >> so you have some great tips. why didn't you write this book ten years ago because something i did not realize was you can actually in many instances, if you're a parent you and you have some kids going to college, you can go to the college and say, okay, my kid has been accepted. let's make a deal on the price of the tuition. you can negotiate on tuition? >> don't say i want a deal.
4:49 am
i want to negotiate. say something -- here's what you're doing. so my sources in colleged admissions say 40% are successful in getting a lower price. why? because the numbers of people going to college is not growing exponentially. they're fighting for people who are coming in the front door and to do that, they have to lower prices. you can get a lower price. >> all right. we'll read your book to find out how to do that tips for me with my little girl. >> stand by. all right, meanwhile, straight ahead, today's new york primary day, it's also a homecoming for donald trump. but is the republican establishment forgetting that every vote counts? peter johnson jr., up next. >> but first, on this day in 1971, three dog night had the number one song in america, "joy to the world." >> i remember that. ♪ ♪ joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me ♪ i try hard to get a great shape.
4:50 am
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we love this state, we know it will come back. if i'm president, it's going to come back so fast you won't even believe it. you watch. >> i think new york values are american values and we want to stand up here for those here in new york and across the country. >> donald trump and hillary clinton two new yorkers, one born here, one who made her electoral fortunes here. return home today. the voters hit the polls today. is the establishment forgetting that every counts? peter johnson jr.? >> your vote in these primaries is an apparition, meaning it
4:54 am
disappears quite quickly. you say i'm for donald trump, but the delegates are going to vote depending on the state once for donald trump. then the party bosses who appointed them as delegates then they'll have their say. >> that's what they -- >> a lot of votes count. in terms of who ever you're for, it's important to show up for them today to send a message to folks that people are really interested and that there can't be some situation by which an entire country's votes in any party are thrown out at the convention. >> hillary that is to say, must be feeling the heat. because her campaign said something to the bernie sanders campaign in the last 24 hours. they did -- >> they sent a message today in one of the blogs, are you going to act like a democrat or a loyal democrat? i'm hillary clinton, trying to kill me with the personal attack, that's got to stop. at the same time, there's a
4:55 am
reset for donald trump. there's a new team in place supplementing the team that's already been there and already been successful. so they can win the convention delegates. they brought in a diversity press conference yesterday. donald trump's been more disciplined in terms of the message. speaking out less. tweeting less. picking his targeted messages. so these guys are at an empire state of mind here today. donald trump lives and works a few blocks from here. hillary clinton was a senator here for eight years, it launched her electoral career. made her who she is today. she was a first lady, she was a lawyer, in the watergate committee, but here in new york she came and was elected senator twice. >> sure. absolutely. but unfortunately for her, right now the bernie millennials -- you know, he had a rally in brooklyn a couple of days ago, 28,000 people showed up. the biggest one -- >> there's some excitement.
4:56 am
i'm going to the polls later today to see what's going on, but bernie sanders had to walk along 6th avenue yesterday. >> he went to evergreen diner. >> he was mobbed. they saw him, they went, bernie, bernie. there's an excitement in new york state today. there's anticipation on both sides. what's the nature of the change? will they rematch here come november in new york and in a hometown presidential match? a subway series as it were. >> there you go. peter johnson, in a new york state of mind. thank you. >> i am. all right. it's not even 8:00 in new york city and we're just getting started. laura ingraham will join us and larry sabato and hear from donald trump right here on "fox & friends" in a new york state of mind. with the right steps,
4:57 am
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5:00 am
i am hoping to do really well tomorrow. i'm hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination. >> you're going to look back in four years and 12 years and 25 years and you're going to say, that's the greatest single vote i have ever cast. >> the reason why i beat hillary is because my appeal is broad and not narrow. thank you for coming and i hope you can help me tomorrow. >> if we get a large voter turnout tomorrow, we're going to win here in new york. >> if we unite, we will win the general, we will beat hillary clinton and we will turn this country around. >> oh, the battle for new york,
5:01 am
live from 48th and 6th avenue. ♪ ♪ i want to wake up >> in the state of new york, and we are being told that hillary clinton is in chappaqua, new york, at this very moment. casting her ballot at the polls, at a school in chappaqua. i think we have some live video. >> it is a live fox news alert. let's go up north to where we're sitting, a number of miles from here. you can see the former first lady moments ago, casting her ballot. >> shaking hands with some individuals. this is live. >> this is live right here. and she goes into the privacy screen to do the voting. although you know what? she actually wouldn't have to do it in private because we all know she's going to vote for herself. hello. >> all right. and then we have brian kilmeade out on long island in his neck of the woods. >> that's right. brian, when are you voting?
5:02 am
>> i'm going to vote right down the block, grace church, one block, about three minutes away from me. i'm going to have a chance to do that. thanks for letting me sleep in and ainsley, for approving it. i'm nine minutes from where i actually live. i can let the dogs out in the break before your interviews. this has never done before, since 1996. i can do this all the time. >> absolutely. brian, we're looking right now at hillary clinton in the school auditorium, yeah, there in chappaqua. let's bring in laura ingraham. as you look at hillary clinton, as she's filling out the ballot and we believe it's probably the democrat ballot, we pretty much know she's going to vote herself and then some of her -- there's the former president with her right now as well. they're about to give their ballots to a poll worker and then it goes through a machine and they're electronically
5:03 am
tabulated. >> aren't you afraid of those touch screens? it's so easy when you're banking, right, to hit the wrong amount. can you imagine you're up there, wait, i want to go back and change it and i hit sanders by accident. who did bill vote for? does he want to go back and do it all over again at the white house? i guess so. >> well, we're talking hillary and bernie today. if you have seen the polls -- the latest polls, the real clear politic, they're really narrowing. have you noticed that? i mean, hillary was doing really well in new york and bernie not so well. now they're closer and closer. >> this is so great that new york that vibrant and relevant in the primary fight. everybody sees iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, florida, maybe an ohio, michigan but rarely gets to this point that we're still fighting it out. >> right. >> over the last week or so, you have seen sanders turn up the heat on hillary.
5:04 am
you have seen the heat being turned up on the big money that's gone to hillary. even out in california with the dramatic throwing the dollar bills at hillary's motorcade. with that wonderful, huge crowd that you saw in new york at -- you know, down in -- off the big arch at nyu, that was a moment for sanders. and he has that -- he has that outsider appeal that trump has on the other side. and for the true believers out there on the left who think, you know, you'll get free college, and you're going to get all these new benefits, they think the sure bet is with bernie sanders. but hillary has the money. she has the brand name. so she's still the odds on favorite even with the recent i think downturn. >> i think -- >> she's not afraid to pander. hillary clinton is known to put on accents if she's in a church or a certain community. she has been known to pander to
5:05 am
a certain sect, one of which that is firmly in her column, which is the african-american vote. she was on a hip-hop station that's where she is most comfortable and here she is talking. >> what's something that you always carry with you? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yeah. yeah. >> really? you get in formation right now? hot sauce? hot sauce in my bags, what? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yes. >> now, listen, i want you to know people will say, she's pandering to black people again. >> okay. is it working? >> okay, is it working? laura, do you believe -- >> is it working, laura? >> i don't even know what to say to that. i'll take the hot sauce over that really bad -- that really bad accent that she goes like i ain't no way tired. that accent she does down south. hillary knows that the african-american vote is key to
5:06 am
her winning. she's got to wrap this up. she doesn't want this to keep going on and on. she'll do whatever she can to pander to them and the clintons are really good at this. they're pros. they usually win. they usually win for a reason. they know what demographic is important. so if she has to wear the black lives matter t-shirt for a week or two she'll do that too. >> you're probably right. we had donald trump on the program just about an hour ago. we should point out, we also invited ted cruz on the program, we invited john kasich, we invited hillary and we invited bernie sanders. only trump took us up on the offer. there's an item in politico today that says he's beefing up his staff to make sure that he gets t gets the delegates needed. he was on, he poo-pooed that story. there was a story in "rolling stone" on roger stone who has been one of his advisers off and on and he says this about trump. quote, he's in the process of being robbed. what is happening is fundamentally undemocratic, but it can be defeated with a well oiled delegate operation.
5:07 am
laura, ultimately, while donald trump is talking about the system being rigged, ted cruz has done a really good job at using the current system. he's grabbed a bunch of those delegates and now donald trump is playing catch-up. >> wow. donald trump is winning the war of public opinion on the corruption in washington. and the corruption in washington for a lot of people spreads to the states and the state party apparatus, state by state, that usually has a lot of influence on which delegates ultimately get chosen for which place. i mean, the candidates have a lot to do with that, but the state party's very powerful. and ted cruz has been exceedingly smart in organizing district by district. now, trump comes along and he makes that a campaign plus for him saying, look, i'm the people's candidate. i don't do all this politics. i'm new to politics, but what i have is the people on my side.
5:08 am
this should be a lot more representative of where the people's wishes are and right now in states where i'm winning in public opinion i'm losing in the delegate count. how does that make sense? for a lot of political neophytes that argument actually is very powerful. i don't blame trump for playing that card. i think it's smart. i think it's smart for cruz to really play the only card he has right now, which is grass roots organization, a lot of people think he's the more principled conservative. he'll try the put those two things together to overpower trump in california and erode trump and even in states where he's won fairly handily. now, is that going to be enough to override new york, pennsylvania, all of new england, where trump has enormous popularity. i think it's going to come down to last day of the campaign and if trump wins new jersey and california handily, denying him the nomination i think spells big trouble for the republicans
5:09 am
in november. i think it would be a perilous course for the republican party. >> you know, i was driving to work this morning and the cab driver was saying, a lot of people didn't take him seriously in the beginning and now he's hiring all the people. he's looking a lot more presidential. we talked to donald earlier as you were saying. this is what he said about going forward. listen to this. he seemed confident. >> we're in a position to see if we can close it out. we think we'll get to the number. we hope to have a really big day today. we'll represent new york very well. when i first started people said he was doing this for fun. he's really having a good time. then all of a sudden we're by far in first place. you know, we have millions of votes more than anybody else. including cruz. he talks about how well he's doing. mine -- i mean, we have millions more. we have hundreds of delegates more. we should do well in new york. >> he says he'll win on the first ballot. laura, we have time for one more question so let's go to mr.
5:10 am
diner in massapequa. >> thanks, steve. laura, i think it's going to be interesting, donald trump is going to win, he's up by 30. hillary between eight around 12. do you agree if kasich comes in second and he's polling second in pennsylvania and possibly maryland, cruz's case is harder to make? >> i think it's a lot harder to make. i'm not sure that's going to happen in pennsylvania. it could. kasich should be doing really well in pennsylvania. i think he's underperforming there. but again, if we come to the convention, guys, and trump is up by a couple of hundred delegates or, you know, a hundred delegates and way ahead in the popular vote, i think going to the american people and saying, okay, we'll do this second and third ballot thing. we'll see who comes out, maybe someone new or maybe cruz, -- >> disaster. >> i just think that is an absolute disaster for november. no matter what all the never dr trumpers are thinking out there.
5:11 am
look at the supreme court, on huge cases. we have to win in november. if you're a republican or a conservative you have to face reality of where we are. cruz could close this out too. it's a lot harder for him as well. i think we have to be practical in how we think and less ideologically purist. >> it's going to be about exciting day. of course we'll have all the answers at 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> thank you so much, laura. good to see you this morning. let's hand it over to heather with some headlines for us. >> hi, there, good morning. we're starting off with a fox news alert. houston, texas. under water this morning and five people are now dead. thousands forced from their homes in an unprecedented flooding disaster in that state. take a look at this. brand-new drone footage showing roads under more than a foot of floodwaters there. more than a thousand rescue calls so far. these people here using a refrigerator to float away from fast moving waters. watch a moment that the news reporter tries to escort a man
5:12 am
who underestimated how deep the water was. watch. >> you have to get out. leave the car. swim. are you okay, sir? >> that car was completely submerged by water. a state of disaster has been declared in nine counties in texas. some schools are closed today as another storm system moves in. maria will have the latest on that. another fox news alert. two terror attacks overseas. the taliban claiming credit for coordinated attacks in kabul. at least 28 people are now dead after terrorists stormed a national security facility and detonated a bomb there. that attack happening as defense secretary ash carter continued his visit to the region talking to our troops in iraq about defeating isis. and a somber day in hollywood. the actress doris roberts has died. she was best known for her role
5:13 am
as marie on "everybody loves raymond." >> ready to get married just because you're afraid of what your mother thinks? >> sometimes the mother knows best, dear. >> sometimes a mother should just butt out. >> well, both are true of course. roberts' cause of death is unclear. the actress whose career spanned more than 60 years was said to be healthy and active. she was 90 years old. she will be missed. those are your headlines. let's head back outside to you. >> she visited this program a couple of times and she was a lovely lady. >> thank you so much. the supreme court is split over the hottest issue of the campaign, immigration. but could the latest case -- what could this mean for the race in 2016? we are live in washington. then have you ever heard of p.a. announcer -- ever heard a p.a. announcer say this? the icy move that had the rink all fired up. every insurance policy
5:14 am
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5:18 am
well, because of this. the supreme court taking up one of the hottest issues of the 2016 campaign -- immigration. >> yeah. 26 states are suing over the president's executive order to save millions from deportation. judge andrew napolitano shed some light on this case earlier. >> these are not statute, these are not laws that congress has written that are presumed to be constitutional. these are rules and laws that the president wrote. since the president doesn't write the laws under our system, they are presumed unconstitutional. so the court shouldn't be looking for a way to sooif them. >> with more on that, kristin fisher is live on the latest on the debate in our nation's capital. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, now the liberal justices are sympathetic to the obama administration's arguments and the conservatives on the bench really question the president's executive actions. which essentially blocked the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants without congressional approval.
5:19 am
now, justice kennedy, the justice who's often the swing vote, was one of them. he said quote it's as if the president is setting the policy and the congress is executing it. that's just upside down. end quote. now, yesterday, thousands of protesters filled the streets outside the supreme court. one side argues the president was right to act on immigration because congress would not. and the other side argues that he violated the constitution. >> we allow a president, whether it's this president or a future president, no matter what their political persuasion or their party to make changes in the law without congressional approval. and we we will end up with a perverted constitution. >> if presidents going back for 60 years from eisenhower to ronald reagan to george bush i and george bush ii could issue executive orders on immigration, barack obama can issue executive
5:20 am
orders on immigration. >> so in the case of the 4-4 split, the lower court decision stands. this is where the death of scalia comes into play. >> thank you. donald trump is expected to win big here in new york state, but does he have a clear path to the nomination? dr. larry sabato breaks down the numbers next. more money problems for kanye west. why he is being sued over his new album. that and more as which continue our coverage live from new york city and from out there in massapequa on this primary day with brian kilmeade. >> it's pancakes and politics. look like this.
5:21 am
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♪ ♪ it's too late, but i want it that way ♪ some hollywood headlines for you. joe manganiello and -- he has been rushed to the hospital after his appendix burst. tmz reported he's recovering in
5:25 am
the hospital. fans are suing kanye west, claiming they were duped by title. the class action lawsuit argues that west promised fans in february that his album, "the life of pablo" would only be available there. it's been released for free on apple music and spotify. what do you think of that? let's hand it over to brian in massapequa. hey, my friend. >> hey, what's going on, ainsley? great read. great to see me without a shirt on again. hey, time to bring in dr. larry sabato in the university of virginia. this is the one stop shopping if you want to know what's happening. any reason to believe this won't be a 30-point win or something like that for donald trump today? >> no, every indication that we have, brian, is that if it isn't a sweep, it will be a near sweep by trump in new york. and he needs every one of those extra delegates given that he's bleeding delegates in a lot of other places around the country.
5:26 am
>> right. so new york will be big and he'll be able to get momentum back. it was a sense as he lost wisconsin that maybe the mojo was gone. but new york came at the right time. pennsylvania also looks like a dominant place for donald trump. he's basically doubling ted cruz and i look for kasich to make some type of charge there. because he was born there. do yo >> he better, if he wants to keep -- even stay in the headlines much less staying in the race. he has to do well. he could potentially finish second there. it could be his kind of state. remember that's the day when you have other northeastern states like connecticut and rhode island and mid-atlantic states like delaware and maryland voting too. frankly, if trump is going to win, he's going to have to do well in every one of those states. >> right. maryland looks like the same thing, because he's at about 40% of the real clear average. 20 points up on kasich. but california gets kind of
5:27 am
interesting. is cruz making headway there? he's been so brilliant in staying ahead of the game, with a brilliant ground game. do you see him making a surge there? >> it will be a surprise if he wins california. although the republicans who participate in the primary process in california are conservative. i don't think he'll win it. it all depends on the congressional districts in california. cruz could end up winning a third of the congressional districts and get quite a few delegates out of it. >> dr. sabato, you talk about change and who's coming into their own. we watched barack obama in '08. his organization got better and better. do you believe that donald trump with the changes he's making -- and he confirmed there are many changes, is he getting better? no big controversial headlines in the last 2 1/2 weeks, do you see a change? >> well, he's been staying off the sunday shows. it's two weeks in a row. so he broke the habit. i think that's good for him.
5:28 am
we'll see if it continues. but, you know, it's awfully late, brian. you can change, but the question is, is he changing fast enough? i think it's a really close call and the author of "the art of the deal" has to put his deal making skills on display with some of those unpledged delegates. i don't think he can get to 1,237 without at least some unpledged delegates. >> is cruz looking more like a thief of delegates than a guy who stalking the leader? >> well, when you're number two and well behind and the cruz team would admit that, you have to grab every delegate you can get. they're using the process and the rules as they exist. a lot of people may not like those rules. they may want to change them in the future, but as we always say, you can't change the rules in the middle of the game and we're well past the middle of the game. >> i know we are.
5:29 am
and new york matters. i know you're somebody who understands history. i don't remember the last time that new york mattered in a primary season. but if i'm to believe the massapequa diner participants, it's trump country. dr. larry sabato, thank you. >> thank you, brian. >> i think this would be a good team for you to tease summer school. dr. larry sabato. ainsley, you also -- we know we have a lot of show left as we try to dominate this new york primary. >> that's right. it will be a great -- we have another hour to go, hour and a half. thanks so much, brian. great job out there. listen to this, a scare at the white house. but this time it wasn't someone jumping the fence. it was someone invited by the president. those details next. and honk if you're voting today. the goose is on the loose. look at that, hitting the streets of new york city.
5:30 am
all right. we have one honker.
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
♪ ♪ new york, new york, a hell of a town ♪ you know a little while ago, we went over to a polling place and i asked how many people outside were actually going to vote. we thought we'd do this unscientific method of polling the audience here in new york city to see how many of the cars as many drive by are actually going to vote. earlier, better results.
5:34 am
there's one out of like 20 so far. this guy wants to pull in. all right. very interesting. >> beep beep. >> there's another one. beep beep beep. oh, we're going to pause for a second because there's a police officer right there and probably wouldn't like me having the big sign. a.j., come over here. hey, good morning! oh, look, they're going to vote. yeah. [ sirens ] >> okay, you know what? i'm learning that more people are going to be voting on 48th street than 6th avenue, avenue of the americas. go vote! go vote! couple of times. just imagine you're in chicago. all right. heather nauert, have you voted yet today? >> no, i'm registered as an independent so i vote here in the state of new york. maybe next time. >> then you can't honk. >> in the general election. see, nobody is out there. it's rush hour, 8:35 on the east coast, what's up with that?
5:35 am
>> i know it. >> all right. good morning to you, i hope you're off to a good day. at least one american is dead in the ecuador devastating earthquake. the death toll climbs past 400 people. it left a trail of destruction along the normally calm pacific coast, leveling buildings and leaving thousands of people without homes. crews are still scrambling to save anyone who may be trapped in the ruins. some forced to use their hands to dig through the rubble there. is this the kind of role model that our president thinks our kids need? rapper rick ross' court mandated ankle monitor actually went off during an event at the white house. ironically, ross was invited there to keep young people out of trouble. he was ordered to wear that
5:36 am
bracelet after he was arrested for kidnapping and assaulting his groundskeeper allegedly. love it, list it or sue. the couple wants the hgtv show to pay for poor quality in their home. the lawsuit blames the production company for hiring a contractor that had bad reviews. the money out of their pocket only went to create a stage for the show and now they plan to fight back against the allegations. show some class, a hockey announcer at the flyers/caps game, ripping the fans after showing the wrong kind of spirit throwing wristbands on the ice. watch. >> ladies and gentlemen, hold those wrist bracelets in your hands. >> he says hold those wrist bracelets, show some class. this was after a check that led to the fight. the fans wouldn't stop throwing the colorful bracelets and that led to the two minute bench minmy
5:37 am
minor on the flyers. let's go out to steve and ainsley. >> thank you very much. >> and brian. >> and brian is having breakfast. it's politics and pancakes in massapequa at a diner. >> hey, brian. >> yes. we're in the beautiful massapequa diner across from the train station. right in the heart of the middle of long island. let's find out what everyone is thinking or voting. the primary matters in new york. larry, what do you do? >> i have a jeweler's store. >> how long have you been there? >> 40 years. >> you have a unique perspective. where's the economy now? >> it's kind of in the middle. people are buying things for precious moments but they're not spending as much as they used to. >> how much does who the president is mean to you? >> a lot. >> as personally or for your
5:38 am
business? >> both. >> who is the best for buying the gold? >> trump. >> why? >> i think he's a guy who will take control. he won't make political decisions but make the right decision for this country. >> wow. i guess you're voting today. >> yes. >> does your family agree with you? >> absolutely not. [ laughter ] >> you're an isolated vessel. you're the leader of your family. take some control. i have to talk to bruce. now, bruce is an interesting subject. not only because of his background, but because of where you -- you're about to vote. but don't know who you're voting for yet. >> yeah, i'm not a trump supporter, but i think kasich is probably my choice. >> what do you do? >> i'm in sales. >> so you're in sales. so you have a flexible schedule. do you get the sense of where the economy is at right now? >> i think the economy is doing -- humming along pretty well. i think seven or eight years of growth. i don't understand the make america great thing again. i think america is doing well. i'm trying to figure it out.
5:39 am
but i'm definitely not going in the trump's direction. >> but in the republican direction. >> probably kasich is my choice. >> what is your name? >> rob. >> i have a sense you're a mets fan. >> yes. >> what about today's primary? what is going in your vote today? >> i voted this morning for donald trump. i come from the generation of the independent vote from 1992. i kind of feel we're back at that position where both parties are kind of scattered about. we're looking for that outsider, not necessarily third party, but the outsider, not a career politician. somebody who will bring something new to the office. >> what do you do? >> in law enforcement. >> do you feel as though donald trump has your back and maybe others don't? >> absolutely. he's continuously expressed he's supportive of law enforcement and i believe he has the best interest of the country when it comes to safety. >> you have law enforcement, sales, jewelry, you have a mix of what makes up massapequa. it all comes together, north, south, east and west. and they've come as one, and
5:40 am
they're rallying and going to the polls today before we get to the general election. hey, guys, that is it really from the massapequa diner. i'm going to run and do the radio show right from here. can i get a round of applause for everyone here? [ applause ] these guys have been fantastic. and they've -- and we just informed them that steve doocy has paid for your entire breakfast for everybody. that's fantastic. that's right. >> tapped out on the amex. >> go to larry's jewelry shop and buy your wife dawn something sparkly. >> good advice. >> right. i have news for you. i've bought my wife a lot of nice things at larry's shop before. this is pay back. >> it's rigged! >> i'm looking for the massapequa discount. >> friends and family. >> that's right.
5:41 am
>> thanks, brian. great job this morning. well, this video is unbelievable. a man forced to swim to safety after his car gets swallowed by the floodwaters. look at this. >> what do i do? >> leave the car, swim. >> stay in the car? >> leave the car, swim. >> the reporter is out there and would you know what to do if this happened to you? maria molina will tell us next. and ted cruz took a lot of heat in the press for eating canned soup. you know what, i like canned soup. but we have alternatives that should keep the alternative media at bay. >> it's m'm! m'm! good! >> that's coming up live. it's true what they say.
5:42 am
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in is a fox news alert. moments ago in houston, more people including children are saved from devastating and rising floodwaters. so far, at least five people are dead there this morning and thousands have been forced from their homes after a massive downpour drops over a foot of rain on the area. this new drone footage shows the devastation left behind. roadways there, you can tell where the roads are, there are trees there. >> look at these individuals they have to use plastic tubs to float their children away. dozens of horses were saved from ranches as rescuers -- >> look at that. >> the poor animals. a state of disaster has been declared in nine different counties and more rain unfortunately, steve, is on the way. >> and that flooding in texas led to the close call. watch this.
5:46 am
>> i don't know what to do. >> leave the car. swim. >> stay in the car? >> leave the car, swim. >> the guy's asking the reporter what do i do, the reporter said leave your car as the car quickly starts to sink on that flooded road. abc 13 houston reporter steve champion was the one that you heard there shouting for the driver to leave his car to swim to safety. the driver pushed his way out of the car and the reporter waded into that water and then pulled the guy out to safety. >> so what would you do? would you stay in the car as it's going down or would you swim? maria molina has some life-saving information. >> ideally you're not in that situation, you see a flooded roadway, don't drive into it. >> that's not the case though. in texas, it was a big problem, the flooding. we said don't drive into the
5:47 am
water and people do it every time. >> yeah, they get this urge they need to get to where they're going, the conditions are dangerous, they want to get home. they have to go down this road. >> right. >> they end up in dangerous situations unfortunately some of the time. if you do encounter yourself in that situation, look at the tips that you can take. >> now you can drown in that. >> it only takes six minutes to wash away a vehicle. getting of out of your vehicle is a race against the clock. a former navy s.e.a.l. shows me. >> the first thing you need to do is get rid of that seat belt. so get that out of the way. clear anything that's around you. remember, door's unlocked. nothing is going to catch you. so probably it would be impossible to open the door because of the pressure. try to roll down the window. well, in this case the electric windows, that's not going to
5:48 am
hatch. so now you're in a situation where you need to break the window. >> people who live in areas prone to flash flooding should keep a window hammer in their car. >> there's a glass breaker on the end of a knife. you can get them anywhere. hit away from you. always break a side window instead of one of the front or the rear. >> if you don't have the tool you can also use a laptop, camera, or even your keys. always remember use as much force as possible and strike in the center. >> done! okay. >> i cut myself. >> well, that's one of the things you have to worry about. cutting yourself versus drowning in core car is better. clear it out of there the best you can. >> if you don't have anything to use to break the glass, clear it out. >> this is the same technique we used in the s.e.a.l. team and we wanted to break down a door. donkey kick. line up.
5:49 am
>> got it. >> all right. so again, you're out. and you're away. >> now it's time to see if i really know how to survive. so we're stuck in a flash flood, what do we do? >> make sure the seat belt is off. try your door. can you get it open? >> no. >> try it, see how hard it is to do that? the next option is going out the window and try to get away from the car as soon as possible. out the window. >> okay. >> car's filling up with water very quickly. >> out. get away from the car. >> okay. >> head for the shore. again, like you're in the water -- something could hit you. >> yeah. >> all right. check it out. >> there goes the car. >> you'd be going down with that thing right now.
5:50 am
>> but we did everything we had to. >> nice. you survived. >> great advice. for the people down in texas, they want to know more rain today? >> yeah. an area that's prone to flooding around houston, around san antonio. we're expecting more rain and the potential for flooding is still there in addition to severe weather. it does shift a little bit eastward. the threat for flooding in the lower mississippi valley. stay safe out there. >> just cleaning up and now another flood. >> thank you very much for doing that report. it's great. meanwhile, ted cruz took a lot of heat in the press for admitting that he likes canned soup. well, i like canned soup, how about you? we have some alternatives that should keep the mainstream media at bay. coming up next. but first, let's go to martha for what's coming up at the top of hour. >> hi, good morning. so the polls are open in new york and this big state could go a long way in telling the tale of where this race is headed. donald trump and hillary clinton not resting.
5:51 am
campaigning hard into the homestretch. how is the cruz camp feeling today? we'll talk to heidi cruz, live in our studio. and the president heads to saudi arabia. as 9/11 families want to know what he knows about the saudi connection. when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments.
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5:54 am
oh, it can be so hard to get a home cooked meal while out on the campaign trail. >> oh, yeah. >> even when he's at work in washington, presidential candidate senator ted cruz admits he has dozens of cans of soup in his pantry in d.c. >> he's not alone. but our next guest says he should kick the can and make his own soup from scratch. ed core vino is from bes'dam soup. >> welcome.
5:55 am
>> who makes the best chili? >> you tell me, your son has told me, your wife. how many -- i will concede to that. >> all right. thank you. >> i'll make chili today and a cream of spinach. beautiful light soup to make today. ted cruz, this is so easy. with all the canned soup with the salt, use a little bit of salt. use a little bit of salt. >> because the salt is rigged. >> not as healthy for you either. >> not good. you don't want to do too much sodium. here in the pot, go go ahead and start -- the recipe is online at fox and friends. >> the chicken -- >> can you use beef? >> you can use beef.
5:56 am
chicken broth -- not chicken, but beef broth. >> what type of broth? >> beef. other ingredients here. we have some cumin, brown sugar, garlic powder, salt and pepper. you'll help me right there. thank you very much. some nice diced tomatoes. >> mix it together. go to the website, how long do you cook it? >> 45 minutes. >> can i taste it? >> you're going to love that. >> not as good as kathy's though you say? >> no. i wouldn't dare take her on in a cookoff. i'm so glad you enjoy. that. >> ed covino. >> they're all available on bes'dam >> enjoy it. >> we're taking a time-out. i'm going to eat directly over the pot. >> yum. i've been on my feel all day.
5:57 am
i'm bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. my m...about my toothpasteice. she eveand but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. mom's right...again!
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6:00 am
thank you so much for visiting with us on our outdoor edition of "fox & friends." it was a lot of fun. >> thank you, ed, for teaching us how to make chili. >> see you back here tomorrow. bill: good morning. the empire state holding its primary and new york matters. good to have you here with us. republican candidate telling voters why they deserve to be the nominee. >> bill clinton was married to crooked hillary clinton. lyin' ted cruz, one of the great liars of all time.


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