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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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was my second, which caused my phone to burst into flames. >> thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. here comes greta. "special report" online in 10 seconds. this is a fox news alert. donald trump about to take the stage in berlin, maryland, is he hot off his big win in the new york primary. we are going to monitor that trump event and bring you news as it happens. our peter doocy is also outside monitoring those presses. we will take you there live as well. also, the republican party all tied up in knots. republican leaders meeting behind closed doors in florida. are they going to change the g.o.p. convention rules? rnc chair reince priebus is here in just moments. let's get right to james rosen who is at that meeting. james? >> greta, good evening. i'm standing in a mostly deserted ballroom at the dip hotel in hollywood, florida. the only things in this ballroom right now are
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reporters, secret service agents, and ohio governor john kasich who is over my shoulder just right now addressing reporters and talking about his prospects at a contested convention. he is the first of two of the candidates here at this rnc spring meeting. we heard from ted cruz earlier today who warned the delegates in essence that a trump nomination would result in severe down ballot losses for all of the republicans who are running for congress and for the senate in november. donald trump is not going to attend this g.o.p. spring meeting. he, instead, has sent his top aides, rick wiley and paul manafort to host a reception for rnc officials tomorrow, greta. >> james, is it -- does it hurt him that he doesn't show up at that? he doesn't show up in colorado. he didn't do particularly well in colorado, trump didn't. maybe he saw the writing on the wall with how the votes are going. i mean, it's great that he is sending two of his lieutenants there to host a reception or whatever. but should donald trump be
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there? >> there is no question that the 168 members of the republican national committee who have gathered here in hollywood, florida for this spring meeting probably would have like to do have heard directly face-to-face from donald trump. that's really what this whole session is all about is face-to-face time with the candidates and these people. all 168 members of the rnc are delegates to the summer convention. that said, as the voting unfolds, the -- the rnc delegates and all the other delegates are going to go essentially where the momentum is. and if donald trump is able to run the table between now and june 7, the conclusion of the voting it probably won't hurt him that he was here in this session in hollywood, florida, greta. >> obviously senator ted cruz and john kasich will say it hurt everybody. are any of those 168 or whoever however many are there, are they saying the same thing? do you have a sense of whether the crowd is buying
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in to this and believe that or don't? >> well, for example, i spoke with one state party chairman, jeff of montana after a meeting here ended. i asked him if he has any sense that donald trump's attacks on the republican national committee itself, his assertions that the republican party, of which he is the frontrunner right now is presiding over rigged process is alienating the members of the rnc or any other delegates, and jeff he he esman told me politics is a rough game but did tell me it was time for the rhetoric of the frontrunner of the party and asserting that his own party leaders are presiding over a rigged system told me it is time for that rhetoric to end, greta. >> how cozy, i see behind you governor kasich talking to these people it does seem like a good chance to sort of rub elbows with everybody and try to schmooze with these 168. did cruz have that type of interaction as well? >> yes, he did.
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and even in absent i can't donald trump has had other people, other surrogates schmoozing people here at this spring meeting. for example i learned just a few short minutes ago that donald trump had a lawyer from jones day addressing the republican national lawyers association. there are about 30 or 40 republican lawyers who showed up. those are the lawyers who are going to serve as monitors on election night and that sort of thing. the appeal was in essence we know you are thinking about other campaigns and candidates. please keep us in mind. so this is a valuable opportunity for the trump campaign, if you will, to mend fences with the very republican establishment. trump himself out on the stump is attacking. we will go as the voting goes forward donald trump has made a calculation that he wants to be where the voting has happened and that's why is he going to be campaigning today and going forward in indiana, in pennsylvania, and elsewhere while his surrogates attend to these delegates in meetings like, this greta. >> and i suppose if you look at the numbers, donald trump at least so far is right about that. i mean, he is winning,
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indeed. james, thank you. and rnc chair reince priebus will go "on the record" live in just a few minutes to tell us what happened inside that big and all important spring meeting. and viewers now is your chance to vote at home on twitter. should the g.o.p. change the rules? tweet the word change or the word same using #greta. we will show you live twitter votes throughout the show. and outside that trump rally in maryland supporters are lining up to get inside. but there are also protesters. fox news peter doocy was just over talking to them. now is he back over with the line of supporters trying to get into the trump rally to cover it peter? >> and, greta, we got here about three and a half hours ago and the line continue to do grow. donald trump still isn't here yet. is he on his way from indianapolis. you look, the high school where the event is about 1,000 feet that way. the line goes all the way down and then it bends and goes to a tree line down there. my producer jake and i wanted to see exactly how
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long it was so we walked it walking quickly it took us at least five minutes to get from the back to the front. and these are all people who will not be able to get. in they let in about 3,000 people from the eastern shore of maryland. mostly it seemed like that started lining up while school was in session earlier today at steven decatur high school here in berlin, maryland. and once 3,000 people were in, that's it. that's full capacity. they are all in there waiting for trump. earlier today this is going to be trump's first maryland rally. earlier today first indianapolis rally. that speech was tailored to the indiana primary voter audience. he was very critical of carrier that has a victory in indiana but recently said that they are going to move some factory jobs from that state, from the hoosier state down south to the border to mexico. trump focused a lot on that. he was also -- he had a lot of nice things to say about indiana's governor mike pence who he had a surprise meeting with earlier in the
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day. part of the reason that's so interesting because remember a few years ago mike pence was considered somebody who might run for president in 2016 and might do well trump in indiana something we heard him say you don't hear a lot from trump. he was a little disappointed that the protesters there in indiana were not more enthusiastic protests that interrupt him there become a hallmark. disappointmented people were leaving. there are some protesters gathering up by the entrance. we are going to head that way to monitor it. people are getting more and more excited. normally they get the most excited when trump arrives. that still hasn't happened yet. we will keep you up to date with anything that goes down here at steven decatur high school. greta. >> thank you. now 2016 in the rear view mirror with you that is not stopping the g.o.p. candidates. they are putting the medal to the pedal on in maryland, connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania and rhode island. >> god bless the
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commonwealth of pennsylvania the birthplace of our nation. >> we are definitely headed to cleveland. >> i understand we won manhattan which is about as cool as it gets. basically crush cruz. nobody is going to have enough delegates. we're going to have an open convention. >> you love indiana, right? the hoosiers. if i don't win the white house on pennsylvania avenue, then i'm just going to stay at my hotel. i mean, i want to be on pennsylvania avenue. >> and the "on the record" political panel is here "fortune magazine" nina easton and from the "washington times" stephen dinan. last night's victory for donald trump and ted cruz came in third. does donald trump going to get the 1237? >> it's looking a lot better for him. i thought -- by the way, i thought the visuals that began this show were really telling. you have these rnc insiders in a hotel room kind of
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talking hush hush and a donald trump rally where everybody is excitingly lining up thousand and thousands of voters. that's the conundrum for the party right now. i really think new york did it take the wind out of the sails of the stop donald trump movement? well it, certainly lessened the wind. he is going to be heading into these northeastern states, where is he going to do well. indiana will be a key state coming up after that between him and cruz. and then i think, you know, the real bull work for the stop trump movement is my home state california. if he doesn't have enough delegates by then. if he doesn't get to the magical 1237, that's going to be where the stop trump movement is really going to have to outperform. >> i think it's fascinating that he didn't go to florida. this whole strategy. you have got the other two candidates who quickly hopped on to florida to meet with the insiders as nina said. and even when james is in
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the room whispering secret like. we should all be whispering and sneaky stuff. and then have you donald trump with this bold big huge arena and talking. what a contrast. >> you know, look, he did not want to be there deal with insiders. that visual is really powerful. by the same token. you look at cruz and kasich, their only hope at this point is swaying insiders, swaying unbound delegates or getting rules changes. that's exactly what trump is running against. it plays into trump's hands very well right now going forward. yes, the party does control this process. and they can do a lot of things to him. but, you know, if he continues first of all if he continues doing what he did last night in new york he will come to the 1237. there is a clear path getting enough bound delegate that's win on the first ballot guaranteed. >> i actually don't think it matters whether donald trump was at that florida meeting or not. that's not going to stop rnc people. >> part of the strategy.
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>> paul manafort belongs in that room and paul manafort presumably was there the a few insiders keep sprouting around him. that is not going to stop the r. in c officials for rightly being worried that a the party is going to get trounced by hillary clinton and down ballot damage. i don't care what donald trump says. >> it almost looks like by him not going and by them having that meeting, it looks like they were sneaky. even if it's not fair it locks that way. >> i think one of the bigger problems is ted cruz yesterday delivered a speech comparing himself to bernie sanders as an outsider and is he there dealing with them. essentially counting on them to help them arrange to get there even if he doesn't have a majority of the did he goes going in. >> i have a hart time understanding people outsiders who have been -- bernie sanders has been in congress since 1990 and calls himself an outsider go figure. anyway. nina and steven thank you both. >> thanks. >> still on the horiz
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all important state of california the go-to state could be the jackpot. it offers the biggest delegate prize of 172 delegates in a winner-take-all take almost all race. what do the g.o.p. candidates need to do to grab up all those delegates california native kevin mccarthy goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. thanks for having me. >> it's not exactly winner-take-all. how is it in california. >> how it works is three delegates for every congressional districts. you have to win by congressional districts and 13 others for the overall winner. >> how important do you see california or is there some other state on the horizon that's going to be the defining one for the g.o.p.? >> you have 15 more states to go. indiana is before california. that's a winner-take-all. i think that will be a very important one. take, for instance, if trump wins that, he has -- maybe he could get the number. if cruz wins that, then trump will have to focus on california. even more. i think california for the first time is in play. as a californian, we have not been in play in my lifetime. this is exciting.
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it's congressional district by congressional district. i'm in a republican district. there is 53 of them. but, if you go to a district say nancy pelosi's, that's not very many republicans to talk to. so,. >> that's an easier pickup. >> yes. >> find five people if they like you. >> get just as many delegates as you get in my district. so, organization will matter in california. but if all those running for president want my advice, the first thing i would say is talk about issues. solve the water issue. something i have been working on a great deal. economics. if we can't solve our water problem in the central valley. if they were age to talk about the water issue. house bill passed trying to get the senate moving, i think they could pick up a lot of congressional movement. >> the irs, what are you doing about the irs? first of all, is it corrupt? >> well, it has a tax code system nobody can understand. >> is it corrupt? does it make it corrupt. >> it doesn't make it corrupt. it's the responsibility of the house and the senate to actually change that tax code. >> why haven't you? >> well, we proposed many
4:14 pm
times bus we have got somebody in the white house that doesn't want to do it. >> is it his fault. >> no. i think it's a great deal of number of people's fault. if you look inside the house, we have a task force crafting right now from all the members, talking about making it simpler, fairer in the process. but this is what's more important, which i think is corrupt. just in the last tax season there were 8 million calls that can't understand and asking for answers that went unanswered from the irs so on the floor this week we have four big bills. one, they shouldn't get bonuses when they don't. >> the $6 million bonuses to employees this year or something like that? >> yeah. so we are stopping the bonuses until they are able to prove that they have customer services. >> we are ending slush funds. take penalties and put in t. what the irs commissioner did cut customer service's funding by 72% last year. so, of course you are going to have that we will make sure they can't rehire somebody that was fired for
4:15 pm
cause. what's even more important some of the people that work at the irs some of them are tax delinquent. you can't hire any more people until you certify there are no tax delinquents working there. >> in the president's budget he wants 18% increase in what presidents get after they leave the white house is going to get 18% raise than all the other presidents. >> no. >> i hold you on that one. you laugh. >> because, you know what? this president is so out of touch. he needs to go out and understand what's going on in this country. he does not need an increase by any shape. what he needs to do is go fire the irs commissioner. that would go help change the direction. >> nice to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> on the democratic side, secretary clinton the big winner new york. secretary clinton scooping up 139 delegates to senator bernie sanders to 106. now, after that stinging loss, what's next for the democratic race? fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is
4:16 pm
live in philadelphia. he had? >> good to see see you, greta. what's new tonight is hillary clinton is out here working to try to seal this nomination. it was all but a knockout punch last night because of new york as you lay it out. it's mathematically extremely difficult for bernie sanders to come back now. there are five billing contests including pennsylvania next tuesday as you know. hillary clinton about to have her second event of the day behind me. she just wrapped up a gun control event with former attorney general eric holder here in philadelphia. her chief rival bernie sanders is down today. is he home in vermont. we're told he is resting. he will be back out on the trail here in pennsylvania, in fact, tomorrow. to try and get back to work. we're told he is not thinking about dropping out. that he will reevaluate the situation after next tuesday night's results. he is going to look and see what happens in pennsylvania and the four other states. states like maryland and delaware and figure out whether there is path forward. we have been looking at the numbers all day. the very bottom line because of new york and earlier
4:17 pm
victories, hillary clinton is up several hundred delegates. she is only just over 400 delegates away from securing this nomination between pledged delegates and super delegates. and basically bernie sanders would have to win more than 70% of the remaining delegates in order to have any chance of winning this nomination. that is basically mission impossible, greta. >> ed, thank you. >> thank you. >> and we here at "on the record" have what you want. that's the inside scoop on that rnc spring meeting. rnc chair reince priebus is here to tell us what went on there. also, why is senator bernie sanders take the day off? and can he snatch that nomination from secretary clinton? congressman dennis kucinich straight ahead. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad.
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a tale of two drums. donald trump put aside his usual brash behavior and showed new yorkers more presidential tone in his victory speech. >> senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. [cheers and applause] and we've won another state, as you know we have won millions of more votes than senator cruz. millions and millions of more votes than governor kasich. >> well, it didn't last long. here is trump from today. >> in the case of lyin' ted cruz, lyin' ted, lies, oh, he lies. you know, ted, he brings the bible, holds it high, puts it down, lies. and you know the evangelicals they have been supporting donald trump. it's been great.
4:22 pm
it's been great. >> former white house press secretary under president george w. bush ari fleischer goes "on the record." nice to see you, are ay. >> thank you, greta. >> ari, last night it was senator ted cruz and today it's lyin' ted, what happened between last night and today. >> last night i was watching some analysts say that they could tell that donald trump's new staff is influences -- influencing what donald trump is saying. you have no idea if that's the case or not. he is the own person, beats to his own rhythm and say what he wants when he wants to. the issue that i hope donald trump will consider since is he likely to be the republican nominee, he needs to unite the party at some point. i thought he was starting to do it last night. his rhetoric today makes it harder. >> i read something his daughter ivanka said i thought was quite interesting. i was trying to figure out how to take it. in she said that she knows a lot of women have criticized. a lot of men and women have
4:23 pm
rit criticized fathers sexist and derogatory toward women. what she pointed out he does the same thing to mental. is he equal opportunity. not that he signaling out women he uses language both ways. >> i think some of the criticism label thrown at him for being sexist is unfair or racist is unfair. what i hope is donald trump will realize he has 70% unfavorable rating across the country. many republicans question whether he is somebody they would support if you are going to win in america you need to build coalitions. what trump has done is rev up 25 to 40% base of the republican party. he needs to rev up more. he has to rev up more than he has and expand to new ways he doesn't have. if he can't get 50% of the republicans? how will he get 50% of the nation and win in november? >> i have been been to some of these states in iowa and milwaukee. what i hear from so many is that they may not like his
4:24 pm
language but they like him because he is a straight talker number one and he will get things done. it's like they are going to put all that aside his brashness or his language. they are looking for someone who will deliver. >> some are and that's why he has been so successful. i think that's 35 to 40% of republican voters. again, greta, unless he is able to bring new people into his coalition, unless is he able to show that he can give policy speeches, that he can tone it down and be a person who can bring people to support him, who may not have supported him in the past, he is going to get stuck at that level. and that won't be good for republicans in november if he is their nominee and he is stuck at that level. >> ari, thank you. >> thank you. >> and what happened behind the closed doors at the republican national committee spring meeting in florida? rnc chairman reince priebus is here next.
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4:29 pm
mr. chairman. >> hey, greta. happy to be here. >> mr. chairman, i know what you are going to say in response to donald trump saying that the system is rigged but the problem is my inbox is a lot of republican voters emailing me during the show at night. how are you going to convince them the system isn't rigged against them? >> i'm not sure how to answer that. i mean, the states run the delegate allocation process for their states. the republican party writes rules for the nomination of the republican party and candace compete for the nomination of the republican party. they play by the rules that each of the states write. they compete in those states and then whoever wins the contest in each of those states gathers delegates. whoever gets the majority of delegates wins on the nomination. so, there is nothing really much to explain other than
4:30 pm
you have got the majority of delegates. >> if donald trump gets 1236, one shy, you're going to have all those people out there saying well he has most of the votes. y. doesn't have the magic >> now, what do you say to those people when they say he is 1236 is more than anybody else, just one shy. >> i would say that if you get a plurality of the vote that means the majority went to somebody else or somebody's else. it's no different than when i ran from chairman. i won on the seventh ballot, greta. i was ahead on every ballot but on the sixth ballot even though i was always ahead of everyone, that meant the field had more votes than i did. and that meant that i actually had a minority of the votes because everyone else had a majority. so, you have to get a majority. and if people don't understand that a majority in our party is what it takes to be the nominee then
4:31 pm
i don't know how tolls explain it to you differently. you actually have to have the majority of the support of delegates on the floor of our party in order to be our nominee. i don't think that's very complicated. i'm sure you are getting emails. but i think the vast majority of people understand that. >> all right. what is going on at the meeting down there? what is the sole purpose of your meeting. >> the republican national committee has three national meetings every year. this is our spring meeting. we have meetings in regard to our debates. the convention people planning that rules committee we have here. so it's a membership meeting of our actual voting members of the rnc. 168 voting members. obviously there is a lot more guests and press. it's something we do every few months. >> what is it that you can expect to come out of this meeting? >> well, i think that people are going to see that we are
4:32 pm
pretty unified party. we all want to put on a great convention. we don't want to put our hand on the scale. we want everyone to understand that we want a fair and open nomination process. we want to take the rules kind of out of the equation. and make this about the vote on the floor. do you have the votes or don't you have the votes? that's really the only question that we want on the table. and everything that we can do to make it more about that and less about some goofy idea or trick or inserting, you know, rule provision, it's better for us. and that's what we want to do. >> mr. chairman, thank you for joining us, sir. >> thank you. >> well, senator bernie sanders is seemingly unfazed by the clobbering he got last night by secretary clinton. the sanders campaign already up on the horse unfailing the sanders strategy for going forward. and sanders is banking on converting secretary hillary clinton's super delegates. will that plan work? how does one convert a super delegate? is that senator sanders'
4:33 pm
only path to victory. former democratic presidential candidate dennis kucinich goes "on the record." >> hi, how are you? >> good. senator -- how does he go about stealing super delegates. >> difficult. because super delegates are political insiders watching carefully the election returns. each successive election has had an impact. new york will impact super delegates. i just want to say though, greta. i personally don't think there should be anything as super delegates. party insiders shouldn't be able to effect the choices that people make in the states. >> in light of the fact, the republican party doesn't have that democratic party does have super delegates. in light fact that it's hard to convert bernie sanders. nobody wants to be convert to the losing side. if sanders were winning it would be much easier to do. is sanders finished?
4:34 pm
>> finished, no, he has a steep climb. each primary is going to be more difficult. what he is trying to do right now is to try to make one last push in the remaining states to show that he has got a chance. if his chance depends solely on the super delegates, it might be very difficult. and, on the other hand, if he regains his momentum, in places like new jersey, maryland, and california, he still has an outside shot. is the window closing? yes. >> at the beginning he had a lot of wind behind his back. a the love people. a lot of support in the next few primaries he gets clobbered one after another and doesn't get super delegates. he has a good bit of delegates but he limps into the democratic party convention, what does he get? >> he will roar into that democratic party convention. >> even though he was clobbered a bunch of times? >> he will roar into it because he has a highly motivated base of supporters who are insisting that they be heard through him. he will be at that
4:35 pm
convention. the real question is what the tone is, which is set from this point on through the moment when we know who the nominee is. >> will he be able to say to his delegates and his supporters now is the time to support our nominee, secretary clinton? will he be able to do that and will they do that? >> well, here's the conundrum. politicians are famously very flexible. they can turn on a dime. they oppose someone one day and the next day. >> say horrible things one day and the next day say they are great. >> best friend and big hug. the constituencies, they aren't as flexible. they are listening closely to all the things that are being said and taking it in. all the attacks on secretary clinton right now are still registering. and to undo that later on is going to be her feat. >> he did say she was unqualified and that was probably a real stinger. >> he corrected that somewhat. >> corrected? right. like new york values. like senator ted cruz said new york values. some things are very difficult to recover from or
4:36 pm
correct. >> yes. we are looking at a -- i think those are sanders campaign keeps pushing forward as tough as it appears to be. >> congressman, nice to see you, sir. >> okay. >> and do you get your health insurance through obamacare? if so, you might be facing a big problem tonight. the ceo of is next. plus, what is wrong with some people? you won't believe what the obama administration is doing now. now, i'm going to tell you off the record. that's coming up. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'. duracell quantum lasts longer so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones
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especially for ted cruz. >> if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. [cheers and applause] >> just a short time ago ceo of kevin cumahan went "on the record." >> thank you very much for joining me, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> now, i understand united health care is going to pull out of some the federal and state exchanges. they are more concentrated employee programs but none the less this will have an impact on some communities. can you tell me what impact it will have? >> well, you know, it's -- i think we are still waiting to see. you know, they have a pretty small market share overall. it's about 6% of market share of the total exchange. so, you know, we will obviously wait to see the final activity but i think we are feeling very confident about the remaining amount of choice that individuals are going to have throughout the
4:42 pm
states. >> all right. well, they have small percentage but the problem is they have almost 800,000 people, individuals who get their healthcare through them on the exchanges so, you know, it's fine and dandy for me. i have an employer one and for someone who might have others. and for 800,000 people right now they are pretty scared. if you live in a county, for instance, where now the marketplace is going to go from three providers to two providers or in some instances two providers to one. where there is no competition. prices are going to go up. somebody is going to hurt pretty hard from this. >> well, you know it's an interesting point the kaiser family foundation just did a study about this that was released yesterday that showed the impact if they left all markets would be about 1% increase in premium. no increase in premium is not what we want. but it feels like it's a fairly minimal impact. >> all right. i read that same study, and i guess you and i probably would quibble over the numbers. but it also says that united
4:43 pm
health care and these market exchanges 1855 counties nationwide. 59% of them are united health care. and that 29% of those 855 will drop to one insurer. so, you know, i mean, i take it these other insurance companies are going to take the heat as well from increased medical costs, right? >> well, you know, again, i think we have to see, you know, how this shakes out. i think the point is that this is not unexpected in a marketplace particularly one that's dynamic like our own that continues to expand. we enrolled roughly 13 million people last year of roughly 40% or 5 million were brand new customers. we have got insurance companies that are a expanding like cigna announced today. so, again, this is what you expect in a new and dynamic market. >> i read in one market, in some rural counties in arizona that united health care and blue cross and blue shield are the only options
4:44 pm
in 8 of the counties in arizona and blue cross, blue shield is likewise thinking about getting out of it and so that would be now it would be down to zero in those eight counties. i guess the thing is that you, you know, for those of us that have insurance these are all numbers. but for those who are subject to this, this can be a real problem for them personally. >> well, i think it's always challenging to speculate on what insurance companies do. i have been in the business for over 30 years. you know, when i started out, the major brands on the marketplace are basically all gone now. so, i think, again, we have to see what happens. we're certainly working collaboratively with all the insurance companies to make sure they are making the best decisions. >> what would be the point to wait and see? i mean, when would that be? when would you suggest that we check back in on this to see the impact? >> well, insurance companies, as you may know, are in the process of filing their rates with their state departments of insurance right now. and over the next month. so for the next few months we will see what the rates filed are going to look
4:45 pm
like. the divisions of insurance make final determinations about what rates they view to be acceptable. and, again, we keep very close to both the states and to the insurance companies. >> is there any way to keep the lid on medical care in this country? >> well, when you say medical care, i assume you are talking about medical care costs. >> right. >> yeah. and when you look at costs, and put that in perspective, we have actually had a period over the past six years of pretty low costs. so, for example, if you looked at the period of 2000 to 2010, average cost increases were 8%. if you look to 2010, to 2015, they were up 5%. so, again, again, dynamic, waiting to see but overall i think we have had a pretty good period. >> all right. one other sort of factor into this is whether or not there are diminished medical services. i keep reading stories, even my own doctor retired recently relatively early, i thought, just because she was fed up with the healthcare system and
4:46 pm
dealing with it. are you seeing decreased services being available to people? >> we have not yet. we actually haven't yet. one of the reasons why, i think, is because as in dynamic markets, we are seeing a lot of innovations. so, for example, minute clinics, expanded primary care clinics, all these things are coming into the market to absorb demand. >> mr. counihan, thank you very much. we hope you will come back after this shakes out and we see where all the numbers are with the dynamic insurance field, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and a desperate family searching for clues to find this suspect in the murder of a mother of three. that's next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight 10 o'clock p.m. eastern. former presidential candidate pat buchanan joins sean tonight at 10:00 p.m. on hannity. what
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hunt is on for the masked killer who murdered a texas mother of three. surveillance video showing the suspected killer wearing a swat uniform where missing -- missy beavers was murdered. there is a $10,000 reward and her family is pleading with the public for any tips on the suspect. >> look at the video. the person has a very distinct walk. there is just a very distinct manorrism about this person that should be very apparent to somebody. >> "on the record" ted williams is here before ted became a lawyer he was a homicide detective. tid, what do you think? >> you know, initially, i thought maybe this was a random maybe burglary gone bad. but the more i think about this, i'm thinking that this may very well have been
4:52 pm
somewhat targeted, greta. my rationale for making that representation is you tonight have a burglar dressing up like this just to go in and burglar rise a place. >> church is not a good target. they usually don't have cash. >> the husband was out of town. you know in these cases we have done them for years that one of the people that you have to eliminate is the husband. i would hope that law enforcement in this case is looking at the husband's cell phone, again, i'm not saying the husband is involved. but he has to be eliminated. >> here is the odd thing though, because the person used a pry bar to smash glass and open slide darr. if you were a killer you wouldn't have to go into the church. you don't have to make it more dangerous and leave more clues by doing that. >> not necessarily so. if it was target and i'm saying if, you would want to set it up to look as though it was a burglary. >> that's a good point. >> you would do the smash and grab and all the other good stuff.
4:53 pm
he stayed in there. when you look at that man walking through the church he walks through very casually, man or woman in a casual manner. >> and wearing swat team clothes. >> absolutely. that would stand out. i understand this church was in a rural area. but i still believe that they are log strongly to see if it was targeted. they are also looking at her body to try to see if there is any physical or trace evidence. >> ted, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> and coming up, i just don't get it. is the obama administration purposefully trying to stir up trouble? i will tell you what the obama administration is up to now. off the record. take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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let's all go off-the-record. don't you wonder why some people don't just use their heads? well, the obama administration did it again. went stupid. and went stupid for no reason. here's what's happening. treasury secretary jack lew is fight by booth president andrew jackson from the $20 bill and replacing him with a woman. abolitionist harriet tubman. you all know i'm a feminist and love to see women acknowledged for the great things they do for our nation and harriet tubman did and she deserves it. what i don't get is this. rather than dividing the country between those who happen to like the tradition of our currency and want president andrew jackson to stay put and those who want to put a woman on the
4:59 pm
bill, it's so easy keep everyone happy. we could put a woman on a bill. tubman, acknowledge her courage and not stir up the country. but give tubman her own bill like a $25 bill. we could use a $25 bill. put her picture on that and we could all celebrate. that's the smart and easy thing to do. but, no. some people don't think and rather gratuitously stir up trouble in the nation. so dumb. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. time for campaign flash. donald trump holding a rally. senator ted cruz heading to the sweetest place on earth. the senator visiting antic automobile club museum in hershey, pennsylvania. secretary hillary clinton is in the city of brotherlily love. secretary clinton holding a gun violence in philly. that's tonight's campaign flash. and live twitter voting results on your screen right now.
5:00 pm
will the g.o.p. or should the g.o.p. change the rules? here they are. 62% say change. 38% say keep them the same. don't forget to vote on twitter every night. that's all for now. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to my facebook page. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> thank you, new york we love new york. >> you proved once again there's no place like home. >> looks like a hillary clinton vs. donald trump presidential race. tonight we will talk to mr. trump about that and also analyze why both candidates are so unpopular. >> i was crying and didn't understand why. i miss him like i missed him on september 12th. >> some families of 9/11 victims want to sue saudi arabia. president obama does not want that to happen. we will tell you what's going on. ♪ >> also ahead,


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