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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's hard to believe that he is gone, isn't it? prince was like no other artist of his generation. a man truly without peer, we'll be playing his music and video us throughout the hour, he saids what beyond you and me depends on how you view your role in
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eternity. we'll pick to a deejay who adored him but we will not define him. who can do that? he was more than a pop star or a rocker. more than a punk artist or a soul musician. he really wasn't definable through those traditional labels. prince was an icon who blended music into a sound that was his own, a sound that influences musicians in every corner of the world. a sound that was part of all of our lives. the man was fiercely and famously private when out of the spotlight but a flamboyant guitarist and a giant permit, standing 5'2", when in any venue around the world, he could command a stage like few we ever mitted. when he abon donned his name he got everybody talking that aare today. spike lee said he was a funny cat. jesse jackson calling him a
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transformer. and he was. the music hall of fame wrote when it inducted him 14 years ago, he rewrote the rule book, forming a synthesis of black funk and white rock that was a blueprint for cutting edge music in the '80. making dance music that rocked and rolled music, that had a bristling, funky backbone. fro the beginning prince and his music war androgynous.
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his representatives say he has been suffering from the flu for a while, and just two weeks ago during this tour, prince canceled a few shows because of illness. and then louisiana friday morning, as he was flying to a concert in georgia, his private plane made an emergency landing in moline, illinois, where he was rushed to the hospital. and yet the very next night, during a concert being held at his paisley park compound outside of minneapolis, prince made a surprise appearance, to quiet the speculation about his illness. he told his fans to wait a while before they wasted anymore prayers. over the years, prince talked
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openly about his childhood battle with epilepsy, saying his parents didn't know how to handle his seizures. prince believed he was cured by some divine intervention. he says he was bully at school and chose music as an escape. his father played piano in a minneapolis jazz band called the prince rogers trio, whom prince was named after. prince picked up the guitar at 13 and the drums a year later himself debut album was in 1979 and released albums in 199, 80, and 81, but the album "1999" feature," little red corvette," sold 100 million records and win seven grammys and also won an academy award for his semi autobiographical "purple rain."
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he was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame 14 years ago. in 2002. >> you know, he was a controversial figure which is part of the reason i loved him he was quiet -- >> sure -- >> and philanthropic and freak and and colorful. >> for what many people considered sexualized lyrics and music videos and concerts. he was married twice, sorted twice, had affairs with his proteges and collaborators and a public legal battle with warner brothers over artistic and national controlled. he answer appeared in public with the word "slave" andon his cheese and called himself "the artist formerly known aspirins." what was not disputed was his
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music. it was trend-setting and imitated by many. in fact, music analysts believe prince was highly influential on singers like bruno marz, beyoncé, alicia keyey, and len in cavities who poeted my muse tall brother music friend can, the one who showed me the possibilities within myself, changed everything and kept his integrity until the end, is gone. am heartbroken. prince also worked with stevie nicks, ma donna, patty la bell and cindy lauper. today gloria estephan tweeted. seem sad we lost prince.
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i wonder if kennedy new him and you did. >> i don't remember him being interviewed on mtv prince came to mtv in new york, with his album that no one heard of. >> probably roadside at 2:00 in the morning. >> exactly. >> he was nocturnal.
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>> he he played for all the executives at mtv and when he was introduced, insisted on only being called the artist, and my former boss said, if you are about to be hit by a bus, i'm going to scream, prince, watch out. and he laughed. he had a good sense of humor help was incredibly private for being such a public person, and they had a difficult time when he was trying to emancipate himself from warner brothers. >> that is part of the reason he gave up his name. >> yes. he wanted to make it as difficult for the record label as possible, so he used that symbol, which he called the love symbol, and mtv had meetings to figure out how to chyron that
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prince was able to maneuver himself through genre and time, and artists like david bowie and prince were so able to shift shape and sound, and not very many people can follow suit. >> i don't know if there's anyone who has ever been like him. where michael jackson would create the sound and -- we were talking bet the show, according to a biography, he is get to that drummer and make the
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drummer figure out the sound before they would go on, find the sound in michael jackson's head. with prince he could play all the instruments. >> he did. self-taught from a young age, and you have to think that someone like that thought in music, and perhaps it was more difficult for him to communicate with other people, and it was his shyness that allowed him to fully express himself in music, and that was a much more comfortable place to express and think and feel. >> it's hard to think of this man and all his flame -- flamboyance, and antics, and having politics on the conservative side. >> the being thing about prince -- i remember being in 7th 7th agreed and hearing a songing are darling nicky, and knowing my mom would be upset.
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that song started the parents' music resource center. the pmrc. tipper gore was to disdustsed they tried to get the government to force record labels to put warning labels if there were explicit lyrics inside. >> religious guy. hugely philanthropic, was giving money without telling anybody, not allow those who would deliver the money to people in real need, and i heard al sharpton on msnbc talking about he would give nowly to this action network. it was coming from prince. so he had gotten out more in recent years.
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as fans we struggled to learn who this guy is. >> stay with us throughout the hour. if his thoughts are right and his head is true, then tonight he's going to party like it's 1999. ♪ going to party like it's 191919 ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the title track from the album of the same name from 1984. it got up to number 2 on the billboard charts behind wham. make me up governor you go go, and then he won the grahamy in 1985. >> he did and for shaka khan. >> what was going on in that album? >> that was obviously his most commercially successful phase.
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it was for a lot 0 artist and he had another film, "under the cherry moon" but that was such a defining moment for him and for music because this guy writes a semi autobiographical film about his family and the musicians in minneapolis and about their struggles, and puts it all out there with music, and when you get to that big crescendo at the enwhen" purple rain "plays, i had goose bumps just listening to that and don't be ashame if if you love the era of prince. you can go deep. the guy had 39 albums. you can go in there and feel all of that music over and over again. and there are music heads that will help you select the best. and he was such a revolutionary, so far ahead of his time. >> that song got to 143 on
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rolling stone's 500 greatest hits of all-time list. 143. he has a number of them up there. >> you witnessed the guitar work in that song. incredible guitarist, and that's one of those things you don't realize. when someone does so many things so well. when you can dance and sing and play all your own instrument us, and you appreciate percussion, and sometimes that is one of the things lost in the mix, but anible credible guitarist. >> cream? >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> i think we should listen to it. >> i think we should experience the music. how better to celebrate someone's life and legacy. >> i think so. how about cream. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> prince and the revolution from 1984. that song, became prince's
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second number one hit, and of course, part of that same all bum "purple rain." we have a global entertainment editor. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> one thing about this job, you wake fun the morning and you think it's going to be huge, and instead it's they death of an icon that really is part of the sound track of my life. it's hard to believe we're going through this. i wonder what sort of memories you want to bring to us. >> it's an incredibly devastating day. way weathered to have spoken to prince in person three times. the last time i spoke him to, i flew to paisleypark in 2014 and spent hours there, and what i knew about him them is what learn about him. he was incredibly warm, incredibly gracious, funny, and very insightful. he was -- he had so much
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department to him that people don't realize how smart he was, how much he had still to give to people. >> it felt like in recent years he was beginning to come a little bit less private. people would see him out and about at a concert here or ball game there a benefit, something like that. like he was beginning to be more comfortable being around everybody. >> yeah. i think that he wanted to -- after years of being very secluded. he wanted to get out more. don't think he was ever uncomfortable necessarily being around people but i think he probably felt very much misunderstood and maybe that was a vicious circle because he let himself lead a very solitary lifestyle for a while. he was known for doing a jam, a
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popup jam somewhere, supporting other artists, going out with people to different people, to support them. >> he spent a lot of his time supporting people, whether he knew them or not, especially in recent years. and we didn't know about it. learn so much today about his philanthropy and how much he did for little boys and girls in the inner city, particularly around the trayvon martin incident. a big fill anthropist during that. do you have an idea why he chose not to to share that? he was inspiring. that's inspirational to me today. >> he didn't want to take credit and he was very private and was a jehovah's witness and a lot of religious people don't believe in telegraphing what they do. the time is spoke to him he was very conscious, especially hen it came to black empowerment,
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and what people needed to do, and talking about uplifting the race and trying to make sure that even though in the past he might have had really raunching things he was concern about the imagery that is common place today. he just very insightful. >> nekesa very nice of you, thank you. >> temperature i. >> all of those struggles in the early 80s. i was a solve -- solve more in college when that it couple immigrant. before that there was so much racial strive in the area i grew him wasn't a guy who you thought -- he wasn't a black guy, wasn't a gentlemen very have -- jehovah's witness. he was prince. doing things we had never seen been and bringing lyrics to life. maybe wound of the most fantastic performers of all-time
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when prince would take to a stage. i went to a concert in miami. everyone in the city was talk about it. everyone wanted to be part of it because if you got a shot at seeing prince, you didn't want to miss it. sad low today we miss him badly. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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leafor the first time a b-52 bomber carried out a strike against isis. i it blew up a weapons facility outfields moss sill. the planes can stay in the air more than ten hours. this week ash carter said the u.s. is sending more troupes trd equipment to iraq. >> the lighting of the olympic torch in greece. the torch with central through greece and switzerland on the way to reyou where the summer games kick off in august. check oughts this massive dust devil take over a college softball game in virginia. forecasters say their usually pretty harmless. more annoying than anything
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else. news continues right after this.
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♪ raspberry beret. ♪ the kind you find in a second-hand store. ♪ raspberry beret. ♪ wouldn't wear it. ♪ raspberry beret. ♪ i love her. ♪ built like she was. ♪ don't plan to do her any harm. ♪ i put on the back of my spike. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ she wore a raspberry beret, the kind you found in a second-hand store. ♪ raspberry beret ♪ raspberry beret. ♪ i think i love her >> i think i love her. from the 1985 album holiday around the world in a day hit hit number two on the billboard chart in the united states. prince died at his paisley park estate in minnesota just outside minneapolis. a live look at the home right now. prince lived there, roared -- roared -- roared -- recorded music there. fans are already showing up. >> good afternoon.
12:38 pm
for those who aren't from minnesota, want to explain what paisley park is. it's where prince lived. it's also where he recorded music. it's also a concert ven skew a place where he would hold last second parties and invite strangers to show up. that's what he did saturday night, day after his plane made that emergency landing in illinois and there were concerns about health issues, and talking to people here who partied with prince saturday night, they said he seemed fine. he was playing music, he seemed himself, which is always a little mysterious. but the people who really knew prince and were following these last couple of days, very surprised, and that's why the fans out here today leaving flowers, paying their respects, are deeply in shock. they thought when we first heard a person was found dead at paisley park, not prince. and some still in disbelief here, but fans now coming dozens by the minute here to mostly
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leave flowers, take pictures, be with each other leaving flowers on the fence, and the flowers are purple. >> of course they are. thank you, and our friends at fox 9 in minneapolis. we appreciate it. we got word from the sheriff's office that they arrived there this morning and found him unresponsive in an elevator, tried to revive him and could not. prince was 57. so young. it's bring in senior director of music and programming at serius xm radio. we love this relationship. we have a lot 0 channels on their dials. headline channel and then our channel, many of you may be listening to us this afternoon with love the partnership and especially on a day like this when you -- incredible music backgrounds over there you were talking about how at the very beginning of his career he wasn't a big stage star him was
12:40 pm
a dancer. >> no. he was a dance artist. his first single, "soft and wet" was a mild hit. his first break through was "i want to be your lover" in 1979. a big pop record, and then he went away. a one-hit wonder for three or four years. that "1999" al dumb came -- album came out some -- "little red corvette," the title track. nowow have hit after hit. and that flamboyance starts to come out. in 1971 the was no mtv yet. by the time "little red corvetta visual. never say anything like it. and you said it earlier, black, white, who cared. didn't know the difference. rock star? r & b?
12:41 pm
sure there war dance versions and everything was happening at the time played to it and he began to dream, and he dreamed big. he was one of our visionaries. madonna was big at the time. she was working on his costume and look and persona. he was recreating everything. the people who blurred the loins for us, elvis presley. people who pleasured the color lines and music lines, they're the ones who, when we mourn, we're not just mourning a hitmaker, we're mourning a real changemaker. >> someone said -- jet see jackson said he was a revolutionist. >> that's right. his band's name, prince and the revolution, but jesse was completely correct. when he changed his name to a symbol, think it was his way of saying, don't try to pigeon hole me. don't call me anything. like when sinead shaved her
12:42 pm
head. and an incredibly soulful songwriter who wrote from the heart, which is why instant went to the heart, or toe write fanciful songs that make us want to dance. >> at the time everyone wanted to be around him. everyone wanted to go to his concert. everybody couldn't get in. you didn't know when he was pop up. and yet as big a person as he was as over badge it as we was on stage, off stage he was the quietest guy on earth. wouldn't move to hollywood. stayed in minneapolis. who does that? >> i was fortunate enough to see the purple rain tour. you felt like you were -- you knew you were at an event, when the movie same caught, i thought, prince made a movie?
12:43 pm
it was great. >> and they did it for peanuts. >> by those standards and by todays but lasted that long and he made stars and produced other people and was very generous. once on an airline, and the bengals were in coach. they knew he was on -- they snuck into first to say yes, love you elm took -- a true story -- he took an airline cometail napkin and wrote some lyrics and had the stewardess bring it to back to them and said i wrote you this song. then they contacted him for the chords. true story and-they did on their next album that went to their -- money manic monday" became a huge hit and they were forever grateful. writing a song lyric came to
12:44 pm
home on a flight. then he stepped away sometimes, for years as a time. whatever happened to prince? then come back with a new album, new show, a new tour. and i had a feeling the last year dish mentioned to people, i'm getting ready for something prom prince. just had a feeling, starting to percolate. and then we got this news today, and is terribly devastating. >> incredible body of work. great to see you. thank you. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ little red cor vest. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> man, that's a good one. wow. no mas. we haven't been away from politics for this long for what seems like 30 years. it's nice listening to prince. we miss him. lauren green is with us. she grew up with prince-went to the same grade school high school in one of his music videos. >> it's insane. just a kid from the bronx who remembered i was a local newscaster and said -- >> i'm miss minnesota. >> miss minnesota. >> all that stuff. what was he like? >> he was quiet, and like i said we grew up in the same neighborhood hitches cousin -- his cousin lived near my cousin
12:50 pm
and i -- i never talked to him that much except occasionally. wasn't until i got into college, realized -- i knew he was a music person but wasn't until after college and he became famous i realized he really loved the music. we had had a couple of pointed conversations about that. i didn't really talk to him that much but i talked to him occasionally, and i remember two distinct conversations i had with them. both involving music. he didn't read music. he is this great pop star, makes gazillions of dollars and didn't read music. i so respect head because he understood music. >> it was about expression. for that matter, as a minnesotan, he loved that place. >> we all loved in minnesota. >> i hear you. >> it a underjust prince youch have terry lewis, grammy-award
12:51 pm
winning people -- >> but a lot of them in hollywood. >> but he didn't about being a h in a small pond. this is home, this is where i want to be. this is a testament to not only him tout be minnesota. >> i'm guessing it will all come out. >> i have to admit we all took him for granted because he was just pant of the minnesota landscape. now it will be prince country. names of streets, schools, scholarship funds, everything will be about prince now. >> wouldn't surprise me. we're learning a lot about him that nobody erv knew. everybody had to keep secrets about the money he gave away. we'll continue in a moment. sort of politics-free. "do you love her? " he would appreciate it.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ purple rain. ♪ purple rain. ♪ purple rain.
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♪ purple rain. ♪ going to feel good. ♪ can play the guitar? ♪ [guitar riff] >> prince at the 2007 super bowl. the minnesota vikings just put him up on their home page. this worried talking, including the president who released statement: today the world loss an icon. michelle and i join millions of financials around the world mourning the sudden death of prince. few artists touched quite so many people. one of the most gifted and prolific musicians of our time. prince did it all.
12:57 pm
funk,'re r&b, brilliant band leader and electrifying performer. the president on the death of prince. neil cavuto after a commercial break. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue.
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amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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>> you have heard by now that prince is dead at age 57. this is outside his compound in chanhassen, minnesota, near minneapolis. it is a very large compound, a work space and home space, and right now a tourist space as people try to make sense of what happened when the learn that one of the more iconic figures in music history is gone. trace gallagher from last. >> the sheriff is just releasing mow information about the death of prince, saying they got a call from prince's paisley park compound at 9:43 this morning central time, saying, and i'm quote egg, when


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