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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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weekend. we asked about your favorite song. michael loves red corvetted. he actually owned a red corvette and called it prince. a lot of great songs, gravities guy from minnesota. have a great weekend. >> 3:00 on the east coast and we're watching a lot of news. politics in a moment. the question of whether for donald trump it's all been an act. it's apparently time to talk vps. who should share the tickets. also what we learn about the death of prince, the call to police, the talk of an overdose, the autopsy now completed, and word of thousands of unreleased songs. let's get to it. first from the news deck this afternoon, you'll love the real donald trump. so says his top strategist who apparently suggested to republican party bosses that the donald trump we have all been enjoying so very much is just an act. this word came out of the
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meeting of the republican national committee in south florida where donald trump's team tried to reassure nervous republicans that the g.o.p. front-runner will soon be a completely different guy. trump's convention managers say trump is playing a part another his rallying, performance to rope in supporters but the strategist says donald trump knows he needs to change his tone. somebody recorded that conversation, lead it to the "associated press" and others. the part he has been playing is not only the part that you have been expecting and he wasn't ready for to be in first place. energy is going to change. >> there you go. donald trump take something positions that rattle some republicans. he said yesterday if he gets the nomination he'll chang the party's official position on abortion. trump says he would include exceptions in the case of rape, insist, or if a mother's lives it's risk. some anti-abortion are blast can
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trump's position. and the spoke out about bathroom bills that tarring transgender people. those bills force people to use the restroom that matches their gender on the birth certificate. trump says people should be able to use whatever restroom is appropriate. a stance that is at odds with many republicans. all of that has ted cruz on the attack, saying trump has been faking his positions. >> he doesn't believe anything he is saying. he's just trying to fool gullible voters and is not going to build a wall, not going deport anyone. he is telling us he is lying to us. >> still there are signs that ted cruz is undergoing a bit of a personality makeover of his own. he has been working at the late night talk show circuit. he has been bringing his wife and kids on the campaign trail. top aide to the cruz campaign says they're trying to show the senator in more lighthearted settings. after a recent focus group with
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women gave cruz horrible reviews. when pollsters asked women what animal ted cruz would be, some said a mosquito. the words of one of the women, just want to bat it away. we have team fox coverage of this grandelection center. connell mcshane is following the donald trump campaign in delware. first rich hudson in d.c. any sign trump changed his tones? i can't keep up with it. >> reporter: we have another rally in an hour, we'll figure it out. donald trump maintains a substantial delegate lead, up in the polls in the five northeastern states, hosting primaries on tuesday. yet he needs to win more than half he delegates in the outstanding republican primaries to secure the nomination on the first ballot. that has trump promising to behave more like a president. >> okay. we have to. we have to. and we're doing so good. some we have to be tough for a little while, and at some point i'm going to be so presidential that you people will be so
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bored. >> reporter: he says he is holding off because he still has two republicans to defeat. he has tweeted, quote, both ted cruz and john kashich have no path to victory. they should both drop out of the race so the republican party can unify. cruz and kashich acknowledge they've arrive at the convention short of the delegates needed to secure the nomination ton the first ballot but maintain trump will fall short and they can beat him in a contested convention. >> and kashich and cruz reiterating they're not going anywhere. >> reporter: and they continue to campaign, the texas senator released a web ad condemning trump for criticizing north carolina's so-called bathroom law, as for trump's promise to act more like a president, cruz calls it pandering and said trump's lobbyists has taken over his campaign. trump's campaign saying he will deliver a foreign policy address on wednesday at the national press club here in washington. >> that should be worth
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watching. thank you. donald trump campaigning in delware today. a state that wouldn't normally get much attention in any other election season. this is not any other election season. trump is doing well in the polls there and it's winner-take-all. trump is going to need all the delegates he can get if he wants to lock up the nomination before the con sentence july. connell mcshane is live in delware. that's an important state, isn't it? >> reporter: it is. it's interesting because every state it. every delegate is. this time around in delware, seems like tiny little -- think how strange the state of pennsylvania is, the birth state the way it al loping caked tellings and votes on tuesday with 71 telling dels but 54 of them are free agents going into the convention so that leaves only 17 statewide delegates in pennsylvania to the winner of that state. but as you pointled out here in delware, winner-take-all, the
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winner gets 17 delegates. you can make the argument that delware is almost important to the trump campaign as pennsylvania is. the final thing i'd say is the web site put out an interesting analysis that says because delware is so small, not a ton of republicans here, but because you don't have a lot of republicans, it is where their votes are worth more. they have more leverage. they put it that a republican vote in a state of delware is worth four times as much as a republican vote in the state of florida. interesting donald trump will be here in an hour. >> what are you expecting out of this event today? >> reporter: a big rally, trump. rich talked about the moves to more serious speeches but doesnt look like the big rallies are going anywhere. so these will we the famous lines, the crooked hillary and everything else he has two moraleys tomorrow in connecticut. so he's going to keep doing this kind of thing.
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>> okay. thank you. let's get to chris wall los angeles the anchor of "fox news sunday." hello, chris. >> how are you? >> well, thank you. this whole trump thing has been an act. so often people act more moderate than really they are, sometimes they tone things down just for perception. if what we're hearing now is the case, he's ratcheted it up as part of a show. do you buy it? >> no, i don't. certainly i don't think that's what paul manafort, trump's new top adviser meant. i just got off the phone with him and he's saying that the way he would put it is connell mcshane just talked about, trump is going to be at a big rally and acts one way at a big rally, when he gives a foreign policy speech on wednesday, here at the national press club, he's going to act a different way. doesn't mean that one is a performance and the other isn't. it just means that in different circumstances, as he put it, you don't wear a tuxedo to a picnic
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but says it's all the real trump and that there's no acting involved at all in trump's performance so far in this campaign. >> i was listening yesterday to cavuto and can i heard sean hannity tell cavuto he thinks he has reason to believe, to the he wouldn't be specific, there's backroom stuff going on and at the convention we'll be really surprised and it's not going to be a trump runaway. that was sean's position. can you shed any light on this? >> i didn't have the benefit of listening to that. i think it's fairly out in the open. trump have nos to get to the magic number of 1237. one way would be to win the delegates in the primaries. if he doesn't get there, and probable live may not -- probably may not but june 7th june 7th when california and new jersey vote, he has 41 days, almost exactly six weeks, between the end of the primaries and the beginning of the convention to try to make up the difference to get from wherever he is, probably over a thousand
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delegates to 1237, and that's perfect live legal. it's the rules he has been arguing about. but in fact sometimes the rules benefit him and the likes him. when they don't benefit, he doesn't like them. >> how do you see next week shaping up? >> well, i think trump's going to do very well. we're talk can at northern states, northeastern states, mid-atlantic states and eastern states, and that as we saw in new york, they like trump a lot in those states and they don't like ted cruz very much at all. then the primary map will switch out the week after that to indiana, which is tougher for trump and better for cruz, on this super tuesday three-quarters when five eastern states vote this coming tuesday, i think trump will too well. >> when you look at the calendar dar and the rules state-by-stayed for delegates do you see the math there is good for him? would you give it's percentage now whether trump will clinch this thing? >> i -- no.
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i think it's unlikely that, as i say, he'll'll get to 1237 by the end of the primary but i think he's going to be close. whether it's 100 votes votes or0 votes and there are that many unpledged delegates out there. there's going to be 54 delegates in pennsylvania next week, even no matter who wins to -- say trump gets 60%. 54 of the 71 delegates are unpledged so if trump can make a pitch to them that he is the gave they should go with, he won the state, he is their best chance of winning in november, he's going to try to pick those up and obviously kashich and cruz are going to work against him on that. so, my guess is that those 41 days between california and cleveland are going to be really crucial, and fascinating. maybe in a sense more important than actually what goes on in cleveland. >> are more traditional republican insiders coming around to this idea of trump as nominee, or is that just talk? >> i think it's true. i mean, is it a big landslide?
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no but i do think that there is a growing feeling -- i think it's both a positive and a negative. as trump continues to win and win by increasing margins -- he not 60% of the vote in new york -- i think that there is a growing -- maybe not enthusiasm but acceptance of trump also the nominee. sort of negative side is that i think that there's a concern, growing concern, about trump coming to cleveland with 1100 delegates, 1150 delegates, hundreds of delegates ahead of cruz and somehow you'll take the nomination away from him. i understand he needs an absolute majority to get it but that is going to be ugly and messy for the party if he goes in with by far the most delegate and done get the nomination. >> it would be a miss. chris, looking forward to the show this weekend. chris has hand interview with paul manafort, donald trump's convention manager, and also the florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, chairman of
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the democratic national committee. ought to be good. on "fox news sunday." more politics ahead, and late their death of the music icon prince. what really killed him at just 57 years old. we have all soon the reports online. talk of drug problems. we'll look for answers, and also tracking developments out of ohio, word of multiple people dead, including children. what happened there, all coming up from the fox news deck on a busy friday afternoon.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders spending the day in pennsylvania. secretary clinton leading there by 16 points, according to a real clear politics average of the polls. one survey has her up by as muching a 27. peter doocy is live in washington. sanders citing vice-president biden in his attacks on clinton? >> reporter: yes, he says the vice-president was being critical of clinton when he told "the new york times" that he likes it when democratic candidates think big because that's how they get elected to office. so sanders reads that as an endorsement and reading the words from the vice-president's interview to rally supporters in pennsylvania and seems like it's being well-received. >> i think the vice-president, born and raised in scranton -- i think the vice-president is exactly right. that is what this campaign is
12:16 pm
about. >> reporter: that is especially interesting because while sanders has embraced the obama administration, he has detroit to run further to the left but he just cooperate pass up the opportunity to share the vp's kind words, not too far from the biden's home town. >> clinton seems to have moved on from sanders, she doesn't talk about him much. >> not that she is saying nicer things. just doesn't talk about him at all unless it's gun control. he is starting to look past the primaries, past sanders, towards trump, who she just called on to stop with the name-calling. >> got to change the culture so it is no long are acceptable for people to say what they say about others. you can disagree with somebody. that's fair game. but to launch personal attacks to try to intimidate and degrade somebody else is off limits. >> the clinton team today is doing damage control on an ap report that says dozen of
12:17 pm
companies that hired her to speak for big bucks were also lobbying for federal contracts at the same time but a clinton spokesperson says look at her record. she is fair to everyone. companies that paid her and companies that didn't. >> peter, thank you. virginia just added a couple hundred tread thousand potential voter 0 the rolls the governor ifing an executive order to restore voting rights to convicted felon. that means every felon in virginia who completed his or her sentence along with supervised release will out in be eligible to vote and to run for office or serve on jury and become a notary public. he says the laws unfairly affect african-americans. voting rights for ex-felons are different across the country. kentucky, iowa, florida, are the only states that permanently evoke voting rights for people with prior felony convictions. how do you pick a vice-president? could donald trump reach out to marco rubio?
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. my goodness. minute ago i mentioned we received a very strange bulletin from "associated press" about be
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car re-call. it's from reuters: fiat chrysler recalling 1.1 million cars and suvs worldwide because vehicles may roll away after drivers exit. whats to that mean exactly? is it a problem with the brakes? are the cars just coming -- going-a-thon mouse on us and deciding to go for drives on their own? maybe meet some other cars out? it's up clear us but there's a 1.1 million re-call order on fiat and chrysler because the cars may roll away. well, as we edge closer to the conventions the campaigns are looking into potential running mates now. "washington post" reports republican candidates could make their vice-presidential announcements as early as june. the month before the convention. glen hall is here, the u.s. editor for "the wall street journal." some names we have here. >> some names being floated. i think it's early days in terms of short lists but there's a long list of people being
12:23 pm
considered. >> marco rubio is one of the ones on the list. >> marco rubio, john kashich, people are talking about. makes sense to talk about people who have been in the presidential cycle already. when they get to the convention, they're going to perhaps have some bartering to do if nobody has all of the delegates, so i'm not convention we'll have a name before we get to the convention because that it me a be part of the bargaining. >> joanie effort is on the list. she is a from ohio, and then i meant to all the senators. don't know deb fisher, deb fisher is on the list. cruz allies already suggesting names, with one being mentioned, female senators joany ernst and deb fisher of nebraska. >> it's a question whether the candidate is looking to balance out shows comings in the democraticses, so having young rising star in the republican party or another woman on the campaign to extend your appeal,
12:24 pm
that works well in some cases. i'm not sure that's the way that they think about the vice-president this cycle. like everything necessary this election cycle, the old rules aren't seeming to apply. >> on the democratic side, elizabeth warren at the top of the list. she hasn't endorsed. >> and she expressed very little interest in being part of this presidential cycle elm might not have an picks down the road but being a vice-president almost can set you back when you're trying to run for president town the road. >> julian castro mentioned on the democratic side, and. >> another one of those rising stars. he and his brother are well-known, well-liked and bring in the hispanic voter, they have a big broad-based appeal, especially with younger demographics. that could work out well as far as hillary clinton trying to balance out her appeal. >> sherrod brown. thomas perez, amy klobuchar.
12:25 pm
not mentioned -- well, amy klobuchar we have heard before. she has a lot of experience. >> like i said, a lot of trial balloons being floated. some names are just people interested in seeing their names popped out. the official vetting process is just getting underway. they're festivitying -- we're hearing that sometimes they're trying to get a sense of, need to have different types of candidates, depends on the swags i find myself in down the road. so i need to have different types of appeal. >> corey booker is not on the list. for a minute, for a hot minute, everybody was like, hillary might pick him. we don't have a clue. >> the calculus is too early. the campaigns are still too raw for us to figure out where the agains are that need to be filled, that a vice-presidential running mate can help. until we see a little bit further down the road how the electoral votes are stacking up, right now the game on the
12:26 pm
republican side who is brings me the delegate, not necessarily who brings me the votes. >> i turned the page over to see if if might have missed something but i don't see sarah palin. >> she has been on some lists but the names floating out there are just that, just floateres, and in a little while we'll start to see a short list emerge and names that have been vetted. once they start going through the process, you wonder, john kashich, would he allow himself to be vetted? probably not. that's sure sign he is out and he doesn't wants to admit that right now. >> prince coming up. memorials underway and we'll take you to that in just a moment.
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killing another 16 people. a massive fire burning all night in a furniture warehouse outside chicago. officials reported explosions in that building which may have been from propane fueled fork lifts. dozen of employees got out safely. investigators are trying to figure out what caused it. police in ohio are looking for a thief with a winning smile. a manhunt underway for a suspect who has, quote, obsession with stealing crest white strips. kid you not. investigators say this gave has hit stores and never takes in eye bran, just crest white strips. they say he has stolen thousands of dollars worth of them. crest white strips. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice...
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crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. mom's right...again! investigators near prince's home in minnesota say they've completed the autopsy to determine what caused the pop star's death. they say it could be tires weeks before test results come back and they can release them to the public. the local sheriff is set to hold
12:32 pm
a news conference in the next half hour. fox news plans to have coverage. we're learning more about the singer's health during his last days. tmz reportert it was pain killer overdose that forced prince's jet to make an emergency landing in illinois after a concert in atlanta. he was in such rough shape that emergency respond ires gave him a so-called save shot at the airport to revive him. a save shot, typically a drug that counteracts the effects of opia tmz shows a photo of prince waiting for medication outside a local walgreens he visited four times in the week before his death. according to the webs, prince was taking pain killers for his hip problem. we have been unable to confirm any of this reporting. the singer did use a cane in his latter days, and prince's former drummer said that the pop star damaged his hips during a performance in the 1980s. you may remember prince was a
12:33 pm
jehovah's witness. the sheriff's office released 9-1-1 transcripts transcripts ae operate you're asked the man for a address and the man says i'm working on it, and the man says, quote, the people are distraught. later the operator says you're in paisley park. that's in chanhassen. are you with the person who is -- and man replies, yes, it's prince. we have team fox coverage, trace gallagher has more on prince's life. and why it was 0 difficult to find his music online. what the latest from investigators? >> reporter: the very latest is now that the autopsy is complete the remains of prince are being released to the family and this does not mean that we'll necessarily start getting answers as far as what caused the sudden death of prince. now, the medical examination was carried out by the chief medical
12:34 pm
examiner, dr. quin strobl. sames for toxicology were sent off to the labs and the results which could tell us if prince had drugs in his system, those results could take weeks. it's acuedly important, in light of the reports from mz, that said that prince was using percocet and had been on that prescription painkiller since 2010 when he had hip surgery. that follows a bomb shell dropped by tmz the emergency landing made by prince's plane in illinois, six days before he died, was not for the flu and that was the information that was relayed by prince's handlers but was in fact for a drug overdose. none of that information independently confirmed. the county sheriff, jim olson is holding a press conference and we expect to have more then. >> still quite a crowd out there. '. >> reporter: yeah. let me step aside and let you have a look at the crowd. people are streaming in from all over the region. hours they drove, some of them,
12:35 pm
to get here and have a look around and lay done a memento. much is made of the fact he stayed local, tried to live a normal life. people saw him riding his bike. a few stories knocking around, prince is a jehovah's witness and sometime beams get a knock on their door and they'd open the door and it was prince and he would come in and visit with people for as long as half hour and share stories of his faith and try to persuade them into what he believed in last night at the first avenue club, the club made famous by the movie "purple rain" an impromptu party was held. the overflow crowd spilled into the streets and turn the whole thing into a block party. the deejay's played prince's music and people danced but here at paisley park the sun is out. people are streaming in from all over the region, the crowd only seems to be getting bigger. >> mike tobin, thank you.
12:36 pm
people showing their love for prince from memorials to dance parties. that's brooklyn, where about a thousand people showed up for a block party. the filmmaker spike lee threw it. lots of other tribute inside our slide show this afternoon. a memorial here right outside the club first avenue in minneapolis. prince often performed there, and a lot of his fans have come out. look at the ballpark here. texas, you can see prince's symbol on the big video screen during the rangers game at arlington. here's the famous apollo theater in new york. with lyrics of "purpling rain" on the marquee and lots of landmarks in purple. superdome, louisiana superdome, where the saints play, in new orleans, and this is los angeles city hall here, and here is low re bridge in minneapolis over the river, some cancellation for heartbroken familiars. there are reportedly thousands of unreleased tracks that prince
12:37 pm
has recorded. thousands of them. so we could get new material for years to come. yesterday during this hour we played a lot of prince music videos and loved it. but behind the scenes the newsroom before we went on it was tough fine thing videos mostly because prince tried hard to keep his stuff his stop and offline. pretty successful. trace gallagher has that part of the story. sounds like prince didn't have faith in that interwebs. >> no. he thought wait as passing fads like mtv and he open the publishing right ford all his music and would go after any outlet that used without heir's mission in 2010 he gave away copy of his album. he toll the daily mire row that outlets i-itunes don't pay advances for music and the internet is completely over, quote. prince hated ring tones saying have you ever been in a room
12:38 pm
where there's 17 ring tones going off as once and when asked if he had an iphone, he spend, are you serious? hell know. last when when asked why he was removing his music from streaming services, quoting again, spot identify wasn't paying you have to shut it down. >> he didn't like it when his fans would take an iphone video of concert and put i it up online. that brought a lawsuit. >> sure in 2014 he went after 22 of his fans, suing them for a million dollars each. all people who had prince tribute pages and fan site what do things like go 0 facebook and post unauthorized prince concert videos from the '80s and beyond. prince's lawyers accused them of bootlegging but when the fans agreed to take down the link he dropped the lawsuit. prince was also the first major artist to slap twitter with a takedown notice, demanding the
12:39 pm
removal of vying video clip that were no more than six second lock that won him an aggrieve. award for the electronic frontier foundation for what it called the takedown process in the name of silencing speech. >> thank you, trace. people have been paying tribute to print and last night the cast of "hamilton" did something special. prince would not approve. somebody recorded from the audience and posted it online. look. >> that's the cast singing prince song "let's go crazy. "a big fan of the show, tweet last month, called it the best history class ever. lillian with more tributes over near bat 6. hello. >> so, quest love, who was cofound or the roots and a drummer on jimmy fallon, paid tribute to prince by putting on
12:40 pm
"finding nemo." the back story there is quest love was deejaying a party for prince, and prince didn't like the music and came up and said stop playing him and handing him a dvd of "finding nemo money and told him to play this. >> that's disturbing. >> no back story here that i could find but mike tyson tweeted this picture where i guess he morphed his face into prince's face, but whatever way you have to mourn. >> yeah, i guess. >> and a little bit of a more esthetically pleasing photograph from -- purple nebuli in honor of prince. >> everybody talking about him. thank you. every day in schools across the nation, teenagers get into fights. put this week a brawl in a bathroom left a girl dead. who is to blame there?
12:41 pm
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tsunami. hosch scene. investigators found eight people dead across four crime scenes in ohio and somebody shot and skilled stenof the victims, including two children, execution style. that's how the police describe it. they're trying to determine whether the killer or killers are among the dead, or on the loose. it happened in the town of piketon, 70 miles south of columbus. investigators say they believe the seven victims were all members of the same family, that somebody shot them at three homes. then they say they found an eighth body as a separate location. local officials say this is not an active shooter situation. there have been no arrests. a delware girl never made it
12:45 pm
home prom school after investigators say a group of girls beat her to death in the bathroom. family members say amy joiner had just turned 16. her father she is assist she was good girl, on the record roll at howard high school of technology in wimpington, delware. police say the fight broke out as students were arriving the sort of violence that happens every day in school hallways across the country, so why did this one end so badly? lea gabrielle is here. the girl's family. how do you process this? >> her father says that he thought schools were supposed to be safe places, that you drop your kids often from school and you expect for them to come home safely, but in the case of his daughter that will never happen again. >> all i know is my daughter is gone. and she was the love of my life. and it hurts. >> one witness told a reporter just how the fight went down. listen. >> she was -- all these other
12:46 pm
girls started banking can. >> what? >> like jumping her and he hit her head on the sink. >> the school's principal says two other students involved in the to fight are being questioned by police and police say the investigation is active and ongoing. >> who is in trouble? >> i spoke with an attorney who says the girls of course who were involved in the fight there would probably be a criminal case against them but if the parents could be held responsible if they knew that their kids were going to fight, and he said there were also likely be a civil case against the school. take a listen. >> the school will be potentially on the hook for what is known as a failure to supervise. a failure to provide, that duty of care expected of the school, and as a result of the failure to provide that duty of care, that breach, there was an injury, the injury was this child's death. >> he says the question will be how much supervision should have been in place and did the school know this was going to happen,
12:47 pm
it should have known there was a problem. in fact according to a local newspaper, two of her friends said she actually knew about the fight the night before and that she planned to go in and, quote, settle the beef, but another student told the same paper she went in to, quote, talk things out. more to come. >> thank you. they say cheaters never prosper. how a major cheating scandal resulted in billions of dollars in fines and legal fees. that's next.
12:48 pm
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. president obama crossed the bond today. the president meeting with the prime minister, david cameron, holding a news conference, a built of a lovefest there. big topic, britain's possible exit from the european union, brexit they call it.
12:51 pm
both leaders are calling for the brits to stay put. >> the united states wants a strong unite kingdom as a partner, and the united kingdom is at its best when it's helping to lead a strong europe. it leverages u.k. power to be part of the european union. >> critic says the president should stay out of the debate. the president found time to hang with the royals during his trip. the queen, who just turned 90, braved the light rain with her husband, prince phillip. phillip drove. the president rode shotgun. before then did lunch at win sore forks are her birthday the obamas gavemer imagine city a photo album of her visits with u.s. presidents and first ladies dating to the truman administration. now on to din with the duke and duchess of cambridge. prince william and his wife kate as well as little prince harry. >> updating our fox urgent. the million or so cars that just might roll away?
12:52 pm
fiat chrysler now reports most of the cars are in the united states, dozens of people have been hurt. the re-call includes dodge chargers, chrysler sedans and jeep grand cherokees. can go the specifics online. drives 0 who put their cars in park didn't really put them in park, so when you get out, the car can just sort of take off without you. never good. the popular ride sharing service uber-agreed to pay its drivers $100 million to set lawsuits whether they should be considered employees or independent contractors. the company gets to keep its drivers' status as independent contractors, so it wins. the company wins. the company always wins. the drivers in the suit said they wanted to be considered employee, which would have maintain uber had to cover their expenses like gas and provides health insurance and overtime pay. that's not happening as part of the $100 million settlement.
12:53 pm
analysts estimate uber is worth upwards of $50 billion. about two million people ride in uber every day. $18 billion. how much volkswagen officials say the emission cheating scandal has cost the automaker, 18 billion. in finesses, legal fees and re-calls. remember the environmental protection agency accused volkswagen of installing software on diesel cars designed to cheat federal emissions regular layings. it's important to point out the company still has not clarified who is responsible or whether any top managers were involved. not surprisingly. gerri willis is here with more. they're never willing to give up that stuff. >> it's a mess. they're going to spend a billion dollars and either replace the cars or buy them back, and we're looking at 482,000vw cars, two liter four sill len dar diesel engines, jettas, golf, passat.
12:54 pm
another 97,000 with bigger engines that have to get to you. vw's and audis and porsche and we'll see a settlement with that. >> what you got? >> i got rich is not a four-letter word, take a look at that cover. >> not seen this. >> i have the a copy for you. >> did you sign it? >> i did right here. you silly thing. so we're trying to help people. now you're looking at the back. >> ah. arock. rich is not a four-letter word, except it is. >> but in my book it's not. we want everybody to be rich. that's the answer because we want to be financially successful. this book tells you how to overcome high debt cost of college, medical debt you name it. retirement, this book is for you. >> good job. >> thank you. >> i'll read it. rich is not four-let word. get this on amson rite now.
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>> >> how, you're a brand. >> i don't know about that but i did write a new book. >> i look forward to it. an elevated bike path that was built to handle crowds at the southerly olympics just collapsed in rio, killing at least two people and leaving another person missing. a 150-foot section of the path is gone. officials say a giant wave washed it away. the path opened in january but according to reports people complained about searches poor construction, a common problem in brazil. you can add this to growing list of issues for rio's upcoming summer game. they're already dealing with zika virus, poor ticket sales and news conference, -- don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans.
12:56 pm
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celebrations in germany marking 500 years since the passing of the world famous beer purity law. the german chancellor angela merkel and other politics throwing back some cold ones as a ceremony today. her drink was alcohol-free.
12:59 pm
that's boring. she does have to run the country, though. the purity law from 1516 limited beer to three ingredients, hops, water and malt. not an actual law but lots of beermakers use it as a guideline. some critics say it's more marketing gimmick than anything else to keep foreign beer out of the country. on this day in 1985, prince released an album that would go to the top of the charts. around the world in a day. featured two songs that became top tens including "raspberry beret" he released the album after wrapping up his" purple rain" tour. at that time album and the film made him a star. still prince said he was ready to quit performing live. thankfully the backtracked on that one, but an up and coming prince went around the world 31 years ago today. should news break out we'll
1:00 pm
break in. there's news coming in just a moment. the sheriff will hold an update for us on the investigation into prince's death. neil cavuto will have live coverage. his program, "your world," begins right now. >> thank you, shepard. it is starting. jim ol'son, the carver county sheriff is detail what they know. >> -- a community member and a good neighbor. to his family, he is a loved one in life he was a very private person. we're going to continue to respect his privacy and his dignity and hope that you will do as -- that you do as well. we also respect the media's right to information. bear in mind this incident happened 29 hours ago, and continues to be under


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