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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> looking at these figures, 27,400 got lip implants last year alone. >> be careful. that does it for us. >> thanks for watching. the calendar says spring but a chilly welcome for president obama in germany. tens of thousands protesting the president's signature trade deal. his big meeting with chancellor angela merkel just wrapped. plus, less than 48 hours away from five primaries and gop candidates are making their final arguments. >> let me say in the trump circus, donald trump is the master illusionist. he's the hairy houdini engaged in an act of misdirection. trump is a phony. >> chilling new surveillance footage from a murder in texas. it's still a mystery and police
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say they need your help. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. i'm shannon bream. >> nice to be with you this sunday. thanks for being with us. donald trump holds a double digit lead over rivals ted cruz and john kasich in maryland. one of five states where voters head to the polls on tuesday. the gop front runner is campaigning there in maryland today. he's expected to speak later this afternoon in hagerstown. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is there awaiting mr. trump as well. hi, john. >> reporter: good afternoon. we understand that donald trump will arrive by helicopter today and not the 757 he often pulls out for these hangar rallies. ted cruz is positioning himself for a big performance at the
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convention should donald trump fail to win the nomination on the first ballot taking home at least 65 of 94 available delegates at party conventions in places like maine, utah and south carolina. donald trump doing his best to ensure it doesn't go to a second ballot hoping to run the table in the five states that are going to the polls on tuesday. that includes maryland, pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island and delaware. 172 delegates up for grabs. that would bring trump to within spitting distance of the 1,237 needed to clinch the nomination. he continues to hit ted cruz very hard on the campaign trail giving up pretense to a more presidential donald trump on the stomp. certainly not referring to cruz as senator cruz. >> this guy is a liar. he's disgraceful.
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lying ted. who by the way came in a deep, deep third last week. >> reporter: back to lying ted. the crowd eats it up. cruz has two opportunities to blunt trump's momentum. one is a week from tuesday in the state of indiana where 31% of the electorate identify as evangelical. yesterday outside of pittsburgh, cruz attacked trump's conservative credentials saying he expects his next book will be titled "the art of betrayal." >> let me ask you, is anyone here frustrated with politicians that keep lying to us? usually they talk good on the campaign trail and then they get in office and betray us.
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give donald credit. he's betraying us before he gets elected. >> according to some analysis, if trump wins big on tuesday, this nominating contest will essentially be over but they rely on a large number of unbound delegates going for trump and cruz and kasich are doing everything they can to make sure that doesn't happen. one other emerging school of thought that some republicans may be playing for a stalemate at this summer's convention. that is running out the clock with no nominee being chosen in which case they would have to have another convention and all 2,472 delegates to that convention would go into it unbound. you can imagine what would happen. >> the intrigue continues. john roberts on the trail in hagerstown. thank you, sir. turning to the democratic race. vermont senator bernie sanders is campaigning today in rhode island. another one of those five states with a big vote on tuesday. sanders has trailed clinton in recent polls in all of the states. kristen fisher is tracking the
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campaign. >> this morning sanders made the rounds on the sunday shows and in every interview he said he's staying in this race at least until california and that he still sees a path to the nomination though he concedes it's a narrow path. at the same time, sanders was also opening to answering questions about what hillary clinton would need to do in order to win over his supporters. >> she's going to have to be very explicit about supporting a program which stands up to the needs of the middle class and working families, which most importantly makes it clear that she's prepared to take on wall street in a very clear way, take on the billionaire class. >> clinton is almost entirely stopped attacking sanders and sanders refused to return the favor but this morning the chair of the democratic national confident the two fox news sides can still come together. >> regardless of the intensity of what played out here at the
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last stages of the campaign, we'll be unified and that's not what's playing out on the other side where they're headed for chaos at their convention. >> one of the arguments of sanders is he believes he's better suited to beat donald trump. a new poll in pennsylvania, one of the states that votes on tuesday, shows that sanders does fare better in that hypothetical matchup. not by much. according to the poll that came out hours ago, sanders would beat trump in pennsylvania by 20 points. 57-37. clinton would beat trump by 15 points. 54-39. clinton is ahead in four of the five states with contests on tuesday. the one possible wild card would be rhode island and that's because it's the one state that allows independents to vote and independents tend to skew toward sanders and feel the bern. >> tuesday will be fun. thank you for getting us up to
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date. >> few things are more controversial in politics than abortion, gay marriage, and the newest social issue, transgender rights. ted cruz is hammering away at donald trump on those points accusing the new york businessman of being out of sync with the republican party base especially on abortion where trump supports exceptions to the pro-life platform. weighing in on this, cal thomas, author of "what works" and a fox news contributor. cal, nice to see you. thanks for being here. as we look at trump's appeal, like him or not, agree with him or not, why is this less than dogmatic conservatism leading him to be -- >> for decades now the republican party is on record as favoring life at the beginning, during and end of life. if you compromise a core principle, there's no principle
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left. if donald trump wanted to really advance this argument, he would begin at the other end with partial birth abortion and with late abortions, which the public opinion polls show most people want restrictions on. i see no benefit for him or for the republican party if he's going to fight this issue at the other end of life. >> so why is he not doing that in your opinion? is he an opportunist? does he have sincere beliefs? where do you come down on this? >> he was asked on this network if he ever participated in an abortion and his answer was next question. i don't think he has any core principles. >> "the new york times" but go ahead. >> i think that he has no core principles. that's the problem. on one hand he's for transgender rights but on the other he thinks it's okay for laws passed in mississippi and north carolina. pro-choice on abortion for years and more recently he's pro-life
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and says he's been converted on the issue but has some exceptions. nobody really knows where he stands on anything including foreign policy and he's supposed to make a big speech on that coming up soon. >> to your point, when it comes to the issue at least of transgender bathrooms, he said the north carolina law about that i'm not really sure about it. take a listen to what he said and then what ted cruz said back. >> people go and use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate. there has been so little trouble and the problem with what happened in north carolina is the strife and the economic punishment that they're taking. >> let me ask you. have we gone stark raving nuts? i'm the father of two little girls. here is basic common sense. grown adult men, strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls. >> perhaps there's not a lot of folks who would argue that
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point. maybe some would. the question is why is cruz's attacks on these issues, these co are falling flat and not changing what's happening at the ballot box? >> the culture is moving rapidly in one direction and republicans are trying to say stop and slow it down and maybe end it all together. i think ted cruz is right. common sense for most people would say this is crazy. what are doctors going to do when a child is born now? instead of saying it's a boy, it's a girl, well, we're not exactly sure. let's wait until they grow up and see what happens. the way out of this if you want a way out is to have the third bathroom for anyone that wants to go in and use it whether they think they're male, female or whatever they are. that's the way to do it. that's not what it's about. it's about tearing down all of the traditions and values and even religious beliefs that sustained america for years. you remember tim tebow. when he came out about his faith, he was mocked on
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"saturday night live." he was told you should keep your faith private. some of the same people who are saying that are praising katelyn jenner for being out of the closet with her transgender. >> good to see you. quick programming note. you don't want to miss tonight's special america's town hall. issues that will be talked about. senator ted cruz and governor john kasich will have a two-hour event in philadelphia's national constitution center just two days before the pennsylvania primary. tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern. you can join us on social media, your questions, your thoughts, using # foxnewstownhall. president obama now in germany after his visit to england. the president held meetings with german chancellor angela merkel this morning before making remarks on global security along with the chancellor. kevi cork also with the
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president. hello, kevin. >> reporter: hey there. always nice to talk to you. no question from the trip to saudi arabia and then the u.k. and on here to germany, the president has faced a share of global issues but as he said in the news conference earlier this afternoon, there's for more important relationship than his with the leader of the german people, german chancellor angela merkel and her support is important to this president of the united states. mr. obama here trying to do his very best to ensure that a major trade deal between the u.s. and european partners makes its way over the finish line. it stands for the transatlantic trade and investment partnership. that proposed deal would impact some 800 million people. the white house says it would enhance trade while eliminating barriers. as you also know well, shannon, this has been a bit of a political power keg for the
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president and german chancellor. look at these pictures. tens of thousands making it clear that they do not want this particular deal to go through as they protested the potential ttip. the president says despite the political implications and it will be tough for chancellor merkel and him and other leaders, he thinks the road for ratification while bumpy will be a successful one. >> during presidential elections it's always tough when we're in the heat of campaigns, people naturally are going to worry more about what's lost than what's gained with respect to trade agreements. >> reporter: it's an epic battle for this president even though he acknowledged today that it's not likely to make it over the finish line while he's still in office but did point out there's no term limit for german chancellor merkel so she
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hopefully will be able to usher in the deal. it's a crucial deal and one that we'll be hearing a great deal about throughout our trip here in europe. shannon? >> all right. safe travels to kevin corke. thank you, kevin. germany's last stop in president obama's three-country tour. he began the week with a tense trip to saudi arabia as that region faces numerous critical challenges. tucked into the middle of the trouble is jordan. they are waging a constant battle against the threats from isis. there are growing questions about why the u.s. and in that region more arab nations aren't stepping up to do more for the man viewed as our most faithful sunni arab ally. they met days ago with king abdullah and came away with insight. welcome to you, joel. >> great to be with you, shannon. >> let me ask you, you had an
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unbelievable amount of access. special invitation from king abdullah. tell us what you saw and what viewpoint it gives you now on what jordan and that region is facing? >> it was fascinating. king abdullah in january was given a copy of my recent novel "the first hostage" which is about isis, the islamic state, trying to capture chemical weapons in syria and launch an attack against the united states, israel and jordan and even try to topple king abdul h abdullah. a friend of his, adviser to him, gave him the book and he read it in just a few days and rather than banning me from the kingdom, invited my wife and i on a five-day visit. king abdullah faces enormous challenges. all of us in this region face the threat of isis. jordan, you know, isis roots run
10:16 am
deep in jordan. abu musab al zarqawi was from jordan. i spent time with king abdullah. a meeting with many of his top generals. he's a special forces guy. he was head of special forces in jordan before he took the throne. he needs more american, arab and international help. >> and we have such a very delicate score of relationships across that region. you know about saudi arabia and tensions there and word this week the u.s. spent more than $8 million purchasing heavy water, nuclear materials from iran, and some people see a link there between the meetings with saudi arabia, the pressure regarding iran and now this new purchase at a time when a lot of people here still aren't sold on overall nuke deal we just made with them. >> what is surprising to almost
10:17 am
every sunni arab leader in the reasoning, region is why the united states is tipping away from our historic allies, jordan, egypt, saudi arabia, the gulf emirates and israel is our most faithful ally in the entire region and tipping this effort to help iran and not taking decisive measures to destroy isis once and for all. isis and the nuclear iran pose a threat to every leader and every person in this region as well as to the united states. yet the president keeps tipping -- when push comes to shove, he's going with iran these days. this is a huge mistake. it bothers me and bothers many in this region. >> we thank you so much for giving us insight. you have written an op-ed that tells more about that amazing trip you had with the king. you know how i feel about "the first hostage."
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i can understand why he invited you after reading it. it's a great read. they'll learn a lot about what we're facing. thank you for joining us live from jerusalem. a fox news alert with new surveillance tape. police in texas hope this video and obviously you can't see the guy's face but this is not a police officer. he's a murder suspect. they want you to pay attention to his very distinctive walk because they are hoping that is what will lead them to the killer of a fitness instructor last week. this unidentified man is seen dressed as a police officer. some say almost in s.w.a.t. gear walking through a dallas area church early in the morning. that church is where 45-year-old terry known as missy beavers was later found murdered. officials say they exercised search warrants and found evidence of a forced entry into the church possibly this may have been a burglary that went
10:19 am
wrong. still ahead, from 22 presidential candidates down to five. are the leading hopefuls on both sides treating this race like they're just two left? we may be learning more about the secret capture into 9/11. it involves possible saudi connections to the attackers. we'll have a live report coming up. history is made in outer space millions of miles above england. this astronaut becomes the first to run a marathon at the international space station. we'll tell you how that happened next. ♪ ♪ i run so far away ♪ i just run ♪ i run so far away u sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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this is the 26th annual london marathon. a shout-out from out of this world. the astronaut ran the 26-mile race from space. as you can see, he wore a harness strapping him to the space station station's treadmill while watching a virtual reality simulation of the marathon course. we don't know if he's sweating. he appeared to be sweating. he crossed the virtual finish
10:24 am
line in 3 hours and 35 minutes. not bad in space or dare i say on the ground either. it's been nearly 15 years in the making, an inquiry into the 9/11 terror attacks kept secret all this time. the obama administration may release its findings about a saudi connection to the hija hijackers. >> the white house has been moving in this direction over the last couple weeks. just a few days ago when saudi arabia deputy security adviser ben rhodes said some of the classified 28 pages would be released. many people believe those pages of the congressional inquiry into the 9/11 attacks contains evidence that members of the saudi government provided aid and support to the 9/11 terrorists. neither the congressional inquiry nor 9/11 commission
10:25 am
found evidence of senior saudi government officials funding the 9/11 terrorists but that doesn't rule out lower level officials or other members of the royal family being involved. >> the most important unanswered question of 9/11 is did these 19 people conduct this sophisticated plot alone. people who couldn't speak english, never in the united states before, as a group were not really educated could have done that. who was the most likely entity to have provided them that support? i think all of the evidence points to saudi arabia. >> sources who read 28 pages tell fox news the data draws connections between several of the hijackers and some of saudi arabia's wealthiest individuals. described as one percenters. many current and former officials believe in the end these documents may not live up to the speculation that's grown over the last 14 years.
10:26 am
>> i think that the ideas about what saudis may have done are divergent from what happened. release 28 pages. let people make up their minds. >> growing pressure on the white house over the last few weeks to do this from former officials, families of 9/11 victims and members of congress in both parties. all calling for 28 pages to be released. the white house is expected to make its decision in the next several weeks. >> certainly a point of tension between the president and his saudi counterparts this week. coming up, a bittersweet home kcoming for one of the two firefighters shot by the very person they were trying to help. donald trump says the rnc has stacked the deck against him and his supporters. but the delegate math may tell a little different story. our experts weigh in when "america's election headquarters" returns.
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>> the point is it's a very -- the whole system is rigged. it's a phony, crooked system where people are allowed to buy delegates and allowed to buy hotel rooms and take them out to dinner and do whatever they have to do to get their vote. that's not democracy. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic.
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10:32 am
trump is making headlines, maybe a couple enemies this week after hammering rnc after what he calls a rigged, crooked, phony delegate system but trump who leads the delegate count appears to be benefiting from the system. he also made headlines over comments on abortion this week. let's debate it all with author of the new book "feisty and feminine." and emily miller, author of "emily gets her gun but obama wants to take yours." good to see you both. you have endorsed cruz as an individual. and you as an individual support mr. trump? correct? there you have it. >> you know what, it's time to come clean. i am the one human being in washington, d.c. who will openly say i voted for trump. >> there you go. ladies, you're on the record. >> i'm going to walk out and
10:33 am
there will be screams and yells. >> watch her twitter feed. people will love or hate no matter which candidate you take. believe me. we know about this. he's been talking about the fact that he doesn't like the way the system is working. it's working for him. he's in first place. >> it is working for him. it took outsider. i vote for trump and then, wait, that's not just a vote for trump. there's delegates and then if you call them at their hotel room and give them an extra dinner they might vote for cruz or kasich or kim kardashian or who knows. it's a crazy system. it took an outsider to expose the fact there's this inside beltway thing going on forever and these expensive consultants that know how to sort through it. i think donald trump has made a good point and people say maybe we need to look at this. >> both cruz and kasich went to
10:34 am
a meeting down in florida with where they talk about rules and rules committee and people that decide rules is much closer to convention and different group of people but rnc is part of it. trump didn't go. he did send dr. ben carson now advocating for him and they now say trump is not running against rnc. he wasn't meaning to insult them. reince priebus calling for unity. is it going to work? >> it's not going to work for him with plurality. he keeps calling people going to these conventions, the delegates, the party bosses. these are normal people. moms that are the ones that put their kids in a stroller and go door to door and try to come out for their candidate or the moms that are going in the catholic
10:35 am
church parking lot and putting flyers underneath the windshield. you have to be careful. he's going to have to bring all of these people along in a general if he actually gets there. at some point calling them the party bosses, establishment, it doesn't work anymore. >> people are mad. they don't realize -- every state is different. they go and vote and it maybe is not translating in the way they think it is. >> we're a constitutional republic. there's a breakdown of our civics education here. >> that's a whole other segment. >> just one other point, cruz is benefiting from the fact he built out his ground game. that's why obama was able to beat mitt romney in the last selection. so the question is whether or not trump if he does win he can go back and build up that ground game. >> i want to get to you on this issue of abortion. donald trump has been more liberal than he is now.
10:36 am
he says that he is pro life but when asked about exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother says he wants the platform to change. >> he always said he's for those exceptions, rape, incest and life of the mother. he hasn't changed his position. he only said that he thinks the party platform should allow that. there's a huge part of the republican party who agrees with him. we can debate whether life of the mother is an actual thing or not. it's legitimate. the party can vote on it. remember, trump now is leader of the republican party. he's most likely going to run against hillary clinton. he's moving to the center. so he's got to bring in independents and democrats and that's why you see some open language on abortion. >> we're out of time. five seconds. >> one more thing he doesn't
10:37 am
get. he wants to defend planned parenthood and change the party platform on abortion and what he said about sending women to prison for abortion, he doesn't get what we believe. it's a bad idea to open up the platform. >> great to see you both. >> fun to be here. >> have a good sunday. hillary clinton sets her sights on donald trump. what that could signal for the democratic party and her rival. that's next. 73% of americans try...
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stops military exercises with south korea. the north state-run media says kim jong-un was on hand. president obama tells reporters he does not take north korea's claim to end its seriously. >> i want you to listen closely to the republicans because they are telling you what they want to do in our country. you know, trump keeps saying things like, you know, i didn't really mean it. it was all part of my reality tv show. running for president will be on your screen. well, you know what? if we buy that, shame on us. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton turning her focus from democratic rival
10:43 am
bernie sanders to republican front runner donald trump. big question, is this general election pivot too early or should sanders drop out and clinton begin looking for a running mate? here for a fair and balanced debate, david, gopac chairman and we have former campaign manager for martin o'malley. as we look forward to tuesday, five primaries. mr. clinton is up in all of the states. if clinton wins all five states, is it time for sanders to drop out and have this general election pivot by the clinton campaign? >> i don't think sanders should drop out. he's made this race so much better. look at the exit polls from new york that came out last week after the primary which was that our base is definitely energized. we have 7 out of 10 voters said we're excited about this
10:44 am
election. we're excited about the primary. right now hillary clinton is running a two-prong campaign. she's the presumptive nominee but can't claim it just yet. it's a difficult place to be. she's leading by pledged delegates. she's leading in the popular vote. bernie sanders as he should is still in the race because he has really galvanized this base, these critical young voters and his message is resonating. >> young voters say i won't vote for hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton should never have had to worry about this primary. the system is rigged for her from the very beginning. it proves she's a bad candidate and more importantly her campaign knows she's a bad candidate because they focused on bernie because they were afraid he would steal it from her. >> that's still a possibility. her campaign as they've been trying for a long time, she's
10:45 am
the presumptive nominee and act like the nominee, it might stick and reports that they are looking at vice presidential candidates leaking that information so we're the nominee and now it's time to move on. you come up with a quick list of folks people are talking about. jim webb. elizabeth warren. castro brothers. joe manchin on bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders as the person who potentially is number two right behind her should be considered for vp nod. i think the decision that hillary and her campaign have to make is do they want a rising star or do they want a seasonal hand? i think that's -- >> it hasn't been the year for seasoned hands though. >> it hasn't been. >> exactly. >> her best choice and who i hear democrats most talk about is brown. all the thing she's not. the ohio senator. middle class working income. he knows how to use e-mail.
10:46 am
and he actually believes in progressive ideology to which he talks about and no democrat has been elected to the white house in 1960 without carrying ohio, his home state. >> give me a name. >> castro is very interesting. tom perez. both would be really helpful this galvanizing the latino vote which will be important. >> all right. appreciate your time. thank you. good to see you. hopefully we paid you back in time we took from you before. quick programming note, you don't want to miss tonight's 8:00 p.m. special. america's town hall. they'll sit down with senator ted cruz and governor john kasich in a two-hour voter event happening in philadelphia just two days before pennsylvania's critical primary. and while you may not be able to make it to pennsylvania, you can join us on social media. use #foxnewstownhall to join in.
10:47 am
it's been one year since the death of freddie gray and the riots that rocked baltimore. protesters are now remembering the event with what they call a message of nonviolence. we go live to the streets of baltimore. elizabeth? >> reporter: it's going to be a unity march and it starts just moments from now. we'll have the very latest after the break. back to you. >> live from outside cvs that burned. as music fans continue to mourn the loss of prince, preparations are made for the legendary musician to rest in peace. >> i love the notes and the little kids out here. the children coming in. all of the different generations. it's just beautiful seeing everybody here. ♪ i just want your extra time and your kiss ♪ another day,
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built for business. a year after the death of freddie gray while in police custody still reverberates in baltimore and around the nation sparking riots and calls for accountability. today, a peaceful march through the city streets in a show of solidarity and healing. elizabeth prann joins us live. >> reporter: hi. people are starting to trickle in. we are feeling a stronger police presence, seeing members of the media. you can see the cvs that opened in march. it's certainly a different scene than we saw last year. it's been almost a year to the day where the unrest began and peaked, closing businesses and forcing a mandatory curfew that left much of the city in ruins. almost $9 million in damages to
10:53 am
businesses alone. the pastor who was organizing the unity march says the systemic problems surrounding protests continue to exist which is why he's holding today's event pointing to a lack of job opportunity in the community. thousands of vacant homes, almost 16,000, drug addiction issues and an alarming high school dropout rate. while every candidate for president has visited maryland ahead of voting on tuesday, bernie sanders spoke to an enthusiastic crowd yesterday saying the nation should be looking at baltimore as a result of economic inequality. >> maryland, one of every four people lives in poverty. baltimore, maryland, over 80% of children in the public schools are on free or reduced lunches. in baltimore, maryland, poverty is a death sentence. >> so what has changed? we know the mayor, stephanie
10:54 am
rollings blakes won't be running for re-election. she announced it after she did fire her police commissioner. there was a shake-up in leadership in the city. shannon, back to you. >> thank you so much. >> as a musician, he pushed us, made us better. so we miss him deeply. >> heart felt words of members of prince's band. the legendary singer/songwriter was remembered by a small group of family, friends and fellow musicians. the many fans have come and traveled hundreds of miles to pay tribute outside his minnesota estate. they were given large purple boxes as gifts to say thank you for their support. inside was a poster and a t-shirt. prince's remains were cremated and results of the autopsy may not be known for weeks.
10:55 am
>> coming up, squirrels don't usually bring warm, cuddly thoughts to mind. they're sort of cute. wait until you see the maternal instincts turn on for baby squirrels who raided the kitty buffet in the household. you need to feel good about something. this is it. it's next. ♪ i'm terrible at golf.
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visitors in jerusalem hope not to "pass over" this opportunity for the first time. israelis and tourists can rappel down the wall outside the old city. not to be confused with the temple's western wall often calls the wailing wall this is the ring around the old city. organizer expect 500 visitors to jump on the activity which will end on the last day of passover. so a few days left. now to this purr-fect match. beat belka, a cat in ukraine who added two fur balls to her family. two baby squirrels were placed among the newborns. i'm not sure who or why. but in no time the mama opened her heart and paws feeding and cuddling the little squirrels. they're lost in there. her name means squirrel in ukraine y ukraine. i feel there was a plan here.
11:00 am
>> it's coming to a web cam near you. >> i would watch all day. >> that's it for us. have a great rest of your sunday. >> see you next week. >> chris wallace is coming up. i'm chris wallace. team trump says we'll see a new candidate on the campaign trail. you will hear from the man behind the plan makeover of the gop front-runner, only on fox news sunday. we caught a gli more presidential donald trump in his new york victory speech. >> senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. [ cheers and applause ] >> for one night, no more lying ted. can it last? >> my wife is constantly saying, darling, be more presidential. i just don't know that i want to


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