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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  April 24, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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sheriff and dorp general have to say in they make news we will bring it to you on fox news channel. >> thanks for joining us. >> wonderful to be with you, john, we watching the battle for the east coast, starting now. >> i am your host, donald trump delivering a crushing defeat to ted cruz in new york this week, mathematically eliminating the senator from winning the nomination outright before the convention. jointing me on the phone from trump tower is the republican frontrunner ahead of tuesday's battle for the east, donald trump. thank you for joining us. >> i want to talk to you about the new presidential donald trump are pivoting and going to be more presidential but a lot of people love the old donald trump, the brash and show business guy that gets 10,000 or 20,000 people in the stands. how do you balance this?
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>> i can tell you in i go too presidential people are going to be very bored. it is much easier than what i have to do. we do have the biggest crowds 25,000, and 35,000 people a few weeks ago at an event. i think in i am too presidential the 35,000 will turn to 35 people and they will fall asleep. i had 17 people hitting me from every angle, senators and congressman, guys like ben carson who endorsed me and chris christie who endorsed me. i would get from every single side and i said i have to it back and when you fight back it does not look presidential but it gets the job done. >> you have cleared the --. >> we have to get the job done. >> have cleared the field and we will talk about general facing hillary clinton, first woman nominee of any party you have
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cleared out a lot of men from the republican side and now you will take on a woman and there is a lot of history and land minds potentially. do you have a strategy? >> i do is a strategy. the one opinion she does not want to run against is me, believe me, i know that for a fact. look, she has a strategy and the only thing she has going is the woman card. without the woman card she has nothing going. she will lay it to the hilt and i. talk about things, and one thing i talk about we call her cracked hillary clinton because they have cracked. she has always been cracked. >> did it take you a long-term to brand her crooked hillary clinton? >> it came to me, i like to brand people in they are correct. if job ofan brand. branding some of my opponents but i will tell you, the word crooked hillary is 100% correct. you look at whitewater, look at what is happening with the
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e-mails and so many different things you look at the foundation, what is going on there where they get millions to make a speech and then suddenly thing are done for cups and other things. very much so. she is a person would has manies many flaws and she is a william but women do do -- is a williamt women did not like her. she is not like by women. we will do very well with hillary clinton and the presidents are starting to she it already. >> she does have problems with women. you do have deficits when it comes to certain groups but on the black population, frank luntz said usually the republican nominee gets 10% of the mack vote but he said you could get between 14% and 16% and are you bing do go do black neighborhoods and target that community to turn those out? in do you well with blacks, hillary clinton is toast.
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>> i think i will do great with blacks and some of the presidents show i will get 25% which for a republican is unhead of. they get 4% or 5% she consider it well done the i don't. i have amazing relationships with african-americans and a lot will be supporting me. they know i will bring back jobs, they are smart, i will bring back jobs and they need jobs. you look at unemployment for the african-american community, it is much, much higher than for the rest of the country. it is through the roof for african-american youth, 59%, the ruth is oh beam has done -- obama has done nothing but has been negative for after cap americans. you look at unemployment the numbers and a person who is 30, who is african american, the numbers are much, much higher than the counterparts in society. i will do a lot for the african-americans and they will do a lot for me. i have friends at the highest
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level who are black. they call me and they say, you going to get so many black votes it will be unbelievable the everyone wants it vote for you, it will be the biggest surprise of the election. >> i will look forward to that. you said something about president obama. people like the president but his policies widely unpopular. will you try to try hillary clinton to the failed obama agenda? obamacare is unpopular, his border policy is unpopular, his foreign policy is extremely unpop harassment will you try to put hillary clinton and obama tock to sink? >> i don't think people do like the president. there is certainly a certain group that does but overall people don't like the president because they don't like the job he has done. he has done a terrible job with the military. we are decimating the military. you look at what is going on with the cuts. our military has to stronger and we have to be smarter with respect to our military. we have to take out isis.
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can you imagine general george patton, tough give, they say isis and when he had them removed in about 24 hours. you understand that. we are fighting and fighting and it is limited you get to knock them off. they drop off heads and drown people in steel cages. i think it is absolutely a third obama term and that is the worst thing she has. she has the woman card which is the best thing but woman don't like her. the worst possible representative a woman can have. she also has the obama card which is a disaster. four more years of obama will be destroyed. you look at iran, going over to saudi arabia and going to cuba to watch a baseball became sit on the stands doing the wave. and horrible things are happening.
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he should have gotten out of the game and should have come become. how abut he goes to could you behalf and known is this to greet him, first time in the history of air force force one and he goes to sauer and there is no one to greet him. >> an impairment. we have willie robertson and bill o'reilly anything you want to say? >> wily a great dial guy and bill o'reilly said, i hate to say it but the most permit political event in his lifetime is donald trump. now, at first, i said, now, wait is minute is he being serious is i watched it again and he was being dead serious, he said the single most important event in his lifetime and he did say with the possible exception of the assassination of j.f.k. that is a possible exception. but bill o'reilly has been nice and never said anything so nice.
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>> and tuesday is the battle for the east, connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania, maryland, and donald trump has double digit leads. indiana and california vote later and donald trump must nail both but cleveland or anything can happen but donald trump has high negatives with certain segments of the population and the radical activists in the communities are taking it to the streets at almost every single donald trump event. the left wing antitrump protest movement is here to say. we know what they are against but what are they for? what affect do they have? i went to the front lines of the antitrump protest in new york and tried to fine out. >> why are you here protesting? >> how much time you got? >> i am here to shut down trump. >> why are you here? >> vote trump, he dictates hate. protesting it. i don't think it is right.
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he is hate [blank] and [blank]. >> what has trump said that offends you? >> women are pigs. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> maybe trump is not offensive maybe you are easy to offend. >> he is offensive. >> bracket up. protect it up. >> what does he say that is hateful? >> that he will make muslims register. >> how would you defeat isis? >> build hospitals and schools. >> that makes sense. >> your sign said trump is a fashion it. do you know what fascism is? >> it is where, in i am correct, where a system that is incredibly hierarchy system. >> do you think trump compares people to hit in other words.
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>> we are skating dangerously close to a hit are like situation in that he is talking about deporting groups that are divided along racial lines. >> obama supports that, do you think he is like hitter? he killed a lot of people, how many people have trump killed? >> it took hitler ten years we have to nip this [blank] in the blood. >> we are here to tell you [ blank ] we do not see boundaries are accept your whitewash culture. we are free. >> do you support illegal immigration? >> yes, i support illegal immigration. >> you want to get rid of the border patrol? >> militarized borders. >> how do you stop illegal immigration? >> it is one world. i would not. >> in there are no borders how do you have the olympics? well...
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[ inaudible ] >> i'm sorry this is fox news so you would not do. >> they are human beings. there are invisible lines between us. they do not exist. >> do your parents know you are here? check in once in a while the let them necessity you are okay. >> as long as you can keep your mouth shut for the rest of your life you are in no immediate danger. >> this is my world. >> good for you. >> gyp me to discuss the co-host of "five," kimberly, executive director of accountability project; fox news contributeor, ebony williams, and jessica carlisle. kimberly, i don't know why liberals are angry, obama has been in office eight years and republicans have laid down and done what he wants.
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why all hate? >> i don't know but what an amazing group of unfair limited talent. >> beautiful people. >> it is incredible when you see them and they don't know what they are protesting. now, is it a select few or was that the general consensus? >> everyone doesn't like borders, they want to lay down for isis, can you not be proud of these people, jessica, this is your base here. >> that is my base, right. >> they are not the republican base. >> it is the last wing base. >> this was some cherrypicking going on there, the on boarder situation i am not sure so sure. we care about illegal immigration but just don't want to deport 11 million out there. >> many probably do not have facts straight about what is wrong but it accident mean there is something fundamentally wrong. >> lib as like to say he is a hater but i saw a lost hate in the crowd.
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i remember when the tea party was going down you had mainstream media cameras shooting every sign and saying it was a civil war but i did not see mainstream cameras there saying --. >> your own camera. >> i was the only brave one. this was nasty stuff there. >> the rough pollution will not be televised. this is a group that are not political strategists so they not going to be equipped with the facts but it accident mean their frustrations are not valid. there are acts of hate spewed from his mouth and --. >> what has he said? >> you he wants to deport muslims, women are fat pigs. >> only rosie o'donnell. all the list goes on and on. >> i don't understand the people, personally, i think that they giving trump more attention by going to every single event. >> certainly.
2:18 pm
trump eats that up. butting first, that group of people represent an extreme ideologues, have left lean asking that happened and they do not know what they were protesting, like the occupy wall street movement, they do not know why they are there. but there are people on the rite that have a big issue unfavorables are not good with his own base. he has to face it from both sides. >> why think they are showing up in the street saying f.u. and burning the trump effigy. >> but the antitrump movement is from budget sides including independences in we dig into the crowd we will fine a lot of people just standing there were respectly protesting candidacy. >> or maybe they were waiting for july. july. for the convention. >> ronald reagan was protested 56ly by the left and george bush, i remember, hitler, the monkey signs, everything. if you have a nominee for republican party and the left is
2:19 pm
protesting, that is probably a good sign. >> call a boas motivator. >> all this is the plus sign. what is obviously very true is that he had a record town out for new york. he competed expectations. he underpromised and overdelivered. can you mutt deny in a state like new york it is compelling. people are very motivated. he is getting large numbers wherever he goes at far as people showing up and they are exited to do something different. he cares about we have too many people coming into the country illegally. it does affect jobs and the economy. this is a right way to do it. >> in trump by have thes and become as more presidential character will you still see the crazy people hitting the streets? >> yes. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> the establishment and us television among the trump people in it goes to convention that is condition testified, trump supporters will profit the establishment for trying to take nomination. and same with the democrats, i don't think hillary clinton's
2:20 pm
people will be protesting anything but drinking crock tails. >> and in there are cocktails i will be right there in the middle of the action. >> with all the crazies. >> thank you, copies, very much, and, next, "duck dynasty," state of the union talks socialism and beards. and later, al sharpton. up. i don't say that.
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>> thank are for invite me and be welcoming me. >> i give you advise when you are here in the fox news building you might want to think about trimming the beard because o'reilly might think you are al qaeda and try to water board you. houston time own show he photoshopped himself with a beard is when i am there it rubs off. hannity would love a beer, and there is a lot of beard envy going on in new york. that is about four weeks, it takes me a long-term, willie, maybe i will get beard rubbing off on me. >> i don't know if you have any hope, you maybe should stick with that. >> that is a good idea. >> my teenage son has that and he is 12. >> you are no longer a contributor. now, we will go through the presidential candidates starting with bernie sanders. you probably don't have a socialist running around the swamps down there in louisiana. what did you thing about this guy? >> why see a lot of bernie sanders signs around west monroe, louisiana.
2:25 pm
i don't think he is super popular here, not a lot of socialists running around. i would like to think in my christian way, it comes from a good heart, trying to help people, but i don't think he has the kind of plans that i agree with and a lot people i know. >> if you go out duck hunting you bring home ten ducks bernie sanders will say, you have to give six those ducks do your neighbor who sat on his lawn chair all day. >> well, he would want mine ducks probably. but he could --. i would share my duck, i would invite bernie sanders over and he could eat ducks with us. >> also, hillary clinton on the democratic side. her slogan is "ready for hillary." what do we need to be ready for? what is she beginning to do to us? should we be nervous? >> she has been ready for a long-term, but it sees look she has been and forever and it is just a little old and outdated
2:26 pm
and not a big fan of that, either. especially with all of her recent struggles and troubles it seemed like she was a better can tape date when she ran against president obama and he beat her she has continue worse now. all the silver lining in hillary clinton sell located, bill clinton is back this the white house. we all know what fun that is. he sees like the kind of guy you want to have a a better with? that is always entertain. it is always strange they are from arkansas can is crazy. that is one state up above louisiana so they seem like they are way far away from arkansas roots and values but that is just me. >> she a new yorker when she needs to be and who knows where she is from. new, to donald trump, you endorsed him. >> good guy action friend of mine resonating with people and he tolls it like it is and we have seen that play out and, yes, i hung out with his kids, great kids, trump j was her at
2:27 pm
the house we went duck and deer hunting together and spent time with mr. trump and i like his message. why grow with everything or maybe the tone, sometimes, but at this point in type the way the planet is and this are bad thing out there and i like that attitude, i like his new york attitude, tough, and we need a lot of things fixed and that is what is resonating with people like me. >> we know the reason you are voting for him because you want to see his wife as first lady? >> she seems like a nice person, well spoken, so i would hike to see something different. that is what i would like, something different, just to shake this thing up. >> what i have come to learn i have a college degree and i keep up with politics i have no idea how we elect a president in america. i realized that this year. >> i don't think the candidates know. you have a super delegate, a delegate, a caucus, the conventions and i don't know
2:28 pm
what is happening but i do agree --. >> do you understand it? do you understand it? >> i have to say yes because this is my business but i had to research it because --. >> you don't understand it, i am telling you, you don't understand it either, it is your job to say. >> i would like dumb in i said anything different. >> i said i depth, i don't want to lock dumb, but i don't. i have committed to trying to figure this out so i can understand this whole thing and when did it start, so i am on a quest and we talk about that on podcast and trying to figure it out. >> when you figure it out you let me know. does that sunday like a plan? >> i will. i will. >> lastly, director father, phil, is a cruz backer, are you getting into fights around the dip are table. show that welcoming out? >> when he backed ted cruz i did not know he did, i was out of country and came back home and i
2:29 pm
found out they said this was -- i thought how does my father back anyone, he doesn't have a cell phone or computer, and i a on the phone trying to figure out how it happened and they showed up and they had den are together and my father backed him and they shot a commercial and i was, like, great. >> he bought your dad tinker got endorsed? >> he just showed up to dinner. my dad doesn't eat out, either, you have to come into his living room and they probably ate? squares or ducks and then they went hunting and i thought the pictures were funny and he said, we are all backing cruz. so on commercial, he said we all backing cruz and i am like, i called my mom and said i mom, we are not, and he said no, no, no, he knows you like trump, but he meant all the christians. >> whoever ends up on the
2:30 pm
republican side, that is who i will be with. >> thank you very much, and if i am doing down there with you in louisiana can i wear my scholar up or is that not allowed? >> someone will cut off it, but grow the beard out and get rid of collar and you could fit in a bit better. >> thanks, willie. >> coming up i pay a visit to rest ran al but, next, transgender, donald trump and harriet tubman on the 20 dollar bill, on the table with bill o'reilly. >> there is an image associated with the white house. in trump is elected, i am going to advise hip against putting a trump sign on top of white house. >> not a good idea.
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>> fox news alert from america's news headquarters, new
2:34 pm
information in the mass murders of eight family members called a sophisticated pre-planned execution and expect as lengthy investigation. right new, just confirmed, they found marijuana growing operations in three of the homes. they still trying to determine in it was one or several killers. in politics, the battle for five eastern states heat up for both political parties including the sway voters are ready for another super tuesday. in play, connecticut, rory, pennsylvania, delaware, and maryland and president obama in germany with angela merkel, talking about refugee crisis and a european trade deal. watch "fop news," at 7:00 and then the townhall on the fox news channel. now pack to jesse watters. >> bill o'reilly always looking for you but who is looking out
2:35 pm
for bill? we are, for better or for worse. >> last time you on the show the numbers too a dive so this is the second chance. bill. >> i don't think where you start i can dive any further than that. i know you do well. >> shallow water. >> doing okay. >> try my best. you are a fair buy and always looking out for folks. do you think the way we nominate the candidates is fair? >> it is too arcane and too confusing and it could be stream lined. i don't like have delegates, can you bay them. the congressional districts are okay. you reach a certain threshold and you get this amount of delegates from each district. that is okay. why like the secret stuff, why lick the changing stuff, it should be posted. you go interest wendys and they have calories. right? on the wall. >> i don't like to look at that. >> you say my gosh, they should
2:36 pm
have that in every polling place. this is the delegate thing, so everyone knows. that is how i would reform it. >> donald trump was on your show and you said you have to get the negatives down, very high negatives with a lot of people. he did not answer the question, if you advised him how does he bring the negatives down? >> i advised both donald trump and hillary clinton is what it will be for the race, donald trump has to act in a more presidential manner because this is an image associated with the white house. for example, in donald trump is elected i am going to advise him against putting a trump sign on top of white house. >> not a good idea. >> not a if idea. you have to conduct yourself in a way -- obama is good at this. president obama doesn't do anything that is garish and prepares him envelope a way that is "presidential," and dresses nice. so did president bush wronger and down line.
2:37 pm
donald trump is more flashy. he has to bring that in. >> but isn't the particular and the show business and the attitude part of what helps him? >> but now in he gets the nomination bright down and bring the policy way up. get more specific. and bring the way he prepares himself changed. for hillary clinton, it is harder. she has a past that is controversial. it is not going to be not controversial. the people would like her, like her. those that don't, don't. for her i would be more on. >> is she capable? >> we are negotiating for her to come on program. we have interviewed her before. i hope she z it would be a start. sit down with people who are new shall and have conversations with them as a norm human being. >> that is a lot to ask. >> the more accessible she is, the more she shows the kind
2:38 pm
opinion she is, the better it will be for her. >> donald trump was asked about the transgender bath almost bill on the "today show," hard hitting question. this is up your alley, but bruce springsteen is not holding concerts there, should people be able to go to whatever bathroom they want? >> no. there should be on public product, state, federal, throw -- three bathrooms. men's room. >> build an extra impact room. >> one path respect will not break you. put in one for for men. one for memorial, and men/women. and they did it styles. you have they. if you are transgender person you go this. >> that would be cleanest. >> in a private concern, in a restaurant or movie theater, they are under no obligation to do this and the federal government should not be imposing on federal business do. a membership's room a lady's
2:39 pm
almost. and then the transgender people, or whatever, have to understand their situation is specialized and roll with it. is that fair? i think it is fair. >> you are not me dress in drag and go to north carolina. >> youly do that on saturday night anyway. >> thank you, everyone. >> last question, harriet tubman. >> love her. >> you want her? >> loveharriet tubman a woman born into slavery, witnessed horrible things and enough courage to escape, went from slave situation in maryland to the commonwealth of pennsylvania which was a free state and turned around and devoted her life to freedom hunting and helping other run away slaves get out of there. what is not to admire i am happy that people, (a), people know who she is and, (b), she is
2:40 pm
honored that way. i am very proud. >> why care as long as what i pay for something i get it back. that is all i care. >> you are a growedy shallow guys, watt are whose is a trans general dresser on the weekend. >> come right up, we confront rest ran al sharpton overseas controversial comments about crackers. >> who is the secretary of state ? >> give me a hint. >> john... >> kasich!
2:41 pm
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>> al sharpton playing the role of power broker for the black vote last week. it sound lick a convention i needed to attend. >> you work when you have time. >> what does that mean? haw is your favorite thing about white people? >> they progressive. >> i love your hair what is it?
2:45 pm
>> a jersey thing. >> [ blank ]. >> what are you doing. >> celebrating 25 years of national action network. >> i am surprised you made it this long. >> i am not shocked, people are shot, they are being killed, who do you call? >> what kind of workshops do they have? >> panels on incarceration, how not to get lockup? >> can i borrow your hat? >> why? >> to pass its and for al because he owes the i.r.s. a lot money. >> you don't make somebody mad you are not doing anything. >> what are you doing here? >> you noon i am not white? >> you are excited for hillary clinton? >> i am excited for the dialogue. >> not excited for hillary clinton? >> no, not excited for hick.
2:46 pm
>> are you ready for hillary clinton? >> i don't know in anyone is ready for hillary clinton. it just sort of happens. >> are you ready for hillary clinton? >> yes. >> to go to jail? >> then i will wait until she comes out. >> we need to recognize our privilege and practice humility. >> i am more than ready. i am for her. >> you could be only one. >> what is her greatest accomplishment? >> well...her greatest accomplishment? >> didn't the clintons lockup all the black people in the 1990s? >> some of us black people were not locked up. >> okay, good. good. >> i am a fan. >> really? a watters fan, never underestimate the power of stupid. >> who do you think you are talking to? >> i am watters and this is "my
2:47 pm
world." >> last episcopal sold we showed you a clip of rove rand al speaking at college in 1992 about pet misconduct and the community react. all the panther lovers and --. [ inaudible ] >> brother, i don't believe in marches, i don't believe in that, i don't believe in offing the pig, you --. [ inaudible ] >> what i believe in i do. do what you believe in. or shut up. stand up. stand up what you believe in. i believe in fight. well, fight then, ain't nobody holding you.
2:48 pm
[ inaudible ] where are the crackers around here? here? >> pretty inflammatory. we wanted an explanation but sharpton refused to return our calls and e-mails so lucky me i happened to run into him at the convention. >> a little distorted. >> we have an interview of you saying off crackers and off picks. can you apologize? >> you had me where i said that a guy was talking about offing pigs and i said you ain't doing nothing and -- wait, wait, wait. you are changing what you say.
2:49 pm
>> i have the script right here. >> i want 9 film. i don't say any of that. you are trying to destroy the mission. what i did was mock the guy. >> i have the transcript right here. >> i don't need the transcript. i know what i said. >> that is right. >> no one is holding you back. >> facts are facts, thanks, rest rapid. >> i am sure you have the guts to show that. >> good luck with the i.r.s. >> i am done with the i.r.s. >> maybe you will be like bill o'reilly and go on dinner. >> director treat? >> i treated him. >> i understand his defense but why see it that way. we will let you decide. >> up next, we head to
2:50 pm
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>> people say, when you dot man on the street do you pick out dummies. i went to a place where there are who dummies, harvard university and asked the same questions i ask. let's see how they did. who is the secretary of state? >> the secretary of ...hillary clinton? >> this job is almost a dream come true. >> obama? who is the secretary of
2:54 pm
state? oh, god, yeah, give me a hint. >> john... >> kasich. >> john kerry? >> john kerry? >> john kerry. harvard education. >> can you name one obama administration handle? >> can you name one obama administration scandal? >> oh beam care, the secret service. >> when they slept with prostitutes? >> do you have a wife? girlfriend? >> we will give it to. >> i.r.s. >> there are so many i could... >> we don't have all day. >> who is the speak wear of the house? >> joe biden. >> he is the vice president. >> okay. >> would it be...better in i
2:55 pm
didn't say anything? >> the guy that cries all the time. >> boehner? >> yeah. >> paul ryan. >> the speaker of the house of representatives? >> paul ryan. >> paul ryan. >> he is on a roll. >> tell me what your thoughts are on bergdahl? >> neutral. >> bergdahl? not sure in barry doll... >> first name is chris? is that right? bowe? >> why have any thoughts. >> i would probable say that bergdahl is, in fact, a traitor. >> thank you, harvard. >> i want the evidence to know that the two students who answered every question correctly were both "watters
2:56 pm
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. >> everyone who watches the show knows i put my collar up and tag out with this is my world, i can't help it. i do it. just embrace it. preston, a little fan, would has style and attitude and is going to break so many hearts i can see it right now. and the girls are starting to catch on, also. this is "my world." >> that was a solid delivery. america, try and style your kids and send it, in it is cute we will put it on the show that is
3:00 pm
it for us tomorrow, follow me on twitter and instagram and facebook and tell me what you think. remember, i'm wa tters and this is my world. >> i am chris wallace. team trump said we soon see a new candidate, we will hear from the man behind the new makeover. >> we got a look of the new presidential donald trump in the victory speech. >> trip trump is about eliminated. >> no more lying ted but can it last is. >> my wife is constantly saying, darling, be more presidential. i just don't know that i want to do it quite yet. all the new top


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