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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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convention. nicholas says the alliance shows weakness and voters want a inwe are, not a desperate candidate. phil says the plan will help because trump isn't running for president, his ego is. have a fantastic monday. see you. >> another first. that's what we have today. another first in american presidential primary politics. at least we have not seen this sort of open teaming up before, if if that's what it is. let's call it team "krasich." i should say ted cruz and john kashich joins forces in an effort to sink donald trump at a contested convention. trump has another name, team "krasich." enough the candidates didn't get together and come up with this but their campaigns did. the announcement last night after the fox news town hall. cruise and kashich campaign
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managers say john kashich will stop campaigning in indiana to help cruz inch exchange, ted cruz will, close, clear the path for john kashich in oregon on may 17th, and in new mexico on june 7th. so they're teaming up. even though ted cruz has called kashich a spoiler and kashich called cruz a smear artist who can't beat hillary clinton, and alone, neither of them has a path to the nomination on the first ballot at the convention, but together, together, maybe they can stop trump. but that would require a lot of togetherness. how much is there? well, consider this from john kashich just this morning. >> i don't see this as any big deal other than they fact i'm not going to spend resources in indiana and heat not going to spend them in other places. so what? >> who should supporters vote for in indiana? >> never told them not to vote for me.
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>> not a big deal? it is a big deal. if you really do it. if you two really do become "krasich" to stop trump, but are you? not if john kashich is still telling supporters in indiana to vote for him, which is what he just did, to vote for him instead of ted cruz. who says he needs to the votes. >> this is about win thing votes of the hoosier state. we're the fork in the road. if donald trump is the nominee, hillary clinton wins. >> so cruz wants the votes in indiana. neats the votes in indiana. kashich is willing to not campaign there. in fact to pull out of indiana, he says, creating "krasich," but not willing to tell his supporters in indiana to vote instead for ted cruz. so not trump is not exactly "krasich," is it? i mean, it dominated the news cycle this morning and everybody is still talking bit but not trump is more not "krasich" than "krasich," really.
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that's how it sounds. the latest fox news century very shows trump leading in indiana, so if all of kashich's supportsers somehow voted for cruz instead the texas senator could win, but the polls suggest all of them will not do that. some say they good to trump. in fact there is really no telling whether a cruz win in indiana will even come close to happening. and "krasich," i should say kashich told his supporters to vote for him. as for the "krasich" content, donald trump has been blasting that, calling it desperate and pathetic and a form of collusion that would be illegal in the business world. trump promised to start acting more presidential, just apparently not today. because today he attacked john kashich, calling him a duff guesting human being, making fun of the way the ohio governor eats. >> did you see him? he has the news conference the time when he is eating. i've never seen a human being
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eat in such a disgusting fashion. honestly, it shows such total weakness and it's pathetic. when two long-time insider politicians, establishment guys whether you like it or not, have to clued, have to get together to try to beat a guy that speaks what the people want. >> weakness and pathetic. so, will "krasich" be a thing? a stop trump alliance for the history books that will keep donald trump from getting the delegates he needs to win the nomination on the first ballot. analysts say it could but votes are not all in. it's not "krasich." at least not at this moment. and tomorrow is a big day for republicans. five states hold g.o.p. contests tomorrow, all in the northeast, which is donald trump's home turf, and "krasich --" well, "krasich" isn't even running. carl cameron is live in pennsylvania. hough is this looking for trump
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tomorrow? >> reporter: pretty good. there's 172 delegate alts stake. five states from maryland through pennsylvania here, delware, connecticut and rhode island, and he is pretty much leading in all the state that have polls or have had recent polls shelf case up double digits. one poll, up 20. and 1 2 delegates are lot but each state proportionally allocate delegates and each state has depth rules. trump has been complaining compe systemming rigged and corrupt because of the very thing they goetz to happen in pennsylvania where 53 delegates are up bound. a big delegate purse, and even if trump were to win big he wouldn't get the full body of the first. it's going to be proportional and some cases the unbound delegate hey not not get those because cruz has been out ma jury outma howeverring him in the delegate hunt. >> doesn't sound like the "krasich" concept is real. is a discussion on whether a "krasich" could do this?
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>> reporter: forgive me if i say cruz and kashich as opposed to "krasich." when you start taking two into onor,er getting into advanced political allege. it's not uncommon nor candidates to cooperate. one candidate skips a state and will let the staff share that information with them so they can knock somebody off. typically happens when there's three candidates left. but taking to it at the convention is different and could work. it's going to be difficult. they reask prices that indiana is a pivotal state, as it california. indiana is a week from tomorrow california is un 7th, and if trump did very well in indiana -- it's a winner-take-all bit statewide and congressional district, and then in california, huge still, then trump could still reach at the 1237. very difficult but possible.
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ale single time kashich or cruz win delegates and prevent trump from a winner-take-all type of victory, then they are making it more and more difficult. only takes one vote short for this to go to a contested convention so it could backfire and outrage trump supporters and he is credited with really raising the primary turnout and caucus turn-route with his candidate si. if he dish if it proves his allegation that the republican party nomination process is corrupt and rigged, then he could get even more votes and it could backfire on the never trumps and kashich and cruz. >> thank you. let turn julie pace who covers the whose. this "krasich" concept, we raved bit last night this morning, and then cruz says i need the votes in nat so john kashich is backing out and john kashich says are, supporters vote for me. so i don't understand if it's
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ann even "krasich." >> it's a little complicated and kashich threw cold water on it when saying if supportes want to vote for him, they should vote for him. it illustrates why this is maybe a strategy that these two candidates have no choice but to wrap their arms around, burt something that is going to be very difficult to actually implement because even if they are not putting resources into the state for travel or for television advertisement, they're going to be on the ballot, they are increasingly well-known people so there will be voters who don't care about this strategic element. they just want to vote for who they like. that's a crazy concept, i guess in this primary season, but they can't guarantee these outcomes they're pushing for right now. >> and julie, you think this could backfire. how so? >> if you luke at what donald trump has been doing when he talks' a rigged process, at the
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convention, a bunch of political leaders, party elites getting together in a room and orchestrating the results they like, this is something else that he could point to, and i was at a donald trump rally last week and this is one of the things voters were saying, that they just feel like this whole system is some secret cabal, something that is beyond the actual votes they're casting and this is something that donald trump will point to say, see irtold you, you have people who are in collusion, who are trying to run a secret process, and subvert the will of the voters and i think it's a strategy that he more than anybody can make successfully. >> its your sense that we have a little more clarity on the republican side, that it's then and only then that donald trump will do what he says he is capable of doing and that's acting presidential? >> i don't know when we're going to see that happen. we have heard this promise, this idea that there is a presidential donald trump that is somewhere behind the scenes
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issue behind he curtain and wait fog their perfect moment to roll it out. seems like every time one of his advisers or someone in this family talk about it, he goes in the option direction. he told voter if he becomes presidential, he will be so boring no one will show up to his rallies and he doesn't like the thought of that. >> tomorrow, none of this addresses tomorrow because tomorrow all these northeastern states and to our analysts and our decision desk, from the polls, looks like it could be a trump clean sweep. >> it could. and if he has a clean sweep, then it does make the math even more difficult for cruz and kashich, but also makes it so that this strategic alliance or quasi-alanes they formed is really their only option. there are two games right now. donald trump trying to win this outright in the actual j-e-ting and cruz and kashich trying to push this towards a convention. >> thank you, julie.
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democrats now tomorrow is huge. hillary clinton can't win enough delegates to officially clinch the nomination tomorrow night
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but can essentially close the door on bernie sanders, both candidates in pennsylvania, one of five states where the dems vote tomorrow. pennsylvania has the most delegates to offer and the polls there show clinton with a big lead going into the voting. accord together latest nbc "wall street journal" poll, clinton has a 15-point advantage over sanders in pennsylvania. big picture, number crunchers say after tomorrow night, clinton can have up to 90% of the delegates needed to win the nomination. sanders campaign officials will re-evaluate things once the contes are done but sanders himself said just yesterday he intends to take the fight to california in june. ed hen henri has that news. senator sanders is still on the attack. >> reporter: that's right. what is interesting is that might beatle built of a softening for sanders saying he is staying through june. remember he said originally he wanted to stay -- hearing an
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ambulance going by -- wanted to stay through july for the democratic convention. what might be going on is political reality is settling in and if he struggles tomorrow in pennsylvania like he did in new york last week and does not win california he will not have a keis to super delegates to flip from christian ton to sanders. if he had gone on a run and won these states he could go to the convention. he is trying one last stand, and staying on the attack. watch. >> i do not represent wall street or the billionaire class. i don't want their money. our campaign in an unprecedented way has received more than 7 million individual campaign contributions. >> reporter: he went on to say up like hillary clinton, who has been using super pacs. what he really may be doing, bernie sanders issue is want to
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have an impact on the platform here at the democratic convention in philly at the end of july, move it to the left, make it ore more progressive. >> she was just sort of ignoring him. seems to be focusing more on donald trump. is that still the case today? >> reporter: yeah. y have hillary clinton staff openly speculating to "the new york times" over the weekend about who might be the vice-presidential pick. then you have hillary clinton out here on the stump. she was in delware earlier, will be near philadelphia in the next couple of hours, focusing her fire not on bernie sanders but donald trump. watch. >> don't just fly that big jet in and land it and go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of and then go back, get on the big jet and go back to cower country clubhouse in florida or your penthouse in new york. >> reporter: now, remember, hillary clinton herself has beenogy a private jet on this campaign as well but her point clearly is, she is focused on
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the general election, not on the primary anymore. >> ed henry, thank you. up next we break down the democratic race, sanders says clinton needs to be more progressive if she wants his support. so, how does she do that? we'll hear from a journalist who says, look for secretary clinton to try to win over populists with their vp pick. that's coming up. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. real is touching a ray.
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so you can get back to whatever it is you civilians do when you're not thinking about car insurance. e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. >> hillary clinton getting closer to delivering a knockout punch to bernie san but not yet and sanders suggesting clinton has to adopt a more progressive agenda if she wants his support. let's bring in the political jet for their "the boston globe."
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nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> more progressive agenda. are there specifics? >> obviously one of the most -- biggest things that sanders has brought up is income inequality and the fight against wall street. all of these issues he would like to see hillary clinton talk about more as he said, to win his support in the future. that's a problem for hillary clinton. as a former u.s. senator from new york she worked with the banks and wall street frequently so he is asking for a whole lot from her to get his support in the long run. >> do we have seasons yet for how far she is willing to go? >> i think hillary clinton is for political expedience si but doesn't stray in the end too far physical her moderate roots. in the end she is a political moderate so anything too far to the left will seal really inauthentic. what she is going to do instead is to pick a number two on the ticket that really reflects
12:22 pm
where the left wing of the democratic party is going. i think -- yes? >> go ahead. >> i think that for a couple runs. she is making a gamble which seems like from her most recent comments-it's not a gamble, that trump is the g.o.p. nominee and has to worry about independents a lot less than she would have had to face a john kashich on the other end of the ticket. instead she is thinking about energizing the party's base, to come out to vote for her. and the energy in in democratic party is on the far left. >> would the talk with the "times" over the weekend about vp picks they want to us start talking about that, but that's not where they are in this campaign. it's way early for that. they don't know who they need. >> the don't know yet. if anyone whos who hillary clinton will pick as her vice-presidential pick they're lying of. it's impossible to know. so much can happen between now and the end of the summer, and let's remember the timing of when these things happen. sometimes they're july or august
12:23 pm
but the run national convention, which looks like could very well be headed to a contested convention is going to be the week before the democratic national convening in philly, so moe likely -- this is not source but she most likely would probably wait to see what comes out of that before she makes her pick. >> might be helpful to first know who the republican nominee is going to be because they're all different kinds of people in here. in a ted cruz world, they have evangelicals and the more hard core right, and donald trump you have this mix of everybody. who the heck knows. to trop this if the we thyme thyme seems disingenuous. >> i think it's part of a greater strategy. you just pointed now the last segment she wants to move on to the general election and wants to make it seem like it's all sewn up, and in the end it's something for people to talk about surrounding her candidacy. it is certainly keeping tongues
12:24 pm
wagging in washington. >> that's for sure. live from boston this afternoon. good to see you. thank you. the president prom mitted over and over no troops on the ground in syria. will not happen. no troops on the ground in syria and then he put droops on the ground in syria. but don't worry. the white house says that time it was not mission creep. what are they saying this time? as hundreds more troops gear up to go to syria. seems russia's putin is -- we just got a fox news alert, steph curry's mri is complete, and now we know what it means. and if you're a big steph curry fan in the short run the news is not good. and i'll have it for you in total next. we asked a group of young people
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prudential. bring your challenges.
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headlines from the fox news deck. the city of cleveland will pay $6 million to the family of tamir rice as part of a settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit. a police officer shot and killed the 12-year-old as he played with a pellet gun in november of 2014. the grand jury decided not to bring charges against the officer. hundreds of protesters gathering in cairo after egypt's government handed control of two
12:28 pm
islands to saudi arabia thousands of police officers and soldiers firing bird shot, using tear gas to break up the clouds. the demonstrators calling for egypts to leader to step down. >> vladimir putin purchased bottle nosed dolphin with perfect teeth. they shelled out thousands. no word on why one of the most powerful militaries needs the dolphin-or-their chompers. the breaking news on steph curry in the nba playoffs coming up. more flavorful. delicious. only one egg with better nutrition... like more vitamins d, e, and omega 3s. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more:
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looktry align probiotic.our digestive system? and it keeps my investments fully mobile... for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic. ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid. ♪ hundreds of americans are about to get a lot more involved in the ground fight against isis. president obama said he is sending 250 additional troops to syria. big increase from the 50 u.s. service members already there the president said they will not be leading the fight on the ground but will be providing training. and it's not only syria. 200 more u.s. troops headed to iraq to take -- help take on the
12:31 pm
terror group there the defense secretary ash carter announced the move last week, saying the american force will help advise the iraqis. lea gabrielle has the rest of the story on syria. not mission creep. >> hmm, well, the white house says this is really all about momentum. now, the already in syria has been very effective and isis has been push out of its strongholes in northern and eastern syria, and that these additional u.s. service members can accelerate that process. now, president obama made this announcement today in a speech to european leaders but reiterated it will take more than military action to stop isis. listen. >> just as we remain relentless on the military front we're not going to give up on diplomacy to end the civil war in syria because the suffering of the syrian people has to end and that requires an effective political transition. >> now, pentagon spokesman would not give a specific breakdown of the troops going to syria, but they will include special forces, special operations troops, as well as medical and
12:32 pm
logistics personnel. as for the number of troops already involved in the fight against isis from the u.s., this will bring it to 300 on the ground in syria, and in iraq there will be more than 4,000, including the 200 plus announced last week. and to put it in perspective after the post war drawdown, only 100 u.s. service members stayed from 2012 to 2014 and that's compared to 170,000 at the peak of the surge in iraq. the white house says that a ground war against the isis and iraq in syria would take much greater number of troops than those that there are and going there, and today's statement -- state department spokesman insisted this is not a ground wore but a pentagon spokesmanman size the troop will not be on the front lines but will be in harm's way and will be allowed to defense themselves. >> police in ohio are not saying whether drugs were the motive of the execution-style killings but the found marijuana growing operations three of the four crime scenes. the homes are located near the
12:33 pm
small town of piketon 50, miles south of columbus. the victims were as young as 16, as old as 44. investigators have not yet arrested anybody for friday's shootings. mike tobin is with us from our northwest newsroom do investigators have in the lead on this person or persons? >> reporter: the attorney general said whoever went to these four different crime scenes and methodically executed members of the rhoden family they did a very good job covering their tracks. >> this was a preplanned execution of eight individuals. it was a sophisticated operation. those who carried it out were trying to do everything they could do to hinder the investigation and their prosecution. report dozens of
12:34 pm
interviewed have been done and police have collected 18 pieces offed and still don't know enough to say if there was more than one shooter. >> what more do we know about a possible drug connection here? >> reporter: plenty of evidence to standpoint investigators in that direction. when pressed the attorney general, mike dewine, said however much pot was present at three of these four crime scenes there was more than anyone would need for personal use, indicating this was part of a selling operation. the sheriff of pike county, ohio, indicated they do have a drug problem in that part of the state, and when you go back to 2012 the attorney general highlighted a drug operation with connections to the mexican cartel, what is missing is the able to connect what happened near piketon to any other operation or even to the drug trade in general. >> mike tobin in chicago, thank you. relatives say prince had been awake for five straight days before -- i should say six straight days before somebody found the musician deed in his home in minnesota. the pop star's brother-in-law
12:35 pm
reportedly told detectives that the singer had not slept for 154 hours before they found his body in an elevator. the official cause of death still not known but family members reportedly gathered at the singer's home for a memorial service over the weekend, 24 hours after his private cremation himself family gave fans purple box office memorabilia. prince's greatest hits album is headed for number one of the billboard 200 chart. if it tops the list it will be prince's fifth number one album and first in more than a decade. just in to fox news, and i mentioned before the break, steph curry went out in game four -- at the end of the first half in the game against the rockets with something wrong with his knee. they were going to do an mr and i they have and here the results. a grade one mcl sprain on his right knee, with the protects up 3-1 over -- i should say with the warriors up 3-1 over the
12:36 pm
rockets, this one may be in hand but sounds like steph curry is out for at least two weeks. so that could take them four games into the next round of the playoffs if they get there. steph curry, they will re-evaluate after two weeks. so there's no guarantee that steph is back in for the warriors even two weeks from now. steph curry, with a sprain to his mcl. this one just won't go away. tom brady facing a four-game suspension for the "deflategate" scandal after a fer appeals court sided with the nfl. in january last year the league punished the patriotsor using underinflated footballs during an afc championship game. officials suspended tommy for four games, saying he was at least generally aware of what was going on. they say brady also destroyed a cell phone with thousands of messages on it. tom brady fought back and in september a judge overtowned the suspension, so brady got to play. but today's ruling means we're back at square one. so far no response from brady or the pats but he'll miss the
12:37 pm
first four. johnny football facing possible year behind bars. he is accused of beating up this then-girlfriend and a lawyer for the former browns quarterback says a grand jury is set to sign off tomorrow on a misdemeanor assault charge. yonny manziel's ex-is colleen crowley. in january he told police he attacked her at a hotel and hit her so hard she lost hearing in her left ear. she also claims he dragged her by the hair, forced her into a car and threatened to kill her. for johnny manziel residents part he has been, well, walking -- a walking headline. he spent the last time in rehab last year, a little bit of anytime rehab. the browns cut him after just a couple of seasons. two agents have no dropped him after demanding he get more treatment and he didn't. and his own father said that if his stepson didn't get help he wouldn't live to see his next birthday december. today it seems johnny manziel has not gotten more help and has
12:38 pm
consistently spotted out drinking and partying. last week manziel said he was, quote, hoping to take care of issues, unquote in front of him, so he could focus on playing football. manziel residents lawyer says there have not been any talks of reaching a deal before the assault case goes to trial. jared max is here, a sports report for fox news headlines. johnny is in trouble. >> a lot of trouble. i don't know where his football career goes from here and where does his life go from here? it would appear that this is rock pocket. he is due to turn himself in his lawyer said, sometime between tomorrow and friday, and now the legal stuff begins. he has already lost so much. here's a guy who signed a four-year contract with over $8 million. 6.7 million guaranteed. which probably has hurt him at bit have that money in and this ability to party. no longer a member of the cleveland browns help has lost basically every endorse. he has ever been in ties with, and now he is facing legal troubles.
12:39 pm
is he ready to accept responsibility in you say what he just said a couple of days ago, or week ago, how he wants to turn it around. before he was drafted in 2014 he told the houston chronicle, i'm trying to show people i've grown up and i've learn from my experiences. he said file like you're a stupid person if you continue to make the same wrong decisions. johnny manziel has continued to make the wrong decisions, and he is not even 24 years old yet. >> i saw a tweet from a long-time friend of his saying he has to get help but if he is surrounding himself with enablers -- i know he doesn't have an agent. >> at some point something has to click within him. otherwise as his father says he's not going to make it to 24. and anybody who has any kind of problem with takes, regardless of of your addiction, you might know i need serious help. whether you do it remains to be seen. this appears like it would be rock bottom. >> he seems to bev saying, i'm partying, i'm having a good time, i'm always the in the spotlight because i'm johnny
12:40 pm
manziel so you seat it, but i'm okay. that seems to bev what he saying but all the evidence suggests otherwise. >> sounds like a child star who never got to grow up and in the sense he was anointed as johnny football, this larger than life character and hasn't been able to grow up and escape from it and he is paying with his life. >> you can look back to when he miraculously and spectacularly beat alabama as a football -- a quarterback for a&m and from that point on the spotlight has not left him, but before then, because it's not like he was a poor kid from the boonies. he has had the wherewithal and the means. >> you mentioned texas a&m. as far as striking others physically assaulting others, it was going on book then. there were so many different reports of issues that took place where he was using his fists. where he is partying. what took place or did not tapes in -- did not take place in
12:41 pm
january, the grand jury -- >> between tomorrow and friday he turns himself in, and this just says, okay, they'll is in -- he can face charges. the dallas police chose to not arrest him on the case. they dvded to go to the grand jury instead and maybe to keep their hands clean of responsibility to be overly cautious and make sure they get it right. >> thanks, from fox news headlines 24/7. more ahead on the battle for the delegate in the presidential race. behind the scenes to be republican side. we speak with a political reporter who says a new boost for ted cruz brings the candidate closer to being age to undermine donald trump at a cob tested convention. how does that work? that's ahead on "shepard smith reporting."
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there are two races underway for the republican presidential nomination. the first its the public race for votes which donald trump has dominated in most states.
12:45 pm
the second is the behinds the scenes maneuvering for tellings in n which ted cruz has been doing very well, cruz picked up dotses of additional delegates a republican meetings in various states. the latest count shows trump leading with 845 delegates, cruz in second place, john kashich in fourth behind marco rubio who dropped out last month. trump is 390 delegates shy of the number he needs to capture the nomination before the convention in july. ed o'keefe is a politics report are for "washington post" and is live from their newsroom in d.c. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what do you think of "krasich"? anything? >> we'll see. there's word just a few minutes ago they -- a pro-ted cruz super pac plans to continue to run ad against kashich in indiana. perhaps they haven't gotten a enemy to the that the candidates would prefer they not do that. we'll see if this enholy alliance holds but makes sense in indiana but a that one the
12:46 pm
short term is this most important going forward. if cruz can stop trump there it significantly reduces the businessman's chanceses of get thing 1,203 needed before the cleveland convention. if trump wins there all this talk about second ballot, third ballot becomes a lot less reality. >> what kashich is all about is topping trump, kashich could suspend his campaign and somebody gets 50%. right? >> right. i think a lot of this, frankly, may proof to be too late. there was talk of this a few weeks ago with know the cruz and kashich campaigns talk about doing this and couldn't come to an agreement. doing it now. that's probably because they know tomorrow trump is expected to clean up in all five of the states up for grabs, and they realize that the opportunities are really some rinking. kashich -- shrinking. kasich arepublican likely to do
12:47 pm
better in oregon, which is why cruz is holing off. same with new mexico. cruz has a good operation in indiana and that's a state that a already picked the delegates. a lot of the people are kashich and cruz supporters so the establishment of the party can kind of see what the two candidates are doing and try to maneuver appropriately. we'll see if that's enough to stop trump. >> that's where cruz has said at that time kashich is going to drop out and kashich said, well, no, if people in indiana want to vote for me, they should vote for them, and a lot of them have already vote, like tens of thousands of them, right? >> in indiana? >> yes if thought they had early voting and absentee style. >> that may bow i'm not a thousand percent. in which case they're likely to be votes already cast for john kashich, which may upset this unholy alliance. >> it isn't really yet an alliance. when we do the math on our board, and i've seen the way you
12:48 pm
do it on the "washington post" and they're similar, there's a chance for donald trump not to get to 1237. in fact it seems more likely he wouldn't get to 1237. then there's some unbound delegates he could wrangle and get them over there if that's possible but this idea of a second ballot is not crazy but it's not cray cray. he can get there. >> he can. and that's why we keep talking about all of this there are way for trump to do and it ways for cruz to stop him and force multiple ballots. certainly by packing all these delegations with people who would shift their support to him in later returns of balloting signals trump would have a hard time holing on to the lead if he can't secure it on the third ballot. so until trump gets to 1,203, if that happens before california we have to keep talking about this and the cruz campaign will continue to pick up seats
12:49 pm
because that's the way you stop donald trump from winning the nomination. >> trump has a big day tomorrow. ed, nice to see you again. a man attempts to reach bermuda, running inside a home made floating hamster wheel, has been rescued off the coast by the coast guard. when one runs in a floating hamster wheel, well, you might need a rescue. it's golf. >> yes. it has a motor. he built this himself. he is an encourages runner and wanted to run all the way from pompano beach tober mewed but d.a. but didn't get -- to bermuda. but didn't get very far. this is the second time that's happened in 2014 they got calls from fishmen who said a disoriented map in a bubble was asking for directs to beer maude da and they grabbed him etch we they heard was going to try it again they said don't do this, but they did it anyway and they
12:50 pm
were able to grab him. >> it he has beach ball decide. >> this does not look very seaworthy or pondworthy. he is going in fish outside of it. that's how he was going to eat. gets up to 120 degrees on the inside but he would just jump out with a leash attached to his leg and swim when he got hot. that's his plan. >> that's a good plan. >> makes sense wife the coast guard said, oh, no. >> thank you. a bank that has come to symbolize the wealth of the one percent, now looking to do business with the other 99%. goldman sachs opening savings accounts for as little as one dollar. why? more importantly, should you open a one dollar savings account at goldman? that's next. it takes technology, engineering and coordination to hit the perfect shot. at quicken loans, the same is true for mortgages. quicken loans. home buy.
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you don't have to be super rich to invest to with geldman sack. they announced a digital saving coot for order people and for a dollar you can open your own. jerriil with has more. gs bank? >> gs bank, the bank for regular people and you can open up a savings account with just a buck. that's their minimum. they pay 1.05%. you're laughing and say that nothing but if you actually look at the list, it's much better than the other big players and even a lot of the smaller players as well. two percent on a five-year cd certificate of deposit. >> that's not horrible for today's numbers. >> it's not horrible. they are trying to get deposits in the door and that's when you want to sign up. >> i'm surprised they need the cash. >> well, they're trying to start a new business, consumer business -- >> that's why they're targeting regular people. >> that's right.
12:55 pm
it's an $830 billion business and they want a piece of the action, and by the way, their last quarterly organization were down. so they're looking for something new to do. they hired some of the smartest people in the room on the topic, going to a discovery executive. this guy knows a lot about consumer banking and will be interesting because goldman could bring a lot of help to people who aren't being served by the big banks, big banks walk away from mortgages and other lines of business. >> usually more competition is good for the people who use the business. >> i think it will be here, too. this is exciting news. >> all right. thank you, geri. >> you're welcome. >> we'll be right back with a look at a milestone in the white house. it had nothing to do with politics and it happened on this day in history. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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breaking news. a small plane has crashing in
12:59 pm
pompano beach, florida, apparently in somebody's backyard. live pictures coming into us courtesy of wsvn. our station is reporting that three people are hurt. another local station there, cbs 4 in miami, says that the victims were all onboard the plane and are now in critical condition. flames spread to a nearby house and firefighterwards spraying that one with water earlier. on this day in 1947, president harry trueman opened up the white house bowling aley. was a birthday gift from friends in missouri. it featured two lanes and debt up in the west wing, truman opened up the lanes to staffers who form their own boley league but the bowling alley moved to the eisenhower office building next year where presidents, including richard nixon, had their strikes and spares. over the years presidents have hat access to their own putting
1:00 pm
greens, swimming pools and tennis court, after truman hit the lanes 69 years ago. today. should news break out the news deck's team will break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. >> if you clued in business or if you collude in the stock market they put you in jail, but in politics, because it's a rigged system, because it's a corrupt enterprise, in politics, you're allowed to collude so they colluded and actually i was happy because it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. >> 'met with the cruz people and they made a represents and i said i think it's fair because in some places we haven't spent a lot of resources. >> on kashich decided to pull out of indiana to give up a head-to-head con testifies with donald trump. >> campaigning in indiana and he's


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