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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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rub, or maybe even a treat. you know, that's true. think about it. you go to hug your dog, they kind of wriggle. not going to do it anymore. thanks, though, for being part of "the real story" today. i'm gretchen carlson. have a fantastic wednesday. here's shep. >> announcer: now "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news desk. it's the race for the republican nomination, and indiana is next. and indiana could be everything. like over, full stop for everybody who's not donald trump. as for last night that's history. clean sweep, as expected, for trump. he won bigger than even the polls predicted. but indiana is what matters, and ted cruz knows it. he's putting everything there. politico's shane goldmacher writes today, "trump can't win the nomination there, but it's where he could lose it." john podhoretz in the "new york post," if trump wins the primary next week in the hoosier state, cruz is toast and trump will almost certainly be the republican nominee.
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the "national journal's" josh trauthauer says if cruz wins indiana taking most of its delegates the path for trump to win 1,237 delegates is very narrow." make no mistake, this will not be easy for ted cruz. he's down in the latest indiana poll by a few points. there part of the electorate is angry about lost jobs and a troubled economy. that's a trump strength. and there's no organized network of conservative radio lined up against trump like it was in wisconsin, where cruz managed to do, well, anything. so for cruz it won't be easy. but the analysts seem to believe it's all that's left for the not trump crowd to stop trump. john mccormick writes today in "the weekly standard" "if undecided voters and some kasich voters break toward cruz, the texas senator could take indiana." remember, kasich has pulled out of indiana, closed his offices in indiana. he is not campaigning in indiana in his crasich alliance with
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cruz. however ill conceived crasich may be it's not trump's potential land stand. so says dan balz in the "washington post." cruz needs to deny trump those 57 indiana delegates or face the reality that his candidacy could come to a bleak conclusion. trump is suddenly pushing hard in indiana. according to politico, trump is spending almost a million dollars in ads in indiana. his top adviser, paul manafort, is talking about doubling the number of operatives on the ground in indiana. a source tells politico that's an exaggeration, but it is a sign of what's on the line. trump himself spent the morning talking up the hoosier state. >> i go to indiana, i have bobby knight tonight is going to endorse trump. bobby knight is the most revered coach in the history i guess of indiana. he's great. >> he gets it. indiana is huge. ted cruz is all over indiana today, knowing this may be his last stand in a not trump
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cruz-ade. after all, he got demolished yesterday everywhere in the northeast. it's not like californians won't get their say in june. they will, and california will matter. looking ahead, nate cohn in today's "new york times" writes, "a clear win in california but a loss in indiana could set up a contested convention where the unpledged pennsylvania delegates could be decisive." ah, pennsylvania's unpledged delegates. dozens of them elected last night. delegates bound or pledged to no candidate. in a world where cruz has won indiana and california is split, which because of the rules it most likely will be, those pennsylvania unbound delegates will be very popular people for the month before the republican nominating convention in july. so today the battle for the narrative. after the big win last night trump owned the narrative until ted cruz stepped to the microphones this morning in indiana and said we should expect a big announcement today, 4:00 eastern time, less than an hour from now. so what is it? well, sources tell fox news ted
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cruz will announce carly fiorina will be his vice presidential pick. the one-time hewlett-packard ceo spotted on a plane to indiana today and caught on video in indiana. fiorina could boost cruz in california on the last day of the primaries in june. you don't announce vice presidents in april. unless you need to win the day, win every day until the last stand in indiana. and with a win and a push for a split in california, followed by wrangling of those pennsylvania delegates and others from the unbound category at a hoped-for contested convention filled with multiple ballots and chaos, that's the not trump path now. it's overgrown. it's narrow. it's difficult to travel. and that path may be a dead end, but it is the only path left. and the next crucial, potentially win or die stop for ted cruz is indiana.
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rich edsen is in d.c. first to carl cameron. what's the state of play now in indiana? >> it's tense, shep. everybody understands these candidates are going to have what could be a decisive battle in the hoosier state. as you point out, cruz is pushing very, very hard there and now trump is trying to essentially meet his lead in the polls. in fact the real clear politics average says he's up about 6 1/2 points. in the last foul polls his lead has been between five and eight points. beyond the margin of error. enough to show he has a good shot of winning there. even though cruz because this is a very red state with lots of socially conservative republicans, trump won big in five states with the most conservative voters last night and has every reason to believe that the same would be true in indiana and that's why he's putting so much time there. he understands, as does cruz, that if cruz doesn't win it he can't stop trump. trump will be and remain on a
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path all the way to california in which he could actually clinch the nomination before the convention. win the necessary 1,237 delegates before everybody goes to cleveland. by the same token, cruz recognizes, and he's expected to announce that carly fiorina will be his running mate if he does win this nomination, that this type of activity will sort of steal some of the attention away from another five-state sweep that trump had last night, the momentum that trump has and his claim that he's going to win the nomination and it's going to be before the convention. this is cruz's opportunity with things like putting carly feea on a would-be ticket to try to get back momentum. even if he were able to do that it still raezs questions about what happens when we get to the final day june 7th when california is there, between indiana and california if donald trump wins indiana and gets about 50% to 60% of the overall vote -- the delegates, rather, in california he's going to have enough to get to 1,237 and there's no way cruz can do it, shep. >> carl, ted cruz's goals are
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day to day. he must win every day and win indiana to have much of a hope going ahead. for trump now it's more long-term, really. he now has to show gravitas, look presidential, give us some vision of donald trump as president, a man who can handle, among other things, our allies and enemies around the world. so as cruz throws that vice presidential hail mary pass from indianapolis to sacramento, mr. trump goes to washington to deliver a teleprompter-driven major foreign policy speech. yes, he used a teleprompter. as predicted, trump toned down the rhetoric, didn't even mention the mexican-built and financed wall, the beautiful wall to be built on our southern border, but did manage to give a nod to the berlin wall, which is now down. the theme, america first. will be nice but others must be nice back. we won't nation-build anymore, we'll take care of our own. and any nation that does not play along will find itself alone. >> foreign policy will always put the interests of the
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american people and american security above all else. has to be first. has to be. that will be the foundation of every single decision that i will make. america -- [ applause ] thank you. >> even the applause was toned down. specifics? eh. some of trump's advisers as we've been reporting have been pushing the front-runner to act more presidential. today's speech seemed to be trump's version of a step in that direction. team fox coverage continues. rich edison outside the mayflower hotel where he gave that speech. trump didn't have, well, specifics, eh. >> reporter: not many, shep. this was more of a general themed speech. and you mentioned it, america first. borrowing a name from an isolationist movement in the 1940s. he says that will drive his foreign policy. he did rehash a number of different foreign policiy proposals he's put forward in the past. he wants to grow the u.s. military. he wants u.s. allies to spend
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more on their defense. he wants to renegotiate different deals. he wants to raise the standards by which the u.s. would enter into different international agreements. and he says he wants to confront china. he also says that the u.s. has just been too forgiving. >> no country has ever prospered that failed to put its interests first. both our friends and our enemies put their countries above ours. and we, while being fair to them, must start doing the same. >> reporter: he also added that there are too many weapons in the world and then said the u.s. needs to develop new ones, shep. >> some things remain true to form. he did go after political rivals, rich. >> reporter: he did. he spent much of the time going after president barack obama's foreign policy, but he tied who could be his general election competition, hillary clinton, to much of that foreign policy, called the obama-clinton foreign
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policy a disaster for its dealings with china, russia and its intervention in the middle east when it comes to egypt, libya, and syria. >> after losing thousands of lives and spending trillions of dollars, we are in far worse shape in the middle east than ever, ever, ever before. >> reporter: he referenced his republican rivals but not by name. he said they were too quick to go to war. he knocked the bush administration for trying to nation-build in the middle east in the iraq war. there was a pre-buttal by a number of the different campaigns. hillary clinton and senator ted cruz beforehand said donald trump, his rhetoric and policy ideas are all reckless. shep? >> rich edson, thank you. politics just getting started as we wait for ted cruz's announcement at the top of the hour. we'll have it live. we're expecting him to pick, as we mentioned a few times, former rival carly fiorina as a running mate. up next i'll speak with a political reporter about what
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she's calling ted cruz's big gam sxbl why she says cruz's move could turn off more voters than it attracts. it's politics 2016 on fox news channel, america's choice for news and information on cable. jusdoes that mean they have toer grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals, and most of all, staying engaged in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome. are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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you know carly fiorina is the news now. ted cruz making the decision that carly fiorina will be his
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vice presidential pick should he get the nomination coming up at the convention in july. carly fiorina, who ran for the job herself, who attracted a lot of attention along the way and made a lot of friends. the former head of hewlett-packard, who seems to know a lot of people in california, obviously, and might be help to the senator, he hopes, in california. the announcement from the senator expected at the top of the hour, about 46 minutes from now. in the meantime, rebecca burgh joins us. she's the national political reporter for and live for us in washington this afternoon. what do you make of the choice of carly fiorina so early in the game for ted cruz? >> well, it is sort of a desperate move, shep. this really shows how much ground ted cruz feels he need to make up, how he feels like he needs to wrest the narrative back from donald trump and it showcases how indiana's going to be a must-win state in this
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case. ted cruz pulling out all the stops in advance of the primary there on may 3rd. and this is basically the last thing he had in his arsenal that he could do to bring back the narrative to his campaign to bring the attention and the spotlight back to his campaign. it's really a gamble. and frankly, maybe not a gamble because there isn't much to lose at this point. donald trump is really on a strong track now to win the nomination with his performance last night. but ted cruz is hoping maybe this will change the narrative in indiana and set him back on a path to at least compete. >> i wondered what you thought about how this might help him in indiana. because if he can't do indiana, if he can't get almost all the delegates in indiana, california is a much taller order. indiana has to come first. what does carly fiorina do for him in indiana? >> well, it brings the attention back to ted cruz. it brings him us talking about his campaign once again at a moment when donald trump is looking potentially like the presumptive nominee, and it's certainly characterizing himself
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as such. he's trying to remind voters that he is still out there, that he could still mathematically, in terms of stopping donald trump before the convention, he could still prevent donald trump from winning. and so he needs to remind people of that. carly fiorina strategically really comes into play in california because she ran for statewide office there. she was a senate candidate there. so she will be very helpful there and a familiar face among republican voters. but if ted cruz can't win indiana, then california might not matter. >> there was a time when the analysts were saying, whether you believe the analysts or not is another matter, but what the analysts were saying, rebecca, is that carly fiorina's job in the campaign eventually became beat up on hillary clinton because as a woman in a sexist world, think what you want, but what the analysts were saying is she is uniquely qualified to beat up hillary clinton. and you wonder if that might be part of her job going forward now as part of the eventually
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beat hillary clinton republicans to, well, soften her up, if you will. >> the running mate because certainly cruz hasn't wrapped up the nomination, is to be an attack dog to some extent and carly fiorina has shown on the debate stage in some of these early republican debates that she can very effectively go after donald trump. and i think we'll be seeing a lot of that in the coming weeks leading up to indiana and moving forward to some of these later primaries including california. but look, this is an all hands on deck situation. this is not just about carly fiorina. we saw cory gardner, the senator from colorado, come out today and finally endorse ted cruz. cory gardner had been holding off after endorsing marco rubio earlier in the race just because people in the senate don't really like ted cruz. this is going to be indiana, basically the last stand for republicans who don't want donald trump to be the nominee,
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their last chance to stop him. so this is more than carly fiorina and ted cruz. you're going to see everyone who wants to stop donald trump popping up here in indiana. >> rebecca berg from thanks so much. who'd have thought the hoosier state would be the center of the political world? but it is. and who would have thought that it would have been necessary for one of the front-runners, not the front-runner but the guy who's second, to pick his nominee for vice president in april? who would have thought it would have been necessary at this point? well, we're about 42 minutes away, we're told, from that big announcement from ted cruz. fox news of course will have live coverage. neil cavuto will have analysis afterward. what does it mean in the big picture in if you're all in for donald trump, what does this pick do against your man? and if you've been all about ted cruz the whole time, what good might carly fiorina do to try to stop trump and get him to a contested convention, where ted cruz might have a shot at the nomination? it's certainly a hail mary from
12:19 pm
indianapolis all the way to sacramento, but sometimes the hail mary pass is caught. also, the former virginia governor bob mcdonnell trying to get the supreme court to overturn his bribery conviction. he's facing prison time for taking more than $100,000 in gifts and loans. but lawyers say you can't punish him, and the court's decision could affect a lot of other politicians. speaking of other politicians, there's one going to prison. he's a former speaker of the house. and today it was decided. it's a big news day. stay with us. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can.
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waiting for the big announcement from senator ted cruz. apparently, he's decided on a
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vice presidential pick. carly fiorina expected to be announced at the top of the hour. we're expecting to see her and potentially hear from her. could this be a game changer? we'll have live coverage and neil cavuto with analysis coming up. first the virginia governor bob mcdonnell, who accepted more than $165,000 in gifts, getaways and loans claims he never did anything illegal. bob mcdonnell's lawyers took his appeal to the supreme court today. justices deciding whether to overturn his corruption conviction. it's a case that could really have an impact on how much politicians can accept from donors. prosecutors say the businessmen shelled out gifts including a rolex watch for bob mcdonnell, a $20,000 new york shopping spree for mcdonnell's wife, and a trip to cape cod, which includes dinners, yachts, and a day at the spa. the list does go on. but the former republican governor says he never took any official action to benefit that businessman. he got gifts but never gave anything in return. he says he did not host events and set up meetings.
12:24 pm
but bob mcdonnell claims those are just ordinary political acts that are part of the job, not crimes. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here. who's right? >> well, it's a very fascinating issue. if the government is right, the government persuaded a trial judge at governor mcdonnell's trial to explain to the jury that there doesn't have to be a favor done in return for the bribe, but the acceptance of the gifts shows corruption. if that becomes the law, that will radically change the bribery law without the congress changing it. the way the congress has written it, there has to be a quid pro quo. there has to be something that recipient of the bribe did using his or her official government power to favor the person who paid the bribe, otherwise it's not a bribe, it's just a gift. now, virginia is the rare state that does not prohibit gifts. most states would not let a
12:25 pm
governor receive gifts of this amount no matter the purpose. but virginia now has a rule prohibiting it. at the time it didn't. honestly, i think governor mcdonnell's argument is the stronger one. governor mcdonnell's argument is supported by former attorneys general of the united states, appointed by republican presidents and democratic presidents, and their argument is if you can go to jail because you received a gift and didn't do anything in return or because you threw a dinner party for somebody in the governor's mansion, then a prosecutor could find somebody who accepted a cup of coffee and indict them for that. an extreme example, but that's the fear. too much power in the hands of prosecutors if the court, not the congress, changes what the bribery law means. >> what the lower court found was that there had to be a quid pro quo? >> there did not have to be a quid pro quo. >> but the lower court found in convicting him that these gifts were accepted -- >> yes. >> -- in exchange for? >> nothing other than a few
12:26 pm
dinner parties. and governor mcdonnell said i didn't do anything official, i didn't change any policy, i didn't give him any benefit. yes, he came to the governor's mansion. yes, we hosted a dinner party. as part of our budget we host a lot of dinner parties. but i didn't do anything as the chief executive of virginia to favor him other than what i would have done for anybody who was a friend of my family. now, the supreme court was very interesting this morning. the oral arguments seemed very, very strong in favor of governor mcdonnell, and the supreme court argument, as i understand the justices, is this. if congress wants to make it a crime for a public official to receive a gift whether the public official gives a benefit to the gift giver or not, then congress should rewrite the bribery law rather than letting prosecutors rewrite it by persuading a judge this is what it really means. >> so no matter what, this decision is a very big one? >> absolutely. it looks as though -- >> for a lot more than bob
12:27 pm
mcdonnell. >> yes. there's a lot of other people that are sort of waiting in the wings. prosecutors waiting in the wings trying to decide whether or not they should charge other public officials without naming them, who apparently in the prosecutors' views have behaved similarly. the supreme court also did a very unusual thing of not letting him go to jail. >> not yet. >> sentenced to two years in prison and they stopped that until after they rule. they rarely have done that. >> and now they will and we'll let you know. judge, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> just 33 minutes away from ted cruz's announcement on his running mate. we're told carly fiorina. we're waiting to hear it. but we've confirmed it. complete coverage and analysis ahead. politics coverage continues in the meantime. bernie sanders vowing to stay in the democratic race after a bad night on the campaign trail. he says he has a mission to accomplish, even if he can't get enough delegates to secure the nomination. they did some reassessing last night. remember he said they'll reassess after last night. so after last night there's a reassessment, and now what? that's coming up as we approach
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suspect salah abdeslam is back in france. facing charges of terrorist murders, possession of bombs and weapons. his lawyer says abdeslam is falling apart and willing to cooperate. he was on the run er the attack killed more than 130 people. a huge fire caused a train bridge to collapse. this is alberta in canada, northwest of edmonton. the fire chief says somebody may have started it on purpose. he says there have been 17 fires in the area over the past six days. and police in happy valley in oregon are not very happy after a teenager reported this woman broke into his parents' house. that's after his mom noticed some money was missing and saw her on surveillance video. cops now say the lady was a hooker the son hired. they've charged him with
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. more on ted cruz's expected pick of carly fiorina as a potential running mate for the general election. nice to see you. >> good to see you, shep. >> should ted cruz get out of indiana with a win, get through california with a split that would allow for a contested convention and a potential third, fourth whatever ballot allow for a candidate cruz on the republican side. what sort of trouble if any in your estimation does carly fiorina give a candidate clinton? >> she has sort of positioned herself, shep, as the attack dog against hillary clinton. and if you remember, i mean, in the earlier debates last year, earlier this year she was the sort of most -- she was the
12:34 pm
point of the spear against hillary clinton. i think she brought her up in almost every comment she made. she criticized her foreign policy experience, criticized her record as secretary of state. she criticized her on e-mails and benghazi. so carly fiorina has sort of a practiced history in making hillary clinton the target of attacks generally from republicans and from some independents as well. so i think tactically there is an intelligence to this move on ted cruz's part, and i think that if he does make it into a general election, and again, the chances of that happening look increasingly slim after donald trump's sweep -- >> sure. >> -- in the atlantic yesterday. if he does make it to a general election, carly fiorina is sort of well positioned to be his assistant in helping attack hillary clinton, who right now is a very kind of dominant front-runner. >> you know, it strikes me, last night donald trump went on a run for the ages. the polls said he was going to win by huge numbers.
12:35 pm
he beat the polls. he got everything you could get, including momentum. today he gives a foreign policy speech with a teleprompter, and ted cruz steals the narrative. that's something. >> yeah, it is -- i think we should take a step back here and notice how remarkable it is for a candidate for president who is devt definitely not on course to be the nominee to choose a vice presidential candidate. i mean, this is a pretty remarkable move, and as far as i can remember unprecedented in presidential politics. so for cruz to do this i think it's a reflection of basically the kind of corner that he's in. particularly after last night and after new york. and if you look at the polls going forward, california doesn't look great for him. there are a number of states where he really is in a tough position. so choosing a vice presidential candidate this early gives him a kind of aura of being
12:36 pm
presidential. >> of course this is a pick that you usually make later, when you need a run in another way, when you need -- later in the campaign when you need a boost. >> right. >> you've saved this thing as a narrative stealer. by using it today is it sort of an admission, if i don't get a narrative stealer today there is no tomorrow? >> yeah. and if you remember, it was only two days ago that ted cruz and john kasich announced that they would coordinate their campaigns to try to prevent donald trum frp getting the nomination. >> that went well. >> it was over with in 24 hours, essentially. i think if you look at where ted cruz has been, i think there is a kind of subtle admission that this is a more than difficult race and this is a kind of choice that he's making, it's a kind of hail mary pass. >> and it was the other night.
12:37 pm
remember on sunday night fox news had a town hall. we had both of them, bill hemmer and martha mccown sat down with both of them. neither of them mentioned it. this came out after the town hall. it wasn't the subject of the town hall. it captured the narrative for the next day. then you got the election, and we knew what was going to happen there. crash for ted cruz. donald trump wins everything. there's no way for him to get the narrative back. and this morning i see on television during the 9:00 hour, ted cruz comes off the bus, i'm going to have a big announcement at 4:00. i'm thinking, really? it has to be big after you've said it's going to be big because donald trump's going to have a foreign policy speech and that's all i've got time for at 3:00 in the afternoon. and sure enough, he did it. i don't know what else you've got in the bag for tomorrow, but today carly fiorina's a big deal. >> right. and in a lot of ways carly fiorina is not the worst choice, right? she sort of cements ted cruz's outsider credentials. she's never been in politics before. she ran for office in california -- >> outsider.
12:38 pm
>> right. exactly. she was the head of a fortune 500 company. so for ted cruz this is kind of a tactical choice. and the other thing to keep in mind, too, is hillary clinton in some ways, if a man is attacking her on the campaign trail some women among democrats and some people across the spectrum see that as kind of bullying. and i think you've seen that kind of dynamic emerge with donald trump already. carly fiorina has that kind of advantage of being able to be sort of a critic in chief at ted cruz's side. >> it does kind of make sense. sam frizell from "time." difficult for me to speak, sam. thank you. >> thanks, shep. talk about capturing the narrative. just yesterday donald trump had convinced a lot of people that
12:39 pm
ted cruz was an outsider. ted cruz. i mean, an inside guy. that this outsider in ted cruz who'd never gotten along with anything in washington was an inside guy. that was a trick too. lots of tricks. donald trump is accusing hillary clinton of playing the woman card. you heard sam. he says that if she were a man she wouldn't get 5% of the vote. the republican front-runner made those comments last night after sweeping everything in the gop contest. he stad by his statements earlier today on "fox and friends." >> i don't think she does well with women, frankly. her poll numbers are very bad with women. but i watched her last night. and i said it. i mean, hillary clinton is playing the woman's card. it's the only thing she's got going. >> you may have heard hillary clinton fired back at donald trump last night as she had before after she won four of five democratic primaries. listen. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in!
12:40 pm
>> of course hillary clinton is still battling her democratic rival to some degree. today bernie sanders vowed to stay in the race after reassessment last night. remember they were going to reasse reassess? even though he lost every state last night except rhode island, he's staying in. associated press reports clinton now has 90% of the delegates she needs to win the democratic nominati nomination. that's when you include the super delegates who are pledged to her or at least have committed to her on some level. party insiders who really can back any candidate they like and can change their minds. today sanders said he is not giving up on getting some of those super delegates to switch sides. ed henry is live in washington. there's a different tone, though, from bernie sanders, or that's expected now, isn't it? >> reporter: that's right, shep. he is actually following through on that. he's saying yes, i still want to win the nomination, but i also want to get enough delegates that i'll have a role in shaping the party platform this summer at the democratic convention. that's a lot different than
12:41 pm
saying you're confident you're going to win this race. and so today we did hear a different tone from sanders on the trail. watch. >> we are in this campaign to win. but if we do not win we intend to win every delegate that we can so that when we go to philadelphia in july we're going to have the votes to put together the strongest progressive agenda that any political party has ever seen. >> in fact, when i talked to clinton advisers, they're fine with talking with sanders down the road about that policy platform. what they want is for him to dial back the attacks on hillary clinton, her ties to wall street and all that. shep. >> he's talking platform now, which is music to republicans' ears if he's going to pull her left. in the meantime, she's focusing on the republicans. >> yeah, no doubt about it. we've seen her doing that on the trail today.
12:42 pm
hillary clinton took a day off. taking tomorrow off as well. she wants to rest up. big night for her as you mentioned last night. but she's been going after donald trump for weeks now. and specifically she pounced on something he said last night about how if she were a man she'd only be at 5% in the polls. she wants to exploit that advantage she believes she has with female voters that she would bring into a general election. in general, i was with her in philadelphia last night. in her victory remarks she made it clear she's focused on the gop. watch. >> if you are a democrat, an independent, or a thoughtful republican, you know their approach is not going to build an america where we increase opportunity or decrease inequality. so instead of letting them take us backwards, we want america to be in the future business. >> and so she was trying to be positive in her comments about bernie sanders, congratulating
12:43 pm
sanders and his supporters for bringing up important issues. making it clear she's not going to try to push him out of the race. instead talking about how there should be unity and coming together, shep. >> ed henry live in washington. ed, thanks. 20 -- i should say 18 minutes now. just 18 minutes until ted cruz's major announcement live on fox news channel. sources tell us that he plans to name carly fiorina as his running mate. there's much more to be said about how she can help in the battle for indiana and the biggest prize of them all in california. campaign carl cameron is coming up. we will have live coverage on fnc. coverage and analysis, top of the hour. don't go anywhere.
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
announce carly fiorina of course as his running mate. let's bring in campaign carl cameron live in washington. what do you think of this, carl? >> well, it's an interesting move. it's risky. there's not a lot of time before the indiana primary on tuesday, and he absolutely has to win it, and this is an attempt to sort of take a little of the attention away from trump's five-state sweep last night. the momentum that he has. and the fact that in doing that last night he basically now has officially formally, mathematically made it impossible for ted cruz to get 1,237 before the convention. the only way that cruz would ever get the nomination at this point is if there is a contested convention and he wins it, shep. >> well, ted cruz is banking on that. he said so. he even said this is going to be a contested convention. of course it's not a certainty. far from it. but he says it's going to be, and it just seems like as we've mentioned here, this captures a narrative. but as sam frizell said from "time" it also gives him an attacker in chief. >> sure. it's worth noting she attacked ted cruz himself a few times
12:48 pm
during the primaries, said he'd say anything to get elected and do as he pleases as a washington insider. casting herself as the tech executive that she is and an outsider. and that helps, an outsider who's a woman who can take issue with what many liberals say is trump's misogyny. his supporters say that he's not being politically correct. and he doesn't argue that. he's anti-pc. so she has that going for her. she has a terrific foil when it comes to hillary clinton. and that was really sort of what made two of her debate appearances early on in the primary process very, very well reviewed. she took shots at hillary and sort of played up the fact that as a woman she was the more effective critic of hillary clinton. so that comes now to what would be a cruz ticket. but this isn't an announcement that is suddenly immediately agreed upon. what cruz is expected to do is essentially say first nominate me and then i promise it will be
12:49 pm
carly. and she's been campaigning for him for quite some time. she was the first rival tone doris cruz and has been working pretty aggressively in all the campaigns. she played a big role campaigning very hard in florida for cruz. and so it's an interesting move. and it may get some of the attention away from trump, who gave his foreign policy speech today. and of course had a huge night last night and is still on track to get the 1,237 before the convention. >> her opponents and the mainstream media may have beaten her up during the campaign as well, but that is not to diminish the fact that she has some powerful friends in california and knows a lot of people. >> oh, sure. she ran for senate in california. she's been active in presidential politics before. she was a spokesperson, a surrogate for john mccain's presidential campaign. so she's been in the game on the periphery for a while, notwithstanding her sort of outsider moniker, and she's tough. she's articulate. she went from the small debate stage to the grownup debate stage and stayed there for several weeks. but did drop out right after the first primary, you know, when
12:50 pm
you campaign for almost a year as she did and had been working at it even for a year prior to that she basically got three weeks into february and that was it. she was gone. >> carl cameron from washington. carl, thanks. certainly is an interesting play and one to watch. we'll bring in john bussey from the "wall street journal" to talk about it next as we approach the big announcement in just ten minutes -- stay with us. show me movies with romance.
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. we're just minutes away from ted cruz's major announcementment he'll announce corley fiorina as his running mate. to exclude carl carly fiorina from the primary. aside from that, in december, she mocked both cruz and rubio
12:54 pm
during the fifth republican debate. in january, she referred to cruz and trump as ultimate insiders. she called cruz devisive, and said he would say whatever he needs to say to get elected. >> politics makes strange bedfellows. she has backed cruz, been out there stumping for him, going to all state conventions, to help him get the delegates that he will need to perhaps on a second vote, if it comes to that at the convention, get the nomination. so she has been a tremendous surrogate. in a way, it makes it official what has already happened, she has been out there stumping very hard for ted cruz. along with it, advantaging for him. she is a woman. she can go up not just against hillary, but up against trump, who has issues with women. as you remember, he mocked her looks during the debate.
12:55 pm
>> that face. >> that face, as he referred to it. so she is potent in that regard. she comes from california. june 7, a primary there. indiana goes halfway well for ted cruz, california may still be a linchpin for him. >> and i wonder, it is fascinating for me to hear what she'll say today. how does she reintroduce herself on the big stage. does she come out attacking in some way or praising cruz or some combination of the two? what would you describe? >> i would imagine some combination of the two. reminding listeners that she is articulate. she is good on stage. she did battle her way back up to the adult stage during the debate. so she is powerful as a presenter in that regard. that's going to be a big positive for her. >> it looked like they tried to deep it under wraps, and a bbc reporter spotted carly fiorina on a plane and somebody got video of her.
12:56 pm
they finally had to say, yeah, that's her, on the sidelines, but wait until you hear what she says. >> it was also a coincidence, things happen by happenstance, it was the day, after all, of trump's big foreign policy speech, which if you listened to it, was a little bit more speech than foreign policy prescription. there weren't a lot of policy details in there. here, ted cruz right after that speech, sets the buzz out and follows up with an announcement at 4:00, that he is going to name a running mate. that kind of steals the narrative. >> it does indeed. i need to get a commercial break in so we don't miss any of it. carly fiorina and ted cruz on fox news channel, and that is next. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy.
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. indianapolis, indiana, the setting. the backdrop with their american flags, next we're told, ted cruz and carly fiorina. we know, we believe, we know
1:00 pm
it's about to happen. the question is, we don't know what is about to be said. what is their game plan? how will carly fiorina reintroduce herself on a new staining, in a new role. we're about to find out. i'm shepherd smith in new york. here is neil cavuto. all right, thank you very much, shepard. this is your world, and i think they call this a game of one up man ship. he is seizing the moment. never mind the fact, especially after night, he trailed by almost 400 delegates, and he is out of this as i am. he is trying his best to steal the thunder, and if you think about it, on the day at that donald trump had a big foreign policy speech, that was supposed to be the only thing he was talking about today, this is what they're talking about today. and for ted cruz, hooking up with carly fiorina has, well, numerous rewards. before they speak to john


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