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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 28, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. feels like friday but it is only thursday. >> we can always wish. i am heather childers. thank you. as always we begin with the race for the white house. a major shake-up. ted cruz picks carly fiorina picks his running mate. >> is it another hail mary pass that may end up back firing? >> we have trump's response. >> good morning. heather and heather. good morning. ted cruz is pulling out all of the stops ahead of tuesday's primary in indiana which is likely the last real shot they have to stop donald trump from winning the nomination. that's the argument cruz and carly fiorina is making now. this race isn't over and they are the best pair to take donald trump and take on hillary clinton in the general election. >> donald trump and hillary
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clinton a virtually indistinguishable. the fact that they have always been insiders to this corrupt system of crony capitalism and selling access and influence and he cannot be our nominee and if we were to be our nominee hillary clinton would be our president and that's a future i am not prepared to lay by and allow to happen. >> fiorina took hard shots at hillary clinton. last night we saw more of that while she also continued the line of attack ted cruz has been making recently that trump and clinton aren't too different from each other. here's ted cruz explaining why it is he wins with carly fiorina. >> a man who in his characteristic under statement said of her, look at that face and every one of us remembers the grace, the class, with which
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kr carly responded. >> there's not much mention of candidates naming their vice presidential candidate this early. trump pointed out how fiorina criticized cruz months ago. they will be barn storming the hoosier state over the next six days leading us to tuesday's primary where donald trump still has a six-point lead. >> garrett tenney live for us. thank you. >> cruz announcing fiorina as his vp pick, was it a smart move or an act of desperation. the charles krauthammer says it is a short lived strategy. >> it was for one purpose, news cycle management. he wanted to slightly obliterate the power of last night's
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election. it did that tonight but it won't do much beyond that. trump announced he wanted every county in all five states. that is a sweep. it is clear everything now hinges on indiana. it is extremely hard to see how he is not nominated. if he wins it will be deaf fin tiffly over for cruz. >> the latest polling average in indiana take a look it shows trump slightly ahead with 29.3 percent. >> the shake-up for bernie sanders campaign hundreds of staffers being laid off after he lost 4 out of 5 to hillary clinton. he is not saying anything yet. >> i am re good in arithmetic and i can count delegates and we are behind today.
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you know what? unusual things happen in politics. >> we are in this campaign to win and become the democratic nominee. >> he is focusing on donald trump now fundraising about his comments on women calling him dangerous and incapable. >> something to tell you new overnight. a missile has reportedly crashed seconds after taking off. it is the second failure this month. it was by a u.s. satellite and had a chanrange of 1800 miles. the north is on the heels of conducting another nuclear test. >> written by a killer of a husband and wife found shot to death in their home. whoever murdered them in the home that left a note along with
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a manifesto written on the wall of that house. police say this is not a random attack. the couple's he would dest son hasn't been seen since they were found dead but police have not named him a suspect. the real estate heir and subject of the document take rear "the jinx" will sepend 7 years behind bars. durst is expected to be transferred to a california prison in august to face separate charges, murder charges in the killing of his friend susan burman. durst insists he is innocent. >> a week after his death we are learning prince's body guard care humid him off unconscious off of his jet after they landed in illinois. listen as they discuss the landing. >> what's the nature? >> an unconscious passenger. >> male, female? >> he told me unresponsive passenger.
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that's all i got. >> all of this happening six days before his death. he was then rushed to the hospital. we are learning prescription pain-killers were found inside prince's home the day he died. we are unclear if the medications played any role in his death. >> prescription drugs may have been the causes of wwe star china's death. she died from an accidental overdose of ambian and valium. she was legally prescribed the drugs but had been misusing them for weeks. he choufound chooiyna's body and been there three-days. >> terrifying moments to tell you about. oma omaha's neighborhood a school bus racing biaz a tornado forms over head. 15 tornadoes wreaking havoc on the heartland two-days ago. >> massive hail storms like this ruining cars in texas. people getting creative to
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protect their property. check out this car. it is wrapped in plastic. i don't know if that will help, but they are trying. janice deane is here now. do you think that would help? >> i have never seen anything like that before. i would say garage if you have it is probably a good idea. we are going to see the threat of severe weather through friday where the states as you mentioned over a dozen tornadoes yesterday in addition to the tornadoes we saw the day before. that gave us a total of close to 24 tornadoes. this is the time of year when we typically see the threat for severe weather which we are going to see again today. look at the temperatures. when the cold air is placed across the northern and central rock he couldn'ts. we have the system that exited but we have another in its weak. we have pressure out of the rockies warm moist tour from the gulf of mexico and the threat for severe storms. the last 24-hours snow across the northern and central rockies
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in some cases over a foot. a dozen tornadoes in the red shades you see there and a lot of hail and wind. i have seen golf ball sized hail as well close to grapefruit sized hail. look at the future radar the storm system moves in across the plains states. we will see the threat of storm storms including tornadoes today and tomorrow towards parts of texas even towards the mid atlantic as the next storm comes. we will keep you posted through the day. >> i like your hospital mitchell because you are wearing beautiful sunny colors today. always looking at the sunny side. >> you are the best. we love you. >> a bad day for american airlines. one because of an out of control passenger, take a look at the video here. the other a bird strike fill up the plane. this will passenger was removed from a flight headed from boston
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to miami. the guy was being disruptive but no details on what he was doing. >> we have details on this one. this has people asking how big was that bird? look at that thing. it was an air bus plane. headed from seattle to dallas it had to turn back after it hit a bird or a group of birds during takeoff. >> it would have to be a big bird. >> a pilot arrested of flying two packed planes across country drunk. failing the breathalyzer, the minty gum he was chewing. ex jetblue pilot was three times over the legal limit after flying from aerld doe orlando t and back. he quit after the test and faces 15 years from prison if he is eventually convicted. making history for the second time. one of the first women to earn the coveted ranger tab.
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becoming the army's first female infantry officer. >> kristin gripe is grd waiting from the maneuver captains career course and more women are expected to follow in her foot steps. it approved her request from 22 cadets to enter in the infantry and armored branches. >> a friend of mine is lieutenant colonel in the army and sheets pro is proud of the women coming up. >> donald trump blasting ted cruz for his presidential pick. >> i think it's really a waste of time, honestly. i think it should be over. >> the frontrunner going on the record. will he reveal his choice for vp? find out next. >> do you want to talk about jesus? you have to hear about this. you are going to need a permit to do that at one college campus. just fine or over the line?
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we report, you decide. >> this is a pretty big day. carly fiorina was announced as ted cruz's running mate. it has always been her life long dream to lose twice in the same election. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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a breathe right nasal strip of course. imagine just put one on and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. >> the city that never sleeps. taking a look live outside at new york city's times square. hoping you are off to a great day. we have new developments in the race to the white house. ted cruz announcing carly fiorina would be his running mate. sitting down for a town hall to
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talk about it. >> it should be over. two-days ago it was kasich forming an alliance and they are going to col lewd and get together. kasich didn't live up to his side of the deal and they are fighting with each other now he's doing the carly thing. i don't see it. it's awfully early. i like to finish the deal first. i will let you know. we have really great people. it is so early in the presses you have to get the nomination first. don't go into iraq they have be i have been saying for years. we have destroyed the balance of power and the equilibrium in the middle east. iran is taking over the middle east. if we didn't do anything, forgot the middle east was there we would be in great shape with the migration and people pouring into our country. we have no idea who they are. there is no documentation or paperwork. victory is victory.
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we have to fight to win and get it over with fast. >> trump says it is time to focus on the changes america wants to see. fox news contributor and former white house security staff with president obama and bush agrees. she says it's the perfect time for trump to layout his foreign policy plan. >> he provided a historical framework for some of the issues. he started out the speech talking the wars in iraq and afghanistan and connected the dots to the obama a administration, iraq, syria and other middle eastern states. it is the first time we have we are seeing that he is talking about the consequences foreign policy decisions have over decades. that was the most important thing for me to see from him. >> turning his focus to indiana and california.
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events in both states today. >> the worst nightmare. a mother left stranded and sobbing on a dock. you can see that right there. she was watching a cruz ship sail away with her children on board. >> the dramatic scene caught on video by passengers. patricia stark is here with more how in the world this happened. patricia? >> good morning heather and heather. the moral of this story don't miss the boat. passengers watch the scene on board from the cruz ship. the father leaving their two preteen children on board of relatives to go in search of his tarred de wife. about 10 minutes after the departure deadline. but it was too little too late. the couple missing the boat by just seconds. the mother dropping to her knees pleading for the ship to stay. passengers could not believe what they were seeing. >> you see that right there? that is someone that has missed
2:18 am
the boat. that right there is not cool. >> the ship was returning to new york city after being docked at the island of nasa in the bahamas. the cruz line claims it waited for more than 30 minutes for the woman to return but had to keep its schedule. the couple was reunited finally with their children but four-days later here in new york. i think i would have started swimming. terrible feeling. >> do we have any idea how old the children were? >> preteens. >> four-days later. that makes my heart hurt for them. i am glad they were reunited. have you driven a ford lately? they issued five different recalls. lauren simonetti with what you need to know. loren? >> five separate ford recall effecting vehicles.
2:19 am
the bulk effecting trucks and mustang. ford explorers could have steering problems due to a clich in the suspension. they involve glitches in air bags and as well as tires. it is testing a fee for customers if they make drivers wait two minutes. they used to have a five day grace period. the test cities include phoenix, dallas and new york city. good news for travelers. air fair keeps getting cheaper dropping to $366. that's the latest official figure from the department of transportation. however, it was for the final three months of last year. also the lowest number since 2010. they plan a mission to mars in may of 2018. the castle in the planet surface
2:20 am
and eventually cull lynnize it. >> colonize. >> a permit to preach. a student group is suing north carolina state university over their right to talk about jesus saying the policy steps on their first amendment rights. the policy requires a permit for any kind of student speech or communication anywhere on campus. this includes religious speech. >> grace christian life, a registered christian group was told without a permit they must stop a person from engaging in religious discussion. the group claims they are the only ones forced to follow the rules. >> is it fine or over the line? should public universities be able to put limits on freedom of speech? >> send a comment on twitter or facebook and we will share them later in the show. the time is 20 minutes after the hour. trying out to be a cheerleader don't wear too much makeup or
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getaway >> a fox news lart. a mumps outbreak spreading across the campus. it threatens up coming graduation ceremonies. there are 40 cases. the scary part many of the people were vaccinated. it causes fever, muscle aches and swollen glands. infected students are put in isolation on campus for five days. the vaccine is only 95 percent effective and wears off over
2:25 am
time. >> marijuana for recreational use is one step to being closer in maine. 65 percent in favor so now it can be put on the ballot. it passed those 21 years old and older could have 2 and a half ounces of weed any time. they already legalized medical marijuana back in 1999. heather? do you want to be a cheerleader in washington? make sure you have a spray tan fake eye lashes and athletic body. this is according to the tips the team posted before tryouts. they took this poster down after scathing on-line criticism. other tips no jewelry or tattoos or tops that cover the midriff. the university speaking out saying the poster goes against quote spirit policy. >> stop, are you wasting yao you are time on the treadmill this morning?
2:26 am
>> gym member. trying to four times a week but i have missed the last 1200 times. >> experts now saying one minute of go for broke exercise may be as good as a 45 minute workout. 60 seconds of interval training to a half speed run or biking session. the results were almost identical after 12 weeks. for those of you who don't have any idea what interval training is? it is short sprints with jogs in between. >> you don't just run fast for 60 seconds and it is over. >> if you say so. i'll take your word for it. >> the time now is almost the bottom of the hour. what do voters really think about carly fiorina? >> indiana republicans weigh in on ted cruz's new vp pick.
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>> it is thursday, april 28th. the major shake-up in the white house. is it a bold move or desperate action. >> my vice presidential nominee carly fiorina. >> this is a fight. this is a fight for the soul of our party and the future. >> how the front runner donald trump is now responding to the new alliance. >> bonzai campus. they are allowing students to keep guns in their dorm rooms. is this a good idea? we report, you decide. >> farmers are the nation's backbone. >> veterans. >> tilt a world operators are this nation's backbone. a new presidential role for the actor will ferrell playing ronald reagan? not everyone thinks it's a good idea.
2:31 am
"fox & friends" starts right now. ♪>> how beautiful is that? the sun rising here in new york city. it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day here. we hope it will be one where you are waking up as well. good morning to you and welcome to "fox and friend first." i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. >> ted cruz announcing carly fiorina as his vp choice. >> donald trump slamming the move and promising to put america first in the foreign policy plan. >> let's check in with garrett tenney for the latest in the run for the white house.
2:32 am
>> there is not much precedent for announcing your running mate three months before the primary. voters will know what they will get in the general election. >> after a great deal of time and thought, after a great deal of consideration and prayer i have come to the conclusion that if i am nominated to be president of the united states that i will run on oo ticket with my vice presidential nominee carly fiorina. >> cruz is hoping the move will give him a boost in indiana which is vital to preventing trump from clinching the nomination and where donald trump leads by 6 points. fiorina distinguished herself early in the race with her no holds barred criticism.
2:33 am
she showed that more going after clinton and donald trump. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are virtually indistinguishable in their positions and they have always been insiders to the corrupt crony capitalism. he can't be our nominee. if he were hillary clinton would be our president and that is a future that i am not prepared to lie by and allow to happen. >> the announcement also took away some of the headlines that donald trump's big foreign policy speech in dc yesterday where he laid out general ideas but gave few specifics saying he would put america first. he waived up cruz saying it is another act of desperation. some of what fiorina said about cruz a few months ago. >> ted cruz says whatever he needs to say to get elected. >> 57 delegates are up for grabs
2:34 am
in indiana tuesday. cruz, fiorina and trump will be living in the hoosier state over the next five days. garrett, thank you. >> charles lainey says it makes him look weak that fiorina could help him for momentum in california. >> desperation calls for desperate measures. so desperate after this route tuesday night. ted cruz, you want to come up with something spectacular to try to change the narrative out there. i suppose if carly fiorina brings anything positive maybe in the state of california. that is her home stage she ran a good senate race against barbara boxer as a republican though she lost. perhaps ted cruz is thinking she can help him out there. for the most part it looks like what it is, somebody who is way behind in the delegate kuntd his
2:35 am
window is rapidly closing trying to throw a hail mary. >> cruz came in last place behind john kasich in all but one contest in this week's presume mary. what do indiana voters think about cruz' pick? we asked on "the kelly files." >> one word to describe her? >> inexperience. >> fierce. >> tough. >> irrelevant. >> accomplished. >> sharp. >> strong. >> out sourcer. >> brilliant. >> who has a favorable impression of her. most of you. would you like her to be the vp? >> no. >> yes. >> yes. >> carly fiorina will be a guest at 7:15 eastern. >> they were prompting the chilly words of a killer of a husband and wife found shot to death in their home. police say whoever murdered
2:36 am
golam and shamema rabbi left that note along with a manifesto as described written on the wall of the home. police say it was not a random attack. the couple's he would dest son hasn't been seen since they were found dead. police have not named him a suspect. we will keep you posted. >> more than 60 people have been interviewed but so far no solid clues as to why someone opened fire on the 8 family members killing them execution style. they have gotten over 300 tips so far. but the killer or killers are still on the lose. they found marijuana at three of the four crime scenes. cock fighting roosters at one. they are not sure if it is drug cartel related. >> the suspect's lawyer calling him quote a little more ron with the intelligence of an empty ashtray. that is the statement about
2:37 am
admitted terrorist salah abdeslam as he has been charged for his role in the terrorist attacks. he is eager to tell the story from the french prison. particularly about how quick lifz radicalized. he helped plan the massacre that left 130 people dead. new york city mayor bill de blasio spreading to city hall. his office and three of the closest aids have been subpoenaed. they are questioning his fundraising back in 2014 to see if he broke any campaign finances laws. no criminal charges have been filed so far. he denies any wrong doing. >> a day at the beach takes a turn. >> a sand devil sends umbrellas flying 40 feet into the air. >> oh my god. >> it is coming this way. oh geez louise. >> a beach goer captureing this
2:38 am
incredible video on the big island yesterday. the dust devil tossing the umbrellas with ease and swimmers run for cover. >> the in aingsnal weather service says winds don't have to be strong for a sand devil to occur. no one luckily was injured. >> wow, look at that. >> now it is time to check in with janice dean for a look at the weather forecast so far today. >> we have a threat for more severe storms as another storm moves into the rockies giving us mountain snow and strong severe storms not only today but friday. this is the time of year where we see the potential for hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes for parts of oklahoma and texas as well as the mid atlantic as our next storm system exits the coast. tomorrow we have our new system moving in and much of the central texas up toward north texas and oklahoma will be in the risk area for tornadoes as
2:39 am
well as damaging winds. over 2 dozen tornadoes. on top of this we have the threat for flooding. 4-6 inches on top of saturated round and that will present flooding issues. we will be on top of it. back to you. >> the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. we are talking about a quest for veterans. the legal action taken after thousands of veterans were sickened by poisonous water. >> taking aim at tradition. the students fighting for gender neutral graduation gowns.
2:40 am
♪ (music pl♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore? ♪
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>> it is time to wake up. thank you for starting your day with "fox & friends". beautiful shot down 6th avenue in new york city. we begin with toxic trouble to tell you about. exposed to contaminated drinking water demanding justice. cheryl casone is here to explain. good morning, cheryl. >> good morning, heather. a federal agency is under fire this morning for refusing to hand over key documents in a federal lawsuit involving our veterans. yale law school alleges the veteran's affair system is withholding information that vets were sickened some terminally from contaminated water at camp le jeune. 1 million veterans families at camp le jeune were exposed to contaminated drinking and bathing water filled with toxins. many developed disabilities and rare cancers. they point to the toxic water as the reason for those illnesses.
2:44 am
yale says the government is withholding information including the study results calling it a black box. the marine corps hid knowledge of the problem for years and didn't warn people they could become sick. va has yet to directly respond. >> thank you. what do you think about this? guns in dorm rooms? soon that will be allowed at liberty university of lynchburg, virginia the private christian college first allowed guns on campus in 2011. they have expanded that policy to include residents halls this week. they have to be 21 or older get permission from the school and make sure the roommate is okay with that. they have to have licenses as well. all dorms will have gun safes installed. taking aim at tradition at high school they are being forced to wear gender neutral gowns to promote inclusivity. for years girls wore white gowns
2:45 am
and boys wore blue. many seniors don't mind the change but the school never asked for their input. >> really kind of thrown upon us without us knowing. couldn't do anything about it. >> the school's principal claims the plan was revealed at a senior class assembly and met with approval. >> katie perry's convent controversy is heating up for the latest legal hurdle may be lost in translation. nuns now saying a vatican document which cleared the way for the 14 and a half million dollar sale was incorrectly translated from latin to english. the nun's claims are baseless her lawyer says and believes that will stand. >> you have news about will ferrell? >> i do. slated to play ronald reagan in the up coming film reagan but is
2:46 am
not coming without controversy. >> it portrays him falling into dementia as an intern convinces him he is playing the president in a movie. >> not everyone is happy with his role and he is getting backlash on-line. >> m hilton on twitter says no way clown portraying a great man. >> nancy says he doesn't look anything like ronald reagan. plus maybe a serious actor would be more acceptable. >> verena says on twitter didn't know alzheimer's was comedy goal. what is next a slap stick comedy about fdr's polo? >> share your comments on facebook and our twitter page. >> it is supposed to be a comedy. we will see. >> the time is about 60 minutes to t - of the hour. >> would you consider a woman
2:47 am
who is very informed, caring and smart like greta as part of your cabinet? >> that's not a bad idea. >> not a bad idea at all, greta. >> donald trump taking questions from voters. >> a surprise house guest an alligator found in his living room. oh no. that remind me of somebody's house. >> hopefully not brian kilmeade. >> is that like your house, brian? >> no. it would clash with two of my puppies. ladies, let me tell you what we have over the next three hours on "fox & friends." a day after being named ted cruz's vice presidential nominee carly fiorina will join us live and talk about what's happening behind the scenes to get her front and center. laura ingram will be here to react to the news as well as the policy speech by donald trump. we are going to take a look of a video of a woman walking her dog
2:48 am
while driving. the woman who shot the video will join us. this story you are going to love and have loved all week. the former marines who created an epic photo 50 years later are back to reunite. bobby knight joined donald trump on the stump? we will give you the highlights. please get dressed. put a shirt on. (war drums beating) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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nine minutes before the top of the hour. fresh off five primary wins, donald trump heads to the hoosier state for a town hall with fox news channel's own greta van susteren. >> he answers questions directly from the voters. >> when countries are able to do numbers on us, there will be consequences and we have to do some form of taxation.
2:52 am
i believe in the total and free market, i think it's great but our leaders are not smart. >> what can you say now to convince me to vote for you next tuesday instead of switching my vote to cruz as suggested by their strategy to defeat you? >> okay, well, first of all, i think you did the right thing by switching because i think what they did in colluding like that, i think it was such a slap in the face of the people of indiana, in particular. >> how do you envision our role in israel and the middle east going forward? >> president obama is the single worst thing that i have ever seen happen to israel. it's unbelievable. we're going to take great care of israel and we're going to protect israel but we'll see if we can make a deal. i just have to do that. almost from a competitive standpoint. they say it can never be done but i say you can do it. >> what would you say to a woman who is very informed, caring and smart like greta as part of your cabinet. >> that's not a bad idea.
2:53 am
that is not a bad idea. >> i say not a bad idea at all. >> great idea. >> well, nsa leaker edward snowden has a story about to hit the big screen. >> there's something going on inside the government that is really wrong and i can't ignore it. i just want to get this data to the world. >> this is our first look at justin gordon lovitt in oliver stone's much anticipated movie. >> it shows snowden from going in the government to leaking the secrets. "snowden" hits theaters in center. >> i guarantee he won't be part of his cabinet. >> for sure. time now is eight minutes until the top of the hour. you want to talk about jesus? well, you're not going to be able to do that unless you have a permit at one college campus. your e-mails on that are poring
2:54 am
in. and how one dad surprised his son flying back from his deployment. we'll tell you about all this heartwarming story. we love it. >> we always love those. ♪ go ahead... leave the competition behind. lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. there's no going back.
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you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good, a soldier receives a big surprise after his dad is the captain of his flight back home from deployment. the soldier was returning home from kuwait and his pilot dad seized the opportunity to fly the plane himself. i love that. up next, the bad. everyone handles getting fired differently, but for one airport worker -- good grief! this happened in russia. that meant demolishing a plane reportedly worth $6.6 million. >> wow. and finally, the ugly, a louisiana homeowner given the surprise of his life when he finds a gator squatting in his
2:59 am
home. the man was able to tie up the gator and force that thing outside. well, now it is time for the brew on this. if you want to talk about jesus at north carolina state university, you will need a permit for that. a student group is suing the school over the policy which requires a permit for any kind of student speech or communication anywhere on campus including religious speech. >> so we asked should public universities be able to put limits on freedom of speech? scott writes, i guess it depends if you need a permit to talk about bud budda and mohommad. >> and heather writes, why shouldn't we get the right to exercise our freedom of speech? especially in the very -- it should not be restricted in any place. and what do you think of the
3:00 am
timing of just picking carrly fiorina? >> she'll be on "fox & friends" later today. and it starts right now. see you later. >> bye! my friend and the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina! >> i would say that ted cruz is just like any other politician. he says one thing in manhattan, he says another thing in iowa, he says whatever he needs to say to get elected. >> i really think it's a waste of time. the carly thing, i just don't see it. it's awfully early. >> there's no question in my mind that the man standing between the two of us is far and away the best person to lead america back. ♪ i'm so happy i can see him more ♪ ♪ because we travel on the bus all day


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