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  The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 28, 2016 5:04pm-5:21pm PDT

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donald trump giving a big foreign policy address yesterday in washington. he joins us now from evansville, indiana. first of all, you did not mention afghanistan in the address. we have got about 10,000 troops there right now. the place is still in chaos after 13 years. what exactly will you do about afghanistan? >> i would stay in afghanistan. it's probably the one place we should have gone in the middle east because it's adjacent and right next to pakistan which has nuclear weapons. so i think you have to stay and do the best you can, not that it's ever going to be great but i don't think we have much of a choice. that's one place, frankly, instead of going to iraq we probably should have gone there first. i would say in afghanistan and only, again, because of its location next to pakistan. >> all right. so you would keep the 10,000 troops there. and fight a war of attrition against the taliban? >> i hate doing it, i hate doing it so much. but, again, you have nuclear weapons in pakistan so i would do it.
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>> pakistan is no friend to the u.s.a. in fact, the guy who helped us, the doctor who helped us the pakistani get bin laden, they put him in prison. do you think you could get that doctor out? >> yes, i do. i think i would get him out in two minutes. i would tell them let them out and i'm sure they would let them out. we give a lot of aid and money to pakistan. frankly, they will do -- they don't have any respect for our president. but when you say they take advantage or they are no friend. nobody is a friend to us. they just take us like a bunch of suckers, bill. that's what my speech was about to a certain extent. it was also economic in terms of economic, relative to aid and the military. but pakistan certainly takes advantage like everybody else. nobody is different. >> we talked about isis way back in june when you were just launching your campaign. and you said last night the same thing you told me then that you are not going to tell isis how you are going to defeat them. okay. >> well, i did say, bill, i must be honest, i have been saying for a long time i
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would rather be unpredictable. you know, we are so predictable. we are sending troops. be there but in all fairness. i don't want to say about the oil. i've the one that's been saying it, i didn't want to say take the oil. bomb the oil. we never did it and not doing it in libya people that don't know what they're doing. but, you in know i have been saying the oil. i didn't want to say that either. i would like to get them by surprise. in our country with the system that we have, eventually you have to start saying what you would do. the problem is when you say that you are giving them a lot of ideas. >> but there is an implication to your policy and if i'm wrong in the implication, you need to tell me. for libya, example, when you say that i say if you are elected president, then you are going to send in american bombers and bomb useless to isis. would i be wrong in thinking that as a voter? >> maybe a little bit wrong.
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i try and take the oil fields but i will say i know exxon mobile. i know many of the great oil companies. they can get in there. it's amazing how quickly they can get that stuff. people private companies, you would have to send in american ground troops which i think you have to do anyway. >> zeal to bomb and we may have to do something but we have to bomb and have to get people in the region or we have to bomb and just keep the oil. i have been saying keep the oil for years. >> in order to get the oil, you have to defeat the guys on the ground who are now running the oil fields. >> that is correct. >> that's going to require american special forces, paratroopers, airborne, all of that to go in. and beat these guys on the ground. so, again, implication, i'm thinking you are saying you are going to send in ground troops to defeat isis in syria and libya, no? >> bill, or we are going to use our so-called allies. we don't have such great allies between us, okay? >> i know that. >> and the rest of the
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world. in theory, they are always saying we will use our allies. our allies we give them all the equipment and beautiful humvees and rifles and everything else. first shot fired in the air and they start running. that's our allies. we will have to do something. at least with oil we have something tangible. we should have never gone to iraq. >> but when we got out we should have kept the oil. i have said that for years. >> it sounds to me like a president trump would use ground troops to some extent to, a, seize oil from isis and, b, kill them. >> well, two things. number one, i want the oil. number two, i would send as few in as possible. and i would try and use other people if possible, except they just don't seem to have the capability. they don't seem to have the capability. >> you have to send u.s. people in with them. you know, there is only 6,000 active fighters. >> we have got to get the oil. we have got to get the oil. that's their source of wealth. they also have a lot of wealth through the banking
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channels. people don't even know about it but they are. but the oil is the main thing. >> okay. got to cut off the oil and we have got to keep the oil. not give it right back to them. we have got to keep the oil. >> putin, you are on record saying you believe you can convince him to be a friend of america. obviously is he expanding. >> no, i'm not saying that i am saying that i think i would possibly have a good relationship. i don't know. he said some really nice things. he called me a genius. he said trump's a genius. okay. that's nice. that's not going to persuade me one way or the other. people on the debate stage get him to disavow that why would i do that? he has been very nice to me. let me just tell you. i have no idea, bill. maybe we will, maybe we won't. if we can make a great deal for our country and get along with russia, that would be a tremendous thing. >> so you try it. >> i would certainly try. >> do you have a stick in case putin is unreasonable which he is known to be? do you have a stick? >> we always have a stick. we have the economy. we have certain things that
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are advantages. >> all right. all we have to do is cut off american banking credit cards and he is done. >> okay. china. >> bill, including with china we have tremendous power with china because they suck our money out. they suck our jobs out. we have rebuilt china. you look at the bridges, the roads, the train systems, the airports they have. it's like we are now a third world country. they took that and much of it came out of our country. >> but here's the deal. if you tee the chinese off by a trade war or slapping tariffs on their products coming in here, they will be less incline to do help with you north korea and that was one of the things you mentioned in your policy address that you are going to mobilize china. >> they don't help us now. >> how are you ever going to get china to help us neutralize north korea if you saber rattle in the trade area? >> by telling them if you don't help us, it's going to be over. we're just not gl g. >> you are going to threaten
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them? >> it's not a threat. it's a fact. we have a trade deficit of $505 billion a year with china. they are just ripping us, left and right. and on top of it, they won't help us with north korea because who wants to get into that fight. they won't help us. they can solve that north korea, believe it or not is concerned with china. okay. they are truly concerned with china. >> sure, we know that. >> china has power over north korea. north korea could solve that problem in one day, in one meeting. probably in one phone call. north korea is -- should behave and china can make them behave. china doesn't do it because they are tweaking us. they have no respect for president obama and they have no respect for our country. and, yet, we are the ones that really we created china, economically they took our money and our jobs. we owe them right now $1.8 trillion. >> yep. >> okay. so they take our jobs. >> >> they are holding our bonds. >> we owe them money so we have a lot of power, we don't know how to use it we don't know v. a president who knows how to deal.
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everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? and this happened: >> mr. trump, mine for it you to say if she were not a woman, she would be getting 5% suggests the only thing she has going for her is that she is a woman. >> i think the only thing she has got going is the fact that she is a woman. she has done a terrible job in so many different ways. you look at libya. you look at some of the things that she's done are just absolutely disastrous. no, i would say the primary thing that she has going is
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that she is a woman. and she is playing that card like i have never seen anybody play it before. >> now, do you think miss guthrie was offended by your statement about hillary clinton? >> it doesn't really matter to me. i mean, she is perfectly nice but i don't really care. she is -- it's a fact. she is playing the woman card and it's the only thing she has got going. that's it. she is playing as much as she can. if you raise your voice, it's like oh, look what he is saying; look at the way he talks. she raises her voice much more than i raise mine, believe me. >> what about this sexism thing? i don't know what it is. any time i say or criticize a woman i'm accused of being a sexist. any time i criticize the african-american community in any way or that i'm a racist. if i criticize illegal immigrants, then i'm anti-poor and anti-hispanic, i think that's going to be a major team correct directed against you, any time you
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criticize hillary clinton you are a sexist. are you ready for that? >> no. i don't think it will. and i will tell you why. she will try to play it but i'm going to bring jobs back to this country. nobody respects women more than i do by the way. you saw the other kay in new york and pennsylvania. i won all these states in landslides. i absolutely killed everybody with the women. the women came out in droves. and i won the women category. i won african-american. i won -- i won virtually every category. i won landslides. the five we just won and in new york the week before. i won with women and just about every group. in fact, every other group. >> okay. but you have got about 10 million votes. a little more than 10 million votes since the primaries begin and that's more than mitt romney had and that's why i'm not sure you know this because you watch this program, i said you are unstoppable, you are going to get the nomination. that's my opinion.íjlv but, as you know, i'm always
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right. however, you need 153 million votes more than you have. so, yeah, the republican primaries motivated g.o.p.ers have selected you, and there is no doubt about that. they have. about 153 million other americans you have to persuade them to vote for you. and if you're getting hit with sexist, racist, anti-poor, anti-hispanic, which you are going it be hit by every single day, you will have to have a shield to come back. and i'm wondering whether you have that strategy developed. >> i think in my mind i do. i haven't been focused on it yet for a different reason. i have had 17 people and 16 of which who came at me, governors and senators and very smart people. people like dr. ben carson who is a fantastic guy who endorsed me and chris christie who endorsed me. they were all coming at me. now i have two left. they are not left they're hanging by a thread. they will be gone soon and i will focus on hillary. i will win against hillary because i have a stronger military. i'm better at the military
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than she is. the military people are all voting for trump. you look at the different groups and the different subgroups, and women are going to vote for trump because they want security. they want safety. they want to have women's health issues taken care of properly. and you know that hillary is not going to be a great president. this is not going to be a woman. she has problems. i don't even know if she can run. i don't even know -- frankly, i watch you all the time and i see you talking about the email scandal. i don't know how she gets by that problem when so many people's levees have been ruined for doing much less than she did. so, on the assumption that she runs, i call her crooked hillary. she is. she is crooked hillary. and i say that i will beat her, easier than beating some of the people that i have just won. >> not you. >> i feel it. >> i know you do. >> she had the record that's terrible and she has got a lot of problems. i don't know, bill, that she is going to be able to run. and i don't think you know that either. >> nobody knows. >> she is only running pause she is being protected by
5:20 pm
the democrats. without that she wouldn't have a chance of running. >> i asked you this last time and i'm sure you have thought about it do you think the fbi is straight up? do you think that comey, the director, is playing politics or is he going to do an honest investigation and tell the folks what really happened? >> well, i hear fantastic -- i don't know him. i hear fantastic things, beyond fantastic with that being said, i just don't know what goes on behind the scenes. can i say i hope he is straight up. i if i if is he straight up she is not going to be able to run. i would love to run against her. i will beat her. cruz can't beat her and kasich, give me a break he is one for 44. >> you guys all say that about each other. >> take a look at the new polls. take a look at the new polls. okay, just take a look at the new polls and you will see what happens. remember, this bill, i haven't even started yet. >> god help us. [ laughter ] all right. look. we appreciate you coming on. we know how