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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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about our ted cruz interview. let us know your thoughts. follow me on twitter. let me know what you think. thanks for watching everyone. i'm megyn kelly and this s s s kelly files white heright here. welcome to hannity. donald trump is in the golden state and he's about to hold a rally in california. when trump takes the stage, we'll bring you his remarks live. also tonight the nypd is investigating suspicious powder that was sent to trump tower. we're five days away from the all important indiana primary on the republican side. 57 delegates are up for grabs. both trump and cruz were out campaigning earlier today and joining us now to weigh in on the race author and attorney and
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former clinton pollster. good to see you david. indiana, you have been a strong outspoken ted cruz supporter. is it do or die? >> it's prasetty close. i think there's still a way to block donald trump if he doesn't win in indiana and the polls are showing the race is narrowing there and definitely cruz feels this is an important juncture or he wouldn't be putting so much of his resources there. if he loses he's not out of it totally, but he considered it a pivotal state. >> from the perspective if you're a trump supporter how important is it for donald. we have an updated count. if you look at the 54 delegates, they were unbound, but the people of the pennsylvania voted for the delegates names and those delegates have now committed.
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it's now 992 for donald trump. >> it's hard to keep track and every day it seems to change. next week is do or die for ted cruz in the state of indiana. donald trump looks like he's on a glide path to this nomination. he doesn't have it quite locked up yet, but it looks like in life as in politics perception is reality and now the perception is that he's had incredible momentum, he's got significant wins under his belt and perception builds on itself. going into indiana this is do or die for ted cruz, not necessarily donald trump. he can still get to the 1,237 even should he lose in indiana. >> maybe this was a shift if you look at the ground game in pennsylvania was probably the best for the trump campaign throughout the entire process. now they did have a skeletal staff leading up to pennsylvania so adding more people certainly helped. you would rather as a democrat hillary face ted cruz you've told me.
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why? >> donald trump is unpredictable. he has the ability to bring as he did in pennsylvania reagan democrats into the party. he's already moving i think back to the center. i think his speech on foreign policy was doing that and i -- >> that was not a center left speech. that was not a center speech. >> hillary clinton is more hawkish on foreign policy than donald trump. >> she did such a great job in is libya. >> anyway, so back to hard headed politics. trump is a political operative. he's his best consultant. manafort is a good friend of mine, but donald trump is a genius. ted cruz this week between the kasich deal, the carly fiorina deal, the singing and rhetorical
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he's done it. >> what did you think of the two moves, the kasich move which blue up in a matter of hours which was odd and making the carly announcement. i thought carly during the campaign she was one of the most effective candidates at prosecuting the case against hillary clinton. >> it was not a formal arrangement between kasich and cruz but it was a pragmatic thing to block trump. both of them have to block trump to have any chance in the second ballot. cruz is the only one to have a chance in the second or third ballot. picking carly i think was a great move ultimately because it changed the narrative however slightly, but it did get some of the narrative off trump's win, it shows cruz is consistent. he's going to pick somebody who is intelligent, poised, a if he
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male, she's a stark contrast to donald trump because she's presidential and informed and articulate. cruz is not going to pick somebody who is moderate to appeal to the moderate side, he's going to pick someone who is conservative like he is. she gets along with the entire cruz family. i think it's a good match. >> let me ask you this question. i know a lot of people i have been talking about republicans have probably the deepest bench they have ever had. i know a lot of people think a president does make the final decision, george w. bush said i'm the decider, but in the end it's the team you have around you. when you a bench that has -- let's look at trump, cruz and john kasich. kasich has done a good job as governor. governor rick perry did a great job in texas. governor bobby jendal. and then you've got people
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outside of government like rudy gul ann gul annie do you think there's a uniting that doesn't seem possible five days out of indiana? >> do you mean regardless of who prevails in cleveland. >> yes. >> yes. i think if trump wins there's going to be some people who remain never trump. if cruz wins there are going to be a lot of trump supporters who say they will only support trump, but i'm hoping that's just the intensity, the real intense voters on both sides, maybe 20% on each and i think hillary is so unpopular and so beatable regardless of what the polls say now, they're fluid and the dynamic changes when it becomes a general election campaign and i think cruz stands a much greater chance to defeat
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hillary than trump. i think it's going to be difficult for trump. >> i bet those names united towing in a cabinet name before november scares you. >> it does. what pleases me now -- >> that makes me very happy. >> what really pleases me is that ted cruz this week has said over and over donald trump is not kwqualified to be president >> bernie sanders has said it about hillary. >> trust me -- >> bill clinton saying obama is a horrible president. >> i understand. >> we have plenty of sound of hillary sounding like a left wing radical. >> we will have a united democratic party. the republican party, it remains to be seen. >> i don't think so. i think my idea -- listen, maybe i'm living in a fantasy world. >> they can't do it. >> i've been accused of a lot worse, but imagine those names
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uniti unitying. >> i think you're in a fantasy moment, but a couple of months down the road there are going to be some people who are -- passions are running high and they're opposed to trump for eyed logical reasons or whatever it might be. >> i'm going to think out of the box. trump is going to give a speech like he did on foreign policy, he's going to give a speech on jushl philosophy. he's going to name ten to 12 names that he will only refer to as potential supreme court nominees. next president may appoint as many as four. what from ted cruz's name was on there. >> that's probably a private conversation the two of them will have. >> we talk about everything publicly here. >> donald trump is going to give that speech. he's going to give a very important economic policy speech coming up where he's going to focus on pro-growth economic policies, jobs and how to get
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the great american engine of economic growth. once he does that -- he's done the important foreign policy speech. once he does the important economic speech, people are going to look at him in a completely different light. >> you think it's over? you think he's going to get it. >> nothing is over until it's over and there's quite a bit of time between now and cleveland so anything is possible, but it looks like the momentum is certainly with donald trump. >> david, respond. >> i think his foreign policy speech was incoherent. he contradicted himself on what he's done before. he's on the record contradicting himself with policies he's advocating now. i think these speeches are designed to assure people that he will do certain things because he has no idea what he stands for. they change from day to day. we have no idea where he stands on foreign policy.
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we have a better idea, but we don't think it's coherent and he wants to make himself presidential. >> david goes off and off and off on donald trump. >> i can bring in bernie supporters that will go off. >> you have. >> not many socialists want to come on. i don't know why, but it's not in my demographic. >> we will get bernie and hillary together by one way or another. >> we'll see. that's going to be a marriage made in heaven. after bill's comments about obama, i got to break. >> there's different motivation for that, for bill's comments about obama. >> what is it? >> you know my theory, i don't think the democratic race is over and i'm not entirely convinced mrs. clinton is going to be the nominee if barack obama has something to say about it. >> it's going to be biden. >> look where the vice president was today looking rested and ready. this is not a vice president in
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his sunset year. >> guys good to see you. we are awaiting donald trump's rally in california. as soon as he steps on the stage which is in about five minutes we'll bring it to you live. the nypd investigating a suspicious powder sent to trump tower today. melania trump firing back at what the magazine published a hit piece attacking her and her family. we'll be in indiana tomorrow interviewing senator ted cruz and his running mate carly fiorina. that's tomorrow night, they're first interview together. set your dvr. ♪ constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax
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man 1: i came as fast as i man 2: this isn't public yet. man 1: what isn't? man 2: we've been attacked. man 1: the network? man 2: shhhh. man 1: when did this happen? man 2: over the last six months. man 1: how did we miss it? man 2: we caught it, just not in time. man 1: who? how? man 2: not sure, probably off-shore, foreign, pros. man 1: what did they get? man 2: what didn't they get. man 1: i need to call mike... man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense. bae systems. this is a news alert and we
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are awaiting donald trump's rally. it's taking place in california. as soon as he steps on stage we'll bring it to you live. the nypd is investigating white powder sent to trump tower. what's the update here. >> reporter: the update is three people are being evaluated that were exposed to the powder in that noenvelope. about 8:00 this evening in the mail room they got an envelope that was addressed to the fifth floor here at trump tower. they were concerned and they called police and hazardous materials team came in to address that envelope addressed to the fifth floor here and the concern here is the trump tower this is where donald trump's campaign headquarters is located. three people we had heard more than that, but just three people
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were put in isolation and they're being evaluated by medical personnel. they don't know what's in the envelope. that's being tested as well. all of this unfolding about 8:00 this evening, but right now the hazardous materials teams are here, the nypd and firefighters. in march donald trump junior's son got a suspicious envelope to his apartment. that turned out to be nothing and donald trump on the campaign trail tonight in california so he was not here and we don't have any comment yet from trump campaign. i'll send it back to you. >> all right. thank you for that update. here now with reaction, conservative columnist from the federalist and the founder and president of high noon strategies. i've experienced this, i had an assistant once that opened up a package with this powder. she was put in isolation for
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eight to nine hours, very scarey situation so our thoughts and prayers are with those three people and we hope it turns out to be nothing. really intense feelings out there. do you worry as a trump supporter that at the end of the day the republicans will not unite that the never trump, never cruz people won't get along. >> no i don't. i think we're starting to see that even some among the never trump group are realizing that especially after this tremendous speech that donald trump gave on foreign policy that yes this is a candidate that they can see themselves getting behind, but because his policy views and the way he's been conducting himself do merit that support i think we'll see a slow migration of that crowd into the trump camp. >> do you think dor you worry
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that this battle among supporters can be healed? >> i worry if ted cruz goes in on the second ballot bamz the nominee. i think you're going to see an uprising from trump people and it's agenda by donald trump and irresponsible talking that's been going on this entire primary season so we need to tone it down. >> you're giving me the political answer. >> regardless of who wins do we get there? i mentioned people like rick perry and john kasich and scott walker and senator rubio and all these people. does everybody come together in the end. >> you're talking about the establishment or the anti-trump people. >> that too. >> there's also another side to this and we have to put the responsibility also on the trump people for how they have behaved going after cruz supporters and going after anyone in the establishment that appears to be in the establishment, whoever that might be. so everyone needs to take
10:18 pm
responsibility. i guess what i'm saying is take responsibility for your own actions and how you behave this primary season within clean up the language and show respect and i think we can have unity. >> let me ask you this, because i think this is important. as you watch the campaign and you're objective in this, what do you think about the idea, is it possible to unite the party. there's a part of me that has felt you have these establishment people that they would almost be happy if either cruz or trump lost so they can say oh you stupid people, see we told you so, even though they caused the insurgency by breaking promises and combatting the obama agenda. >> i think you're going to see a circular firing squad no matter what happens. we have john boehner calling ted cruz lucifer and that goes to show how split the republican
10:19 pm
party is right now. we started this thing out with 17 candidates, but i think that everyone needs to be called out here to some degree because yes i do think that donald trump has insighted some level of rhetoric that has led to some divisiveness in the party, but you look at someone like jeb bush who spent tens of millions of dollars to take down someone like marco rubio and chris christie who looked to take out someone like marco rubio in a debate. >> he's as aggressive against hillary don't you think every republican is going to like that. >> i think that ultimately the republican party needs to come together because you're right, the objective here is to defeat hillary clinton. i think the republican party will come together because i think ultimately we're going to have a candidate that gets to 1,237 and it looks like the candidate right now is going to be donald trump. so now donald trump and it looks like he's taking steps to do that with his foreign policy speech yesterday and trying to be more incloosive and bring
10:20 pm
people into the party and the weight is going to be on his shoulder address to bring everyone together. >> i wish we had more time. we are expecting any moment donald trump's rally will begin as he steps up to the podium. we'll bring that to you live right here. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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rose, you have been counting those unbound delegates and those that are now committing so donald trump won 17 for winning the state of pennsylvania. what is the delegate count now? it has "the new york times" has trump at 992 now looking at the committed 54 delegates going to trump. what count do you have? >> we have about 38 that are definitely committed, around that number and then there are some who are uncommitted, but they said they would go with the district. so we right now are holding those people's feet to the fire and we are demanding they stay true. many of them have been called, i think almost all of them have been called and they all said yes they will remain true to donald trump as we go to the convention. >> what about those -- >> we feel pretty good about that. >> what about the people who said they would go for whoever the district associatvoted for,
10:24 pm
that number. >> that number is anywhere from 18 to 20 of those people have said they will go with the district winner and those are the ones that we're keeping a close eye on. as a matter of fact even congressman consciouser has said he was one of the ones that said he wa go with the district winner and he has been -- we've been told that he is committed to donald trump. he's endorsing him in fact. >> let me go to my good friend rebecka and she's supporting ted cruz in this campaign. talk about 30 ways in 30 days to strengthen your family, i think the republican party may benefit from your book as well because things are contentious out there now, but that number of 992 kind of puts indiana in the different perspective. doesn't it kind of make it must win for senator cruz? >> it certainly does. first i want to thank you for providing the forward to my book. that meant a lot to me and you're a great family man so i
10:25 pm
appreciate you're having done that. yes, indiana is pivotal, there's no question about it. one of the things that's disturbing is people who want to coordinate donald trump they forget tles a lot of voters who haven't voted yet and authorization voters need to feel like they're part of the system. we see people rising up behind ted cruz, we see people unifying around him because ted cruz has a message for jobs, freedom and security, a message thatfamilie. there's not a family watching right now that doesn't want that extra money in their pocket that will come from the cruz tax plan. >> with the gdp growth at .5% obama will be the first president in history never to have a 3% growth rate in gdp in american history. i'll get back to you, but let me bring you in quickly. you're more objective here. 992 is a pretty high number,
10:26 pm
higher than anybody estimated going into tuesday. how big of an obstacle now does it make it for the cruz campaign? >> it's tough and i think that's why you've seen cruz decide let's make my vp pick early. i think carly plays an interesting role and i think she plays in areas where you have those fiscal conservatives, maybe not social conservatives that would be kasich supporters going over to a carly/cruz camp. it's going to be tough because trump is spending over $900,000 in television ads, radio ads and he's making his name and brand very much known in indiana. >> do you think if he wins indiana it's over? >> i do believe it makes it incredibly difficult for cruz to regain any momentum. i mean cruz is hoping for sort of a replay of wisconsin. i think for trump it's a matter of if he's able to close the deal in indiana, it's going to be pretty much over. >> rebecca how do you respond to
10:27 pm
that? >> first of all, carly fiorina is an amazing choice. it shows that ted cruz really thinks about who the conservatives are that he wants to help him govern. so a cruz/carly fiorina ticket i think is going to ignite people more behind ted cruz. it's going to unify people and they're going to look at ted cruz and they're going to compare him to donald trump and see that donald trump is unqualified to be president. >> final thought rose, does that help? hurt? ted cruz, does it make no difference? what's your thoughts on the carly announcement. >> i think most people see it as a desperate move. i felt very uncomfortable with it last night. i love carly fiorina, but this is not the time to talk about a vice presidential candidate. i can't believe that's what he's discussing right now. it's way to early. >> we're told that donald trump is taking to the podium in about
10:28 pm
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i have never worked with a more miserable -- >> former speaker of the house john boehner slamming ted cruz yesterday. we continue now. i have to tell you, i can't say this strongly enough. john boehner, shut up. you gave us $4 trillion in debt, you were weak, timid, visionless and i have to be honest, you want to know why cruz and trump are doing so well, look in the
10:34 pm
mirror because you are afraid you might get blamed for a government shut down, you wouldn't defund executive amnesty. you failed the republican party. we don't need lectures from you against presidential candidates that are resonating with the american people. thank you very much. monica. >> john boehner is the ultimate establishment guy making these comments in the ultimate anti-establishment year. does he not realize that those kinds of comments help ted cruz. those kind of comments help donald trump in this environment. he doesn't care and i'll tell you why. >> i think he agrees why. >> ted cruz actually his leadership opposing obama's radical agenda -- >> exactly. cruz had a backbone and boehner had no backbone. boehner destroyed -- >> this is good for ted cruz.
10:35 pm
boehner did good work for the democrats doing bipartisan deal. >> he gave us $4.2 trillion he added to the national debt. not helpful in his years so called as leader and now he's on the sidelines trying to disrupt things. what do you think? >> the name calling is unacceptable by john boehner. there's no reason why he should be attacking one of our own in the gop. it's really not helpful to the cause, especially just calling him lucifer. it takes it to such an extreme. fine disagree with the guy on policy, but the name calling is just childish and it's very disappointing coming from the former speaker of the house. let's go to celebrities saying they're going to leave the country and i have an offer for
10:36 pm
them, they're going to leave the country if donald trump is elected president of the united states. listen. >> will donald trump be our next president? if that -- becomes president i'm moving my black blooep to south africa. >> if he wants to build a wall to keep mexicans out. >> if any republican gets nominated i'm going to move to canada with my entire family. i already have my ticket. i literally bought my ticket. >> you're not a citizen of canada. >> i'll make it. >> if donald trump is the nominee, i'm open to support anyone while i'm also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins only because he probably have me deported anyway. >> i know everyone is
10:37 pm
threatening, but i'm 100% moving to canada. i love canada and i think it's a great place and i can conduct business from there. >> we can look there you have the names. cher, sharpton, simon, eddie griffin. i will pay -- i think this is a pretty generous offer i will pay a one way ticket to the country of their choice. i'll make it first class. i will include champagne and cav year for them. i think this is fair. they have to promise to never come back. go and stay away. i sucked it up for eight years under obama and the disaster i predicted came true. >> i'm an american. this is the greatest country in the world. if donald trump is president, i will be a supporter of his
10:38 pm
efforts to get america moving again. >> you're a good guy. >> it's an important issue. i'm for hillary, but i'm an american first. i'm proud of that. >> i got to take a break. we got the two-minute warning that donald trump will be taking the stage in his rally in california. that and more as we continue. if you take multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel, so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. (singing alougetting to know you. getting to know all about you... getting to like you. getting to hope you like me... is someone getting to know your credit? not without your say so. credit lock lets you lock and unlock your transunion credit report with the swipe of a finger. getting to know you. getting to know all about you...
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donald trump is about one minute away from taking the stage. moni lisa, do you like my idea? i'm going to give them a one-way ticket those that say they'll leave if trump becomes president with the stipulation you can never come back. >> this should be donald trump's new bumper sticker. if you vote for him, lena donna is going to leave the country. what more do you need to entice people to vote for donald trump here. >> he's about to make it to the stage right now. as you can see another huge rally crowd size matters doesn't it. >> absolutely because first of all it indicates the real grassroots, the movement that he's created and it has the image of momentum.
10:44 pm
>> donald trump taking the microphone in california. >> thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you, everybody. man, we've got a lot of people. [cheers and applause] >> a lot of people. this is incredible. we love you. we love you. oh, you better get out on june. remember, june th. you better get out. we're turning it around. i want to thank that group. see what it says, latinos for trump. i love that. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause] i love that sign. it's true. so thank you to everybody. you know, this is a place -- i love california. i love this state. great feelings. we want to bring on some friends. we have some friends the remembrance project, they were outside and taking a picture and i said come on stage with me for a couple of minutes and these
10:45 pm
are incredible people. they lost loved ones to illegal immigration and they're unbelievable. they've suffered. i've gotten to know them over a period of time and come on over here, folks. come on. [cheers and applause] these are great people. they've become my friends over the last couple of years and they have really suffered. and a friend of mine, he's become a great friends of mine, who is -- i mean, he had a son who was an incredible, incredible son going to college on a scholarship. he was going to get a scholarship. great football player and i just want him representing the group to say a few words and explain what happened and it's tough. it's tough, but your son died
10:46 pm
with unbelievable purpose because what's happening and when they hear the story we'll all understand and then we're going to get back to other things, including jobs, right. >> right. >> great friend. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you. i just want to bring it back to the day that donald trump was coming down the escalator and which everybody saw that first day i was watching it too and i felt so proud because for the first time my son died was murdered in 2008, but when i saw trur trump and what he said for the first time it gave me real hope, real change, something to hope for because we know -- we know what trump is going do. he's going to do everything he says. that's why everybody is so scared right now because they know change is coming. change is coming. in march the 2nd, 2008 me and my son we went to the football camp
10:47 pm
in pasadena and it was designed for guys who was going to be division one athletes so we worked hard. he was 17 years old. on the way home he asked me can we go to the mall. of course i was worried and i ignored thinking maybe he would just forget about it. he asked again and he's a good kid, never been in trouble never been to jail, no gangs. never suspended from school and did everything right. we were living t so-called american dream which everybody's trying to get the american dream, but they give us the american nightmare. it's not right. so i let him go to the mall and hang out. i told him by home by 7:00. 7:00 came and i called him and i said where you are at. he said i missed the bus. i'm on my way. we're safe. we're safe. i said i would have come and got you. i said i'll call you in an hour. i called him back and said where are you. he said right around the corner.
10:48 pm
he made it back home bp i told his brother get your clothes on because we're going to get track spikes and when i said that i heard two gun shots. it was so kripy. people who know guns know that crispiness is close. i said damn i hope this boy is not dead. i called his phone and he didn't answer. i went outside laying in the street dead. shot in the head. couldn't believe it. to this day i couldn't believe it. come to find out an illegal ilan on his third gun charge, we hear people talking about ban guns, we have an illegal ilan on his third gun charge never deported, he had assault with a deadly weapon, battery on a police officer -- >> we're going to take a quick break. we'll come back and more when donald trump comes back to the donald trump comes back to the stage you're driving through the woods
10:49 pm
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. we continue with donald trump's rally underway in costa mesa, california. >> there is no documentation, no paper work. we're putting them all over the country by the thousands. we have no idea what the hell is going to happen. we have no idea. so look, folks, we're going to straighten it out. this last week, the border patrol, these are amazing people that want to do their job. they're told to stand back. don't do your job. stand back. they endorsed me, 15,500 border patrol agents. when we let them go to it, they're going to be great before the wall gets built.
10:55 pm
we're going to build the wall. mexico is going to pay for the wall. we're going is to stop drugs from coming in. drugs are poisoning our youth and a lot of other people. we're going to get it stopped. let me just say it. i see the hispanic signs and latino signs. i love the people. i love the people. african american signs, i love that sign, by the way. and we're going to do great with the african americans, with the hispanics, because we're going to bring jobs back to our country. we're going to -- we're going to bring jobs back to this country. our jobs have been sucked away like you take candy from a baby, we're not going to let it happen anymore, folks. we're not going to let it happen. so, we have to be tough. we to be vigilant.
10:56 pm
we have to be strong. i tell this story, good, thank you, darling, i love you, too. thank you. look at that. great. but i tell this story in a way, it's a rough, rough, story. but this country is so politically correct. we don't get anything. we don't understand anything. we don't understand what is going on. we don't understand. it's the story of general pershing. this is before the first world war. they were having a tremendous problem ñiwith, really radical islamic terrorism. they were having an unbelievable problem. general pershing was a tough, ruthless general. he won't do well today because he was too tough, too ruthless and probably used foul language. so he'd be out. they won't allow him. so this was the problem that was really out of control.
10:57 pm
many people being killed. and the president doesn't want to use the turn, and muslims, great people, we're all great people. we understand there is a problem you have to bring up the name. many muslim friends, i have many muslim friends that call me and they say thank you, donald. we all want to cure it. you can't cure a problem if you don't want to mention what that problem is. so, for whatever reason, general pershing was sent there to solve a really serious terror problem. they caught 50 radical islamic terrorists. they caught them. they took the 50, they lined them up. they took a pig, then, they took a second pig. and they cut the pig open. and they took the bullets from the rifles, and they dumped the
10:58 pm
bullets into the pigs and they swashed it around, and they took the bullets and shot 49 of the 50 people. and the 50th person, they said, take this bullet, and bring it back to all of the people causing the problem and tell them what happened tonight.xd he took the bullet, he brought it back, that 50th person. and for 42 years, they didn't have a problem with radical islamic terrorism, folks. okay? believe me. so, we're going to have to get a lot tougher than we are because we have problems that you won't believe. during one of the debates we have this guy, lyin' ted cruz.
10:59 pm
we know lyin' ted, right. nobody likes him, i've never seen a guy like that. i mean, he probably, he probably, i see him walking into these beautiful corners in washington. i say hi, lyin' ted, how are you doing? he's a liar. i go along and talk about health care, i talk about this, and i mean the guy said he'll go two hours later, donald trump loves obamacare. by the way we're going to repeal it and replace it, just so you know. he'll say donald trump wants to absolutely get rid of the second amendment. we're going to protect our secretary amendment. this guy, this guy is so bad. then, he makes a deal.
11:00 pm
he got beaten so badly in new york and then, in pennsylvania, maryland, and connecticut, and rhode island, right? >> that is all the time we have left tonight. thank you for being tonight "on the record," all your news right here. two young boys lost at sea and now word that may be foul play. also a creepy note left by two sons after joining forces to murder their own parents. plus, why is a group of nuns at war with singer katy perry. the nuns and the "on the record" legal panel is here. also big news from the campaign trail will coach bobby knight's endorsement from candidate bobby trump shape up the race in indiana? yes, you saw that big moment at our "on the record" town hall last night. right now you never thought it would get this awful. lucifer in the flesh. ouch. well, that's how former speaker of the house described senator ted cruz lucifer in the flesh. this is getting brutal. >> how about ted


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