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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 29, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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live twitter voting results on your screen. will speaker boehner's comments about senator cruz help or hurt senator cruz. 74% say hurt. 26% say help. don't forget to vote on twitter every night go to welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. >> coming up on the big show, trump doubles down on a statement and the media goes nuts. then the media punched ryerson in the face. plus a new music video featuring edward snowden. is there anything that american hero can't do? and the university of washington is in trouble forgiving advice to potential cheerleaders. we've all been there. back to you, tom. >> thanks, andy. let's welcome our guestses.
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guests. look who found her corner of the sky, joanne nosuchunsky. he has a certain essence about him. is that inside enough? steve burn. she knows more about cash than june carter. she is the host of "risk and reward" on fox business network, dierdre bolton of sitting next to me, founder of, rob long. let's start the show. donald trump doesn't have a high regard for hillary clinton. it is true. on thursday the gop front runner attacked clinton again for playing the woman's card. during an interview with "the today show" trump said without the woman card hillary would not be a viable person to even run for city council position. meanwhile, the gop establishment is starting to rally around trump.
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john cornyn said this week i think he could change the electoral map in way we haven't seen before. rob is gibelling. giggling. many are warming to the new billionaire. perhaps it is trump. his campaign is promising a gentler tone, and on thursday they released this powerful ad. first they are sour. then they're sweet. >> that's cool. >> of course we made that, but it is true. trump is like a sour patch kid, right? sour and then sweet. >> and orange. >> oh really? we didn't intend that. >> oh really? all of your writer didn't come up with that? i had to come up with that? for free?
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>> that was a freebie. look, rob, has he changed his tone a little bit? >> why would he bother to do that? e thinks he is on a roll. and they didn't say it would be good to change the electoral map. >> that's why you were giggling. look, there is no incentive to changerright now. he think he will be able to change later and we know that won't happen. >> why is he giving -- he is definitely attacking to the middle. >> he said on tuesday night after the five-say the -- five-state sweep, i am the presumptive nominee. it reminds me his background and these hotel in atlantic city, he is a boxer. he will go for her on the one thing he think he can. >> and do you think he backed off? he said he was playing a character and manifort is in charge. trump backed off. do you think that was a mistake, or do you think he
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politically -- >> in fairness to donald trump he is winning a lot. it is like old coke and new coke. donald trump is old coke and people are voting for him. >> what do you think -- what is your analysis on trump -- on the new trump and the old trump and the trump that is yet to be? >> he will always say something crazy and outlashdish and we are another three weeks from him saying something again. to me he shows may -- he remind me of a guy tay shows late to a kegger. we will party. we are going to party. we'll rip it up. and then we are going down on each other. it is like. what? what? where? huh? >> that does get your attention though, does president -- doesn't it? >> up to a point. >> he has offended if you want to see it that way every group of people. >> and more people are voting for him. >> he will learn a new phrase
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or a new subject and then he continues to use it until he goes too far and then learns the next thing. disenfranchised voter, as soon as he learned what thatment he said it over and over. we don't want disenfranchised voters. come on. i need to be the nominee. now it is the woman card. there will be something else that happens, but we will enjoy it. >> it is like porn politics. porn always seeps its way in and ruins it. >> every new thing he has introduced -- >> i think he is old playboy. he is old school and people are wanting for the noodie. >> he is the center fold. >> i can't believe it. >> and kim kardashian together at last. why can't he say she is playing the woman -- she does play the woman card. she says elect me because i am a woman. and she also compares. you wouldn't ask that question
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if she wasn't a woman? >> don't yell at me. >> he can say that. it is a fair thing for him to say that and it is fair for her to push back. she is a woman. it is a given. i can't change it. he was a rich kid who inherited things from his dad. they are things they can't change and it brought them to the point they are and they are trying to win an election. the thing is he is not going to win and she is going to win. >> do you remember in 2008? she said that about brome. -- barack obama. she said barack obama was sexist. >> she will play the card. she will play it as long as she can. >> he said you are being unfair and whining like a little girl. it is low rent politics and they are doing the best. >> why can't you acknowledge the obvious that women will vote for her because she is a woman. blacks were happy that oj was
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found not guilty and koreans won the l.a. riots? just state the obvious. next story, edward snowden changed the world. was it for the better? according to a new study internet use is more cautious. the nerd trader told -- wow, andy wrote this story. can you believe that? he told the world about the nsa surveillance program and the national security has plummeted from three million views to two million. the resoip suggests this -- the research suggests this is due to being viewed as a terror suspect. they authorize the prison program and it expires at the end of the year. joanne, what do you think? snowden -- i don't care what you think about snowden. do you think he is having an affect on people's habits? >> certainly. they think the government is looking at everything they are doing and judging them for it. then i remember what i was told when i was going to the doctor. if you have a rash, which i
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didn't, but if you have a rash your doctor has always seen worse. don't worry about it. they have seen worse. the government is like, we are thought worried about you. we have seen worse and looking for worse. >> so i can stop typing stars in between isis when i send my team a message on terrorism. no, i'm not kid. will i get flagged? >> your rash is not that bad. >> but around here on a day-to-day basis, some of the things we search for are goofy. >> all the time. and according to researchers people doing their job like journalists or lawyers, they say it is slowing down the way people work, that's the extent they are worried about it. >> i can see, rob long, behind your eyes when joanne was talking, i can tell -- i can say you were nodding your head, but you weren't really nodding. >> because you were looking at my browser history? >> you seem skeptical about
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joanne's answer. >> i am skeptical. they produced no evidence that they are connected. the idea that people are less interested in terrorism is ludicrous. where is that? the search terms went down? if you watch fog news it is all terrorism all the time when it is not trump. you get plenty of terrorism when you want on tv. >> are you making fun of the study because it is from canada? >> well it it was winding it up. it is canadian. people are not worried the government will look at their browser history. it is their wives and girlfriends. that's why you have the incognito thing on chrome and safari and the ways of not being -- you know, understood by the people would love you. >> incognito, i don't like that. >> you don't like it? >> you can't go -- i like going back through my history oh i was at that website and i have to go back there. when you do incognito -- >> do i i have to pretend to explain that you pretend why you do like the incognito
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function? is that the game we are playing? sometimes i want to go back to how to help the orphans. >> you have to go back. steve burn, what think you of edward snowden? >> every time i see him on television he looks like every white guy who has ever dated an asian woman. every asian girl who marries a white guy looks like snowden. >> i think it was taken at a saki bar. they are always so nice and quiet at the saki bar. they know everyone. they speak the language. meanwhile, snowden is now an electronic dance producer. dj snowden collaborated on the eight track called exit that was released two weeks ago. now there is a music video for it. take a look. >> they are not just in a
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bridge war, and if you don't stand up for it, i will. and if you don't stand up for it, who will? >> before i find out how the panel feels, i would like to know what heather locklear thinks. heather? >> it was so good i told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on and so on. >> heather locklear. >> she looks good in that. >> you know who directed that? steven spielberg. >> no. >> he brought warmth. >> he ripped off the commercial. and he ripped off national security secrets too. i just think you cut it too soon. i want to see the part where he says okay, ladies, now let's get in for -- formation. jay some -- >> some was reminiscent.
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>> he is not stupid, right? >> that's exactly what that means. it is like a direct line to my brain. >> what did you think of the video? did it make you want to get up and dance? >> no, it is actually supposed to be a video game track and i know he knows and he loves it, but no i just thought oh winter is getting long for him in russia. i thought he needs a little help. >> isn't that true? it looks liked ward snowden -- he is wanting attention, right, steve? >> yeah, well -- >> he is wanting something. >> i am seeing the video and watching the video, and when i heard it that's the music playing in the head of the assistant night manager at barnes and nobel. that's exactly what he looks like right there. >> i think he has a vitamin d deficiency. >> he probably does p he is in
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siberia. is he in russia? >> he was watching it thinking, a long hard day. >> i can't escape the music. >> joanne, i am not a big fan of snowden. what do you think? >> i support the arts and i do not support this. >> really? >> i hated ward snowden. he put my life at risk. thanks, dude. >> i think we will hear a little push back during half time. >> it is like a bourne film without all the action. >> it is like a jason bourne film. >> you have somebody who hates america and dispieses free -- despises freedom on come up with a counter argument? >> last week curt schilling was fired by espn after he
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mosted this meeme on his facebook page. the one-time red sox pitcher went off on his former employer. >> it was apparent to me early on that if you want to go off topic as a sports person you had to go off topic left or you were going to get in trouble. some of the most racist things i ever heard came out of people on the air at espn. they are some of the biggest racists in sports common tating. >> schilling claimed the espn employees knew better than to reveal their righty politic. staffers would come up to him and whisper they too are are republicans. i wish someone would whisper that to me. for yores espn has been shutting out conservative voice. you never hear ice hockey analysis. and so far they refused to announce bill crystal on baseball tonight. why?
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his politics. and tonight was the draft. they had many analysts and not one was todd starns. >> that's a shame. >> it is a shame. joanne -- >> sorry, that picture it looks like he just got -- he just found out his wife is taking half of everything. >> you know, it looks that way because of liberalism. what we were talking about? schilling. is there a bias in sports? i never thought about it. >> i'm sure there is, but the other righties are just -- they know well enough to keep their mouth shut and their jobs. it sounds bad, but they probably when expressing their opinion, their political opinion they know how not to alienate their viewers and listeners. they have every right to intervene when they feel that -- what someone is saying could hurt the brand. it is a part of a business.
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so if you signed -- i don't know what is in his contract, but if he makes the brand look bad, they do what they have to do. >> ron, you know something, as a hollywood elitest, you know something about whispers in the closet. >> less now than before, but it happens. espn has a lot of political commentators. keith you will better man was there -- keith olberman was there for a longtime. it is true. you will talk about politics on the air and it has to be left wing and everybody knows that. >> isn't that true that it is media? if you are in media across the board, producers, directors, you are going to run into a lot of left of center people. >> you will, and in the comments to breitbart they said, hire me. >> you thought he was -- you
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thought it was -- >> why not? jay he would be good here. don't you think we should ask him to be on the panel? curt schilling, come and do panel to "red eye." >> when i said he would be good here, iment he would be good there. >> this is a little early. >> like i said, curt schilling, go be hired by breitbart. >> i don't see rg iii dropping back and looking at his receivers and going he is for small government and physician kl responsibility. i am not throwing to him. schilling should go back to what he does best, video games. remember he bankrupted himself? >> that's right. he did. don't use that one tonight. >> i don't mean here. i mean in front of the audience. >> this is a warm up.
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>> coming up, capital level. don't worry, parents, i will set him straight after break.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. well, some nervous moments earlier tonight at donald trump's campaign headquarters in new york city. a white, powdery substance was found in an envelope mailed there. a campaign staffer opened the letter and immediately called police. six people were isolated as a precaution, but authorities say the substance is nonhazardous. the u.s. is condemning an
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airstrike on a syrian hospital that left at least 14 people dead and killed dozens of others nearby. the white house says it fits a pattern set by al-assad where his regime targets first responders with what is known as double tap strikes. >> after a strike has been carried out on a location, forces including airplanes will return to the location after first responders have arrived and another strike is carried out that results in first responders themselves being victims. >> they call it abhorant and immoral. investigators are looking into the possibility that prince died of an overdose and whether he was being prescribed drugs in the woox leading up to his death. they are also trying to determine if a doctor was on the plane that made an emergency landing in illinois just days before prince was found dead. and finally an interesting study suggests dogs hate being
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hugged. a doctor who spcial lieses in canine behavior says dogs show signs of stress when they are embraced. some signs are avoiding eye contact and lowering their ears and even yawning. instead of hugs it recommends showing affection through petting, treats and play time. i'm robert gray. now back to "red eye." what's the matter with kiss today? >> i'm too contemporary. >> apparently -- what's the matter with kids? they are a bunch of commies. according to a new harvard survey 18 to 29-year-olds don't support capitalism, while 42% said they did. but an astounding theater 3% said -- 33% said they supported socialism. what is going on? harvard's polling director
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said the millennials he interviewed said capitalism is unfair and left people out despite their hard work. they are unfair and that's the idea. if you are being left out you need more capitalism and not less. the problem is that these millennials grew up in a world where they see the system not working and they are blaming the capitalism and bracing the socialism instead of realizing there is too much socialism in the capitalism. you have capitalism in my socialism. how many 70s commercial will i reference today? >> to be fair i did get the bye-bye birdie reference. my advice is not to do them anymore. >> i do them for you. >> what max you think that young people are embracing socialism? >> i don't think they are and i don't think they are rejecting capitalism. i don't think they know what they are. what capitalism have you
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experienced? you stayed at home and your parents give you everything and then you go to college where everything is paid for. if you want to watch a movie you torn it, facebook is free and instagram is free. you haven't experienced capitalism. you haven't built anything or bought anything or done anything that requires the work of entrepreneur i will activity. >> did you walk to school both ways uphill? >> i built the school. i had to do it myself. >> i am actually with him on this. they asked a couple of follow-up questions. do you believe in bigger government? do you believe in smaller government? it was random. i am against capitalism, yet i support a bigger government. it was all over the shop. >> do you think it is the financial melt down? in add less accepts they -- add do adolescents saw it
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happen. >> in 2008 they saw it and capitalism now has a bad brand. if you speak with the older people who lived through the cold war, capitalism is awesome. tons of people escaped a repressive system. they came here and built businesses. the younans didn't live through it and they have a chill gig. >> they thought capitalism is, meh. i don't care. they are doing video games as they ask the question. whatever, whatever dude. >> i am sitting right here. >> exactly, speak for your generation. >> we don't know what capitalism is. it is a buzz word. when you speak to millennials use buzz words. like up cycle and cynergy, we have no idea what it means. we know what we are supposed to like. it is sad. hipsters today are letting the hippies of yesterday down. depend on the man.
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i want more government in my life. we worked so hard for you to say that? >> what is it about -- steve burn -- what is going on? just a general question? >> are you the host? i do -- i appreciate capitalism. i will be celebrating capitalism. i am going to go to starbucks and enjoy the free wi-fi as i tweet on my iphone and then when you hear the tire wheels screeching that's me pealing out down fifth avenue in a sat burn with the moon roof down. >> you are a big star. >> you reached that point? and it is a moon roof and not a sunroof? >> three years on basic cable television. >> if you like sullivan and son, you can thank me. if you hated it -- they can get you a moon roof. >> not one that opens. >> he was talking about teching and maybe that's it. young people are always texting and they don't
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capitalize. they thought theyment capitalization and not capitalism. problem solved. >> who is the host now, steve burn? coming up, half time with andy levy. and the "red eye" pod cast is back. go to fox news
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. hi, andy. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> good, good. trump brings up the woman cardigan. john, you mentioned john cornyn said you can change the electoral map in ways we haven't seen. i guess he forgot 1964. >> boy, i guess that's what rob was getting at. >> it was, but i said it more saw sinkly. dierdra you said he will go after her for all she can. there are so many things to go after. >> she is a flawed candidate as people say, but mary pack christie behind trump. when he said that she was like -- >> i can't decide on that one. >> she may have been thinking of her shopping list. >> what she was cooking chris.
12:33 am
>> isn't that what they look like when they are thinking of their shopping list? >> she is a banker at goldman sack and very accomplished. steve you said trump will always say something craze tee and outlashdish. there is no prove of that over the last six months or so. >> andy, are you handsome and no one can take that from you. no one. >> that is an acceptable answer. dierdra you said he offended most groups. so far he left the jews alone. >> i'm with you. i stand corrected. >> steve you said with every great invention porn seeps in and ruined everything. actually porn is an early adopter of new technology. >> andy i have to tell you, still handsome.
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study claims -- >> hold it. hold it. >> study claims leaks have made them more cautious in their internet use. you compared watching the dwoft and internet habits. if you have a rash the government has seen worse, but that is not the point. >> tell me the point. >> it is not worth it. >> they produced no evidence if the leaks are linked to the drop in terror-related search. you said is that. you said that. >> i agree. the big problem with the study is the possibility of this whole thing. >> yes. >> boom. >> yes. >> that whole situation. >> did no one else have to take lt tin in catholic school? >> i took it and that's all i
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took. >> that said there are other studies that show basically the same thing, and unlike you i suspect there is a correlation as your hero points out, this is the prips pal and when people think they are being watched their behavior changes. >> but there is only one place to get information on terrorism and what is going on in the world and that is to go on the internet and you can see it. you would have to prove they didn't get it from any other source. try that in your catholic plan learn -- lantern. >> he was a chark ter on "-- the character on" lost." you referred to snowden as eric snowden and it is edward.
12:36 am
do we just all look alike to you? >> andy, how do you come in here with that perfect jaw line? now i don't believe any of it. joanne you said snowden made you less safe. >> that is not true. >> wait. don't you think the searches for all of these terrorist things have gone down because they are not searching on-line because they know they are being watched. huh? >> no. >> boom. deal with that. now what? now what, andy levy? >> now somebody who is not you has to clean that up.
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>> rob, i will ignore the fact you don't call them anti-american. >> thank you for your service. >> you're welcome. boy the way wednesday i tweeted out and asked if he was team cap and team ironman. i have yet to get a a response. >> i feel like after all of the nice things i have said i can get a little loyalty in turn. >> i feel like he is a traitor. >> edward snowden is mown for his loyalty? >> skip that because none of you will get it. curt schilling -- i was going to talk about jean michelle. >> a great film scorer. he may be talking about his
12:38 am
father. >> i am. >> curt schilling slams. them. >> the invite is open. who do we love more, mommy or daddy? i hate it when they fight. >> you brought up schilling's video game company and the controversy he got a $75 million loan george w. bush tee from the state of -- >> nailed it. >> millennials don't like capitalism. tom, as you know i couple -- i council a lot of women. i say hate the cronie and not the capitalism. >> they keep making them up. >> as currently practicing in america i don't like it either. >> maybe touch socialism if you recall that from the old
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commercial. >> rob you ask why they get everything and then hitting them there. >> is it 26? >> i defer. lastly, steve, you asked in disbelieving tone if tom was the the host. that's a good question. >> that's it? >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. time to take a break. cheerleader when we come back. that's all i gotta say.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. the protesters are turning rowdy outside a trump rally in orange county, california. some of them are 12078 ping on police carses and hurling rockses at motorists who attended the campaign speech. the crowd who blocked traffic waived american and mexican flags. california will hold its primary on june 7th when 172gop delegates are up for grabs. there is a new push to tighten the already strict gun laws. it is being spear headed by gavin gavin newsom. they intend to turp in half a million signature to qualify
12:44 am
for the november ballot. the proposal would make cfl calf the first state to require background checks for ammunition at the point of sale. they will submit signatures to the election officials today. joe biden wrapped up a trip to iraq. he now heads to roam to attend an international gathering of doctors and cancer patients. biden will stress the need to reinforce the battle against the disease. they claimed his son's life last year. biden will also meet with pope francis. katherine greg has been sentenced to an additional 21 months in prison before refusing to testify in front of a jury. greg is serving an eight-year sentence for helping bulger hide from authorities.
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i'm robert gray. now back to "red eye." here is something not to cheer, the university of washington cheerleading team posted an offensive infograph to show how to look good for tryouts. there is a blonde cheerleader and do's and don'ts. a blonde, beachy glow and curled hair and solid ports bra. frowned upon, ponytail, nude lip and things that don't show the midriff. they called it racist and ignorant. and that was just what rob long tweeted. one student noted, such a message would never go out to
12:46 am
men for trying out for a sport. another commented i can't believe this is real. one of the things that comes to mind is object tau pho location. as a student of color who looks nothing like the student in the poster it feels exclusive. the athletic department removed the poster. i think you and i learned in college how to be a prepy from our posters. >> remember the posters? >> there it is. >> that was actually -- that is actually me. >> you look good, rob. >> we didn't get offended. >> we wanted to lower the inseem. >> what is weird is they are cheerleader.
12:47 am
if there is one thing that is superficial or a throw back it should be cheerleading, right? isn't it filled with women who are incredibly competitive and like mean girls? cheerleading has become -- >> i don't like gymnastics and it is kind of like dancing. >> they found this -- >> they have gymnastics and dancing. >> the point is, if you don't want to cheer, don't worry. if you want to do gymnastics and if you want to dance, dance. >> like no one is watching. >> because there is a white girl on the poster? you don't need every race represented on every poster, do you? >> you don't have to run a benetton. should they take it down? >> if they want what they want. >> you are multi racial. >> yes, i am korean and
12:48 am
irish. i am caucasian and asian which makes me caw caucasian. >> do you think the store with the labelses on it is expensive? i think it is helping them out. >> it is like charlie sheen's checklist. check, check, check, awesome. >> he has a no ponytail rule. >> he likes nude lips. >> we don't need the poster. take it down. then you separate cream of the crop from the crop. >> that's it. >> if you are at the cheer dance team level in college you know what is to be expected. it is a team and you have to look similar. if everyone's hair has to be down it needs to be down and styled the similarly. you tend to move as one and you don't want to stand out. this is training to be an nfl
12:49 am
cheerleader/dancer and so that's what you see on those fields. it is the starter course. >> what is the theory behind no ponytail? >> a lot of the choreography uses like hair flips. >> i love that. >> it is hair choreography. >> and you would slap the person in your face. >> it is not sophisticated. you need the hair going back and worth. >> it is like writing an essay with lots of words misspelled. >> anybody watching that is a gift. >> that may even go to thrill -- thriller. we will close things out with a bedtime story. and don't forget, "red eye" pep squad tryouts are coming up. take a look at our rules. there we go. ♪
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. next "red eye" governor gary johnson and gavin mcginnis and ben kissel. >> this sea dog is a sea cat. a woman and her cat are having
12:54 am
the best time sailing around the world. don't believe me? look at this headline. liz clark and her furry friend set sail from california on a 40-foot boat. they have already traveled 18,000 nautical miles or roughly 30 sick,000 cat miles -- 36,000 cat miles. i read about their story at the telegraph's website. at the bottom of the article that was an intriguing poll. what would you rather do work in an office or sail around with a cat? can you believe b got 87? >> i would like to know more about them. >> i surfed the web in my office. i think this woman needs human companionship. >> we have seen in the movie, you need something.
12:55 am
>> this cat is her wilson. >> does she have to pay taxes? >> usually not on the sea. if you are on the sea you don't pay taxeses. >> that's a sweet life to live. >> the cat is a tax dodger. >> they spent two years fixing up the boat. she needs a man in her life. she needs to be wearing a nude lip. >> i would love to sail around the world. >> but with a cat? >> i would go with my dog. >> i know we are supposed to love our pets, but it strikes me as a little weird. if you are on a boat with a cat and a house with a cat, you are still going to die alone. >> i have to say she is hot
12:56 am
for a cat woman. >> she is a good looking woman. and she is full of positive energy. i read her blog posts, but i think she should be sharing her life with someone other than this kitty cat. >> you seem to be interested in this woman. is everything okay at home? just write her a note and tweet at her. the next time you are in town let's have a cup of coffee and see where it goes. >> put that on the pole and you will get lower than 13%. >> you should only be taking selfies and the cat cannot take photos for you. everything she is doing. and she is great at it it. she is going from these countriesy angles. -- she is going from these crazy angle. >> how is your home life?
12:57 am
what is wrong. >> joanne snow saw chin ski and rob long -- joanne nosuchunsky, rob long, i like f.
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