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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 29, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> you are watching "fox & friends first". i am heather nauert. great to be with you today. >> thank you for wrapping up your week. smashes cop cars blocking traffic leaving a car bloody. >> riot gear trying to calm the out of control situation and arresting 2,000 people. robert gray is live for us in california. >> the damaged crowd is stamped including one police cruiser with messages on cop cars and punching tires on to suv's. throwing rocks at motorists waving american and mexican flags while shouting opposition to the republican frontrunner. several cars drove wildly through the crowds doing
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doughnuts and other reckless activity. one trump supporter was bloodied. trump tried to assure people all was well. >> our rallies are the safest place to be on earth, believe me. >> 31,000 people tonight and we have thousands of people outside, they can't get in. >> many in the crowd appeared to be in latinos in their late teens and 20's. no major injuries. trump came to california from indiana where he picked up a strong endorsement from former hoosier basketball coach bobby knight. california republicans meanwhile are meeting this weekend near san francisco to hear from the candidates in advance of the
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state's june primary. cruz and kasich are scheduled to speak today. carly fee reiorina will be tomo. it will determine whether he gets 1237 delegates needed to secure the nomination ahead of the national convention. >> white powder sent to trump towers of new york. the 5th floor of trump tower evacuated after an envelope full of suspicious white powder was opened by a staffer. it turns out it is not as douse. a threatening letter was sent to manhattan apartment of htrump's son eric. >> the former house speaker john bay mooehner unleashing to a crf
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stanford. listen. >> i never work with a more miserable son of a (bleep). >> lucifer in the flesh about senator ted cruz. >> in the meantime ted cruz claimed he never worked with john boehner. >> i have probably met him two, three, four times in my life. i would be surprised if we said 50 words to each other. >> speaker boehner says he will vote for donald trump. >> it is time for a look at who is talking. former candidate and senator herman cain says it won't change the game. >> this is all political noise, that's all. the words might be new but the sentiment is not new. secondly, when you speak in front of a live crowd and i have done that many, many, many times, you might say some things you wouldn't say in front of a
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camera except with former speaker boehner, every word that he says is going to be recorded. i think that this is just political noise. the sentiment is not new. all you have to do is look at the history of ted cruz and the united states senate. it is noise and has nothing to do with the real substance they ought to be focusing on. in other news, free to go, ice under fire for letting tens of thousands of illegal immigrants with long wrap sheets ba -- rap sheets back on the streets. good morning, garrett. >> good morning. last year nearly 20,000 illegal immigrants were released after being convicted of crimes ranging from arson to sexual assault to murder. this comes from immigrati am ce immigration studies. last year immigration and customs enforcement also known as ice freed 19,723 convicted
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illegal immigrants. they had 216 homicides, 215 kidnappings and 804 robberies. dozens of the freed criminals later went on to commit homicide as well after being released into the public. members of congress grilled i'ves this new report in the releases. >> who do you look the people in the eye and go back to a family and say they were in our detention and let them out in the united states of america. >> the director of ice defended her agency saying the numbers were an improvement from previous years. remember agency didn't have
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enough support. >> to sit there and say the proud women and men of law enforcement and ice are choosing to release criminals is absolutely unforgivable. >> critics said the blame lies with the obama administration for being way too lax on the issue of illegal immigration not on the ice agents on the front lines. >> garrett tinenney, thank you. a person accused of spying sentenced to 10 years after admitting to having stolen military and nuclear secrets to help his native country south k korea. he is the second to be sentenced this year. otto serving 15 years of hard labor after stealing a political
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propaganda poster. >> brand new arrest connected to the san bernardino terror attack. three family members of one of the shooters syed farook now accused of marriage fraud. farook's brother, his wife and sister aest ared for trying to carry out a green card scheme. that sister was trying to marry enrique mar kez farook's best friend accused of buying a gun. he was being paid to marry here. >> confirming to fox news it will not kick out a decorated green beret. charles mart lynn has been fighti fighting against the army he shoved an afghan soldier who he says raped a child i said on the phone with us he is thankful to continue to be surfing. >> it is all caught on tape. >> a woman rushes through mississippi flood waters to pull
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a driver through the window of that sinking car. look at that. >> look how fast the water is going. >> people dealing with the worst flooding since hurricane katrina. >> to the midwest indiana back-to-back tornadoes and entire towns ravaged. nearly 20 twisters touched down now since tuesday alone. >> janice dean has been here all week long. it has been a pleasure to have you but it has been a busy week for you. >> this is the season where we see tornadoes across tornado alley. today we are going to see the potential for more severe weather. we already have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect which will i will show you. i want to show you the temperature difference. they are getting snow in the forecast ahead of the cold front we have the warm, unstable air
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mass. over the panhandle with several severe thunderstorm warnings within that watch and over into oklahoma city rather south and east of oklahoma city. we will be watching this area. this is the widespread region where we are looking for the potential of strong to severe storms including large hail, damaging winds,i isolated tornadoes. from dallas to oklahoma city to little rock. it moves through the mississippi river valley. these are the areas of concern. they have been all week. you mentioned over 2 dozen reports of torn cos a-- tornados and hundreds of reports of hail just this past week. we will be watching that through out the weekend as well. >> janice, thank you so much. >> the ncaa delivered a huge blow to states with bathroom bills. the organization announcing any venue wanting to host a college
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sporting event can provide a discrimination free environment. it could be a big problem where the some what controversial religious freedom bill passed. it requires public bathrooms which corresponds to the biological gender. >> i am not sure why they call it religious freedom bill. it will also includes locker rooms. >> the next era the nfl stars it has the guns. >> the fist pick in the nfl draft the los angeles rams select jared goff quarterback, california. >> the newly returned los angeleses making jared goff the first draft pick. >> miami dolphin's draft pick. layer ra larami tunsil just before the
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draft. >> he claims it has been hacked. it cost him more than $7 million. the second round begins later today. >> that is something else. >> basketball will still be great in north carolina loon gnaw. >> it is 11 minutes after the hour. fox tv station targeted. listen to this. a man dressed as a panda takien down by police. >> i know you want to stay tuned for this. we have brand new information about his bomb which was made of chocolate bars and why his father says he did it. >> two planes one mile from colliding at 140 miles per hour. the near disaster at the world's busiest airport that every flier needs to hear about. go ahead... leave the competition behind. lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. there's no going back.
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>> good morning from new york city. come on and wake up with us this morning. we are off to a great day and a bizarre story to tell you about right now. out of baltimore a fox television station dressed as a panda. we have information about how his so-called bomb made out of chocolate bars and his motive. the scary scene playing out live for hours forcing employees to evacuate. >> alex breezy dressed in a panda outfit and wearing a vest. he was wearing a vest full of
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explosives and candy. >> he said he saw wires and candy in his room before but didn't think much about it. >> my wife yesterday, when he went out last night she went down to his room and she said there's something with a bunch of wires and everything. we didn't think anything of it. >> swat team members shot him four times before he fell to the ground. he is listed in serious but stable condition. employees say employees wanted him to look at a flash drive. >> once again russia's cat and mouse game not over yet. another russian warplane rattling a u.s. surveillance ship nearly missing it by about 50 feet. this happening somewhere in asia. you remember russian warplanes taunting the navy ship.
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the pentagon calling the stunts unsafe and unprofessional. they warned the country the u.s. has the right to shoot down those planes. >> seconds from disaster a plane full of people nearly colliding with another plane at nearly 100 miles per hour because of an air traffic control mistake. this happened at the jacksonville atlanta international airport. the first delta flight forced to use the emergency breaks when a second plane crossed this runway. the two separated just over a mile. university of georgia was on one of the flights. the pilot was terrific in the clutch. >> get your wallet ready thanks to the government and president obama as well. the health insurance costs are set to sky rocket nationwide this summer. >> lauren simonetti is with us with the changes you can expect.
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loren? >> years after president obama's healthcare law insurance markets still seeking stability and are expecting significant premium hike this is summer. the law has been a financial drain in many companies and some expecting double dig get hikes earlier this year. uber is going beyond cars letting them book yachts. it is about 80 bucks a person. only available saturday in due by. as for the cars uber is reminding customers you don't have to tip the driver. this way riders and drivers know exactly what they pay or earn each time. don dunkin' donuts is playing catchup. they are expanding curbside delivery and introducing more espresso drinks. they are relatively new to duncan. expect more lattes and cappuccinos there. subway is giving away free subs
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next month. order any sub and get a 6 inch breakfast sandwich for free if you show up before 9:00 in the morning. you either have to like lunch for breakfast or have a privile refrigerator. >> breakfast time is our lunch time. >> the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. patty davis the daughter of former president ronald reagan blasting a story we told you about yesterday will ferrell for the up coming role of playing her father. the message she had for the comedian. >> what do you call 12 police officers stuck in an elevator? internet gold, the cop was severely injured egos is going viral this morning.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friend first. an aggressive approach to the growing problem. the opioid known as narcal will be available to the high school for free. it can quickly reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. the president of the company calls it a key to heroin addiction. nearly 19,000 people who took prescription pain-killers in 2014 died. good news as you wake up this morning. the coffee you are about to drink could keep you from getting sick and the same goes for a glass of wine. a new study says those are among the types of food and drink that help promote good gabbing tier yaw giving you a healthier stoma stomach. on the other side fatty sugary things including soda can increase your chances of getting sick. we like coffee and our wine.
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>> we never get sick anyway. >> presidential candidate rest easy in an unexpected place. >> carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 exclusively on sirius xm 115 has what's trending today. >> donald trump knows a thing or two about luxury real estate. it is his recent review of a budget hotel that has twitter auk ta talking. trump took to twitter saying i am in indiana we had a great rally staying in a holiday inn express. new and clean, not bad. that message sending twitter into a tail spin. one person writing i love mr. trump's review of the holiday inn express most down to earth billionaire. love you, mr. trump. another tweeting, are you qualified to be president, no, but i did stay at a holiday inn express last night. another person tweeting donald trump the only person who can
2:25 am
discuss his political rally and review a holiday inn express. only 140 characters. very true on that tweet. that takes talent. >> the next story switching gears completely. there's a boy 12 years old. he sees his mother for the very first time. >> a little boy born legally blind saw his mother for the first time thanks to a special set of electronic glasses. >> do you see me? >> i am going to cry. >> that beautiful moment going viral on-line for good reason. christopher ward can only see light and blurry images on his own. the glasses cost 15,000 dollars. the mom is hoping to raise money to afford them. he says once he can start reading regular books with the glasses he will be home free. >> watching the mom crying it is
2:26 am
making us cry. >> i gbet the viewers would lik to contribute. >> in the meantime this is quite a picture. a bunch of police officers get stuck in an elevator. this whole thing is going viral. >> kansas city firefighters took pleasure in this rescue. a group of cops were forced to call the fire department after getting stuck in an elevator. the kansas city police department posted the photo on facebook with the caption, well, this is embarrassing. a fire department spokesman saying it is always a treat when you are in the helping business and you get to help fellow brothers out. look at the smile on that firefighter's face. >> that's terrific. good one. >> have a great weekend. >> you as well. >> the time is 6 minutes after the t-- 26 minutes after the to of the hour. donald trump taking aim at hillary clinton. >> the only card she has is the women's card. she has nothing else going. >> new this morning hillary
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clinton's response. the card she is now giving her supporters. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything.
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>> it is april the 29th. this is a fox news alert. rally rage. protestors flood the streets rioting and smashing cop cars outside of a trump rally. >> our rallies are the safest place to be on earth, believe me. >> we are live in los angeles with the violence that broke out over night. >> while you wait in the long lines at the airport, guess what the tsa is doing? they are counting your cash. how the agency just raked in 3 quarters of a million dollars.
2:31 am
>> lucky to be alive. snap chat is under fire after a teenager crashed her car because she was playing with a speed filter. "fox and friend first continues right now. ♪ ♪ >> good morning. hands up for the weekend. absolutely. welcome to "fox and friend first. thank you for starting your weekend with us. i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. it is now half past the hour. let's start out with the fox news alert. >> violent protests raging out of control outside of a donald trump rally outside of california. >> more than 2 dozen arrested after a frontrunner makes his
2:32 am
campaign debut in the state. >> robert gray is following the story. robert, what happened? >> heather, good morning. hundreds of anti trump protestors spilled over into the streets. they smash cop car windows and tried to over turn a police cruiser and they bloodied at least one trump supporter all while shouting opposition to the gop frontrunner. the crowd appeared to be mostly latinos in their late teens and early 20's. they were waving mexican flags before police in riot gear broke up the mob. the sheriff tweeting there was some 20 arrests made but no major injuries. the protest raised outside of the rally. trump told supporters inside that his events are safe.
2:33 am
>> our rallies are the safest place to be on earth, believe me. 31,000 people tonight and we have thousands of people outside. they can't get in. >> cruz compared trump to frontrunner hillary clinton. >> the choice could not be clear between carly and me on the one side and donald and hillary on the other. on issue after issue donald and hillary's policy views are indistinguishable. >> california republicans are meeting in san francisco to hear from the candidates in advance of the june 7th primary. trump and john kasich are scheduled to speak today while senator ted cruz and his vp choice carly fiorina will appear tomorrow. gop voters will determine if donald trump gets the 1237
2:34 am
delegates needed to secure the party's nomination ahead of the republican national convention. >> thank you. another fox news alert. donald trump also targeted overnight. an envelope full of white powder was sent to his campaign headquarters in new york city. the 5th floor of trump tower as hazmat teams were sent in. the powder wasn't hazardous. the same thing happened to his son eric. a none has douse white powder and threatening letter were sent to his apartment in manhattan. >> the effort meantime to stop trump is in full force. alaska gop says the five delegate votes earned by marco rubio are now his to keep, even though he dropped out of the race. the state's republican party voting to allow rubio to hang on to them in case the convention goes to a second or third ballot. trump came in second in the alaska primary winning 11
2:35 am
delegates. >> to hillary clinton now who is pulling the women card. look at this. the clinton camp sending these two campaign donors following donald trump's dig earlier this week. >> i think the only card she has is the women's card. she has nothing else going. if hillary clinton were a man i don't think she would get 5 percent of the vote. >> the woman card looks like a new york city subway pass which you may remember clinton had problems with. she had problems using that last month. >> isis now under fire this morning once again for letting tens of thousands of illegal immigrants with long wrap sheets back on the streets here in the united states. garrett tenney is live for us in washington with the heated exchanges that took place on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning. there is plenty of outreach over this story. more than 20,000 legal
2:36 am
immigrants were arrested and convicted of crimes from burglary to sexual assault to kidnapping and were released back on to the streets. this comes from a new report for the certainties for immigration studies which details several years worth of releases. in 2015 immigration and customs enforcement or ice freed 19,723 convicted illegal immigrants. 2016 kidnappings, 614 sex offenses and 804 robberies among others. dozens of them did not stop there. after their release they went on to commit additional crimes including murder. family members of those victims were in the audience grilled isis ovce -- ice over the relea which has been going on for years. >> in years they have released more than 86,000 criminal aliens
2:37 am
into the american public. these are people that were here illegally, got caught committing a crime, were convicted of that crime and instead of deporting them, they were released back out into the united states of america. >> the director of ice defended her agency, though, and said those numbers this last year of 20,000 are actually an improvement from previous years. she argued her agency didn't have much of a choice when it comes to releasing many of the immigrants thanks to court orders. >> over two-thirds of the criminal releases were as a result of the supreme court telling us we had to release someone. wasn't ice choosing to do so. to sit there and say the proud women and men of law enforcement of ice are choosing to release criminals is absolutely unforgivable. >> sdhe not lie with the ice agents who are on the front line
2:38 am
but this is one example of the problems that come from the obama administration's rather lax policies on illegal immigration. >> garrett tenney, live for us. brand new arrests connected to the san bernardino terror attack. three family members of one of the shooters syed farook now accused of marriage fraud. his brother, his wife and her sister arrested for trying to carry out a green card scam to steal money from the u.s. government through immigration benefits. that sister was trying to marry enrique marquez. do you remember him? the best friend accused of buying the guns used in the massacre. marquez telling fbi agents he was being paid to marry her. >> a just indicted haze for the murder of will smith. he is facing a second degree murder charge for the shooting of smith's wife. all of this stems from an incident that took place earlier
2:39 am
this month when a traffic accident in new orleans led to a violent confrontation. smith because shot and killed. his wife was also shot in both legs but she managed to survive. hayes is being held on $1.7 million bail. >> take a look. a rare sighting in napa valley, california. people on the vote caught this water spout forming over a lake. they caught it on camera. look at that. that's amazing. mother nature. can you image? wow. >> the entire country slammed with water. she is tracking the storms that will continue through the weekend. >> you want tornadoes away from land. a beautiful sight, a water spout. take a look at severe weather. severe thunder watches in effect for these regions until 10:00 a.m. local time. look at the snow 6 to 12 inches in the rockies.
2:40 am
you can see we had severe thunderstorm warnings in effect crossing over into arkansas. your severe threat today again for the usual suspects we have seen all week, texas, oklahoma in towards arkansas and louisiana. then tomorrow that moves across the mississippi river valley and ohio and tennessee river ravall. ongoing threat this weekend. we have been mentioning those threats for flooding once again today. for eastern texas, louisiana into arkansas, remember last week houston, texas had record setting rainfall. more rain is in the forecast. we will be watching it and keep you up to date. happy friday, ladies. the weekend is here. you made it. >> janice, you will help to keep our viewers safe out there. appreciate that. it is no laughing matter. patty davis lashing out at news that will ferrell will play her father ronald reagan in a movie about his battle with alzheimer's. she writes this in an open letter. i watched the fear fade in my
2:41 am
father's eyes i heard his voice tremble as he stood in the living room and said, i don't know where i am. davis went on to challenge farrell to go to a facility that treats patients who are suffering from dementia and see if there is anything funny about that. >> she is so right. i disagree now. we talked about it yesterday. i am not in agreement with that. i am not a fan now. >> an all american band paying tribute to our fallen service members. ♪ >> the beach boys will be headliners for this year's memorial day concert this month in washington, d.c. for the second straight year the actors will host the event. >> that will be fun. >> one of my first jobs>> isis
2:42 am
inspired hit list a serious story now with the names of thousands of disturbing messages posted on-line. just in time for the up coming holiday. we are getting a sneak peak of the movie mother's day tonight. kevin mccarthy on deck with a full review. ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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2:46 am
cheryl casone from our sister network fox business is here to tell you about the tips that you didn't know you were getting. cheryl? >> good morning. it's a pretty common occurrence. you are rush to go make your flight while you are distracted you leave something behind at the security checkpoint. travelers left about 3 quarters of a million dollars in the plastic buckets or bins last year. most of it was change. by law the tsa is allowed to collect the cash and keep it. here are the numbers in 2014, 674,800. in 206, 38,000 and change. 2012, 531,000 and change. you go back to 2011, 487,869 dollars we gave to the government. in 2010, 409,000 and change. the amount left behind has increased by nearly a quarter of a million dollars just since 2012. the big question, what happens
2:47 am
with the money? thanks to congress they use the unclaimed funds to pay for security operations at checkpoints. as boring as it sounds the agency has been asking government for more money to hire more agents. they haven't gotten all of the money they want so i guess they need the money more than we do. >> that's a lot of money. >> thank you, cheryl. it is about 15 minutes before the top of the hour. locked and loaded, the fresh push on gun control president obama is making today. >> remember the report that hugging your dog is bad, heather? new evidence says the dogs actually like it. >> that's what i think. but first steve dos see with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> tomorrow it will be bad to hug a dog day. >> f"fox & friends first" has a big week for donald trump. the frontrunner and newest endorser famed indiana basketball coach bobby knight.
2:48 am
actor george hamilton is going to join us along with geraldo rivera. you are going to see both of them as you have never seen them before, in speedos together in the 70's. calm down martha mccallum. it's coming up. we are going to get started 12 minutes from right now on the channel you trust for your morning news "fox & friends". or a severance check. the liberty mutual mobile app makes filing and tracking claims fast and easy. liberty mutual insurance.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1.
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only with xfinity. welcome back. mother's day is right around the corner. director gary marshall's film could be the perfect way to celebrate. will the star-studded movie rise to the occasion? >> kevin mccarthy joins us. how is it?
2:52 am
>> good morning, healther and heather. thank you for having me on your show. mother's day is opening as well as a movie called "keanu" which i'll review later on "fox & friends" as well. >> should heather head to the movie with her kids and watch it? >> here is the thing. i love gary marshall. i think he's a phenomenal filmmaker. pretty woman, happy days, morning and mindy, the odd couple, a brilliant producer, filmmaker, actor, valentine's day, new year's eve, i had a problem with the writing and editing. mother's day in particular is one of the worst scripts i've ever seen on camera. very poorly written, horribly edited. i think gary marshall tells great stories. "pretty woman."
2:53 am
julia roberts wore the exact same wing in "knotting hill." it's taking place in a bunch of interconnected stories on mother's day. it falls into place, so predict lk, so painful, so cheesy. it's all for a good romantic comedy, but overall this film did nothing for me. i gave it a one out of five. i thought it was horrible, absolutely horrible. >> there are some big stars. they couldn't save it for you, jennifer anniston, jason sed take kiss. >> the cast is fine, the performance is fine. it's the script, it's the dialogue. there was nothing in this film. it was honestly painful to watch at times. i had a chance to sit down with jennifer anniston and jason sed take kiss, one of the only good scenes of the film is when jennifer anniston's character is
2:54 am
on a job interview. i spoke with her on some of her earlier jobs in her career and she told me this funny story. >> i remember working at an ice cream store. it's not there anymore? >> i don't know. >> what did you do there? >> i served ice cream. i was so chubby. i literally, i would make a milk shake, oh, a little left for me. why waste that. >> i love it. it's like you're advertising. >> ooh, this is a good one. i tasted it. it's really good. >> that interview moment is funnier than any moment in the entire movie unfortunately. i give the movie a one out of five. >> kevin, thanks so much. we'll eel have to go. it's 54 minutes after the hour.
2:55 am
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quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. before you leave the house, here is what's in the news.
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riots outside a rally in southern california out of control. this morning the gop candidate will meet with california republicans. a man dressed as a panda walked in with a fake bomb made out of chocolate bars. s.w.a.t. shot the suspect four times. he's in stable condition. the obama administration locked and loaded ready to unveil a push for smart gun technology. it uses fingerprints and other program sensors and said certain guns can only be fired by certain people. the good, the bad, and the ugly. the good, a dog expert now saying a study suggesting that hugging your dog releases oxy toes sin. a driver smashes her mercedes at 107 while using snap chat. the driver snapping this photo
3:00 am
just after the crash. the uber driver suing her and snap chat. new york city school of the arts september acceptance letters to those who didn't get in. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. happy friday. good morning. it is april 29th. the end of april. i'm ainsley ehrhardt. we start with a fox news alert. anti trump protesters smashing cop cars leaving behind a bloody mess outside a trump rally in southern california. we are going to go live to los angeles with the dramatic images that have come in. former speaker of the house john boehner rips into senator ted cruz. >> how about ted


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