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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 29, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: it's friday. martha: that means we won't be back here tomorrow and then we will be back with you gangbusters on monday and tuesday for the indiana primaries. bill: and everything else in between. have an awesome weekend folks. we've got to go. jon: we will pick up the news baton. chaos in southern california as a donald trump rally turns violent on the eve of the republican convention where party leaders will hash out the details of california's primary merrick garland. a day that could decide everything. welcome to having now on this friday, i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. nice to be with you on a friday. dozens of protesters as we begin this hour filling the streets. you see this happen in
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close.make a shortly after mister trump's appearance. mashing police cars, clashing with from supporters. about 20 people were arrested as right police found finally managed to calm things down. no one was injured. inside trump storing up his supporters. >> on june 7, you're going to go and vote. you might send it in but you're going to go and vote and we are going to start winning again. we are going to win with our military, we're going to knock the hell out of isis. we're going to win for our veterans, our great veterans. were going to take care of all that. were going to win on the second amendment, it's under siege. were going to protect our second amendment. were going to win with healthcare, we're going to repeal and replace obamacare.
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were going to be proud of our country and we are going to win and i love to do this and we will do it one last time. were going to win. jon: correspondent john roberts live in burlingame california south of san francisco where gop leaders will hear from two of their candidates john, what's the latest? >> donald trump and john kasich here, we were expecting some protest here as well. at least one room on facebook has been encouraging people to come out and protest donald trump's speech to the republican gathering. the first time in memory california is going to matter in this process with that big primary coming up 7 june but meantime, the focus still on indiana which is the next contest. fox news has learned it's going to be another big newsday for that head cruise campaign after announcing the deal with john kasich on sunday then carly fiorini on wednesday. today, mike pence expected to throw his support the time behind takers with an endorsement about an hour from now.
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cruz hoping that like what happened in wisconsin when governor scott walker came out and endorsed him that princes endorsement will help push him over the top in indiana next tuesday. the trump campaign for its part is downplaying the effects of the pence endorsement saying it's so late in the game it's not going to make much difference and donald trump continuing to portray ted cruz, naming carly fiorina as his running might make three months before the convention as an act of desperation. >> he will get an award because honestly, i love to break records. for the first time in the history of american politics, man who is totally mathematically dead, he cannot win has appointed a vice president. first time in history. lying ted, he's the only one. >> there are 57 delegates
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up for grabs in tuesday, hundred 70 in california and the delegate selection rules are interesting here heather because it's not a party that picks the delegates. all the candidates put together from a list of applicants of slated delegates and ifthey win a congressional district they automatically win their delegates and they go to the national convention. the california gop chairman told me a short time ago here in california , they want to let the voters decide. this is a secure democracy as you can get. candidates control their destiny in california and that's how we think it should be. >> it's an interesting distinction because in south carolina yesterday, ted cruz picked up another delegate whereas donald trump swept all the delegates during the primary and it's expected tomorrow in virginia. ted cruz will probably put supporters in the 13 awards delegates lot even though he came first in the commonwealth.
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>> the delegate wrangling continues unlikely will only through to the convention in july. heather: john roberts live with us, thank you. there were some scary images that came out of the riots there and there were some injuries. at least one trump supporter pulled out of his car and left the bloodied but nothing serious. jon: that's the good news after all that.heather: heather: now we talk about bernie sanders still fighting for the nomination despite trailing by more than 800 delegates after losing four out of five primaries to hillary clinton tuesday. his campaign insisting he is still the democrats best position to beat the republicans in the general election. fox news is blake berman is live in washington with details. reporter: much of the affirmation that bernie sanders is indeed continuing on in this campaign has come from his wife in the last couple days. jane sanders saying yet again this morning, the mindset of the campaign isn't just to win influence within the democratic party but for
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bernie sanders to still win the democratic nomination. yesterday on the foxbusiness network, jane sanders told neil caputo that her husband has to continue on campaigning through california. >> the fact is that there are very different visions for america between hillary clinton and bernie sanders and what we need to do is let the voters in everystate , 10 states still haven't voted, have the opportunity to support the candidate of their choice and support the agenda they want the nation to follow. reporter: however the numbers are stacked right now against bernie sanders. when accounting for the superdelegates, hillary clinton is just about the couple hundred delegates shy of locking in the democratic nomination. jane sanders added this morning that the campaign is not actively trying to flip some of those superdelegates. rather she said she is hoping they will change their mind on their own by the convention. however that might not matter if clinton ends up eating enough pledged delegates to clear the democrats magic number of 2383 and that is within reach.
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heather: all about the numbers. thank you so much, blake berman joining us live.jon: new information out of north korea this morning. at that rogue regime evidencing a us citizen of korean heritage to 10 years in prison. on charges of espionage and subversion. north korea also accuses us soldiers of trying to provoke its troops with quote, disgusting acts. benjamin hall is following all this. these live in london with the latest. reporter: all the provocative acts coming from north korea, they are the ones testing missiles almost every week, they are the ones who have nuclear test in the pipeline and now they are the ones who have arrested a second us citizen this year. the north koreans paraded kim dong chul, 61 who lived in virginia in front of cameras today after sentencing him to 10 years hard labor. he been accused of stealing state secrets, espionage and subversion. the north koreans claimed he made an apparent confession on friday although for public conventions are common there.
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they said he was arrested in a economic note while receiving a visa containing nuclear secrets. this will bring back members memories of a ua student was arrested in january and also sentenced to 15 years hard labor for trying to steal a banner while on vacation in the country. it's unknown whether either american will be held. north korea has a vast network of labor cats and it's estimated 200,000 people are held in them including children and the torture and abuse are routine. north korea issuing a strong warning to us troops on the border with the south accusing american soldiers of pointing their fingers at north korean soldiers as well as making quote, disgusting facial expressions. while the north koreans are making accusations of finger-pointing they are the ones building missiles capable of hitting us bases , threatening all-out nuclear war on their neighbors and arresting us citizens so a strange benchmark at the moment.
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jon: unbelievable behavior from that nation. benjamin,thank you. heather: police ordering dna testing in the case of a murdered texas fitness instructor. why a trip to the dry cleaners has investigators taking a closer look at the woman's family. and donald trump says it's all about winning and that if he loses, his campaign will have been a complete waste of time. our panel weighs in on his remarks at a rally last night . >>
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jon: right now an update to crime stories we've been following. police outside dallas testing a bloodstained shirt for dna after a murder victim's father-in-law brought it to a dry cleaners.45-year-old missy bevers was found dead just after she was supposed to teach a fitness class. her father-in-law reportedly says he got blood on his shirt and got into a fight with another dog. in san jose, two brothers behind bars after their parents were found shot to death in their home. police say they arrested the 22 and 17-year-old brothers
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after finding messages rolled at the scene apologizing for killing being quote, clumsy. and in michigan, a woman asking to be let out of jail on bond after new evidence gets her a second trial in the murder of her former boyfriend. experts find she is not a match for dna down on a possible murder weapon. heather: before violencebroke out following his rally in southern california last night, donald trump making it very clear to his supporters that for him , winning is not just everything, it's the only thing. >> it's about winning. we can't make. [applause] we have to take of our country. we can't make the changes if i don't win. he says it doesn't matter, i will tell you this. if i don't win, as good as you say i have done, if i don't win i will consider it a total and complete waste of time, energy and money.
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i really mean it. because we are on the verge of doing something that's really unprecedented. they used to call it the silent majority, and i will now we will call it the noisy majority because we're not going to take it anymore. heather: joining us now, liz harrington, a wide writer for the washington herriman and a writer for the politics blog the fix. thank you for joining us. so what he just said, you guys heard it. i will start with you. does that raise a question in your mind about his motivation? >> i mean, it sort of answers the question. i think everyone was wondering why donald trump was were running for president. he's not incorrect in that it's very much a zero-sum game if you don't win an election, you don't get that position and really that campaign has not achieved the
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house, he hoped for but if you look at the other side, bernie sanders was almost certainly going to lose to hillary clinton he is trying to use that to affect changes in the party, to affect american politics and effect how hillary clinton runs as a candidate. essentially donald trump is saying that's not important to him. the only thing important is him being elected president and that's sort of what everyone assumed was his motivation forget getting into this. heather: no one wants to associate with a loser. we want to associate with a winner. the nfl draft lastnight, the los angeles rams the first pick because they think he can win for them . that's what we want right? >> sure and i think that's what you are saying why he's been able to i think lock this nomination up. we only had indiana left for cruz and kasich and that so-called deal between the two has backfired for them and it's going to hurt them and so once indiana happens, trump really has this wrapped up because there is this growing sense of inevitability behind him and
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voters want to back a winner just like jen said so once indiana comes down which i think will be for trump , really i think all these late siders as we saw tuesday, trump performed in the polls because they wanted to back a winner so i think he's got this locked up then he will be pivoting toward hillary and it will be a wild ride after that. heather: more on that in just a minute. perhaps this statement is an indicator of what's to come because this isn't the first time trump has said this. before iowa, he said almost the exact same thing. he said if i don't win i will have wasted my time because i will be able to do anything and we know what follows iowa, came to a close second in iowa then on new hampshire, on south carolina so he is right. he is winning. >> absolutely. i'm curious also when he made the comments last night, if he met the nomination which it seems like he's going to win or if you met the general election which it seems like
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a lot more questionable and i think he has a lot more ability at this point to shape the republican party, shaped the republican agenda we buy for two of the fact that he have one so consistently and done so well. i think though that when you look at the general election is going to be interesting to see how much he frames the republican party agenda around the general election assuming he's the nominee over the long term. he raised a lot of attention about things within the republican party now but i think he said last night was he's not committed over the long term to fixing those things. heather: let's take a look at that. moving to the general election, trump and clinton is pulling average we have for you shows clinton leading the 7.4 percent to trump with 40.1 percent. so that's what, a seven-point spread between them. there was another poll that came out with the george washington university poll which shows them only at three percent inference between the two. clinton still in the lead. as we move forward and as they start to debate, what do
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you think will happen in terms of trump? do you think he will be ruthless he's been ruthless on the republican side and he's in the lead . >> right. i think he's going to try to brand hillary just as he's branded low-energy jab bush and lying ted cruz throughout the primary and so he's going to comment hillarywith everything. he's going to throw everything out there until it sticks . he's got a lot of ammunition because hillary has been around a long time. there's a lot of baggage. she's got the clinton email server under fbi investigation, he's got already voters see here are as untrustworthy and trump will be the only republican candidate that will be willing to bring up bill clinton's past history with women but he's going to throw everything at her. he's going to see what sticks, going to try to brand her and i think it's a long time between now and november and you've already seen them
8:19 am
sort of tightening up between four and general election matchup between hillary and trump so i think the polls are alittle misleading , with trump trailing so much in the last couple of weeks. i think they are going to be close and he really does have a chance against the conventional wisdom to be hillary in the general election. heather: we will see what happens. have to wrap it up thank you for joining us. thank you. we will see what happens but first things first on indiana. thank you.jon: senator ted cruz may finally getting the media spotlight he's been craving but is it for the wrong reasons? our media panel weighs in. >> you're late for work.
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jon: from america's election headquarters, 10 crews finally getting the press coverage he claims he's been missing out on but it might not be for the best reasons. cruz has been grumbling for weeks about all the attention donald trump has received over the course of the campaign . >> what i know is if the media was in engaged in a love fest, giving trump $2 billion in free media. >> you were engaged in the love that. >> how many hours of free media does cnn and fox and every station, you let him call in and for a year. >> we've asked you for interviews pretty much every day and you've declined every offer on my program . jon: senator cruise beginning to get more time in the spotlight but it's because of his reputation in washington. this after house speaker john boehner went off on him. listen. >> he is lucifer in the flesh. [applause] in washington i have democratic friends and
8:24 am
republican friends but i've never worked with a more miserable. [bleep ] over my dead body will he be president. jon: that from the man who just less office as one of the most powerful politicians in this country, a couple heartbeats away from the presidency so is ted cruz actually benefiting from the media attention that boehner has generated? let's ask our media panel. ellen ratner, bureau chief of talk media news, both are fox news contributors. before we start, i wanted to mention this quote from jack shafer in politico. he writes any other politician would have winced at the characterization of the lucifer thing, especially coming from a fellow
8:25 am
republican but given his long-term success at extracting vitriol and bile by the barrel from those who should be his ideological comrades we can only assume that cruz craves the hatred and condemnation and regards boehner's lucifer comment as an endorsement. does that make any sense? ellen, let's start with you. >> makes all the sense in the world. you're not supposed to care about the press you get as long as they spell your name right and he's getting a lot of earned media, free press is what we call it and he's going to do well, not necessarily in the selection but he's looking at 2020 and i felt the press were not taking the whole and july into consideration such a 2020. what is duty going to say? jon: it's rare to hear a politician described, especially a party member in the terms that boehner used but it seemed to me that cruz! well, suggesting if you like the way the house ran under john boehner then you should book for donald trump, that kind of thing. >> exactly. i have to say it's the best thing donald trump has going
8:26 am
for him is ted cruz because the republican establishment, conservatives have had such a hard time wrapping themselves around the alternative with ted cruz. i have never heard any politician be talked about in capitol hill as ted cruz is. even bob dole who is kind of liked and admired by all or by most says, i really don't like the guy. when lindsey graham says if somebody killed him on the floor of the senate and ordered a trial in the senate, no one would be convicted. this is not a question of a man who is exceeded people's low standards for what would be tolerated at capitol hill. this is a man who has gone out of his way to create enemies and i think it's coming back to haunt him. i disagree with ellen. i think the media coverage of
8:27 am
him reflects how he is viewed by his peers to be on but ellen, this is a year when the voters seem to be crying out for somebody who will kick down the doors and reform the system. >> that's for sure but that's why donald trump is doing so well because if you look at cruz and you look at trump, trump is kicking down more doors than cruz's. cruz is complaining a lot but trump is coming up with some you might not like it, i'm a liberal alternatives . jon: so are we to assume judy that the coverage that he's getting, i mean you mentioned hedoesn't have a big fan club on capitol hill . >> his wife and two children. i mean, i think that's it. ihave yet to find anyone who likes him . >> carly fiorina pretends to like them. >> pretends to like him for indiana and we will see how long that lasts.
8:28 am
jon: 10 crews responded to the boehner comments yesterday, i want to play this for you. >> when john boehner calls me lucifer, he's not directing that at me. he's directing that at you. what boehner is angry with is the american people holding him accountable . that's what the anger is because the corrupt system that boehner and hillary have been an mesh with four years, funded by donald trump. donald is writing checks to boehner, writing checks to hillary. he is funding the system, it is unaccountable to the people. jon: a pretty artful report i thought. ellen, what's your take? >> it was an artful report but i don't think it's going to get him anywhere and again, i'm dying to know what she says. jon: judy?
8:29 am
>> spending a lotof 3:59 am looking at the primary result, heather and i have enjoyed it but i think he is completely wrong . he is demonstrating what donald trump calls lying ted cruz. he's lying ted. the reason he is so unpopular and it's that boehner hates them as that boehner holds 10 crews responsible for ruining his speakership. boehner could get nothing through that he wanted to do because of tedcruz leading a band against him , against every republican. lexi hold up legislation. >> exactly. even republican sponsored legislation so he has no allies. how you get elected in this country without political allies in your own partner artie is a mystery to me. jon: we also wanted to play some sound of the president explaining about the press but i will have to save that for another time. we've been talking about the guys who are running for the office it that mister obama now holds. we will do that another time. ellen ratner, judy miller, thank you both. >> thank you.
8:30 am
heather: forget the delicate deficit. bernie sanders says he's staying put in the race for the democratic nomination but is he also trying to pull hillary clinton even further to the left? our political panel is here. >>
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. heather: hillary clinton closing in on the democratic nomination for president and bernie sanders facing mounting pressure to drop out.
8:34 am
but he is vowing to stay in the race and some say it's because he wants to use his leverage to shape hillary clinton's policy agenda. this as we are hearing clinton allies and the front-runner has been pushed far enough and we will start taking a harder line against senator sanders. let's talk about it, former lieutenant governor and julian epstein, former chief counsel for democrats on the house judiciary committee, thank you both for joining us x good morning. heather: i will start with you julia. how far left can she go? >> well, i think it's kind of like it takes it to wings to fly situation with hillary clinton. on the one hand she needs the intensity of the bernie sanders supporters so she needs to treat that constituency and his supporters and him very carefully. on the other hand she has to
8:35 am
appeal to independents where her numbers have not been good so she's going to have to try to manage both. that said, i don't think bernie sanders has that much leverage. she clearly has an overwhelming advantage with both delegates and the number of votersshe's gotten so she's in a good position to push back and veer toward the center for the general election . heather: but the general election, those independents will be important so how does she walk that fine line? >> i don't think she will. she's a clinton. they have the verb triangulation because of the clintons and she's going to do exactly what those on the left really feared is run right in the center and she's even trying to head to the right of donald trump so there's a reason why younger voters just trust hillary clinton, there really isn't up for their. >> you don't think she will be perfect further to the left. bernie sanders and her camp are trying to get her to go for free tuition, trying to make her to make tracking illegal, break up big banks. you don't think she will commit to any of that? she will try to do it with a vp pick she will either pick elizabeth warren or look at a liberal like tim scheme from
8:36 am
virginia then on core issues really tacked to the right and try to go to the right of donald trump on a lot of different issues. heather: julian, go ahead. >> i think peter is exactly right. she's going to move toward the political center. ernie sanders makes good points about college education and making it more affordable. i don't think breaking up the big banks is a central economic issue face. that's getting back to four or five percent gdp growth. but look, the situation with the democrats is most democrats if you pull bernie sanders supporters say they will vote for hillary clinton. it's a much different picture on the republican side where you have four out of 10 republicans saying they think donald trump is acceptable or out of five republican women saying donald trump is unacceptable. she is ahead in almost every poll and donald trump's unfavorable going into the general election is 70 percent.
8:37 am
seven out of 10 voters have an unfavorable view of him, an unprecedented level so on the democratic side you have a little healing to do. on the republican side you have a civil war with lots of republicans saying donald trump is unacceptable. heather: clinton's unfavorable's are 54 percent which is isn't exactly great and you mentioned people that are not willing to vote for trump, 25 percent, may not seem like a lot but it will be important when it comes to the general election, 25 percent of bernie sanders supporters say they will not support hillary clinton unless bernie sanders tells them to do so and so far he has not been willing to do that. does she need to be worried about that? heather look, i don't think that's going to happen anytime soon and imagine what happens when hillary clinton starts doing the very things that forced sanders voters thought she should do which is run to the right. triangulate. do all the bad clinton politics of the 1990s. that's what they are fearful for and she's tried to run as a hard-core leftist but you know, in practice she's going
8:38 am
to go right to the right and her best support is in a crater. she's going to have massive problems. heather: she was on the other side of the corn in 2008. 50 percent of her supporters said they would not pick or choose a president then. as senator obama to be president but we know that switch around in 2008. >> it always does. there's a huge cream on the republican side. that will get better for the general election. right now you've got 40 to 50 percent of republicans saying they won't vote for trump. that will narrow but it's a much bigger clevelander of public inside on the democratic side is the point i'm making. on the democratic side, nobody doubts that bernie sanders will announce hillary clinton. there will be differences but there's not going to be this huge gulf, this huge civil war that has occurred on the republican side so it's much easier for democrats to get the unification and go after
8:39 am
independent and swing voters than it is for republicans who have huge, at least if donald trump is the nominee, will have a huge deficit not just with their own voters but with women, hispanics, virtually every other demographic group other than white males so republicans have a lot more making up to do than democrats in a general election if donald trump is the nominee. heather: rhode island, the majority of the voters there were independent and trump did very well there. bernie sanders on that state. trump also won over independents in ohio so we will see what happens in the general election. thank you both for joining us. we appreciate it and i hope you have a great weekend thanks heather. jon: if you're running the republican national committee, how do you get the stop trump movement from actually stopped for trump? our rnc chairman joins us to talk about what lies ahead coming up. >>
8:40 am
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8:43 am
on the ballot come november. given the outspoken stop trump people are apparently warming up or at least resigning themselves to the possibility but according to the washington post, they are still afraid of damage down ballot and what could happen at a contested convention. let's find out what reince priebus thinks about this, he's republican chairman of the national committee. you have an interesting task at hand right now. you've got a former speaker of the house referring to a leading candidate as lucifer. you've got donald trump who has not exactly engendered enthusiasm among some quarters in the party. some people bowing to stop in and you've got just about every candidate except trump promising to go for a contested convention. how fun is your job right now? x actually listen john, i am
8:44 am
actually having fun. it's not just us. i'm not thinking through those things. i'm in the front row seat to history but look, people need to remember, the fundamentals of where we are at as a party are very good. we have 70 percent increase turnout. democrats are down 30 percent. we have more republicans elected in the battleground states today versus democrats than in 25 years so yes, there is drama but there's a lot of enthusiasm and as far as your comments on the divisive comments people are making look, i happen to believe that god gave us a voice to honor each other, honor ourselves and honor god so i've been saying for months that people ought to remember that before they start making comments that are out of line and just watch what you say and remember we are here to honor each other and ourselves so this is about our country. it's about the place that we love. it's not about the individual or the party, it's about our future. jon: would you say for instance when donald trump says there is a rigged system and it's a disgusting system and so forth in the democratic party, i'm sorry
8:45 am
in therepublican party , you'd like to see him back off, it's like those? >> know, listen, i don't have a problem with arguing over whether rule means, that's not the case but i'm talking about just name calling and getting things in the gutter. that's what i'm talking about. just honoring each other, honoring ourselves, honoring god and understanding this is about the future of america and that's what has to come first. jon: i want to take a look at what could be an interesting matchup if donald trump is the nominee and i know you can't take sides and you're not making predictions but among women, donald trump has an unfavorable rating of 66 percent, hillary clinton at 48 percent. she obviously is almost certain to be the democratic nominee. i know that you've made great strides trying to bring minority voters into the republican party. donald trump as an
8:46 am
unfavorable rating among blacks of 75 percent. hispanics at 72 percent hillary clinton, 34 and 41 percent . respectively among those to minority groups. then finally among all voters, donald trump at 61 percentunfavorable rating , hillary clinton met 34 percent. this according to the latest university usa today polls and there is a three percent margin of error so if either meets the benefit of the doubt on that last, all voters on favorabilityrating, the effectively are tied . not good numbers for either party but generally hillary clinton comes in a head. is there time to change all that? >> absolutely. first of all, things are more divisive obviously within our primary right now then they will be when we have a nominee so some of that stuff is going to smooth out and go away.
8:47 am
there is still work to be done and that's what we are doing at the rnc. that's why we got record amount of people in the field. we've been working in black and hispanic communities for years now. it's been a cornerstone of our operation.if we weren't in the field, things wouldn't improve so you actually have to have people from the community in the community working there in order to make a difference and that's the big thing we've done differently here. i realize that rhetoric can get in the way that i can tell you that without the field organization, without the rnc we wouldn't improve. you would atrophy. because we are there, i think these are going to improve and because obviously we are going to run out of time soon , were going to have a nominee. all this analysis is going to end and we are going to move forward in the general and hillary clinton is in the ditch. people don't trust her. her numbers are lousy, 54 four percent is nothing to write about in unfavorable and i think were going to do much better.
8:48 am
summer and fall. jon: as you approach the convention, the election, what you won't voters, especially independents and republicans to know about the republican party? >> listen, we are the party of the open door. where the party of equality, we are the party of read him an opportunity and we are going to show that the american people. we got more republicans elected since 1900. we don't have a problem in the party but we do have an issue with winning the cultural vote in america and we have to understand how to appeal to people in their communities door to door and that's the thing we changed so much over the last four years here at the rnc and through the republican party so we will be in your neighborhood talking about those issues, school choice, and small businesses and jobs and more take-home pay. certainly the last three years have been great and giving hillary clinton another ticket for another four or eight, there's no way to run a country. jon: i could have included democrats in that pitch.
8:49 am
is this a year when you see democrats coming over? >> you know, it's interesting. we've got so much enthusiasm right now john in our party. you saw we've had record fundraising at the rnc. people think with all this drama that that would actually be a problem but we've actually broken a record, raise more money in the first quarter this year than we did in 2012 and that's small dollar and a large dollar. the dnc has not beaten the rnc in small dollar donations i think in years. i'm not out of line to tell you i bet over the past year and a half, i bet there hasn't been more than three months that the dnc has actually beaten the rnc in small dollar gets so we are doing really well. the fundamentals are good. the enthusiasm is off. i don't think drama in the industry is a problem as long as you come together in the end and we take it to the democrats and exposed hillary
8:50 am
clinton for the dishonest person she has . jon: it's going to be fascinating to see what happens in cleveland. thank you for joining us. reince priebus, head of the republican national committee . heather: pilot acing charges of flying while intoxicated. could this be a broader problem? how worried should you be the next time you get on a plane? (pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here... there's just one direction... forward. one time: now. and there's just one sound. you and us... together. telling the world... we're coming for you.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on outnumbered at the top of the hour. sandra and harris, what you have? >> donald trump not letting up on his criticism that hillary clinton is playing the woman card to win votes. will this line of attack work
8:54 am
for him or could it backfire with female voters? and takers firing back after john boehner called him lucifer in the flesh and should childless women get maternity leave also? maybe in the eternity. all that and a bold and beautiful man, hashtag one lucky guy getting outnumbered today. >> was also bold and beautiful? jon scott. jon: we will be watching for that. you information now on recent incidents of airline pilots flying while drunk. jetblue pilot dennis murphy junior is out of a job facing possible jail time after being charged for flying under the influence. he's accused of having a blood alcohol content of .11 while flying from florida to new york. .10 is enough to bring criminal charges under federal law. now a investigation revealing an alarming number of pilots lying or trying to fly while intoxicated and even engaging in criminal behavior when
8:55 am
they touched down. let's talk about with mike boyd, an aviation security analyst. it seems like we see one of these stories every month or so about a pilot trying to board an airliner with too much alcohol in his system. how serious is the problem? >> not real serious. right now with all this news, it's painting the pilot profession as a bunch of drunks and prostitution runners. when you have over 100,000 people in the profession, to find 38 of them in a year is probably a better rate than you were going to find among lawyers or politicians. keep in mind there's a lot of things out there that will monitor not only airlines butalso pilots in their pilot unions are right on this so i don't want to paint this to be something where we have drunks flying around in the sky on re- routine basis. that's not the case.
8:56 am
jon: the number of incidents we talked about, 38 pilots or so who have lost licenses , you are saying that given the number of flights there are, given the number of people in the profession, statistically very lowpercentage? >> yes, i mean one is too many, there's no question about that but when you are dealing with human beings and you have over 100,000 of them, you're going to have people who slip through. you're going to have people taking drugs you can't find but the reality is we do have safeguards. not only the airline but every pilot union out there, they will drop the dime on anybodywho does this. they don't cover these things up. these kind of stories are good because it brings it to the four but what it brings out is, there are systems out there to find these people and when it happens it's bad
8:57 am
but it's very rare . jon: also true that you have copilots in the cockpit. you don't have that in other transportation systems. >> correct. you have that plus the pilots are passing through an operations area with other pilots. if one pilot sees another pilot in any kind of distress like this, they're going to saysomething. that's protecting the profession . jon: in short, you think americans should not be worried west? absolutely not be worried but understand, as long as we are hiring humans, to fly airplanes and making them, we're going to have problems like this but i suspect the pilot profession is among the lowest that would have this problem . jon: aviation analyst mike boyd. thank you and we will be right back. >> cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade.
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jon: we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ ♪ harris: this is a fine friday. "outnumbered." [laughter] here today, sandra smith, co-host of the five, kimberly guilfoyle, the fox business network's elizabeth macdonald, lovingly e-mac, and today's #oneluckyguy. his fans know him from the bold and the beautiful, actor, author and red eye regular here on fox news, sean canaan is outnumbered and welcome. >> thank you so much. it's so exciting to be here. sandra: good to have you. harris: you ready to talk some news and politics? >> sure.


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