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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ ♪ harris: this is a fine friday. "outnumbered." [laughter] here today, sandra smith, co-host of the five, kimberly guilfoyle, the fox business network's elizabeth macdonald, lovingly e-mac, and today's #oneluckyguy. his fans know him from the bold and the beautiful, actor, author and red eye regular here on fox news, sean canaan is outnumbered and welcome. >> thank you so much. it's so exciting to be here. sandra: good to have you. harris: you ready to talk some news and politics? >> sure. harris: let's go.
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with a much-anticipated indiana primary just four days away, the tug-of-war between donald trump and hillary clinton is building. the republican-front-runner defended his claim that clinton panders to women voters. watch. >> it's a fact, she's playing the women card. that's the only thing she's got going, i've been watching it. every time she raises, if you raise your voice, it's like, oh, look at the way he talks. give me the break. she raises her voice much more than i raise mine, believe me. harris: and when pressed by bill o'reilly on whether he's concerned the sexism charge will stick, trump said this: >> she's going to try and play it, but i'm going to bring jobs back to this country. nobody respects women more than i do, by the way, and i see it at the rallies. in new york, pennsylvania, i won all these states in landslides, and i just absolutely killed everybody with the women. the women came out in droves, and i won the women category, i
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won african-american, i won every -- i won virtually every category. i won landslides. harris: should she want to pick a different category, he's just letting her know. the hillary clinton campaign says it is confident such comments will galvanize democrats, and they're now offering an official woman card. of course, you have to donate a dollar to her campaign to get one of these. [laughter] i want to come to you, first-timer on the couch, sean, to get your thoughts on all of this. >> you know, i think if hillary becomes the prime minister, it's obviously -- the president, it's obviously an historic moment. but she's intrinsically a flawed candidate. she has multiple achilles heels, and if we're going to become a nation where we have gender equality, we have to judge our candidates on the merit of their record rather than on their gender. harris: kimberly? kim kim yes. believe me, it would be wonderful to have a woman in the white house if it was condoleezza rice -- harris: so you're not going to
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buy a card? kimberly: for a dollar, first of all, it's not good business. i would sell it for more than a dollar. sandra: but, sean, you said she should be judged on her merit, her accomplishments and track record, and donald trump says he's being challenged here, but his critics are saying, hold on. by saying, quote, if she were not a woman she would be getting 5% of the vote if she were a man, he's not acknowledging that she's the former secretary of state, a former senator, a lawyer, he's ignoring her accomplishments. does that make him appear out of touch? >> no, i don't think he's out of touch at all. i mean, she undoubtedly has experience. but she also has the albatross of benghazi, and she has the albatross of so many scandals that she's been involved in. i tend to agree with him. i think that if, in fact, she was a man, she would be struggling much more than she is now. harris: you know, it's interesting, and i caught, just
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made eye contact with e-mac on the nuance, accomplishments or experience. your thoughts. elizabeth: in the mid '90s her approval ratings went way up, people were thinking, oh, my goodness, she's a victim. and now we have another new tweet from donald trump this morning saying hillary clinton is also one of the great enablers of all time meaning he may bring up the clinton sex scandals of all times. but that puts her in the sweet spot of being treated like a victim. harris: there may be a lesson to learn from bernie sanders because, remember, he called her basically unqualified, there was some wrangling about should it be disqualified, unqualified, people wanted to fight over the prefix. nevertheless, he's pointing to qualifications, donald trump, the one that she does not have, is there any danger for him? kimberly: i think this is a bold ground for him, he should be
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treading this path because she should be treated based on her experience, based on integrity and, you know, core competency. where are hillary clinton's accomplishments? just because she was given the position or appointed secretary of state, what was the upside there? what we saw was four americans dead, we saw specific, deliberate lies about it. this is someone who is embroiled in an fbi criminal investigation regarding the e-mail server. so, no, she shouldn't be rewarded just because of her last name or because she's a woman, it's really true. bernie sanders isn't afraid to say it, it is the presidency of the united states. she doesn't deserve it on a platter. harris: i want to talk a little bit about strategy because, clearly, donald trump is doing this per strategy, right? we see him trot out nicknames for people and what not. he's not arbitrary at all. can this work, will it work, or could it backfire? >> i think it is going to work, because when there's repetition, it starts to sink in. you know, i think she's rightfully terrified running against him, because the one
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thing we've seen with donald trump is he is not afraid to unload. he knows where the bodies are hidden, he's known the clintons for a very, very long time. and, you know, we're seeing something that we've never seen in elections before. there is a i don't want to say a lack of civility from him, but he is not afraid to roll the sleeves up and take the gloves off, and i think that's what's going to have to happen to beat the clinton machine. harris: it's interesting, where would he get that experience? who fights harder? somebody who's holding their cash. i want to get this breaking news in real quickly. it is politics, and it is about to happen, we are told. the governor of indiana, mike pence, is expected to endorse senator ted cruz. this is an interesting turn of events because as we understand it, as it's been reported, donald trump has been hoping, asking that this would not happen, that the governor would not weigh in with an endorsement at this point. but we're told to expect this moments away, this is a radio station that this is happening
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at. governor pence is supposed to be on the greg garrison radio show. it started just a few minutes ago. and he's going to step up to those microphones, obviously, that's why we're keying in on it there on the left of your screen. until that happens, though, let's talk a little bit about, first of all, the importance of endorsements. sandra, we have seen this time and time again. maybe it's more the timing than it is the person? sandra: well, enforcements haven't played a huge role in this election so far, but this is key timing for ted cruz because indiana is going to be the big determiner as to whether or not his campaign is going to pick up any more momentum and whether or not he's going to stay in the race. so this endorsement comes at a key time for him. harris: a perfect time for us to be quiet and watch the events unfold. here you go, governor pence, indiana. watch. ♪ ♪ harris: all right. so they're going to play the opening music. [laughter]
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and what you missed there was watching kimberly do a little shoulder shimmy. [laughter] kimberly: especially pre-endorsement music. this is huge for ted cruz, you can't deny it. obviously, it's a big deal otherwise donald trump wouldn't have tried to block it. elizabeth: the governor's being criticized for being so late to the game, and the joke was we should put the governor on a milk carton, where's he been? harris: oh, my goodness. all right. i understand that they're just going to do some beginning comments and what not, so we're going to keep our ear to the ground, and when he gets to that actual endorsement, go right away to it with governor pence. that's interesting. you're seeing donors doing the same thing with their cash. elizabeth: that's exactly right. there hasn't been that much response. right now we've got 16 representatives, congressmen, backing trump. a little slow to the game, a little slow out of the box at this point in the campaign. harris: sean, as a voter, as a citizen, does anybody care about endorsements?
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>> it seems like in this election cycle not as much as previous ones, for sure. you know, i think he's late to the game. it is important to get a governor from the state that you're having a primary endorse you. i think this'll preclude trump from getting 50%, but the train's left the station, and i think this is going to be too little too late for ted cruz. harris: it's interesting, because when you look at a state like wisconsin, you had scott walker, former presidential candidate there, that might play a little differently into the politics of things. but what can you say about mike pence and his particular state, indiana? kimberly: i think that it is important, you know, he's very well regarded there. this was a big one that, you know, everybody wanted to get. ted cruz has been pushing very hard behind the scenes and trump also to try to block it. this is make or break, as sandra pointed out, for ted cruz. he cannot survive if he does not do well, take indiana. right now there's about a six-point difference, percentage with three or four percentage
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points margin of error statistically -- harris: so it's tight. kimberly: it could swing either way. trump had a great week, cruz announced with carly fiorina as his vp, cruz needed this. harris: all right. let's watch and listen. >> who you voting for in the presidential primary? >> well, let me first say this is a very exciting time for indiana. isn't it? i mean, to have presidential candidates, frankly, in both political parties traveling all across the hoosier state, to be hearing from and seeing hoosiers all over the national media is a thrill. the last time this happened in the republican party, i think i was a junior in high school down in columbus. so we really celebrate that. i'm grateful that all the candidates are coming through indiana and dedicating the time and energy they are. but it's clear this is a time for choosing. and all of america is looking to indiana to make a choice. now, i have met with all three of the candidates as of about tuesday of this week. and i want to say i like and respect all three of the
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republican candidates in the field. i particularly want to commend donald trump, who i think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working americans with the lack of progress in washington d.c. and i'm also particularly grateful that donald trump has taken a strong stand for hoosier jobs. when we saw jobs in the carrier company abruptly announce leaving indiana not for another state, but for mexico, i'm grateful. i'm grateful for his voice in the national debate. let me say i've come to my decision about who i'm supporting, and i'm not against anybody, but i will be voting for ted cruz in the upcoming republican primary. >> you've got some -- well, you were there at the same time for a little while. you know him personally. you know his education, you know his experience and his background and his constitutional roots. what is it that animates you to look in his direction the way that you do?
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>> well, it's a great question. you know, as you know, i'm a reagan conservative. i literally, when i was a teenager, i was active in democrat politics, and then i started hearing the voice of that former california governor who articulated an agenda of principles, of less government, less taxes, traditional values and a strong military, and i was drawn to the republican party. and throughout my career in washington, d.c. and now here as governor of indiana, those have been the principles that have really animated my service. and i've sought to support them at every turn, but also i've looked for opportunities to support men and women who have the courage to stand on those reagan principles, and i see ted cruz as a principled conservative who's dedicated his career to advocating the reagan agenda. i'm pleased to support him. now, greg, you know from my career i know a little bit about taking on the big spenders in washington d.c. i was doing that more than a
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decade ago when we saw runaway federal spending by both parties. i really admire the way ted cruz has been willing to stand up for taxpayers in opposing runaway spending, deficits and debt, calling for and leading on repealing obamacare. and i also have to tell you i'm, i'm very impressed with ted cruz's devotion and knowledge of the constitution of the united states. of the freedoms that are enshrined there in our bill of rights from our liberties to our second amendment. and, of course, i appreciate his strong and unwavering stand for the sanctity of life. but, you know, it's for those reasons and just as much in support of the principles that have always animated my public service that i'm voting for ted cruz in the upcoming republican primary. >> you know, i see the work that a person in your spot's got to go through to come to that call even if you kind da got it in
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your gut in the first place. i know you were just finally able to meet with governor kasich, our neighboring governor, this week. but your mention of these principles as what drive you -- >> yeah. >> -- they're fine. a lot of people have said they liked 'em. we know a whole lot of people that forgot about them when they got to washington. what is it about senator cruz says to you he says it and i believe it, and he's going to do it when he's up there in the bright lights? >> well, i think the man has shown the courage of his convictions. it's not a popular thing in washington, d.c. to take on the leadership of your own party. i know that firsthand. i did it when i was there. [laughter] i opposed runaway federal spending whether it was a republican administration or congress or whether a democrat administration. he's been willing to do that. but let me be very clear, i respect the right and the views of every hoosier in making their determination in the upcoming primary election. and i urge every hoosier to make
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up their own mind. but for me, i've always thought that to lead is to choose. and here at this time of choosing when people all across america are looking to indiana to make a decision, i just wanted to make my decision known. but let me be very, very clear on this, greg, i -- whoever wins the republican nomination for president of the united states, i'm going to work my heart out to get elected this fall. indiana needs a partner in the white house in our prosperity. you know, i mentioned all the good news in indiana, we're at record employment, more hoosiers working than ever before, we have balanced budgets, record investment in education and infrastructure, but how much more we could do if we had a republican administration working with a republican congress. i get very excited about indiana here in our bicentennial year, the potential in our third century if we have someone working in washington, d.c. for us instead of against us.
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so i just encourage every hoosier to examine all these candidates as i have, listen carefully to all of their positions, make their decision, exercise their right to vote this coming tuesday if not before, and at the end of the day i'm very confident that our party going to come together around our nominee -- whoever that might be -- and we're going to deliver a great victory for all the people of the united states. >> i'm -- harris: breaking news right now on the fox news channel. we knew that ted cruz, senator ted cruz was expecting a big endorsement, he's been talking about it today, and now we've seen the governor of indiana, mike pence, saying that he will vote in favor of ted cruz. he says i like all the other three or all three of the candidates, nothing against donald trump. it was interesting, he mentioned donald trump's name before he mentioned ted cruz's name. what you can make out of that politically, you can talk about
9:17 am
yourselves, among yourselves. we'll talk about it here. kimberly, you had a reaction. kimberly: yeah, i think it was very significant. the first thing out of his mouth was a compliment to donald trump. pretty extensive, and he book ended it by saying i will support the republican nominee. we want to have jobs, strong economy, etc. that, to me, was a very watered-down enforcement. he was more drawing on reagan conservative principles, which was good, but that to me smells all about behind the scenes wrangling, arm twisting, big donors saying, you know, you've got to do this. it didn't seem like his heart was in it personally. harris: sean, you said right before we went to that live, you said this could potentially stop donald trump from getting 50 percent of the -- >> you know what? i've changed my opinion now. [laughter] that was such a lackluster endorsement, i completely agree with kimberly. i think that smacks of some behind the scenes pressure from the party. i mean, the guy reminded me when you go to a restaurant, and you're like i like the lamb and
9:18 am
i like the steak, but i think i'm going to have the chicken. [laughter] kimberly: so true. harris: i've never heard anybody compare ted cruz to the chicken, but -- >> that's the hard-hitting political analysis you get from me, harris. harris: right now we're looking at this endorsement ahead, just four days away from the primary in indiana, and we'll have to see all of the shakeout from comments made recently for and against ted cruz, if this boosts him going into that primary. as the candidates march closer to that all-important indiana primary on tuesday, be sure to tune into fox news sunday, senator ted cruz will join our very own chris wallace, and chris will also talk exclusively with gop front-runner donald trump. don't miss it. you can also catch it here on the fnc sunday at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. eastern. kimberly: and i'll be on too. harris: yes! fabulous. all right, well, your day is made. you know what's going on sunday. [laughter] president obama's appearing to boast in an interview about how
9:19 am
he's handled t economy. interesting timing. the numbers telling a very different story on this friday. should he actually be doing a victory lap at this point? we'll talk about it. and plans for a so-called comedy about ronald reagan's battle with alzheimer's sparking a lot of outrage. what his children are saying and how it makes hollywood look. i can't wait to hear you talk about that, superstar sean. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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♪ ♪ sandra: president barack obama boasting about how he's handled the u.s. economy despite the fact that he's the first president not to see a single year of 3% gdp growth. that reportedly ranks him as the fourth worst president as far as economic record in history, and to make matters worse, just yesterday the commerce department announcing the u.s. economy expanded at just half a percent in the first quarter of 2016. its slowest pace in two years. but president obama tells "the new york times," quote: i actually compare our economic performance to how historically countries that have wrenching financial crisis perform by that measure.
9:24 am
we probably managed this better than any large economy on earth in modern history. as for the latest numbers, white house press secretary josh earnest pinning some of the blame on republicans. listen to this. >> the president has spent years making the case to republicans in congress that there is more that could be done that would strengthen our economy. sandra: all right. so, liz macdonald's on the couch today, fox business network expert. half a percent growth, what is happening many this country, and why is the country touting how great things are when we have dismal growth? elizabeth: the reality check has bounced in the white house, and it has for some time. what is happening is that the president filled up the flat tire that was the u.s. economy in an historic crisis, we get that, with a lot of government spending. but basically an oppressive regulatory regime and higher taxes. so that's why you still have energy sector still lurching around like it's in a hospital gown, and those manufacturing jobs that have basically vaporized, the net new jobs
9:25 am
created since the crisis, half of them are low-wage receives -- service sector jobs. 70% of the u.s. economy is consumer spending s so household income is below what it was in 1996, and now we've got home ownership rates at 1968 levels. so all of that, you know, let's fix income inequality by giving everyone a house didn't work. sandra: sean, does this anemic growth bode well for any particular candidate running right now? ted cruz promising to shrink the government, but then you have donald trump who is screaming from the hilltops that he's the businessman, and he knows how to run a business, he can run the country the same. >> i think it bodes really well for trump. i mean, he's shown in the private sector he's able to create jobs, make a lot of money. you know, the obama administration is never shy about patting itself on the back. even the face of extraordinary contrary evidence. you know, i keep going back to
9:26 am
the affordable care act because i think it's really been strangling small businesses with its regulation and its taxes and, you know, small business traditionally has been the engine that has propelled our country. sandra: so what does that mean for hillary clinton? you look at the candidates on the left, i mean, harris, hillary clinton is clearly aligning herself with the obama economy. is that going to help or hurt her? harris: right now it's kind of a neutral position, because republicans aren't taking advantage of jumping on this. two of them are trying to figure out whether or not they have an alliance, john kasich and ted cruz, and donald trump is awaiting, you know, indiana, the endorsement of ted cruz by the governor there going to hurt me? this is when you have to start to wonder -- and the left is obviously doing this. there have been some conversations now, you know, what's it going to take for bernie sanders to get behind the hillary clinton campaign, so on and so forth? will his supporters come along? this is the time of year when you have to start to think about that because you're not focusing necessarily on a general election. donald trump has a little bit,
9:27 am
but with this kind of stuff coming up, you should hear a drum beat from republicans today, and you're not because they're focused on each other. sandra: and you would think, liz, you would hear them touting things like barack obama will be the only u.s. president in history who did not deliver a single year of 3% plus economic growth. elizabeth: yeah, cbo had been projecting at least 3% growth.r? he can't lay claim to it. this is polishing his legacy way after the fact and, watch this. he also said in this interview, he said the top -- can he wish he got that communication out because the democrats would have still held the house and the senate. so there's a back story we've got to watch. kimberly: this is one of the key issues for women especially which are comprising a large portion of the electorate, it's all about the economy. this has been one of the slowest, most painful recoveries since the great depression for the united states. so he can't really tout claim to this. the republicans should be hitting it hard, like you said, because this is an issue that
9:28 am
people should vote about. especially the middle class is getting destroyed with all the taxes, overregulation and obamacare. sandra: so we look at that headline 5% unemployment number, but americans just don't feel like it's that great. all right, house speaker john boehner unloading on presidential candidate ted cruz calling him "lucifer in the flesh." now the texas senator is firing back, but how much could this hurt him heading into indiana? ♪ ♪ running with the devil thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis!
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these are difficult times for elderly holocaust survivors
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♪ ♪ harris: well, it is so on. we just don't know why, exactly. ted cruz is firing back at former house speaker john boehner after comments he made at a forum at stanford university.
9:33 am
the now-retired ohio congressman ripped into the texas senator when he was asked for his opinion about him. >> lucifer in the flesh. [laughter] i get along with almost everybody. but i have never worked with a more miserable son of a -- [bleep] [laughter] over my dead body, will he be president. [laughter] harris: salty. here's ted cruz. >> he claims he's never worked with anyone more miserable. john: boehner. he and i have never worked together. i've probably met him two, three, four times in my life. i'd be surprised if we've said 50 words to each other. if you want to see what is wrong with the corruption in washington, with the washington establishment and the system, john boehner and donald trump and hillary clinton, they're all part of the same problem. harris: and cruz's newly-tapped running mate, carly fiorina, weighs in too. >> first of all, i think the fact that john boehner doesn't much like ted cruz is all the evidence you need that ted cruz
9:34 am
has bucked the system. john boehner was the system. maybe that's why he's not speaker of the house anymore. harris: but congressman peter king of new york says he agrees with john boehner, and he added this actually. ted cruz, in his words, actually gives the devil a bad name. [laughter] >> wow. harris: these words are really harsh and powerful words to be using. are you surprised that a former house speaker, a sitting congressman, that these men would talk about another perp on the hill this way -- person on the hill this way? >> i think it depends how much scotch butted involved. being -- was involved. being compared to the prince of darkness does not bode well for your ability to unify the party. it sure can't be easy to reach across the aisle -- sandra: and the fact that we haven't heard much from former speaker boehner on any of it. and finally the moment he speaks out, he calls ted cruz lucifer. paul ryan defended him, said i have a much better relationship with the senator. so he obviously came to his
9:35 am
defense. but i don't know if this overall changes anything for ted cruz. i think it leafs people -- leaves people wondering what has he done to all these guys, right? so many people speaking out with near hatred for him. elizabeth: it's absurd for ted cruz to say he only spoke to john boehner when he was part of the coalition to push boehner out. but peter king, to your point, sandra, made a good revelation. i thought it was interesting. he said during the government shutdown that was led by ted cruz to shut down the government, that basically nobody really wanted it, and ted cruz was saying this is going to end obamacare. everybody knew that wasn't going to happen. it was all about ted cruz's brand recognition and to boost himself up. that's why peter king is mad at ted cruz. harris: well, and, kimberly, i don't know just as you're alluding to, e-mac that people will buy that they only said 50 words to each other. those are some pretty strong
9:36 am
opinions to have for somebody you don't talk to. >> ted cruz was also john boehner's lawyer, documented fact. [inaudible conversations] kimberly: that worked for him, etc. when you're on the hill like that, you're talking, everybody knows everyone else. that's not the best defense. you just say he's entitled to his opinion. but i'll tell you what want part of a good narrative for ted cruz because when you're in indiana, that's not exactly going to want to make the evangelicals hug it out with somebody called lucifer. harris: i didn't catch that. kimberly: that's a group traditionally that he would farewell. harris: so that points to maybe a little bit of strategy in terms of the particular words used by these veteran politicians. kimberly: it's like a knockout, a one-two punch. you had boehner followed up by king. more people almosting unafraid, unabashed to say what they actually feel about ted cruz which kind of layers the narrative that donald trump has been saying that, you know, this
9:37 am
isn't a likable guy, lyin' ted cruz, people don't like to work with him and they don't trust him. harris: well, and then you have reports today that a member of the kasich campaign now that ted cruz is saying that there actually is not an alliance with these two men to go against donald trump, sent out a tweet that was not very flattering about ted cruz. which is sticky, dicey. kimberly: yeah. that's already like a bad marriage. i don't know what's going to happen -- elizabeth: it's something you do after the fifth bottle of wine. harris: that's two references to alcohol in one conversation. kimberly: it's like another example of bad deal, right? harris: well, outrage is growing over plans for a so-called comedy about president ronald reagan's also heymer's -- alzheimer's disease. actor will ferrell set to play the gipper, but has hollywood gone too far with this? ♪ ♪ there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing.
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♪ ♪ kimberly: welcome back. backlash now over plans for a new film about the late president, ronald reagan. according to variety, will ferrell portrays reagan falling into dementia during his second term in office. the so-called comedy project not going over well with the family of reagan who suffered a ten-year battle with alzheimer's before his death in 2004. his son, michael reagan, tweeting: what an outrage. alzheimer's is no joke. it kills you. you should be ashamed, all of you. his daughter, patti davis, writes: perhaps for your research, you should visit some dementia facilities. i have -- i didn't find anything there. sean, what's the hollywood reaction here? >> well, i think there's always been a nexus between comedy and politics.
9:43 am
will ferrell's a very funny guy. he did do the whole thing where he did george w. bush, but, you know, that's a different deal. we were talking about that. now you're dealing with somebody, ronald reagan, who had a v. serious -- very serious, life-ending disease. conservatives traditionally very protective of the reagan legacy, and it seems like this is already becoming a really divisive project before it's ever even hit the theaters which, ironically, is only going to stimulate audiences to go see it. harris: you know what's weird about that though? what kind of a hollywood are we looking at when you see conservatives, i mean, you're in hollywood, and there are more and more who are coming out and being bold and beautiful, if you will -- [laughter] elizabeth: oh, wow. harris: you know, about their political beliefs. but hollywood is still that bastion of we're going to be liberal forever, i suppose. this smacks of just hatred. i mean, why would you do something like this? there is no upshot at all of making fun. now, mind you, we haven't seen the script. >> right.
9:44 am
harris: it is not in production yet. and maybe this will have some effect on to it. but i agree with you, i think this forces people or motivates them to go out and see it, and it only makes more of that hollywood cash. sandra: so we haven't seen a reaction from will ferrell yet. my question is, is do hollywood actors, directors, producers, do they have a moral obligation? i mean, should they have a moral compass, or does anything go? >> don't you think we should have a moral compass in life? i mean, if you have one in life, you certainly should bring it to your work as an artist. will ferrell's a talented, funny guy, but he's probably, you know, creating projects that voice his politics. elizabeth: patti reagan in her blog said this, and it was really profound, she said she looked into her father's eyes and saw fear for the very first time, and he's usually very strong. and he didn't know where he was. and so alzheimer's is so awful for so many families in the united states, and the reagan family, because it doesn't just
9:45 am
kill you, it also robs them of the memories that they were sharing, could share with their family members. harris: you know what? i don't want to lose the idea though of freedom of expressions in this country, so i do get it, and i know that we can vote with our dollars and our feet. i get all of that. but this was a question of taste. and there's some things that actors and actresses will do that will forever be a memory point for them. oh, yeah, that's the actor who did such and such. it can be damaging. kimberly: he has to think about, too, his popularity. i certainly have always been a fan, but this really just completely puts, like, a pall on it for me. g this, i don't think it's the right move. i mean, you've done comedy. you know, you wouldn't take this role, would you? >> you know, again, we haven't seen -- harris: oh! [laughter] wow. >> we haven't seen the script, so i don't want to prejudge. from everything i'm hearing about it -- sandra: by nature, comedy is based on some of the darkest things in life, poverty, divorce. >> it absolutely is.
9:46 am
but, again, this smacks to me of something that has a definitive streak of a little cruelty towards it. kimberly: the crux of it is this, an intern tries to convince the president that he's an actor playing the role of president of the united states, so that's part of -- harris: sandra, you bring up an interesting point. this could be an opportunity for people to learn about the disease too. i mean, you're right. we've learned about sex abuse, child -- we've learned about so many things, the dark side of comedy, if you will. if it's done tastefully, if it's -- elizabeth: do you think they're rewriting the movie right now? [laughter] harris: if i i were attached to it, i would be. sandra: that's wishful thinking, harris. >> money. sandra: sean just alluded to the fact that controversy is always -- >> ticket sales, doesn't it? harris: i'm being optimistic. kimberly: one of the hottest tickets, scripts in hollywood, a lot of people wanted in on this. let's see what happens. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] kimberly: ready for this?
9:47 am
me-ternity time. the controversy sparked by a new book saying all women need the perks of motherhood even if you don't have a kid. we discuss whether this goes too far. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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sandra: we turn now to a new book sparking a lot of reaction. its author saying all women toweled take maternity -- should take maternity leave even if they don't have kids. the 38-year-old got the idea after finding herself burned out from work and jealous of coworkers who took time off to spend with their kids saying she decided she needed a break too. telling the new york post, quote: the more i 245ub9 it, the more i came to believe in the value of a meternity leave which is a sabbatical-like break that allows women and, to a lesser degree, men to shift their focus to a part of their lives that doesn't revolve around their jobs. the reaction from so many women pouring in, swift and furious. from, quote: so help me god if mere yam webster adds the word meternity to the dictionary -- [laughter]
9:52 am
to where do tabloids find these idiots? and this one, quote: i want all the perks of maternity leave without having any kids. yes, i'd like to be a general without military service. okay. i'm going to try to refrain from sharing my -- kimberly: why? harris: tell us. sandra: i would gladly, i would love for this megan foy to spend whatever maternity leave she's talking about, six weeks, eight weeks, whatever it may be, spend it with a couple kids. elizabeth: yeah, no kidding. sandra: spend it with a newborn. the entire point is a bonding experience, isn't it, kimberly in and to be asking for it without kids, i don't know. kimberly: so spoiled, selfish. that's what a vacation is for. dealternativety? more e go-sent trick behavior. she, obviously, is trying to make more money for vacation time by getting this thing and going on interviews or having a new blog. probably trying to monetize it -- harris: by the way, this is called a sabbatical. elizabeth: you're right, sandra,
9:53 am
the toughest job on earth is being a mom. even governments like chile gave mothers pensions, you know? their own 401(k) accounts. so it's the toughest job. i didn't like this column at all. sandra: sean, this sounds incredibly insensitive. [laughter] kimberly: that's your clue. >> no -- [laughter] i think it's another indication of what an entitled society we've become. i mean, isn't it oxymoronic, you have to have kids to get the leave? you know, maternity leave is incredibly important, and the bonding, like you talked about. so i think it really kind of underconsistents the seriousness of that -- undercuts the seriousness of that when you've got people saying i'd like the maternity -- harris: not to be a complete debbie downer, but i did a little research on kind of why maternity leave is important medically, and there are a lot of mental health issues that doctors say can arise when that bonding doesn't happen. it really affords for, you know,
9:54 am
less of post-partum depression. elizabeth: great point. harris: so, i mean, to compare yourself -- it's not like if you're single go out and do the wedding registry and fake it. it's not like that. you can't really fake the maternity leave because it serves a medical purpose. elizabeth: it absolutely does. post-partum depression as well as miscarriages -- my mother suffered from three, by the way -- is the most underreported problem for women when it comes to giving birth. sandra: not to mention the cost and need, i don't know how you want to say it, the opportunity costs that accompany and a business takes on, liz, to grant a woman maternity leave. so they're doing this because this person's having a child not just taking a leave of absence. elizabeth: right, exactly. listen, i don't have children, but i come from a gigantic family of 90 extended -- harris: no, you do not. elizabeth: oh, yeah. harris: somebody had a lot of babies. [laughter] elizabeth: i said to my mother once, mom, did you ever think of
9:55 am
birth control? my mom said, yeah, mine was nudity. [laughter] sandra: anyway, i think we all agree. i guess you could challenge it from the aspect of everybody needs a break sometimes. harris: sometimes the audience will see me looking down. no, when news is breaking, sometimes you see me look down, and it's a follow-up to the story we just brought you. there are reports now that will ferrell will not pursue the ronald reagan movie after all. remember, we were talking about whether that was going to be a comedy about alzheimer's, and then our own reporter,women yam la jeunesse, has spoken with ferrell's agent and said that will ferrell is not doing the movie where he would play ronald reagan with alzheimer's. the script was submitted to him, he did not pursue it. so that is the spokesman for will ferrell -- elizabeth: what a turn around. rapid. harris: and we were just talking about it. and "the new york post" -- sandra: good for him. harris: -- confirmed it and put
9:56 am
it out two and a half minutes ago. also live, us, right after this. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound)
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new sargento snack bites, big flavor in a little bite.
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every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. harris: don't set the table, set the mood. will[laughter] that that's on the cover of modern gentleman. go out and get that, definitely. we're glad that you came in and hung out with us. >> so much fun. i loved doing this. harris: do you really cook? >> i do. harris: you look like you're cooking in this picture.
10:00 am
>> i'm cooking, baby. [laughter] harris: we're back on monday at noon eastern -- sandra: that's hot food. harris: where is this show going? anyway, have a great weekend, we'll see you then, on monday, like i said. [laughter] "happening now" starts now.


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