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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 29, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> the little guy seemed a bit dazed by the head eer into the windows. it is the second time that particular bear stopped by. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. thanks, guys. senator ted cruz gets an endo e endorsement from indiana's governor today ahead of tuesday's presidential primary in that state. i'm gretchen carlson, this is the real story for this friday. gop candidates campaigning in indiana and the big state of california, the last big prize on the schedule. senator cruz stumping in the hoosier state today with his new running mate, carly fiorina. donald trump and john kasich are in california where 172 delegates are up for grabs. voters hit the polls there june 7th. indiana votes next tuesday. 57 delegates at stake.
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governor mike pence coming out today in support of senator ted cruz and our own fox business network's jeff flock is live for us in indy. it was kind of a tepid endorsement. he actually said the name donald trump first. will it make any difference in the state that you have been in for so long? >> reporter: yeah. it was, i think, fair to say. it was on the greg garrison show, he's talk show host here in indianapolis -- or not too far from where we are in indianapolis. he is the fellow who prosecuted, by the way, mike tyson, the special prosecutor. and the governor chose his show to say, you know what? i'm going to vote for mike pence but i don't have anything bad to say about anybody. i'm not against anybody, i'm not a stop-trumper. i am simply saying that my personal choice is ted cruz. what kind of impact that will have, i don't know. listen to the governor's own words. >> let me say i've come to my decision about who i'm supporting. i'm not against anybody but i
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will be voting for ted cruz in the upcoming republican primary. >> reporter: by the way, gretchen, we are at good's ice cream and candy shop here in anderson, indiana. that's one place i haven't been before. >> you get all the good assignments. you were eating ice cream with the cruzes a couple days ago. >> heidi cruz is coming. she's coming here today. >> that's why you're there. could this be considered some sort of a dangerous move for pence given the amount of support donald trump has in indiana and the fact that pence also up for re-election? >> reporter: i think he did kind of find a way to have it both ways. there was a lot of pressure on him to lead in some way on this in his home state. he is very philosophically aligned with ted cruz along with donald trump. he was careful not to say anything bad about donald trump. he did it on greg garrison's
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show. another thing you want to know about breaking news today, mike tyson, the boxer, endorsed donald trump and trump touted that yesterday. lot of people don't like that. tyson was convicted here in indianapolis of rape. carly fiorina saying today, donald trump touting mike tyson as a tough guy. he said "we like tough guys." she said, "rapists are not tough guys, in my book." >> all right, jeff, thanks much. final two republican candidates fighting tooth and nail for the delegates still in place. five states still at stake tuesday night. this race could hinge on indiana. the next thing at the ballot box, 57 delegates at stake, winner take all. let's talk to kyle from the university of virginia center
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for politics. 57 delegates. do you also agree with this prevailing thought process now that indiana is make-or-break for cruz especially? >> yeah, i think so. i think cruz has to win indiana because i think if he doesn't, it's not -- you can't really look down the calendar and say that cruz is going to be a great favorite in any of the other states, particularly in california. so if trump wins indiana on tuesday, he will not have clinched the number of delegates that he needs but for all intents and purposes, the race could be coming to a close. >> looking at favorability with regard to donald trump who in the polls is the front-runner in indiana. favorability, 56%. unfavorability, 40%. that seems to be much better news for him than nationwide unfavorability. >> that's just amongst republicans in indiana. however, if you compare that to wisconsin, a state that ted cruz won several weeks ago, trump's
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favorability there was actually negative and it's sort of a preview of his -- trump's fairly weak 35% state wide performance in wisconsin. i think trump is probably going to get to 40% or even higher in indiana which probably means cruz needs 45% or something. that i think was part of the motivation for this so-called alliance with john kasich that supposedly is now falling apart. >> they're not even admitting to it. >> cruz needs almost all of kasich's vote. if kasich gets even 15% or more that's probably coming from cruz's column. look, when cruz announced carly fiorina as his running mate a few weeks ago, it was kind of a sign of desperation. he needed something he could do to try to change the game there. >> and also we should let our viewers know that there's been open voting, prevoting, going on in indiana for weeks. so who knows? the way the tide changes with who you like and who you don't, who knows who people have already voted for. before i let you go.
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there's something really significant about what happened in pennsylvania on tuesday night. we've covered it here extensively on "the real story." it is very, very difficult to figure out how that state works. 54 of those 71 delegates unbound. but you point out in your notes how important it is that a bunch of them say they are committed to donald trump. >> yeah. of those 54 unbound delegates, more than half of them in different news agencies count them in different kways, but moe than half them seem to say they are going to support trump. they could change their minds if they want, but if those folks do in fact stay with trump, that really significantly helps him on his path to delegate majority. >> all right. kyle, have a great weekend. thanks. switching gears to another delegate batting, to south carolina now where donald trump won the republican primary back in february. but the delegate selection process is not over yet. cruz campaign has gained ground since the votes. trump now calling that a rigged
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game. chief washington correspondent james rosen live in rock hill, south carolina today. james, you had a front row seat in this delegation selection process. is it rigged as far as you can tell? >> reporter: in a word, no. all of the folks who we saw at the rock hill holiday inn last night casting ballots were themselves elected in previous gatherings to be there. several dozen people from ten local counties stood for election as delegates. there were no speeches but these folks have in some cases spent years courting their fellow activists. after 80 paper ballots were counted the three winners, all three now headed to the republican national convention this summer, were a former field director for ted cruz who said she would vote for him on a second ballot. an uncommitted delegate and a proud kasich voter who told us he wouldn't even vote for the ohio governor on a second ballot because doing that would defy the will of the people. >> in my county over 60% of the voters said trump's the guy we want. i think that you have to make a
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very conscientious decision to support the voters and what they want. >> reporter: now all 50 of the palmetto state delegates to the republican national convention are bound to support the winner of the primary and the man who swept every congressional district, donald trump, on the first ballot. on the second ballot, none of them are bound to any candidate. >> okay. so south carolina has now all but finished the delegate selection process at the district level. so which candidate captures the lion's share of them? >> reporter: that would be ted cruz. donald trump easily won the south carolina primary back in february, but cruz's campaign team had folks on the ground here in south carolina as far back as a year ago at this time cultivating candidates to run for these delegate slots. political science professor, a dean at winthrop university, says these delegates could find themselves subjected to heavy pressure. >> because if the convention goes to a second ballot, which
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would be the first time since the 1950s this would happen in either party -- they're going to be hearing from everybody in every direction about what they ought to do. >> reporter: now last night's process we should point out was overseen by the gop chair of the 5th congressional district, a rising star in the party. you want to keep your eyes on, 21 brandon newton. 21 years old, gretchen. >> all right. i'll write down that name. keep an eye out for him. james, thank you. new pentagon report is out on the deadly air strike on a hospital in afghanistan pcht investigation concludes now the service members involved will not be charged because it was an accident. head of the u.s. central command says they didn't know they were targeting a doctors without borders facility. at least 30 people were killed back in october, including patients and staff. those involved receiving punishments ranging from letters of reprimand to suspension. tense moments at a trump
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campaign event just moments ago. a slew of protesters running after what appears to be running after the candidate bup the video doesn't show the real story. we take a closer look at ted cruz's efforts to carve into donald trump's indiana support. account governor's support there give cruz a boost? >> i think governor mike pence is an optimistic, positive, unifying force, a strong leader who i respect. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic.
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fox news alert now because a helicopter carrying oil workers from the north sea crashes on an island off western norway killing everyone onboard. nor weeken rescue officials say all 13 people are presumed dead. the operation called off after
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11 bodies were found. divers were searching for the other two. the cause of the crash not known yet. norwegian authorities immediately banned helicopters of the same type of flying near the country's near or off-shore faciliti facilities. indiana governor mike pence announcing today he stands by republican presidential candidate ted cruz. the latest development in the senator's campaign. governor pence praising cruz's record in the senate as he announced his endorsement of him. >> i really admire the way ted cruz has been willing to stand up for taxpayers in opposing run-away spending, deficits and debt, calling for and leading on repealing obamacare. it is for those reasons and just as much in support of the principles that have always animated my public service that i'm voting for ted cruz in the upcoming republican primary. >> i'm joined by the host of the
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allan combs show. does this help cruz in insnin. >> i thought what was notable, he basically praised donald trump. seemed to be hedging his bets. that's a very unique voice for somebody who's not voting for trump because most of the trumpers go right after him and denigrate him. a lot of the trump crowd could take a page from mike pence's playbook and be respectful for all the republicans if you call yourself a republican. >> i want your reaction. >> mike pence is a 43% approval rating in indiana. down from 60%-something because of the lgbt issue. he's unpopular. could cruz surround himself with in he more less popular people than carly fiorina and mike pence? i mean, it doesn't do him any good in a state where he is not popular. >> when you listen to this and what he said -- he said this before he said he was endorsing ted cruz -- is it because he
11:16 am
also wants to keep his political aspirations alive in his home state? listen to this. >> i particularly want to commend donald trump, who i think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working americans with the lack of progress in washington, d.c., and i'm also particularly grateful donald trump has taken a strong stand for hoosier jobs. >> it also looked to me like he had written out what he was going to say and he looked down occasionally. i don't know if that's true or not. >> he had notes in front of him. >> it was so very important the way in which he said it. was this to save his own skin, too? >> that could be one view. other view could be this is the way a republican should actabou. >> but that's not really the way it works. when you endorse somebody you come out full throttle and you say i am behind this person and you don't mention the other candidate first! >> you don't have to rip the other candidate. >> you don't have to mention the other candidate. that's like saying, well, okay, i don't want to upset the trump
11:17 am
people, maybe trump will be the nominee, so -- and i'm not that crazy about cruz, i'll say it this way. >> i think it is likely to kind of alienate both sides, to tell you the truth. >> you think it might be a wash in in indiana? >> i think it helps to have bobby knight in your camp. >> the guy who throws chairs at players? great. comedian will ferrell's representative deny he is getting ready to portray ronald reagan during the former president's battle with alzheimer's. the rumors of the movie is drawing strong criticism from the family. farrell recently said, the reagan script is one of the number of scripts that had been submitted to will ferrell which he had considered, he is not considering this project."
11:18 am
>> the fact that it would have even been considered is proof positive that hollywood has no shame when it comes to denigrating a beloved figure like ronald reagan or conservatives. there would never be a project like that that mocked james brady, for example, after his horrible tragic shooting. no one's going to make fun of democrats from the right like this in this way. it was awful and i'm glad decency prevailed and cooler heads emerged. he apparently is going to walk away from the project. >> this was a terrible idea. how could he have even thought about this in the first place? secondly, it is will ferrell? what do you mean it is not going to be a comedy? i mean it's will ferrell! >> besides, if you take away the political slant on the whole thing, thousands and thousands of families struggle with alzheimer's. they don't think it is funni ln all. >> this was bad taste, and this project should be killed now. >> i don't know what going to happen to your guys' reputatio s
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welcome back to "the real story." let's check out some of today's headlines we're watching for you. a hospital spokesperson says a university of georgia student who survived a car crash remains in critical condition. the wreck killed four other university students. supreme court has declined to block the use of texas voter i.d. laws in the november election. however, they indicated that it is open to that possibility if a lower court has not settled the matter by mid summer. vice president joe biden speaking privately with pope francis at the vatican today. he's there to speak about cancer research, biden's son beau died of cancer last year. back to politics now. senator bernie sanders insists he's still in it to win it. he says he's staying in the democratic race for president despite losing 4 of 5 primaries this past week. blake, bernie sanders' wife says
11:24 am
the campaign won't slow down. what else did she say? >> that's right, gretchen. good afternoon. much of the affirmation that bernie sanders is continuing on in this race has indeed come from his wife in the last couple days. jane sanders saying just this morning that the mindset of the campaign isn't just to win influence within the democratic party, but for sanders to go on and become the democratic nominee. yesterday on the fox business network jane sanders said that her husband plans to continue on campaigning through california. >> the fact is that there are very different visions for america between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and what we need to do is let the voters in every state, ten states still haven't voted, have the opportunity to support the candidate of their choice and support the agenda they want the nation to follow. >> however, numbers right now are just stacked against bernie sanders. when you account for superdelegates, hillary clinton is just about a couple hundred delegates shy of locking in the
11:25 am
democratic nomination, gretchen. >> all right. so we've seen a lot of his wife this week. where's bernie? what's he up to? >> that's a good question. sanders just actually wrapped up a speech minutes ago. he was outside the steps of indiana state capitol building in indianapolis. this was part of a much larger rally which included the united steel workers. they are trying, in part, to highlight the company carrier which donald trump has also made a talking point in his speeches for the past several months. indiana's primary is tuesday. sanders there this afternoon. polling averages show he's got some work to do as he trails hillary clinton there by about six points. >> all right, could be within the margin of error. nobody knows how both sides are going to work out there. thanks. largest prize in the republican primary formally kicks off this weekend. how all three republican candidates are working to secure the state's mega prize of 172 delegates. talking about c.a., california.
11:26 am
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bottom of the hour for you on a friday. thousands of republican party members gathering in california this weekend because it is the state's primary season. it kicks off. the golden state's gop holding
11:30 am
its state convention in burlingame just south of san francisco. all three candidates will be there and they'll be speaking this week at that event this weekend. donald trump and john kasich later today, ted cruz tomorrow, i think. why is california so important? i think i know but tell us again. >> well, 172 delegates. this race will be decided here no matter what happens in indiana. it is just a matter of how om delegates are at stake. this party convention would be a run of the mill political event in the past years but once donald trump confirmed he would be the lunch time speaker -- it is a much bigger event. cruz and carly fiorina speaking tomorrow to donors and party insiders and the like. behind me from the trump supporters waiting in line. our photographers can take you
11:31 am
outside the hotel at the san francisco airport. a trump supporter here shown wearing a red "make america great again" hat who had to confront these protesters coming from his parked car, pushed around, pushing back and forth, he was cornered near some shrubbery. he tried to scale the shrubbery. he was not injured but eventually made his way back inside. live here in burlingame, many protesters have gathered in front of the hotel, probably three different locations where they are roped off. this is the newest location right in front with a woman and a mega phone addressing a crowd. you have a lot of immigration activists out here today. you also have a number from the black lives matter movement that were here earlier. they're loud, they're making their voices known. we're still a half-an-hour away from donald trump. there were a number of protesters last night in orange
11:32 am
county. a number of arrests made. no arrests here yet. pressure is mounting as we countdown to the california republican primary. 172 delegates up for grabs in the winner-take-most state. that's 14% of the toastle needed to secure the entire party nomination. california holding its state convention this weekend, 4.8 million registered republicans can vote, that's only 28% of all california voters. they'll hit the polls june 7th. look at the rules. california delegates are bound to a candidate until their candidate gets less than 10% of the vote at the convention. a candidate releases the delegates or a third round of ballots at convention. chair of the california gop, jim? >> hey, gretchen. how are you? >> doing great. talk about how key california is
11:33 am
this year. >> well, the last time california really had an impact was in 1964. we're so used to being at the end of the line that we know our votes don't normally count. but it looks like california could be determinant now which is why you see the level of enthusiasm in our delegates now. and if you just talk to people on the street, they're very interested in what happens happens in both the about democrat and gop primary because they know their votes matter this year. >> the figures i just gave, only 28% of the california people registered to vote are republicans, that doesn't matter because as long as those people are energized, they could end up deciding this whole thing. >> absolutely. we have the largest delegation to the national convention. our delegation is almost a pure democracy. in california, the delegates are
11:34 am
selected by the candidates, not the party leadership or establishment. the candidates pick their delegate slate. voters then vote for candidates and the candidates are awards delegates based on how they performed. we like it that way. we're excited. a number of the people in this room over the next two days are going to be delegates for 1 of the 3 presidential candidates, and i have yet to see in my adult life a convention that's as exciting as this one here in california. >> yeah. lot of us feel the same way. so let's reiterate what you said, because it is so important. because we've seen all this other stuff going on. colorado didn't even have a primary or a caucus. then pennsylvania has all these unbound delegates and on the ballot it didn't even say who they supported. but in california, the candidates themselves pick their legislate of delegates, reiterate that again and how it works. >> yeah. well, 100 years ago a reform movement in california
11:35 am
and the leaders of california back then trusted voters more than party insiders. so each candidate pick ten delegates to be their state wide delegates, and whichever candidate wins the majority or the plurality of the vote, he gets videos ten delegates. >> okay. >> the candidates then each pick the -- the candidates then each pick three delegates in each congressional district, and the candidate that wins that congressional district is awarded the three delegates that that candidate picks. so out of 172 delegates, 169 are picked by the candidates. the only three that are not picked by the candidates are the state chair, which would be me, the national committeeman and the national committeewoman, and we are bound to vote for the candidate who gets the most votes state wide. >> very, very interesting. now, after they pick this slate of delegates, the candidates do, does it say on the ballot in
11:36 am
california then who those delegates are for? >> actually, no. the candidates' names are on the ballot. the delegates' names are not on the ballot. though the candidates have to report their delegate names to the california secretary of state during the month of may, as well as to the california republican party. but voters in candidate vote for the candidate whose name is on the ballot. and that would be donald trump, ted cruz, or john kasich. >> it's a fascinating process, california obviously different. a lot of people watching today will love california today for the fact that the voters actually matter and maybe not the state party people as much. great to speak with you, jim. all the best this weekend. a donald trump rally in southern california erupts into chaos last night outside.
11:37 am
dozens of neanti-trump proteste clashing with police officers. >> reporter: we spent about ten hours in and around that trump event yesterday. i have to say that it began peacefully enough. certainly there were very passionate debates, perhaps called shouting matches, between the thousands of trump supporters who had showed up, and dozens at that point of anti-trump protesters. but as night fell the mood certainly darkened. police lined up against hundreds of protesters who at that point had blocked a major intersection. i saw a bottle thrown and smashed very close. at that point an unhelmeted police officer. rocks were hurled as well as the police moved in to try to break up that crowd. then they took it a step further, those protesters, smashing the back window of a police patrol car. then our cameraman, eric barnes, was up close as that protester
11:38 am
you see right there jumped on the roof caving it in, then limping away, didn't do nim self-any good in that. at that point as you would imagine, the police mochd in and began making arrests. we saw one protester taken down very hard and very fast by cops. he was zip tied and taken away. we are told there were a total of 17 arrests during the evening. now in the melee a lot of traffic was caught up and stopped. among vehicles there was one containing a trump supporter who got out to confront the crowd. then something happened within that melee that you see there, blows were exchanged and the trump supporter emerged with badly bloodied face. all of which does not put the greatest face on democracy, gretchen, when you think that this was not any kind of riot
11:39 am
prompted by any other subject. this was simply people gathering outside a presidential campaign rally and choosing to take their political disagreement to that extreme. that does not bode well, i have to say, for the upcoming weeks before we hit the june 7th primary here in california. >> you may have a busy schedule ahead of you. have you seen this player? police have been looking for this 14-foot statue of a kansas city royals outfielder which was stolen off a billboard yesterday. but it seems the suspected thieves may have had a change of heart. someone found the statue in the grass this morning not far from that billboard. the royals player weighs 150 pounds. it cost $7,500. it was supposed to be on display for a month. now it is headed back to an advertising agency. two boys go off on a boat ride and never come home. why the attorney for one of the boy's families says foul play may now be involved in that story. and the nfl draft last night
11:40 am
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this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. hello, we are expecting donald trump to take the stage in california only minutes from now. he'll be talking to the california gop party and we'll be listening to him live. that's as we monitor anti-trump protests happening nearby after a rowdy crowd got a little bloody last night. did you see that? we'll show more of it to you. keep it right here as we wait for the republican front-runner's remarks at the top of the hour. see you then. one of the most anticipated events of the sports season
11:44 am
officially under way, nfl draft. commissioner roger goodell booed. ole miss offensive tackle fell to the number 13 pick. well, that's because just hours before the draft a video and picture of him on your screen right there smoking from a gas mask bong was posted to his twitter account. the move potentially costing him millions. chris is the mixed reaction feeling to watch it. >> it was. >> you think it could cost him as much as $7 million. >> it did cost him $7 million. he was the highest rated offensive line man in the draft, projected first pick by some but top five by many, and he fell so much that it did cost him upwards of $7 million, some even say $8 million. >> this is the effect of the
11:45 am
social media environment that we live in. this video comes out 7:47 p.m. 13 minutes before the draft starts. apparently his account had been hacked. then his instagram account hacked about favors potentially coming from ole miss. >> lots of surrounding issues. i'm calling it the johnny manziel era of the nfl. teams just can't afford to take the risks that are going to cost them millions and millions of dollars. they are better off going with player they may not had as highly rated but one they know may not come with the off-field problems. >> the amazing thing, it was playing out live and teams had to make these crucial million dollar decisions on the fly. >> we're going to forget the pun, but monday morning quarterback this whole thing. a couple of years from now we'll look back and see how it all played out but this is what happens at the nfl draft. it is constant decisions, multi-million dollar decisions that are made. but i think this was a good one. >> why?
11:46 am
>> because i think it is about time players are held accountable for their actions. i'm sick and tired of nfl players thinking they can somehow get away with more than the average person. 99% of nfl players will be done with their football career by the time they're 26 years old. they need to prepare themselves for a life after football. maybe this is a wake-up call to him. i certainly hope it is a wake-up call to future players. >> i was watching this with my 11-year-old son. my husband and i had a tough time trying to figure out who you to parent this. because on one hand these young kids are looking up to these players, on the other hand some of them keep getting in trouble. >> i would reinforce that you believe sports, particularly football, brings out the best in people because of the physical nature of it. i think post career, that football and what you learn from sports like football represents the best of what's possible for emotional intelligence. dedication, discipline, desire to be the best. those things are just ingrained new with this sport. as a parent myself -- he's only 3 -- i'll reinforce the qualities of the game and other
11:47 am
games because i think that's what's most important. >> roger goodell got booed for more than just the first pick. >> commissioner goodell has been surrounded with issues over the past few years. domestic violence. murder. i mean he's dealt with deflategate. all of these major issues. he certainly has his fans and he's got his critics. i happened to have spent time with him. i think his heart is in the right place. i think he is doing good things to put the nfl on a trajectory of integrity which is ultimately what's most important. it is the nfl. it is fans. it is entertainment and commissioner goodell's got people loving him and hating him. >> we should just mention that tunsil did own up to that photo. while it was all playing out live last night. >> it was hitting him in real time. i don't even think he knew what he was saying. he was pulled off stage rather quickly because he was incriminating himself. like i said, we're going to see how this things plays out but this will follow him for quite a while. new details emerging after
11:48 am
two teens went missing during that boat trip. there they are on your screen. we're getting a look at some pictures that suggest their disappearance may have been more than an accident. was there foul play? plus, firefighters rescuing people from inside an elevator that you probably wouldn't expect to get stuck there. we'll tell you who is inside. and here is our trivia question of the day. how many eelectric trolectoral t take to secure the presidency? the answer to that right when we come back. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them.
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thank you! thank you! what a week! we sat down, we kicked back, and we watched tv! [ cheering ] this win is just the beginning! it doesn't end here. because your laundry can wait! keep those sweatpants on! order another pizza! and watch on! [ cheering ] don't wait a whole year for xfinity watchathon week to return. upgrade now to add the premium channel of your choice so you can keep watching. call or go online today. >> we just asked before the break how many electoral votes to secure the presidency in there's the answer. 270. did you get it right?
11:52 am
>> let's check out what its trending. people in my home state of minnesota spelling rain from the day prince died last week and it's not purple. you can buy identity online targeting at 14 bucks a bottle. there was a rainbow that day, too. cops in missouri getting help from first responders after they were stuck in an elevator, officers making an embarrassing call to the fire department for hem and the brooklyn pizzeria, an ecofriendly device. >> new questions about possible foul play in the case of two 14-year-old boys missing at sea. new pictures of the boat show a battery switch and an ignition key in the off position. trace gal her, a lot happening.
11:53 am
what do you know? >> reporter: the working theory for a long time was that the two boys went fishing outside of jupiter inlet, floridaught in am and their boat capsized. now the families are speculating that foul play could have been involved and the authorities believe there's some merit to that argument because the fbi is fully investigating. the 19-foot boat that austin stephan know and perry cohen we are in was found off bermuda. the battery and engine switches were in the off position, the battery switch is difficult to get so-so looks as though the boat was disabled intentionally which brings up the possibility of an abduction. the lawyers for the cohen family says if the storm capsized the boat the battery witch and key would not be in those positions weapon want foreign sick experts to look at the boat and tell us what happen. when they found the boat they
11:54 am
found austin's iphone which was badly damaged. austin's parents are working with apple to get data from the phone and promise to share any information that is not personal information, but perry collins' mom has sued austin's parents to have the phone turned over to an independent investigator. a course hearing in the case happening right now, and amid all this, we also know that on or about july 24th, two our austin's friends got snapchat messages from him saying, quoting, we're f'd. the friends are not positive the messages came the same day the boys disappeared but a ton of fascinating developments in the case of these two missing boys. >> including why the iphone was turn back over to the family and wasn't part of evidence, unless they didn't know there was possible foul play at the time. amazing story, trace. thank you. >> grammy nominated musicians told she can't bring her
11:55 am
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you should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with new viberzi. welcome back. time now for my take. chalk up this one to stupidity. wednesday world famous violinist rachel pine was trying to get to her next gig chev was booked on a flight from chicago to washing quarterback -- to albuquerque. her violent, made in 1742 and worth eight figures, always by her side. so also the first to board the mental airlines flight she was shocked to be told by the pilot she could not come on the plain with her vie olin. way was serious musician as a younged and and traveled occasionally to perform or compete. the violin was always with me.
11:59 am
my case is almost as big as me. but you didn't check something that valuable or breakable in cargo. miss pine was not allowed to take the flight and had to take her chances going on a different flight the next morning. american airlines now apologizing. i say a little too late. >> cracker jack. cracking occupy a new prize system. instead of putting a toy at the about of the bag like for 125 years, the company will hide a sticker with a digital code and the customers use though the code to play online games. that brought to us our question. '. should cracker jack get rid of the prices? you have been voting all hour. here's what you had to say. brad says cracker jacks without the prize is like a cheeseburger without the cheese. eric says the prices are not the same. ditch the prizes and add more peanuts. heather says don't get rid of the prides they're as american as apple pie and baseball. and victor says, cracker jacks elim indiana nateed the cool
12:00 pm
prizes year ago because they were choking hazards. it's just stickers now. #who compares. thank you for being part of "the real story" today. here's gregg jarrett in for shep. >> you're looking live at pictures in burlingame, california, outside the hyatt regency hotel where donald trump will speak any moment. these are anti-trump protesters who have converged there to voice their opposition to the g.o.p. front-runner, and moments ago, some of these protesters literally broke through the barricade, converged on the driveway near the entrance to the hyatt regency, and then riot police in helmets and antiriot gear pushed them back. some of the protesters falling to the ground, picked themselves up and now it seems to


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