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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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elim indiana nateed the cool prizes year ago because they were choking hazards. it's just stickers now. #who compares. thank you for being part of "the real story" today. here's gregg jarrett in for shep. >> you're looking live at pictures in burlingame, california, outside the hyatt regency hotel where donald trump will speak any moment. these are anti-trump protesters who have converged there to voice their opposition to the g.o.p. front-runner, and moments ago, some of these protesters literally broke through the barricade, converged on the driveway near the entrance to the hyatt regency, and then riot police in helmets and antiriot gear pushed them back. some of the protesters falling to the ground, picked themselves up and now it seems to have
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revolved. the protesters are back behind the barricade. not like the bloody protest that took place yes in costa mesa, california, where trump was appearing. any moment as we mentioned, we expect to hear from donald trump. i'm gregg jarrett in for shep are smith. a live look at the stage in california. the g.o.p. party is meeting there. this is the san francisco area, burlingame just south of san francisco, and we're going to he listening in when donald trump begins speaking any moment now, and it's really anybody's guess which donald trump will show up today. the one who talks policy, foreign policy this week, in washington, or the donald trump who rallied last night in california with his signature, showmanship on full display. there's some pictures of it last night help went after his rivals with the usual nicknames, liin'
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ted, crooked hillary and brought back his low energy insults for jeb bush who is no longer in the running. kaz could clink the nomination for donald trump when it votes june 7th. first trump needs to win next week's primary in indiana which analysts say is make or break for rival ted cruz's campaign. today he picked up a big prize for any politician in that state. the endorsement of the governor, mike pence. the governor made the announcement this afternoon on a radio show, take a listen. >> let me say i've come to my decision about who i'm supporting, and i'm not against anybody. but i will be vote for ted cruz. >> governor pence said he backs ted cruz because he is a principled conservative, very interesting, though. he seemed to go out of his way to praise donald trump, the front-runner. john roberts now with the news live where trump is set to speak across the bay from sannance, in
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burlingame. john? >> reporter: gregg, one of the more unusual endorsements if a heard from indiana governor mike pence. he said i'll tell you who i'm going to vote for but first i'll tell you all the things i like about donald trump. almost sounded like he was endorsing donald trump. so, such a watered down endorsement of ted cruz this afternoon, it's unclear exactly how much that will do for the texas senator, but believe me, gregg, it's something that ted cruz is vary thankful for. in fact this had been in the works for some time. he knows that as you said indiana will make the difference between whether donald trump can get a majority of delegates or whether witness will be fought -- will be fought out on the convention floor in jazz. ted cruz needing to change the narrative here, get another big headline, after a couple of weeks where donald trump has been dominating the news cycle. look back to the big win during the new york primary. here's cruz. >> i respect governor pence a
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great deal. would enthusiastically welcome his support. and i will say that what we are seeing happening across the country is we're seeing republicans unifying. of the 17 republicans who started this campaign, five have endorsed our campaign. >> reporter: cruz really was hoping that the pence endorsement leads to repeat of what happened in wisconsin a few weeks back when cruzed stayed a come from behind. victory, with endorsement of governor sidewalker. the pence endorsement was more lukewarm than the walker endorse. and it's unclear how much governor pence is going to campaign for cruz over the weekend, leading up to the tuesday primary. >> seemed like the for was hedging his bets there in that lukewarm endorsement, but, john, is there a kind of air of
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inevitability growing around trump? >> reporter: there really is, and that's why ted cruz is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at indiana. that's why he announced the compact with kashich at the beginning of the week. that's why the rolled out carly fiorina two days ago and is so thankful for the pence endorse: trump's six big wins really have turned around the narrative for him. a lot of people in the republican establishment are enough beginning to come to grips with the idea, and maybe accept the idea, that donald trump could be the eventual knock knee. certainly in costa mesa last night trump talked about that, saying the people who have shunned him before are ringing him up on the telephone asking if they can now come onboard. >> now they're saying, you know, all of a sudden i see on television the biggest people are saying, we think donald trump is going to make a great president. they say, wait a minute, five weeks ago the guy was staying i'm a stuff. what's going on? the biggest senators, the
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biggest congress people. we have unbelievable support. >> now, california is a very important state in the primary contest. 172 delegates at stake, but the big contest that could kind of change the anywhere tithe going forward, or kind -- change the narrative going forward or could change the story is indiana. trump wins there, by many people's analogies it's all but over for ted cruz. but if cruz were to pull out a victory based on the strength of the pence endorsement, naming anyone fiorina and kashich getting out of the way, everything could change. so we'll be watching very closely what happened on tuesday. >> indeed we will, john roberts, live in burlingame where donald trump is expected to speak to g.o.p. party leaders any moment now, and we'll be taking his remarks live. let's bring in "fox news sunday" anchor kiss wallace who is in a
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complimentary article. looked lie they touched up the photographs to make you look like a young george hamilton? it's amazing what they do with photo shop these days. it was astonishing. >> my gosh. anyway, good afternoon, gregg. yes, it was very nice article and the main point was it was celebrating 20 years of "fox news sunday." we'll have an exclusive interview with donald trump. he's been off the sunday show circuit for a month so if you want to see him, the only plies to see him is "fox news sunday." >> you're talking to ted cruz tomorrow and that will air on "fox news sunday." correct? >> that is also true. we'll always have some highlights from the last 20 years, which i have to say i watched them yesterday. pretty interesting. we have had a good ride.
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>> you have. so a two fer on sunday, ted cruz and donald trump. let's talk about today in burlingame. here is donald trump, the quintessential outsider who is talking to a group of republican insiders. and he loves to rail against the republican so-called establishment, tends to ridicule them for what he calls rigging the system. do you wonder what kind of reception donald trump might get today, chris? >> well, yeah. except i think as john roberts mentioned, you're beginning to see an awful lot of the party rally around donald trump. maybe not with great enthusiasm, but whether it's enthusiasm or acceptance or resignation, the sense that he is very likely to be the republican nominee. i think almost more interesting, the fact that trump has traveled across the country to california, to meet with the
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insiders. now, when they have the primary on june 7th people will be pledged and legally bound to vote for the person who wins in their congressional district or wins statewide for the first ballot, but trump, who has been just slaughtered by cruz in these inside games and in these state conventions as to who the actual person will be in the seat, whether it's a trump supporter brought in for trump or a cruz supporter, he's lost at that and wants to do better in california, that's important because if it does go to a second ballot, then people are unbound and can vote for whomever they want. so if you're trump you would rather have somebody who really likes you in the seat rather than somebody who would vote for somebody else on a second ballot. >> we're looking at something incredibly unusual, i think. the motorcade carrying donald trump arrived, but because of all the protesters out in front think circled around and went to the backside of the building, and then they walked along an
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area that has been cordoned off with those concrete barricades, and donald trump literally had to jump down from one of the barricades on to the grassy area and hop over a curb to get -- with theĀ¢ are secret service in tow -- to ghetto book of the building to avoid trump protesters. chris, it's quite a scene really. >> yeah. that is -- there are lot of things in this season i have never seen before, and that's one of them. especially somebody with secret service protection. usually under those circumstances they just go through but i guess they felt it was safer to, as you say, go in along the back and climb over a barricade and jump down and do it this way. that's a new one for me. >> you know, i wonder, the extent to which some of these protests -- we saginaw costa mesa, california, got bloody and
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violent and smashed windows of police cars and so forth. does that affect voters in any measurable way, do you think? >> i don't know. you could eight both ways. you could say that it hurts trump. people see how controversial he is and the people that oppose him, and therefore maybe he is too divisive. voters, evenhand you have to in california in a republican primary, are conservative and maybe they look at the protesters in the street and say if they're against him, he must be doing something right and it's a badge of honor. so it's hard to predict anything in this campaign. but i think net-net, probably is more of a plus than a minus for trump. >> looking at the latest field poll in california, chris, and donald trump has a seven-point lead but the poll is about ten days to two weeks old. cruz has 32% to trump's 39%, kashich at 18%.
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but what was interesting is 11% are undecided, and roughly 15% say they could quite easily change their vote. so, california -- and it's not until june 7th -- is very much still in play, isn't it? >> yeah, it is. but i think the most important thing you pointed out the is that the poll is old, which means it probably doesn't reflect the very good last two weeks that donald trump has had with the sweeping victory in new york, and then sweeping victories in five eastern states where he won by north of 55%, and all of those six states, has taken command of the race. and so i would think that if anything, trump's position is even stronger in california, as it seems to be almost everywhere in the country now. and you have seen all these dramatic moves by ted cruz over the last few days, really since last sunday when he announced the deal, the alliance, that
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wasn't an alliance, with john kashich. kashich to stay out of indiana, cruz to stay out of oregon and new mexico. then of course the real shocker, the naming of a running mate three months before the convention. so some people say that's daring, some people say it's desperate. probably -- block. >> chris wallace, thank you very much. congratulations on the upcoming 20th anniversary program this weekend. you'll have ted cruz and donald trump on it and thank you very much for joining us. a hamilton double ganger. let's go to claudia cowen live at the scene of the protests. claudia? >> reporter: well, just seconds ago -- gregg, this protest has got an little bit heated with protesters breaking through the barricade right behind me; we're
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in front of the hyatt hotel where donald trump is set to speak in a couple of minutes, and you can see the protesters picking then barricades and tossing them aside. it's been a relatively peaceful protest for the past few hours, but just now, with the arrival of the republican front-runner, things are getting heated and you can see the protesters are making their way to the front of the hyatt hotel, and i have to tell you issue don't police officers trying to control the crowd, but perhaps they're closer to the front door of the hotel. as you mentioned many of the protesters managed to go around to the back of the hotel to trying to get in that way. earlier we know that some demonstrators goal inside because the unforward a banner that said "stop hate." i've even very few pro-trump supporters, these are all folks that are very critical of trump's immigration policies. we're seeing mexican flags.
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we're seeing "stop hate" and "california won't be trumped" and now we are seeing a crowd that is really rushing the hotel with their flags, with their signs, with their bull horns, and we have not heard of any arrests so far today. that could change. we'll keep you posted. if you have any questions, i can hear you. >> i do. first, please stay safe. if any point in time you need to put down the microphone and move out of the way, be sure to do so. but we were watching about 20 minutes ago, about five minutes before 3:00 east coast time, five minutes before noon west coast, and it seemed as though about 20 or 30 protesters broke through the barricade, making their way, running toward the entrance of the hyatt regency hotel, and then suddenly we saw them pushed back by a phalanx of
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police in riot gear. are those the only police you have seen at the scene? >> oh, no. i have seen hundred-of-officers. they have been here since early this morning. they staged a show of force here along the curb all morning long and never letting the people protest peacefully. they said their top concern was making sure that these protesters could exercise their first amendment rights, but also to make sure that the convention attendees and the guests at the hyatt to make sure they were safe, too; so i'm pretty much locked down here on this corner. don't see police but again they are probably very much in front of the front door here of the hyatt. think we have some aerial shots that might indicate where police officers are stationed. but there are several hundred police officers here. in fact mutual aid went out to other nearby police agencies to make sure that there would be enough security here today, but
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we'll go look and see where the police officers are right now because i can tell you there are none here. >> i can tell you from our live shot, we're looking now -- you probably don't have a monitor and may not see this. it may be on the other side from where you're standing, but it looks like the protesters now have moved literally on to the driveway entrance of the hyatt regency, and the hotel doors, i think, are just underneath the overhang to the left of our camera picture. and so they would appear to be feet away or a few yards away from the hotel entrance, but there is a line of riot police who are standing there and preventing them from gaining access, and it looks like on the other side as well. it's a two-side entrance to the hyatt regency and police are blocking both answer entrances. so looked like they stopped the
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movement, although from your camera position looks like the protesters tore down some of othe barricade. >> they did. they're picking them up now but all of the barricades were brought down a few minutes ago, and gregg, it is a concern because as i mention wed have seen evidence that protesters got inside this hotel earlier today, and they unfurled a huge banner, perhaps you can see that glass atrium in the front of the hotel. there was a huge banner, the length of that entire window that said "stop hate." that banner was quickly taken about but we have seen demonstrators get inside the hotels already today. so obviously a bit of a security concern, and again, as you mentioned, a lot of police now blocking those front doors, blocking back doors here as well, to make sure that nobody else can get inside while donald trump is speaking. >> it is having an effect because we just learned -- somebody walked up to the podium on the inside of the hotel where
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this party convention is taking place, and said that because of the demonstrators that you're looking at full camera right now, they have delayed donald trump's appearance for a little bit. we don't know for how long. right-hand side of your screen now, split screen, seeing the staging area, the california g.o.p. convention, and it looks like maybe some of the protesters who, as you say, got inside the hotel, out of an abundance of precaution, are now delaying the proceedings and donald trump's expected speech before the convention here. was supposed to be a luncheon with donald trump as the guest speaker. tonight john kashich is headlining the dinner. tomorrow ted cruz, carly fiorina, their featured guests, i believe that at a lunchtime gathering at this same convention.
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of course these are so-called party leaders, operatives, as well as g.o.p. activists who routinely gather together for their conventions at different locations today. it is south of san francisco. matters seem to have calmed down a bit but, claudia, if you're still with us, i've seen signs out there -- i'm seeing the mexican flag, i'm seeing swastika signs, i'm seeing photographs of trump and the word "not" emblaze sonned on the bottom of it. describe what else you have seen? >> well, we're seeing all kinds of signs. "dump trump." "california won't be trumped". "mr. haith, leave our state." the thrust of the protest ick taking aim at trump's
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immigration policy. this morning i did see a woman with a t-shirt that said latinos for the wall. so there were a couple of trump supporters out here but they're vastly outnumbered, and we haven't seen too many of them lately. they may have felt threatened or intimidated and left. but you can see a number of protesters are also banging on drums and using their bull horns, as we see the protests start to move back toward us, they've been blocking the street in front of the hotel, kind of going back and forth. on the two sides of the protests, number of protesters sat down in the street and have linked arms. now a group is marching back this way, and i'm not seeing a whole lot of effort to replace the barricades by the grass here. just the driveway, which is interesting to note. here come the marchers. the anti-trump protesters. it's a lively scene out here.
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i should probably go and see what is happening at the from of the hotel by the front doors of right now out here, things are peaceful, gregg. >> often times we see pro-trump individuals who are there to voice their support for the front-runner, facing off sometimes physically, with the anti-trump protesters. today it appears as though it is simply the anti-trump protesters versus the police. again, in helmets and riot gear that have formed a perimeter around the front entrance, the double entrance of the hyatt regency hotel in burlingame, california, across from the bay. it is a bedroom community, a suburban community for many people that work in san francisco. right next to hillsborough, which is fairly conservative, although burlingame is a little bit mixed, as conatives and
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liberals and moderates -- >> hey, gregg. i'm sorry to interrupt you but we are seeing some more activity out here. perhaps you can see from our shot that the protest is now seeming to move from the front of the hotel, around to the side, and possibly around to the back. as we have a sign from a protester blocking our view. but we're seeing a big rush of crowd here to the back of the hotel. not sure what is going on, but it appears that again this crowd is on the move. >> the band in their position that was on the top side of the screen full camera, one of the entrances to the hyatt resengi where the police phalanx was laid out there in a perimeter around that circle driveway. and now they've simply left there and they've gone to your position. and let's -- we'll try to get up to john roberts in just a moment, inside to find out what is going on. we know that because of these protests, and perhaps because
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some of the protesters gained access to the hotel, and there were maybe some security concerns, that donald trump's address to the g.o.p. convention has now been delayed. but back to claudia cowen. claudia, from your vantage point, what are you seeing now? >> well, it's hard to see much to be honest. can tell you've that people are running, whatever is happening, down at the end of this driveway by the hyatt regency. we're kind of standing between the hotel and the parking structure that is attached to the hotel by an overpass there, and people have gathered underneath that overpass at the end, with their signs, with their flags, shouting, chanting. i can tell you that we have protesters now kind of in three areas, blocking the street in front of the hotel and now well inside the perimeter set up by the barricades, voicing their criticism of donald trump. and now we understand donald
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trump, who is scheduled to speak at around noon, is now scheduled to peek at 12:45. so you're right, greg, this demonstrates has had an impact on today's schedule, and security as well. because we're -- can you pan out? what is -- on top of the overpass. we're seeing somebody got on top of the overpass -- an officer or 0 protester or photographer. hard to tell from here. but -- >> looks like a photographer taking pictures. >> they're taking pictures, okay. so i wasn't sure. you can see there's a large crowd down there, so obviously it's a spectacle. the helicopters overhead chronicling what happened here today, and donald trump inside and waiting to take the stage for all these people, these activists, these supporters, this dealing dealings that have come from -- these delegates that have come from far and wide to see him, on delay for now.
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>> you may be wondering who are the people we have been describing assenters trump protesters. one group is called the answer coalition, to mobilize its members to demonstrate today outside this g.o.p. convention. according to the web site, they say the following: the trump campaign poses an imminent danger the most oppressed and vulnerable sectors of society and all working people and must be protested and shut down anywhere that he is given a platform to speak. solidarity and fighting, unitery among poor working and oppressed people is what will be needed to shut down trump and his campaign of racist hatred, and that is evidenced in some of the signs that we have seen there outside the building of let's go now inside the building. john roberts is standing by. john, i understand that this has been delayed. trump's remarks, by, what, 45
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minutes? >> i don't know if it's that long. donald trump is typically late too these things. i've seen him as much as an hour or more late. he's participating in a v.i.p. reception. seems when the protesters broke through the barricade an hour ago they managed to delay the arrival of trump's motorcade, but when they put them back inside the pair candidates the motorcade was able to come through. so trump is here at the venue. just meeting with a few important people because obviously for his campaign, the primary on the 7th of juvenile will be extremely 7th of june is extremely important. jut about everywhere trump goes there are lot of protesters who meet him. last night in orange county, he had all those protests that turned violent. the police car was damaged. and one trump protester -- one trump supporter was punched in the face after somebody stole his hat. a very conservative area of the state of california.
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not exactly a bastion of conservatism in the bay area so you expect a lot of protesters out there i saw some postings on facebook yesterday encouragening people to come out and protest trump. i talked to the chairman of the california run party earlier today. he said that there is a grandees old tradition of protesting republican candidates he said ronald reagan was floats it. schwarzenegger warts was protested. george bush was protested. so while people may be polarized in terms of their feelings about donald trump, certainly it's note first or the last time that a republican presidential candidate will be protested in the state of california. >> let's talk about the people who are there. you were standing among them inside the hyatt regency hotel. these are g.o.p. leaders, party participants, operatives, activists. john, can you still hear me?
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>> oh, yeah, hear you. >> this audience tends to be from what i've been reading fairly conservative. does trump face some questions from these folks about his conservative bona fides, his electability and he will address and do you have any idea whether this will be more of a scripted presentation or the typical off the cuff remarks by donald trump? >> i think it will be mostly off the cuff remarks. anytime he speaks to a group like this tends to be cuff. a little less red meat than in costa mesa because he is speaking to a room withtrump supporters, particularly given the fact that our latest poll finds trump with a 27-point lead near the golden state. a lot of people here support ted cruz as well and supporters of john kashich. it's a convention. i don't necessarily know that
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trump will face a lot of questions here. it's a keynote speech so not going to take questions, but vowels lay lot of people are supporting ted cruz who don't want to see donald trump become the nominee. but donald trump does have a large measure of support here in california. don't forget that the state overwhelmingly is democratic, so the size of the republican population isn't particularly huge, even though it's the most populous state in the nation. you'll find a lot of people who are very much for donald trump. i was listening to one woman who was talking about getting confronted by the protesters. she was wearing a t-shirt that says, latinos for the wall, and when she walked by the protesters say shed she was getting a faceful from the protesters but was defending her position, saying that she is for legal immigration, and she is against illegal immigration. so, you'll find a variety of opinion here. even conservatives in california aren't particularly conservative, not like you find in states like iowa and indiana
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and some of the -- south carolina and some states where there's a heavy evangelical population. >> john, looks like from the pictures now the protesters have moved around to the side of the hyatt regency instead of the front circle entrance-but they have also gained access to the overpass, which may be from the garage to the building proper, and they're now hanging a sign that says "dump trump." let me ask you, john, about this particular group that trump will be speaking to. ted cruz began organizing in california last summer. he now has the support of four former state g.o.p. party chairmen and a host of elected officials and activists there. so, as we have seen before in other venues, ted cruz may have outorganized donald trump.
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>> certainly is a big organization here. one of those former g.o.p. chairman is somebody i was talking to earlier, and they are very happy.ted cruz's campaign here. when we talk about the republican makeup of the state of california, it's very diverse. ted cruz has a lot of support. let's say in the central valley, to the east of san diego, some other pockets in and around those areaes. trump has a lot of support among republicans. however few there might be in los angeles and the san francisco area as well. so, it's really interesting to see the way that things break up. it's kind of like south carolina where you have such wide variety of different types of republicans. the one interesting thing, greg, about organizing here in the state of california, is up like the other states that we have seen, like wyoming or colorado, where the delegates are chosen at party conventions and it's easy for somebody like ted cruz, who knows how to work the system
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to go in there and put his supporters in the delegate positions so that if donald trump fails to get the nomination on the first vote, those people will swing to ted cruz inch california there's 172 delegates. those delegates actually apply to become delegates and when they make application to the republican party, they indicate which candidate they are going to support. so, from those applicants the various campaigns pick a slate of delegates which they then submit to the secretary of state. the deadline for that is may 8th so if a candidate won statewide the 13 delegates from that candidate's slate will become that candidate's delegate and three delegates for each congressional district and 53 of those congressional districts. so if they win a congressional district, those delegates will be chosen from their slate. so there's no wrangling over delegates after the election takes place during a state convention, and the chairman of
12:34 pm
the california g.o.p. says those changes were put in place a long time ago because they wanted voters to represent what happens in terms of the delegates as oppose to party match nations. so from that standpoint california is unique compared to other states we have seen where voters actually decide, and the campaigns droll who they're delegates will be and nothing happens after the vote, gregg. all those people just go to the national convention. >> john roberts, thank you very much. stand by. it is 34 minutes past the hour. donald trump was supposed to be speaking before the g.o.p. convention at the top of the hour, 3:00 east coast, 12 noon out west. it is now been delayed. we're told by 45 minutes, so if it does indeed happen, should happen of the course of the next ten minutes or so. "los angeles times" reporter on the scene is tweeting that the trump speech delayed by the protesters. donald trump is back stage now.
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as you can see, the protesters have moved around the perimeter of the building. they're now towards i believe that's the backside and they're now on an overpass that connects two structures, the round main structure is the hotel structure, where donald trump is inside and our own claudia cowen has been outdoors and will be going back to her in a moment. let's go to jose del rio, a reporter with the "washington post," on the ground in burlingame, and jose, what can you tell us that you have seen there in these protests? >> reporter: well, protesters have been gathered here for a few hours, holding signs that are primarily targeted at donald trump himself. the signs i'm seeing right now are "stop trump," and other signs said "disaffecting immigrants dishonors our ancestors" so it's clear a large
12:36 pm
contingent of the protesters are make appearing statement about trump's anti-image stances stanh they say is bigoted and has incited violence and racism around the country. that was mostly peaceful for most of the early afternoon. here a few minutes ago we saw some flashes of success lating tension between protestersers ad police officers. at one point the protesters seemed to rush towards the door to the hyatt regency here near san francisco airport, where the g.o.p. state convention is happening and where trump is about to speak, and police officers clad in riot gear held a firm line as protesters started throwing eggs at them and shouting obscenities. >> throwing eggs, shouting obscenities, nye acts of violence, any fies city -- fisticuffs.
12:37 pm
>> there were a few instances of police officers pushing protesters back. it was a very crowded and heated situation. and the main concern appears to be keeping protesters away from the front entrance to the convention itself. that quickly de-escalated. i was watching some of the live footage that kind of focused in on the most tense moments. it's important to state that the protests have been peaceful almost all afternoon, and that situation actually de-escalated quickly. and now the protesters have moved around -- have stopped taunting the police officers are and gathered around the back of the building, airplane from the front lines, where police officers were holding signs. >> jose del rio, reporter for the "washington post" on the ground in california outside the
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hyatt region si hotel. inside, donald trump's speech has been delayed. greet to claudia cowen. give us a an update what you're seeing there. >> reporter: i agree with everything that jose just said. you sock the its protesters behind me and now they're starting to walk this way with their drums and their bull horns and you can see the protesters have hung up a banner on the overpast saying "dump dump trump." it's that clear whether they have been able to get inside the hotel. i don't think they have. they're pretty much just staging this protest right out here between the parking lot and the hotel, but the protests that started on the street in front of the hotel has now completely moved inside the perimeter here. we saw earlier that the group had broken down some barricades that had been set up, and now police have really moved to to fortify security in front of the front doors of this hotel.
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we still have a large protest. perhaps we can swing around and show you in the middle of the street here, across from the hotel, just a lot of people standing there with their flags and their signs, saying, dump trump, and stop hate and california won't be trumped. so forth. we actually have a group here that are semi nude in front here. so we're seeing protesters of all describes and coming from all different viewpoints here. this group demanding equality. so we're seeing a lot of different protesters, greg. obviously the big thrust here is to criticize donald trump's immigration policy, and things seemed to have settle down a little bit. it's. no as loud as it was. just a lot of people milling around, but back under the overpass, we're seeing the flags, seeing the signs, and now we're just going to wait and see what this group decides to do next, where they decide to move
12:40 pm
to next, and what the police response will be. >> it seems as though the tempers that flared near the top of the hour, or 40 minutes ago, have abated just a bit. >> seem to have simmered down just a built. i agree. things are not as heated. >> right. it looked dangerous, but just before we went on the air, 40 minutes ago, when a group of protesters, a very large group, literally broke threw the line, jumped over the hedge, went through the front circle area adjacent to the entrance of the hotel and looked like pai they were going to ram through the front doors of the hotel and then the next thing that we saw was a group of police in riot gear that very quickly moved in and pushed them back. some of the protesters falling to the ground. i wouldn't say they got trampled
12:41 pm
but they were scrambling about. and -- but i did not -- there was a lot of pushing, a lot of shoving. i didn't see any -- fists being swung and then there was the moment as you were standing there and when we first went to you, and they were pulling down the barricades that were right next to you. >> reporter: that's right. right now, gregg, the group that was on the overpass by the parking structure, they're gone now. and now the group is leaving this area here and going back towards the front of the hotel. so perhaps this group is trying to really make a show of force right as mr. trump is set to speak. so they're moving around now, coming toward us, going back toward the front doors of the hotel, and i think they're just moving back and forth to try to have that show, that show of presence that they want to be heard. they want to be heard by all the delegates here.
12:42 pm
they want to be heard by donald trump. and police are blocking that front door and making sure nobody else gets inside because, earlier, there was evidence that some of these protesters did get inside. they unfurled a banner that said "stop hate." and that banner was quickly taken down. we have seen some protesters gain access and hundreds of police officers, as you said, many in riot gear, making sure that the area is secure and that nobody else gets inside. you can see now this area that had been filled with protesters, just moments ago, pretty much emptied. the whole group has moved to the left and the front of the hotel. >> we're looking now at another camera angle and there you see looks like a helicopter shot, that just sort of pulled back a little bit, and that on the opposite side of that building is the circle entrance to the hyatt regency hotel where there was the confrontation and scuffle with police about 42
12:43 pm
minutes ago, and that has ended, and now these people have moved around once again to the side entrance where police have set up a perimeter in riot gear to prevent their access to that building. although we have reported that a few of them did somehow manage to gain entrance to the building and now donald trump's speech, which was scheduled to begin 43 minutes ago, has been delayed by virtue of these demonstrators. so whether their voices have been heard on in the inside of that building among the gathering of g.o.p. leaders, party leaders in california and some of the delegates, we don't know. but they certainly have been heard on the outside and they forced donald trump, in his motorcade arrival, together with the secret service detail that protects him to go around the back side and sneak in and literally they had to walk through a very -- there you see
12:44 pm
it -- this was about 20 minutes ago they've had to go through two concrete barriers of very narrow area there, single file, one by one, and jump down from an elevated portion of it, on to the grassy area, then hop over a curb and walk up the back entrance to the building where donald trump again has been delayed by at least 45 minutes, and it could be longer. let's go to trace galler in in our california bureau with more on this. trace? >> reporter: it's interesting because you look at this thing from the sky view and it looks like what claudia is saying and john roberts is saying is true, the protesters are going away at least for now, but i wouldn't rates the all clear just yet because these protests for donald trump kind of follow this pattern like we saw last night in costa mesa, where before donald trump arrives there are huge masses of people, the protesters show up and at some point they get aggressive.
12:45 pm
last night police had to push them away there were protesters and donald trump supporter that were yelling at each other and taunting each other and the police had to separate them, and some protesters trying to get inside where donald trump was speaking, and then during the actual speech itself, everything was pretty calm. then of course once the speech ended last night in orange county, things started getting ugly. the police donned their riot gear and things got bad with 17 arrests, police cars being pummeled and things like that. so, the message here is, donald trump will speak here at the g.o.p. state convention, maybe an hour or so and then afterwards is when you want to keep an eye on this area to find out exactly what happens then because that is when it seems from chicago and from orange county and other events we have seen like this that's correct where the protesters will start to gather again. we should note that donald trump is in the early stages of his california primary run. remember, ted cruz has been here for eight months, laying
12:46 pm
groundwork. trump's campaign got here two weeks ago so in the next five weeks before the june 7th june 7th primary, donald trump will be here multiple times and you can expect to see the scene you're seeing right now in burlingame, played out multiple times across the state there '53 congressional districts in california. donald trump will not be focusing much on the ones you see here like burlingame and the bay area, where heavily blue parts of the state but will be going to the red parts, the orange counties, the san diegos, in the steal valley. that's where you hall have the speeches and protests in the coming weeks and that's where you can see this picture played out thyme and time again until we get to the june 7th june 7th primary. the hope is that california for donald trump will put him over the edge for ted cruz and john kashich. they're hoching in some capacity to stop him from getting at least 100 of those 170 california delegates.
12:47 pm
we should note john kashich is scheduled to speak tonight at the g.o.p. state convention. up clear if trump's speech being push back will push kashich's speech back. all day tomorrow has been reserve ephods ted cruz and his new vp pick, carly fiorina. >> we're going to be clog to claudia cowen in just a mowing and she has a delegate with her, who apparently, because of what is happening on the outside of the building, cannot get into the hyatt regency hotel to listen to donald trump should he take the podium. we hope he does sometime soon. we's like to carry his remarks live. but even if donald trump wins indiana this coming tuesday, he still needs a substantial win, trace, in california, to secure the needed at 172 are at stake there. so if his goal is 1,237, and he is still right now under a
12:48 pm
thousand, he needs to do not just well in california but really well. right? all right. looks like we lost trace gallagher. we'll continue to follow the events as they're happening both inside and outside the hyatt regency hotel in south of san francisco. called the hyatt regency airport hotel because it is just to the south of san francisco international airport. and this is the bedroom community. you see shots of the building, 01 goes right by it. railroad station guessing right through burlingame so access for protests was actually quite perfect for these protesters. one of the groups names that organized this is called the answer coalition. that helped mobilize some of the members to demonstrat at the convention outdoors. but it is having an effect. delaying trump's speech and
12:49 pm
maybe delaying delegates from getting inside. let's go to claudia cowen with that. >> that's right. in fact i'm here with a delegate from marin county, north of san francisco. says he can't get inside the hotel so he is standing out here with his bags. they told you that you couldn't get -- [shouting] -- >> all right, well, that was bound to happen. palmings to our viewers for the rude behavior by these protesters in the meantime we have matt martin. >> yes, ma'am. telling in concern county, executive credit e director of the concern county republican party. we are excited to be up here but unfortunate we can't get into the hotel here. >> i see your luggage and bags. >> they said it could be 30 minutes or several hours i. don't know. hopefully soon. >> very frustrating. good luck to you, and to your colleagues wholes -- who also can't get inside. it's a bet of a mess because we have protesters still blocking
12:50 pm
the front door, and of course police are blocking the protesters, but i have to say out here on the street where just about an hour ago there were hundreds of protesters, pretty much cleared up as you can see, and there are just people milling around. seems as though i'm seeing people walking towards cars, maybe this is starting to wrap up and people are about to go home now there is a large crowd at the end of this streeted, as there has been for much of the morning here, but again, seems that a lot of people are calling it quits for the day and heading home and the big crowd under the overpass, they're all gone. so we're pretty much seeing a crowd in front of the hotel's front door and at the end of this street here behind me. >> it is -- claudia, thank you. it's a little difficult to gauge the number of protesters there we don't want to overstate it. the san francisco chronicle describes it as 100 angry protesters. it could be more or less. it's really hard to tell because they've been spread out at various areas of the building.
12:51 pm
left-hand side of the screen, highway 101, which runs north and south. the northern part of the state connecting the southern part of the state, and there is also a train station that gives you access to this building as well. donald trump was supposed to speak 51 minutes ago. his remarks delayed by these protesters. mentioned the san francisco chronicle newspaper, which is providing some observations and commentary, and let me read one of them. and this was just posted by them on their web site: one trump supporter was punched in the back of the head after confronting a group of protesters. after engaging in some heated rhetoric with the group the man who was wearing a make america great hat turned to walk away when sudden lay protester in a black hoodie punched him a few times as other protesters yelled at the assailant to stop. the brass liberation orchestra provided a beat as tell mon
12:52 pm
straighters chanted, quote, our communities are under attack, what do we do? stand up, fight back. the attendees that made their way into the convention, most of them have, with some exceptions, and claudia just talk to one of them -- witch amused looks on the faces also the video of the protesters war seen over television screens and on their individual smart smartphones. so that's some of the commentary and color from the scene there. but the protesters are still gathered around the circle entrance to the hyatt regency hotel. inside john rocks who is standing by, perhaps with an update as to when donald trump may have be able to address this convention. >> good afternoon to you, gregg they've jut's just started the proceedings here at the hyatt hotel. during this republican convention. i was speaking with a woman who was at the v.i.p. reception with
12:53 pm
donald trump. she said that they were only able to talk to them -- to him rather for a couple of minutes because he was late, but said that -- looks like we're about to -- looks like trump is about to come on the stage, a little video is being introduced by ivanka. the woman was only able to peek spiff trump for a few minutes because of his late arrival but the never saw the protesters and the secret service brought him down a secure corridor, that they had marked off earlier in the day, and so while it could be sad that the protesters managed to stop the arrival of the motorcade or delay it forth while, there was no disruption to the arrival of the candidate himself. the secret service has this down to a science. they've been doing it for decades and it's a minor inconvenience for them and has delay things but now getting underway. >> john roberts, thank you from
12:54 pm
independence the convention. as soon as donald trump begins his remarks we'll take them live. we're getting additional information. i mentioned a san francisco chronicle reporter who tweeted at least one delegate and other convention guests cannot get inside because police are not letting anyone past the line. let's go to claudia cowen live at the scene of the protests with more. claudia? >> greg, i'm here with adam harry, from discovery bay, not far from where we are here in burlingame. a little east of here. and what happened to you this morning you're a trump supporter. did you get into a tussle with the protesters? >> actually came down here just to see what the atmosphere was, and i've been here for an hour and a half. it pretty peaceful. if a have been milling around by myself north, saying anything. and i got cornered by the hotel lobby and at that time that point complete choose broke out.
12:55 pm
>> what happened. >> i got punched, beat up, eggs thrown at me, spit on. my cell phone took a 200-foot flight. kind of messes up. it was nice enough that somebody gave it back to me. my hat got taken. i've been kicked. beat on my back. kind of beat up. >> were there other people with you who were also attacked. >> no. i just came by myself, and it just occurred, and very difficult for know get out of that situation at that's point. >> sounds scary. >> well, yeah. >> all right. well, thank you for talking with us. and -- we have also a protesters here talking to adam here, and criticizing him. so we have a lot of protesters on both sides of this. back to you, gregg. >> manners are in short supply there obviously outside the convention, and there you see more of the police that have mobilized to the area to make
12:56 pm
sure that these protesters, no more of them get inside the building. some apparently did. most of them are outdoors. they're fairly boisterous, and, yes, there was some pushing and shoving and rambunctious behavior and obviously it's hard to tell whether some of these accounts are accurate or exaggerated. people being punched and beat up. here's another tweet from the san francisco chronicle: eggs thrown at police, calls of hands up, don't shoot, and get him out now. outside. here's another one, protesters hopping the fence at the back of the hotel to try to get to donald trump, seems he is already inside. well, he is with saw him essentially sneak into the back entrance along with his security detail. the secret service that are protecting him. he had to walk between two concrete barricades single file, jump down, then hop over a curb
12:57 pm
and into a back entrance and again, his remarks which were supposed to begin an hour ago have been delayed but looks as though the proceedings are underway. the introductory remarks are taking place. there you see a wide shot of this building in burlingame, california, and has trace gallagher pointed out earlier, it is a democratic community, many republicans down south, and donald trump may get a different reception. we'll have to wait and see. here he is. let's listen to donald trump. >> sit down everybody, thank you very much. wow so nice. that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. my wife called and said there were helps following you and we went under a fence and through a fence. oh, boy. felt like i was crossing the border, actually. it's true. i was crossing the border. but i got here.
12:58 pm
they said, mr. trump, it would be really much easier if you just didn't speak today and just left and go back immediately to indiana, and i said, you know, we can't let these people down. right? do we agree? we can't do it. but i appreciate it. but it was fun. a little different. that was a different kind of a thing. so here's the "washington post" winds today. the time has come to admit that republican voters want donald trump as their nominee. you see that? chris, good writer. good writer. that's pretty good. so you know, we're making amazing progress all over. it's been incredible. last night, as you know, we had 31,000 people. it was -- bill the way no, protesters inside. i saw protesters this morning but no protesters inside. but we have 31,000 people and it was just like rocking, and everybody loved it. was anybody there last night? it was so incredible. pretty far away but i tell you
12:59 pm
what, it was just an incredible evening. so what has happened is we started this journey on june 16th, and it was all about trade, because we make the worst trade deals in the hoist any country and then got down to other things i talked about. talked about illegal immigration, which was a very important subject, and has been and because of the fact that it brought it up, now people are talking about it. now they don't talk about it the way die. we got last week as you know the border patrol, 16,500 agents who are phenomenal people, who want to do their jobs. they told to stand back, stand back. they're standing there. these great looking people, strong in shape, all of the best equipment, and they're told to stand back, just let everybody come right through the bored, and they endorsed me. 16,500, never endorsed a presidential candidate.
1:00 pm
[applause] >> and then sheriff joe endorsed trump. he knows what he is doing. he really knows. we have had some many incredible endorsements, and i tell you, over the last two weeks -- it took place before that but people -- >> welcome everybody, you're watching "your world," trump running an hour behind schedule now speaking to supporters in burlingame, california, while outside protesters are ceremonying and it got a kind of scary for a while. we're keeping a close eye on these developments. he is speaking to those supporters saying he wouldn't miss this opportunity to speak to them for anything. we have john report,s in burlingame, california, with what is going on inside and outside. got a little hairy for the candidates to delay his remarks, and for the better part of valor and safety, push them back upwardses of an hour. how is it in the room right now? john is not hearing


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