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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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[applause] >> and then sheriff joe endorsed trump. he knows what he is doing. he really knows. we have had some many incredible endorsements, and i tell you, over the last two weeks -- it took place before that but people -- >> welcome everybody, you're watching "your world," trump running an hour behind schedule now speaking to supporters in burlingame, california, while outside protesters are ceremonying and it got a kind of scary for a while. we're keeping a close eye on these developments. he is speaking to those supporters saying he wouldn't miss this opportunity to speak to them for anything. we have john report,s in burlingame, california, with what is going on inside and outside. got a little hairy for the candidates to delay his remarks, and for the better part of valor and safety, push them back upwardses of an hour. how is it in the room right now? john is not hearing me.
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i believe claudia cowen is outside. we'll be going back to mr. trump but i want tote set the stage here. what is going on and why wire paying attention to this. a number of supporters have broken through employs lines and the rest. we are going to try to get them to to keep you apprised of this. rod wheeler has been watching inside and outside the odder toum and just from a safety issue, rod, how are authorities doing? a lot of people earlier on were breaking through lines and getting a little too close for comfort. >> getting very close for comfort. good afternoon to you. can tell you that the authorities out there are being stretched to their maximum capacity. i mean, this is really a tough situation for them to handle. and why? because there's so many protesters out there and people out there that is refusing to allow mr. trump and his supportsers to exercise their constitutional rights. so the police department has to make sure that doesn't happen.
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and i tell you last night even in costa mesa, it was really bad out there, neil. >> the protesters that you see, have they been galvanized by groups that are anti-trump to come out and show your anger at mr. trump, but these events do get larger toes the crowds for mr. trump get larger period. at one who wants to keep everyone no matter their point of view safe, what is paramount? >> well, what is the most important thing is to make shoe you keep the two groups separated and that's what the employs did last night and what they're trying to do today. they're trying to keep the protesters and the anti-trump protesters separated so that they don't clash. but we see. the clashing, and why? because there's into many of the protesters on both sides that it's very difficult for the police to maintain order but at the same time i think what they're going to probably wind up doing with most of these events is just calling in extra officers to assist. keep the peace.
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>> just to bring those of you who just might be tuning in right now, this remark, this set of remarks by donald trump is running more than an hour behind schedule. protesters were gathering in burlingame, californiaing outside of san francisco, knowing full well he would be here and they wanted to make their voice and their anger known. authorities seem to have been caught offguard by the sheer number of protesters who showed up. keep in mind this is the state run convention -- state republican convention going on, selecting death tellings who -- selecting delegate who with be in cleveland. the state that is the last shoe to drop in the primary races, 172 delegates at stake in the state donald trump has an appreciable lead but there are number of the vents before the june 7th event and donald trump taking no chances, trying to make sure that the visits the state frequently, and
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consistently, letting californians know he will by the folks who will ultimately make hem the nominee. job roberts is in burlingame, i believe inside the event in which donald trump is speaking. john? >> i apologize for that. i do want to go back again to get a read of the safety issues here. rod wheeler. we'll be going in and out of mr. trump again. this is a stump speech one he has been railing against bad trade agreements and the like. if he addresses more to the crowd than the protest here's we'll take you back to that as well. and as well as reaction from a number of other todayses, john kashich campaigning, but not in california, and ted cruz, who had been in indianapolis, trying to shore up support for the 57 delegates up for grabs there but herman cane is joining us right now in stockbridge, georgia, herman, it's a right of american
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passage to protest these events. the fact that donald trump gets more than his fair share we should also point out, herman, that he also gets more than his fair share of attendees at events. they dwarf all other candidates, almost combined. but it's almost by design. >> it is by design. people have freedom of speech but they don't have freedom of violence, and they have thrown everything at donald trump except the kitchen sink. this is the kitchen sink,, in te form of violence don't believe this is spontaneous. believe that there are some people or some groups that are behind this. if you cannot convince people of your -- of -- if people can't be convinces of their position based on logic and reasoning they try use violence to silence you. this is from the playbook of, quite honestly, liberals that say, let's silence donald trump
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to do two things, let's create fear in the minds of supporters and let's create smear of trump with the violence. that's what is going on. >> obviously not all liberals are always agitators in every crowd on the right and left. this one sort of morphed and became something bigger than what was originally thought, and rod wheel are, if you're still with me, the former washington, dc homicide detective. that's what you have to balance as an authority trying to protect folks, both inside and outside. they're free to speak but not free to be too disruptive or violent. right? >> well, you're exactly right. but here's the problem with this. these anti-trump protesters are actually trying to take away the freedoms and the right to protest of the other side. the people that support trump. and that is a delicate balance that the blown police have to strike because the police are trying to make sure both sides are -- their rights are ensured
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and that's not happening because the employs are stress -- idon't want to confuse people. an incident earlier, someone dressed in a trump hat. that was not mr. trump himself him was roughed amount built here but just wearing the hat got him sort of shoved around by protesters there. so this normal image you have of trump events, at least foisted by many of the media, that the trump fans themself was go out on the protesters, that's not the case here, and it's certain live not always the case if we see incidents on either side we'll show that to you but it does give you an idea where there's crowds and agitation, i guess to your point you have to be careful. >> you do. i was going to say earlier i agree with herman cain 100%. i actually believe the protesters, the apts trump protesters are individuals that are organized. i think they're trained and i think they comp to these events with the expectation of inciting violence. that is a huge problem because
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what they're doing -- again, they're trying to take away the constitutional rights of people like mr. trump and his supporters. so i think that's a major, major issue that we're going to continue to see as we go forward into the election cycle. >> if i can go to claude you cowen who is outside and she was in the mid ol' of the is craziness. i don't have no -- seemed to go in waves where its gets calm and then heated again. hough is it now? >> reporter: that's exactly right. things get revved up and then the crowd settled down. i've seen quite few people leave for the day, but we have a huge group behind me, right between where the hoe telephone and is the parking structure. the group has kind of been moving back and forth between this area and the front of the hotel. now they've moved back, and you can see a number of mexican flags and signs. you can possibly hear the beating of the drums and be bull horns and you can see number of protesters are on that overpass
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that connects the parking structure to the hotel as well. we have not heard of protesters gaining access inside the hotel, not in the past hour or so but earlier they did. they unforward a huge banner inside the hotel saying "stop hate." that banner was quickly taken down but obvious live that it is one breach in security we have seen tonight. but right now the group is there, they're shouting, they're chanting, haven't seen any signs of violence, nothing like what we saw last night in southern california, where police cars were attacked and vandalized, and there were fistfightses as well but we haven't seen many pro-trump supporters. there are some here but this group, against the security force out here with the burlingame police department and other local law enforcement agencies and we are hearing shouting and screaming and cheering. not sure what all is being said
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down there. but that's where the group is now. there's also a smaller group here in the street, just kind of milling around, not really doing too much. this is the main protest right here behind me, and pretty calm all in all right now. bit was hairy this morning when they were bradshawing down barricadeses in front of the hotel. >> you were as cool as could be through it. we'll can go back to claudia. wait a minuted to get a read on how this looks, you see protests and people who are political junkies who harken back to other candidate who have been thrown in the middle of disputes within their own party. the 1968 convention for democrats comes to mind. larry sabato, that is something that the democrats had a long time recovering. and i wonder if the appearance here, those who want to foist protest to associates with donald trump protests and violence, fairly or not, is that
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an age -- an image that stick. >> this image helps donald trump in the nominating process. we're still in the nominating phase and this willing assist him because most republicans are not going to be -- not going to five with the protesters. got to tell you this, though, neil. what this reminds me of-watching this split katrina of donald trump speaking -- split screen of donald trump speaking and the protesters on the other side of the spritz screens reminds me over the august 1968 night when hubert humphrey was giving his acceptance address at the democratic national convention, become thing democratic nominee for president. that was half the screen and the other half of the screen was the rioting going on in the streets of chicago. that didn't sell with a general election audience. >> that is very true and i wonder, if you think about it, he came very close to beating richmond nixon in '68. there what that fell life named
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george wallace. wonder whether those who plan protests keep part of that in mind. you see this guy trump, just associate this every time you see him here. and something that donald trump, or republicans have to be aware of and deal with or take on as they get read you for their convention. we hear those in cleveland are extra riot gear available, they're ready for anything, and everything. but how do they handle that? these -- how do they deal with that is this keeps happening at his big events? >> its certainly is not a development that any party should welcome because the image suggests turmoil, potentially for four years and most people don't want that. on the other hand, trump and the republicans could take page out of the richard nixon book from 1968 and call for law and order. law and order could become a big
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theme in the campaign, too. so, this can play in a number of different ways, and it's a long, long time from april to november. >> when you look at this stuff, and you have seen -- in the middle of the iraq war, when it just got going, i remember president bush, every time he would greet a crowd, the protesters would be out there. they would get lively and get heated and get loud. of course, president johnson dealt with that a great deal throughout the vietnam war. candidates in and out of office have dealt with this sort of thing. the fact that donald trump didn't cancel this event, though, went on with it, i would think would be a positive development, seeing that he could have easily just walked away and said the hell with it. he didn't. >> you can't do that. once you start that, you become a prisoner in your campaign headquarters or if you're president in the white house. remember that was the phrase applied to president johnson, in
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1967-'68. called a prisoner of the white house because he literally couldn't go outside the white house without seeing hundred or thousands of demonstrates jurors screaming, hey, hey, lb e, how many kids did you kill today? that wasn't the image the white house wanted to project on television. >> herman cain, if you're still with me, the former presidential candidate and now ratedow talk somehow host and author, you're watching this and people are going to say, boy, this guy just associate him with trouble, controversy, protests. i imagine to larry's point it could help him because what is it about this guy that incites such a response, and i'm not trying to criticize my colleagues on other networks and all, but watching some of the coverage, one reporter wars saying it's anti-immigration stance when in fact his anti-illegal immigration stance. know i make small point but to make the point, that they
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generalize to the point of associating him, that is donald trump, with everything bad. that might not be the case. >> both protesters have drank the cool laid. -- kool-aid. that's why they're there. this isn't about hate. here's the other thing, neil. trump supporters will be emboldened with stuff like this, and right-thinking republicans and conservatives will be encouraged by this. they're not going be scared off. that's the difference between this situation and a 196. so it's the appeal of donald trump, it's going to enhance the appeal of donald trump. because one of the reasons he is doing so well is because he is fighting the establishment republicans, he is also fighting the liberal media and continue know that and he continues to be successful. so some protests outside, smart enough to know that these are
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inspired by people who are trying to stop him by genuine beef. this is about taking a stand on behalf of the american people, and i don't think trump in this campaign. >> just when you are watching trump speaking to a large group of supporters to get ready for the state republican convention where they're selecting their delegates, 172, going the cleveland republican convention, to the view outside this where we had quite a few protesters. got a little hairy there. want to get a read with eman emanuel clever from -- well schooled at prior incidents and problems on both parties when its comes to gatherings and protests. if you had to advise protesters, of any sort, what would you tell
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them? >> i would tell them that it -- it is the fightfest and i'm not going to vote for donald trump, there's no way i would vote for him in any circumstance. however, i think that the protesters are -- may as well send him some money because i think they're going to push people into his camp. i think it is a dumb move particularly when they get violent, and disruptive. the southern christian leadership conference, protests, something that is going to backfire, the thing to do at this point, let the man speak. let him give his address. he shouldn't have to worry about fights on the outside of the facility where he is speaking. but i am convinced that the hand of donald trump because it just
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reflects what he has been saying in speeches. the country is going to hades in a basket and people are saying, he's right. >> do you think -- i always think when i see this congressman -- you have seen this throughout your whole life. such a thing as stating your case and then just sort of going too far, getting violent and losing the message. but i wonder -- you addressed this -- on both sides hereby i wonder given approaching conventions for both parties and the concern that the establishment of both parties might be unfairly controlling things. i talked to jane sanders, bernie sanders' wife yesterday, who is still grimacing about the super delegates. not to the point she advised her husband's backers to run to donald trump if he were the no
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knee but that it does anger a lot of them. just as in the republican side, those donald trump supporters who feel that the system is rigged against them. sometimes just the feeling alone is enough to lead to this palpable rage. how would you advise both parties going forward to deal not only with each other? >> first of all i think -- the tell creak -- democratic side, had gone had gone must be mag unanimous news and can th loser, bernie sanders, must be gracious. we're in a situation where the health of the nation is at stake. we're being watched in every capital city on planet earth. people around the world are wondering -- the people in this race, in the republican side and democratic side, need to come to grips with the fact that we need to present the image of the united states to the rest of the world as the one that we want.
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we have a chance to design and it we have to -- i think all of us, republicans and democrats, when things go too far, and some of the things i've been seeing on television today and then last night, are simply going too far, and the final analysis, somebody's got to stan up and be professional. somebody has to say, in the race, that does not reflect who we are. that's not the best of who we are. >> i agree with you on that point. you have always been saying calmly and rationally and clearly debate our differents but its happens in a political year, and we also chattedded about is in in which "black lives matter" group members have disrupted a number of democratic campaign events, the same as republican events, getting up on the stage with bernie sanders getsing in bill clinton's face, bill clinton getting back in
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theirs, having to dial bag at the next day, all but apologizing. how do you advice those groups and let's say the "black lives matter" group as well -- too go ahead and protest but also hear? >> well, the "black lives matter" group actually started in missouri in ferguson, after the sheeting of michael brown, and i met with a group of them and said to them, this is good. we need to have young people involved. when i was 18, 19 years old i was marching and sitting in and doing -- i thought at the time would help change america, and it did. we had a goal, and everybody needs to work toward a goal. what we don't need to work toward is polarizing america any greater than it is, and washington, dc and the congress on the united states and we have a lot of verbal -- doing a enormous damage, and we don't need people out in the -- creating -- around to country
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what we're doing here in washington, and i think these are very delicate times, and we say that the adults in the country -- i don't care what political affiliation -- this is a time for us to say, let's debate and debate very hard, but let me same one other thing. the language has changed knowledge when i grew up and watched the campaigns of -- even with richard nixon there was a lot higher level of civility. now we describe a disagreement as an attack. donald trump attacked ted cruz on social security. and it would reduce the tension to say they had a disagreement. but we have pumped up the adjectives. dangerous, and we have to all be careful. i think the media, those in public office, this is a very delicate time for our country and all you need to do is travel
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abroads to see just how delicate it is here at home bed on what people are seeing around the world. >> another 1968, congressman, that out of control, or do you hope and expect cooler heads to prevail? >> well, in the end, it's going to hurt. people want to hurt the country and want to hurt their own political party, help yourself. going to be of any long-term value. there will be a footnote. we talked about the 1968 democratic convention. was too young to really know a lot about it, but didn't even watch it, but i have read about it and i know enough about it to know that it damaged the democratic candidate, and this could -- we kinds up in this thing with having damaged both sides. i want people to protest. when they start fires and
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throwing bricks or jumping on police cars, i'm out. >> emanuel cleaver, thanks. congressman. donald trump is wrapping up. we continue his largely political stump speech here. the devil in the details here is how he's going to get out of there. i think john roberts in the building right now. the back entrance, jump over a perimeter with his secret service and security folks. i don't knoll howl he leaves but, john, was there action in there as there appears to be outside? >> there is a couple of police officers here and a couple of -- three secret service people out front but the perimeter has been established outside the hotel, and obviously he has a secret service detail who was with him
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wherever he goes and usually ten or 12 people who are either in front of him, at very public event, or just behind the scenes in a more controlled event like this. but you know when you talk about political protests, i flew around the world with the president, bill clinton, and then george bush for seven years between 1999 and 2006, and i was just at wto protests in seattle and n1999, now, those are some protests, neil. what we're seeing out front here is -- there are some disturbances from the protesters deciding to try to push through the barricadeses and see if they can disrut the mow tote okayed but a the are still fairly tame compared to what we have seen before. and republican convention in tampa, back in 2012, and new york city, the security precautions taken there, areas set up. in cleveland, it's part of the
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game. clearly, though, donald trump does invite more ted cruz and john kashich. i was at cruz's event in the nightstown, indiana, on tuesday night, where just before the end of his speech, protester came forward and said, you're from canada. you're not eligible to be president of the united states. that's as far as his protest went. so clearly a little more spice to the protesters who are out here protesting donald trump, and i think they were really emboldened, if i may say by the event in chicago they got a real taste of protest power when he shut down -- trying to come together to try to at the very least -- they managed to delay him today. but since chicago nothing else cancel. >> you mentioned this was delayed by an hero, the blocking off streets around that complex, by the way.
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we understand there were reports -- i don't knoll how reliable -- that protesters entered the facility and gotten through the facility. was that one of the reasons given for pushing the thing back? >> well, first of all, donald trump is typically a little bit late when it comes to these events. also said his motor okayed was delayed. had to get out of the car and go under a fence and had to dust off his coat because he had to go through an ordeal to get back stage. but leaving here i'm sure they've got his exit route all planned out. it's a little bit of a surprise to tell you the truth that he was delayed coming in because typically the secret service says additional police protection that it they don't have to do that ill might have to take an alternate route but not usual for a candidate to be delayed. he should be able to get out of here just fine. in terms of people entering the
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facility, i only saw one and that was earlier today. it was a woman who was dressed in a pink apron. she had a bull horn with her and she was shouting her protest slogans and was very calmly escorted out of the building. she is the only person i saw actually get inside. i think the protesters clearly were trying to get close to the building a little while ago. i don't believe they actually entered because there wasn't any sort of urgent police activity. it was still all fairly common, orderly inside here. >> the only incidents, there were a couple of punches thrown earlier on, no one was bad hi hurt or hurt at all, but it seems to be peaceful but the crowds seem to have grown as well. john roberts, thank you very much. we'll be going back to this -- is this earlier when trump was -- this is live. donald trump now heading back the same way he went in through this back route here where the security men had to take a path to avoid obviously any potential
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run-in inwiz protesters. this is not your everyday type of event or candidate. presumably the man who many think is this outs on favorite -- odds on favorite to be the republican standard-bearer, will have to comport himself and get hemps around. ed rollins, former ronald reagan come pain director in 1984678 ed, did reagan have have to dying this is? >> absurds they couldn't have some able to get him into the garage or someplace close. know hotel very well. dry up in the bay area. twice a year the republican party meets once in the south, once in the north. there should have been some anticipation atlanta could -- there could have been alternative routes and he is not enn danger but not as scrutinized also he should be, and i think the sadness of this whole thing is that it's going to continue and we're know in a very polarized election and obviously people, the republican party have a right to hear if the candidates and the protesters can protest, but i
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think this is only going to help trump and particularly young people who are waving the mexican flag, and no offense to mexico, i have great respect for it. but this is just going to enhance the whole border battle back and forth and my sense is trump being the strong law and order type, he'll get enhanced by this. this is very similar to when ronald reagan first started the student protests at berkeley and beyond was sort of the -- standing tough to get him elected and helped nixon get elected in '68 so my sense this will only help trump get the nomination in california. >> i the is drive ought bulger ham, california. to your point, i believe the policy after ronald reagan -- the asaturday nation attempt on ronald reagan is that every president since -- presidents i should stress -- when they arrive close to event you cannot make out where they are, where they're going, and usually shrouded from public view. the closer they've get to that event. for example, president obama, appearing at a fundraiser, tarps
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set up so you can't figure out where he is. here for all the world to see. i'm wondering going forward, since he is just a lightning rod for this sort of attention, given the crowds he draws, more to the point, how should they handle this going forward? what message do you think either republicans or security officials or both have -- >> they have to treat him -- he is the front-runner for the nomination and is a potential president. so i think they basically have to do just what you said. as i watched there is, this is -- i've been with candidates who weren't presidents running for the office, and this is a shabbiest i've seen. i've watching from thousands of miles away but there's -- he should have a police escort, he should be in a motorcade that's protected. he ought to have the entrances that are obviously blocked off -- i. >> i know the same thing. thought it was really bizarre to see the candidate walking through a field, and an
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underpass to get to the event. i admire his diligence to get that event but i assume the would have been mapped out better even under contingency plans. >> i agree totally. they have to be appropriated from now on there's going to be protests wherever he goes, and obviously just have to do an effective job as your police detective said earlier, separates the two, make sure the barriers are set up, not inning fringing on people's able to hear candidates but infringing only people -- not infringing only people being able to hear but not infringing only people that have the right to go perform. >> i wonder if having covered a lot of the minimum wage protests, too -- and i'm not saying this across the board for the protests or for these, but when i would cover them in new york city, for example, a lot of them didn't seem like minimum wage worker. a lot of them had very elaborately painted and preproduced signs that made me this it wasn't all those minimum
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wage protesters. in other words it brings people in. the event brings crowds and if you can gait crowd going, you can certainly send a powerful message. by the way, donald trump is returning to san francisco international airport where he will be leaving the state shortly. gut again, no mystery where he is. >> no there's not. >> what do you make of that? >> i think he has to expect this everyplace. again, he is in burlingame, which is very close to the airport. he can get out quickly. but he's got to -- i hope he's going in the state and campaign, too, because he is obviously the front runner in, california is very important to finalizing this thing and i think californians have a right to see and hear him and i think protesters have a trying to make their protests, but i think this is very organized, all the flags, all the signs, all of it, just not spontaneous, happened last night, hand again today,
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and -- >> no way i can know shore fewer, having seen this before at a couple of events, not everybody but a good many and you wonder -- ed, one other thing i was talking to larry earlier in the program, presidential historian, who said at least for enough it helped donald trump the affected, arm, she happied up. he could have cavern selled this event and -- canceled this event and the did, and i people might look at this and say we have to rally around our guy here. >> i think the day only enhance him. i agree totally with larry as die most of the time. larry is a great scholar and someone who -- >> don't push it. larry is very smart. >> i don't give credit to many political scientist but larry's stuff is very good. i use it all the time. >> i wonder, too, going forward, then, if there's always this type of reaction -- not all of them but to a lot of donald trump events, especially if he is is the nominee, where
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protesters will seek him occupy out some then give a sub -- subliminal message, get used to this. winder if that's is a motive. >> i'm sure there is. this is going to be two candidates at the thorns da and i assume it's trump and hillary, both of whom have people who adore them and people who basically are very polarized by them so i think it's going to be a tough and nasty campaign and cleveland is a very difficult city to have a run convention in. i was there yesterday. the airport is under construction no where are near being reading for -- john kashich ought to get home and fix the city and state before this come thing comes there, and to a certain extent you need have to an orderly process here and chicago never quite lived down its image of '68 which i watched and many others did, too. >> that was the year precedessed by assassinations and violence. >> different times. >> you're right. once the image sticks, it does
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stay. we did city a scuffle earlier on among protesters and police. it's calmed down here elm when we see it we just pass its along. it's from from the entire crowd or the entire date but does give you a pins and needles feel about what is going on here. sabrina shaver with the independent women's forum. sabrina, donald trump went through with the event, was late, hat to be secreted in there in the most enusual way. don't think i've seen that recent lie. i've seen it with hillary clinton or bernie sanders event -- how he has to deal. >> everything is different this time around. it seems like, neil. i sort of watching these protest -- remind it there's never been this era of political civility. i'm sure professor sabato would agree with me, always been
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regional distrust, always personal an mott -- animosity. like we saw today. from to the founding through the last two centuries. what is missing today is any sense of guidelines, nicenesses of an honor code of how people are expected to behave, because of course political discourse is a good thing but why aren't we hearing bernie sanders or hillary clinton say, hey, let donald trump speak, and then we'll speak, and why does donald trump saying the same thing. >> emanuel cleaver said this does us no good. this sort of thing. let in the guy speak. you can protest quietly outside but let hem have his day like we expect to have our candidates have their day. he was chaz ties -- chas triesing at the protesters and most of the protesters look to be all well and good and fine but takes a few to ruin it. do wonder going forward for donald trump, about the safety
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of this event. not only for the candidate and his people but those who whatnot to good. we heards reports of they wanted to but there but found themselves surrounds by protesters, and took a beilein out -- the beeline out of there we have to get authorities up to speed. >> there's going to have to be perhaps greater talks about how to keep these events safe. it also think this comes -- this is a trickle down effect. someone like donald trump needs to say to his own supporters, this is how we wave. he displayed inflammatory comments coming into this particular really. think we needs to expect more of our candidates. they need to say, hey, this is not how we have civil discourse, this is not how we engage with one another. on what are very challenging topics, in california the issue of immigration is front and center every day. i know it. i'm from there. and i just think that we need to be able to address that rather
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than making-snide comments, rather -- >> said get them united states, referring to protesters, get them out. but your thinking is that his events themselves draw crowds just like that. >> absolutely. i do think it needs to come from both candidates. hillary clinton is -- and i thought that the congressman a few minutes ago put it perfectly. he said we happen just gone too far and when we have gone too far it takes some leadership. it takes the candidates themselves to say, hey, do we want to solve these problems or do we want to tear dune barriers -- tear down barriers and scream at one another. i think most americans are hurting and want to see real progress made and real policy reform, they want to have changes made, and this is a distraction. >> just for those who are looking, the remaining protesters outside the
1:40 pm
burlingame convention center where donald trump just spoke to the left of the screen, donald trump leaving that event. don't know what his plans are for the day. i get conflicting reports, w. that he has another california event to go to, another he is going to san francisco to take off for the california event. others saying he is going bag to new york so i apologize for not getting consistently where re is going now. we can all see where he is going. he has lefts the facility and is on his way somewhere. but back to larry sabato. i always hate it win so many people say nice things about you. leaving that aside in all seriousness i want to get your sense where we go from here? because obviously 1968 had its own unique events leading up to a convention. writ was just hair trigger away from pandemonium. how do republicans keep that in check and to democratic congressmann cleaver's opinion, democrats as well?
1:41 pm
>> well, first, neil, i just want to say ed rollins has superb judgment, and i salute him. >> i thoughtow would say that. >> yeah. but i'll leave that eye side -- aside for now. when this becomes part of the daily life of politics during a political campaign, everybody gets better at dealing with it. because they have to. that means the authorities get better at planning and planning is essential. you have too keep the two sides or three sides or four sides apart to the extent you can. the candidates have to be careful to a certain extent what they say. you don't want to limit their free speech rights, which are critical to the political process, and look, we have to keep this in perspective. we talked about 1968. 2016 is no 1968. there is no divisive war like vietnam ongoing. theirs -- there's no conscription and you don't have hundreds of thousands of people
1:42 pm
in the streets streets and i doh we never get to that opinion -- >> i guess if we look at 1968, it's the image. think earlier on there was this discussion about hubert humphrey speaking and then the protests going on, on the other side. that is the image that sticks in people's minds. how do either -- how does either party avoid that kind of stuff? >> well, it's very difficult. part of it -- i'm not media has to be blaming the careful to put things into context. it actually doesn't take many protesters to fill a television screen. that's something that we have learned over the decades. so, we do have to put this in perspective. i thought your correspondent, john roberts, did a great job of this. he has been at a lot of big demonstrations and he is saying this tiny compared to the ones nat he has seen, but i do have to add -- .
1:43 pm
>> to be fair he was inside. claudia cowen was outside. she might take issue with that. getting a little heated, crowded and tense for her. agree it could get better but also wonder with these event, police officer, whether it galvanizees people, i'm going to show up at the next event, i'm going to be at this signature appointment. >> well, certainly happened that it way in the '60s. every new demonstration had thousands or in some cases hundreds of thousands more. i remember it peaks hat half a million people converging on washington in the mobilization demonstrations of '69 and '70 and '71. if they can build on one another. the candidates also take advantage and they have to be a little careful how they take advantage -- you mentioned george wallace earlier. george wallace would pick on some demonstrator in his audience and he always had them,
1:44 pm
and he would say, hey, get a bath. remember, he would say, take a bath good home and take a bath. of if you laid down in from of my car itself will be the last car you ever lay down in front of. clever things like that, that the media would then seize upon and it would become the story, which also encouraged further demonstrations. so, maybe it's a pattern of de-escalation and we all have to participate in it. >> larry do you ever -- there were reports going into today's event, that they wered to up for something after last night residents events got pretty heated. i think we had some of the trump events where purposes were thrown and got a little nasty, a dozen folks were carted off. and i'm wondering whether authorities, for example in california there was a push to close off public venues to donald trump, in other words, public facilities even though the statement standards don't apply bernie sanders or hillary clinton when they aloudded to be at the public facilities.
1:45 pm
i don't know what came of that. obviously dissipated a bit. does that play into the agitation, when local authorities or local officials and the way they respond maybe prepare the next event? >> well, obviously you need a fair and balanced approach to candidates. the rules for one ought to apply to everybody else and that's going to particularly be true once we have party nominees. there's no way you can set up a set of regulations only for one side, and i think there would be a public backlash to that. >> all right, my friend, thank you very much. in the meantime, looking outside this burl game event is over but the protesters are hanging on. they are staying out there. i hope very soon to get back to one of our reporters still there i don't know if that's possible. >> that was very interesting. i enjoyed doing it. >> thank you very much. a number of protesters who were there as well saying that donald trump is a bigot, he is antihuman being, i saw one sign.
1:46 pm
on the phone right now, big trump backer, scott brown, the former senator. scott, what do you make of what went down here and what was going on here? donald trump is preparing to leave san francisco now. i don't know, maybe you do but he could have cancelled this event could have said, this is looking dicey. he didn't. what do you think? >> why should he? he is not going to be intimidated, nor would i or expecter anyone to run on the democratic side, either. they have -- we have the right, he has the right, should i say to get out there and bring his message to the people who are going to see him have the right to hear him and the people protesting have the right, too but don't have a right to break the law. don't have the right to inflict bodily injury, and i think if he cancelled it would have been worse, and i think what you're seeing now by all of these protesters it's actually emboldening the trump supporters and bringing more people to him
1:47 pm
pause when you rex anytime people running around with mexican flags in california, this is exactly what he is talking bottom. and brings more and more people who are on the fence closer to him. >> scott, if you can sky there i wouldn't bring claudia cowen into this. she had a different vantage point than john roberts do get a little hairy for you. have the clouds died down or what are you hearing? >> claudia? all right. i thought -- >> neil, neil. >> go ahead. >> so, we have just again keeping an eye on this controlled out here. seems to me that the crowd is starting to dissipate and some people are starting to go home. you can still see the large crowd behind me here in front of the hyatt hotel. there have been a big group on that overpass above the main crowd. that's pretty much cleared off. we still see the mexican flags
1:48 pm
and the chaning chance of offerg slogans and what we're also seeing appears too be a group of anarchists black hoodies, bandanas over the face and they're here and joining this crowd. so far we are hearing of at least one arrest, according to the burlingame police department. far cry from the 20 arrests last night costa mesa. but no injuries. no significant injuries. these good. a little while ago we spoke to a gentleman who said he was attacked. that protesters threw eggs at him and you walk rind and see at love eggshells and his phone was taken from him and thrown. so, only one arrest, according to burlingame police, and now we're just keeping an eye on the crowd. you can see people like this, person walking toward us, the bandana over the face. we're seeing a lot of that. late in the afternoon here.
1:49 pm
that we didn't see this morning. so, we're going to try to talk to these protesters as well. right enough they're just staging, right next to the hotel, probably fully aware that mr. trump as left, but they're going to be here for the foreseeable future. they're going to stay put and continue their chanting and continue their protest mostly attacking mr. trump's immigration policies. >> claudia, i heard -- i don't know if you can still hear me -- the fellow who had his phone stolen, was punched, was that a trump loyalist? who wanted to go to this event or was that a trump protester? >> he was a trump supporter from discovery bay, not far from san francisco. he said he wanted to come here and kind of check out the scene. not a delegate. wasn't registered to go inside the hotel but came out here to get a feel for what the atmosphere was like, and he was wearing a pro trump t-shirt and
1:50 pm
he was attacked. he says. we didn't see it. but he says he was attacked, and that he was kicked and spit on and he had eggs thrown at him and his phone was taken and takd thrown some 20 feet. he got his phone back. >> where were the police when that was going on. >> we haven't seen too many other truckers. the police have staged in front of the hotel. there's a line of police officers still in front of the hotel. they had been out here at the perimeter where these barricades, where we are. but once the barricades were breached and the protesters moved toward the hotel front doors, the police went, too, and they were standing shoulder to shoulder in riot gear there. it's hard to tell where police were in relation to this gentleman who says he was attacked. but the police are certainly shoulder to shoulder right now by the front door at the hyatt regency in burlingame. >> the former d.c. homicide
1:51 pm
detective is with us. rod that part scares me a little bit. maybe with the authorities being in the wrong place, at exactly the wrong time when the crowds were acting up and on the other side of the facility, we've heard that several times here. but the fact that a lot of eggs were thrown, and maybe even punches were thrown. i think more the exception than the rule. but still, it got a little heated, it got a little scary. if you're making note of all this, rod and you know there's another trump event, actually another candidate event. what eyes do you dot, ts do you cross to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again? >> it's one thing that's going to have to be established here. these individuals that claudia just described, the individuals that had their faces covered up, these aren't protesters, these are criminals. these individuals need to be dealt with as such. so going forward, whenever we see crowds like these thugs,
1:52 pm
which is what they are, gathering around, covering up their faces, the police really needs to take action. they need to take significant action. >> what about issues like this, where donald trump has to leave through a very bizarre you know outpost to get out of that facility, he's hopping up on concrete dividers, grass, and a field just to get the heck out of there. that's obviously not ideal. >> no, it's not ideal and that's not the way that we have to or should be expected to conduct our political events here in this country. now donald trump has every right, whether you like him or whether you don't like him, he has every right to stand up there and say what he wants to say. our constitution guarantees that. and law enforcement has to make sure that that right is protected. now his protesters, they can say whatever they want to say. but just like what ed rollins said earlier, when it gets to the point where these individuals are becoming violent, start harming people, start harming the community, then the police need to deal
1:53 pm
with them as criminals and not as protesters, it's a significant difference there, neil. >> you know, scott brown, if you're still with me, a big trump backer. former senator of massachusetts, you know, the knee-jerk impression at donald trump events, is his enthusiastic crowds, they're crazy. it turns out from all the incidents we've seen and a lot of it on videotape, it's been the protesters who went crazy on them. i hope and trust that disavows people of the notion that all of trump's backers are punch-throwing lunatics. that it goes around and comes around. i don't know if it comes out. if you were to advise the candidate about dealing with crowds, dealing with his own, keeping the calm. what would it be? >> well first of all, neil, i think you're absolutely right. i think what you're seeing now and i've said before, it's like the training ground for what's going to be potentially
1:54 pm
happening in cleveland, unfortunately. you have a lot of groups supported by some of the radical environmentalists, types and others who are going to come out and try to cause trouble. on the other side you still have problems with the democrats, obviously mr. trump has to do whatever he needs to do to be safe, and the authorities have to do whatever they have to do to insure they have good planning to keep all of the citizens who are coming out to listen, safe. the anarchists are not there to protest, they're there to cause trouble. they should immediately be taken away from that environment. moved out. and so, i'm going to continue to advise and i've been to these rallies, neil. i've seen the protesters and i've seen the trump supporters. and you may have a couple of fringe supporters, but a lot of these people are just instigating on the other side. >> it doesn't get covered, to your point, scott it doesn't get covered.
1:55 pm
donald trump in this unusual entrance he had to make, he was hopping over dividers and the rest. he had a good sense of humor about it, saying that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. he said it felt like i was crossing the border. so obviously he kept his sense of humor intact. >> sometimes humor is a good way to defuse things. but when you have people burning the flag and protesting in front of real patriotic americans, they're obviously doing it to get a reaction and unfortunately you don't see it i'm glad you guys are reporting it. i hope everyone takes a chill pill and gets back to reality and lets people do their thing and get the message out and try to ultimately get this country back on track. >> in the middle of all of that, connell mcshane, what are you seeing and hearing? >> well you know, neil, we are standing on the side of the hotel. i think it might be a different area than where claudia was a few minutes ago. that's few issues still that have to be dealt with. number one the protesters, the
1:56 pm
stragglers, the ones that have hung around are still here, still quite vocal and still very, very close to the hotel. this is the main hotel building right here. these protesters are at essentially what is a side entrance, between a parking garage and the main building of the hotel. they're still very close to the hotel. even though some have started to disperse. the other issue, to go back to earlier in the day, is that the police had a perimeter set up as you would see in any big city, and the protesters were able to break through it. what happened, i think we had video earlier. the protesters started to pull the barricades towards them. i was standing there at the time. they were doing it for a while. and about a minute to a minute and a half, pulling them over and over. towards them. the police didn't react right away, they stayed to the side. so the protesters had a clear path were the barriers to break,
1:57 pm
to run toward the front door of the hotel. the links came undone and the protesters made a run for it. the local police officials came around from either side and cut them off. had to forcefully push them back, they had dogs out there, the secret service and the uniformed division got involved and were able to get them back out. on more than one occasion, then they made an end run around to where we were. on more than one occasion it was too close for comfort. having covered a number of these donald trump rallies in the past, there's usually one side protesters, one side supporters, police officers in the middle. a barricade separating everyone. that's how it was set up today. but those barricades didn't hold and that's when things got a little bit dicey. >> connell, do they know he's left the building? >> i think so. these particular protesters, i think are still trying to for whatever reason, get as close to the hotel as they can. it's a smaller number than
1:58 pm
earlier. some of the protesters have left. but i think what has also happened is they're trying to block exits so the people who are attending the event inside, this is where we, this happened to us, we got caught inside the hotel. we followed the police in, and next thing you know, we couldn't get back out. people who are in there trying to get out have to deal with this. and i think that's part of it. they were trying to harass people on the way in, and now as people are trying to get out, they're trying to make it as difficult as they can. >> thank you, connell. the "national review," i apologize for the limited time. what do you think the oppression is? for folks back home? >> well one really important thing, neil, not to confuse where the bad behavior is coming from. mr. trump and his campaign have behaved badly, encouraging and fomenting violence inside their rallies. and these protesters are
1:59 pm
behaving badly. fomenting and encouraging bad behavior outside the rallies. the fact that there is, there are protesters who are behaving badly, does not absolve the trump campaign. >> that's been a while ago, to be fair, he's since advocated being calm, being nice, let a protester leave, don't be mean. but it is what it is. i'm wondering if things can calm down? >> what i think it does is make mr. trump look like the victim and make all of his opponents allow him to conflate all of his opponents, both the conservatives, posing as candidates and everybody else, allowing them to conflate them and make them look like a bunch of thugs. >> to be fair, he didn't do that today. i understand where you're coming from. we can all rest assured now, that what could have been a pretty hairy situation, seems resolved. but the protesters aren't going, even though donald trump has, i do not know where donald trump is planning to go now in the
2:00 pm
fancy big old jet of his. we do know that he values california very much and thinks he can close the deal there in a couple of weeks. for now, attention convention -- well avoided and done. "the five" is now. this is a fox news alert. hello, i'm eric bolling. this was a scene outside a hoe telling in burlingame, the anti-trump protesters back out again today, crowds gathered, blocked the highway to his venue. trump just wrapped up his address to the state's gop a short while ago. you can see him exiting the event like a scene out of a movie. in order to the event, trump had to pull his motorcade on to the shoulder of the highway. they had to jump a barricade, ducked under a fence and entered the venue through the back door. and it's actually an interesting metaphor for the trump candidacy. they try to block him, but


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