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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOXNEWSW  April 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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you all on monday. the o'reilly factor special is on. tonight: [shouting] more madness over the trump campaign. violence breaking out once again in southern california. but this kind of exposition helps donald trump. bolling and rivera will annualize. >> you see the success if i have to call it that of a candidate who is racist and sexist and xenophobic. >> let the name calling begin. but it is a sexist charge that donald trump will have to deal with the most. we will take a hard look at that situation. >> you have a bird on your -- [ laughter ] on your shoulder.
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[ laughter ] >> here's the deal. i'm happy to come on your show but i don want to talk about my personal life. okay? >> also ahead, it is getting very personal with comedian will ferrell. reports are he will mock president reagan's alzheimer condition. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. a special factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm boyle. thanks for watching us tonight. we have o'reilly factor special in progress right now. the theme: the political things that are on my mind and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. number one, john boehner, former speaker of the house calling ted cruz, current presidential candidate, the devil. >> how about ted cruz? [ laughter ]
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>> lucifer in the flesh. now, mr. boehner does not like cruz because of the senator's unwillingness to compromise over the budget and other issues. the problem here is this: boehner is a sniper. we invited the speaker on the program tonight. he turned us down, as always. if you're gonna smear someone, mr. speaker, at least submit yourself to questioning. in order to provide some perspective. talking points does not respect back stabbing. if you have a beef, state it, back it up. boehner was wrong not in saying what he said is he entitled to his opinion. but in a sneaky way he did it. second thing on my mind, will ferrell very successful actor, comedian, was
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apparently about to do a satire that included mocking ronald reagan's alzheimer's condition. front page in the "new york post" today and variety is also reporting that ferrell agree to do produce and star in a movie called "reagan" which deals with the president's ghen that. recently there was a reading of the script and there was a lot of denigration of the late president. the movie, thus far, is unsold and i believe it will remain so because now will ferrell has pulled out of project after getting hammered in the court ever public opinion. now, i know a lot about this because i am an executive producer of the upcoming movie killing reagan based on my book. we are currently in preproduction. the film is set to air on the national geographic channel this coming october. i am very involved with the script, making sure ronald reagan is treated with respect and fairness. that's how he is treated in my book. and that's how he will be treated in the movie. even though we will tell the truth about the president.
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as for ferrell, if he had gone ahead with the dopey film, he would have put his career on the line. while satirizing people in s. a good thing in a vibrant cruelty is not. uber guy not a problem unless his zealot tri crosses the lines of decency. alzheimers is not to be treated lightly. are number three, the continuing chaos outside political rallies that donald trump is holding. last night in costa mesa, california, los angeles 17 arrested for a variety of offenses while protesting mr. trump. [chanting] shame on you, shame on you. >> it started with a passionate but peaceful exchange of views outside the trump campaign event. >> what are you doing? >> but as the sun went down and tension rose.
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[screams] >> hundreds of protesters moved from the parking lot of the pacific amphitheater where trump was speaking to the treats of costa mesa.jor intersection. making the distaste for trump loud and clear with one particular unbroadcastable anti-trump slogan repeated again and again among other shouts and chants. [chanting] >> what had been a protest in the first amendment tradition morphed into something much dark earn. police doning riot goer, protesters becoming more threatening. a bottle was thrown at police lions, rocks hurled. a police car's rear window smashed and a vehicle then stomped. the crowds had stopped traffic on several streets. among the vehicles trapped, one driven by trump supporter. who got out of his car and then emerged from from the crowd with a bloody face.
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the police ordered the crowd to disperse. they didn't. many of them seemingly more intent on taking selfies than taking part in political protests. arrests began to be made. and eventually the police and sheriff's deputies began pushing back the crowd. in all, there were more than a dozen arrests as the police appeared to focus on containment, rather than confrontation. but what was, perhaps, most remarkable here was that this all happened at a presidential campaign rally. a measure of the passions of this extraordinary political season. but a sign, too of how easily those passions can and might damage rather than dignify democracy. in costa mesa, california, jonna hunt, fox news. >> thanks to mr. hunt for that excellent report.
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now, the continuing anti-trump shenanigans actually helped the candidate. when americans see people destroying police cars and generally behaving in untoward way, they don't like those people. their actions are undemocratic. and actually provide sympathy for the person they dislike in this case donald trump. many of these protesters are so stupid, they can't understand that. but it's the truth. once a movement is considered harmful by the folks, once that is established, anyone opposed to that movement gets a positive shine. best example, richard nixon versus george mcgovern in 1972. the violent demonstrations against nixon actually propelled him to a landslide victory even though the man himself was not generally liked. so, you pinheads wrecking cop cars and spraying your political opponents with chemicals, might want to consider that. and that's the memo.
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next on the rundown, bolling and rivera will react to all of my points tonight. then, later, gender politics, kirsten powers and i will discuss as this o'reilly factor political o'reilly factor political special continues. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) unless you have allergies. i won't. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. go ahead, embrace those beautiful moments. flonase changes everything.
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>> i will tell you how cruz responds is foreign. because either cruz wants that washington cartel endorsement or he doesn't. boehner elm bodies it. so he is going to have to push back against the washington cartel and boehner. >> i'm talking character not policy. >> it seems to me that you are nor peeved at boehner for not coming on the program than what he said. >> he will never come on the program, ever. >> that's a separate issue. your personal feeling toward speaker boehner. >> that's not true. because of he doesn't come on any program. he calls him the devil, lucifer and doesn't go on anywhere. is he running and hiding under his desk. >> that's the truth of the matter. boehner believes that ted cruz. >> read my lips. sneaky guy. sneaky. >> but the man on the right is clothed by most of washington. >> i think, look. >> the people that know him best don't like him. >> and that has been reported 1 million times, all right? that's not my issue. the issue is i'm tired of the sneaky stuff. >> he has to stay relevant. >> doesn't he bend the elbow quite a bit?
8:13 pm
>> oh, stop, stop. >> will ferrell, okay, you get first shot at ferrell. so, this guy, you know, yucks it up with the hollywood pinheads. you know how long these development deals take. he was into it up to his eyebrows. then the "new york post" crucifies him today and he is out. another guy sneaky. >> another issue. will ferrell issue. let me take the president reagan issue. it is as have you experienced in your own life, almost a sacrilege to talk about the diminished capacity of the 40th president. defenders will savage anyone who tends to point out after the assassination attempt or as dementia did indeed set in that he had diminished capacity. there is now the question becomes one of taste. you can make fun of that? >> no. no. >> i disagree you disagree? you wanted ferrell to go
8:14 pm
ahead with that movie. >> that was the hottest script in hollywood at the time ferrell took it. >> why juanita it bought then. >> he chickened out. >> it wasn't the hottest script. >> no one heard about it until he decide to do go. >> look at this, why is that legit. >> will ferrell is the funniest man alive in america. >> is he funny but is he not the funnest man alive. >> ron burgundy, ricky bobby, george w. bush, hilarious. the problem with the reagan script it took only the final years. >> the reading of the scripts as reported by variety was a mocking. >> of course. >> all right. it's some intern who was hired by the white house to convince ronald reagan who was out of it that he had to play a part as being the president. it was 100 percent mocking. >> of course. rewrite the script. >> do you remember jerry ford falling off the airplane. >> that was totally different thing. >> i think we are talking about a health issue here.
8:15 pm
i know this better than anybody. we are talking about a health issue here which the president fought through. and i got attacked by it you made a reference to it. i got attacked by it i told the absolute truth about it. it wasn't done in mocking way. it was done in admiral way because he fought through it all right? he had to fight it like anybody has to fight a disease. he did it that was my point. >> bill, the reason why ferrell backed out, it wasn't going to be funny. >> he got killed in the press. >> it wasn't going to be funny. >> defensive about it because you were so ravaged. >> no. look, he punked out of this because he saw his career going down the drain. will ferrell, that's why -- >> -- your movie must reflect your book. >> it does. and it's an honest look at courageous man. now, let's get to the protests. i both agree this helps trump, right? >> it is totally i will advised to mayhem and madness and violence like
8:16 pm
this. only drives people to the thing you profess to loathe it is counter productive profoundly. >> this is passion. donald trump is a movement now. and you have passion on both sides. you have passion with the people who say we want change. it's time for change. he speaks for us. and it's even more passion by the people who say we don't want change. we don't like what is he going to bring to us. so they become even more passionate. >> you can get passionate without attacking -- >> -- how? no one cares if they just stand in the corner and peacefully protest. >> did you not hear jonathan hunt's report? there was a trump supporter gets out of his car and all of a sudden there is a bloody face? you can't possibly be justifying that. >> i'm not justifying it. >> justifying jumping up and down on a police car. >> not even coming close to justifying. when people come close fearing what they have. open borders and free stuff in california. >> then they can protest peacefully, go. >> in the 60's, i was there. i was arrested in washington.
8:17 pm
there is a possibility that it gets so big that the movement that eric describes is counter acted by a movement even larger than the pro-trump movement. you have this huge wave of disruption that people realize that a trump president might be something that the nation cannot sustain. i think there is -- that is my nightmarish vision. >> it helps trump. what helps trump the most. you see these guys with the mexican flags. >> that's awful. >> that takes people, independent people who don't know about trump one way or the other. you know what? i don't want to see this mexican flag in the context of attacking the police car. >> i agree with that. so you idiots out there who don't like trump, you just gave him another 3 hers or 4%. last word to you? >> in a state he is going to end up needing. indiana is huge but that state right there. >> california is big. >> pence, the governor of indiana endorsed cruz today. >> did you see the endorsement though he? spent the first three or four lines of the
8:18 pm
endorsement patting donald trump on the back. >> whatever it is look past indiana to cleveland. tremendous. >> you will be up there every day. >> i will be there every day. >> you will be with trump. >> i will be with fox news. >> fox you will be with trump. >> if i get invited. >> there he is all right. we would like to remind you that i am now tweeting. >> uh-oh. >> not late at night. >> today it's about boehner and cruz. all right. all you have do is punch up @ o'reilly factor. i treat responsibly just like i drink responsibly because i don't drink at all. will you two shut up? directly ahead kirsten powers on are gender politics. why the press, the national press will not be honest oth hillary clinton
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personal story segment tonight. as we've been reporting, hillary clinton believes that donald trump is a sexist. mr. trump leaves mrs. clinton is incompetent, corrupt, and would not even be in the presidential arena if she weren't a woman. that sets up a big gender politics situation. joining us now from washington to discuss it kirsten powers. how do you see this? >> okay. so, i think that in terms of saying that hillary clinton has played the woman card, i think that's a true statement. she has made overt plea to people saying we need to have a woman in the white house. she says this distinguishes her. but i don't think it's something trump should be saying and i also don't think he is right that she would not be successful
8:23 pm
candidate if she -- if she weren't a woman. if she was a man. and so i don't even know why he said that. >> hillary clinton, were just like madeleine albright, for example, or a condoleezza rice, secretary of state without a husband who was a former president, do you really believe with all of the stuff on hillary clinton's resume that she would be a presidential contender? >> yeah, why not? how is she any less impressive than ted cruz or marco rubio? >> not talking about her being impressed. it's basically she has been under fire for 30 years. you know, and maybe some of it is unfair. possibly it is. but, if she didn't have the clinton name, i'm not sure she wouldn't be under fire if she didn't have the clinton name. part of it is because she was bill clinton's wife.
8:24 pm
two ways to look at thought experiments. one if she had never married bill clinton and i would say that we could ask would bill clinton had been president if he hadn't married her. she would have done very well. >> very smart woman. no doubt she is a smart woman and she wants to serve her country. okay. that's for the audience to decide. you made an interesting statement you don't think trump should say she should be considered. that's his opinion. >> he can say it if he wants. i don't agree with him. i don't think it helps him. >> it doesn't mean labeled a sexist. >> he shouldn't be surprised when he is labeled a sexist? >> why. i don't understand what this whole labeling business is about. >> because i think women are tired of hearing from people about how they are somehow advantaged by being a woman. most women don't feel they have been add advantaged in the work place by being a woman. that will rub a lot of women the wrong way.
8:25 pm
>> let me understand. this the message to women is because there is a history of women having a harder time in the marketplace than men, if you reference anything about a woman's abilities you are a sexist? >> not about her abilities. it's saying basically you are getting an advantage because you are a woman. >> yeah. because he ran her abilities down and says she is not qualified. >> i think that, look, i'm not saying she is using it and she is using it to her advantage. i'm trying to explain the psychology behind it i wrote a column today. >> you sounded like you were personally offended when trump said that. >> i disagree with him. i wasn't offended because i disagree with him. >> you are a democrat and you feel that hillary clinton is qualified, right? >> i don't think being a democrat has anything to do with it. plenty of people think she is qualified but she may not be the person for them but i think most will recognize she is an accomplished woman. >> let me get this on the record. so you are offended by trump's description of mrs. clinton not being job
8:26 pm
ready? not because he said anything about her being a female. >> first of all, i'm not offended. i don't agree with it. >> all right. >> and i think that -- i just don't agree with the statement that -- i think hillary clinton on her own, without bill clinton is extremely impressive person and could easily have risen to the place that she is today on her own, not. >> do you understand now? >> not as a woman. as a man. >> do you understand that now sexism and racism and all of this stuff is being used to punish anybody by some who disagree. >> bill, i wrote a whole book about it. this is a tactic that is used definitely, mostly by people on the left. sometimes people on the left have done it to silence people. if they say something that you disagree with, then you call them a sexist. >> that's right. did you write a book about it? >> that said, it doesn't mean people do sexist things or racist things. they get called out for it. >> when they do it, nobody believes it anymore because this stuff is thrown around
8:27 pm
so irresponsibly. >> it's been over a year, for sure. >> give your book a plug. >> it's called "the silencing." >> >> fbi arresting three people at least one of them a muslim in connection with with the san bernardino terror murders. is it legal has the inside story. bernie goldberg on why the national media does not tell the truth about hillary clinton and donald trump. i hope you stay tuned to th
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is it legal segment tonight. the fbi arrested three people in california yesterday. connected to the san bernardino terror murders. here now to analyze attorneys and fox news am list kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. who are they and what are they charged with, wiehl. >> the first is saeed faruk he the brother of the san bernardino shooter. is he married to at that wife. both are charged with conspiracy marriage fraud conspiracy. totally unrelated by the way. >> what does that mean? >> conspiracy to get this woman married to the sister of tatyana married to enrique mark question who is the neighbor of the san bernardino shooter. this guy enrique was paid by maria, the sister of at that taa
8:32 pm
sham marriage. >> get to the united states. >> yes. >> what does this have to do with the shooters? >> nothing at all. >> they uncovered this pursuant to the investigation. these are serious crimes of marriage fraud and producing false statements. >> so i want to be clear, so the two who shot the people and killed the people in california. >> who are dead themselves, right. >> these three, and they look to be all muslims who were arrested yesterday. they don't have anything to do with them directly. this is another beef, felony, right? >> yes. >> so, they were running a little ring to bet people to the united states by marrying them to people illegally here. >> being par tis participatory by taking pictures. >> big industry in the u.s.a. >> looking at 25 years. very serious and her husband looking at 40. >> in the far east, in the philippines and china, this comes through california all day long. >> absolutely. taps way to get them. in they can stay here. >> right. big money changes hands. >> of course.
8:33 pm
>> these broker does this. >> right. >> they are paid to do it? >> right. >> so they find people who are legally in the united states. they want to marry mary ann in bay village because they have fallen in love on the internet. >> i love the wink. >> and mary ann's parents. mary ann herself puts up 100 grand, okay? and then she comes and the u.s. authorities say come on in because you're -- >> you know the danger of it, now being used as a vehicle and conduit to further terrorism in the country. >> sure. >> we saw that with the two shooters, that was a scam marriage. she was part of the red mosque. she they should have been able to track that down. >> absolutely. >> here is the connection to be made. maria married to the neighbor of the shooter, she must know something about what was going on because this neighbor was the phi who was giving the weapons to shooters. >> if trump is elected, he will waterboard her. so we will find out everything. >> whoever has information. >> indiana, guy, his wife,
8:34 pm
kids are asleep. burglar comes into the house. roll the tape. >> along this dirt alli way in 2014, the alarm on this detached garage went off. the homeowner saw a man running away from the building and opened fire. a jury later convicted the owner. david mcglaughlin of criminal recklessness, the accused thief, david bailey pleaded guilty to burglary. two years after the shooting. bailey filed this civil suit claiming the homeowner acted recklessly in firing the gunshots. mcglorify lynn's attorney calls the lawsuit ridiculous. >> there is a lot of stuff in play here. first of all the break. in the guy breaks into detached garage. >> right. >> the homeowner, who is there with his wife and kids, hears something. >> um. >>um grabs the gun. >> um-huh. >> goes out, sees the guy fleeing, shoots him. >> and it's a dark alley. so you could imagine if you are home with your wife and
8:35 pm
kids. >> the guy is fleeing. is he not on the popular anymore. >> that's the allegation. there is going to be. >> he got convicted though. >> he got convicted. bailey, the burglar got convicted obviously of a burglary. >> and he has now. is he home for, you know, house detention for three years. however, the homeowner was convicted of this kind of criminal negligence. >> that's what i want to know about. so if you are a homeowner and somebody bulgles your house and you come home or discover or wake up and he is running away your from your house you can't shoot him? >> you have to be careful. because once the threat has passed then you will have an issue. >> is that what it is? >> i think this case is absolutely ridiculous. >> you may think it's ridiculous but the homeowner got convicted. >> that to me is ridiculous. >> you may think that, but the fact is he got convicted. >> convicted of a felony, do you know what the judge did, the judge thought it was ridiculous he brought it down to a demeanor. >> i want everybody watching to understand what they can
8:36 pm
and can't do. >> the alarm went off, guys. we're missing that the alarm wept off. >> you still don't. >> the why is in the garage. >> castle doctrine applies in indiana. >> only if it's on your property. if he flees you can't shoot. >> he is probably going to have to pay something. >> no. >> burglar now wants to take him to civil court, to sue him for injuries on the shot. this will get thrown out. >> this will get thrown out. >> he was hit three times by the homeowner, mr. mclaughlin. it's pretty outrageous. the jury is not going to be sympathetic. >> the comparative fault act law in indiana says depending on how much you are at fault, the plaintiff contributory negligence. assumption of the risk. >> so the plaintiff was at fault. the plaintiff then can't say lock, but for. >> you caused the action. you broke in. you caused it. >> none of this would have happened. >> i expect to get thrown out. if it isn't we want to know about it. you guys follow it. >> lee dick columbus. >> i'm such a tough.
8:37 pm
>> when we come right back, as this o'reilly political factor continues. not telling the truth about the presidential race. bernie is next. 85% of men say eating right helps prepare them for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and magnesium to help support healthy blood pressure. one a day.
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request thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. it is my opinion that the national press not telling the truth about both hillary clinton and donald trump. last november i said this: >> mrs. clinton will secure the democratic nomination for the presidency because voters know not everybody is perfect and enough far left leaning americans like her so that she'll be the nominee. >> now, that has turned out to be true. hillary clinton is going to get the nomination unless she is indicted boy the -- by the justice department. my contention is that the national press knew back in november that bernie sanders had absolutely no chance. the fix was. in the establishment democrats were for mrs. clinton and she had a machine. joining us now from miami the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. i think it's all about ratings. all about a horse race trying to establish sanders
8:42 pm
may have a chance here when they all knew he had zero chance. am i wrong? as charming as you are, i don't know if you are wrong. you leave me baffled sometimes. you said in the lead-in last november they didn't know he had a chance. reporters are supposed to report what's going on at the time. >> right. >> not miss clio the fortune teller. >> i'm not talking about reporters i'm talking more people like me at analysts stuff like that. the sunday shows, the cable news shows. that's what i'm talking about. >> do they want a horse race? yes, they always do, that's true. >> they always do, right. >> i think with all due respect, your heinous, i think that we should also be concerned about when the media is unfair not just to the candidates but to the american people. when cable news runs donald trump's rallies and speeches
8:43 pm
live and virtually unaltered, they come off. >> that's a campaign commercial. >> for donald trump. >> absolutely. >> that he doesn't even have to pay for. now, we all know why that happens. leslie moonves, who you know, who runs cbs said and this is a quote: all this coverage of donald trump may not be good for america but it is damn good for cbs. >> right. >> look, i get it i'm a capitalist. i want news organizations to make lots and lots of money. i'm all for ratings. but when you are in the news business you have other obligations too. donald trump is no longer the host of the apprentice. he is running for president of the united states of america. infomercials and soft interviews by some people on television tonight do the american people any good. >> i agree 100 percent. that's a different issue. but for the record i want to say this: we don't do that here on the factor. are in this hour 8 to 9
8:44 pm
eastern time. you are not going to see any info commercials. we won't even allow candidates to call. in we are one of the few programs that don't. chris wallace doesn't do it on the cbs -- on the "fox news sunday" show. all the rest let them call. in we're not going to do that. there is a big difference when call in and jammies and five people in the room telling what you to say and when you are on like you are right now. we are not going to do that. >> right. >> i agree with you far too much of let's put donald trump on to get ratings. okay. but, let's go back to my original premise. the national press now after the new york primary has to know donald trump is 90% in. i said 90%. i said flat out that he is in. you know me i'm a little over the top sometimes even though i'm always right. but i said 90% they have to know. all right. that was 10 days ago now. but the national press will never say that because they don't want the american people to know the truth. they want to count the delegates and maybe this
8:45 pm
will happen and maybe that will happen when we all know it's not going to happen. >> yeah. i know what you are saying and this being opinion show you have ever right to make predictions. and when they turn out to be true, you can brag about it. >> yeah. >> which i rarely do because i'm a hummable man. >> right. okay. we will let that go but to the extent that they are looking for confrontation in a horse race, yeah. >> but that's not right. you have got to analyze it the way it. >> trump may very well lose indiana on tuesday. all right. he could lose, pence, the governor of the state, popular governor endorsed cruz today. cruz is waging very energetic campaign. downstate vs. upstate. trump could lose. that doesn't alter the fact that is he going to go into california and if he does
8:46 pm
any indecent at all he has got it. >> fox has a good motto that i favor. and that is we report, you decide i don't think it would be so terrible if even opinion shows backed off opinion to some extent and said, look, this is what is happening. this is how it looks. let's see what unfolds next week? s that type. >> i'm just not as worked up as you are. >> i know what's happening here. i know the folks aren't being told the truth on many different levels about many different things and it offends me. last word. >> okay. one of the things you are unhappy about is that they treat donald trump unfairly by calling him names. you're right about that. i also think in some cases they treat him with kid gloves and i'm concerned about those. i hope you are, too. >> i absolutely am. i think that the interviews
8:47 pm
against any political candidate should be as tough. and that's what we do here. >> great. >> black woman attorney says she is supporting those who are voting for donald trump. we'll find out why. moments away. (singing alougetting to know you. getting to know all about you... getting to like you. getting to hope you like me... is someone getting to know your credit? not without your say so.
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pf p auz know, polls say the majority of black voters will not support trump. we have a black lawyer supporting those who are supporting trump. so you're not endorsing trump here, right? >> no, i'm not. >> you're just saying that you're similar thet ig to those who aregoing to vote for trump?
8:51 pm
>> absolutely. i wrote a piece in the huffington post called in defense of the white working class voter. i've been disturbed by sm eed b labels, being called racists, xenophobes and been denigrated. i think it's causing a lot of strife and is unnecessary. we're america. you're allowed to vote for who you want to. and i think that supporting donald trump, although that may not be my position, is perfectly acceptable to me. >> okay. so the personal attacks lodged by anti-trump people and the media, there's a lot of them in the media, you feel are unamerican? >> it's not that they're unamerican. i feel that it's reflective of this world, the political correctness that you have too think a certain way or be a certain way to be acceptable. and i think that hardworking people are worthy of our respect and they have some really valid
8:52 pm
concerns. >> now, when you wrote that in the huffington post, which is a decidedly left-wing website, did you get hate mail, people attacking you? >> i didn't get hate mail. i had people who didn't agree with me. >> that's okay. as long as they did it in a responsible way. >> there was a resounding amount of silence. >> silence. >> silence from people. but i have to say i was surprised at the amount of working class and middle class white people who said, thank you for speaking out for us. >> sure. >> this isn't about race. i think it's about economic opportunity, and it's about power, who has it and who doesn't. >> what about the african-american community itself, should we believe the polls that say they don't like donald tru donald trump en masse? >> i think the vast majority of african-americans aren't going to vote for donald trump but i don't think they would vote for any republican. but i have to say this election cycle i've talked to many african-americans who said they are going to vote for donald trump. and i can tell you in 2012 and 2008 i didn't meet one
8:53 pm
african-american who said they were -- >> you think he'll do better than romney did with african-americans? >> absolutely. >> but remember barack obama obviously as a black man, mixed race, had an advantage in the african-american precincts because they identified with him. >> i think that the dirty little secret people aren't talking about is the concerns of the working class white working class are also the same concerns that black working class has. >> should be. >> good jobs, taking care of your family, opportunity for a better life for your children than you had. >> uh-huh. >> those thing that's are starting to be be more and more further out for people to be able to access. >> so trump has a chance if he works the african-american precincts and brings his message there. you think he has a chance. >> i think he does have a chance. i think he needs to be butt tond up and more disciplined with the things he's saying of the but i do think the underlying message resonate was americans regardless of race. >> counselor, thank you for coming in. "factor" tip of the day.
8:54 pm
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with trump. you tackled important issues and gave viewers proof that you are fair. not happy, mr. trump is saying he will not discuss specific strategies to defeat isis. we need to establish to the world that we will stay and defeat these people. i was born and raised 15 miles south of san francisco. the city is now a dump. that's all there is to it. it's true that pinheads are now running this city. wish i could do more but i'm just 17. just wait. you go get them, dave! get very well educated and you get into san francisco politics and clean that place up. i predict that donald trump will select marco rubio as his vp. that would be stunning. there's bad blood between the
8:58 pm
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patriot. and finally tonight, the "factor" tip of the day. recently i opined in this segment we should all own up to our mistakes. i made one last night. i said to donald trump he would need more than 100 million votes to win. as viewer noel and many other reminded me, president obama won last time around with about 66 million votes. i was off just a bit. very sorry. sometimes fog rolls in. admit your mistakes. "factor" tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from then we would like you to spout off about the "factor" from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a cox comb when rigwriting to the "factor." on monday, just to torture charles krauthammer. i'll have a segment on what
9:00 pm
president obama and donald trump have in common. the doctor and i will discuss that. thanks again for watching this special edition of "the factor." i'm bill o'reilly. please always remembert t t t t spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the 2016 gop race comes full seshg el ci the issue of illegal immigration comes to the state. i'm megyn kelly. we've seen ugly moments when angry trump critics have tried to crash events and met in some cases some angry trump fans in response. a couple hundred turned out in burlingame, california, justify a few hours ago, pushes against police lines and shouting about the businessman. but the spectacle that erupted outside of trump's rally in orange county last night, that looked like something right out of a


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