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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 29, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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have in common. the doctor and i will discuss that. thanks again for watching this special edition of "the factor." i'm bill o'reilly. please always remembert t t t t spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the 2016 gop race comes full seshg el ci the issue of illegal immigration comes to the state. i'm megyn kelly. we've seen ugly moments when angry trump critics have tried to crash events and met in some cases some angry trump fans in response. a couple hundred turned out in burlingame, california, justify a few hours ago, pushes against police lines and shouting about the businessman. but the spectacle that erupted outside of trump's rally in orange county last night, that looked like something right out of a movie.
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watch. >> some 17 people were arrested as protesters scaled traffic lights, buildings and physically fought with trump supporters. after a rally where trump doubled down on the dangers of illegal immigration and reiterated his call to build a wall. inside the event, trump drove his message home by surrounding himself by families who have had members killed by illegal immigrants. judging by the crowd's reaction, that message hit home. >> they all have a very similar story to tell. people who should have never been allowed to be here and come over the boredorer, they come here like it's nothing. they walk through it like it's nothing. we're going to stop it and we're fwing to build a wall. we're going to also -- we can't
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have this, folks. we don't have a country anymore. i'm looking at statistics where your crime numbers are so crazy they're going to through the roof. we can't have it anymore. we have to stom it. you know, their lives are so important. and your relatives' lives are so important. your boys, your girls, all of the people, they did not die in vain, believe me. >> trace gallagher has more from our west coast newsroom. >> megyn, even before the rally, the tension level was very high outside the pacific amphitheater you had supporters and protesters taunting each other with police trying to keep them apart. inside the theater, 18,000 strong and hundreds who could not get in. and donald trump was not toning down his rhetoric one bit. it was raucous inside but very peaceful. then the speech ended, the sun set and emotion rose. hundreds of protesters moved from the amphitheater to the
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streets, blocking traffic, even shutting down the entrance to a freeway. dozens of the trapped vehicles were driven by trump supporters. one man who got out of his car got into a confrontation, came away with a bloody face. and as the protesters goss more threatening, police donned riot gear with officers on horse back trying to disperse the crowd. it did not work and the violence grew. bottles and rocks hurled at police, a patrol car window smashed, the car itself pummeled. watch. many of the protesters carrying mexican flags an posing for selfies said they came to rail against trump's immigration policy and his remarks about mexico sending rapists and drug dealers into the united states. coast ka mesa police say they did not use force but they did make 17 arrests. listen to some of the reaction to one of those arrests.
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and while the arrests and protests were going on outside the pacific amphitheater, donald trump was already making his way to northern california to address the gop state convention. megyn. >> trace, thank you. inside that trump event, the candidate was joined on stage by a number of people who had their loved ones killed by people in this countrylly. one of the most powerful moments when trump handed the mike to a man who shared a story about his son, a high school football star, gunned down by illegal immigrants just steps from his home. >> just when i sat down, i heard two gunshots. i remember saying, damn, i hope this boy not dead. called his phone. didn't answer. went outside. man in the street dead, shot in the head. couldn't believe it. even to this day i couldn't believe it. you've got illegal aliens on a
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third gun charge, never been deported, was given the last one he had assault with a deadly weapon, battery on a peace officer, resisting arrest. put them in the county jail for eight months, let him out four months early. same day he got out, he was looking for blacks to kill because of the 18th street gang i dedicated my life to my kids like we all do. and to see him land dead in the street and to hear that he was in the county jail and was released on a saturday night, no supervision, nothing called i.c.e. that's not fair as american citizens. we demand americans first. we don't care about illegal aliens. we don't care. americans first. i can't save my son, but trump is here to save us all. like i said, he's going to give us real hope and real change. thank you! >> rich lowry is a fox news contributor and editor of "national review."
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david woel is a trump supporter and attorney. he was in the rally last night with mr. trump. great to see you both. the write-ups of trump's event last night, rich, by "the l.a. times" said he put his roughest edges on display, saying he doubled down on some of his most controversial statements, and felt i guess that he was pushing the immigration issue and the issue about muslims in a way that was provocative. what say you? >> well, yeah, it's provocative. it's also brilliant gut-level, highly emotive politics. you could not look at that spectacle last night both inside and outside the arenna and not feel charged up. either pro or con. i give trump credit for having those families on that stage. they deserved to be heard. they've been ignored too much by ordinary politicians and by the press. so all that's to the good. the question i have is one, sincerity. donald trump in 2012 was
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criticizing mitt romney, nice, polite mitt romney, for being too tough on immigration and alienating hispanics. two, if trump wins the nomination and loses to hillary, which polls can change but every poll indicates that's go fog happen, it's going to be highly discrediting to a cause that a lot of us consider very important to get the illegal immigration problem under control and adopt a tighter and more rational immigration policy. >> david, as we look at video of what happened earlier today in burlingamor, california, when trump spoke there. you can see the passions run high, as they have for months now when it comes to trump, for and against. you were inside the rally. i don't remember a rally in recent history where a politician has given such a platform to the victims of what is a serious problem in the country. people here illegally who choose to commit major, terrible felonies against americans. that does happen.
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it's not that they all do it. it's that those who have fallen victim don't often get that kind of platform. >> yeah. and megyn that was a last-minute decision by mr. trump to bring them up in back of him to let them be heard. as you heard, the one gentleman i was talking to before he spoke, there were tears in the crowd listening to what he had to say. this was like a combination of mid-1980s van halen concert versus an extraordinary political rally where people were riveted to his every word. megyn, one of the problems hillary clinton is going to have is donald trump at least in california is dissolving political parties. i spoke to three women, registered democrats lifelong democrats, who said they don't believe at this point that hillary clinton is a viable option. they're voting for donald trump simply because they like his ideas, not because he's a republican. that was transcendent throughout the crowd. afterwards, megyn, vi to say my daughter and i could not get out of the parking lot because of those 200 or so protesters who
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really weren't protests. they were criminal opportunists. there were some good protesters there, but these people just wanted to cause trouble. >> there's trump with your daughter. >> that was awful, but the real story was the extraordinary rally, the extraordinary emotion. and this tidal wave of momentum that donald trump is creating going into california. >> question for you on that, rich. one thing we've seen in almost every election cycle but certainly in 2012, i remember covering the mitt romney rallies, and one of thim he had something like 70,000 people. it was insane, so many people, enthusiasm. it was just something to behold. he got killed in that election. just barack obama slaughtered him. politically, of course. so can you really go by crowd enthusiasm as an indicator of what's likely to happen in the polling stations? >> not always, but it has been a pretty indicator so far, right? trump has been drawing huge crowds from the beginning and has been sweeping all the way through with some bumps on the
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road and maybe more to come. you know, this thing isn't wrapped up yet. but i think the problem for trump and the potential threat to the party is he hasn't figured out a way to light up about 40% of the republican party, in an extraordinary way because he obviously has this genius flare for the dramatic and for theater. that's extremely important in politics. politics is not just rationality and polity papers. it's emotion and gut-level feelings. he a's appealing to a lot of republicans on that level. and there's some democrats as well. but all the polls indicate that while republicans are really attracted to this, there's so many other voters in the country who aren't. they look at the spectacle last night and i agree with david, those protest rz are goons. there's never any excuse for violence. they look at the whole trump speblt kell and say, this is too. . we don't like it. it's not presidential. you have 70% of women in some opinion polls disapproving of
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him. that's going to be very hard for him to undo. >> and david, i'll give you the last word. some 85% of hispanics. his disapproval numbers with hispanics are at record levels. >> and hispanics were in that crowd in record numbers last night, megyn. i don't particularly buy the polls. we have six months to go to the november election. he has a tidal wave of momentum. i think he'll bring people together. >> do you think, david, trump is going to shift to the center on immigration once -- if he becomes the nominee? that would be extraordinary if he starts shifting on that. that's his core issue. >> no, i don't think he's going to shift to the center, megyn. he's made his platform very clear, that he wants just the laws that exist to be enforced. when people think about that, it's very common sense. people are on board with that. you should have heard when he just brought up the issue, there were latinos in the crowd cheering because it means something to them, too, to have their immigration laws enforced so their jobs and lives aren't
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affected as well. >> and the folks who have done it properly or are waiting to. thanks, guys. with just 72 hours to go until the critical indiana primary, there was big news today when governor mike pence delivered an endorsement. governor mike huckabee is next on what it means for tuesday. plus, a number of critics hammered will ferrell after reports he was going to play ronald reagan in a comedy about reagan's struggle with alzheimer's. after the north carolina governor came on our show last night, we got a call from montel williams who offered a new argument on this issue. he's here just ahead. >> hate bill 2 is not a bathroom bill. >> that's right. >> it is not a bill to protect women and children from predators. it is a cynical attempt to pit
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breaking tonight with indiana's make or break primary just a few days away, hoosiers state governor mike pence today announced he's endorsing senator
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ted cruz. but there was an interesting qualifier sort of. listen. >> i like and respect all three of the republican candidates in the field. i particularly want to commend donald trump, who i think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working americans. i'm not against anybody, but i will be voting for ted cruz in the upcoming primary. i think the man has shown the courage of his convictions. but let me be very clear. i urge every hoosier to make up their own mind. whoever wins the republican nomination for president of the united states i'm going to work my heart out to get elected this fall. >> what did you think? joining me now, a republican governor who has handed out just a few endorsements in his day, mike huckabee. >> i would have liked to have had some more. >> next time. ted cruz has shown the courage of his convictions. where is mike pence's courage of
9:18 pm
his convictions? i mean you tell me whether that was a lame endorsement. >> well, it was like he put $5 on cruz, $4 on trump and $3 on kasich just to make sure that he covered all his bets. look, his endorsement is a big thing for ted cruz. i don't want to do anything to take that away from cruz because to get the sitting governor of indiana just before the election is a big deal. but it was a very tepid endorsement. >> he could have done better. >> about as tepid as you can get. >> governor, sell it a little, would you? you don't have to compliment my adversaries right before you endorse me. that's what i would say if i were ted cruz. >> yeah. i'm pretty sure that ted was squirming in his chair as he listened to the first part of that and even wondering, is he about to maybe turn around and endorse trump instead? >> but in the end he made his endorsement. >> but here's my question for you. >> he was protecting himself politically. >> right. he'll be up for a reelection
9:19 pm
battle himself. today is the day he did the endorsement. we all watch t. we're in news. we analyze it. regardless of how it went, ted cruz is going to be able to go out there saturday, sunday, monday and tell voters, i have the endorsement of your governor, the governor stands with me. so that will play well, no? >> it will play well. but donald trump gets to go out and say, i got bobby knight. i mean, i'm sorry, but you can be a governor of a state, but whoever is your sports icon, that's the person who actually sometimes carries a whole lot more weight. i used to tell coach frank burrell at arkansas i'm just a governor. you're frank broyles. you're like a deity. i'm just some lowly guy they can kick to the curb. so it's not going to be that this trumps, fu wi s if you wile other endorsement because the bobby knight endorsement was, as donald trump would say, was huge. >> quick question for you,
9:20 pm
indiana. if ted cruz wins it, do you think this goes to a contested convention? >> not necessarily. i still think that the problem for cruz is that trump is going to be hundreds of delegates ahead, millions of votes ahead. he's got more votes than romney or mccain did when they got the mination. and it's just hard to say that, well, he shouldn't get the nomination. when i hear people say, but he's not getting alt republicans, megyn, the point is he's getting a lot of people who aren't republicans. he's getting democrats and independents coming to vote for him. if guring to win a general election, you can't win it with the narrowest of republicans. you have to win it with people who normally don't vote republican. that's what trump is bringing to the table this time. >> govern, always great to see you. >> thank you, megyn. >> joining us with more, guy benson, a political editor at guy, good to see you. so you tell me. wouldn't you be like, sell it a
9:21 pm
little more? like come on, you could list a few more things. why are you talking about trump while you're endorsing me? that's what i would be saying. >> it was lukewarm. let's use that word. i was just sitting there watching and waiting like governor huckabee, all right, when is the endorsement coming? i'm voting for ted cruz. he said some nice things. he warmed up a little bit. but i think it is absolutely true that, although, look, this is one full spectrum conservative endorsing another. that's not the surprising thing. but at the end of the day, mike pence is up for reelection this year in indiana, and he did not want to needlessly inflame any significant chunk of his voting base, his electoral base in that state. so he really covered his bases and lavished praise upon trump before saying, and, yeah, i'm voting for cruz. >> they say charlie sykes the conservative radio host in wisconsin is reporting that governor scott walker pressured mike pence to consider cruz. that's perhaps what got him over the line on that. let me ask you whether you think this makes a difference in
9:22 pm
indiana because i assume you agree -- tell me if you don't -- this is it for ted cruz. he's got to win this state. >> yep. yes, i think that's right. two points. first of all, you'll hear from trump people tonight, this doesn't matter, this is irrelevant. who cares? well, the fact is donald trump sought mike pence's endorsement and didn't get it so that's some self-serving revisionism right there. as for the broader picture and this nominating contest, there's no sugar-colting it, megyn. this is a must-win election on tuesday for ted cruz. and look, if he were to draw it up the way he wanted, this is how it would be playing out. he finally has the one-on-one contest he's been pining for against donald trump. he's got the governor in his he fiorina. the list goes on. this is a fairly conservative midwestern state. the stars are sort of aligning for ted cruz to pull off an upset. if he can do so, i think this thing is fought all the way through cal al and possibly beyond. if not, if donald trump wins
9:23 pm
regardless of this little streak for ted cruz that he's on, i think it's all she wrote. >> that's why everyone needs to watch fox news on tuesday night. >> indeed. >> in a way, it could be the culmination of this election season. guy, great to see you. >> thanks, megyn. there's also a new twist tonight in the controversy over will ferrell, president reagan and plans to make a comedy about mr. reagan's alzheimer's, because that's hilarious. plus, with protesters targeting trump events in california, we've put together a focus group of supporters to talk about what could be a rough road ahead with critics and the party. stay tuned. >> if the republican party care birthday what the people want, they'd be behind trump at this point. they're not behind trump. we are. so you know what? screw them. 123
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"yeah, completely painless." "credit karma. give yourself some credit." live from america's news headquarters, air bus is grounding all flights of the super helicopter following a fiery crash off the coast of norway friday. all 13 people on board were killed. the chopper was carrying
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passengers from an oil mat form in the north sea. witnesses say they saw the rotor blades breaking away while still in the air. sharp shooter dylan wanted a race war. he testified and told the court that he planned to commit suicide after the shootings. he is facing nine counts of murder and violating a number of south carolina hate crimes. now back to "the kelly file". >> announcer: from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. developing tonight, just four days away from the indiana republican primary, there have been two days of protests outside of donald trump events in california. this could continue for a while. in moments, we'll be joined by pollster and trump critic ed go
9:29 pm
ez ond what this means for the last few primary contests. but first we put together a focus group of republican primary voters in indiana who all say they are backing donald trump. pollster frank luntz was the moderator. watch. >> we have 23 people right now, all of them trump supporters, most of them who attend a trump rally just recently. can you explain to america what is so special about this man who has no political experience whatsoever? and yet you guys like him so much. help me. >> i don't get it still. i sit back and watch it and it amazing me. but i can't explain it. >> he says what we think. we're humans in the real world thinking maybe not always the thing that's are politically correct. he's saying it. >> i like him because he's a leader and what i want is somebody that is going to bring in the best people for every area. i want him to bring in the best people to handle the wall, the immigration, isis, our trade deals.
9:30 pm
he names names and that's why i like him. he's going to bring the best people in. >> it's way simpler for me. he's not a politician. i am so ticked off at these politicians, these career politicians. >> by the way, thank you for using that language. this is a family show, after all. >> i would have used the other. but, yeah, it's like you watch these guys, they're there forever. you know they're getting paid. you know they're getting oiled. you know they're making deals that are enhancing their own lives. and you know what? they don't care about us. >> he's fearless. he's absolutely fearless. he'll say anything at any time, and he doesn't care. >> but isn't that potentially too much? doesn't that give you some pause? >> sometimes. but overall no, i don't think so. because the truth is more important than anything. >> i think that probably all of us have seen him on television say something that all of us are going, that's what i think. >> such as? >> he's truly speaking for us. >> such as? >> he wants america to be first. >> pick a topic.
9:31 pm
immigration. nobody wants to say it because everybody is too busy being politically correct. i have no problem with immigrants but you need to do it legally. >> he wants america to be first. put america first. obama went on an apology tour and hillary rode shotgun. >> but is he qualified? will he sleep well at night knowing that he's -- >> yes. >> you think he's qualified? >> yes. you need somebody with a brain who's got intelligence who can make decisions and hire the right people to educate him. not necessarily somebody who's been to college and is trained in political science who has no experience doing anything. >> shouldn't our government be ran like a business? >> absolutely. >> isn't that what it's supposed to do? >> i want a show of hands. how many of you believe that the national government in washington should be run like a business? raise your hand. so it should be all about profitability? >> no. >> no. >> results. it should be about results. i'm an executive, and my boss evaluates me on results.
9:32 pm
the people in washington, what do they accomplish? we're $21 trillion in debt when obama leaves office. i would be fired for that. >> who here is angry at the republican party? keep your hands up if you're angry at the republican party. i want to focus on the last seconds we have in this segment on what's wrong with the republican party. members of congress watch this show. >> they focus on what the red herrings are. they want us to worry -- i'm a gay republican. there's one in indiana. they want us to worry about where i pee. that is not the issue that is -- and trump is above that. he's worried about where we are in the world, not where i use the bathroom. >> the rnc should be trying to unit the party right now. long ago if this had been anyone else besides trump an outsider, they would be behind him as the front-runner. >> this election cycle is a great example of how they ignore us. nobody even knew we didn't elect the people. i don't think trump knew and that's how genuine he is. >> for me it's very simple. if the republican party cared about what the people want,
9:33 pm
they'd be behind trump at this point. they're not behind trump. we are. so you know what? screw them. i mean, that's my thing. >> screw them. >> it's like, if they change the rules or they do something when we go into this convention that somehow like -- i don't know what the possibilities are. i don't know all the areas and the rules. but if they do something, i will vote for anybody but the republican nominee. >> who agrees with that? >> i agree. >> raise your hands high if you agree with that. >> joining us now with a different perspective, ed go ez, president of the terrence group and pollster with our principles pac, which is reportedly spending at least a million dollars on ads in indiana opposing mr. trump. ed, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what do you make of that message, they love the fact that, quote, he'll say anything? >> well, i've seen it all along. you know, quite frankly i understand it. there's nothing surprising here.
9:34 pm
i think the key word here is focus group of trump voters. you would see a much different story if you were looking at cruz voters or certainly if you were looking at hillary voters. and talking about what they would say about their candidates. i think we've seen in this country that over two-thirds of the country has felt we are off on the wrong track for well over 14 years now. so the frustration towards washington, the frustration towards the direction of the country has been there republican presidents, democrat presidents, republican congress, democrat congress. >> right. >> that very clearly is there. i think the thing for what we see in the trump voters is what we saw initially, is you had about a third of the republicans who very quickly, very intensely liked what he had to say, much like what you're hearing in this focus group. >> it's gone up from a third now, though. it's creeping up above a third now. >> well, if you look at his
9:35 pm
popular votes today, including the last two weeks,'s still below 40% of the republicans voting for him. all the trump people are going to say, well, i'm for him, i think everyone is. but the bottom line is, he started off with also a third that kind of questioned him, his style, his character, and through recent months their intensity has gone up, this threat of my voters are going to walk away if i'm the nominee. we're now between a rock and a hard place that we also have a large number of republicans that are saying, i'll walk away if he is the nominee. and when you look at the national numbers on where he is on his favorable and unfavorable he's gone from 55% up to 65%. >> what do you make of that? we talked earlier about his deficit with hispanics, women as well. what are you seeing when it comes to how he's doing with those groups? >> well, i mean, they are -- hispanics are close to 90% unfavorable at this point, african-americans are off the chart.
9:36 pm
you can't find anyone favorable towards him. with women he is over a 2 to 1. if you look at the ballot with hillary clinton, he's losing by 19 points to her with women. so these negatives have come up, even those republicans or those voters who are voting for him at this point, 28% are unfavorable, 12% strongly unfavorable. >> but isn't he doing better with married women? hasn't he made headway with married women? >> he's still upside down with women in terms of favorable/unsfaifavorable/u favorable/unfavorable. he's losing to hillary with married women. that is a group we always win by seven, eight, nine, ten points. if you look at white married women, we win by 15 points or more. it's the goal of what we're looking for. a large part of that group that turned very negative toerpds him in the beginning and he's only added negative brush strokes to that picture are those women who have reacted very strongly. >> ed, going to be an interesting few months. great to see you.
9:37 pm
>> it will. thank you very much, megyn. >> in the four weeks since north carolina passed it's so-called bathroom law a debate has raged from charlotte to california. tonight montel williams weighs in on why he thinks this could end up hurting conservatives in november. plus, have you seen this? former new york congressman anthony weiner and his wife decided to give documentary filmmakers remarkable access into their professional and personal lives. we'll show you how that looks when brian kill mee joins us, next. >> this is the worst, doing a documentary on my scandal. >> hi! go ahead... leave the competition behind. lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. there's no going back. don't go to paris. don't go to la.
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9:42 pm
they don't believe it goes far enough. last night north carolina's governor came on "the kelly file" to defend the law. watch. >> i don't like the rhetoric that's often used on the right saying what the fear is. it's a basic expectation of privacy that i hear from mom and dad and families that when their daughter or son goes into a facility, a restroom, they expect people of that gender, of that biological sex or gender, to be the only other ones in that. that's the expectations that we've had for many many years. >> joining me with more is montel williams. >> great to see you. >> why are you shaking your head? >> this is all a ruse. what the republican party has to understand is that taking a bill, hb-2, and there are discussions about bathrooms. >> basically, it just says the part we were discussing there, if you're transgendered you can't use the bathroom of choice. you have to use the bathroom of the sex that you were born with basically. >> therefore, if you go to north carolina, you have to carry your
9:43 pm
birth certificate with you because that's the only way to validate your sex. >> i know. is there a potty police? >> i think someone will be standing outside to ask us to pull down our pants. >> talk about invasion of privacy. >> that's one. the other two is there are three other articles here, the an antizrimt nation, the ability to sue. >> this is a different part of the bill. >> no one is talking about it. >> explain it. >> it's a part of the bill that will not allow anyone to sue the state of north carolina for discrimination in any of the contracts that they sign. two -- >> if they've been discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. >> oh, no. the language is so broad, this could be misinterpreted to say black, hispanic, asian, woman. >> that would be thrown right out. that would be clearly unconstitutional. >> but nobody is talking about it. if you look at the other tenet, it says even in businesses, i can't sue you in the state of north carolina for discriminating against me if you don't allow i and my wife who happens to be caucasian to get a room at your hotel.
9:44 pm
i can't sue in north carolina. the remedies are there because in federal law you can sue. but how many people can afford a federal lawsuit? and the last one is they slipped in a cap to the minimum wage. so north carolina has got a bill that basically now says, no matter what the minimum wage is in the rest the country, you are capped. two, anybody coming to your state can't sue if they feel they're discriminated against at state law level. >> there are question bz those insertions on the discrimination law. that's been settled for a long time. >> sure. >> do you think -- ted cruz loves this issue. 's been exploiting it, distinguishing himself from trump saying donald trump thinks it's appropriate for a grown man to go into i a little girl's bathroom and talking about how horrific this would be for our daughters and so on. he clearly thinks he's on to something. >> right here, megyn. morgan stableer and morgan hughes. which is which? this is michael hughes, but michael was born a female. now, is michael now supposed to
9:45 pm
walk into the women's bathroom and tell me that you're going to like to see michael standing there or in my case morgan was born a male and this is morgan now. so morgan now has to walk into the men's bathroom and do what? we don't know what her anatomy is. when she washes out, someone will inspect to see if she's -- stop the stupid. both of these guys claim to be christian moralists. what is the basic premise of every religion on this planet? you get judged by what you do for the least of us when you pass on. how dare you try to judge them now on this planet. and claim to be a christian. you can't have it both ways. you can't. >> mont tell, great to see you. >> thanks. great to see you. seems hillary clinton has found a new way to court women voters today. introducing the woman card. this exists. this actually exists. brian kilmeade has thoughts on
9:46 pm
this next. plus, there's a new documentary coming on anthony weiner's sexting scandal. we'll give you your first sneak peek. >> i'm going to try to talk about the issue facing new york city. >> don't push! >> oh, my god. >> i can't believe i gave the press the finger. does your mouth often feel dry? multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. developing tonight, there's a new twist in the controversy that exploded when reports surfaced that comedian will ferrell was plans to act in a comedy based on president reagan and his struggle with alzheimer's. after growing bash lash including angry letters from the reagan children, ferrell announced he's no longer going to be involved. brian, good to see you. >> nice to see, megyn. >> he's out. >> it was announced a couple hours ago, after the uproar became clear, not only was the average american upset by this but the reagan family was upset by this and found out will ferrell was not only going to star as ronald reagan, he was going to produce it. this is just one he was looking at, i think it was a little
9:51 pm
disingenuous. what i find compelling about the story and confusing which makes me think the whole story hasn't come out, this was written up in a hollywood magazine, said the script was popular following its announcement. it made it to this thing called the blacklist. the blacklist is an annual catalog of unproduced scripts in hollywood. everyone was excited about is. to be on the blacklist, everyone in hollywood thinks it's going to make a lot of money. they had a table read with lena dunham, was going to star as peggy noonan. >> this is a hilarious idea? >> it's unbelievable because they were going to make it and the premise was that ronald reagan in his final years had alzheimer's, dementia, he was going to be told by an intern you should act like the president. that's where the laughs would begin. i thought this was really compelling that patty davis wrote, she said in hearing about the script, i watched in fear as fear invaded my father's eyes. this man was never afraid of anything. i heard his voice tremble as hi stood in the living room and
9:52 pm
said, i don't know where i am. i don't know where you fit the laugh track in that because that's the reality." >> absolutely right. i don't care what you think about reagan, this is obviously not being made by fans of his. >> still could be made. >> how about people who suffer from also hzheimer's or dementi the next topic, hillary is literally playing the woman card. looks like a subway card. >> she's using it to raise money. donald trump came out saying what everyone is thinking and knowing. if you watch hillary clinton dating back to 2008, she always says wouldn't it be great to have a first woman president? she always says it over and over again from barack obama to when she's guesting on ellen, to when she's standing up against bernie sanders she'll bring up the fact she's a woman and is going to be the first. so donald trump has a tepndency so say what's on his mind. >> i'm aware of that. >> i can see some tapes. he says flat-out, she's going to play the woman's card. she'd get 5% approval without the woman. she's embracing it. now she's using it as a
9:53 pm
fund-raiser. my sense is this is an overreach, overstep. i think in one way, even though all the experts disagree with me and have color charts and bar graphs, so they must know what they're talking about. >> and political science education. >> i know you hate sports analogies. bear with me. if a defensive lineman looks at the offensive lineman tells the ref, watch, he holds, that ref is going to look all game to see if the offensive lineman is going to hold even though he's not supposed to. he's saying watch, she's going to play the women's card. every time she brings it up, he's going to neutralize the whole thing. it's hard to go against his school thought of -- >> she doesn't have to do it because we know she's a woman, so no further explanation is required. >> right. she's hillary. >> now, my old friend anthony weiner. >> right. >> in the midst of his scandal was allowing a documentary to be made and thereafter, at least, was allowing a documentary to be made about his wife. here's a clip. watch. >> running for mayor, clean up the mess that i had made.
9:54 pm
>> real scumbag. >> takes one to now one, rk, jackass. >> why did she just walk -- >> there's no chance to win anymore. >> it's really apocalyptic right now. >> at a certain point, you've got to say, look, i don't quite -- >> what? tell us. >> just remember, he got into a scand scandal, had to resign his commission. he lied to say he wasn't involved with sending out pictures of his pants and what was in hists. >> yeah. >> then he -- >> naked pictures. >> right. without his pants. he said, i have an idea, i'm going to run for mayor. yet he was still doing all this, the chicanery. edge line films said why don't we do a documentary about your quest for redemption? he failed miserably in that. i see this, 2:30, you can't take your eyes off it. it's unbelievable that he's doing this. if this was a scripted show,
9:55 pm
a -- something we'd see on hbo, i'd go, okay, it's pretty good. it's not realistic, but it's good. this happened. >> right. >> this is somebody -- edge line films is very experienced, did saddam hussein's trial. >> where do we see it? >> right now it's just airing in shows. going to come to a theater shortly. >> woe hae have to pay at a tth to see it? i don't know if i want to be seen in a theater. i'd definitely stream it. >> the audacity of someone saying bring it on again and filming, knowing he was still tweeting things that got him in trouble to begin with. >> wow. he thought nobody would find out again. >> right. >> and they did. >> they did. >> now we all know. >> the magic of social media. >> that's right. now it's official that his political career has ended. he's admitted that, himself. and fair thee well, anthony weiner, as well as you. thank y
9:56 pm
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will you go see the anthony
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we weiner movie? let me know on facebook or on twitter @megynkelly. thanks for watchingeverybody. this right here is "the kelly file." have a great weekend. and welcome to "hannity," and we are in beautiful indianapolis, in indiana, at the indiana war memorial tonight. now for the entire hour, we're joined by senator ted cruz and his new vice presidential running mate, carly fiorina. way have a large audience. welcome all of you. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. i wonder -- [ cheers and applau ]


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