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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  April 30, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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candidates pitch the delegates directly. one climbing over a wall to avoid protesters today. and another touting an unconventional endorsement. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier, the race son to the gop nomination. texas nor ted cruz picked up a big endorsement while his opponents insisted it wasn't all it was hyped to be. and donald trump likened his entrance to california's republican convention, to crossing the border. after hundreds of protesters lined the streets outside the hotel, where he gave a speech.
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senior national correspondent john roberts reports from burlingame, california. >> for the third time this week, ted cruz put a hammer-lock on the news cycle in indiana. governor mike pence announcing he will be voting for cruz. >> i see ted cruz as a principled conservative. who is dedicated his career to advocating the reagan agenda. and i'm pleased to support him. >> but even as he threw his support behind cruz, pence had high praise for donald trump. >> i particularly want to commend donald trump, who i think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working americans. with a the lack of progress in washington, d.c. >> as watered-down as the endorsement might have been, cruz supporters breathed a sigh of relief that it came at all. about time some in california told fox news, cruz is hoping that pence's support will lead to repeat of wisconsin. >> i recognize the media wants to do what they can to pooh-pooh the endorsement.
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it is significant to have the strong conservative governor of indiana making clear that he is voting for me. and he is supporting me. >> in california, it was donald trump commanding the news cycle. speaking today to the california republican party. but the news was mostly about the fact that protesters disrupted his motorcade's arrival. forcing him to navigate a series of barriers and barricades to get to the speech site. >> that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. my wife called, she said there are helicopters following you and we went under a fence and through a fence and -- it felt like i was crossing the border. >> there were clearly issues with crowd control. protesters broke through a barricade. but it was nothing like the violent disturbance at a trump event in costa mesa where protesters clashed with police and trump supporters. one trump supporter was injured. his face bloody. a police car smashed.
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20 protesters arrested. while trump and cruz battle it out in california and indiana, governor john kasich is looking toward oregon which votes on may 17th. a superpac supporting kasich straining the peace agreement with cruz with, a new oregon ad sharply critical of the texas senator. >> after landing with a thud in new york. cruz can't stop trump. >> the protesters here in california cannot stop trump, they forced the secret service to adjust their protocol. since reagan was shot, the secret service keeps protestee's exposure to a minimum. >> john, thank you. what do you think, do you think cruz will be helped in tuesday's primary by the endorsement of indiana's governor, mike pence? let me know at on the democratic side, hillary clinton delivered her first
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public remarks, this morning, since winning four of five northeastern primaries tuesday. in a speech to a new york city school, she made no mention of the race. bernie sanders or donald trump. sanders campaigned in indiana today. where he also made no mention of his opponent. instead, pushing democrats to defy corporate interests. there's a fight for your vote. but also, a battle for delegates. it's a war ted cruz has been waging behind the scenes and a system that donald trump has called rigged. tonight, chief washington correspondent james rosen takes us inside the process of selecting delegates. >> we talk about the grassroots, but really we should talk about the kampting as in the rock hill holiday inn where the party activists you hear so much about, these folks have gathered to elect three delegates to the republican national convention from south carolina's fifth congressional district. >> one, two, three. >> it took 60 minutes to count
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08 ballots from ten counties before steven blanton, a finance officer at a meat-packing plant emerged as the top vote-getter. because donald trump won the south carolina primary, all of the palmetto state's 50 delegates are bound to vote for trump in the first ballot in cleveland. but blanton told fox news, because he respects the will of the people, he wouldn't even vote for the ohio governor on a second ballot. >> if you're talking about a delegate count where we're even and there were a tie issue at stake, i would probably want to do, do something for kasich. but i don't think, i think we're out of those woods right now. >> the second delegate chosen, sherry smith, bookkeeper at an assistant living facility was a field director for ted cruz and would support him on a second ballot. >> would you encourage him to keep doing what he's doing and take it all the way to june 7th? >> step it up a notch, even. >> the third delegate chosen, linda mccall in the blue jacket
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is married to a national committeeman and remained uncommitted. all but one of south carolina's congressional districts have chosen their delegates and cruz won a majority chiefly because he had a head start. >> the number of cruz supporters. >> how much of a free agent these delegates really are on a second or third ballot when they all have to come home and deal with party leaders higherer in rank is hotly disputed. >> what they are going to be thinking about first and foremost, is not what do i have to answer for when i get home. but who is most likely to beat hillary clinton. >> where some of the gop activists we met here were once willing to speak critically about donald trump they're now more apt to hedge in public. perhaps reflecting their admission that the man they thought impugned the process, is now increasingly likely to be their nominee. >> james rosen in south carolina. thank you.
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the pentagon blames human errors, equipment failure and fatigue for the bombing of a hospital in afghanistan that killed 42 people last year. but insists it was not a war crime. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon on what it means for the service members involved. >> the 3,000-page report on the october airstrike that killed 42 people including a dozen medical personnel at the doctors without borders hospital in kunduz, afghanistan, is redacted. 16 service members, including a two-star general were disciplined, but will not face criminal charges or court-martial. >> the label war crimes is typically reserved for intentional acts, intentionally targeting civilians or intentionally targeting protected objects or locations. >> the report concludes the afghan hospital was on a no-strike list but the ac-130
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gunship crew could not access the list during the attack, due to a equipment failure. a they were targeting a special forces unit. the aircraft arrived at the wrong location, after a hurried takeoff and being fired on by a surface-to-air missile. centcom said the air crew did not know they were firing on a hospital during the 30-minute strike. >> there was no intention on any of their parts to take a short-cut or to violate any rules that were laid out for them, and they were attempting to do the right thing. >> the military admitted u.s. forces were never fired on from the hospital as initially reported. doctors without borders issued the following statement quote, today's briefing amounts to an admission of an uncontrolled military operation in a densely populated urban area. during which u.s. forces failed to follow the basic laws of war. while the 16 u.s. service
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members will not face charges, the disciplinary action could end their military careers. >> what can you tell us about the reinstatement of a decorated green beret who was kicked out of the army for punching a taliban commander accused of pedophilia? >> in a dramatic about-face, the u.s. army decided to retain a decorated green beret it had planned to kick out after he physically confronted an afghan commander accused of repeatedly raping a young boy. charles first class martland confirmed the decision to fox news. congressman duncan hunter pressed the army for months to overturn its decision. martland and his team leader confronted the afghan commander after the boy's mother reported the crime. when the man laughed off the incident, they shoved him to the ground. we spoke to sergeant martland last night. he said he's happy he can now continue to serve. the death toll in syria is contested city of aleppo continues to rise following renewed fighting this week.
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today insurgents hit a mosque as people left friday prayers, killing at least 15, government air strikes struck an opposition-held area. violence has killed more than 200 civilians in the past week. including dozens at a hospital in a rebel-held neighborhood. aid agencies warn that aleppo is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. three u.s. government agencies working together spent nearly $760 million on education programs in afghanistan. without checking, to see if those programs were working. a new inspector-general's report found the defense and state departments, along with the u.s. agency for international development spent the money on dozens of education programs in the country between 2002 and 2014. without properly monitoring the outcomes of those programs. the i.g. made several recommendations to correct the problems. to which the three agencies have in part. agreed to. the obama administration made a promise to curb gun
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violence. and today issued a progress report that report include as technology that some in law enforcement believe could be flat-out dangerous. correspondent kevin corke reports on the new technology that's taking fire. >> in unveiling his latest push for smart gun technology on his latest blog, president obama laid out his plan to use executive action to speed up use and development. to prevent accidental shootings, smart guns use high-tech features such as fingerprint activation that allows only certain users to fire the weapon. >> if we can set it up so you can't unlock your phone unless you got the right fingerprint, why can't we do the same thing for our guns? >> if a child can't open a bottle of aspirin, we should make sure they can't pull a trigger on a gun. >> the continuation of an effort that kicked off in january when the president tasked the departments of justice, homeland security and defense, to study advanced gun safety technology.
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resulting in today's 17-page report which promised further research and collaboration with local law enforcement in the future. in addition to boosting development of smart gun technology, the white house says its plan insures that background check providers would get the federal mental health records of those prohibited from buying guns and critics warned that white house officials rejected the notion. >> i think this is a consistent with the wild-eyed conspiracy theorys that we've heard on this issue. for years now. >> still, some experts believe so-called smart guns make potential users like law enforcement less safe. because they run on batteries. and the software could be prone to hacking. >> i think it's federal overreach and frankly, it is dangerous. if anyone has an iphone with a fingerprint app, think how often that has failed and not worked. and now think about trying to apply that to guns.
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>> meanwhile, very strong reaction tonight, bret, from the n national rifle association. the spokesperson saying that president obama's obsession with gun control knows no boundaries. battling terrorism this administration would rather have military focus efforts on the president's gun control agenda. bret? >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. the first u.s. death related to the zika virus has been reported. a 70-year-old man from san juan puerto rico died in february due to complications from the mosquito-borne virus. the new comes as the disease could reach epidemic status this summer. >> mosquitos ready to sting and in fact don't care that we don't have a budget agreement. they're here. >> as the fight on capitol hill
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to fund the battle against the zika virus rages on, stunning new today, that south florida will most likely witness epidemic levels of the disease this summer. that prediction coming from nasa. the space agency also says the mosquito which transmits zika is expected to spread further north and live long they are summer. miami-dade county leads all counties in the nation with confirmed zika infections, 39. nasa's new map ranks the regions most at risk. these cities in red. miami, orlando and from new orleans to charleston. orange indicates a moderate abundance of the mosquito. the cities in yellow rank low. miami-dade spends $1.6 million a year on mosquito control. is asking the state for more, but isn't panicking yet. >> we feel we are prepared, and we have the resource we need to be able to dot appropriate spaying, the appropriate surveillance, the appropriate educoutreach.
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>> president obama is requesting $1.9 billion in emergency funding to fight zika, which causes brain defects in babies. but in the senate, republicans sent a democratic spending spree. >> they haven't told us what the plan for the use of the funds is. >> the zika bill failed to get a vote this week. public health officials say the zika battle is extremely dependant on all home owners to remove all standing water from their properties, they say all it takes is one small battlecap of water for this disease-spreading mosquito to lay its eggs and thrive. up next, puerto rico on the brink of default. and congress without a solution. first here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 45 baltimore, charges have been filed against the man who walked into our affiliate station thursday in a costume, claiming to have a bomb. 25-year-old alex brissee faces several charges, including arson
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and reckless endangerment. police shot him at least three times, he's expected to survive. fox 25, oklahoma city, nebraska and oklahoma's attorneys general are joining a lawsuit aimed at stopping legal marijuana in colorado. the states argue they have an interest in stopping marijuana from crossing their state borders. the supreme court denied considering a similar lawsuit by states in march. a live look at philadelphia, from our affiliate fox 29, flames roaring above the trees in western pennsylvania following a natural gas explosion at a pipeline complex. the explosion sent a fireball hundreds of feet into the air. it could be felt miles away. injuring one person. the fire was brought under control within about an hour. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. p?p?h
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. 11 people are dead, two other missing following a helicopter crash off the coast of norway. the airbus helicopter was flying from an offshore oilfield when it crashed into a tiny island. the cause of the crash is under investigation, but norway's aviation authority said the helicopter had maintenance servicing delays twice last
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year. the agency is immediately banning helicopters of the same type from flying in the country. back here in the u.s. congress has left town without reaching a resolution on puerto rico's bankruptcy crisis. the commonwealth is due do default on $422 million in payments this weekend. correspondent doug mckelway reports on what happens now. >> if republicans leave without a fix, san juan will be ablaze while our lawmakers in washington go their separate ways. >> senate democrats are accusing republicans of slow-walking a fix for puerto rico's financial crisis. this monday, it will default on a $422 million debt payment that while congress, whose constitutional oversight includes puerto rico, is on a week-long recess, adding to the uncertainty, the treasury department must sign off on any deal and the man who drafted the bill to restructure the debt has to go back to the drawing board in the face of opposition from the left and the right. >> trying to make everyone
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happy? i can't even do that with my five kids. >> from the left, democrats accuse the gop of procrastinating. noting puerto rico's governor warned of the debt crisis ten months ago, some schools and hospitals have already closed. some police and firefighters have been laid off. the white house predicts even more drastic doomsday scenarios. >> the more they delay and the more that republicans drag their feet, the more likely it is that a bailout becomes the only option. >> from the right conservative house republicans maintain puerto rico created its own mess with overly generous pensions and irresponsible spending. some fear their own doomsday scenario for taxpayer the and an advocate for dark money group makes that case. >> if puerto rico is allowed to declare bankruptcy. high-spending states like illinois will also want to declare bankruptcy. >> the house and treasury department are getting very close when we return next week we're hoping to have some things
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more specific to deal with. >> chairman bishop is reassuring conservatives that no states will be bailed out by taxpayers, they, unlike territories are not congress's responsibility. he adds there is a bipartisan consensus on a puerto rico fix. >> no one is arguing on the basic premise ton a board to work an oversight to balance their budget and repail all creditors. >> asked when a bill will be ready, chairman bishop said soon. that reportedly means before july when a $2 billion repayment is due. if the debt is not restructured by then, the doomsday scenario of a taxpayer bailout might become a reality. more on this with the panel. texas controversial voter identification law will remain in effect. possibly through november's elections. the u.s. supreme court denied an emergency appeal from hispanic-american groups and democratic lawmaker who is say the measure is discriminatory. a federal appeals court will
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hold a hearing next month on the issue, and the high court says it could revisit the issue late they are year. the dow lost 57 today, the s&p 500 dropped 11, the nasdaq was down 30. for the week, the down day was the end of a down week. the dow and the s&p 500 both lost 1.25%. the nasdaq fell 2.33. plans for a will ferrell comedy that turned out to be no laughing matter, next.
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riots in ferguson and baltimore are just two examples of communities acting out in frustration over mistrust of the police. that's something the fbi is trying to fix. it begins at their academy in quantico. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with an exclusive look at the training it takes to build trust.
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>> while best known for training future agents, the bureau's campus in quantico, virginia is home to the fbi's national academy. >> it's not just in the u.s. it's all over the world. >> founded in 1935, the ten-week training course brings together law enforcement executives from everseas, as well as all 50 states to tackle the big issues. stephanie shannon is from simi valley, california. >> it's an extremely tough year. violence against law enforcement is an historic high. >> the riots in furgeson, missouri after michael brown was shot dead and the violence that erupted in baltimore after the death of freddie gray put community policing front and center. >> disenfranchisement. we have great security experts here that are good facilitators. >> those accepted to the national academy are required to take leadership training that addresses policing issues such as race relations and community
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involvement. both are signature initiatives of the attorney general. >> taking these flash-point incidents, using them as a starting point for the dialogue, for the conversation. >> as the global threat of terror increases, the academy strives to build relationships between local and international law enforcement the recent indictment of iranian national who is hacked a new york state dam underscored the local impact of cyber crime. juan gonzales is from spain. >> now in the global war is very important to have different links with other police. >> and the terrorist threat, whether it's an al qaeda plot to target the spanish commuter networks after 9/11 or a thwarted texas plot, local cops are first on the scene. >> so the academy emphasizes mental and physical conditioning. >> ultimately work up to a six-mile run with an obstacle course, which is very demanding and very aggressive. >> for shannon, an officer of 20
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years, it's an opportunity to learn during challenging times. >> we have terrorism to consider, we have cyber crime to consider. for me, it is to learn what are better ways of doing what we do every day. >> in quantico, virginia, catherine herridge, fox news. will ferrell won't do it, following a ferocious backlash, he's backing away from plans to make a movie satirizing ronald reagan's battle with alzheimer's. >> it's not the first time that will ferrell made a republican the butt of his jokes. so it wasn't a huge surprise that the hollywood magazine "variety" that ferrell agreed to star in and produce a movie mocking president reagan's battle with alzheimer's. >> to make a comedy out of a tragedy is a huge mistake. >> reaction was huge and
1:32 am
seemingly universal. >> to poke fun at a whole group of people through a president -- for a disease they can't do anything about. and that's tearing their family apart, it goes yonsd the pale. >> earlier ferrell backed away. his spokesperson saying the reagan script is one of a number of scripts that have been committed to ferrell. whi it is by no means an alzheimer's comedy, as has been suggested. mr. ferrell is not pursuing this project. >> suspect the blow-back is more about ronald reagan probably than about alzheimer's. >> while it's unclear if reagan suffered from dementia while in office, the movie is set during his presidency. the plot portray reagan struggling with his memory. to save face, an intern must convince the president that he's an actor playing the role of president for a movie. >> it's entirely possible that there was a table read and will ferrell liked it and said to somebody, yeah, that might be
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interesting to do. >> ferrell is a long-time democrat who recently switched his support from bernie sanders to hillary clinton. critics say in comedy there are no sacred cows, while ferrell said he won't make the movie, it doesn't else won't. bret? >> thank you. for once, the house, the senate and the president have quickly agreed on something. the president will sign a bill passed by both the house and senate this week. that makes the bison the national mammal. next up, the all-star panel on what they think of the indiana governor's endorsement
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i like and respect all three of the republican candidates. in the field. i particularly want to commend donald trump. who i think has, has given voice to the frustration of, of millions of working americans
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with a lack of progress in washington, d.c. i've come to my decision about who i'm supporting and i'm not against anybody. but i will be voting for ted cruz. >> i'm thrilled to have governor pence's support. i'm a huge fan of governor mike pence, he's a principled strong conservative. >> senator ted cruz got the support of indiana's governor mike pence. it took him a while to get to that endorsement. it is important as cruz is battling for indiana as you look at the real clear politics average of polls in indiana. you see it's tightening. a bit there. and this is the average of recent polls in indiana. the most recent poll came out today. it's from the center for indiana politics, it has a big change. in that ted cruz is up 16. that doesn't track with other recent polls, but it is the latest poll out of indiana. so we'll start there with our panel. syndicated columnist george
1:39 am
will, kirsten powers, "u.s.a. today" columnist and charles hurt, political columnist for the "washington times." first, george, mike pence, that endorsement, what does it mean? >> it was tardy, timid, incoherent and inconsequential. tardy, it comes on the eve of the voting and after early voting has been going on for a long time. one of the reasons that early vote something such a bad idea, it happens before full information is before the voters. it's timid because as you saw, he was really kind of straddled, not going to offend anybody at all. it's a poison chalice, being endorsed by an incumbent governor in a year where everyone hates the leadership class, it's a mixed blessing and whether or not it will be consequential is doubtful, because at this point there surely can't be six undecided voters in the state of indiana. >> kirsten, thoughts? >> i think you compare it to wisconsin and scott walker's
1:40 am
endorsement. which was very enthusiastic, very anti-trump that you had the talk radio people interrogating trump. it was much more enthusiastic i think than what we're seeing with pence. where he probably felt this is the lacst chance to stop trump. that's what it felt like. it didn't feel like, he's probably sort of accepted that trump may get the nomination, but needed to put this marker down. >> it also sounded like he's up for re-election. and eventually, he will have to deal with a large population in his state that supports donald trump. >> which underscores how powerful the support trump support has been in all of these. pockets in an unexpected way. he carried every single county in five states that he ran in earlier this week. just staggering, he outperformed even what he himself had
1:41 am
predicted. i've never heard of an endorsement where you're not -- if michael jordan said i wear nike, but i'm not expecting anybody else to wear nike, he wouldn't get a very lucrative deal from nike. >> here is donald trump on the gop picking candidates. >> the republican party in a presidential sense, doesn't win any more. you pick your standard cookie cutters, i can tell you already just give me the name of the person and i'll tell you exactly what state he's going to win and what states he's going to lose. i'm different. because i'm going to win states that nobody else can. >> the cruz camp is still saying they can stop trump. we've shown on the map that it's very possible he gets to 1237 before the convention. we'll see how it pans out. george, if he's the candidate, is he right, that he can win states that other republicans can't? >> his theory is there are
1:42 am
enough disaffected, downscale, that is noncollege-educated white voters, who have hitherto in recent elections stayed home. that he can locate and motivate these people and bring them to the polls and flip states like pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin, and elsewhere. it's an enormous risk. it's actually the theory that ted cruz had entering this campaign. that his work in primaries might have done if trump hadn't come in and will it work in the general election, it's an enormous risk. >> what about the republican party? i want to read a piece of david brooks' "new york times" op-ed. he said this election not only the trump phenomena, but the rise of bernie sanders has reminded us how much pain there is in this country. trump's success grew out of that pain, but he is not the right response to it the job for the rest of us is to figure out the right response. maybe the task is to build a ladder of hope. people across america who have been falling through the cracks, their children adrift. trump to his credit made them
1:43 am
visible. we can start at the personal level by hearing them talk. trump will have his gruesome moment. meeting neighbors who have become strangers and listening to what they have to say. he went on to say it was a joe mccarthy moment. pretty blistering. is it conceivable that the republican party can unify? >> i think david is going through stages of grief. he's really been opposed to trumpth and i think he's aware the establishment is coming. which is they're starting to accept that this is going to happen and he's not going to get behind them. and a lot of other people won't. a lot of people will. so i think people will be looking for a way to understand this. i do think that david is right about the fact that a lot of the people did not understand how disaffected americans are. >> the other side of the potential ticket in the fall. hillary clinton on the women's card. >> i have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they
1:44 am
speak. i'm not going to deal with their temper tantrums or their bullying. if playing the women's card means standing up for the concerns that women have and they express to me, then deal me in. >> charlie? >> you know, just to go back to the david brooks thing, because it's sort of amazing to me, it's astonishing to me that he and so many other people are surprised by the amount of pain and agony that is going on in america today. you know you don't have to go far outside of washington or new york, to see the ravages of people who are addicted to meth and heroin. it is, it is truly catastrophic. and i think he revealed something about himself when he says, oh, this is, i'm surprised by this. but you know maybe he can get to work on his ladder of hope and -- >> outside the beltway? >> yes. >> back to hillary. >> i'm fascinated by this you know she's obviously going with this woman card thing. grabbing it with both hands.
1:45 am
i talk to conservative women and they, a lot of them, they don't like her, but they do find that line of attack appealing. obviously donald trump is going full-bore in the other direction with it. and it may be something that could wind up being, he might have to temper some of that. george? >> i do not see the cost benefit of this for the republican party. i mean mr. trump is going to have huge problems getting to mitt romney's level of support. with young people, with hispanics and other minorities, levels that were not to put too fine a point on it, inadequate and now he's gone out of his way to insult 52% of the electorate. >> democrats licking their chops? >> yeah, they are. but i have to say. i would say if i had to analyze this right now, donald trump should not have done this how many times have we said that. and so who knows. there seems to be a method to his madness. it seems to be a mistake to do this.
1:46 am
she is playing the woman's card in the sense that she says i'm a woman and that's a benefit to you. what donald trump says i think is probably out of line is the fact that she would not be, in the position she's in if she wasn't a woman. i don't think that's true, i think a lot of women don't agree with that. >> as george points out, it is a very risky strategy that donald trump is trying. if anybody could do it it would be him. next up, the friday lightning round.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me.
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. and less than three days, the government of puerto rico will default. it isn't a hypothetical, it isn't a simulated crisis. it's all too real. if the republicans refuse to act in the next three days we will be forging blindly in the uncharted territory. >> the payment is due on the first. i think it's 400 million, i believe. and they are going to miss it not the first time they have missed a payment. there is a bigger payment that's due in july. we have have got to make sure we can solve this problem before that one. >> congress is leaving town. puerto rico is set to default on $422 million in debt on monday. you have probably seen these ads all over tv saying the
1:51 am
taxpayers eventually will be on the hook. obviously that's having an effect. and in congress, maybe it is, on republicans. they say enough is enough. democrats accuse the republicans of slow walking all of this. we're back with the panel. george? >> puerto rico is broke for the same week detroit went broke and illinois went they spent more than they could take in. lavish benefits on compliant public sector unions down there. what congress has to do is thread a needle. it wants to pass something that will not discourage negotiations between the creditors and the 17 debt-issuing entities in puerto rico and won't set a precedent that will allow illinois -- there is no structure in this country for states to go bankrupt as there is for municipalities. won't allow illinois to offload debts on the american public. this whole crisis may have an effect, i don't know how, on the understood debate down there. every president since harry
1:52 am
truman has supported understood for puerto rico. ronald reagan, when he announced his presidential candidacy in autumn '79 endorsed understood for puerto rico. they have consistently voted against it by increasingly narrow margins, however. this might bring it back. >> democrats are saying this is irresponsible of republicans. >> they are also saying that there is a fear mongering calling it a bailout when it's really not a bailout. it's a restructuring. not taxpayer money because they are not allow to negotiate with debtors. it would allow them to negotiate with them. set up a control board which is something republicans wanted and the democratic leadership feel if this isn't dealt with it will be catastrophic maybe not immediately but eventually catastrophic for puerto rico and could bleed over into other economies. >> charlie? >> get into washington and it's the typical partisan blaming one another. you know, this is the face of failed government promises that, you know, you can blame people in both
1:53 am
parties going back decades and it really does, i think, go to the heart of why people feel so frustrated and so much pain and agony in the country. >> meantime, tied to this was the zika virus which nasa has some imams that look like it's going to get worse here in the u.s. he have the first u.s. death reported. and obviously puerto rico is tied to this as well where this mosquito is rampant. here's what the white house says about that today. >> it is totally irresponsible for republicans to suggest that this broken budget process should be pursued to meet an urgent need. our public health professionals have called this a public health emergency. it's not as if the zika virus only effects democrats. pregnant in women in both parties are affected by the
1:54 am
zika virus. >> republicans, george, say there is $600 million reprogrammed. they have the money right now. that's why they didn't move on it. >> well, it is tangled up in the budget process, but, the money will get spent the cdc has a lot of police steej and infectious diseases are now a shock. 100 years ago they were killing people promiscuously. suddenniblely aids came and that was the first time a lot of the americans had to worry about infectious disease and now this again. americans are, rightly, shocked and startled. >> kirsten? >> the administration has moved money out of the ebola fund and they are saying that they can't keep taking money out of that because they will deplete that and possibly put us at risk for another ebola outbreak. they are saying we don't have the money. we have to make this emergency request because we need to be able to help the states fight these mosquitoes carrying the virus. >> charlie, last word? >> the amount of miss tear i can't and alarm that the ebola thing created in the
1:55 am
country even though it was not being spread around the country, you can only imagine what a hot political topic this is -- the zika thing is going to be when people knowing people who get sick and and if it does spread the way that those models predict that it will. >> yeah. the obama administration touts ebola as a big success and they have a right to do that. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a primary stay tuned for a primary pronunciation guide.
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finally tonight, we have had a lot of primary nights so far. some of them have names. super tuesday 7 or whatever it is. something like that. but last week we had the asela primary. so-called because the express train goes through all five states. that was not too familiar to local news anchors around the country. >> for what's build as acela is that how you say it. >> for what's build as the asela primary. >> is it asela train melissa. >> yeah. >> the acela primaries. >> what some are calling -- akela primary. >> anyway, akela, acela. the amtrak primary being called a lot of things. >> asela. >> it's called the ace-la primary. >> they don't take the
2:00 am
train. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. greta in seconds. >> don't forget "fox newseveryb. this right here is "the kelly file." have a great weekend. and welcome to "hannity," and we are in beautiful indianapolis, in indiana, at the indiana war memorial tonight. now for the entire hour, we're joined by senator ted cruz and his new vice presidential running mate, carly fiorina. way have a large audience. welcome all of you. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. i wonder -- [ cheers and


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