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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  April 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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comedian larry wilmore. the president said it is it a dinner of washington celebrating themselves. and julie banderas is next, bye-bye. a state used to ground the shake grounds find itself in the epi center of a political upheffal. california hosting the republican convention. and donald trump spoke today and then ted cruz and tonight carly fiorina will be speaking, for her it is a homecoming of sorts. she grew up in san francisco and former ceo of hullut packard. it is by far the largest pool of
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delegates and could decide if donald trump clinches the nomination outright or the republicans head to a contested convention in cleveland. elizabeth is following the democrats and john roberts south of san antonio in burlinggame, san francisco. >> good evening to you. we are with a hotel that is next to where the california party used for a convention. it is not a convention that picks delegates and they are allocated based on statewide or in a congressional district. california actually means something along with indiana which is the first of the contest, more about indiana in a second is. ted cruz's at a to shine here. he spoke a while ago. and carly fiorina coming up.
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and former are governor pete wilson decided to endorse ted cruz. and there will be 172 delegates up for grabs and ted cruz saying he is prepared to battle for every single one of them. >> california, is at a cross roads. california, is going to decide this republican primary. we are going to compete for all 172 delegates in california and all 53 congressional districts. it is a battle district by district by district. >> of course, california looks like it is important on june 7th. but a lot of that hinges on down down. should ted cruz win in indiana, california comes for all of the marbles and that will determine if donald trump can get the
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mariningity of the delegates. if donald trump win withes on tuesday, the rest of the process may be a moot point. >> how was the atmosphere there compared to yesterday. >> much different than yesterday. you know, yesterday as it was in thursday night in orange. the answer coalition. nationwide protest coming out against donald trump. they wanted to put raum emmanuel in jail. and disrupted the proceedings to where we had riot police stopping the protesters. and donald trump's motor case stopped on the freeway and had to go down through a hole in the fence and back in the back of the hotel. trump said it was like he tried to cross the border and appealed to the delegates to vote for him on june 7th because p trump said
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he could win. >> you pick the standard cocky cutters. give me the name of the person and i will tell you what state she will win and lose. i am different, i will win states that nobody else can. >> there is a lot of talk about p unitty. and ted cruz talked about people unifying around here. and on the trump point he got an endorsement on the idea of unitty from john huntsman who said it is time for the party to get around donald trump and go to the convention. not an endorsement but recognition it looks like it is going trump's way. he's got together a nontraditional block of
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busters and support around him and he is the likely republican standard bearer in the 2016 presidential election. >> it doesn't get more exciting than this. and don't forget to tune in to fox news sunday. that show will celebrate 20 years of excellence on the air and it's host having a big p anniversary to celebrate. chris wallace sitting down with two presidential candidates. donald trump and ted cruz. check your local listings for time and channels. and a major shift in hillary clinton campaign. moving staffer ares to states to play a big p role in the general election. clinton looking ahead to november as she is only 200 delegates shy of clinching the democrat presidential
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nomination. bernie sanders is far behind and he insists he has a shot to win. elizabeth pran is live in washington. you hear about the lay offs and think he is preparing to pull out, but he thinks he has a shot at the nomination. and mixed signals from his camp. but tell us about the shift in the clinton camp. >> yes, to start off. we are seeing issues in her tone and stump speeches and really on the grouvenltd members of her team are deployed to new hampshire, florida and california. they are building momentum to take on the republicans. hillary clinton leads 2165 to 1357 with bernie sanders. and look negligent hoosier state
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six point lead over bernie sanders in the real clear politic's average. and preparing for a rally in indianapolis, both husband bill and daughter chelsea have been stumping. and saying that clinton has the best plan to put manufacturing jobs back in business and keep employment opportunities available. >> as a senator she worked to protect manufacturing job and a critical vote to save the auto industry. and then when secretary of state worked hard to help companies to succeed overseas to keep them from being discriminated against overseas. >> as far as the trade agreements, she is open to them if safety nets provided that the workers lose those critical jobs. >> so let's talk about the
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bernie sanders camp. how does his vision differ? >> when it comes to trade he differs and he hit clinton hard especially ahead of indiana. he said trade dpraements ruin economies and rob americans of job opportunities. >> these trade agreements, all of them written by corporate america, have cost us millions in good paying jobs in every state of the country since the passage of nafta alone in 1994. indiana, has lost 113,000 good paying manufacturing jobs. >> sanders is keeping his mind on the primaries and he is fighting for the 83 delegates in
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indiana. he released the schedule. rallies and fort wayne and indianapolis. he has a man to make college education free. and ensuring health care. >> and so president president gets his last chance. and the star- studded event gets under way in the washington hilton in dc. comedian larry gill more is the entertainer this year. and it will no doubt offer plenty of fodder. celebrities and political and entertainment world have been a ratifying on the red carpet and mingling. president obama and larry wilmore's remarks will be at 10:00 p.m. eastern. it is it always an entertainment
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wachlt >> and now iraq prime minister claims everything is under control after protestors stormed parliment let's listen. protestors tore down walls around the secure area in the major escalation of the crisis there. and supporters of a shiite cleric demonstrated and demanding that the government is corrupt and should disband. this houses most government facilities and even the u.s. batsz bass. teens ark cued of killing their parents and shocking details. what prosecutors said they did after murdering their mother and
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>> a community in mourning in texas as rising flood waters rise in palestine and claim the lives of a 66-year-old woman and four grandchildren. they were found not far from a home when a nearby creek flooded overnight. and hours after they were all reported missing. it appears they were trying to escape the rising flood waters when one person from the area turned up missing. and tornados taking their toll
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on the lone star state. a twister passed through the small town of lindale. >> and two brothers accused of killing their parents told different story was how it happened. each parent -- boy was charged with two counts of murder. the beside had a mysterious note. the eldest brother shot his father several times. but wait until you hear what they did after the killings. will carr? >> authorities are are trying to piece it together. >> reporter: family members went to their home in san jose and found a gruesome murder
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scene. the father shot 12. and the mother once in the head and authorities found horrifying notes, and one would say my first kill was clumsy. authorities listeninged the handwritings to the sons who were not at home. they decided to deputy to a japanese a anymoree convention. and since then, the oldest son. ha zeb 22 years old admitted killing his dad. investigators say he slayed both parents. omar helped to cover it up. he made sure the blood was not seeping out of the garage door. the community held a number of memorials for the parents who
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are long- time members of the islamic community. >> i didn't see anything special that stood out. i have to say the son was not very talkative. he was on the weight sight. >> i can not answer him back; >> difficult for the memorsies >> why do there ares. sea this is a? >> everybody it can according to the do court deteriorate he wont offed he said that person then told him toicle his dad and so
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he did. they may look into mental issues as well. the older prth it is it will come out in trial. he many the other brother will be changed an on. they could face life behind bars. >> newly released video showing off a different side of isis. take a look at. this this was caught on a go pro camera. the terrorist showing clearly unprepared for battle and even firing on each other. it really testimonies a lot. and the fbi changes the way it
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>> isis like we have never seen it before and far different than the propaganda videos that the terror group uses to recruit new fighters. undercover video showing isis fighters confused and very unprepared for the battlefield. watch.
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>> this video was shot on a go pro mounted to a isis fighter helmet and one point they schooled a shoulder that was shot issing at them. the uss harry trum an will stay in the gulf 30 days. it is playing a lead rod against the islamic state. the fbi is training agents in the wake of terror attacks. until now agents and analyst went through separate programs. fbi said threats against the u.s. is changing and the agency needs to it change to meet them. here is part one of the fox news exclusive. >> identify yourself as fbi and she is armed and dangerous. it may be a deadly force
4:24 pm
situation. nfox news went in the fbi training academy. >> fbi stand away from the car and put your hands up and put your other hand up. the suspect is an actor. but the car may be ready to blow. and a growing terrorism threat. and the give away was no eye contact. >> yes, she's given commands and not complying and indication of something going on. and what do you need. >> reporter: no agent wants to draw a weapon. >> society celt off and open the dor. >> a thousand analyst and agents will graduate this year. first time it is fundmentally
4:25 pm
different. >> it is a shift. >> mark martin said agents ran field investigations in one classroom and analyst in the other. when they got done, they would go to the field and we want them to be integrated and it did not make sense. >> we can't show faces. but this takes you inside of the fbi academy and the agents and analyst learn side by side. >> they have a responsibility. >> and games comey talks about the intelligence and investigation. >> it is like searching for a needle in the haystack. and that needle will reassure in the train station wearing a suicide vest. >> in brussels, it happen. >> and the speed of americans being radicalized demands
4:26 pm
coordination. >> the center can't be a forward, but yet necessary to all cometogether, right. >> reporter: this live fire exercise teaches agents how to handy a weapon. most are fired seven yards with a suspect. >> reporter: an suspect was shot dead after he threatened cops and fbi agents with a combiechlt and at the concert hall, where they killed more than 200. it uses a battering room to shatter the lock. >> this is the a chilles heel. >> and most come on one strike or don't. >> reporter: al-qaeda and isis are leveraging technology to get new recruits.
4:27 pm
>> one of the ways to stay ahead of the threat is with integration. >> reporter: catherine herridge, fox news. >> tonight miss part two of our exclusive inside look at the new fbi training program coming up later this hour on the fox report. >> a building collapses from a severe storm. and from the tragedy and chaos, rises a small miracle. we'll have much more on this incredible story. plus, could this be the new front in the battle over the second amendment. smart gun technology. next. i have asthma...
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they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. >> welcome back. this is julie banderas. time for the top of the news. republican presidential candidates preparing for a critical show down in indiana. winner take all is a must win for cruz. and each of the candidates are trying to woo support. it is a big primary on june 7th.
4:32 pm
and bern sanders dropping a lawsuit gaents democrat national committee. he sued the dnc. the staffers accessed data owned by the clinton campaign multiple times. they had since fired the staffers. >> and the individuals banning cooking in the day. they struggled to keep with sizzling temperatures and a deadly drought. it is our top story. >> indiana, weeks of soaring attaches and taking their toil and the heatwave killed 300 people just this month. 330 million people remain without water and that is more than be the population of the
4:33 pm
united states. you can see a woman waiting her turn. and kenya, a man emerges from the rubble of the collapsed building carrying a baby. at least 12 people died in the collapse. thailand, a ferris whole catches fire in bangkok. flames were rising on the ride. no one was on the ride at the time. venezuela, highest cable car is back in motion. two miles and offering riders to center the city to the snow capped peek. venezuela is battling a crippling recession.
4:34 pm
they are having rolling blackouts. >> in iran and moderate and reformist law makers won the largest number of societies in parliamentary election. that would be good for the iranian president rouhani. rouhani is also hoping to win reelection next year. extremist law makers opposed any cooperation or negotiation with the united states. >> and kerry going to syria. there is fighting in alep podespite the truce holding in other parts of the country. the syrians are targeting
4:35 pm
neighbors. the fighting killed 260 people just in the past nine days. >> a police officer caught on camera punching a woman wearing handcuffs. why he said he did it and what happens to his job? these are the tokens of our renewal. and i will not lose. and i get choked up thinking about it now.
4:36 pm
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>> president obama revealing a new push to cut gown on gun violence involving the development of smart gun technology to reduce accidental shooting especially by children. the president announcing progress on a policy for fbi to get better access to mental health records. what are the president's plans exactly? >> if we set it up so you can't unlock your phone unless you have the right finger prints, why we do that for the guns. that could happen for the law enforcement and public for are the department of defense and justice out lined smart gun technology under president obama's orders.
4:40 pm
including state and local government to apply certain federal grands to beat technology. they only work in the hands of their owners by using a ring fob to let the gun know it is in the right hand. there is no action to get the technology developed. and making it safer is common sense. >> i can't think of a industry that is not interested in looking at new technology to make the products safer. >> reporter: it could help others from accidentally shooting. just this month, there were nine accidental shootings in one week on children. >> obviously there are two sides to this. >> reporter: what if the gun
4:41 pm
doesn't fire in a real life situation with law enforcement. experts say there is no evidence of any flaws. >> say for example in a heated moment when you need the gun you have dirty hands and palms and would it fire? >> so far the technology is pretty accurate. >> reporter: the national rifle association said they don't oppose. but we are actively fighting terrorist at home and abroad, the administration would rather focus on gun control agenda. they expect to complete the work of identifying the smart gun requirements by october. the fbi is changing the prestigious national academy to
4:42 pm
improve relations at home and abroad. there is unrest surrounding the local law enforcement. and catherine herridge taking us inside of fbi program for part two of the fox news exclusive. >> reporter: best known for training future agents, the bureau in virginia is home to the fbi's national academy. >> it is not only in the u.s. but all over the world. >> reporter: the ten week training course brings together law enforcement excutive from overseas to tackle the big issues. stephanie is in simi valley, california. >> violence against law enforcement is at a historic high. >> reporter: the riots after fec fergan michael brown was
4:43 pm
shut down and freddie grachlt put police front in & center. >> they are there to protect and serve. we have great suspect on the training staff. >> reporter: they are now required to take leadership training and race assessment. >> and takingment flash point to make sure it is a conversation. >> reporter: as the global threat increases. they are getting more information. it underscores the local impact of cyber crime. juan is from spain. now in the global war, it is important to have different things. >> and the terrorist threat whether it is an al-qaeda plot to target the spanish network or
4:44 pm
a prophet mohammed cartoon contest. cops are first on the scene. >> they emphasize mental and physical conditioning. >> it is a six mile obstacle or shannon, it is an opportunity to learn in challenging times. >> we have terrorism to consider and cyber crime to consider. what are better ways of doing what we do every day. >> a policemen punching a women in handcuffs while fellow of officers watch. >> florida, the officer punches this woman over and over again. other officers watching as she falls to the ground with her
4:45 pm
hands cuffed behind her back. the officers said she was resisting arrest and drunk and tried to kick one of them. regardless. the sheriff's office said the violent response was unnecessary. there are ways to deal with it without with striking her. >> that officer is no longer on the job but approximate charged with battery. >> and virginia cruise ship passengers forced to cut their vacation because of the noro virus. it is it based in the uk and sail ises to baltimore for inspection. >> and a massive sinkhole in new orleans. fortunately no one was hurt. road workers notice the water leaking in the tunnel below and shut down the traffic in the
4:46 pm
area. >> pennsylvania new technology gives doctors better images of bones. it could be a safer and more efficient alternative to cd stands. that is the fox watch in american. >> everyone is afraid of something. whether snakes or heights. and bugs and the list goes on. but researchers are closing in a cure for fear. involves changing a memories and help with post traumatic syndrome and phobias. abbey has more. >> reporter: fear is a normal response to leak this tarrantula or tied to a memory of a traumatic experience. they can be debilitating and
4:47 pm
those struckling with phobias or post traumatic stress disard. they can be altered >> every time you retrieve a memory, it gives you an opportunity to add new information to that memory. >> it's this rewriting that scientist are studying to find ways to get fear attached to the memories. and we have introduce new information that sort of change cans the way the memory feels. and we can change it from something fearful to something more neutral. >> researchers hope to learn more about when a memory is vulnerable. ten minutes and six hours after recalling the memory. the goal is to erase the fears. and leaving the memory and not the fear associated with it.
4:48 pm
>> research is key. and scientist believe at colombia university they have identified a gene that affects how fear memories are processed. >> they will allow us to justify the jeans and it will give us an ability to prestikt and weather we can target. and we are still a year away from the erasing the fear. in new york fox news. >> that's interesting. the bald eagle may have a big furry new friend. the american buffalo getting a lot of attention in washington. we'll explain why, next. i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed 2016 lexus es and es hybrid.
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>> our nation is many great symbols and the eagle is our national bird and now there is a favorite for the mammal. the american bison. what animal best represents you and your country. >> a bear. >> king of the jungle. lions. >> a camel. camel is pretty cool. >> oh, camels are cool. but the powers at be decided bison are a better fit. >> it is a great one. it is strong and free. >> the senators have worked together to convince colleagues that the grazing beast p deserve our dpratitude. >> it is time to have a national
4:53 pm
american. >> this is the largest animal in north america. when you think about america, this has so much in shaping the country. >> buffalo roundup brings us back the romance of the west. >> buffalo or bis son used to rule the plains. tens of millions roamed in the continent. but late 18 hundreds. fewer than a thousand was alive. skulls piled up as humans nearly hunted them partly for sport and deprive native americans of the animal that they relied on for their food and culture. >> we bred them and released them. >> the bronx zoo played a major role in saving the species. today herds of them roam free.
4:54 pm
>> he is. >> and holding up traffic in yellowstone national park and reminding visitors who is boss when they get too close. >> charging at speeds of 35 miles per hour. they re-established their presence in the west. and that is on the brink of exception and showed the amazing qualities and a symbol that we can all rally behind. >> to look at them and see them grazing. it is a part of history and dinner for a lot of folks. >> we have new york strip. rib eyes. >> bison found a spot in the modern american died. ranchers say the demand for the lean meat sky rocketed.
4:55 pm
would it be unpatriotic to eat the national animal. >> that is a good question. you don't hear about people grilling bald eagle burger ares. >> that is true. less demand. >> and what is the demand for bison as the official symbol. >> no, i like the bald eagle. >> it is pretty col. >> i never experienced bison and i don't know how patriotic they are. >> not too attractive. but p that's fine. >> its big hairy head is on the buffalo nick and he will on the seal of the department of interior and supporters look forward to giving the bison a bigger role. >> once it is done we'll bring
4:56 pm
a bison to dc. >> and that is absolutely. i think people will get a keck out of it. >> and that was shepherd smith. and this is ceremonial by the way. bison would not get any other protection for being the national animal. >> and the avrnient rom aran coins were found, that's next. nexium 24hr is the #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. ♪ "i hope you like it spicy" get complete protection with the purple pill. the leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. howto choose one?sed simple.
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like using 100% natural chicken breast in our chicken strips and adding real cream to our mashed potatoes. so now, there's more to love with banquet. now serving... a better banquet. if you've gone to extremes to escapetry clarispray.ergies. new, from the makers of claritin. with the #1 prescribed ingredient. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray. >> thousands of roman koips discovered in spain. workers were laying pipes at a park and they uncovered bronze and silver coated coins. they were likely stashed away to pay soldiers or civil servants. construction is it on hold while they dig for more ancient
5:00 pm
treasures. that's how the fox reports saturday april 30th. justice with judge ja nine starts right now and i hope to be with you next weekend before i have the baby. >> right now on justice. protest and politics. >> that was not the easiest entrance i made. >> donald trump looks to lock up the hoosier state with a help of a legend. >> this man is not a republican or democrat, but just a great american. >> and rallies in california. we break down the race, the key indiana primary and hits the streets for battle of the sexes. >> is the white house ready for a woman. >> i am a man and i want to see the man in the whit


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