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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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what did you think of the interview we just had? let me know and follow me on twitter. great to see you all. i'm megyn kelly, this is the kelly files. tonight donald trump campaigns for the first time now as the presumptive raek nominee. he held a rally earlier tonight in west virginia. here are some of the highlights. >> i actually wish the primaries were not over. it's no fun this way. i want the primaries to keep going, but everybody's out. i'm the only one left. that's okay. right? right? who is a miner in this group. who is? stand up. you're all standing up anyway. i'll tell you what, folks, you're amazing people and we're
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going to take care of a lot of years of horrible abuse, okay. we're going to take -- and you can count on it. you can count on it 100%. you have like 15,000 people in here and you have thousands outside and we're going to notify the people of west virginia that i'm not coming because i don't have to come. i've won all your delegates. i don't have to do anything. there's no way i won't go to west virginia. we're going to have fun. we're going to have fun. >> here with reaction is the author of the new york times bestseller former speaker of the house newt gingrich is with us. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great and i can't imagine any place in the country with a bigger gap in attitude is west virginia where hillary clinton has been heartless in her willingness to layoff workers, destroy towns and wipe out an entire industry on behalf of an eyed logical theory.
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>> i had the coal worker on who confronted her on last night. i'm going to destroy the coal industry and take away the jobs. before i get back to policy, we had it seems almost coordinated, both bushes have declined to endorse donald trump and mitt romney saying he will not go to the convention this year and then we have paul ryan saying the foeg when asked if he would endorse donald trump. >> now you have a presumptive nominee, donald trump, will you support him? >> well, to be perfectly candid i'm not ready to do that at this point but i hope to and i want to but i think what's required that we unify this party and i think the bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from the presumptive nominee. i don't want to under play what he accomplished. he needs to be congratulated for
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winning a plurality of delegates and his on his way of winning the majority of delegates. this is the party of lincoln, of reagan and we don't always nominate a lincoln and reagan every four years, but we hope that our nominee to be linco lincolnesqeu that they appeal to a wide majority of americans. >> you have bill crystal. he's never trump. george willis is calling for republicans to defeat trump in 50 states and this was national review online. the party of lincoln is in ruins. the minority of its primary voters have tovped the legacy by voting for a man who combines old school a bizarre form of hyper isolationism with an enthusiastic flock of online
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racist to create the most toxic coalition against george wallace. multiple gop leaders bulldozed the ashes by issuing naus ating calls for unity and reince priebus. reince you should resign rather than spending one more ounce of energy representing this man. >> i'm not ready to support spooker ryan any more. thoughts. >> that last section, the suedo intellectual are showing you by their his yeah the degree to which they're being repute yatd they don't know what to do. the country has looked at their lack of achievement and has said no and they're literally almost a state of psychological hiser
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rea that'sa musing. i was one of romney's competitors in 2012. what do you think mitt would have said if i said i am not going to support you? what do you think george h.w. bush would have said if i would have said i'm not going to support you? there's something wrong here when these folks who the republican party has done a lot more, the bushes and romneys and the republican party has been good to them and they owe a little bit to the party and the people who make up that party beyond their own being above it all. in the case of paul ryan he made a big mistake today and he needs to understand this. he is the speaker of the house. he has an obligation to unify the party. he has an obligation to reach out. obviously he and donald trump are going to have disagreements. some of them will work out and
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some of them they won't. that's fine. our constitution provides that speakers and presidents can fight, but i think he sends the wrong signal and a signal which i think endangers the house republicans and endangers the senate republicans. i much prefer what mitch mcconnell did, what john mccain did, they both said okay game's over, we have a nominee, i'm for him and i think paul ryan has some obligation institutionally to be responsive to the fact that the people of the party he belongs to have chosen a nominee and frankly in the long history of american politics donald trump is not outrageously outside the norm. this is what you get does not reflect accurately people who have been nominated for president over the last 200 years. >> i did a monna log last night and i said you have to go back to the beginning if you want to
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understand the insurgency year we had and i pointed out it is weak republicans, timid republicans, visionless republicans, republicans that have allowed the entire radical obama agenda to get passed, that never repealed aspects of obamacare that they could, that promised in 2014 that would stop amnesty and never fulfilled that promise that created this opening that people are fed up with them. every exit poll shows in every state so far 60% of republicans feel betrayed by d.c. republicans. now, this to me only reinforces why people feel the way they do. >> i think there's a lot to what you're saying. let me point out i look at where we are today, had jeb bush become the nominee i would have supported him. >> same here. >> if lindsey graham had become
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the nominee i would have supported him. i'm a republican loyalist who believes there's two parties in this country. there's a left wing owned by the trial lawyers and labor unions and there's the republican party and the challenge to the republican party is to pull together a coalition big enough to win the general election against hillary clinton and i think that it is a bit much for the people who are supposed to be leading the party and the people who in the past have been rewarded by the party to now go out and decide they're going to dictate to the voters of the republican party who they're allowed to nominate. >> aren't they now sabotaging the party? >> i would say in some cases they're not being very helpful. >> you're being more gracious. >> i'm thinking of the bushes and to some extent paul ryan and mitt romney. in the case of the current -- the intellectual group who
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gathered together in various georgetown bars to talk with each other about how they could save the world, none of them recognize they are the reason you have this rebellen under way. it's their policy and programs that has led to the scale of public discontent that is now i think the number one characteristic of this year. >> if we look at the agenda -- i've interviewed donald trump enough. he's going to build a wall and end sanctuary cities. he said he will eliminate obamacare and replace it with health savings accounts. he said he'll send education back to the states and eliminate the common core. he said he will build up the military. he will beat isis, but he wouldn't give specific plans on what he would do and he said he would spend less money and balance the budget. is there anything i mentioned that's not conservative? >> no but we slightly differ on this. i don't try to convince people
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that donald trump is a traditional conservative because he's not. he's a new york businessman. he's anti-left and anti-bur accuracy and he's an american nationalist. that happens to be pretty useful for conservatives and enormously helpful in breaking up and defeating the left. that's why i'm a little puzzled by some of these folks. >> let me ask the question a different way. is there any one policy you can think of that conservatives would be -- i'm against that. he's pro-second amendment and pro-life. he makes exceptions for rape and insist. >> there are pro-immigration conservatives that hate the idea of a wall and who would like us to send another 100,000 troops to the middle east. to be far somebody like lindsey graham has an honest belief that we need to be more
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interventionists, not less. so i do think in that sense there are some legitimate arguments under way, but i have to confess i am so fed up with the foreign policy establishment in this country, the state department is an institution and the whole way we have mishandled this not just under obama, but also under george w. bush that i think having somebody come in with a clean slate and rethink it is going to be very healthy. >> how many more wars can we fight and how many more american lives are we going to lose to have a war politicalized and the gains these guys make given back to a worse enemy? that's happened quite a bit. >> you're in a situation. can anybody seriously argue we are better off in libya now that we got rid of cad afterfy. i mean, you look at this
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disaster after 15 years and having somebody of the guts to get up and say let's rethink this is not a bad idea. >> i agree. we'll take a break. we have more with former speaker of the house newt gingrich after the break. and also coming up tonight. >> he wants to go back to the play book of the 1990s. if he wants to follow in the footsteps of those who have tried to knock any down and take me out of the political arena, i'm more than happy to have him do that. >> hillary clinton daring donald trump to bring up her scandal filled past and then later we'll talk about paul ryan saying he's not ready to support donald trump as the party's nominee and tonight trump is responding and well get reaction from priens priebus and he'll be hear to explain what's going on within the ranks of the republican party as we continue. your business hours are the same as your insurance company's.
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a massive weaver in alberta, canada covers 210,000 acres, an area large as new york city. so far there are no reports of death or injuries. top prosecutor is asking that her office is taken off a controversial murder case. chicago cop van dyke is accused of shooting 16 time in 2014. a special prosecutor could be named to handle the case. 28 people at a refugee camp
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in northwestern syria were killed in an air strike. it is not known who carried out the strike. welcome back to hannity. hillary clinton is calling out donald trump and darg him to talk about her long history of scandals. >> he's made references to your marriage, to your husband. are you repaired. >> he's not the first one. i can't say this often nuch. if he wants to go back to the play book of the 1990s if he wants to follow in the footsteps of those who have tried to knock me down and take me out of the political arena i'm more than happy to have him do that. >> you're ready for that. >> oh, please. look, this is to me a classic case of a blustering bullying guy who has knocked out all of
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the republicans because they didn't know how to deal with him and they couldn't take him on on the issues because they disagreed with him and they didn't know how to counter punch. >> back with newt gingrich. i'm not buying that phoney laugh of hers. i have been told and doug said that they have spent $4 million already trying to figure out to how to take out trump and they didn't come up with an answer apparently. i think they're more nervous than she's letting on. >> well, with hillary how would you ever know? >> good point. >> i mean, this is a person of such total dishonesty that i have no idea when she's telling the truth even if she's telling the truth. she wants to say it's other people's problems. nobody else made her take national security documents and put them on a private server. nobody else made her take major donors to the clinton foundation
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and inappropriately use the state department in order to help these people in what clearly has to be illegal behavior. nobody else has made her give $250,000 secret speeches to big wall street firms and then refuse to tell the countries what she said to these big wall street firms for that kind of money. i think there's a bigger thing here. i'm not a fan of making this a narrow hillary versus donald campaign. take what she said about west virginia, which is as chilling an example of the left wing radicals as you're going to get and you showed it last night. we watched you. that moment where she is saying i'm going to make sure that these miners are unemployed and i'm going to make sure these companies get closed, what kind of a person who wants to lead america is happy that they are destroying an american industry, is happy that they are
10:19 pm
destroying towns, they're destroying families and yet she was clearly happy because she met her eyed logical needs. i think look at the veteran's administration where the federal employee, the government unions have been protecting criminals and people who lie. they've been protecting people who allowed veterans to die and you think hillary clinton who is owned by the unions is going to coming in here and be in favor of reforming the va? trump is going to be a able to draw a gap this big between his willingness to protect veterans and her willingness to protect corrupt union members. >> let me play this because i think i can't play it enough actually what she actually said about the coal mining industry and coal miners and then when she was confronted by the guy we interviewed last night. >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean
10:20 pm
renewable energy as the key into coal country because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. those people labored in those mines for generations losing their health, often losing their lives to turn on our lights and power our factories. now we've got to move away from coal. and all the other fossil fuels. >> when you make comments like we're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs, these are the kind of people that you are affecting. this is my family. and that's my future. i want to know how you can say you're going to approximate put coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend because those people out there don't see you as a friend. >> i know that. and you know i don't know how to explain it other than what i said was totally out of context from what i meant because i have
10:21 pm
been talking about helping coal country for a very long time. >> it wasn't out of context. she's against fraking and drilling and coal and that poor guy is going to lose his job and she was bragging about it. >> the bill and hillary technique is to lie and stall and be stubborn. so you watched it perfectlily last night. you saw the enthusiasm with which she told her liberal crowd we're going to put these people out of work and then you saw the soft voice around the desire to be understood because after all it was out of context. she doesn't tell the truth and i think this is going to be her greatest difficulty. donald trump sometimes says really dumb things and donald trump sometimes makes me shake my head, but you always have the sense that you're seeing the real donald trump. hillary clinton i never know if i'm seeing the real hillary clinton because i have no idea which of the 75 versions is
10:22 pm
really her. >> that says a lot. >> you showed that last night as perfectly as you could. >> yeah. let me ask, put up a poll it's up there now on about who donald trump should pick for vp. your name was included and would you like to guess what place you came in? >> i think -- let's see how many people did you have in the poll. >> there were thousands. >> how many names. >> we had a lot. maybe 12, 13. >> i think i came in. >> first. >> 11th from the bottom. >> no, you came in first place. >> well first would be 11th from the bottom if you had 12. >> i wasn't thinking about it that way. does that mean anything to you? if you were asked to serve would you come back to government. >> first of all, it means you're a very dear friend. we have done this show together so many times you were a mere child we we started doing this show. >> 1990 was the first time i interviewed you.
10:23 pm
>> so there are lots of good friends across the country. they saw a chance to make me feel good and by the way i should say replug he was chosen by news max as one of the 50 most influential women. >> back to this for a second. there were two great moments of conservatism in my lifetime, ronald reagan presidency and the gingrich revolution which revolutionized you balanced a budget and you brought welfare reform and the era of big government ended. why not do it again. >> i'm always interested in serving my country. my dad spent 27 years in the infin tri. that goes deep in our family, but i think donald trump has to look at a lot of different people. he has great people to choose from and he has to decide what's
10:24 pm
right for his team and his presidency and i want to be helpful as much as i can but i think this is his call and his choice dispieespite some of the efforts of some of my friends to make sure he was aware. >> i didn't vote yet. i don't know if you have that many friends to be honest with y you. there were thousands and thousands of votes for you. thanks for being with us. coming up more on paul ryan saying he's not ready to support donald trump. reince priebus will weigh in straight ahead. (announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click, then simply select the best candidates
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earlier today speaker of the house paul ryan said he's not ready to support presumptive republican nominee donald trump. he's not the only republican taking the stance. here with reaction fox news contributor and radio host laura
10:27 pm
ingram. you got the bushes and mitt romney saying he's not going and we heard from newt gingrich. he made a good point. the republican party has done a lot for these people. what are the positions that they're against? maybe they'll argue he doesn't have the perfect tone of i guess the candidate of their choosice but he also beat these other people. what's your reaction? >> i think they're at war with the voters of the republican party. trump was said to have peaked remember our friend karl said he peaked at 38% in february. they're all our friends. george will said we could have seen peak trump in march. they said he would drop out of the iowa caucuses when he lost. they said he didn't have the temperament and the statements will turn the people off, but the people have rejected the globalization agenda and open boarders. they think the city i'm sitting in right now is corrupt to the
10:28 pm
gills and they want it changed. i understand people are hurt and it was raw and rough and there were times when trumpover stepped it and i get that and it's difficult it's not easy to lose, but now for election after election on a national level republicans have not rallied to the globalization agenda. i guess lindsey graham and mccain they represent some big con ha donors but they don't represent the majority of the republican party. so they can either change their views a little bit, at least moderate them a little bit on the key issues and get on board with trump and try to make his approach even better or they can go off and form some new party or try to throw the election to hillary and work with her. i guess they can do that but i don't think there's a very big future in any party that's for open boarders and open trade
10:29 pm
deals that don't work and wars in the middle east that fail. there's no support for that at all. >> i think it's profound what you said. they are going to war with voters, about the not just a small amount of voters, a record number of voters that came out in these primaries. >> 27 primaries. he won 27 primaries. we won more votes than mitt romney. >> already and you still have a lot of states yet to go. >> yeah. >> the numbers are amazing and what the people are saying is what you're doing is failing and we're angry that you supported that agenda of obama and never stood up to it because you care more about your own power. here's where i think it's going to go. i think it's deeper than that. it's a war, i think this war goes as far as people high ranking republicans sabotaging donald trump's efforts. am i wrong? >> i think they are either going to sabotage his effort.
10:30 pm
>> or co lewd. >> or they're trying to almost extort him to change his mind. >> it's not going to happen. >> well the two key issues or they'll say we want to choose the vice president. he's got to be run by us. they tried to do that to reagan. the party wanted reagan and take ford and reagan said no. trump can't do that. >> the analysis of the people in indiana, indiana, they had a record voting year. they knew what was at stake when they went out to vote in record numbers for donald trump on tuesday. >> think about this. we had paul ryan came out and gave his speech about tone, how negative the tone was, clearly he didn't mention trump, but it sounded like that. romney came out and gave all this fuel that's now being used in hillary's kmiscommercials.
10:31 pm
mcconnell sat on the sidelines. the bushes got run over. they lost their home state, rubio and bush, he beat these people and their response is to say well you've got to unify the party now. >> i have to go on to another topic, although this i could talk about all night. there's something really creepy that happened. chris matthews so he doesn't know he has a hot mike and he's on the set with brian williams on whatever station they're on and you got to listen to what he says about melania trump. listen to this. >> and the party will trust trump to make that decision. >> i think the party will have a role in it. >> we heard from the likely nominee. we will go to a break here. the discussion continues right after this. >> see that walk. that runway walk. >> the hot mike has been a
10:32 pm
problem sometimes for yours truly so i'm not going to pile on that. it's a beautiful woman. >> that's creepy though. >> i guess. look, if i'm melania and someone's saying that's a runway walk, i'm happy about that. i think there's no problem with that whatsoever. matthews is matthews. i'm not going to pile on for that. i'm being so nice. >> what happened. >> matthews is just -- >> when did you get caught with a hot mike. >> technical problems. i'm a human being. >> let not your heart be troubled. i think it's happened to all of us at some point. >> take care. coming up, more reaction as the speaker of the house paul ryan saying he's not ready to support donald trump as the party nominee. donald trump is responding. we'll tell you what he's saying and rnc chairman reince priebus will be hear to explain what's going on inside the ravngs of the republican party and the
10:33 pm
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perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is in the begs interests of the american peemg. they have been treated so badly for so long that it's about time for politicians to put them first. here with reaction reince priebus. i was very disappointed, i really was in paul ryan about what he said. did you talk to him about it? >> i talked to him this afternoon after he made his
10:39 pm
comments and what -- i talked to donald trump too and they're both committed to sitting down and actually talking this out and actually they're likely to be meeting next week. >> to be me it seems selfish. i really can disappointed. i like george bush a lot. the party has done a lot for them. the party has done a lot for others. mitt romney, everyone went to war for him in 2012. i'm getting ticked off that it seems -- >> i know you are. here's what i would say. i think that number one i don't think anyone expected this whole thing to come to an end on tuesday. and i think it's going to take some time for some people to come to grips and to get to know donald trump and to get on board. >> this has been going on for a year. >> what's that. >> this has been going on a year.
10:40 pm
what do they need to know? >> well, look, i think for some people an endorsement is a full embrace and for some people it takes a little bit of time to get to a full embrace and so he's not one of these members of congress that might not have to deal with this issue for yet a week or two, but he's got cameras in his face and what he's saying is look, i want to get there. i think i will get there. but i want to talk to donald trump and i want to work with him and i want to figure out what -- >> it shows -- it shows tepid support at best. mcconnell's statement was hardly an endorsement. it's really frustrating to me because i will -- >> disagree -- >> i would argue that republican weakness and it showed up in every exit poll that republican rank and file feel betrayed 60
10:41 pm
plus percent of thby the weakne of d.c. republicans. >> if i can snap my fingers and make everything instantly unified i would. >> i'm not mad at you. >> i know you're not mad at me. i believe this is going to get to the right place and i think next week is going to be the start of that. both donald trump and paul ryan are meeting next week to talk about these things. i think it's going to work out. in some cases people are not going to be instantly on board and i know that can be frustrating for some people, but i think everyone has to have a little bit -- allow a little bit of the steam to get out and get everybody settled down and i think this is going to come together. >> what do you make of national review? we put up the comments earlier today this is an unmitigated disaster, what do you think of other conservatives that said glenn beck and eric erikson to maim a few, they're not going to
10:42 pm
vote for the nominee, what is your reaction for that. >> you ask me in a couple of months and we'll see what that say when the decision has to be made as far as who is going to on be the supreme court and donald trump puts out his potential nominees for the court, people are going to have a choice to make. do we want to destroy america for generations with liberal justice that hillary clinton is going to provide. who is going to sign a budget that paul ryan writes with the members of the house? it's not going to be hillary clinton. so we have some serious choices to make and i understand it takes time. this was a very contentious primary. i think it's going to take a little bit of time, but i think for the most part this is going to come together. maybe not 100%, but i think we're going to get very close to that and i think people will fall in line. >> you go the a lot of people at national review. we put a challenge out to. it says the party of lincoln is in ruins. the minority of the primary vote eshz have torched the legacy by
10:43 pm
voting fo are a man who combines old fashioned conspiracy theories with the flock of online racist to create perhaps the most toxic electoral coalition since george wallace. to add insult to injury, multiple gop leaders bulldozed the ashes by issuing naus ating calls for unity, foremost among them reince priebus. you should resign rather than spending another ounce of energy supporting a represent hencible man. >> first of all, what am i going to do call for disunity? i'm the chairman of the party. i'm going to call for unity. that's a stupid statement put out by people that would rather divide than unite. division is profit and unity is
10:44 pm
a looser. >> did they support every establishment candidate? >> well, look, the point is that you have a choice to make and i think the choice is very stark. but i do understand it's going to take time. as the chairman of the party i'm going to call for unity and as chairman of the party i need to support the eevental nominee of the party. that's what parties do. >> last question. i bet you're glad you didn't have a contested convention in the end. did you talk to ted cruz? >> i left him a message. i talked to his campaign chairman and i'm going to give him another call tomorrow. we'll talk and we have talked a lot by the way so it's nothing strange, but i think he's going to take a couple of days off. good relationship. i think an open convention while i know a lot of people were excited about it and it's a lot of fun to talk about, i think it
10:45 pm
comes with a tremendous cost and unforeseen results and i think the clarity is something that is needed in our party and this is going to take time, but i think we'll heal and come together and beat hillary clinton. >> is there any part of trump's agenda that you think is not conservative? >> look, i think we'll work that out. i think that there's some things that he'll work on and i think there's some things that we'll work on and certainly the platform of our party will be written in cleveland and i think you're going to get another very conservative platform out of our party. >> all right. reince breebus. thank you. when we come back an infamous hacker tells fox news he was able to breach hillary clinton's private e-mail sever.
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>> is this guy. you know what he says, it was like an open orchid on the internet and the ablcted to hac into the secretary of state's e-mails. >> he was extra ditd to the united states. he says it's simple and he said he's going to cooperate with b investigation is coming to a close? >> this says when the united states government and romanian government agree someone imprisoned in romania is going to be extradited to the u.s. to give us evidence that tells me that the fbi, and i said this a month ago, on my show, the fbi is coming close to an end with this investigation. so hillary's campaign says this guy is just a hacker, and he's a liar and they say something like he's unfathomable he would have gained access to her e-mails. really? this is a home room server.
10:52 pm
>> it was a mom and pop shop server in a bathroom closet. >> yes. in a bathroom closet. and the other piece is that this is a guy that is likely not to hack because it's very credible. this is what he does for a living. so they say it's not credible, are you kidding? who is a better hacker than a hacker? >> i don't think there is any doubt he did it and i expect china did it. i won't be surprised if the iranians did it. right? so she denied that she ever sent, or received, classified information but that is not the biggest problem for her. putting it on the server is a problem. >> that is right. she can deny all she wants. the truth is that she had classified, top secret information. if you're going to tell me that this woman our secretary of
10:53 pm
state never had one classified document, then she wasn't doing her job. we ought to get our money back. >> is there going to be a criminal referral? >> absolutely. 100%. >> i have spoken to jim comby. >> will she get indicted? >> that is the next question. the hurdle is getting loretta lynch to give jim comby access to a grand jury. >> joe did he -- de-geneva says there is one do you think she she should go to jail over this? >> we have an ambassador and three other americans who died waiting for him when she is e-mailing sydney bloomenthal and
10:54 pm
goo goosefier, you're darn right she should get indicted. >> coming up, our important very of the day, straight ahead
10:55 pm
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11:00 pm
don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance, our feelings are hurt if you're not here. see you again tomorrow night. tonight, "on the record," all your news right here and it's a scorched earth and getting worse. a fire the size of chicago, san francisco, washington, d.c. all combined is blazing through homes and buildings, destroying everything in its path. also illegal immigrants are pouring across the mexican border into the united states. do you remember the children flowing over the border in 2014? well, finance happening again and now it's happening in new alarming numbers. plus, 2016 news, both bushes and 2012 g.o.p. nominee mitt romney announcing they cannot support donald trump for president. what about speaker paul ryan? will he support trump? speaker ryan making his announcement he would tell you his decision straight ahead. right now, we are moments away from donald