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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 6, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: there is divine intervention. martha: martha: really bill: friday. >> i thought you meant katy perry lost the convent. have a good weekend, everybody. ♪ jon: major developments in the hillary clinton email controversy. as fox news learned that the fib interviewed huma abedin, top aide to former secretary of state as part of its investigation. welcome to "happening now" on this friday. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather nauert in for jenna lee. we made it through the week. congratulations. jon: we just have to show our new set piece. our big surprise. even though you at home don't get too excited about this stuff. we always like this. heather: new peltz and whistles get excited.
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we'll tell you what is going on. huma abedin is interviewed early april this year along with clinton's close aides. mrs. clinton says she has not been approached by the fbi about her use of the private email server but that could change. jon: rich edson live in washington with the latest on all of that. reporter: good morning, jon and heather. the federal bureau of investigation has interviewed top clinton aide huma abedin into inquiry of hillary clinton's use of private server and whether classified information was willfully transmitted on unsecured network this is according to person close to the investigation. this is an indication that investigators concluded much of their background work and are finishing their vision. the paper reports officials interviewed abedine on april fifth for about two hours at fbi field office in washington. federal officials are trying to determine whether there were violations of federal law in clinton's email arrangement
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while she served as secretary of state. she conducted official business on private email address routed through a server in her home. clinton's campaign con tens she broke no laws. a spokesman said, from the start hillary clinton offered to answer any questions that would help the justice department complete its review. we hope and expect that anyone else who was asked would do the same. we are confident that the review will conclude that nothing inappropriate took place. republicans with campaign problems of their own, contend this investigation is a significant issue for the democratic front-runner. >> i would rather take a few elbows being thrown than you know, director of the fbi interviewing your top aides and potentially the democrat nominee. reporter: clinton recently said the fbi has not approached her about an interview, however, wednesday a federal judge said clinton may have to be interviewed. jon, heather. back to you. jon: rich edson in washington. rich, thank you.
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so as donald trump tries to unite a deeply-divided republican party he is turning his focus on hillary clinton blasting her comment that she made about west virginia's coal industry and ongoing problems with the email server as clinton hits back at trump on immigration, telling a mostly hispanic audience that trump want to start a deportation force to round up millions of people. according to the latest real clear come politics average by seven points. there is a lot of ground to cover with the election six months away. let's bring in david drucker senior political correspondent for the "washington examiner." david, there are obviously many presidential contenders who made up more ground than this over period of six months. >> that's correct. if you're trying to game out the progress of this race as it unfolds i wouldn't really worry too much about the horse race at this point.
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i look at favorable numbers for each candidate, particularly with key demographic groups. part of the reason for that we're not running a national election that is decided strictly on the popular vote. we're running to win states. that means you have to win states where key demographics are important. so if you're going to win nevada, going to win colorado, two swing states you have to do well with hispanics and other ethnic minorities n colorado and virginia, and in states like ohio, in florida, you have to do well with suburban voters. in some of these states, particularly suburban female voters. we know right now hillary clinton sun popular but that donald trump is more unpopular than her, particularly with women and particularly with minorities. he is not just more than unpopular with her. he is the most unpopular nominee we've ever seen in modern polling. can he turn this around? yes. is hillary clinton a flawed opponent? yes. but this will be very interesting race because nobody
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comes to this with clean hands. or clean political image i should say, jon. jon: that's true. he obviously has been taking shots at her calling her "crooked hillary," et cetera. she is taking shots at him herself. listen to this she was in los angeles yesterday, speaking to a mostly hispanic audience. here it is. >> will the challenges we face in america and in the world, we can't have a loose cannon in the oval office. that is a risk we can not afford. we are a nation of immigrants and i am proud of it! so when people condemn or scapegoat or criticize or demagogue about immigrants, i wonder where are they living? jon: so those sound like two themes that she might be hitting, at least at this point in the campaign. trying to raise unease about
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donald trump among the immigrants community. also just suggesting that he is too much of a lose cannon to be in the oval office. >> right, i think those attacks could actually work well for her. there are a lot of states like florida and virginia and wisconsin and others where people may not like hillary clinton. we know she is not trustworthy. but they will be very cautious, in some cases scared to put somebody in oval office in control of the nuclear codes that acts way donald trump does. proposes policies in terms of pulling out of nato and letting the asia-pacific go nuclear. you know, that is going to make a lot of people uneasy. it is right line of attack for hillary clinton. people don't really warm to her. they don't really love her. but what she can offer if she gets through the email controversy is competent and stability and she can actually run to the right of him on foreign policy matters which can help her with some sort of soft republicans and swing voters. so i think it is the right move
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for her because fits her and potentially gets to some of his biggest weaknesses. jon: donald trump answered back with charges of his own this morning on "fox & friends." here is what he had to say about hillary clinton. >> i hear hillary has got nothing but problems. hillary wants all the miners to be fired and she wants wages for people to go down. if you look at what she is going to do, she will be so bad on jobs, that wages are going to go down for workers. hillary is going to be a disaster for the party. but i hope she wins, i must say that if she does win he shouldn't, because the email scandal should take her down. jon: winning he is talking about the noll nation. jobs are usually issue of campaign. if you can win the jobs argument you can stand a good chance becoming president the, don't you? >> you do and part of it is whether or not the it hinges on
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president and hillary or people make a choice about donald trump and his ability to govern. so you know we will see. just like clinton is delivering right line of attack for her candidacy, donald trump is doing what could work best for him. first of all this email scandal is potential problem because it blow as hole in idea that hillary clinton is competent and can be trusted and knows what she is doing. people don't necessarily like her, people figure, hey, she would know what to do as president with much experience. this email scandal is very risky. that could make people rethink that. that is her biggest strength. issue of jobs. people are not happy with the direction of the country. she is essentially running as third obama term. no way to get around that. the fact that the president's numbers are above 50% help her. the fact people still feel very poorly about the economy hurts her. jon: she has got her own problems with the fractured party. when trump was saying there, i hope she wins, he was suggesting he would like to see her beat bernie sanders. but bernie sanders has significant support among
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democrats. trump obviously has his own problems with a fractured republican party. how does he go about trying to heal that? >> really good question. there it is true democrats have problems of their own. it is worse with the republicans. democrats still generally agree on domestic policy in mostly on foreign policy although hillary had to go left. with donald trump, what he is trying to do is basically say to conservatives in the republican party, the reaganites, support me even though i'm a pop out -- populist and isolationist. those two things don't go well together. they have to get over hurt feelings. he has a very aabrasive style. he won and rubbed people the wrong way but can a party get over rough primary. of course they always do. in this case it is more of an open question. so far donald trump's approach has been look, i won. you have to get behind me. but for republicans like speaker paul ryan and others, what they're saying is, you are our new leader.
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now it es your job to unite us proking actively. we'll see what ends up happening. so far donald trump is not inclined to be proactive unifying. that is what some holdouts are looking for. we'll see how things look at the convention. jon: david drucker from the "washington examiner." david, good to have you on. >> thanks, jon. jon: we want to hear from you. who do you think donald trump should choose as a running mate? it has been a topic of discussion as of late. also topic of our live chat. it is up and running. go to "happening now." put those names in the conversation. heather: somebody has to do the job as vp. this is fox news alert. president obama will soon make a statement on the economy shortly following release of april jobs report. shows employers pulled back on hiring last month but the unemployment rate remains at 5%. kevin corke is live for us. he is the at white house with details. good morning, kevin. reporter: heather, always nice
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to talk to you. employers taking cues after months of gravity-defying job growth. let's slow down and pump the brakes when it comes to hiring. let's look inside numbers. 160,000 new jobs for department. april. unemployment holding steady at 5%. there is more behind that number i will share with you in just a moment. i can also report on positive side, 67 consecutive months of job growth. 74 by the way if you only count the private sector but there is more to this story. workforce participation rates are really down to just 62.8% of available adults are working right now. to say nothing of the fact we're still seeing job losses in energy, factory and logging sectors. although manufacturing ticked up slightly with 4,000 new jobs. all that said, even white house officials admit, heather, these numbers can't hide the fact that the economy especially in the first quarter is slowing down. >> first quarter is certainly disappointing.
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part of what happened is net exports and inventories subtracting from our growth. consumption was decent but consumer durables especially car purchases were down a lot. reporter: that is a key figure, when you're watching those durables go down, that is usually, sometimes anyway the canary in the coal mine. i should also tell but the number. 160,000, that is positive, right? keep in mind analysts expect that number to be around 200,000. when you take that slight drop. and you take the revisions over the last couple months, 19,000 jobs that we shed originally they reported they were job gains now they're saying not so much we revised downward, it happens a lot you can tell really clearly, heather, the economy is creeping along. that could have implications for democrats come november. heather? heather: so have a lot of implications. kevin corke great to see you in washington at white house. reporter: you bet. jon: fox news alert.
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results expected soon in london's mayoral race. early exit polls show labor candidate sadik kahn, leading his conservative competitor, zach goldsmith. he is under fire from his own party running outrageous anti-muslim campaign. if he succeeds, khan will be city's first muslim mayor and loosen conservative es hold on britain's financial center. heather: a lot more ahead on america's election headquarters, including war of words between donald trump and elizabeth warren. how this could shape up in the battle for white house. treasure hunter is being hunted. crews searching for a colorado man missing since january in the american southwest. we'll bring you details. more mass evacuations ordered as raging wildfires spread north of the border. latest on effort to get fires under control and evacuation. >> you see the spruce trees catching fire. that black soot.
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you see the plume of black smoke. looks like something or rubber tires or something but it is the trees.
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welcome back. there is a desperate search now underway or this treasure hunter. randy bill you, he disappeared in early january while he was searching for a $2 million trove of hidden gold and jewels in northern new mexico. recent discovery of a backpack at bandolier national monument in that state has now reenergized the search effort. officials say there is a that backpack along to him but authorities have not confirmed that yet. interesting. jon: north korea holding its biggest political event in years today. that country opening its first whole commerce as ruling party since 1980. before north korean leader kim jong was born. it's meant of the show of stability which comes in the
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face of tough international sanctions over the north's recent nuclear tests. logan is live from our london bureau with more on that. >> john as you say this is for also the first congress for north korea's leader, kim jong-un. he outlined the country's future policy and today tv has shown him addressing this huge crowd of party members and officials at the opening day of the event in pyongyang. he spoke about his achievements as leader which he describes asunprecedented . he also made reference to what he calls a historic nuclear test which the country carried out in january. this was all met with approval by his audience that will of course cause unease elsewhere in the world. that is the nuclear test and a series of ballistic nuclear missile test in recent months have concerned the internationalcommunity . north korea is continuing to develop those nuclear weapons as well as other technology
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and there are real fears that another nuclear test could come at any time. the country does seem to be undeterred by the latest un sanctions since the latest tests which have left it increasingly isolated and today authorities showed visiting international media taking a message perhaps two observers that their country is still functioning despite these restrictions. congress is set to continue for several days but there are fears that north korea may use its opportunity when international attention is focused on the country to carry out further weapons test. john? jon: ominous times there. kitty logan reporting, thank you. heather: people with serious illnesses are now claiming they have been cured of those illnesses following a blessing from pope francis. now calling those cures miracles. map plus, panic near a pennsylvania bridge. what caused this parking lot to collapse.
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>> it was amazing, the thundering noise and everybody started running toward the back of my building. i didn't know what happened and they said the building collapsed area . >>
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jon: a scary scene in pennsylvania as a parking lot collapses near a bridge. cruise saying the ground near the bridge cave-in causing a parking lot to slide down a hill and onto several buildings below. the collapsed causing heavy damage as you can see. fortunately, no serious injuries are reported but the bridge in harrisburg is still closed to traffic while crews try try to clean up the mess. heather: pope francis certainly popular around the world but now some families are calling him a healer.
8:24 am
they say that his touch or a kiss from the pope has resulted in the miraculous recovery of loved ones who are suffering from serious illnesses. lauren green has this story. this is a beautiful story, i love hearing about this. reporter: reports popping up all over the world about how pope francis has touched someone and their lives have been miraculously turned around, leaving many to believe that francis has divine healing powers. julia presents he is known as the girl on the wheelchair at the tarmac of at jfk airport, that francis blast. her doctors couldn't explain why the healthy 12-year-old suddenly fell ill and became paralyzed. we go blood work showed no evidence or activity of suspected lyme disease but after pope francis blessed her, her blood tested positive and revealed lyme disease. she's getting the proper treatment and has begun to regain movement in her feet. >> it's like a miracle. so many people just reaching out and then a doctor reach out for free that he would treat this.
8:25 am
reporter: during the pope's visit to america last september, thousands of people held up the babies and children for the pope to bless. the antonio family were thrilled when francis kissed their ailing baby, gianna. early reports show that afterward the troubling brain tumor had shrunk. gianna is still in need of chemotherapy but the family told fox that francis kissing john is a sign that god is with ben and we talk to an expert who served on the committee investigating miracles and he had this to say about the claims that pope francis is a miracle healer . >> well, miracles take place because of god actions and there is a real sense of humility within the church that person can overtake personal credit for a miracle. if it happens it's because of god's intervention and his blessing. reporter: senior gray also said a real miracle must come forward with no natural explanation. heather: i love that story.
8:26 am
the count the church is the whole concept of miracles very seriously so that will the vatican investigate? they do that where they put together a report. reporter: there's a difference between a miracle before the person dies and after. a sainthood is awarded when they investigate situations where people have prayed to a person was already dead. this is not the case because pope francis is very much alive so they won't be investigating this as a sainthood miracle. heather: i will go back to my old tcb future. lauren green, thanks so much for that story. jon: we take a closer look at donald trump's remarkable success this primary season and why critics may be wrong when they credit the media for mister trumps political, who is president obama's senior adviser talking aboutwhen he says quote, they literally know nothing. our media panel joins us to talk about it all .
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jon: well, after all the primary voting, the political spotlight turned to the likely showdown between donald trump and hillary clinton. mister trumps meteoric rise has defied all expectations, turning establishment politics on its head. what a new op-ed in the wall street journal caught our eye written by peggy noonan. she works as a speechwriter
8:31 am
for president reagan. it's titled, trump was a spark, not fired. it argues the groundwork was set for this seachange and the media did not cause mister trumps rise but the media did not make donald trump's allure, his a made for big ratings. mister trump was a draw from the beginning. if anyone wanted to listen to jeb bush, cable networks would have been happy to show his rallies also. when trump was on, ratings jumped it welcomed only ratings, it was something else. it was a freak show at its zenith. it was great tv. you didn't know what he was going to say next. he didn't know. let's get some reaction from our media panel, judy miller is a poulter prize-winning investigative reporter and fox news contributor. lynn sweet, washington bureau chief at the chicago sun-times. lynn, what do you think about what peggy noonan had to say? >> peggy noonan is very wise and very smart and what she also hit on in her column is that maybe donald trump
8:32 am
understood that conservative orthodoxy wasn't the driving motivation for people who wanted to vote in the republican primary. that's part of the appeal of his message and that's why he caught on and yes, obviously the reality freak show aspect is not controversial now. no one saw it coming. no one thought it would be effective and few predicted he would be the presumptive nominee but the other big thing and peggy's very smart column is that the conservativism that paul ryan wing of the republican party and mitch mcconnell wing, may not be the driving political force at this time. jon: i'm not sure, the sub headline is the establishments both media and conservative failed to anticipate how they would be consumed but i'm not sure it's entirely about conservativism. consumer does is a judy, if donald trump had run as a democrat i think he would
8:33 am
have ignited excitement among democratic voters. >> i think that's true and i think even though i agree with lynn and i agree with peggy to a certain extent i'm not trying to let the press, those of us that is off the hook because we amplified this message. we were an indispensable component of what she calls the freak show. we made it possible for donald trump to get $2 billion worth of free publicity. we are part of this problem because yes, i think what's happened is a problem, not only for the republican party but for our democracy at large. jon: here's another portion of what she wrote. she says: tv producers were all sure he, meaning donald trump, would die on their show. they work for mister trump by showing them they were revealing him. look at this fatuous joke, see through him. they knew he would quickly say something unforgivable and it if he said it on air,
8:34 am
baby he died on their show. it was only after a solid six months of his not dying that they came to have homes. they understood they were helping him. nothing he says is unforgivable to his supporters. lynn, there is the sense that a lot of people put donald trump on tv thinking they were going to taken down a peg. >> for that he would take himself down a peg. i agree with what judy said. i think the people who had these and was interview opportunities with donald trump just have to do a better job in there interviewing and figure out a way to try better to get answers and not just get the same answer all the time. i know it's hard but especially in tv, interviewers have more opportunity than print people to talk to him for extended periods of time and whether or not there was the thought that his own words would get him down, now we know not to go he is immune to fact
8:35 am
checking of which the prince press is especially assiduous so having no known that i think it goes to the people who the most time to interview him to temper him with enough questions, maybe even raise different topics to try and learn a little bit more about what he's thinking in terms of how he wants to govern, how he would implement his policies and by just asking questions on different topics. find something else. jon: trump fan or not you have to hand it to him. he's the one who was often picking up the phone and calling media. most politicians load the media. anderson cooper pointed out in that one debate that they were asking ted cruz to come on all thetime and he wouldn't do it . trump gets a lot of free media because he's willing to pick up the phone. you gotta give him credit for that. this is the huge importance of the david samuels piece in the new york times .
8:36 am
aninterview with ben rose because what ben rose, who works for president obama , trump loves to hate and he points out that trump is the end product. he is a natural extension of our current political system and the failure of the media to follow-up, to ask questions. there's an amazing line in the ben rose piece in which he says the average person we talked to and the reporters are 27 years old and they know nothing. >>. jon: judy, you are doing my job for me. it's in the new york times sunday magazine, an interview with ben rhodes, senior advisor to the president and here is that quote in full. ben rhodes says, all these newspapers used to have foreign bureaus. now they don't. they call us, meaningthe white house to explain to them what's happening in moscow and cairo . most of the outlets are reporting on world events from washington. the average reporter we talked to is 27 years old and their only reporting
8:37 am
experience consists of being around political campaigns . that's a seachange. they literally know nothing. that's the senior advisor at the white house talking about the press corps that covers the white house. >> and you know, i think there's some really important warning in this. ben rhodes talks about how he helps sell the air and deal, the nuclear deal to people who were very skeptical. he talked about the use of the digital media, the way they mobilize support groups and the fact that very few news organizations even had the wherewithal to check what they were saying. but he's proud of what he did because he says that was a good deal. it's in the interest of the country. his warning is, what happens when the next person tries to do this and try to use the bully pulpit of the presidency to sell something that is not in the nation's interest? where are the media? where are the reporters? they are not there and i can't say i disagree with him.
8:38 am
i don't. the press is in a terrible state and that warning of his piece in that important interview still is a friend of mine. jon: obviously ben rhodes thinks the rn deal is a good thing for the country but there are a lot of people who don't and if the white house is able to sell that kind of thing toa press corps that should be skeptical , it's a disturbing take on the state of journalism. >> well, i think, let me approach this article a little differently. when ever you usually read stories about people who are in communications divisions or pr, and they give somebody a lot of bad press, usually , in this case it's a friend of yours, just bear with me. the writer did seem a bit impressed with his own access so it's kind of like the process he was describing and trying to get orders right things or not, he kind of didn't understand that he was
8:39 am
doing part of the story that ben rhodes wanted and there are a lot of other things like when you arewriting about ben that one could have also looked at . but my point is. jon: i am told we are not hearing. alright. go ahead lynn, finisher talk, i apologize. >> something i said? jon:i was told we were hearing your microphone, that we had lost or might . >> i'll quickly recap. i think sometimes, i've yet to meet a communications person at a high level who doesn't think that they have put one over on reporters. sometimes, judy, maybe you disagree with me on this. i thinkit's important to let people know what the senators, thewhite house , the mayor , the whoever you're talking about and covering what your b is to garner what they're thinking and it is in a matter of always minding for information but i think
8:40 am
people know what's going on. that's why you have to look at a little more of the totality of something and not just be proud that somebody passed a law or a tweet so i think people are proud when they get stuff pushed out but there's a lot of stuff that doesn't don't doesn't go that way. that's my more generalpoint be on the message from the white house, that's what they are trying to pass along . >> there trying to issue a warning that the media, and indispensable component of our democracy, the media are not doing their job. and i think it's really important as an interview and i know david samuels was trying to warn all of us because he and i cover national security. we seenthis happen again and again .and what happens when the next person comes along and tries to pedal lies which is really what's starting to happen now. we're not only entitled to
8:41 am
our own opinions, we are increasingly entitled to our own facts. it's a dangerous thing for a democracy and you see it again in this campaign. jon: judy miller and lynn sweet, our media panel today. >> that you. >> thank you. heather: the raging wildfires taking place in alberta canada, a convoy of a vector ways beginning the long drive out of work camps their board of the fire ravaged city of fort mcmurray. in the meantime, and airlift of thousands of evacuees resuming early this morning, nearly 90,000 people. they have already been forced to leave that region due to those fires. 1600 homes have been destroyed so far. >> it wins change, it's not going to get good. it's time to leave. my house is in town, it may be gone, it may not be but
8:42 am
it's okay. we are all alive and it can all be replaced. heather: so terrifying to be there covering the wildfire. i know john you've done that before, they seem they change directions so quickly. here's a look at the fires from space. thermal imaging does the fire that seems to span the length of the entire fort mcmurray. the fires are also exploding in size, torching more than 300 square miles alone yesterday. that's more than 1000 firefighters battling the unseasonably hot, dry conditions to be back those flames. the crisis is causing a spike in oil prices as the fires written the canadian output and here's an animated map of the fire showing just how quickly the flames are moving over the tender, dry terrain. firefighters hoping for rain but that may not be enough. forecasters say an extreme weather pattern blocking the jet stream is a source of those dangerous conditions. we will continue to keep an eye on that story. jon: heart wrap your mind around how big. that's unbelievable. it is the verdict time in the
8:43 am
grim sleeper trial. they have reached a verdict finding lonnie franklin junior guilty of 10 murders over the course of decades. but will the notorious serial killer get the death penalty? it's in california after all. our legal panel weighs in. and an unusual crime out of loretta at a pet store where this man stashed a stolen snake that landed him in hot water with police. >>
8:44 am
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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. jon: no, you can't make this up. a guy tries to sneak off with a python from a florida pet store. you see him in this surveillance video near the snake cage. he grabs a baby python and shoves it in the front pocket of his hand. workers soon figured out what he was up to. they chased him around the store. eventually they blocked the
8:47 am
exit door, holding him down until police could get there. he is now facing that charges. heather: two things you don't want to put down your pants, a python and a gun. jon: we are hoping the python is okay. heather: goodness. a serious story to bring you. good information on the grim sleeper trial out of california. we've been following the story on this show. lonnie frank lynn junior found guilty of killing 12 people over the course of two decades. some of the women, his victims, or acts or prostitutes and were shot were strangled. california prosecutors were trained franklin as a sexual predator who killed his victims then dumped their bodies and now they are seeking the death penalty. let's bring in our legal panel, fred tc a former federal prosecutor and troy slayton, a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. troy, i want to start with you.
8:48 am
they are at the penalty phase now. you know the state of california and the penalty situation. what will end up having to this guy? >> well, it's in the handsthe j. the only decision for the jurors now is to decide whether he will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole or they want to impose the ultimate punishment which is death and then the judge has to agree with it and then there's the inevitable appeal which will last for years and years in california to decide whether or not he will actually be executed. heather: no one has been executed in california since 2006. 743 sitting on death row so even if you were to get the death penalty, sounds like there's a good chance he may not ever i the death penalty. >> the average time on death row in california is almost 18 years. of the 746 people on death row in california, 44 of them kill police officers. 175 or so kill children in 125 torture their victims so irrespective of whether the sky gets the death penalty or california execute him is a different story. i think this guy should get
8:49 am
the death penalty. the death penalty i go back and forth but there's evidence of society's outrage and what this guy did was outrageous. heather: horrible crimes. one of his victims was a teenager at the time. troy, in the penalty phase, two women may be appearing to essentially testify in his case. he was convicted of raping a woman and attempted rape of a woman . in germany, he was serving in the army in the 1970s waiting for the stuff in california happened and how might their testimony impact his sentencing? >> well, the role for prosecutors in the penalty phase is to put forth all the aggravating circumstances. not only did he commit all these things but he is such a bad guy that this is somebody that you want to impose that ultimate punishment. whereas his defense attorneys on the other hand will put forth all the mitigating
8:50 am
circumstances to say that yes, even though he is guilty, maybe the punishment of life thepossibility of parole be more suited for this person . heather: fred, let me ask you about something that's interesting in california recently. there's changes to the way investigators can review dna and that's what helped get them finally find the sky. can you tell us about that change and what that's like? >> amazingly, a couple years ago jerry brown changed the law. this guy wasn't in any type of dna database because he never had any run-in with the law, certainly not when dna was being collected but apparently his son did and california changed the law and allowed you to look at dna to see if any of it matched somebody's family and they got a guy serving bigeye pizza in a restaurant or party and that's how they got his dna. heather: good thing they are able to take a look at that and that was part of the
8:51 am
argument in the case on the part of the defense. it could have been somebody else in his family. thank you so much, were going to have to leave it there. thanks for having me. jon: a new feud beginning as donald trump gets ready for the general election fight. what massachusetts editor elizabeth warren is doing to block donald trump's white house plans. >> them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home. are not equal especially when it comes to reducing lead in your water. zerowater's five-stage filter is the only one certified by the nsf to reduce lead lead that conventional, two- stage filters may leave behind. so, if you want the purest-tasting water
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jon: coming up on the top of the hour and outnumbered, sandra and harris, what do you have. >> the president to speak at the top of the hour on the economy after lower-than-expected job numbers and the stock market today dipping into negative territory for the year. we will bring you his comments lie. and republican house speaker paul ryan is not ready to back donald trump. now donald trump is firing back.
8:55 am
what this means for party unity. also, the fbi interviews one of hillary clinton's closest aides in the email scandal. is hillary yourself next? and hollywood liberals writing again. a top director blames racism for donald trump's rise. all that and more from falling was superman on the couch today, are one lucky guy, dean mccain is here. he's outnumbered top of the hour. jon: he will be pulling off his shirt. heather: looking forward to that. back to politics. donald trump preparing to do battle with hillary clinton as is likely opponent in november. the massachusetts senator elizabeth warren also taking him on. doug mack away is life with this story from washington. reporter: the night of donald trump's indiana victory, democratic senator elizabeth warren tore loose with a
8:56 am
twitter tantrum accusing trump of racism, sexism, xenophobia, narcissism and more. weeks earlier when asked about another warren to storm , trump this warning shot across her bow. >> you made the indian? the problem with the country right now, it's so divided and people like elizabeth warren really have to get their act together. reporter: that was a reference towards unverified claims that she is part cherokee indian. 1986 to 1985, or in blistered herself as a minority in that directory of american law schools. harvard cited her status against criticizing. outsider organizations found no evidence of her indian heritage. that claim has become a point of derision among many conservatives. howie park used a fake indian war during the 2012 campaign stop. >> excuse me professor warren. how do you respond to the charges?
8:57 am
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>> this is a fox news alert. we are look at a white house where we are expecting to receive a statement from the president on the economy when we are looking at the u.s. stock market dipping negative for the year. and this morning we got a disappointing jobs report. the amount of jobs created last no fell below economists' expectations. the dow is down but dipping negative for the year. the white house tells us to make a statement on the economy and he's expected to announce new steps to


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