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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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o' word of the day, do not be a curmudgeon when writing to the factor. tomorrow miller -- walters with millennials and trump. the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. less than 12 hours away from a critical capitol hill meeting. donald trump. the big story dominating headlines today, a potentially game changing meeting in washington, d.c. tomorrow. the leader of the republicans in the house speaker paul ryan will sit down with the man about to assume the mantle of the party, donald trump. the face to face comes days after speaker ryan was not ready to endorse mr. trump at this point. tomorrow the two sides will attempt to hash out the differences. hours ago, speaker ryan told a room smacked with political
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reporters, that republicans cannot ignore their divisions if they want to come together and defeat hillary clinton in november. what does that mine? listen. >> to pretend we're ung phied without actually unifying we go into the election at half strength. >> in moments we will ask eric trump what he thinks about the gop leaders demanding his father adjust course. first, we begin with john roberts on capitol hill with the details on the big meeting. john? >> it's also fascinating to watch the palace intrigue unfold here on capitol hill. trump loyalists began prepping the battlefield if you will? morning. putting in their pitches as to why the speaker should get behind trump. chris collins who is the first member of congress to get on board the trump train sake. there should be broad agreement between the two, like taxes, keeping the country safe.
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republican values things like that. in fact i'm hearing that tomorrow's meeting, not so much being a discussion of the issues as much as it it will be a statement of principles between the two sides. while ryan's endorsement will be welcome, it's certainly not crucial. a two on a scale of 1 to 10 on the importance scale. for trump and ryan. tomorrow's meeting is being put under the heading of a getting to know you affair. >> i think we want to get to know each other much we want to see if we have the same ideas, i remember a large group of people with strong ideas and foundations. >> i don't really know him. i met him once in person in 2012. we had a very good conversation in march on the phone. we just need to get to know each other. >> both sides are playing down expectations for what might happen at and after tomorrow's meeting. speaker ryan's people do not expect lightning will strike. trump's people say they'll be
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lucky to come away with a handshake. >> joining me now with more eric trump, the son of presumptive gop nominee, donald trump and also one of the executives of the trump conglomerate. great to see you, eric. >> good to be here. >> fortune magazine has a piece out today that says this trump badly needs speaker ryans endorsement. do you agree with that? >> he has tens and tens of millions of votes, he's run away with it. he has more votes than any republican in any primary ever. the guy's done an incredible job. he's grown the party, he has brought the party together for whatever that's worth. if he doesn't have the speaker's vote or his will whatever it may be, it will go on. would it be nice? yes, is the ultimate goal to beat hillary clinton? yes, that's everyone's goal. no one wants her to be president. it would be an absolute disaster. everybody should band together and march forward. if he doesn't have it will life
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go on absolutely. >> it can't be resolved like that fight with your spouse all right, everything's fine we're fine we're good right? you have to actually hash it out. they have to sit down they have to have some candlelight, they have to get deep and emotional. >> i think that's right. i think the difference with my father -- >> you do? >> in a certain way, for sure. my father has never walked the halls of washington with these people. he's built amazing businesses his entire life. this isn't his thing. he's going into washington, he needs to get to know these people. >> what if they want him to change we don't like what you said about planned parenthood we don't like what you said about trade. >> he probably won't. he speaks from the heart, he's not bought by anybody, he's self-funded his campaign thus far. he has his own ideas, and those ideas are resonating with people. he's winning, i'm not sure how much he will complaining. are there little things here and there? possibly. my father carries conviction
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with him. the people are lined up behind him. he's going to go to these meetings. he wants to win, is it smart for the republican party to embrace it? i mean it's over he's the nominee. is it smart for them to embrace it? of course it is. let me ask you about you, 32 years old married, no children. but a dog. that's how it starts. >> you are the son of donald and ivana trump, right? >> yes. >> when you were being raised what role did your dad donald play in your upbringing. who did you live with mostly? >> my father is my best friend in the world. i spent every free moment in his office listening to him making the deals. i was close to my mother as well. she's an amazing woman, very supporty and active. i have great parents. they were parents that made us work. there were no free handouts. >> how are you not a spoiled
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brat? because you're not? >> listen my father threw us on construction sites at a very young age. he gave us a sledgehammer and we would break down walls and run electrical lines. he spoiled us with education, he always believed in going to great schools and getting great grades and taking education seriously. but at the same time he put us to work about there really was no free time. >> what did he do when you got -- >> believe me he could look at us and we knew we were disciplinedp he had high expectations for us. he was loving and fun and jovial jovial. >> give us a memory of when he was fun? >> so many. >> just pick a favorite. >> give us something he did that
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was embarrassing. >> walters, he picked a picture off my shelf of me and my father. we would hop on bulldozers together and let us drive through walls. >> that's not embarrassing. i want something embarrassing. if you asked me about an embarrassing story about my mother, coy keep you here all day. >> he sent a bunch of roses to girls i didn't know about, because he liked them for me. i'm so proud of everything he's accomplished. >> in the moments when he is not great, does he take council from anybody? >> yeah, i think he does. he makes up his own mind. a lot of people will give opinions sometimes he'll follow them go off and do his own thing. >> who do you think is his chief adviser? >> i think don, ivanka and i are.
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>> in my mind ivanka is at the top. >> she's the princess, she's the daughter. don and i are more like the brutes. i can't tell you how it is that i'm speaking to him at 6:00 in the morning or 11:00 at night. it's a great relationship. >> the three of you have turned out so beautifully. it's great to know you a little better. >> one very well known trump opponent is getting a lot of attention tonight on social media for a facebook message that has now reached a million people. donald trump failed his litmus test of liberty and has repeatedly worked to undermine it. he also encouraged those who want to blow up washington to consider what will happen if they do. this is part of that here. you watch. zblo joining me now is brad thor. author of the new book foreign agent along with trump supporter david wall.
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you just heard that interview with eric trum. p you heard the man he knows, fun, fun loving giving to his children. honest. why do you not see him that way, and why can you never get behind him? >> his children obviously see a private, personal part of donald trump. i wasn't very moved by that interview. they're saying paul ryan can take him, leave him they don't really care they don't need him. just like they don't need conservatives. the idea that they're his chief advisers also troubles me. we were going to see that donald trump is more presidential. he goes on morning television and still talking about the rafael cruz assassination story. i think donald trump is interviewing for the most important job in the world right now, and we're seeing him at his
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best and it's horrible. >> what do you make of that point specifically the reference to rapheal cruz? >> this is what people love about him. despite his extraordinary wealth he gets down and dirty with people and lets them have it when he feels it's appropriate. he's got policies people love. i have firefighters as neighbors, a teacher who's a democrat and they're going to vote for him. he's pro protecting the border not selling america out, making america first. appeal to everybody across the political spectrum and you can nitpick at little things he said in the past. i read brad's article, he called him a dspot. he's made a career out of give and take. give and take that will end up benefiting america. >> hold on give him a chance to
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weigh-in. >> i didn't call him a despot. i said if you look at donald trump's character, he has a tilt toward authoritarianism throughout history, when you have leaders that tilt toward authoritarianism -- when he talks about what he'll do when he becomes president, the military will obey his orders no matter what. >> let me ask you this. the thing about the military he took back. the thing about jeff bees us and the washington post i think trump would say, that's bluster. >> leggen he's interviewing now. he changes his position he has more positions than a porn star. nobody really knows what he stands for. >> that's the only thing -- >> brad's a very intelligent guy. brad does it concern you, at this point in time given the status of everything now. that when you condemn donald trump, you are becoming a de
6:12 pm
facto hillary clinton surrogate. >> let him answer that. people make that suggestion. >> here's the deal i respect your admiration for donald and your surrogacy for him. when is he going to try to win us over. i've said this repeatedly, i think he has some great ideas. it's time to start acting presidential. i don't want whistles in the white house. >> he's won over -- >> no he's trying to -- >> he's won over tens of millions of americans, at this point, very to say, brad -- >> tens? >> up to you. >> where do you get tens. >> let david finish his point. >> more votes than anyone in history. >> it's up to you what? >> it's up to brad to come to donald trump's side. >> hold on i'm going to give you the finish. >> he does not have to come to people like brad hat in hand down on one knee saying please people like me he's already accomplished that.
6:13 pm
so many people like him now, they've given him a huge mandate. it's up to brad to come over to his side and i think they will. >> i am not going to come over to donald trump if he's acting like this. he is not only extremely arrogant but that statement, as a fellow american is incredibly arrogant that somehow i have to go to him, he wants to represent me. he's an american no better no worse than i am he has to prove himself worthy of that offense. that kind of arrogance is beneath the dignity of the entire country. >> brad thor's facebook post has been seen by almost a million people and that's the thing with brad whatever he writes everybody reads it. that's why he's such a successful author. it's great to see you both. we also have some video tonight that may cause headaches for hillary clinton. watch. >> with the clintons nothing is sacred. everything is for sale. but we are the ones who are paying the price. >> that is part of the trailer
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for the new documentary, clinton cash. and dana perino joins us next on that film and how it could affect the clinton campaign. the kelly file ainvestigates after the doj will not go after the top suspect for the benghazi terror attack. why not? donald trump talked about setting up a commission on rad kalg islam and the threat of terrorists coming to the united states. that report is next. stay tuned. >> and so with my muslim christian, jewish buddhist, hindu and nonreligious brothers and sisters that are gathered here today, i say no to the fascist ideology of donald trump. enough is enough. 72% of women say they often make healthy choices.
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breaking tonight, we are seeing a growing series of attacks against donald trump from some on the left and some in the muslim community. after the candidate talked about setting up a commission to look into radical islam. trump said he's calling on former new york city mayor rudy giuliani to speer head the
6:19 pm
group. >> what about the temporary muslim ban? >> well we have a ban. there are obviously some very bad things going on. and we're going to figure out what's going on. in fact i'm thinking about setting up a commission perhaps headed by rudy giuliani to take a very serious look at this problem. >> in moments we will hear from carl higby a veteran supporting donald trump. first, we are joined by rula rula gibrial. it's great to have you here. >> thank you, megyn. >> it's odd trump talking about giuliani who he supports. i think in december giuliani talked about the ban with sean hannity, he said it's unconstitutional. giuliani said himself it would create more terrorists. look let's leave alone the
6:20 pm
morality and the -- i would say the legality of the issue. let's talk about how practical this issue is. how he's going to be putting it in practice. are we going to see custom border officers at airports stopping muslims? how are they going to know who's a muslim and who's not? by measuring their beards by their names? by their skin tones? this proposal is nonsensical to start with. it would be very hard to enforce. >> let me pivot off the muslim ban for a minute. it wasn't clear in trump's answer whether this commission that's going to study radical islam is going to -- is about the ban or if it's about -- what are we going to do about the problem of radical islam, if it's the latter do you have a problem with that? >> if it's studying radical islam, i think we need more and more 911 commissions. i think that was a great idea. and i wish we follow actually
6:21 pm
some of their proposals. however, if you look at every serious foreign policy analyst or every serious politician on the right and left, whatever dorn ald trump had proposed they consider atrocious. they consider dangerous and grotesque, even michael hayden the former head of cia, who happened to be a republican he said that trump proposeals are actually act as recruiting sergeant for isis. these are people on the republican side who are concerned about these proposals and policies. let me go back to another proposal that ignored in the media. they talked about the database to track and register muslims in america. i mean this resembles what a prewar german policy -- >> let me ask you something.
6:22 pm
>> what will they did with jews in europe. >> you know the muslim ban in particular has huge support within the republican party, like two thirds of republicans are behind it. so to those including trump, who say the people want this what say you? >> look. luckily there's voting process, two thirds of the republican party will go to vote and the country will decide who they want to lead them. however, i think we need a journalist to be very serious and explain to our audience on the right, on the left. to the american people how serious this issue is and the backlash it would have because of these proposals. look at what happened in history, these things not only don't work but undermine our national security. i'm not saying that because i'm a muslim or an analyst. look at the people who are working in the fields what they
6:23 pm
are telling you and the data they are presenting. whether people who are ex-cia officials or are in the democratic party or even the republican party. >> i got it. >> i think there's an important debate to be hold about extremism and radical zichl. however, radicalization and extremists and violence and jihadists you cannot block it because you're blocking your borders, it's an idea. you can theoreticalize -- be radicalized anywhere. >> i got to go. >> how high should a wall be to stop radicalization. >> i have to wrap you. my thanks to rula. let's turn to carl higby, author of "enemies foreign and domestic." navy s.e.a.l. story. let's speak about that, her point about the backlash the backlash that would happen if such a policy were enforced.
6:24 pm
that gets people's ears perked up. i don't want backlash. >> we have a very big problem. we saw one happen around the world. donald trump's muslim ban, it was a broad sweeping narrative rudy giuliani said hey, this may be unconstitutional he did say, we should stop the syrian refugee crisis. >> all the republicans were saying we shouldn't be letting in the syrian refugees they all eventually came around to that position. trump's position was, we are going to ban all muslims, until we figure out what is going on. >> absolutely. >> it's a different policy. and if you're saying he's narrowing it to position that
6:25 pm
all other republicans have, that's going to change. donald trump has said hey, look i'll come a little bit to the middle on this one, maybe the muslim band was too broad streaking. he can adapt and take advice from people. >> his critics will say, that proves he'll say anything at any time to please his aud yns. >> that's every democratic candidate at any time. he makes a broad generalization. >> to her point, i asked her how the people are behind this. the republicans in particular are behind the muslim ban that trump talked about. >> i'm for did personally. >> her point is basically, that the experts don't agree where the public. if you pay attention, you'll see this won't work out the way you
6:26 pm
think it will. >> they're not in favor of us no matter what we do. i'm in favor of some sort of muslim band of the ideology into our culture. islam is not necessarily religion. it's broad sweeping and there's a lot of things that don't co exist. >> would you ban the london mayor? >> i don't know. i think it's going to be controversial. >> you don't know whether you would ban the london mayor from coming to the united states? >> yes. it's something we need to watch for, islam as a whole is not going do coist ask us it's only a matter of time before we see more and more problems develop. carl higby, thank you for being here. taking your thoughts on that on twitter@megynkelly.
6:27 pm
elizabeth warren goes after donald trump on twitter, but it's his response you don't want to miss. the alleged ring leader of the attacks will not face the death penalty. mark keissen has some thoughts on that. >> i was on my belly the last time i went in before we got counter assaulted. the smoke was down there, you could only see two feet in front of your face. it was so thick and so hot, it was like being in a brick oven. my belly pain and constipation? they keep telling me "drink more water." "exercise more." i know that. "try laxatives..." i know. believe me. it's like i've. tried. everything! my chronic constipation keeps coming back.
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for you guys having lost tyrone and glenn. you look back and any about benghazi. what does it mean? why did they die? >> they died serving their country. doing what we love to do. that's serving other people. that's kind of our whole make-up, it's just like why would you go -- why do we run to gunfire? that's who we are. >> that was former cia contractor mark ozgeist back in january, describing what it felt like to watch his friends guy. his arm was hanging by a vein,
6:32 pm
thanks to the fight he had that's just one guy that survived. the doj announced the alleged wring leader in the attack will not face the death penalty. this despite the four americans and first ambassador to die in the line of duty in years. >> ahmed akbu fatale la was captured and questioned by interrogators. his capture proves the u.s. government will expend every effort to catch u.s. terrorists that harm the u.s. the prosecution should not be handled by a civilian court, but the feds said their case was strong and vowed to seek the ultimate penalty. the department is committed to ensuring the defendant is held
6:33 pm
accountable for his alleged role in the terrorist attack. if convicted he faces a sentence of life in prison. the doj won't explain its reversal except to say they do these on a case by case basis. a legal source tells fox news prosecutors are having trouble getting some evidence admitted into court as well as witnesses from libya to the trial. with the case back in the headlines, so too is the response to the benghazi attacks. overseeing by then secretary of state hillary clinton, which led to congressional hearings and eventually uncovered information of clinton's use of a private e-mail server. abu katallah does not appear interested in a plea deal. he maintains his innocence and is insisting on a jury trial, meaning the benghazi attacks could be in and out of the headlines for months to come.
6:34 pm
>> joining me now, mark theissen. good to see you. there you have it they've made their decision zm. >> yes, they have. they're saying death penalty, no death penalty, what difference at this point does it make? it makes a huge difference. think about this two years ago, the justice department sought the death penalty in the case of the boston marathon bomber. the resultant harm compel this decision. do they not compel the same decision in the case of the benghazi attack? this guy was involved in a premeditated al qaeda terrorist attack against a u.s. diplomatic facility on the anniversary of the september 11th 2001 terrorist attacks. he killed a u.s. ambassador the
6:35 pm
first killed in the line of duty since 1979. we don't pursue the death penalty for him, but we do the boston bomber? >> what do you think is the reason for that? >> you have this guy, who killed four americans including our ambassador and injured countless others as you point out, the boston marathon bombers killed four people three at the scene of the bombing, plus a police officer later and injured countless others in one case it was very clear to the doj the death penalty was in order, in this case why do you think it was not? >> we can only speculate, it's possible they don't have a very strong case and they can't -- they don't think they can win a death penalty case which is pathetic it means they haven't gotten the other people involved they don't have the information yet. that's pretty bad as it is. if they can't get a death penalty conviction that's an indictment of them. this is really inconvenient for
6:36 pm
barack obama and hillary clinton to have a big trial in the death penalty trial. >> why? >> if they pursue not a death penalty case they only have -- they only have to pursue a very narrow case that shows that this guy was there at the time of the attack on the night of the attack and participated and boom it's over. if they go to a death penalty case after they convict him, it goes into a sentencing phase. they have to convince a jury to unanimously vote to execute him, and he can then turn that into a trial of the united states. he can say, i was a big player. and these other 10 guys which the obama administration didn't capture, are the real guys. he can start asking for information about when did they know did was a terrorist attack. we can have discovery and all sorts of information put out. >> the interesting thing about this this guy. do you remember the strawberry
6:37 pm
from pay. the new york times tracked him down. we're going to go on the hunt we're going to find the people who perpetrated this attack. the new york times is talking to this guy over a strawberry fra frappe overseas. we couldn't find him but the new york times does. he talked and in that interview he said something to the effect of the americans blew it where was the security. question whether they want him repeating that message in a u.s. courtroom. >> absolutely. the other thing he said over the strawberry frappe he said that this really wasn't a premeditated terrorist attack. this was a spontaneous protest in response to a video. >> he's in agreement with the obama administration. don't they want him to say that? >> obama administration federal prosecutors have to lay out the case while this was a terrorist
6:38 pm
attack. they have to say what they knew when they knew it. >> directly contrary to the message they've been spinning. they've been saying this is not a preplanned terrorist attack. now he's going to get out there -- i see, they want to choose which narrative they want to marry themselves to if they allow him to talk. >> what they want is a plea deal. who's been praising them today. it's the terrorist lawyers are the ones praising them. it was a courageous decision. they want to -- >> i know just the enticement they used. >> strawberry frappe? >> just saying. we know he's a fan. mark great to see you. >> thank you. also tonight, the book clinton cash became a bestseller when the author penned a lengthy investigation into the clinton foundation. now it's a documentary set to be released hours before the
6:39 pm
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6:44 pm
released the night before the democratic convention kicks off in july. >> greetings from washington. >> i want to thank all of you for your work to route out corruption that weakens economic development and organized crime, and undermines the promise of democracy. >> i believe in the oldest adage of american politics which is follow the money. >> a new report today claims that the clinton foundation gives 10% of its opinion that it raises to actual charities. >> enormous amounts of money flow to the clintons from foreign governments, foreign financiers. >> you have a foreign corporation or a foreign government that wants something from the state department while hillary clinton is secretary of state they will make a large payment to the clinton foundation that will be followed by favorable action on
6:45 pm
their behalf. >> they've created a model for massive self-enrichment that allows you to go into so-called public service but get extremely rich at the same time. >> oh, yeah, i have to pay our bills. >> before we had to worry about money from wall street and big labor. now we have to worry about it coming from around the world and inpicturing our politics. with the clintons nothing is sacred everything is for sale. we are the ones who are paying the price. maybe just maybe the american people are tired of being sold out. joining me now to discuss that dana perino, co-host of the five. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> when the book came out it was
6:46 pm
quite explosive, i remember it wasn't just the right who was saying my gosh look what the clintons are doing, it was a lot of journalists and people on the left. journalists were saying this looks fishy. they don't really care about the e-mail thing, about benghazi it doesn't matter to them. this seemed to bother them. this documentary will probably not be embraced, but i think it will pack a punch, it's another bad thing for hillary. >> the allegations were that people were paying to have access to her, to get favors done by her while she was secretary of state and her husband was at the clinton foundation -- her daughter was running the clinton foundation and so on. you can't do that. you can't buy a politician and get favorable outcomes. >> the clinton cash the book
6:47 pm
really was a partisan thing. >> it's interesting to see schweizer partner with bannon. >> he may have been the best option at that point. i think something like when bill clinton says we had to pay our bills, it's probably taken out of contest he says nowdrive. and it looked terrible for president bush. regardless of who produced it for people who are going to watch it that are still undecided or maybe not that motivated to vote, does this hurt? yes. >> why do you think that will have any greater impact than the book did or for that matter the film 13 hours about the benghazi heroes. >> it's one of the reasons your show is so popular, it's visual. we're a visual -- this is why people tune in to watch because it's good television.
6:48 pm
they won't remember the book the visual memory is easier to remember. >> donald trump has decided that his nickname for hillary will be crooked hillary. it's already stuck. you add something like this documentary, we're talking about it in may, it's not coming out until july it will have a lasting impression. >> what do you think about the clinton campaign releasing everything it has about donald trump. the main street media is going deep dive on trump's background. could this threat potentially be neutralized by hillary? and how -- we always talk about people underestimating trump. what about those who underestimate the clintons. >> that's a reason people are going to tune in from now until november 8th you don't know what's going to happen. >> and the good news is -- >> i always have good news. >> when trump goes after
6:49 pm
hillary, everyone knows everything about hillary, no one's gone after hillary in this way yet, it will make some people uncomfortable, it will probably be a very unserve el campaign from both sides it will be a race to the bottom. i would expect they're going to try to do everything to win. whatever they have about donald trump, they will use. can it be neutralized? maybe not by this documentary, but by donald trump, maybe. >> we can go the low road. >> it's her choice right? >> dana great to see you. >> senator elizabeth warren is at it again. attacking donald trump on twitter. trump was quick to fire back. wait until you see how he responded right after this break. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
6:50 pm
. .
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6:53 pm
my aunt b. walked by that picture at least a thousand times, remarked her father my papa, had high cheekbones like all of the indians do. >> that was massachusetts senator elizabeth warren taking us on a little trip down memory lane as she and donald trump
6:54 pm
wage battle of the words made up of 140 characters to be exact. we'll tell you what we're talking about through trace gallagher who has the story. >> megyn, senator warren unleashed her third rapid fire twitter attack on donald trump in less than a week calling him out for his stance on wall street minimum wage women, posting, quoting here "we get it when a woman stands up to you, you're going to call her a basket case hormonal ugly." of course donald trump isn't one to lay low. joining the ranks of little marco, lyin' ted, crooked hillary, trump dubbed the massachusetts senator goofy elizabeth in which warren responded quoting again, "goofy? for a guy with the best words, that's a pretty lame nickname. weak." there has been speculation warren could be on the short list of hillary clinton's v.p. nominees but for now warren says she's more interested in making sure donald trump never reaches the white house and donald trump is now suggesting he knows why warren didn't run for president
6:55 pm
in 2016 tweeting "goofy elizabeth warren didn't have the guts to run for potus. her phony native american history stops that and v.p. cold." you recall during her 2012 senate campaign it came out that she once listed herself as having native american roots. here's part of how she then explained it. watch. >> being native american has been part of my story, i guess since the day i was born. i don't know any other way to describe it. we grow up on what our family tells us about our family. >> late today, trump veered off the native american slams instead accusing warren of using the woman's card. megyn? >> so that was fun. great to see you, trace. we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
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we're just six days away now from my big sit-down with presumptive republican nominee donald trump. you heard brad saying he doesn't like rump trump because he insults people.
7:00 pm
we talk about that in the special among many other things. trump as you've never seen him tuesday on my fox broadcast special "megyn kelly presents" over on big fox, fox broadcasting "american idol" fox, "empire" fox. check your local listings. see you tomorrow. welcome to "hannity." tonight, 2016 presumptive gop nominee, donald trump is getting ready to meet behind closed doors with speaker of the house paul ryan tomorrow. here's what trump said earlier today about that meeting. >> i think i'm doing very fine with paul ryan. i have a lot of respect for paul ryan. we're going to have a meeting tomorrow. if we make a deal that will be great. if we don't, i'll trudge forward like i've been doing and winning, you know all the time. >> earlier today speaker ryan said this at a press conference an tomorrow's highly anticipated sit-down. >> i think these are conversations we're going to