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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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18% say tone it down. that's of all for now. tonight come to you from the national mall. we will be celebrating heros in blue special tribute to law enforcement. 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington. ♪ >> "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight: >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified. >> what is the real story behind the trump g.o.p. leadership meetings today? is there still bad blood? we have information -- we will have inside information for you >> "the washington post" launching unprecedented investigation into donald trump. why? bernie goldberg has some thoughts. >> as a millennial, what issues do you care about the most?
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>> the way social media impacts my life. >> also ahead, is there any common ground between young americans and donald trump? watters with that. >> how do you feel about donald trump? >> make america great again. [ laughter ] >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the real story of donald trump meeting republican leaders in washington today. and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in politics, what you see and hear is rarely what is real. spin dominates and that's why this program was created. the no spin zone cuts through all that bull. today, donald trump met with the speaker of the house paul ryan. two men trying to find common ground on which to defeat hillary clinton for the presidency in november.
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it's really impossible to say what both men are truly thinking. but they do have a common interest, and that is winning. simply put. if president obama's economic policies are continued for four more years under a president hillary clinton, this country may fracture. a "wall street journal" column today by daniel henninger nails it america cannot prosper on 2% growth a year. it's impossible. that's what we have gotten under president obama. no matter how the democrats spin it the weak economic growth has caused deep anger among americans in both parties, which is why trump has won and bernie sanders is so competitive. american workers understand their lives are not secure. wages stagnant. job growth paltry. if you have three kids, a mortgage and want to live a basic life, just a basic life. you have got to earn substantial money. again, 2% growth will not provide upward mobility that workers need.
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while there are a number of other issues dividing republicans and democrats, the economy is by far the biggest. and trump has an advantage, because he is running as successful business person who will apply his acumen improve the economy. the problem for trump is that some republicans, even though they reject the obama administration don't trust him. but now, there is no other alternative. it's either gamble with trump or live under economic policies that put government regulation on high taxes over growth. to be fair hillary clinton she could moderate once she sees that she is going to get the official nomination. but, right now, it's entitlements everywhere and big government expansion. the classic tax and spend progressive platform. again, how has that worked out over the past 8 years? so talking points fully expects to see the
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republican party to rally around donald trump because there is no other option for them. that's the memo. now for reaction. speaking to sean hannity, donald trump said this today. >> i think he's doing a good job. he's got not an easy job. i don't mind going through a slow process, it's a very big subject. we have a lot of things. i think for the most part we agree on a lot of different items. and we're getting there. i feel very strongly about border security. i feel very strongly about trade. i feel very strongly about building up the military and, you know, to a large extent i think paul is there also. >> joining us from st. petersburg, florida jessica erhlick, a democrat. here in new york city big trump supporter, big. eric bolling. >> just because i saw it coming, bill. that makes me a supporter, i guess, i will take it. >> we had lou dobbs on here. i asked him last night is there anything that trump has said or done that you
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disprove of. did you see that? >> i did. >> now, everybody is wired for this campaign. everybody. that's a good thing. but president obama's job approval ratings is actually going up. it's actually going up. so, does that tell you that many, most, is above 50% his job approval rating right now don't care about the economy? he hasn't done anything for the better part of a year approval rating sores. that's natural tendency. you yourself nailed it in your talking points. the economy is number one in every voter's mind. across exit polls. cnn had a poll recently. fox news has a poll. number one jobs and the economy. terrorism is number two. >> trump has a big advantage because is he unproven in that area in the sense that he did a good job for himself and his family but
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niece public policy at all. >> he has another advantage that you also pointed out in talking points is that hillary clinton is perceived now as the next four or eight years of president obama. >> she said that. >> she is saying exactly what he said with the coal industry. president obama, one of the first things he did. he was in san francisco, he said if you develop a coal-fired power plant, we will bankrupt you. government regulation will bankrupt you. hillary clinton said the exact same thing a couple weeks ago in a town hall. >> and she got hammered in west virginia. >> she is still going to get hammered. >> jessica, bolling and i rarely agree on anything, but we do agree trump has advantage on economics. exit polling shows that what do you say? >> that seems to be the only place where he has his popularity, particularly among white male voters as we know is the economy. and even people that don't like him feel like he would be strong on that. but it's interesting because he has got a real populist message. and that was a huge discrepancy between he and paul ryan.
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i mean, paul ryan has a real, you know, more as they say conservative iran, we're not raising taxes. you are not seeing that from donald trump. he is supporting social security and medicare not wanting to dismantle it. >> don't you think based on what donald trump has said the last two weeks since indiana trump will go more to ryan than ryan going to trump? i think trump is going to moderate his positions on economic issues to try to get the republican support which he needs to raise money and the organization. don't you think is he going to moderate a little bit? >> no, absolutely not. he literally just received the most votes of a republican presidential candidate in the history of our primary races. there -- he is incredibly popular exactly for the reasons that he stated. >> he wants to win. don't you think -- no. >> you don't think he is going to go more toward ryan. >> no, absolutely not. >> that whole establishment class has realized.
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that was then. this is now. trump, this movement. >> i'm going to make a bet with you bolling. i don't like that tie. if you have a nice one, i will bet you this tie to that tie. i will bet you. because the republicans don't want a trade war with china and they don't want a trade war with mexico and they don't want tariffs. they don't want it. because they feel that will really harm. i'm going to bet and predict that donald trump will move more toward the economic vision of ryan and the establishment party. >> well, he may, bill. but he is not going to do it any time soon. there is no reason to do it any time soon. >> got to get the boys on the band. >> saw that coming. they knew that was all bluster going into that meeting. >> you say it wasn't a great meeting? >> i'm sure it was a great meeting before they even had their meeting. >> jessica, i'm going to give you the last word. i know one thing, trump wants to win. he needs to raise a billion dollars. he needs the republican party. and he needs ryan to go to the convention and jazz
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everybody up. is he going to move a little bit toward ryan, last word? >> i don't know that he needs paul ryan. i think if anything, paul ryan needs him and needs his voters to vote down ticket so that he can retain control of the house come november. because there is a huge possibility that even if, you know, for some odd reason donald trump were to be elected it could effect the down ballot races these new voters might not be down reporter. >> if he is elected it will be landslide g.o.p. it might be a split ticket if he is not but landslide g.o.p. >> we shall see. >> good debate. quick footnote, eric has a new book coming out in june called wake up america. next on the rundown, republican congressman who does not like donald trump, will he finally get on the train? then truth serum about how much tax money is going to support illegal aliens and the truth about police shooting black men. factor is coming right back. allergies.
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what's in your wallet? besides his intelligence. that's his strongest asset. boy, did he go after it. unfortunately, it stuck. but, i do think he owes ted an apology. but, more than that right now, bill, we're going through a process.
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it happened after romney appeared to get the nomination or he was on his way to getting that. it happened after our friend john john mccain appeared to get the nomination. i mean, are romney, he had been on both sides of a number of issues. >> yeah, but it's nothing like, this congressman. you know that. >> well. >> it's real personal now. is cruz a friend of yours? is that why you -- >> -- yeah. >> so he is -- >> -- i mean, i got to know him much better -- i mean, i've known him for a number of years but not as close as i have gotten to during this campaign and i saw what trump had done to his family. that's very personal. >> okay. that's what it's all about now. it's personal. look, he told -- >> -- no, it's about the country: what's best for the country. >> a lot of the opposition to donald trump is personal. cruz, bushes, personal. lindsey graham, personal. all of that is personal. marco rubio personal.
5:15 pm
>> i didn't get on the mccain bandwagon. i was concerned about his position on amnesty. >> congressman, you must know this is more personal than issues. i will submit to you -- >> -- we, -- well, no. this reminds me of mccain. i had to make sure he wasn't going to explode and not use the f word like he did to john cornyn and i needed to be assured that trump is also not going to be degrading women and is he going to truly be. >> that goes back to the personal. see, what i see is. >> it's what's good for the country. >> there are those in the republican party who don't like his style. let's talk about what happened today. >> actually, i was all in favor of his style. i loved political incorrectness. you above all people know how our culture has been under atout it and you pointed it out before most people did. so, i have loved the way he has defended our culture and been very politically incorrect.
5:16 pm
but there are limits that what is appropriate and what isn't. >> all right. >> trump has exceeded those bound did boundaries. so we're talking about saving the country. can i put aside all kinds of personal issues for what's best for the country. >> and that's where it's coming. >> that's where we need to be, yeah. >> so what's the buzz about the meeting today between trump and ryan and the other g.o.p. leaders? what's the buzz? >> well, i think the buzz is that it was very good meeting. i was surprised how many people came down on paul. you know, i have been very upset with paul on some of the issues, but it was a wise thing to say i'm not there yet. i mean, trump himself wrote the book on the art of the deal. he knows he has no respect as he has pointed out before for somebody that comes in and has something another party wants and you just bow down and worship him. you negotiate. you just don't bow down and worship. that's what paul was, i think, appropriately doing. so that i understand they had a good meeting. paul laid out some things. these are important to the
5:17 pm
country. we want to make sure you're there. you know, have you been both sides of pro-life issue. we want to make sure that you are where you said you were. those are important things, bill. >> as i said in the talking points memo this evening. republican party is going to have to come together or they are going to lose. that's a decision you have to make. congressman, always good to talk to you, we appreciate your candor. >> well, thank you, bill. >> directly ahead, another controversial police fugitive situation. this one in new hampshire. we will show you the video. and then later, the "the washington post" putting 20 reporters on donald trump trying to dig up dirt. bernie goldberg will comment upcoming. filibuster 9r3%ñ
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factor follow up segment tonight, the director of the fbi is saying that all the cell phone video floating around showing police
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interacting with americans while they are arresting them could be driving up crime. james comey theory is police officers are less aggressive because they are afraid of getting into trouble with the video stuff. yesterday, massachusetts state police were chasing a fugitive into new hampshire when controversy erupted. >> state police say the chase began in holden massachusetts and ended a hour later in nashua, new hampshire. that's when the driver got out of car. video captured by helicopter camera appears to show police punching the man repeatedly while on his hands and knees. other officers appear to join in. the man was then handcuffed and taken into custody the chase and beating aired live on some local tv stations. >> with us now here in new york city patrick lynch head of the city patrolman's benevolent association. what do you think, first of all, about comby's remarks that police are a little hesitant now knowing they could be on videotape by
5:22 pm
these cell phone cameras. >> is he absolutely correct. we just did a survey of our members. we find over 95% felt exactly like that. morale is in the toilet because we are getting second guess every call. snippet not guilty. not knowing what happened before or after. you can't go on that. >> of the study that you took are interesting. 6,000 new york city police officers participated. 97% are reluctant to take action due to lawsuits or complaints by the public. now when you say that reluctant to take action. you are talking about discretionary action. >> exactly. >> we are not afraid to do our jobs. we're not afraid to chase a man with a gun. we are not afraid to run into a burning building. we do it all the time. what we are afraid to of doing is going the extra mile and then getting second guessed for it. getting disciplined for it. it has to stop. the soft talk from city hall in our case here in new york city is leading the perps to be more bold. >> 9% of the 6,000 cops you
5:23 pm
interviewed say that the suspects are now more likely to resist than they used to be. are you putting that on cell phones? >> i'm putting that on a number of things. it's the talk of assuming that police officers are always wrong, which leads people to think let's video him the police are wrong. no, the police are doing their job out on the street. they shouldn't be second guessed at every turn. we want to do our work. we do it effectively. a snippet that's been edited or just a piece that never, never tells the whole story. >> 87% say new york city has become less safe. 55% a lot less safe. yet, new york city crime stats continue to fall to record low levels. how does that stack? >> you always have to look at the words. remember the time when we said that crime is down in every category? now they pick and choose what crime they are talking about. just walk out in the street you see the homeless here in new york city. you see the crime that's going on. more importantly, the folks in the neighborhood can sense it and feel it. they see it first. >> see, your stat here is
5:24 pm
that 96% of cops say the city is less safe. but the stats say violent crime stats, theft, all of that, that the city is more safe. so i don't understand. >> well, you have to to look at the years they are picking. shootings on the rise. slashings on the rise. violent crime. while we are talking about crime is on the rise. again, the words count. >> all right. so you are disputing the official come stat stats coming out of bratton's office and the mayor's office saying the city is more safe and crime is at historic low. you are saying that's not happening? >> the first people that will know if crime son the rise is those police officers in the middle of the night on patrol. they say it's up. >> to be fair we all know new york city police officers don't like de blasio the mayor. and they perceive they don't have their backs. maybe this study is skewed because they are angry about it? >> not at all. when we put this out, the one thing we asked our members is honestly answer.
5:25 pm
6,000 police officers all came out and said i feel unsafe. so if they feel unsafe as police officers with a shield on heir chest. what about the guy walking to the subway. >> do the police officers understand that the cell phone videos do have a few things that are positive in a sense that if there is an out-of-control situation, and no witnesses, that's a witness. >> well, you have to look -- it could work to help the cops. >> it surely can. if the investigation is allow to do go fairly forward. >> that's your job to see that it does. >> that's why we speak out as a police officer's advocate. >> so, summing up, comey, the fbi director is correct in your opinion when he says that all of these cell phone videos are inhibiting police from being more aggressive? >> is he absolutely correct. more importantly, our members back that up. >> okay. thank you very much. we appreciate it plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening, bernie goldberg with two hot topics.
5:26 pm
the "the washington post" assigning 20 trorts scrutinize donald trump and also the facebook scandal. then, watters asking younger americans if they have anything in common with donald trump. >> do you like trump? >> i like when he makes the way john kasich eats. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ ♪ with a full tank of freedom, ♪ find your own highway ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ take you wherever you go. ♪
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truth serum segment tonight, two important topics, tax money going to support illegal aliens and police shooting black citizens.
5:30 pm
here arthel neville in for shannon bream and eric shawn. study for immigration studies very skeptical study on immigration. payments to both legal and illegal immigrants. what's the headline. >> the headline is both illegal and legal immigrant households consume more per capita of federal money of programs such as welfare, ssi, medicare, lunch money and this sort of thing. >> ssi? >> supplemental security income. >> which means, what? explain what that. >> basically money programs for health, for food, to supplement your income. >> food stamps, things like that. >> food stamps because mostly people are low wage workers. 31 more expensive if you are immigrant household than what they call an american born. they call it a native. if you are not a u.s. citizen, but you have a green card to work here, and you lose your job, can you still get benefits, correct? >> i think so. >> you are not 100 percent sure. >> if you are illegal you
5:31 pm
can't get benefits but your children can. >> that's the thing if you are illegal alien if you are married or marry when you come here with your spouse. you don't have to be married. you can cohabitate and children born here, then those children can get all the welfare payments, right? >> yeah, they do. >> but if they are not born here, even though they are children, then they are not entitled to welfare payments. >> that's correct. >> so right now, why is more money going to immigrants than american citizens? >> basically two reasons. they have lower level of income and you have more children with the immigrant families. 24% of the legal immigrants have a -- dropped out of high school versus 47% of the illegal immigrants. almost half of the illegals have dropped out of high school. only 8% of the native americans have dropped out of high school. and those families with three or more children 13% of the immigrants have three or more, 6% natives.
5:32 pm
that's why the costs have gone up. costs are 86% higher than a native american family. get $8,251 in government welfare money and this sort of thing every year versus $4,431 that an american born family would get. >> that's substantial amount of money going for immigrants in this country. >> more than $100 billion a year. >> to get into this country to stay here is hard. i mean, you have to go through all kinds of hoops which is why we have the illegal immigration problem because it's easier. >> let's switch over to police shooting black men, right? first of all, police very rarely shoot black women. that's a stat so low we don't look at. >> we are talking about men. washington state university did a study and looked at white officers who with racial biases, okay, and they found that these officers were three times less likely to shoot unarmed black men than they were
5:33 pm
unarmed white men. >> let me stop thrurex it's only white officers. >> that's correct. >> police officers. not police officers of color? >> we looked at white officers. >> okay. the washington state university people out in eastern washington did this study. and the headline is that more whites get shot by white cops proportionally, not numberswise but proportionately. >> keep in mind, what they did, bill, they put them in side a real life video game. you have officers with large high def hun tores and actors coming in there they are modified with lasers to shoot. armed, unarmed white, black. they interact with the officers. depending how the officers act and words they use, then this will end up in conflict or cooperation. >> these aren't stats compiled across the country? >> no, it's spokane, washington. >> this was experiment. >> experiment three times. spokane washington police department. done between august 12th of 12 and november of 2013. keeping in mind though this
5:34 pm
was done, all three of these lab projects done before the august 9th, 2014 shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. >> you said it was done before that. >> before that. the "the washington post" compiled the information after that and according to the "the washington post," 990 people, 990 people were shot and killed by police officers in 2015. roughly 9% of them were unarmed. of the unarmed 40 point 8% were white versus 34.4% were white. >> there was higher proportion. >> opposing studies there. >> very interesting you guys. truth serum. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on the "the washington post" assigning an army of reporters to investigate donald trump. then watters with younger americans considering mr. trump. >> this country has become a joke and donald trump is the punch line. >> wow. those reports moments away.
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5:39 pm
>> folks new on the political scene, certainly there is a lot we don't know about him that got a lot of attention. 20 reporters digging stuff up on trump. and you say? >> i have no problem with that i don't care if they put 40 reporters digging up every facet. every phase of donald trump's life i don't think there has been enough serious journalism about that while they are doing that. i wish bob woodward for transparency reasons would tell us how many reporters did he and his newspaper put on barack obama to look into every phase of his life when he was running for president of the united states. how many reporters are they going to put on hillary clinton's life so we can know every phase of what's
5:40 pm
going on in her life? how many reporters are they going to assign to the recent story that the administration either mislead or lied to the american people about the iran nuclear deal? there's a good rule of thumb to go by, bill, reporters will run over their own grandmothers to get a story on page 1. but they will always salivate more going after republicans than going after democrats whose values they share and whose opinions they share. >> but it's pretty nakedly, i don't want to use the word corrupt, but let's say biased. look, you have got a "the washington post" that's now run by besos, he owns it marty barron from the "boston globe." he's the editor, right? fred hyatt, the uber leftist running the editorial page. we here at the factor deal
5:41 pm
with the "the washington post" on hard news stuff. we put the reporters on all the time because it's pretty good. it's pretty accurate. and woodward we respect, all right, and we have had him on a lot here and he has told the truth. you are right. if they are going to throw 20 at trump. they have got to throw 20 at hillary because hillary has a lot of unanswered questions. >> again, just to go back into history, if they are making the comparison that donald trump is unknown quantity but hillary is known quantity which i don't believe she is, then the analogy to barack obama is a totally valid one. how many reporters did bob woodward -- i don't want to make this just institutional with the "the washington post." bob woodward is the one who said that he should be asked how many reporters are you going to. >> we will ask him next week. >> good. ask him how many they assigned to the unknown barack obama to go into every phase of his life to use woodward's expression. >> all right.
5:42 pm
when he was running for president? >> all valid. >> i will betcha it wasn't 20. >> goldberg and i are old school, which means we are boring. and we get our information primarily from organizations that have structure like the "the washington post," although we are now questioning whether their structure is fair. facebook is run by 25-year-olds who look like wally cleaver in leave it to beaver. those people, we now know, were shunning, there is the guy who did it. he was in charge of the opinion pieces appearing on facebook doesn't he look like wally. they were loading it up with black lives matter is suspect plerrive. facebook is the most powerful news organization in the world. >> you made a mistake.
5:43 pm
i want to -- well, you may not have made a mistake. you got it a little wrong. that is that's the allegation and it's an allegation that facebook has denied. the allegation very, very simply is this. that they looked at the stories that people were reading. that's how they determined their news feed. if you are reading stories online and they become popular, they go into your facebook page news feed. and the allegation is that they were suppressing conservative stories and stories about conservative politicians and conservative points of view and facebook denies it. there is another allegation that they pumped up the opposite of suppress, a story about black lives matter even though it didn't have a lot of interest -- >> -- yeah. >> online. >> pumped that up. >> i have got to tell you. >> facebook denies that allegation, too. >> facebook's defense has been very, very weak. because just the -- and they can fall back on this, you
5:44 pm
know, these are what the people want. and we are giving it to them. but that's bull. but, anyway, we're watching facebook. and they are not the most powerful news organization. we are. bernie goldberg, everyone. watters on deck. he talks to younger americans about donald trump. don't miss it we'll be right back. radio anncr: scorching heat today, stay cool out there! walter! stop suffering with hot ac - cool it yourself with a/c pro. in just 3 easy steps,
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back of the book something. >> tonight, survey taken by harvard's institute of policy says that among 18 to 29-year-olds, hillary clinton is favored by 61% over donald trump's 25%. so we sent watters out there to ask some younger americans about mr. trump. ♪
5:48 pm
♪ >> are you proud to be a millennial? >> yeah. for sure. >> i wouldn't be. >> yes, i'm a millennial, i'm 29. >> you look good for 29. >> chicks dig me. >> are you asking if we fit in that label or perceived. >> let's not overthink this. >> what do you think of donald trump? >> not the biggest fan. [groans] >> make america great again. >> i believe that his tax policy and his views are what can really straighten out america again. >> do you like donald trump? >> i think donald trump is an ego maniac. >> if trump only likes his kind, why did he mary ann immigrant. >> i didn't know that that's something new i just found out by you. >> i think the suggestion that immigrants from south america are rapists was primarily, i think, just
5:49 pm
generally devalues them. >> didn't trump say he wants to keep rapists out of the country? what's wrong with that? >> what? >> what? >> what? >> what about the wall? >> really? the wall? he wants to make mexico pay for it the cost of that wall is like 1% of their entire g.d.p. >> it looks like i spent the wong wrong week to quit smoking. >> donald trump is the punch line. >> shall we roll on? ♪ >> are you exciting to vote? >> yeah. i'm a big hillary guy. >> i bet you are. >> she is a smart woman. i think she knows what she is doing. she will get stuff doing. >> if she know what is she is doing, why couldn't she protect the embassy in benghazi. >> no comment on benghazi. >> if hillary -- why can't she face questions from the press. >> what did you say? >> bernie should be president. >> how many jobs has bernie sanders created?
5:50 pm
>> a lot of jobs. >> more than donald trump? >> from what i see, yeah. >> how did bernie create jobs? >> old billings he making into like business business. office business, construction business, whatever. >> i think you are talking about trump. >> that's trump? >> yes. >> i apologize. trump is a real estate developer. >> real estate? like housing? >> yes. bernie is the senator. >> why would you say that for? > senator. >> why would you say that for? >> that's the truth. >> i don't think so. >> picked the wrong week to quick drinking. >> do you quo to nyu? >> yeah. >> you want me to pay for that. >> yeah. >> how do you improve on capitalism? >> just not do capitalism anymore. find a new way, you know what i mean? >> what new way. >> socialism. >> what country has socialism worked with. >> how who can argue with that? ♪ >> can i ask you a personal
5:51 pm
question? >> sure. >> have you done drugs? >> i've done more drugs than i have fingers. >> how many fingers do you have? aha! >> can i stick my finger through your ear hole? >> please don't. >> all right. if you must. >> can i meet bill o'reilly please? >> i don't know if bill is going to be okay with this. >> do you know who i am? >> dusty waters. >> do you want to do the thing? >> i'm waters. >> and this is my world. >> this is your world. >> you want to try that? >> this. this is what you get paid to do? ♪ >> that's capitalism and here's waters. now the guy with the thing on his head, what exactly was that, the guy saying america is a joke? is that a raccoon? what is that? >> fishing lures, some key chains want stuffed animal. if you look closely, some strings. >> does it have a meaning? >> he says he's running for
5:52 pm
president >> he's running for president? >> but his name is not on the ballot. >> and his running on the crazy hat ticket? >> that's it. >> some of them you almost feel sorry for them. i mean, you know, the guy talking about the real estate? >> yeah, he works for the park department for bill de blasio. >> he works for new york city. because, you know, he obviously didn't know who bernie sanders was. >> confused. i feel sorry for me having to talk to these people. >> you get way overpaid. you go out there, it takes ten minutes to talk to them, three hours for lunch. that's what capitalism is all about. we've got another secret assignment on monday. check out watt ters. he has his own show here at za at 8:00 and 11:00. factor tip of the day, the guy who shot and killed trayvon
5:53 pm
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factor tip of the day, a gruesome situation in a moment. but fist a much nicer scenario. farther's day coming up. if you would like for me to sign books to your dad or granddad, get your orders in. be happy to do it. best deal. get a premium deal on the website and you get any of the books free of charge. you can read it first, he'll never know. also in the bill o'reilly store, terrific items, no spin mugs, shirts, pens, all of the money i get do noted.
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you and the media are obsessed with trump's taxes. it is laughable. you and mitt romney need to get over it. perhaps what we do here as escaped you, warren. it's my job to get you as much information as i can about all of the people seeking power. it is certainly not laughable to want to see financial information from those wanting to be president. you need to wise up. john white, dover, pennsylvania, bill after watching lou dobbs defend trump, ki see that dobbs is one of the few people more in the tank for trump than you. roy, hines rale valley, alabama. do you never want that talk about the good ideas that trump has for our country. that's because i'm so far down in the tank you can't hear me, roy. hello. jackie from texas, trump should tell hillary he'll release his taxes when she releases her
5:57 pm
goldman sachs speeches. diane richie, albany, new york, bill, dobbs owns you. not to mention me is so much better looking than you are. the trouble is with you, diane. riverside, california, bill, my heart skipped a beat when you said wu were collaborating on a kirn's book. the two sexiest men in fiction and nonfiction. thank you. appreciate that. after the last slam. peter burns, millersville, maryland, bill my son and i saw you and miller this past weekend. the experience was worth every last cent. i'm glad you liked it. we have upcoming who wants to be president shows father's day weekend, reno, denver, biloxi, mississippi. tickets make great father's day gifts. omar sagehorn just ored by
5:58 pm
autographed copy. i like that. and you will like legends, lies and patriots, the book and the tv show coming up first. big birthdays this week, 106 in tennessee, hazel is 103 in wisconsin and 70th anniversary. factor tip of the day, an awful situation. 32-year-old george zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon matter nn 2012. big story. zimmerman was acquitted of a crime in florida. no matter how you feel about the case, it is terrible that a teenager is dead. no decent person could feel good about that. now, zimmerman says he wants to sell the gun that killed mr. martin. >> it's time to move past the
5:59 pm
firearm. and if i sell it and it sells, i move past. it. what i've decided to do is not cower. i'm a free american and i can do what i like with my possessions. >> mr. zimmerman's action is despicable. you simply do not profit from a tragedy. factor tip of the day, sometimes you have to make judgments about people's behavior. this is it for us tonight. also we'd like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, o'reilly at fox zaberrism, great word. no zaberrism when writing to the factor. tomorrow, i'm going to chicago. it's amazing what is happening in that city. and that is rank racism, what is happening there. we have a special report. thank you for watching us
6:00 pm
tonight. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight -- >> i think this is going in a positive direction and i think this is the first very encouraging meeting. but again in 45 minutes you don't litigate all of the process and all of the issues and principles that we're talking about. >> no endorsement, but we are getting new reports of significant progress in the next phase of the republican party's effort to win the white house in 2016. i'm megyn kelly. it was billed as a critical meeting. and donald trump and speaker paul ryan came into this meeting with some very public differences. but tig