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  FOX Friends  FOX News  May 13, 2016 4:33am-4:43am PDT

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many ways of much of the fact that much of the news programs didn't follow up and ask tough questions. the ratings go up because they can show an empty podium and say donald trump is about to speak. >> there you've got george clooney at the cannes film festival and donald trump is joining us from somewhere in his empire. >> good morning. >> well, at least he's right at the ratings, that's the good news. >> the ratings go up. but you have been asked a boat load of tough questions. >> i think i get asked the toughest questions on earth. i mean, i will tell you, nobody asks tougher questions than they do to me. or that's all gotcha. even you guys every once in a while get awfully tough, but that's okay. >> what's your messages to him? he says you're not going to be president. jeb bush said you'll never be the nominee, but what's -- >> jeb bush said i'll never be the nominee and jeb bush is right now sitting home watching television and, you know, you also -- he also signed a pledge, jeb bush and he's dishonoring the pledge so he's a dishonorable guy. lindsey graham was very nice. he called me the day before yesterday, we had a nice talk. i was surprised. but he was very nice. we talked on national security.
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as far as george clooney is concerned let's put it this way -- he's no cary grant. >> yesterday was a big meeting in washington. you sat down face to face with reince priebus and with paul ryan. paul ryan still walked out without an endorsement. does he plan on endorsing you in the future and when will that happen? >> i would think he would. you know, if that didn't happen, i would continue on the way i've really done. but we had a great meeting yesterday. he's a very good guy, very nice guy. and very committed to, you know, what he's doing and to the country. and i think he feels -- look, i have gotten more votes as you people have very accurately reported, i have gotten more votes than anybody who's ever run for the office of president in the history of the republican party. by the way we still have probably ten states left. california, new jersey, many, many states. so we'll break the record by many millions of voters. so, you know, that's a tremendous thing. we have a tremendous -- there's something unbelievable happening. it's a movement. and it's a movement towards
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common sense, it's a movement to get out of being the stupid -- what we have in leadership right now, we call it the stupid leadership. they don't know what they're doing. they have no clue what they're doing and it's an amazing thing to see. we had a great meeting, i thought it was a good meeting and i think things will come together. >> i was talking to somebody yesterday and they said donald trump doesn't need paul ryan because you won without paul ryan. you beat the bushes. you beat governors, you beat senators and you wound up with new votes and new people who have not been part of the party. >> well, i think you might be right. i'd rather see unity. i mean, i'm a republican, i'm conservative. and the republican party. i'm conservative. some people say i'm not conservative on trade. i said really, tell me about it. i'm more conservative than anybody on trade. i am an actually free trader. but we make all bad deals. our country is losing money, we're losing with everything. i mean, look at china. they'll have a $500 billion this
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year trade deficit with us. i mean, we've rebuilt china back because of stupid -- stupid negotiations. look, that's true with every country. we don't make it with anybody virtually. when it comes to trade, you know what my trade is, very simple, make good deals for the united states. make good deals. >> let's move on and talk about something we talked about in the radio that's going to get a lot of news and this is your muslim ban. you said we'll stop muslim immigration until we find out what the hell is going on, you said. and then you said -- you walked back the other day and said, listen, that was a suggestion. but you're going to put together a commission headed by rudy giuliani. would you like to expand on that? >> yeah. it was a suggestion. look, anything i say right now, i'm not the president. everything is a suggestion, no matter what you say it's a suggestion. i feel strongly we have to do something about when you look at radical islamic terrorism, we have a president that as you folks know very well, we have a president that won't use the term for the world trade center he won't use the term.
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and we have to do something. you're not going to do something about it until you know what the problem is. i have spoken to rudy giuliani. we're going to put together a group. we're going to look at the problem. we're going to study the problem. it's a temporary ban. i feel very strongly that we have to find out what the problem is. when you look at san bernardino, when you look at paris, when you look at all of these horrible, horrible acts of hatred, this is pure hatred. we have to find out and get to the bottom of the problem before we can solve it. >> so donald trump who's on this panel? how big is it? what is the task exactly? to look at muslim immigration, muslim americans? >> to look at muslim immigration and also immigration generally. >> all immigration. >> we're talking about immigration across the border, we're talking about the problems that we have, tremendous problems we have on the southern border with the drugs pouring through, with people coming through the border is like swiss cheese. you know what's happened, i don't know if you saw it, but
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16,500 border patrol agents endorsed donald trump for president. the first time they ever endorsed anyone for president. >> rudy is focused on muslim immigration? >> muslims and also the southern border. rudy will be the chairman and he should be able the come back -- he moves quickly. he should be able to come back quickably. >> all immigration. the "wall street journal" did a story yesterday and it's the cover of "the new york post" today. where it talks about a blond bombshell. apparently the clinton charity has committed $2 million to energy pioneer solutions, a company owned in part by this woman right here, a woman named julie mcmahon, who is a close personal friend of bill clinton, lives not far from the clintons and she has denied repeatedly being romantically involved but she's rumored to have been dubbed the energizer bunny by
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the secret service in ron kessler's book "the first family detail." he says you don't stop her, you don't approach her, you let her go in and apparently she has timed her arrivals and departures to hillary's schedule. i'm wondering if you'd like to weigh in on this blond bombshell story. >> well, i know it's a rough story, and a lot of people know about it. people have been talking about it for a couple of years. and, you know, that's right next to my golf club, i have a great club up there, trump national golf club, literally a few minutes away. people have been talking about this for years. i have no idea what went on. i certainly don't. >> but when you -- the foundation and the money given to a company from the foundation, a charity, is there something there that deserves further investigation? >> well, i assume you put the word charity in quotes, i hope you put the word charity in quotes. >> well, nonprofits are not supposed to act in anyone's private interests and bill clinton in addition to the foundation committing this money
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to this organization -- to this company that she owned in part, apparently, he went to bat with the secretary of energy and asked for them to wind up with some money. i think the energy department, the feds, gave the company $812,000. >> wow. it's a bombshell. there's no doubt about it. >> yeah, her dad is millionaire. and a donor to the democratic party. and her charity provides energy savings to rural america. families that can't afford their energy payments, and making energy more efficient for communities. >> yeah. i can imagine. >> is that an area of your focus, the clinton foundation? >> i don't know. i don't know. she's been playing the woman card and i have to hit her back whenever she does that. it's all nonsense when she gets up and reads off the teleprompter something about women. nobody has more respect for women than i do, and i think you know that. nobody has more respect for women than i do. i think this is a bombshell and people have been talking about it for a long time. >> well, "the washington post" is sending 20 reporters after
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you. let's see how many they put on this. >> right. >> i wanted to ask you this, the obama administration is allowing the transgender students to choose their bathrooms and if the schools are not on board they could face federal funding and face lawsuits. >> it's become a huge story and everybody has to be protected. if it's one person, but it's a tiny, tiny portion of the population. and it's become a massive story. i think there should be a state's issue and as many other things should be by the way. and the state should decide. >> do you think boys the way their gender, they should use the bathroom of the gender they were born with -- >> right now, it's a new issue. right now i don't have an opinion. but what i would like to do is i would like to see the states make that decision. >> lastly, donald trump, everyone talks about what the lawmakers said to you. what did you say to them and
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where do you think the -- what issue do you have to go the furtherest to come together on? >> i'll tell you, it really was a good meeting yesterday with paul ryan and the group. we had a group of really terrific and very well known congressmen and woman. we had a terrific meeting. i mean it was a friendly meeting. i think, if you look at -- you know, if you look at platforms nobody agrees 100% on the platform. you look over the year, there are always things where there's a difference between the platform and maybe the person's views. but i think we are very close on many of the things. look, on trade, it's good deals as i said. on other things that -- you know, we're talking about, i want strong, very strong on the border. i think most of these people are pretty strong on the border. >> but paul ryan for the tpp, you are not. >> i am for the tpp. i want a much stronger deal and does and allow the countries to manipulate their currency and this does not allow for that and