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tv   Watters World  FOX News  May 15, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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donald trump makes peace. it is the democratic convention with the majority of delegates. and then i go inside of trump tower with eric trump. >> that is eric trump's world and taking on cinco de mayo. the colorado pot tour and whether americans know who is on the currency. >> he freed the slaves. >> and actor scott ba yo and the panel. watters world begins now.
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welcome to watters world. donald j. trump is the republican nominee for president. love or hate him. republicans face a choice. america is on the pres pice of a third obama term. one man stands in her way. never trump republicans fought hard and everybody respects that and we are in the general now. more republicans attack trump, the more it helps hillary clinton. never trump should be call would forever hillary clinton. and we understand you are worried about saving conservative. what about saving the country? your conscience will cost you. you not voting is a vote for hillary. what does your conscience say about that? elections are choices. no candidate is perfect especially in this election.
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but lifelong politicians hurt america. wages going no where and wars and health care debacle and borders. the same people who said trump will not win the nomination now say trump will not win the general. >> there is plenty of evidence that mr. trump is a con man and fake. >> this is the brand of letter that led other nations in. abyss. >> it is the republican's nom no responsibility to bring unitty. i think he gives the win to hillary clinton. >> and i don't think he has judgment for commander in chief. some will vote for him. i can't deputy there with donald. >> we respect everyone here. they could be right about nov. hope they upon respect now respect the will of the people.
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paul ryan got the message. trump is uniting the party because the party is uniting behind him with a goal of defeating hillary clinton. joining me to discuss fox news. co-host of the five. kimberly. and democratic strategist richard. and democrat political strategist jessica tar love. the never trump movement is in the last gasp. nflat lining on the table and rest in peace. this is the problem. you are so right. it is forever hillary. if you say never trump you are playing for the other team. it is that simple. we have to think about what you want and the goals for the country. do you want hillary clinton appointing the next three
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supreme court justice. >> sent shiefers up my pine. >> and it seems to me, the republican party, you have seen polls out saying that trump is tied in the three main battleground states and you think it is all that? >> i am not sure. the establishment is out there. they are looking at how people voted and that's what democracy is about. there is a lot that didn't vote for him and trump did well for the independents breaking for him and democrats. he is the best chance to beat hillary clinton and i always thought that in a postrubio world. i thought he would be strongest against her. i am all for people paying attention to the voters. that's what we are doing on the democratic side. >> she's ahead. >> and abbey, trump seems to
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pivot toward the center. >> he needs to. >> i think the healing process has begun. paul ryan got the memo and boehner said this guy is going to win. how do you see trump making a mends here. >> people are realizing it is either trump or hillary clinton. and if you are a republican, get behind donald trump or you sit it out. and you think about mitt romney, the crowned king four years ago, and he is be introducing the next nom no and he's probably not going to the thing. and the never trump movement are dead. and if anything they gave hillary clinton a bag of goodies, all she has to do is play mitt romney's speech and that is not depend for the party. they have to get behind him or hillary clinton will win. >> sour grapes. >> richard, you guys for dope trouble. >> no.
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>> and hillary clinton is now fighti fighting bernie sanders and trump and counting the fbi. that is three opponents. >> just deal with bernie sanders first. this is what bernie sanders is doing. he will have 50 million in the bank by the end of this thing. i think if you talk to the inside camp of bernie sanders he says this. in january when the democrats takes back the senate and he will have a $40 million war chest to back candidates to promote his ideas. >> no, he will not. >> and whatever it might be. he will be the power broker for the far left of the democratic party. he can continue to run and raise money and in the convention he will haven an hour long speech. >> he's dragging her so far to
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the left, that is trump is buying all of the real estate in the center. and trump will plant his flag and say get out of town, you are the radical. >> bernie is a helpful to trump and like a trump sleeper cell. and let it rain. bernie sanders that will not support hillary clinton and voter for trump. she's having to battle him in a groundswell of support. it is showing how flawed she s. she can't take the social of vermont and had no job until he was like 40. really, that is the winner and commander in chief? if it is not him, they will deputy with trump. i find that fascinating. >> and i don't. if you look at national polls. west virginia and michigan. and affected by the free-trade
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policieses. they will be more on the trump campaign. nationally it is 7- 10 percent p of bernie sanders who will break for trump instead of hillary. >> it is a lot of people. n50 percent hillary supporters said they would not back obama. but i agree he is hurting her. he is feeding attack lines to trump. >> what bernie is doing pulling her to the left and trump supports planned parent hood and believes in minimum wage. he isolated those to the right. >> i do think he has a broad reach. he wants to build a wall and defeat isis and the not have problems on the far right. >> planned parent hood you guys really hate and we love. that >> it is it like partial birth abortion. >> no one likes that.
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>> and the watters travels high up in the rockies and i search for the tree meaning of cinco de mayo. >> what is the best food for cinco de mayo. >> tamales. tacos.
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i might have said they weren't nice. but that doesn't mean they have to be nice. >> it is not a cocktail party. >> i felt so good having got through. if i get through this debate i can get through anything. >> what affect does that have on the race with women voters? joining me is the president of high noon strategy. and democratic political strategist and the host of the five kimberly. trump right now is down 13 points with women. you think after the kelly interview he will see a improvement. >> see a bump. >> yes, i think so. i love the women and i am winning with the women. and women love had me. >> and the hispanic women. >> best president for women. >> as a hispanic woman. the puerto ricoians like him. >> and you are courageous and
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sit down and you heard the comments in washington. donald trump is a listener and wants to sit down and talk and know you. and they were able to go together. meggin is a closer and she chased it down and from what i hear it is good and excellent. >> what does this tell you, jessica? this guy came full circle and this show he is open to being a little more flexible? flexibility was never donald trump's problem. policy or anything else. i think it was wonderful that megyn kelly reached out and he cooled down and said let's talk. and he's the nom no. i don't think it helps close the gender gap. but hillary has struggles with women. and the donald trump playing the woman card.
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his whole thing is like a play boy sexism. he doesn't think they are lesser. it is a language thing and the way he talks about them. >> i like the playboy donald trump. how do you see it working with woman? he has a little bit of a gender gap and i think he can heal that gap. >> i think we should talk about hillary clinton's problem with men. they are underrepresented in president. when was the last time we had a male president. her problem with men is way worse than donald trump's problem with women. it is not like women are flocking to hillary clinton. there is focus groups. boom boom did one and some of the words was b- word and condescending. i will not use that word pause my mom may be watching. and they said raise your hand if
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you think her personality is a problem for her. and every single woman raised their hand in the focus group she is not well liked that people are eager to vote for. >> you know what comes down the pipeline if she plays the gender card. monica. hillary clinton would be paralyzed. >> the best aset for donald trump is his daughter. that speaks volumes to donald trump. i didn't punch anyone in the rally. >> we'll take care of that. >> they tell me, i can get past. i don't get past everything he said. i want someone with the right vision for them. they care about their families and he has to be careful and you said that jessica about how he talks about the women. the worst moment for him when he
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talked about carly fiorina and her face. when it comes to hillary clinton, there is a lot to go off. stay away from her. >> she doesn't have the strength or stamina to be commander in chief. >> and job experience. women care about experience and job security. >> we have babes for trump coming up later in the show. later. and that is in watters' world and explain why they are mad at me. and we'll go to trump tower and eric trump will share a family secret. >> and that is right there. and either way we'll be on
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>> this week, i got an inside look at one of donald's closest advisor, his son eric trump who helps to run the family business be in trump tower. >> you are in trump's world. >> here it s. >> here it is. trump's world. >> best thing your father running for the president so you take charge of the operation. >> we do things in the file penes. >> manila. >> it would be a kill and thrill when i get the guerilla. >> and chicago. >> rahm okay with the building. >> yeah, he is on board. >> what is going on in dc with the post office. >> that is right there. it is a great building on pennsylvania avenue.
9:22 pm
either way we'll be on pennsylvania avenue. >> very good. >> if you are a member of the first family, you will not have a view like this. >> i will. he won't. >> and let me talk to you about your dad. last time i saw you, i asked p you and your brother fighting when you were kids. >> who wins in the fight you and your brother. >> you can see the height advantage i have over don. >> and your dad used to break them up? >> he would instigate. some things never changed. >> he is like the don king. >> let's check out your office. >> don't steal my scissors. >> does your father keep it and he's always watching you. >> you should take it downtown to the village and scare people. >> look at the size of the scissor. >> and that is in chicago.
9:23 pm
>> use it on bernie sanders. >> i like that, i like that. >> somebody like trump who believes that the climate change is a hoax invented by the chinese. >> that is boxing gloves. and one delahoya and the other is it lewis. it is a great fighter. >> if you get in trouble in the office. >> yeah, i can from all of the fight in atlantic staechlt seven years old hitting each other. >> this is it a picture of my father and i when we were kids and on the kraen driving construction sites and walking the hallway it is it a family prague. you can see it in the campaign. we love the man upon to death and he is the greatest and family is everything. >> how close are you with your brothers and sister. >> don is one of my best friend and ivan cais one of my best
9:24 pm
friend. >> you and your brothers and sisters fight. >> less these days, now the new generation are coming. he has five kids and it changed all of us down a bit. >> how was your father with the grandchildren. >> incredible. >> he is cuddly. >> the kids run in his office and they will jump on him and pile on. and he's amazing. >> at family gatherings do you get together and watch watters. >> he is the biggest fan of your show. >> he has great taste. >> he does. >> and what are the family tradition in the trump household. thanksgiving and christmas. >> eating a lot. ntrump steaks for christmas. >> trump holidays and we laughed and some of the comedies that come out of those is fantastic. >> it is rubio.
9:25 pm
>> and did he have a nickname for you? >> i am sure he does. you ask him that question. >> there is a lot of type a. >> i call him lying ted. >> tell me something about your father that we don't know. >> he works tirelessly. he is a work alcoholic. and he a chiefed a lot. and that is the great lesson. work and you will get there. >> what is the biggest piece of advice your father gave. >> in atlantic city and going up the escalator. and one light in a sea of thousands. and he has amazing eye for detail. >> good luck on the campaign. >> you're welcome. i am glad you are here with us. >> thankses for being in my world. >> it is my world. it is our world. >> don't miss watters' world. i had a guided tour of trump
9:26 pm
tower and stumbled in the chairman's office. and babes for trump in the building. and watters' world goes high up in the rocky mountains. >> this is
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do you think my sister's prettier than me? ♪ [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] research, price, find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama. . live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. a mistake led to a terror scare in england. a soccer match was called off when a suspicious package was found in a stadium. it was found it was actually a fake bomb left behind by a security company that had conducted training at the the match is rescheduled for tuesday. president obama delivering a commencement at rutgers university. the president encouraging graduate students to be more connected and not build walls
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separating each other. the royal family celebrating the queen. three days of events being held to mark her 90th birthday. 1500 took part of honoring the queen and other celebrations taking place next month. i'm kelly wright. now back to "waters world". news ♪ >> welcome back to watters' world. cannabis is legal in colorado. the peace produced by mona co. and generated buzz and we decided to show it back here. and sit back and relax. >> we are on the bus and everyone was told to bring their own cannabis. >> i like to have a glass of wine and that puts me. >> a jay is a joint.
9:31 pm
♪ >> where are we now. >> we are in colorado. no one asks and no one knows. that is another way to look at. it >> it locks like candy to me. you like hard candies or soft. nglutin free. i am trying to look good this sum isser. >> this is not orebegano. >> and you guys have a lot of illegal aliens watering plants. >> no, we do not. >> smart answer. >> do you get high off your own supply in >> absolutely. >> do you want to touch it? the plant? >> i want to touch it. >> and it is it like a dime bag? >> you are making more money than i am if that is it a dime bag. >> and what do you feel like right now.
9:32 pm
>> i feel calm. >> is that a joint, man. >> you have the munchies? >> i don't. >> what is a bong. >> a bong is a water pipe. >> it is it like what a plumbar wouldous. a water pipe. >> that is what we call people who blow things in new york. a jet. you grab it by the shaft. and then air, and clear the chamber. and this is a marijuana cigarette? >> and you smoke it through the filter. >> yeah. . i will not go schizo.
9:33 pm
>> yeah. watters' world doughnut going down the hatch. >> that is a pig- pig. >> is a munch kin like the hole of the doughnut that they took out when they punched the hole in the doughnut. >> yes, no. >> i don't think that would make it to print. >> we for red rock amp theater and this is the visual part of our tour here. and i feel strangely calm. >> and why do you take your stoned customers here. >> you can see it is breathtaking. >> remember, i'm watters' and this is my world. [laughter] so we'll deputy to the polls in
9:34 pm
november. and what will they do once they are in the voting booth. the panel is with me. i have theories about it. kasich smokes i think because he's always eating. bush smokes it because he is low energy. and hillary clinton is smoking because she is paranoid. >> she needs to. >> and what do you think of all of the mayhem in colorado? >> it is it a big state. >> all of the remaining candidates are on board with legal otherwising medical marijuana and the american public generally approves about it. and i love they spend time talking about the heroin epidemic and talking about real drugs there. and it is great for policy. >> kimberly is so upset. i don't think she's ever smoked weed. >> ever. >> and feast your eyes on these
9:35 pm
genetics. that is what happens when you are winning. >> hanging out with a stoner and laugh track. >> the bus was not ventilated. >> and richard is obviously a pot head. and wanted to it know how to get in touch with the tour guide. >> i reject all of these comments. in all seriousness. i think one, i am happy we are having the conversation about drug abuse because weed isn't. and we should legalize it. when we put people behind bars for selling a doim bag. >> only in shapes like that. >> that is notes inially true. in parts of the country, you can go to jail for having a roach. >> not familiar with the term. >> what is a roach? >> smaller. >> eye little one with. >> i am very innocent. >> i reject that.
9:36 pm
>> that's why we are the better party. we are calm. >> yeah, you party it up. >> hand it to isis. >> that will calm them down. >> and list a what do you think. high in the rockies? >> this is about politics. democratic voters and they are putting ballot initiatives to drive out the millennial voters. and that's why democratic party embraced it. >> donald trump embraced it, too. >> donald trump embraced legalizing it? >> it smelled like weed. on the tour bus. >> it is it about driving out the vote. >> what about the we are in the. the republican is pale, steal and male. >> and they is. by the way. >> it is an exception to the
9:37 pm
rule. >> you go to the cinco de mayo parade. and scott ba io. and what i did to make him angry? >> and americans know the people on the currency? underground railroad and getting slaves to freedom. [p zerowater and brita are not equal especially when it comes to reducing lead in your water. zerowater's five-stage filter is the only one certified by the nsf to reduce lead lead that conventional, two- stage filters may leave behind.
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cinco de mayo took place a few years ago. and for those of you who are not bilingual like i am. that means may 5th. cinco de mayo is like a party. happy cinco de mayo. what is the best food for cinco de mayo. tacos. >> and that is. whew. >> what does cinco de mayo mean? >> fighting with the french people and they won and everybody celebrated. >> you guys beat the french? where are you from originally?
9:42 pm
>> puerto rico. >> the mexicans let puerto rico comes to the cinco de mayo? >> of course. >> i am dominican. >> i was born in nicaraga. >> i come from humble beginnings. >> me to, >> oh, really where? >> philly. >> when did you come to the united states? >> how did you get here? >> on the border. >> was it hard to cross the border? >> no. not so hard. >> you know mexico is going to pay for the wall? >> i don't believe it. >> there you g. what do you think about donald trump? >> he is like cuckoo. >> donald trump. let me think about it and i will
9:43 pm
let you know later. >> i have to say that. >> don't worry, he will not deport you. >> and i think he is doing the best he can. >> donald trump's taco bowl offend you? >> i love mexican food. >> he loves the taco bowl. >> do they have taco bell in mexico? >> not really. ♪ [singing)] [speaking spanish]. >> did you invent tequila? >> yes, we did. >> thank you. what is your favorite thing about the united states? >> i think the women? >> mine, too. >> i am upon watters, and this is mine world. >> [speaking spanish]. >> thank you very much. njoining me is actor scott baio.
9:44 pm
why are you mad at me? >> you blocked me on twitter and i was roaching out. >> you think i know how to block anybody? >> do i know? i sent o'rielly an e-mail tell jesse to stop blocking me on e-mail. >> he's probably blocking you. i don't know how it happened and we are are good to go. top of the show, you looked thrilled. never trump movement and the panelist think it is it done. >> i agree with what you say. if you are never trump you are forever hillary. two people in the race. pick one. we don't want her and go with him. it is simple stuff. and drop your ego. and move on with your life and vote for trump. i mean tis it getting to the point where it is silly. >> the cinco de mayo festivities.
9:45 pm
>> i had a fun fine. hispanic vote key in the election. the wall is controversial. walls don't work, why is the obama white house building the fence five feet higher. >> it is all a political play. they want the hispanic vote. i agree with the wall completely. but to me it is it a political play and i just wish. i said i was talking the other day, the reason that a lot of hispanic go for democrats, they give them stuff. and the country they are running away frchlt they are are trying to turn this country into that. they want it in a socialistic qua si entitlement ridden country. for me, it is easy to become an american. but you got to know what it is to be a american.
9:46 pm
that is sacrifice, work hard. individualism and self reliance and win and lose and suck sowed and fail and not free stuff. >> a lot of the people voting republicans, >> they would be gone with the democrats. they would be on a train 20 years ago. >> that's right. you don't have a house without a wall. and it makes common sense. and if you inviting someone in the you ask who they are. >> that's the other thing. what is the big deal? okay, i tell you what, i am going to come to your house and sit on your couch and you pay for all of my stuff and you ask me to leave and i say no. and you call the cops and he will say nothing i can do about. i will enjoy my life. >> we have a safrpthuary.
9:47 pm
i think the hispanics will benefit. he wants infrom frasfukture and make it great. mexican- americans are hard- working people. and trump will put people back to work. someone has to build the wall. >> dennis miller saidy they will build the wall and then open the door and kick them out. i don't agree with that it. sign the book on the way in. and hide negligent shadows line. i am sick and tired television from the democrats. you want to come here, get on the books and the let us know who you are. and be a american citizen like everyone else. and if you don't want to be an american you got to go. >> a lot of people i tried to speak to could not speak english. and there you go. scott, thank you very much. and i am now unblock you on twitter. >> you made my world.
9:48 pm
my world. >> it is your world. >> thank you very much. you remember obama girl? we have babes for trump here. but up next, hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. part of the award-winning golf family.
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if you've been paying taerngs harriet tubman is going to be on the $20, moving andrew jackson to the back. it got me thinking, do people even know who is tn $5, how about the $100. we hit the sooeds streets for a "watters' world" currency quiz. ♪ >> they are adding this woman to the currency. >> uh-huh. >> do you know who that is? >> rosa parks. no. >> who is this? >> harriet tubman.
9:52 pm
>> excellent. who is she so famous for? >> uncle tom's cabin. >> the underground railroad and getting the slaves through to freedom. >> choo choo. >> more american should know our presidents aren't just expresidents and rich white slave owners. who is that -- he is ugly. i don't know who that is, i just know it's 20 dollars. >> andrew jackson. >> very good. what did he do? >> owned some slaves? >> i mean, they all did, didn't they? >> washington. >> all white guys look alike? >> no. >> ben franklin. >> benjamin franklin. >> excellent. do you know who ben franklin was? >> a president? >> not a president. >> i know i was like a pump and loved the ladies. but -- >> he did the kite and lightning with the key on the string.
9:53 pm
>> do you like a fly a kite? >> i haven't flown one in a while. >> i'm not sure that these individuals have impacted me enough to say i'm proud of them to actually be on the currency. >> he did kind of help invent electricity. that kind of helps you? >> okay. >> who is this guy? >> lincoln. >> very good. what did he do? >> i forgot -- what are you asking me? like i know any of it. >> what did he do that was very, very important? >> besides be the president. off the top of my head, i can't remember. i can't recall. >> he freed the slaves? >> there we go. okay. >> kind of a big deal. >> jefferson. >> george washington. >> mmmm! >> i don't know, who is that dude? >> i would just assume that that guy -- his name is 50. >> ulysses s. -- >> grant? >> excellent. now why is he famous.
9:54 pm
>> i clearly just woke up this morning. um -- >> it's noon. >> hold on. >> this isn't hancock now. no. keep it clean. >> second of treasury. alexander -- >> alexander the great. >> he basically invented -- >> money. >> money. maybe that's a guy i should go. >> hamilton. >> oh, alexander ham ton. >> excellent. did you study for this? >> no. >> the $100 bill. >> george washington. >> what do we know about george washington. >> he used to wear a piece. >> he wasn't reay the first president but he was the first president. >> what did he do. >> something important. >> what did he do. >> monticello. >> who did he defeat in the revolutionary war? >> the russians?
9:55 pm
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♪ we all remember obama girl, who had a big crush on the candidate in 2008. boom girl is retired, i think. but this election we have babes for trump. all over the internet, attractive young women are posing in trump gear making america great again, one picture at a time. so who says the donald has a problem with women? joining us now are two proud babes for trump, sam heg myer and alexa addler. where do you guys go to school? >> we go to brown university. >> where is that, in jersey. >> close. >> do you catch heat for being babes for trump at cool? >> it's hard being a trump supporter. i'm not going to lie. >> it really is.
9:59 pm
>> millenial females. >> they are not feeling the trump? >> no. >> they are not exactly on the trump train yet. >> yet. >> yeah. >> so you guys are pioneers for women for trump. you guys are leading the charge to make sure young women vote fore donald; is that right. >> absolutely. i feel like a lot of millenials don't -- we are into it. and so we do our research and we have the time to watch the news and a lot of people don't. >> trust me, i know a lot of young people don't watch the news. basically, do you guys like trump because of his personality? or his policy? what do you like about him? >> what i like most is he has a passion for this country. i like his policies. he's going to turn it around. and i like his hospital. his honesty is -- >> i am a hunter. i come from at that family of hunters. >> why aren't there any you know, babes for hillary? you don't see any honeys for hillary. you are not seeing on that on
10:00 pm
campus? let me know if you see honeys for hillary we'll have them on to be fair and balanced. thanks for watching. remember, erererererererererere. have a great weekend. see you monday. welcome to this special edition of "hannity," trump versus the left. since day that donald trump announced he was running for office, the left has been trying to vilify him and his positions. tonight, for the hour, we're going to show you how radical liberals really compare to donald trump. let's take a look. ♪ >> i will build a great, great wall and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my word. >> we don't need a wall and we don't need barbed wire.


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