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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 16, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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we'll be live and have full coverage of the primaries. laura ingraham with great guests and analysis. . now. tonight "on the record." all your news right here and watch out. the british, they're coming. not for you. but for donald trump the war of words escalating between presidential candidate. also, 2016 chaos. no, no, that's not a trump event. that's a democratic convention in nevada. the chaos erupts ago secretary hillary clinton struggles to take out democrat bernie sanders. how is that going? business leaders on alert. al qaeda warns it is targeting america's great business minds. who? catherine herridge is standing by with that al qaeda chilling new warning. "new york times" taking heat for article about donald trump's past. in the article the "times"
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creates to report how trump tweets women in private. one woman says the newspaper took her words and twisted them. >> what was your reaction when you read this article yesterday? >> >> actually, it was very upsetting. i was not happy to read it at all. >> why? >> well, because the "new york times" told us several times that they would make sure that the story i was telling came across. they promised several times they would do it accurately. they told me several times and my manager several times that it would not be a hit piece and that my story would come across the way that i was telling it and honestly. and it absolutely was not. >> what did they get wrong? >> well, they did take quotes from what i said and they put negative connotation and spun it to where it appeared negative. did i not have a negative experience with donald trump. and i don't appreciate them making it look like saying
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that it was a negative experience because it was not. >> you knew him well, right? you dated him for several months? >> that's correct, yes. he was never -- he never made me feel like i was being demeaned in anyway. he never offended me in any way. he was very gracious. i saw him around all types of people. all kinds of women. he was kind, thoughtful, generous. he was a gentleman. >> and donald trump tweeting today with the coming forward today with the woman central to the "new york times" hit piece on me we have exposed the article as a fraud. business woman and former apprentice contestant omarosa now working with the trump campaign is here to go "on the record." nice to see you, nice to see you as well. >> i think the bombshell will be if it turns out that the interview of the "new york times" with this woman was taped or not but we haven't heard that yet. that may at least let us know who is on first as to who is telling the truth on
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it you say it's a hit piece, why? >> absolutely. it's a hit piece because you look at what this woman has said that she said he was nothing but a gentleman. that he was very charming. that he was kind. those are all elements of this interview that they left out because they wanted to characterize donald trump in a very negative way. this piece was probably already written before they even interviewed this woman and they dropped names in it. it really does come down to politics and this idea or trying to paint a picture that donald trump has a problem with women. >> i must confess the part in the article that says that his father once told donald trump's girlfriend not to order the fish but to order the steak, you know, i must have read that paragraph three times. i still don't figure out why they are sticking it on father and what's wrong with the father of donald saying she should have steak instead of fish? >> i think it's odd that donald trump actually hired a woman in the 80's to be a construction manager. a trailblazer in hiring a woman in an industry that
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generally does not hire a woman to lead and pointing out that his father may not have liked that. but without seeing the irony that donald was, in fact, appointing a woman to a very important position at a time when people generally wouldn't do that. i think that shows that he holds women in a very high regard in his business interactions as well as in his personal interactions. >> does it mean anything to you that that article was above the fold, on the front page. it took two reporters six weeks? >> it took you almost 600, 700 words to really get into the story to see where is it that they are seeing that donald crossed the line it seemed like to me a tabloid piece. it was very interesting that with all of these people that they interviewed that there were these random people who i think in the past want to do tell these stories but why didn't they? why didn't they share these stories before? donald has been running for almost a year now. not to undermine anything that they have said but just to say to you that i have never ever wednesdayed donald trump act inappropriately with women and i have worked with him
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closely for 13 years. >> his language is rough and rude and boorish to women sometimes. >> i find donald trump's language is nothing like a politician has ever been. that's why people are connecting with him. he tells it like it is. he tells it straight. he doesn't have a speech writer some politically correct message. that's what's resonated with so many voters, greta. >> is the "new york times" gunning for him or do you think they thought it was good journalism? you said it's a hit piece. >> it's so clear to me that they were trying to sell lots and lots of papers which they have done but it's been undermined. the credibility of this story goes out the window when their opening story about this woman is ely called to question by the woman who said that's not the characterization that i was given. in fact, i was assured this was not a piece that would really paint anymore a very negative way. i think this story really shows that there will continue to be a dialogue about donald. certainly, he has work to do in the area of building greater relationships with women voters. but donald has really
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started a movement because he has a true vision for this nation and he wants to see change for all americans. >> i would certainly like to know if there are any tapes about the article. i'm going to at the end of the show say what i think about the article so omarosa i hope you will stick around or dvr it or something. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for being here. >> donald trump has had a lot of feuds and add great britain to the list. david cameron are trading words. >> i think his remarks are divisive, stupid, and wrong and i think if he came to visit our country i think he would unite us all against them. >> the british prime minister david cameron recently said he stands by his comments that your position on muslims was stupid, divisive, and wrong. >> yeah? >> he retract them and apologize for saying that. >> honestly i don't care. >> if you are president and he is the prime minister. >> looks like we are not going to have a good relationship. who knows? i hope to have a relationship with him.
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sounds like is he not willing to address the problem either. >> would you like him to withdraw the particular comments that you are stupid, divisive and wrong with your view. >> number one i'm not stupid, knock can i tell that you right now. just the opposite. number two, in terms of divisive, i don't think i'm a divisive person. i'm a unifier unlike our president now, i'm a unifier. >> it's not just prime minister david cameron trump has angered the new london mayor khan. >> i think donald trump has ignorance about. >> i wish him well. let's see if he a good man. >> are you offended by what he said. >> yeah, i am. he doesn't know me. never met me. doesn't know what i'm about. they viewed statements and tell him i will remember those statements. very nasty statements. >> now, what could this spat mean for our relationship with i can't great britain. former united states ambassador to the united nations john bolton goes "on
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the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> assuming that it is president donald trump and david cameron and khan, what does that mean? >> the important thing is relations between nations depend less on personal relationships among leaders than people think. i'm not saying they are unimportant. but fundamentally any leader who bases his policy on anything other than a very clear eyed view of the national interest isn't doing his job. now, in terms of the remarks themselves, i think in david cameron's case he made the same mistakes that about 99% of america's political consulting class made in thinking there was no way that trump could get the nomination. so i think his initial remarks were kind of a throw away. the fact he wouldn't back away from some of them shouldn't conceal the fact that he also said that if trump were elected he would work with him which is something that roughly 190 other heads of government around the world will say if donald trump wins.
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now, in terms of mayor chan of london important city in london. for american president if trump is elected khan is a munchkin in politics he shouldn't dignify his remarks with request a response. >> president obama was there and made a remark at that breakfast june 23rd referendum whether england exits the european union. now we have a situation where the prime minister sent a statement a little while ago and the mayor of london essentially talking about our political scene 2016. and i actually think most americans will get their nose out of joint that the brits are, you know, putting their nose in our business. >> absolutely. as did the british a public opinion poll obama's intervention rebounded against those who wants to stay in the european union. to come back to mayor chan,
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you know, you have to wonder at some point whether he has political instincts better than a block of granite or whether he is under somebody's employ to help trump get elected it is almost universally the case that have having foreigners lecturing americans. if they keep at it the other leaders around the world ayatollah in tehran tell us how you would prefer to deal with hillary clinton as president. that is exactly the kind of thing that produces the reaction they purport not to want. >> ambassador, nice to see you, sir. >> glad to be here. >> and the 2016 democratic slug fest boiling over in las vegas. senator bernie sanders reporters yelling foul at the oevada democratic convention. his supporters outraged, even accusing state party leaders of rigging the process against him them and sanders. things got so heated chairs
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began to fly. [chanting] >> why were sanders supporters furious in the "on the record" political panel is here. susan father rich choo and u.s. news u.s. news and "u.s. news and world report." we have chair-throwing. >> a much different anger -- level of anger. in their own party things are rigged because this is a three-part system they have to elect delegates. sanders had been ahead and once they got to this convention, some of the sanders delegates lost their standing by this unilateral
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ruling by the chair. so they felt wait a second, you know, we were ahead here and now you are changing the rules so that hillary clinton is ahead. and that's been somewhat of a theme throughout the primary process although she has been ahead by a couple million. she has won delegates through the super delegate process that a lot of people think is unfair. >> he has no chance of getting the numerical number. is he there to get his point across to supporters. we thought hillary clinton would be have it locked up by now and look at this. >> yes. she won the state of nevada by six points. some of her delegates were also disqualified. we should note that. i think five. whereas bernie it was 58. state party leaders said that bernie's people, delegates, were not registered democrats by may 1st so they say they were outgamed. they weren't organized well here. they are making the protest but there are legitimate
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claims why they were diseastled. >> does this give us a hint about what we can expect in philadelphia or not? does he calm his supporters? i think there will definitely be protests, i think, it depends on them though, incumbent on him to say -- to sort of spur his supporters on or calm them down. >> how could she not have them wrapped up by now? for the life of me, i can't figure this one out. >> i think he captured the sentiment of a lot of people on the democratic party that they are not though are being left out of the process. themes very popular college and healthcare how can he be an outsider he harry has been in the senate for 25 years. >> he promises free college.
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>> i come back when he was an insider he couldn't get anything done and now he says he is an outsider and offering pie in the sky and she can't get rid of him. >> he came out of nowhere because he was under the radar. >> is that a way saying he is under the radar is a nice way of saying he didn't get anything done for 25 years. >> a lot of these young people weren't even born 25 years ago and they don't care. >> they don't care what you are able to do in washington. we saw that in primaries this year. >> it's unbelievable. i'm stunned. >> his momentum continues definitely. >> anyway, susan and david, thank you. the supreme court's job is to decide but scratch that the court decided not to decide. they decide to do punt. the court unanimously refusing to rule on religious challenges to the birth control mandate under obamacare that undecided case has been punted to the lower court. shannon bream is here to go "on the record." shannon, what happened? >> we got this decision today and basically it's a
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procure they extended the arguments earlier this year. they took unusual move the justices did asking both parties to brief some additional questions could they get closer to finding a solution. both parties made clarification what they could do to inch together toward a compromise. today instead of deciding the case the supreme court and a number of them bundled together sent them all back to the allweleyn at that time courts, the circuit level with the guidance with the two parties in mind try to work it out. >> one, two things, i tip my hat to the supreme court although their job is not to be are arbitrator and mediator. they are to decide cases. because it's the lawyers down below they would rather fight. lawyers down below for the justice department and behalf of the petitioners could have done that a long time ago without getting the court involved. >> this religious group order of nuns and others have been saying we have been trying to work something out to the government. they have tried to make sure
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that women have access to healthcare. number of companies grand fathered in and been exempted. the government has found a way to get them healthcare. >> the government never tried to protect the religious right of these nuns. >> if you would have met us halfway we wouldn't be here. listen, by the way. a couple things the court said today we are not ruling on the merits. while this plays out, you can't fine or penalize any of these religious groups. the little sisters of the poor facing $70 million a year in fines if they ultimately lose. >> to me it's unbelievable they got this far that the justice department couldn't work this one out. maybe act as a mediation panel instead of the court. shannon, thank you. >> sure. >> one of the nuns for little sisters of the poor will be here in a minute to go "on the record." number of companies participating in state exchanges is dropping. that means no competition and that means higher prices. arizona slammed hard.
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blue cross blue shield only marketplace for eight counties. other five counties two options with less options rates expected to go only one direction, that's up. why are united health care and humana getting out of arizona? they both said they lost money from obamacare plans. they are getting out of there. why is bill gates a top target for al qaeda? catherine herridge is standing by to go "on the record." what is going on on college campuses? a display to honor police vandalized and one student take a stand against those vandals. that's coming up.
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this is a fox news alert. al qaeda calling on jihadis to assistant american business leaders. the newest edition of al qaeda's english language magazine even naming microsoft founder and billionaire bill gates as a target. catherine herridge is here. what is this call for assassinations? >> well, right. this is sort of the new flavor of terrorism for al qaeda and also for isis. these kill lists. in this particular issue of "inspire" sort of a lifestyle magazine for al qaeda followers, it gives step-by-step instructions for leaders bombs that use magnets to adhere to the base of cars. and then also door trap bombs. it's pretty specific. and it's also about instilling fear in individuals as well. >> you know the saying american businessmen. bill gates isn't even in the business anymore. is he a philanthropist gives billions away. is he helping people. not someone who is in any
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way impeding anything that isis or al qaeda is doing. >> they are after individuals who have a lot of money basically. high profile individuals. we saw this trend with military personnel and their families a year and a half ago. we talked about it. >> al qaeda goes after business and isis goes after the military. >> flavor for both of them is targeting individuals with kill lists. just last week i asked the fbi director whether they take the list seriously and he said to us that they take them seriously and feel a duty to warn individuals who are identified on these lists through the joint terrorism task force. so while it has that flavor of propaganda to sow fear. he was on the list before though? >> he was. >> almost like they are crying wolf a little bit. >> i guess what i would say is this edition a little more concrete in the steps that they want individuals to take. you are correct a year ago to mark 9/11 they mentioned
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bill gates. jim walton. >> all billionaires that you have named? >> that's right. >> catherine, thanks. obviously i'm sure they will take precaution. honoring police is not welcome with some on college campuses. one student trying to do some good is next. don't forget to tweet me live "on the record." tweet me at greta and use #greta.
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more turmoil on a college campus a display honoring our men and women vandalized at dartmouth college. replaced black lives matter sign. it all began with when dartmouth put up national police week display. black lives matter activists took matters into their own hands. michelle nez because goes "on the record." nice to see. >> hi. nice to to be on. thank you for having me. >> on friday, you had this display up honoring the police; is that correct? >> yes. and what happened? >> so the nice before thursday evening at around 11:00 p.m. we put up our display with some statistics about police officers, who have been victims of violence before. we had statistics about september 11th, every 61 hours a police officer is murdered in the united states in general and the
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next morning we got up and we saw that our display was torn apart and replaced with black lives matter. later that day we went through. we talked to the administration and there was a lot of mixed signals around 5:00 p.m. we were told that we were not allow to do replace our display. throughout the entirety of the day 25 black lives matter protesters were standing in front of billboards. not only did they replace our billboard with their display they replaced all of the other billboards in the student center with black lives matter posters and posted pictures with sons of old dartmouth written over it. >> how did the university respond at that point? >> so through the entirety of the afternoon on friday, the administration had very mixed signals to us. they initially told us we would be allow to do replace our poster but by 5:00 p.m. this had drastically changed and with the consultation of other administrative branches, and safety and security, we were told we were not allow to do replace
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our display because they feared for some safety concerns and we would be allow to do return at 2:00 a.m. when the student center had close to do replace our display. but, during the entirety of friday and saturday we had heard very little from the administration and so we decided on friday evening to write a letter to the president of the college, the student body in general, and the board of trustees to get some understanding as to where the administration stood. then friday, finally on sunday, 48 hours later after the display had been destroyed, we got a letter from the administration condemning what occurred. >> all right. now, back in november, there was a situation that black lives matter had some display and there was something ripped apart there. was this considered? was this a retaliation for that? is there any connection between those two events? >> it's very hard to tell. what happened in november is very different. the display was only altered slightly.
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very late at night and it's very hard to tell. one thing is for sure about that event is the administration took a much quicker and much stronger stance on what occurred. and in addition to to what the administration wrote about our organization's display on sunday, they expedited the process of black lives matter protesters to put up a display right next to ours. so that was something that was really a double standard in this situation and from the school's duration. duration. >> >> medal safety of valor. are some the highlights from today's ceremony. ♪ >> officer solace, officer sparks and and captain placed themselves in morality danger to place student and staff during a a
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biz school shooting on the campus of santa monica college. officer gutierrez sustained multiple stab wounds assailant who attempt to do set off massive gas explosion that could have resulted in multiple fatalities. after witnessing the murder of his fellow officer, were patrolman apprehended the gunman thereby saving the lives of employees, patients and visitors. major huff saved the life of 2-year-old girl after negotiations deteriorated with a man holding the child captive at knife point. while off duty officer officer freeway dividers undiewrd burns pulling a man from safety moments before the car engulfed in flames.
11:32 pm
after exchanging gunfire, officer walker single-handedly killed and injured a man on a shooting spree. officer stephens he can changed gunfire at close range and subdued two heavily armed' assailants preventing an act of terrorism. officer johnson pursued a man who had shot a miami police officer and two other innocent bystanders withstanding fire from assault weapon and apprehended the assailant. special agent cull off duty with his family helped rescue a woman from her ex-husband who had violated a restraining order and held the victim at gunpoint.
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debbie confronted and subdued a violent gunman who shot and killed his parents inside the home and threatened the safety of students at a nearby elementary school. >> medal of valor present to do robert wilson iii philadelphia police department. giving his life. he put himself in harm's way during armed robbery drawing fire from the assailant and suffering morality wound as he kept customers in the store safe. [ applause ] >> the public safety medal of valor recognizes police, firefighters and other first responders for exceptional courage and i just want to
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say thank you to all law enforcement and their families from all of us here at "on the record." now, we told you about the supreme court and the obamacare birth control mandate. what do the nuns behind the case think? one the sisters go "on the record" next. baltimore prosecutors may have shot themselves in the foot on this
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courtroom blunder today in baltimore. prosecutors in the freddie gray trial calling officer edward nero's fellow officer to testify against him. that decision may have back fired and actually helped the defense. "on the record" griff jenkins is in the courtroom today. griff goes "on the record" in bearnlt. >> after wrangling for the first time. one of these six officers testifying against another. first time in maryland history criminal defendant forced to neff testify in a criminal trial before his own trial. officer nero testified today he alone apprehended and handcuffed freddie gray. that is significant because the prosecution alleges that nero exceeded his legal authority in arresting gray in the first place and in doing so committed assault. nero is charged with four counts, second degree
11:49 pm
assault, reckless enendangerment and two counts of misconduct. officer miller also went on to testify that when it comes to seat belting detainees that it is solely the responsibility of the police wagon operator to make sure that freddie gray was seat belted and he went on in regards to this being a new requirement, a recent general order mandate, miller simply said that it's never come up in "roll call" in the days leading up to it defense argues their case tomorrow. speculation this case could be wrapped up as early as tomorrow or wednesday. it will go to judge berry williams. this is a bench trial. no jury it could wrap up quickly. >> is s. there any word whether the officer nero will take the stand in his own defense. >> we do not know that court watchers told me when i asked that question they don't expect it because
11:50 pm
miller was so strong in nero's defense so why put him up there is what they told me. greta? >> griff, thank you. the "on the record" legal panel is here. former prosecutor katy phang and ted williams. ted was also inside the courtroom today. so, let me go to you, ted, ted, if all officer nero did was load him into the van, he didn't handcuff him, he didn't seat belt him and didn't drive recklessly, what in the world is he doing there in this trial? that. >> is the 64 billion-dollar question, greta. greta, it was high drama in the courtroom today. and you've got to wonder. you have to sometime in life be careful what you ask for. the prosecutors decide to do compel officer miller to come and testify officer miller may have blown their case to smitherenes it's up to the judge to make that final decision.
11:51 pm
>> katie, first of all, calling the officer, he has his own trial coming up. we have that crazy situation where the appellate court in maryland said that a police officer could be compelled to testify against another police officer before he even has his own trial.gí doesn't have fifth amendment right for instance. we never got a reasoning for that decision. the court just ordered that, right? >> that's right. we never actually got a written explanation as to why the appeals court decided that officer miller and officer porter would be force to do testify -- excuse and miller would be force to do testify against officer miller. ' officer porter never testified. after all of that drama porter was never called to testify. i don't know if it was an audible called by marilyn mosby's office to testify today to porter. maybe they thought when miller testified it went down hill. smirl facing the same exact charges as nero. nero got to take a test drive of his case and got to
11:52 pm
see whether or not barry williams is going to buy what nero is selling and what miller is selling. >> i wouldn't put -- the way it's portrayed by griff, i wasn't in the courtroom and ted i wouldn't put nero on the stand. i would put it in front of judge. loading someone in a van is not criminal conduct. he didn't handcuff hip, make arrest, he also didn't put him in the van and had no obligation to seat belt him according to the regulations. i would leave it at that i wouldn't leave it at that with the court of appeals in maryland i think what they did was terrible. first of all i think the ruling was wrong and secondly they don't have the guts to explain it i don't know why the cops didn't have a family of first fifth amn everybody else does. ted? >> you are brilliant. i wouldn't after the testimony of miller. and at the close of the government's case today, the defense moved for a judgment
11:53 pm
of acquittal and the judge said that he was looking at the case in the light most favorable to the prosecution. he kept repeating at this stage. at this stage. and plain words, miller did not help the prosecutors in this case. it hurt them badly. it wounded them, greta. and you can see the expression on the prosecutor's face. >> you got 20 seconds, indicatey. katy, bench trial vs. jury. >> bench trials are interesting because typically the jurors wear the hat of the finders of fact. judge williams is wearing both of the hats. finder of fact credibility of witnesses and also apply the law as the judge. it's always a calculated risk. you can't appeal to sway or influence the judge. >> i have got to go: i got to cut you right off there because i have got to go. ted and kate katie.
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donald trump vs. the "new york times." what do i think? what do i think? off-the-record next. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad.
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the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job
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if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. let's all go off-the-record. make sure you hear, this i'm not, let me repeat. i'm not in favor of boorish behavior toward women. i'm not. it's bad behaviors whether what about, woman, democrat or republican. what was the "new york times" thinking putting this article out about donald trump on the front page and above the fold. the headline reads crossing the line, trump's private conduct with women. placing this there the "new york times" is acting like it thinks it has just felt another set of the pentagon papers. and what does the article say about trump? one of ceet players in the piece disputes the story saying the "new york times" twisted her words. there is more. what else the news? that trump uses boorish words? who didn't know that?
11:59 pm
trump had a spat with rosie o'donnell years ago that got plastered coast to coast. everyone knows that note to the "new york times," this is not investigative journalism. it's old news. but, with a new agenda i can't help but wonder where was that "new york times" front page above the fold piece about all the boar issue things said about another woman sarah palin? >> it's not the woman the "new york times" cares about. they care about their agenda. ps note to media be fair to hillary clinton, too. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. it's time for your campaign flash, secretary hillary clinton making a last-minute push in kentucky. secretary clinton held an event at transylvania university, kentucky vote tomorrow. bernie sanders is in puerto rico. puerto ricans will hit the polls on june 5th. that's tonight's campaign flash. that's all for now. see you tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern and also
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tomorrow on lunch break pick up your phone or head to your computer 1 o'clock p.m. lunch with greta. i will be going life and answering questions that you


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