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  Hannity  FOX News  May 24, 2016 7:01pm-7:19pm PDT

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you know, ed rendell, okay, he was the mayor of philadelphia, he's a big, big hillary clinton supporter. okay. think of this. i was so angry when i heard him say this, but ed rendell, big, big women -- i love women. shout it out. shout it out. she said women love you. i love women. okay. but ed rendell, one of hillary clinton's biggest supporters, said that half the women in the united states -- something to this effect -- half the women in the united states are ugly. nobody even talks about it. nobody talks about it. can you imagine if i made that statement? it would be the electric chair. and i don't believe that, either, by the way. but he made that statement and i said, oh -- he said -- you don't even hear about it. you don't even hear about it. i mean, he was a big wheel and now he's big in the hillary clinton campaign and you don't
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even hear about it because there's a double standard. if you're a republican, if you're a conservative, it's a total double standard from the sleaze back there, i'm telling you, a total double standard. so when my friends in the front are screaming, "say it, mr. trump," "say it, say it" they just want to get me in trouble. no. i won't -- but look, look, so in new mexico, albuquerque, here's the story. bill clinton, since he signed nafta in 1994, not too long ago, the number of manufacturing jobs in albuquerque has declined by 40%. come on. what's wrong with you people in albuquerque? you're not going to take that. i have to say, it's a federal problem. i'm not blaming -- i'm blaming the federal government because they allow all sorts of things between devaluations that shouldn't be allowed with china. we have such power over china. i love china. i love everybody. i love everybody.
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i'm not angry, just so you understand, i'm not angry at the cha chinese leadership. we have a trade deficit, $58 billion. i'm not angry at that. i'm angry at our leaders for being so stupid to allow it to happen. so hillary clinton -- no, look, i got these numbers. you know, i have a person, he's a statistician. he's so excited by his job. he loves it. to me, it sounds like a boring job. every time i say get me the numbers on albuquerque, get me numbers on new mexico, okay? hillary clinton supported nafta and has repeatedly praised the trans-pacific partnership, tpp. it's a disaster. it's going to be worse than nafta. okay. since 2000, the number of unemployed people in albuquerque has nearly doubled. come on, folks. what's with it, what's wrong?
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your fault? is it your fault or is it your government's fault? it's your government's fault. since 2000, the number of people on food stamps in new mexico has tripled. we have to get your governor to get going. she has to do a better job, okay? your governor has got to do a better job. she's not doing the job. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. she's not doing her job. we got to get her moving. come on, let's go, governor. since 2000, the median household income in new mexico has declined by $2,000. now think of that. think of that. $2,000. so you're working harder today, okay, you're working harder today than you worked probably ever, and these numbers are very consistent. i went through new york and pennsylvania and all these places.
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by the time i got finished, i didn't even need him to give me the numbers because they were all a disaster. every state, down 45%. manufacturing jobs gone. everything gone. it's really a very sad -- you know, we kid, we have fun, we're having a good time. it's amazing we can have a good time when the subject matter is so bad, okay? you hear a 5% unemployment rate. it's such a phony number. that number was put in for presidents and for politicians so that they look good to the people. because you have millions and millions of people who have given up lacki inlooking for jo they are considered statistically employed which is kraszsy. rrt. now, look. one thing i have to say. hillary clinton is so bad for african-american youth. she is not going to create jobs. and she is going to be a disaster. and you see numbers coming out. i'm doing great with african-americans, i'm doing great with so many different
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groups. so many different groups. and i'm doing -- and i'm starts to do great with hispanics. did you see -- [ cheering ] a recent poll came out, not that i want to use this as a standard, but i'm now one point higher than romney in the election, one point higher with hispanics now. now listen to this. so in nevada where you have a very big spanish, very big hispanic population, they did exit polls. i won easily when we had 12 candidates, i won easily with the hispanics. we're going to win with hispanics because people, let me tell you, people that have homes and have jobs, they're hispanic whether they're from new mexico or any place else, they're
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hispan hispanic. they don't want their homes taken away and don't want their jobs taken away. i think we're going to do fantastically. i employ thousands of people from hispanics. i employ thousands of people from new mexico, look at dural. thousands. these are unbelievable people. you know what, we're going to protect their job, going to protect their homes and when they hear it right -- by the way, i settled with univision. they paid me a lot of money. now they're going to treat me good. they're going to treat me good. univision's nice. but they gave me money and everything and now we're all friends. i might even have to do a te television interview with a certain anchor. do we know who i'm talking about? should i do it? so, taxpayers in new mexico spend nearly $1 billion a year. think of that. taxpayers in new mexico spend nearly $1 billion a year to support illegal immigrants residing in the state.
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[ audience booing ] this includes the approximately, this is a beauty, $12,000 a year to educate the illegal immigrant students, okay? now here's a bad one. these are all right out of the book, folks, i hate to say. last year, the number of homicides in albuquerque increased by 35%. a lot of that's economic. a lot of it's economic. here's a beauty you can all love. syrian refugees are being relocated in large numbers to new mexico. if i was governor, that wouldn't be happening. i couldn't care less. they say the governors have no choice. if i'm governor, i have a choice. okay? believe me. believe me. and it's happening all over the country. we're taking in people from syria. do you ever notice migration? first of all, there are so many men and they're so young and so strong, right? where are the women?
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women, but not very many. not very many children. then you wonder how come so many have cell phones? you ever notice? they have cell phones. they're walking into migration. look, i have as big a heart as anybody here. we got to help people and what we'll do is build safe zones in syria where probably they want to be in a certain way. and we'll get the gulf states to pay for it because we don't have the money. all right? but we can't allow them to come into the united states. we can't. we don't have any ideas who they are, where they come from. what about the cell phones with the syrian flag on it, okay? they're taking away cell phones from people. they're making phone calls on their cell phones and their cell phone has the syrian flag. and by the way, worse than the syrian flag, they have some horrible fpictures on some of those cell phones, all right, folks? we're taking them into our country. we have no idea who they are. there's no documentation. and you watch, wait until you
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see what happens. you're going to have problems like you never believed. and we're taking them in by the tens of thousands. we have to be smart. we have to be vigilant. and if we're not, we're not going have a country left anymore, folks. we're not going to have a country left, okay? we're not. so, so, and that's so true. that's so sad. look at what happened in europe. look at what's going on in germany. look at what's going on in sweden where they had certainly no problems and now they have a section and it is rife with killings, it's rife with all sorts of problems and crime. but look at what's going on in europe. how stupid are we, folks? how stupid are we? we're not going to take this crap anymore. we're not going to do it. we're not going to do it. i mean, who really knows. maybe it's the ultimate trojan horse. here's what's going to happen. we're going to build in terms of the drugs, you know, people fly
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in and all sorts, but that wall is so important. we're going to build a wall. and it's going to be a real wall. it's going be a wall that's going to make that ceiling look quite low and it's fairly high. and it's going to get built fast and it's going to look beautiful because someday they'll call it the trump wall. who the hell knows. but we are going to build a real wall. we're going to build a wall. you know, i don't know if you saw, we have a lot of the folks here that i know because i've seen a couple of them and they congratulated me. three weeks ago the border patrol agents endorsed 16,500 endorsed donald trump. okay? [ cheering ] they have never, ever endorsed a candidate for president. this is the first time they've done it. sheriff joe arpaio endorsed donald trump.
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jan brewer. they're all -- because i know what i'm doing. i know what i'm doing. i so know what i'm doing. but they all -- they all endorsed donald trump. we're going to have such a border and it's going to be respected and drugs aren't going to flow in and destroy your youth because we're poisoning our youth and many other people, by the way. and i owe -- more than anybody, i really do, because new hampshire, i owe it so much to them but i owe it to the whole country, but new hampshire, i look at these fields and beautiful lakes and these beautiful rivers and i say what's your biggest problem? they say heroin. i say heroin, what are you talking about? they say heroin is our biggest problem, drugs. they come across the southern border and there's nothing we can do and you know what, mr. trump, it's cheaper than buying candy for our youth. our youth is all hooked. i said to the people of new hampshire, i have no idea if i'm going to win. i was not expected to win new hampshire because that was jeb
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bush country and i won in a landslide. i won in a landslide. i said to those people we're going to stop it, not just for them. go down to south carolina, go up to massachusetts, go to alabama where we had phenomenal -- i won the entire south. we won the entire -- and i won with evangelicals. i won with everything. we are winning bigly. [ cheering ] and all of those people were defe defeated. oeg? they were defeated. some don't like me very much but that's okay. believe me. listen to this. 66 -- it was reported just yesterday 66,000 negative ads. 66,000. i said, how can i win an election? every time i turned on a television, it was a negative ad. mostly phony. mostly phony. not all, 100%, but mostly. 66,000, $100 million, more than
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that, of negative ads against me. okay? and you know, when i'm rough with people, they say you didn't treat jeb bush nicely. guy took $12 million of ads against me and they were nasty ads and they weren't true. that's okay. look, look, we have one person left. she is a total lightweight. believe me. she is not, you know, i watch her speaking. she always uses the teleprompter. i watch her speaking. we are going to win north and south and east and west and i will never say this, but she screams. it drives me crazy. i didn't say it. i can't listen. she goes, and donald trump is a terrible person. and he wanted to buy housing when it was at a low point. who the hell doesn't? who doesn't?
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[ cheering ] it is so sad that he took these people and he bought -- oh, and he chaptered, he went bankrupt with his casino company. i made so much money in atlantic city, folks. you know, i'm a business guy. like all of the other big shots, we all use the laws. we use the laws of the country to -- so i took these companies. i made a fortune. what am i doing? i didn't know i was going to run for politics. probably i would have rather made less and maybe not do it but i did it. everybody did it. look at the biggest names. i won't use their names. look at the biggest names in business. she says, he did this and he did that. i say to myself, it's so sad, you know, when you look, it's so sad, so pathetic to watch what's happening with our country, to watch the amateurs. we have total amateurs. when i saw the ad about the housing and people on the plane, they said to me, you know, that's the kind of thinking we
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need in the country, somebody who knows how to do that. here's what we're doing. we are going to do something that's going to be so spectacular. we are going to start winning again. we don't win anymore. we don't win anymore. we are going to rebuild our military. we are going to. just listen. [ cheering ] it is going to be so strong. we are going to knock the hell out of isis. and, and by the way, and by the way, by the way, i have to tell you this. we are defends the world, folks, and i tell these people back there, i say, no, we defend japan, and i heard a general the other day get on television, donald trump doesn't realize that japan pays us 50% of the cost of defending them. i said, why aren't they paying
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us 100%, right? this general. he was so happy. he said, donald trump doesn't -- look, i like japan. lots of friends. we get it. we can't do it anymore, folks. we're defending japan. we're defending -- you talk about monetary manipulation. how about germany? we're defending germany. it's an economic behemoth. we're defending saudi arabia. so i say to the press, i had a very good meeting actually with some of the press. and some of it reported, but most of it not. they never follow-up. they say donald trump wants japan to arm. i don't want japan to arm. but it's possible that if they don't pay up, they're going to have to arm, folks, okay in they're going to have to arm. so when north korea acts up, let them worry about north korea instead of us worrying about north korea. okay? i mean, look at our deficit. look at our budgets. we're defending -- you know, somebody said recently, we spend more by many, many times on
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military than anybody else. right? you know what we're doing? we're defending everybody. we're not spending it on us. we're defending everybody. you look at nato. so i was asked the question by an expert, i won't use his name, but i was asked a question by an expert about nato and, look, i've been in business, but i know a lot about nato and i have common sense. i said, here's the problem with nato. number one, it's obsolete because it wasn't designed for terror. it was soviet union which isn't there anymore but russia is plenty of threat. okay. but we have to redo it. the really big problem with nato, i told him this, you have 28 countries but many of the countries are not mpaying what they're supposed to be playing. they have to pay up. do, re, me, right? then we have japan, then we have germany, then we have saudi arabia. saudi arabia when the oil price was up, making a lot of money. saudi arabia was making $1
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billion a day. why aren't they paying us? now, here's what happened. a very big diplomat, a very big person said, you know, donald -- >> we got to take a quick break here. we'll check back in on donald trump's rally going on live in new mexico. also coming up, reaction, kimberly guilfoyle,