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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> three presidential candidates barnstorming through california with the primary a week away. >> donald trump appear nothing a rally. hillary clinton participates in a community discussion and bernie sanders holding a rally one hour from now. we are covering all of the news on upon "happening now". >> new hope from the eygptair crash. will a signal lead them to the black boxes. plus, mother nature tearing up the plain states.
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flash floods and deadly tornados in the region. and a suspect in the kidnapping of a teen girl dies in a dramatic shook out with the police. >> shots, fired. >> it is all "happening now". we begin in a fox news alert in california. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in for jenna lee. hillary clinton and bernie sanders and donald trump all holding events in the golden state which holds the primary on june 7th. this is the live look at a frosme center and hillary clinton in northern california holding a community discussion in oakland and bernie sanders scheduled to hold a rally in los angeles.
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>> james rosen is covering the democrats and we start with carl cameron in san diego, carl? >> reporter: hi, jon. trump has a couple of rallies. tif renoand in san diego 10000 they are expecting. he made the campaign and won the nomination with a parade of big, big rallies. often with raucus demonstrators. these are the folks that are objecting to the trump candidacy and first time in american history we have a presidential candidate the municipality riot police are diswatched. we have sewn officers getting prepared for another day of demonstrations. not like what happens with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. the he has marched his way to the republican nomination, he
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has things to deal with and one of the questions that are raised with the trump campaign is whether or not beyond the hype he can get the grassroots game growing. he inked the deal with the rnc and concern in the state gop parties, that they need a little bit of help and last night, in billings, montana, trump talked about how he plans to win. despite the short comings. is that he plans to compete really hard in democratic states and trying to spread the battlefield against hillary clinton. listen. >> i want to focus on 15 or so states because we have to win and i want my energy to be where it goes either way and we'll play heavy as an example in
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california. no other republican would go to dinener california. >> reporter: he's not only going to dinner or rallying, but here to raise money and part of the relationship with the rnc, is essentially the will raise money and share the resources for his president see and house and governors and political candidates coming up, all of them need help and they are worried about p the trump candidacy and whether it hurts their chances. any candidate who doesn't want to ride his coattails and keep their distance is welcome to do so. >> i wonder if that will be a mcdonald with a diet coke. on the democratic side they are campaign nothing california with the state's primary less than
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two weeks away. james? >> reporter: good afternoon. bernie sanders upon telling a college audience of 10000 people in ventura, california, he can't wait to debate donald trump. the senator is locked in a growling battle with hillary clinton. they finished up in the home of chicken and waffles in oakland. there she spoke with local officials of how federal funding impacts the communities. and dampening the controversy over the e-mails. she is anxious to debate trump herself and recently proclaimed her race against sanders that is already done and something that sanders didn't take kindly to hearing. >> does that make you mad seeing that? >> just a tinge of arrogance
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there i think. >> unfortunately the people of indiana, and people of west virginia and people of oregon who gave us a good victory doesn't agree with secretary clinton's assessment. >> reporter: that has forced clinton to devote time and money to the golden state. she is proud that she and sanders focused on issues and not insults. >> and i will work hard to unify the democratic party, because whatever differences septemberor sanders and i and our supporters have, they pale in comparison with our differences to donald trump and what he represents. >> reporter: no television
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network is interested in donating tho to charity that donald trump identified as his price for the debate with bernie sanders. >> imagine watching that. that would have a huge audience. james, thank you. hillary clinton is taking flack from the left and right. ine the editorial board on the new york times criticizing her. hillary clinton drowning in e-mail. the reflex to hunker down when challenged is likely to make her seem less personable and inflame the critic's charges of underlying arrogance. we'll talk to josh who is editor of the national journal, welcome to both of you. there is a public policy poll out elanafrom a couple of days
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ago, that hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders is two percentage points within the margin of error. could she conceivably lose that state? >> it is an astonishing poll. california was supposed to be a strong state for california, because it is a diverse state. hillary clinton does well with minority voters with latunnos and african-american. and bernie sanders performed well with white voters. she could lose the state, or if she wins by a small margin, she will limp in to the democratic convention in philadelphia in july and really emerge as one of the weakest nominees we have seen in a long time. the question really is, we have seen trump get a bump after clinching the nomination. the question is will hillary
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clinton get a similar bump. will bernie sanders and his supporters be convinced to vote for hillary clinton? that could be the difference upon of victory and defeat. >> she is the presumptive nominee. why not is she showing more muscle in the final states? >> the democratic base is not with her. she will have enough delegates to lock up the nomination. the poll out of california is stunning. hillary clinton loses the african-american vote to bernie sanders even though she won it in other stateses. she is losing even though she has the nomination locked up. that is a huge red flag. she needs high energy among african-american and hispanics. they are not enthusiastic about her campaign and many of them are not voting for her in
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california. this is a big red flag and not only provide worries for clinton campaign. but the energy she needs in the election against donald trump. >> what about elvana's question is she going to get the kind of bump donald trump has seen won he sowed up the nomination? >> it is it an open question. i think more than likely or not. the bernie supporters are angry toward hillary clinton as the campaign is on and on. and it is like will get a two point bump. but the race is a lot closer than the clinton campaign imagined. they didn't expect trump to lock up the nomination before hillary clinton locked up. >> her job of pursuing the nomination and ultimately winning the presidency just got
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harder as a result of the inspector general report. >> i wouldn't say it is harder. but democrats and support ares don't expect headlines like this. the e-mails and global initiative and the various scandals to go away between now and november, when voters go to the polls. it is something that looms over her head. donald trump has branded her crooked hillary and this hobbles her between now and november and serves as a drag on her. bernie sanders effectively used the scandals to tar her as the crooked establishment candidate and it really is a drag on her.
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it is on her shoulders. >> hard to remember a time when california was playing big in the race for the president see. elvana johnson and josh, thank both p. still to come, big news for the search of the downed eygptair flight. a new clou could make it easier to locate the boxeses. and rescue of four navy pilots after their fighter jets collide. >> they are sitting in the ra ft. they so manied unhappy about being where they were. but they were in the situation.
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♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. >> well, the u.s. navy is now investigating a terrifying accident in the sky when two
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fighter jets collided off of the coast of north carolina. four members were rescued. a commercial fishing boat pulled two people out of the scombau w the coast guard hoisted themum. >> a eygptair jet that crashed in the sea. the authorities picked up the signal that transmits the location. the flight went down last week killing all 66 people on board. john? >> reporter: yeah, heather, the beacon as you said is coming from the plane's elt, emergency locator transmission system. and the hope that will lead to the black boxes, the cvr and
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cockpit voice recorder and egyptian officials say at this point, the search area is narrowed to a three mile radius. this is important, because the initial area was described as being the size of connecticut. you can see how vast of an area that was. now it is narrowed down. france and egypt brought in private companies for dope ocean search to help with the ongoing efforts. the spokesman said the company deployed a ship with a signal designed to pick up information from black boxes. think of it as an underwater buoy that drop down. they have an unmanned submarine to do i have 20000 feet.
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deep ocean search was involved in the malaysian air flight as well. france said they have deblowed a naval vessel. some debris and wreckage has been found and body p parts as we reported. they are hoping to find and hone in on the fusel age and black boxes. one of the difficulties with theon going search. the sea floor drops to 10000 feet. that poses a lot of difficulties. and one good news if you can say that, the weather has been very good. it has been cooperating and clear skies. moderate chop. 1- 2 foot swells and that will pick up in the weekend. but moderate chop. that will be favorable.
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and as we know. there are still so many questions and very few answers at a point. >> and a lot of the mixed reports. let's hope they find the black boxes. thank you, john. law enforcement warn people to be aware of their surroundings after a deadly bee attack. donald trump, does he need the party to rally a round him. >> i was coming out of the building this morning and there was a news flash that donald trump had won the nomination. and i said what happened? i thought i had to wait a couple of more weeks? hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
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right now, authorities are urging arizona hikers to be aware of hiking after a young man was stung to death by bees. a swarm suddenly while they hiked. the other hiker was able to hide in the rest rom. the victim was stung more than a thousand types. the trail is closed to the area now as authorities evaluate the area. donald trump, blasting new mexico's economic problem and syrian refugee policy. you might think that the target would be a democrat but you would be wrong. he blamed the new mexico republican governor. >> is it your gauflt your
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governor's fault. the governor has to do a better job. >> the governor ranks as one of the most hispanic women in politics and chair woman of the republican governor's. and that reignites questions of whether he can unify the gop. we'll talk about this with howie. how is the media handling this. >> of accusing donald trump of flash and burn. this guy needs help with women and helps with hispanics and take on the nation's first female hispanic governor and he went after mitt romney and bill krystal.
10:25 am
these are are people like martinez who critized trump on immigration, but rather than mending fences with her, he is like in attack mode like when he was running against the 16 other candidates. jeb bush and newt gingrich and markio and posted comments supporting susanna martinez mart. but is the media just playing into what donald trump wants. here we are talking about him. and you are writing about him? >> yeah, he knows how to drive a new's cycle. maybe he likes this better than the last one where he drew criticism for bringing up the suicide of hillary clinton's aide vince foster. donald trump may lack the discipline to not go after every slight.
10:26 am
he doesn't have to poke back now that he is the nominee officially. and you need to act presidential. and there is a counter argument. this is how donald trump got to where he clinched the republican nomination. this new york street fighting style. and if he goes after people in the party, it doesn't upon help the unitty but helps the brand of donald trump. they may have preferred another cand uponidate. it may not matter if paul ryan is on board or susanna martinez. >> which is more important. unify a potential trump voters in the general election oregon leadersh lead -- gop leadership. >> he's having trouble getting
10:27 am
out of that mode. he goes through the famous pivot and you win and try to move to the mitted and some issues he has done that. but it seems but he lights up the boxing gloves and takes jabs even of the other republicans. he needs support if he will be in the position to flip the states from hillary clinton where he will need democrats and independents. thank you so much for joining us. howard. >> bernie sanders slams hillary clinton and setting his sights on a new rival. he said he's the best hope of boating donald trump. plus this. severe weather, uncluding massive tornados sending people
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running for cover in kansas. and texas is picking up the poses after devastating wind gusts uproot trees and raised buildings. >> it was scary. i was sitting outside watching the storm and the building just started shaking. and i go in to the walk in and waited for a bit. and i come out and the roof is gone.
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>> it turns out in every poll bernie sanders does often a lot better against donald trump than does hillary clinton. i think if the democrats want the candidate who is most likely to defeat trump and boat him badly, i think you are looking at the guy. >> that is not larry david. but that is bernie sanders in what is a familiar refrain, saying he does better against donald trump than hillary clinton in a head-to-head match up. and the real clear average, showed the vermont leader showing a lead over the republican nom no. >> we'll talk to lars and leslie marshal. and welcome to both of you. >> good morning, lesly, if the
10:33 am
democrats are smart does that mean they would find a way to nominate bernie sanders. >> absolutely not. this election year more than any other before, show that polls are notes inially accurate. look atitates of michigan and indiana. and millennials are huge on line and polling. but if you are as a voter are republican and you don't like donald trump, you will not vote for a democratic socialist whose policies are to the left of hillary clinton who is shoe moderate and too much to the right by democrats. i don't buy all of those numbers. >> lars, could bernie sanders boat donald trump. >> i don't think so. the popular thing about p
10:34 am
sanders, he offers something for nothing. he offers young americans, millennials free college and health care to be paid for by someone. he from posed 16 trillion in new programs and that has him a lot of fans, but only 6 trillion in new taxes over the next few years that doesn't pencil out. even hillary clinton is critical. she said sanders would grow the federal government by 40 percent. and no one in their right mind wants to grow it by 40 percent. santa claus is always popular but not popular to beat donald trump. >> what is his continued presence in the democratic race do to hillary clinton chances. i will play the clip. this is how he reacted to mrs. clinton say nothing
10:35 am
a recent interview she will be the democrat nominee and no way that i will not be. watch. >> does that make you mad seeing that? >> just a tinge of arrogance there i think. >> so lesly, when you know, the other democratic candidate is calling the front runner arrogant, what does that do for her candidacy? >> with all respect to senator sanders. two plus two is four. if sanders got 100 percent of the super delegates and throw on the top of the cake a cherry and whipped cream with the state of california, he would be over 100 delegates behind. hillary clinton will reach the magic number and sanders cannot and will not numberically be the nominee. you say what is he doing?
10:36 am
he's hurting her a little bit and the party. right now trump is attacking the democrats and if we were unified, he could bring his supporters around, waiting to july loses momentum for democrats. >> lars, what is his campaign doing. >> well, jon, leslie left something out. hillary clinton hasn't talked to the fbi and she violated federal law we learned this week. there is an possibility you will have a tarnished winner of the nom no. she would be tarnished by p the threat of federal prosecution, the democrats will have a prospect of putting in bernie or shove him to the side and
10:37 am
pitch hillary clinton and bring in joe biden. the democrats have a mess. >> i am laughing at your imagery there. >> orange jail pantsuit. >> thank you both. severe storms slamming parts of the country and triggering heavy flooding. in texas, a torrential down pour causing problems there and submerging vehicles and overwhelming emergency views with water rescues and one tornado was reported in the lone star state damages homes. in kansas, several tornados, levelling the buildings and knocking down trees comes one day after a tornado tore through anuary near topeka. >> hi, heather, we have been
10:38 am
here and shared with you the images coming out of the region in abilene, kansas and across chapman. what you are seeing behind me is the worst damage left behind by the tornado. this home was completely destroyed. and the basement is what you are looking at. and the entire house is gone. the family was inside underneath those steps and they were protecting their heads with pots and pans. it is a miracle there were no serious jurisdiction or killed as the tornado ripped through. ef four tornado 80 miles per hour upon winds and left a path of destruction 26 miles and on the ground 90 minutes. and we have another risk of
10:39 am
severe weather in nebraska and texas. we have a potential for more damaging winds and hail. and the tornado threat is lower today than yesterday. we have a threat in place. it is important to have a way to get the weather warnings. situations develop rapidly. we have tropical development off of the east coast. there is area of desturbed weather. it is a little on the early side. but there is a potential again this weekend, we could be seeing a depression forming and impacting portions of the east coast. we'll at the very least expect rip currents and rain for memorial day weekend. >> all right, thank you, maria molina. fox news alert.
10:40 am
we take you to fresno, california and listen to donald trump. >> i said why. no one knows why. and now they are trying to protect a certain kind of three inch fish. but. [crowd noise] no, no. think of it. so nobody even knows why. and the environmentalist don't know y. i've received many environmental rewards and awards. i am all for it. but you have some people that really want to just get in the way. i don't know if it is their ego or what. there are so many things and you want jobs. we have to bring jobs. if we can bring the part of the world water that we have. [applause] it is thorough. i have so many of the awards and i am proud of them.
10:41 am
and there is great environmental people and they do. my environmental standard is simple and i said it to everybody. i want clean air and clean water. that's what i want. clean air, clean water. very, very simple. so anyway. we'll be back up here. we'll start opening up the water so you can have your farmers survive. [applause] so that your job market will get better. there is some things that are inconceivable and they upon happen. i am asking why, why, why? and no one explains why they do this. but your senators support it but they are ineffective. you know they are for it for you. and then to the other side they are for it for them. and i wonder why nothing happens? the senators want you and then they go to the the environmental side and they want them.
10:42 am
and geeshgs that's strange. the environmentalist just endorsed them. they play both side ises of it and actually not for you. and so we'll see what happens. we'll get it done. and that is a easy one. don't even think about it. [applause] so, yesterday was a big day. you know, yesterday, right [applause] [chanting usa] >> yeah. we are going to bring it back. we'll bring this country back. you know what it is. look at all of the red hats,
10:43 am
white hats and black hats and the gun shooting hats. they do well i tell you. speaking that, the nra last week endorsed donald trump in the earliest endorsement that they have ever given. the earliest they have ever given. that was a great honor and wayne and chris, these are great people. these are great americans and want to see great things for the country. they try to build p them as a radical agenda. it is not. it is called the second amendment. now hillary, hillary clinton, wants to abolish the second amendment. remember that. she wants to abolish it. and it's disgraceful. i watched her on television. and it is hard for me to watch her. honuponestly, it is very boring. it is very boring. but i watched her last night.
10:44 am
and she lies so much she loys so much and she was saying last night, so many things. donald trump wants to see japan get nuclear weapons. >> i never said that. donald trump wants to see germany get p nuclear weapons. and south korea arm themselves and get. i didn't say that. i never ever said close to that. donald trump loves north korea. he loves the maniac that is running north korea. donald trump is a friend of putin. putin did callny a genius and said i am the future of the republican paefrment he is off to a good start i will say. he is off to a good start, right, folks. and by the way, i don't know the puttin and i respect putin. he is a strong leader, unlike what we have. we have a pathetic leader,
10:45 am
pathetic. we don't have a leader, the word leader, you go leader in quotees. we don't even have a leader. wouldn't it be nice to get long with russia wouldn't that be nice? we spent 5 trillion in the middle east and in worse shape in the middle east than we were 15 years ago. if these presidents would have gone away on vacation and not done anything we would be in better shape than we are today, think about p it. and i was against the war in iraq. totally against the war in iraq. and you know, hillary raised her hand. it happened and it was a disaster and one of the worst things that this country has done. obama got us out badly. he said we will be out by a certain date. the other side couldn't believe it. and they thought it was misinformation they call it.
10:46 am
and they weren't totally prepared and he left on that day. general douglas mcarthur and patten are spinning in their graves when they see what is happening with our country, when this great country can't beat isis which is 30000 vicious smart people. but when they see we can't beat them, and you know, we are fighting not to work. we fight not to win. and we now fight wars in a politically correct manner. we got to get out of there and we have to win. we got to get out of there and got to win and build up our military big per, better, stronger than ever before. bigger, stronger. >> so there you go. no republican has won california since 1998. and donald trump is siing this could be a year. he is appearing in a
10:47 am
rally in fres noand you get a sense of what goes on there. if he makes any news in the rest of the address we'll have it for you here on fox. >> in the meantime. we have to tell you about this. there is a frantic search underwas for pearl pinson who is missing since wednesday. and authorities are hoping to find her alive after the man suspected of abducting her died in a shootout with police. they are reporting live from the west coast newsroom and has hopefully new information for us. >> reporter: this hour, information is not good. pearl is still missing and the teenager who is believed to have kidnapped her and the only person who might know where she is, is dead. he was shot 300 miles from where the drama began. 19 year old fer nando castro was
10:48 am
the suspect and his car was spotted near santa barbara and starting a chase that ended when castro tried to switch vehicles. he shot at deputies and was killed when they returned fire. >> machine shot. >> reporter: now the search for castro began in northern california after witness reporting hearing a girl bleeding from the face scream for help as a man with a gun dragged her over a freeway overpass. 15-year-old pearl is not been seen since. >> i know she is out there. i pray that she comes home. we need you home. >> and now the polices are looking for pearl along the 300 mill route castro is believed to
10:49 am
have taken from the point of the kidnapping to the location. deadly shootout. >> we currently have deputies in that area searching and looking for clues to give us information to where pearl is at this point. >> reporter: officials believe castro and pearl were acquaintances and pinson's family say they don't know castro. and we are told by the sheriff's office they will have a update on the precise area they are focusing the search on later this afternoon, heather. >> johnathon hunt, live for us, thank you. a sunken submarine from world war ii might have been discovered more than 70 years after it went missing. this is video of what may be wreckage from the p311. the british vessel left malta in
10:50 am
december of 19fro with 72 crew members on board and all contract was lost when the subreportedly hit a mine and it sank nearitil summer travel season. woo-hoo! and the family road trip, that is back. after a long day, dave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? create your own seafood trios
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hi, everyone.
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donald trump holding a rally right now. what is he saying about a possible debate with bernie sanders? plus, after being told he couldn't be elected dog catcher, trump is now praising marco rubio. what's up with that? and are you traveling this weekend? there are major storms and flash floods in parts of the country. airport lines in other parts. but we've got you covered. see you in a few. well, this memorial day weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer and the family road trip is back. aaa estimates 38 million people will be traveling this weekend, the second highest number on record. spurred largely by the lowest gas prices we've seen in a decade. according to the aaa, the national average -- $2.32 a gallon. national correspondent william la jeunesse joins us live from l.a. now. william? >> reporter: i think i heard
10:55 am
herth heather jump for joy going into the break over those gas prices. prices for this memorial day are the lowest in 11 years, and that means more money in drivers' pockets, more spending, more travel. of that near-record 38 million travelers, 90% will be by car, 700,000 more than last year. half will go at least 400 miles round trip. because of the lower prices, drivers will save about -- get this -- $3 billion this weekend alone compared to five years ago when gas cost almost $4 a gallon. >> gas prices are currently 48 cents lower than they were same time a year ago. these are the lowest summer prices we've seen since 2005. that's inspired a lot of people to in fact take a road trip. >> reporter: why historically are prices lower now? one, because of fracking. the u.s. is now the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas.
10:56 am
iran is not pumping on the open market. saudis are pumping more to try to hold market share, and then the chinese economy has been relatively flat, although motorists have their own explanati explanation. >> we're producing more of our own oil and less imports. >> i see gas prices being stabilized currently due to it's an election year. >> probably maybe because of renewable energy? a lot of people are using electric cars? >> i don't know. obama? >> reporter: well, while cruz and of course gasoline are very volatile -- crude, and prices are up because of the wildfires in canada, and unrest in libya, nigeria, venezuela. so the price of a barrel of crude has gone from $26 only three months ago to $50 today. but, it is quite a bit lower than $100 which is just two years ago. but the bottom line that you and heather care about is that we do not expect $4 gallon a gas any
10:57 am
time soon. >> plmusic to my ears. william la jeunesse, thank you. we'll be right back. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat zero heartburn! ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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thank you very much for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. good afternoon. thanks so much for joining us. donald trump going full bother in california today despite already clinching the republican nomination. this is "the real story." trump has more than enough delegates to secure the nomination thanks to all those unbound delegates who have now pledge their support in north dakota. but he is still stumping, as can you see here, holding rallies in fresno and also in san diego. california voters hit the polls on june 7th. we have team coverage, at the trump protest happening just outside the speech venue. and carl cameron is live in san diego where we s


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