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  Happening Now  FOX News  May 27, 2016 10:39am-10:45am PDT

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memorial day weekend. >> all right, thank you, maria molina. fox news alert. we take you to fresno, california and listen to donald trump. >> i said why. no one knows why. and now they are trying to protect a certain kind of three inch fish. but. [crowd noise] no, no. think of it. so nobody even knows why. and the environmentalist don't know y. i've received many environmental rewards and awards. i am all for it. but you have some people that really want to just get in the way. i don't know if it is their ego or what. there are so many things and you want jobs. we have to bring jobs. if we can bring the part of the
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world water that we have. [applause] it is thorough. i have so many of the awards and i am proud of them. and there is great environmental people and they do. my environmental standard is simple and i said it to everybody. i want clean air and clean water. that's what i want. clean air, clean water. very, very simple. so anyway. we'll be back up here. we'll start opening up the water so you can have your farmers survive. [applause] so that your job market will get better. there is some things that are inconceivable and they upon happen. i am asking why, why, why? and no one explains why they do this. but your senators support it but they are ineffective. you know they are for it for you. and then to the other side they
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are for it for them. and i wonder why nothing happens? the senators want you and then they go to the the environmental side and they want them. and geeshgs that's strange. the environmentalist just endorsed them. they play both side ises of it and actually not for you. and so we'll see what happens. we'll get it done. and that is a easy one. don't even think about it. [applause] so, yesterday was a big day. you know, yesterday, right [applause] [chanting usa]
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>> yeah. we are going to bring it back. we'll bring this country back. you know what it is. look at all of the red hats, white hats and black hats and the gun shooting hats. they do well i tell you. speaking that, the nra last week endorsed donald trump in the earliest endorsement that they have ever given. the earliest they have ever given. that was a great honor and wayne and chris, these are great people. these are great americans and want to see great things for the country. they try to build p them as a radical agenda. it is not. it is called the second amendment. now hillary, hillary clinton, wants to abolish the second amendment. remember that. she wants to abolish it. and it's disgraceful. i watched her on television.
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and it is hard for me to watch her. honuponestly, it is very boring. it is very boring. but i watched her last night. and she lies so much she loys so much and she was saying last night, so many things. donald trump wants to see japan get nuclear weapons. >> i never said that. donald trump wants to see germany get p nuclear weapons. and south korea arm themselves and get. i didn't say that. i never ever said close to that. donald trump loves north korea. he loves the maniac that is running north korea. donald trump is a friend of putin. putin did callny a genius and said i am the future of the republican paefrment he is off to a good start i will say. he is off to a good start, right, folks. and by the way, i don't know the
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puttin and i respect putin. he is a strong leader, unlike what we have. we have a pathetic leader, pathetic. we don't have a leader, the word leader, you go leader in quotees. we don't even have a leader. wouldn't it be nice to get long with russia wouldn't that be nice? we spent 5 trillion in the middle east and in worse shape in the middle east than we were 15 years ago. if these presidents would have gone away on vacation and not done anything we would be in better shape than we are today, think about p it. and i was against the war in iraq. totally against the war in iraq. and you know, hillary raised her hand. it happened and it was a disaster and one of the worst things that this country has done. obama got us out badly.
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he said we will be out by a certain date. the other side couldn't believe it. and they thought it was misinformation they call it. and they weren't totally prepared and he left on that day. general douglas mcarthur and patten are spinning in their graves when they see what is happening with our country, when this great country can't beat isis which is 30000 vicious smart people. but when they see we can't beat them, and you know, we are fighting not to work. we fight not to win. and we now fight wars in a politically correct manner. we got to get out of there and we have to win. we got to get out of there and got to win and build up our military big per, better, stronger than ever before. bigger, strong