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  Hannity  FOX News  May 31, 2016 10:01pm-10:22pm PDT

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fighting back against liberal media attacks about how much money that he has raised and donated to veterans charity groups. now trump held a press conference earlier today at trump tower. let's take a look. >> i raised close to $6 million. it will probably be over that amount when it's all said and done. but as of this moment, it's $5.6 million. and on behalf of the vets, the press should be shamed of themselves. they are calling me and they are furious because i sent people checks of a lot of money, and we're going to give you the names right now which is what you want. instead of being like, thank you very much, mr. trump, or trump did a good job, everyone's saying who got it, who got it, who got it? and you make me look very bad. find out how much hillary clinton's given to the veterans. nothing. and then i see a few guys standing out there, they don't even know what they're there for. they have no idea. they're there because hillary clinton's campaign sent them. >> now as you can imagine, the liberal press, they weren't too happy about being called out by donald trump.
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watch this. >> is this what it's going to be like covering you if you're president? >> yeah, it is. >> we're going to have this kind of conversation in the pressroom? >> yeah, it is going to be like this, david. if the press writes full stories like they did with this, because, you know, half of you amazed i raised all this money. if the press writes false stories like they did where i wanted to keep a low profile. i didn't want the credit for raising all this money for the vets. i wasn't looking for the credit. by the way, more money is coming in. i wasn't looking for the credit. but i had no choice but to do this because the press was saying i didn't raise any money for them. >> here now with reaction, the 2016 republican presumptive nominee, donald trump. it's not really presumptive. you hit 1,237. you will be the nominee. i want to go into this, though. this is not just this story. you said the press should be ashamed of themselves and, yes, if they act like this, it's going to be this way. explain what you mean. >> well, they cover me so inaccurately. this was a good example because i raised $5.6 million for the
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vets. it was a horrible experience with the press. i mean, they were questioning it. did he really raise the money? where is the money? by the way, of the $5.6 million, i took zero in terms of administrative cost. some of the people raise $1 million and take $950,000 for administration. i took zero, not one penny. i raised $5.6 million. more money is even coming in. and instead of being treated at least reasonably, it's a whole big deal going on. they're saying who's getting the money, where's the money going? so today i had a press conference. i gave all the groups -- they're great groups. they were so nice and wrote me letters and called. they couldn't believe they got it. i raised $5.6 million and i had bad publicity. can you believe it? i raidsed $5.6 million for the vets. it's all given out now. instead of sort of being thanked, i don't have to be thanked, instead of being thanked or treated nicely by the press, i got the worst
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publicity. >> what do they thinks you need the money, do they think you're going to steal it? you were going through a process of vetting these groups which, by the way, is the responsible thing to do, right? >> you have to because you don't know who the groups are. number one, you have to vet. most of the money was given out, a lot of it was given out very early almost immediately because the groups have been vetted or i knew the groups or something. i gave to many, many different groups and it's a lot, $25,000, $100,000, $200,000. one group i gave $1.1 million to. they're great people and great groups but you have to vet them. you have to check them out to see, you know, do they exist, do they have all of the information they need. and it takes a little time. and the publici lpublicity i go in my position would say, why should i do this anymore? if we're going to raise money, many millions of dollars for a good group, i mean, great groups, and then we're criticized. it's easier not do it. if i wouldn't have done it, i
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was under no obligation to do it. that was during a speech, i said let's raise some money for the vets. if i didn't say that, nobody would have complained. instead i got nothing but bad publicity. i felt the best way to handle it was hold a news conference show everybody where the money went and i did that and all of these groups were amazing and all got the money and everybody now -- >> this is not an isolated incident. i mean, you went through "the new york times" front page story printed almost 20 pages about all these women you had supposedly mistreated. it turns out in every case, it was debunked by the women, themselves, and even the one woman that stood by your side -- >> they went public. sean, they went public. >> they went public on their own. carrie prejean, i called her. she came out on her own. that was one example. but look at, for example, did you see the katie couric piece on the gun issue? where they selectively edit in a pause that didn't exist in the interview. we really -- i said in 2008, journalism's dead. you're confronting this bias,
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institutional bias, and they don't seem to like it. you think this is the whole campaign? >> well, the katie couric piece is not that unusual. i'll be honest, i've given interviews and i said, wait a minute, they're not covering me that way. the best thing you can do is put down a tape recorder next to you because they make things up. i mean, the press is really dishonest, okay? i don't mean everybody, but a big portion of them especially the political press. they're the most dishonest people. they're bad people. >> yeah. all right. let me go to where the election is right now. you got a number of polls. you're up, for example, in the abc/"washington post" poll up. by a couple points. couple have you tied. it's going back and forth a little bit. the most interesting poll, though, i saw today was the state of new jersey where it's 38%-34% within the margin of error. could you win new jersey? >> i think so. i mean, i love new jersey. i am new jersey. like a second home. i have property there. i have a lot of employees there. it's, you know, i love new jersey.
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and frankly, i think we're going do well. everyone was shocked to see it, i guess it's three or four points behind, and i wasn't shocked to see it. i think when they find out about hillary, how bad she is, how corrupt she is, when they find out what she's been doing and more importantly, maybe, that i'm going to bring jobs back because nj ew jersew jersey nee. manufacturing is being wiped out, businesses in new jersey are being wiped out, sean. i'm going to bring jobs back from mexico, china, all these places. i just heard that the pga tour is taking their tournament out of miami and moving it to mexico as an example. they're taking it -- they used one of my places. they're moving their tournament, the cadillac world golf championship. cadillac's been a great sponsor, but they're moving it to mexico. they're moving it to mexico city which, by the way, i hope they have kidnapping insurance. but they're moving it to mexico city. and i'm saying, you know what's going on here? it is so sad when you look the at what's going on with our country.
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>> you talk a lot on the campaign trail, carrier, for example, is another one. they want to take their jobs away, build manufacturing centers in mexico, bring their air conditioners back here and, you know, after they took away all these american jobs. let me ask you this. there was a lot written about, went on for a couple days that you might debate bernie sanders. what happened? >> well, very simple, number one, he's number two. i'm hearing more and more he can't win. number one, i wanted to do it for a lot of money. i would have done it for, in this case, women's health issues. and the networks weren't going to put up the money, and it wouldn't have been worthwhile to do it. and frankly, i'd like to debate him. i would love it, but they were supposed to put up money and they weren't coming through. i'm not going to do it for nothing. why should i? and he's number two. i won the nomination. bernie is number two. why would i debate him? if the money was put up, but they're not going to put up the kind of money i wanted. >> one of the thing that's emerging, bill crikristol, for
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example, saying he's going to fit up another candidate, a libertarian ticket that's just been announced all of which seems to be people willingly sabotaging an outsider who got more votes in the history of the republican party in terms of a primary. what is your answer to that? because to me, my answer is it seems like they only want to help hillary clinton get elected. that means hillary will make the supreme court choices. >> yeah. well, bill kristol, he's a sad case. his magazine is failing. it's going to be out of business soon. to be honest with you, i watched the guy on television for years now and he's been saying donald trump won't run and if he runs, he's just going to have fun and he's going to get out. you know all of this stuff. and i'm saying to myself, who is this guy? so he's been losing every -- he won't win new hampshire, he won't win various states and he's been saying this for now -- he looks very bad. he's been wrong for two years. he hasn't had one thing right and he's a big war hawk. he wanted to go into iraq and, you know, start everything and he was always in favor of the
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war in iraq and let's go do thus a . you see what that got us. i don't think he's a very smart guy. failing magazine. now i read about he wants to put up in indie, if that happens, you wouldn't have your supreme court justices pick, like i'm going to pick them. >> you wouldn't have a wall built, wouldn't have obamacare repe repealed. >> you wouldn't have a lot of things. i don't think he has -- now he's saying, well, it will come someday, it will come in the future. well, if you read his tweet, his tweet was almost like it was going to be announced this morning then all of a sudden he announced maybe not so fast. who would do it? look, it's a guaranteed loss. you can't even get on in texas now because they missed their deadline. now they're missing other deadlines and all he's doing is i guess trying to get publicity for his failing magazine, i imagine. >> yeah. what is your -- look, i know you've been having these discussions with paul ryan. what is the status of those? and what is your reaction with
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the exception of bob dole, former presidential candidates and others saying they're not coming to the convention? that seems to me -- >> bob dole -- >> yeah. >> bob dole endorsed me and it was very nice and that was very nice, he called me last week. so that was great. i don't need their endorsements. i don't think it matters whether or not i get potential presidential endorsements or -- look, the world is a mess. this country is a mess. and i'm not looking for their endorsements. i just want the people's endorsement and i'm getting that because as you said, the biggest group of people ever, i mean, we have so many millions of people, and you're not just talking about by a little bit. i have millions more than -- and you look at dwight d. eisenhower, you look at ronald reagan, millions more than they had. so it's been a great thing, actually, but nobody has to endorse me. what i want is the endorsement of the people. that's the only thing that matters to me, sean. >> all right. we'll take a break. we'll come back, we'll talk more
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now back to "hannity." for all your headlines, log on to welcome back to "hannity." as we continue now with 2016 presumptive republican nominee, donald trump. now this whole issue with you debating bernie sanders was interesting because hillary is now in a dead heat with bernie in the all-important state of california. she may not win california. for all the talk about chaos and lack of unity in the republican party, there seems like there's
10:16 pm
no unity in the democratic party and bernie, she cannot put bernie away. what is your take on that? because you have openly been defending bernie sanders. >> well, i have to say that, frankly, the republicans and it's a big story, have been really coming together over the last two weeks, it's been amazing. you mentioned bob dole. so many others have come on board. congressmen, senators. it's really been a big story. so we're really coming together, and a lot faster than even you would have thought. so that's been good. as far as the hillary situation, it's rigged. she has these superdelegates. it's a total rigged deal. and so bernie can't win. we'll see what they do with him. it's a rigged system. frankly, the republicans had somewhat of a rigged system. if i didn't win in massive landslides, it was no way an outsider could have gotten the nomination. i mean, we won by tremendous percentages and margins. or there's no way -- because it's a rigged system. and the democrats are -- that thing is so rigged, it is --
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>> incredible. >> -- corrupt. >> honestly, you take away those superdelegates, bernie sanders would have had a shot to win a long time ago but creates a perception -- >> not only that, she's lost so much lately. seems every night you turn on television, every time there's a vote, she's losing, losing, losing. so i guess she won a few upfront, but she is losing so badly. looks so bad. let's see what happens in california, but she is not doing well. >> i've asked you in the past about a team of rivals, you know, whether you might announce your secretary of state, your secretary of homeland security, maybe defense secretary. positions like that. and also obviously people are waiting for your decision as it relates to who your vice presidential nominee will be. where are you in the processms rivals, and selecting a v.p.? >> well, i'm in the process, and i have some people that i think are going to be fantastic for certain positions. and in my own mind, i already have them.
10:18 pm
i can't tell you who they are yet. it's just too soon. but i want to save a little bit of suspense for the convention. but i have some people that i've already in my own mind arrived and i think they're going to be fantastic. and with the vice president, as you know, probably if you think about it, there are ten and maybe you boil that down to five. but some people that are really, really good. we'll see what happens. >> any surprises? >> could be. could be. if i could surprise you, i could surprise anybody. >> i am not the corrupt press. i am -- i'm actually the conservative here. >> you happen to be right about that. >> yeah, well i'm an opinion show. i don't hold back that i'll be voting for donald trump in november. all right. here's what i think is an important question. >> thank you. >> i have asked you repeatedly over the course of this campaign about specific issues. you're going to build the wall. you're going to repeal obamacare. you like health care savings accounts. you want to fix the v.a.
10:19 pm
you want to build up our military. you want to balance the budget. you want to define radical islam as our enemies. you want to get rid of common core. all of those things. i have asked withdr eed you in does it work to put those ideas, those promises, those things you've said to me on paper? trump's promises to america. maybe put it in gold leaf. make it trump style. maybe a little bit of marble like you have in the background. >> yeah. >> is that a good idea? considering the distrust level is so high? >> well, i did it a little bit with the judges. i announced 11 judges that i'd either pick or somebody very close. i'm finally going to add some to the list because some of them really are, you know, it's come to my attention we have some out there that are fantastic. i got them largely from the federalist society. and also from heritage. you know, they're great -- it's been very well received. i mean, it's possible i will do something like that, sean. i do think most people know my views in all fairness, but it's possible i would do something like this.
10:20 pm
>> yeah. let me -- i think what's a really important question, every time you go out, you're getting bigger crowds than any other presidential candidate. in one sense, it looks a little bit like barack obama in '08. there's a lot of enthusiasm. then you've got something that i don't think obama had a lot of, you have these protesters. we saw what happened in san diego. you see the mexican flags that show up at some of these rallies. what is your reaction to all of those people and do you think it's organized and we know in the case of vets outside of trump tower was organized, they were organized by the clinton team. what is your reaction to those people protesting you? >> and burning the american flag and as far as the people outside, you know, when i was giving away $5.6 million and announcing everybody that got it, all of these great veterans groups, we had veterans, a very small group, because you can't get too many because the veterans like me and i like them, i love them. we had veterans groups outside of -- a few people, actually -- outside of trump tower. they were sent there by hillary clinton. they were clinton -- in fact,
10:21 pm
they were sent there by hillary clinton. what a disgrace. and when they were interviewed by the reporters, they didn't even know why they were there. so it shows you what a phony business politics is. look, the safest place you can be is a trump rally because you see what happens. it's a love fest. there are very, very few people. you know, you see it in the news, but there are very few people that go out and demonstrate and when they to demonstrate, i mean, in all fairness, they're holding up flags of other countries and burning the american flag. i don't think it does them much good. >> you saw the inspector general report as it relates to the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. she's got a lot of other issues that i think make her a weak candidate. to the extent that it's a battle between you and her, in a general election, how hard do you think you have to push in terms of getting that story out if you think the media's corrupt and liberal and they've got an agenda? >> bewell, i think the report ia disaster. it really shows that she's
10:22 pm
corrupt if you think of it. it's not just the report. it shows that she's corrupt. i think the report is a disaster. i don't know what's going to happen. you would have thought it would have happened by now. the fbi is doing a big investigation. we'll see. but the report, i think, is a total disaster for her and certainly it's going to be a big part of the campaign. >> yeah. all right, mr. trump. always good to have you.