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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 2, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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that's all for now. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington. bill o'reilly is up next. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, bill crystal wants the national review writer david french to run as a third party candidate. heads up to the panel. anyone making puns calling it is french revolution or french resistance will have to answer to me. and i don't want to hear about crystal's frefn connection. fresh connection. and should anyone run a marathon? better question, is it safe? is it safe? and finally jetblue refuses to let burlesque rider maggie mcmuffin to ride on the
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plane. we will talk to her daughters sausage and eggs. >> thank you, andy. her employer buys ink by the barrel and she buy it by the barrel. former aid to senator chuck schumer christopher hahn. if you rearrange her first name it spells alarm. weak up, america. comeed -- comedian and activist, marla schulz. and he is head and tails above the rest, sitting next to me is comedian and author of bad dad, tom kodder. let's start the show. >> well, this election just got interesting. a new candidate is about to enter the race.
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>> he is a constitutional lawyer to launch an independent run. a fun fact, french also does game of throwns recap. the 47-year-old is little known. until this this week he didn't have a wikipedia page. he can match trump's caw -- charisma. >> in 2008 they upheld the voter id requirements like that in north carolina. >> wow. he has all of the excitement as ed bagley, junior. french also has a deep understanding of foreign policy issues. here is a recent piece he wrote for the national review. best intentions lead to extraordinary violence. it has been largely undone. i am still rooting for them to end up on the iron thrown. wait until you hear a plan to defeat the white walkers.
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look, what are we talking about here? he is good with the game of thrones recap. >> i am also rooting for that. >> that makes sense. democrats like calissi. this guy has to be a rhino. if he likes any -- >> i read the rules for his wife while he was away on deployment and god bless him for his service, but it is a little strange and a little overbearing. i think it is perfect for bill crystal. >> explain that. his wife couldn't go on facebook as he was away, right? >> and couldn't talk about religion with other men while he was away. that's what i found most strange. it has intimacy. i get it. they want a structured relationship. i guess republicans are orderly and he will be orderly for them. bill crystal's track record, he came to fame by being dan quail's chief of staff and yet
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he is still on this week and on a thousand times more than i have. i worked for chuck schumer and why is he more of a public dit dit -- pundit than me? i am agents -- i am a little bitter jie. his predictions have not been good this year. i ever. >> marla schulz, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> what is happening to the republicans? did they need a third party? trump is moping up everything, isn't he? >> i guess with the hair. it is interesting because who is this guy, david french? could you imagine the americans going and pulling the lever for president french? it is like mr. french. i think what is trump's tweet is at david french, french is toast. >> are you already coming up for insults?
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>> it is my first time on the show. is it too early? >> i think he will not come up with the insults. he will ignore him. making up an insult will give him free press, wouldn't it? >> totally. and french is great on salads and as a fried potato. >> it is so easy. trump will obviously do some of that. it is just a shame. the man will not have a wikipedia page. this is the independent person that you want to come in. it is that third party to offer the option and that is not trump. for people who were saying they want a war on trump you are bringing in someone that really doesn't have a lot of gravitos. ultimately you will end up hue humiliating that guy -- that guy and that's not fair. >> did you read his column? did you read the "game of
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thrones"? >> remember that show, mr. french? >> is that a family affair? >> yes, buffy and jody. >> i think that was the first television homosexual if i am not mistaken. >> he was unmarried. >> he was a bachelor. >> i know nothing about this guy and i don't care to know anything about this guy. now it is down to hillary an ardvark would be a good challenge and anyone would look behind door number three. he will play a spoiler to trump more than hillary. >> some think it could help trump. would you go with rich lowry? wouldn't you think he has name recognition? >> the reason they had to dig so deep is nobody wanted to do it. mitt romney wanted to run and he didn't take his chance.
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french endorsed mitch romney and then mitch romney endorsed him. they can't make up their mind. >> if you do it you have to be crazy. bill crystal is not known for winning a political cam paper. >> and hosting the oscars. >> for all of the things that billy crystal has done, why do you go back to "soap." >> it was the most liberal show he ever did. come on. i'm being consistent. you have to have a bit of a screw loose if you will run a third party campaign as a republican. the republicans fall in line. they are falling in line behind trump. three weeks ago he was so anti- trump. i asked him where are you now, matt? >> i am with trump. >> remember the first debate when they made trump commit to not running as a third party guy? and now they are doing it to him. >> that's the irony of it. >> it is thought them. it is not them. this is a very fringe group. you can tell by the track record of some of the people who are on board with this. it is not going anywhere. and i think it is a red
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herring, quite frankly. >> let's talk about a really important story. he fought the law and the law won, kind of. after trying and then failing to beat a speeding ticket c, the freedom fighter brett sanders chose to pay his fine in, quote, the most disrespectful and flamboyant way he could. and what might that be? >> i am here to pay a traffic ticket. >> that's $212. >> and you said exact change? >> yes, sir. >> let me run out to the truck and i will be right back. you're in luck. i found exact change. jay he dumped -- >> he dumped 22,000 pennies on
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the old lady's counter. he wasn't that old. >> that poor lady m it was obviously one of our young writers wrote this. when asked if he felt bad for the clerk who had to clean up his mess of pennies he said she is paid with stolen tax dollars. she is accepting stolen money. she is complicit in a crime. i don't think thieves should be respected. wow. does anyone want to defend this guy? anybody? i will go to ou first. marla, you don't like this guy. >> such a putz. >> i like him. >> why? >> it is a guy thing. he showed the coppers with copper. i would pay with bitcoins and food stamps. i would do anything to -- you're conveying your dissatisfaction with the -- the last speeding ticket i got was by a camera and it took a
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picture of the license plate of my car and they sent it in the mail. i sent them a picture of my grand parents making love just to get back at them. that's my way of protesting. he is protesting and that's his right. >> he didn't send the photo back to them. he did it to this poor woman who really has nothing to do with his particular situation. >> a civil servant. >> she works hard and now she has to work harder wrapping up the pennies. >> she is trying to do her job and this guy comes in with a camera crew and dumps pennies on her? it is ridiculous. it is not like a right on red. he was speeding which is a crime which people get killed doing. quite frankly he should apologize to the woman and to the american people. >> what would you say to people who -- that it is a tax and they do it to raise revenue and they shouldn't collect funds from people this way. >> but there are laws.
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when you break the law you have to pay your penance in a way it is more like parking. parking tickets for an extended amount of time, i don't like. but if you are speeding and you could potentially harm yourself or others, i have a problem with that. >> parking is okay, but speeding no? >> remember the robin hood guys. >> they ripped up people's tickets. >> they were paying people's meters. >> this guy has a problem with the law, well he should run for office and try to change the law. >> he could have made campaign ads and tried to get elected. >> what kind of viral video is that? >> do you fight your tickets ever? >> oh sure. in l.a., i got a picture taken and i was just like oh no! and they caught that picture and i went and fought it. i said my brakes stopped working. and they let me off the ticket. >> what? >> swear to god. >> that worked for you?
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>> my brakes didn't work? >> and it was a rental car. that's what happened. i had the picture and i went to court and they believed me because i was panicking. look at the picture and look at my face. >> >> that's the best trick. >> that is going to convince a lot of people. >> so it is better to lie. >> well it is creative. i say i have co -- colitis and i am running to the bathroom. >> oh my gosh, i didn't nomar law was such a liar. >> i didn't know she has colitis. >> next story it is 26 miles of stupid. he asks, have we devised any greater waste of time and energy than running the marathon? half a million americans will be running one this year and training countless hours to run an arbitrary distance. they are rewarded with cheering crowds and facebook likes. but their body pays a price. a vast disturbing literature
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has accumulated on the ill affects of running marathons and he suggests their time could be better spent. half a million americans could speak a little arabic and could learn computer programming and could devote themselves to helping out in soup kitchens or fortifying dikes or memorizing sonnets or spray painting their friends with a paint gun. the bottom line the only reason to run a marathon is if you like the taste of canyon dust. joanne, what did you -- can you tell us what you said when you were watching that champagne? >> that's a waste of champagne. >> those are magnum bottles. >> i think this champagne gun, it is for wealthy people. >> everyone wants to flaunt
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something. >> that's what he was getting at. it is not that people have a hobby. >> they are constantly sharing photos or complaining about being sore and asking you for money to donate to their team or the cause they are running for. what prompted this is he has a guy friend who is like, sorry, dude i can't go out with you anymore because i am training for the marathon. i can't drink that beer with you tonight and he is pissed about that. >> i think this guy is a democrat with the oh you have to learn arabic and help out at the soup kitchen? >> i think i may be the only one on the panel who has actually run a marathon. i ran the new york city marathon in three hours, 52 minutes and four seconds. >> that's pretty good. >> not bad. >> i was in the best shape of my life and i loved it and i did go to work and feed my family while i was doing it so you can run and chew gum at the same time. somebody should have a
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challenge and have a mountain they need to climb. for me i was very overweight before i started training for that marathon and i got very under weight while i did it and it was a great accomplishment. it is one of the best things you can do by yourself and without a lot of help. >> that's inspiring. >> so i have to run a marathon? is that what you are saying? >> do you run? >> do i look like i run? >> you do look like you run. >> all i can say about the marathon is i think it is great, but what about the spectators? what's up with that? don't they have things to do? is there a movie to go and see. >> all of this running in the middle of november. >> you never go out to the marathon? >> and i hate parades. in today's day and age in the isis age, i think there are too many people and it is too scary. >> the boston thing, that shook you up a little bit? >> totally. >> honestly i hate parades. you can never see anything and then there is a stinky person
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in front of you. i have a little ocd. what can i say? hello, america. >> you exercise a lot. >> i used to do a lot of running because i was a purse snatcher. i don't like it now and my shins are killing me from the new york marathon and tripping the runners. i hate them. this guy is so on the money. you train that hard and spend that much time. your body is telling you it doesn't want you to do this. you have to ice your knees officer ward. there is a famous video of a woman losing control of all of her bodily functions and crossing the line and people are like, what a great -- what an accomplishment. >> she didn't train properly. if you train properly. you have to ease into it. the problem with the millennial is they want to run their marathon as their first race. you have to build up to it. it is not something you just do. you have to ease into it. it is like anything else you accomplish in life you won't get success at once. you have to build it and that
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is what is great about running. you build up to it. >> how about the ultra marathon, what do you think? >> they are crazy. >> the ones that do it barefoot, what's up with that? the guys that where the tivas in the gym, i want to -- i could not walk after the marathon so how do they run a hundred miles. jay it is great you did it and -- >> it is great you did it and i will never do a marathon. >> our panel is down the middle. >> stonehenge, is it a simple chore to be done over the weekend. the answer is when we come back. don't forget, get ready for the showdown of the century. details at tom
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. a flash flood watch for parts of the flood ravaged southeast texas. the national weather service says the houston galveston area could see eight inches of rain. several rivers in the area are already at record high levels. the severe flooding is blamed for at least six deaths and has forced hundred of people from their homes. detecting black box signals from the flight that crashed in the mediterranean sea. investigators have to find exactly where it is and how to get it. the black box could help figure out what caused the crash two weeks ago. all 66 people on board died. los angeles police now say a shooting at the ucla campus
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was a murder-suicide. the bodieses of two men, a gunman and what might be suicide note were found in the office of an engineering building. police say the victim was an engineering professor. the school was put on lock down and classes were canceled for the day. the first baby with birth defects from the zika virus has been born in the continental u.s. the mother is in new jersey visiting family. she contracted zika in her home country of honduras. the hospital confirming the little girl has brain damage as well as intestinal and visual problems. that is the first baby born in the u.s. with zika in hawaii. the death rate rose to 730 deaths from 723 per 100,000 people. researchers say the increase is caused by heart disease deaths leveling off instead of dropping and a rise in accidental injury and stroke
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deaths. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines log on to fox ?i ever since i was a kid i was hear bght mysteries of -- hearing about the mysteries of stonehenge. >> the history of stonehenge is two fold. who built it and why? surely the master minds of stonehenge could not have inspired an army of workers in unless they were held in the spell of a great and perhaps even man cal idea. >> there were many theories, but one thing they agreed on is there is no way regular people without math degrees or modern construction equipment could move it the 160 miles from the mountain to the site. how did these ancient people pull off the marvel of engineering? a group of archaeologists have demonstrated that it was not
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that big of a deal. they used the sled system. they placed logs on the ground and pulled the stone over it. with only 10 people they were able to move their stone about one mile an hour on average. look. >> one, two, three. one, two, three. one, two, three. >> so they were not magical or mystical. it just confirms they had a lot of time on their hands. it confirms what i thought about ancient man. unimpressive. tom, did you watch "in search of" like i did every day? >> yeah, of course i did. >> stonehenge, does it surprise you to think it was simpler than we all thought? >> i am amazed archaeologists that are generally geeks, these are not burly guys were able to do that. one mile an hour if you add in a whip, that's going to crank it up to two or three miles an hour and boom you are flying.
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>> yes, stonehenge, simple and it is same with the pyramids. it is not that difficult. it is like what you just exposed there is no santa claus or no wizard ofs on. >> it is remarkable and amazing what they could do. it was 140 miles -- yeah, 160 with the terrain. i can't even handle the 140 characters with the tweet. i did think it was amazing. >> i think they are over rated. i think it is a lot of hype. donald trump could have built it quicker and cheaper. >> mexico would have paid for it. >> he would have made the scottish pay for stonehenge. we all want to marvel at things. but at the end of the day there is an explanation for how they did it. it is levers and ropes. it is a wheel. there is not
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much to it. >> joanne, i think this might be -- i think the problem was that professors and archaeologists, they think they are so smart and they can't imagine that an jept people could figure anything out. >> what is with trying to disprove or figure out they took the easy way with the logs. what's up with that? i didn't realize how heavy it was because i remember watching either like european vacation or mr. bean and somebody leaned against it and it all tumbled down. knowing it is so hard how do you get the top part on? >> did you see the video? >> they basically dug holes in the ground. they got a hole in the ground and you roll the thing over it and then you push it and it goes straight up like that. >> no the top. >> they held the piece -- i -- i wish they made a video.
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they put it on top ahead of time and then when they tipped it -- >> they used glue too. >> it is like an amish farm building kind of thing. >> exactly. >> it is not a miracle. sorry. >> are you going to now debunk athens and the coliseum and all of those amazing work of arts? >> it was all the same stuff. when you look at these inventions they took the easy way out and they didn't overcome plaw indicate things. -- they didn't overcome -- over complicate things. >> they didn't have time or cable or internet. >> what else do they do all day? >> coming up, andy levy regails us with tales of war and peace. or he corrects our mistake. and the "red eye" pod cast is back.
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welcome back. time to feigned out what we got wrong and what we missed from andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. >> what was that? >> i was introducing you, andy. >> all right. if you say so p speaking of introducing, marla, tom introduced you as the inventor of the rack trap. what is that? >> a one size fits all
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personal size bra pocket that will hold your cash and id. people don't pick your breast, just your product. >> you use the product. >> absolutely. the rack thanks for the plug, andy. >> you're welcome. >> david french may be running for president. you said french does "game of thrones" recaps. and he is a gamer notably wharf war craft -- war of war craft and his wife dressed up for "lord of the wings." i assume that's a character from the movie. since i am a cool nerd, i don't know. >> no "lord of the rings"? >> no, childish. >> but you like "game of thrones." that's not fantasy? >> first of all i am like three seasons behind. >> all right.
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>> and you joke that french has all of the charisma of ed bagley , junior. >> i thought that was a cheap shot at a former "red eye" guest. >> he is a charming guy as is french. >> that's not what you meant. >> you read french's rules for his wife while he was on deployment and you thought they were weird. >> it is fine if you thought they were weird. if it is things they agreed upon why is it anyone else's business, really? >> he put it in a book and now he is running for president. everything he did and said is everybody's business. >> i wouldn't minimize the number of sleezy dudes who hit on women. >> those people should be put away. we should be cherishing these people out serving their country. that's a statement on mankind, i guess. >> it is true. >> do you hit on soldiers' wives when they are away? >> all the time. >> that's why you are always
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voting for war. >> increase my chances. >> marla, you think trump will come up with an insult like french is toast. i think that's too clever for him. >> you think? i feel clever coming up with it. thank you. >> okay. >> you said you know nothing about french and don't care to know anything about him. thanks for the show prep. >> i am doing my due diligence. i am too busy calling colonels' wives. and we also invented the -- >> easy. >> mine doesn't leave tracks when you walk down the beach. >> you have a point. >> chris, don't you think it is all about getting name recognition so he can run in congress? >> it could be. that's a great idea. >> people have to like what they read about him.
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there is nothing wrong with the guy. >> i will only vote for him -- >> if it was john snow he would be on the throne. >> will only vote for french if he runs with nascar legend tony stewart for obvious reasons. there you go. a-hole pays traffic ticket with pennies. i just gave my opinion. you said he is protesting and that's his right, but i agree with. but as joanne and chris just pointed out, this sucks for the clerk. >> she is getting compensated for sitting behind that window. >> not well. >> i scream at the american airlines chick at the ticket counter and she is just an employee of the airline. >> that's not fair either. >> well she is a sky witch. >> the worst part about this is he got the -- he got racked rolled of pennieses and busted them open.
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>> if i am rolling something it is to smoke it. >> you brought up the police departments using tickets as revenue generators. it is absolutely disgusting. this gee does president dis-- this guy doesn't dispute he was speeding. >> i don't get it. >> he was breaking the law. >> i think he should have paid up. >> to me this guy is a caricature of a tech libertarian. and it has been done. >> it has been a bunch of times. >> it has been done 20,000 times. >> he has the dumb t-shirts and the stupid protests. this is why libertarians can't have nice things. it is very annoying to me. running marathons is stupid. again i gave my opinion. chris, the fact that you know the exact time you ran your marathon is why people don't like marathons. >> i was going toe get it tattooed on -- going to get it tattooed on me, but my wife objected. >> it is the vegan of
12:37 am
running. >> you have to eat protein while doing a marathon. >> you said you hate parades which i bring up only because that was my first thought too is because marathons are like the parades of running. >> correct. >> shillue, i think running marathons are stupid, but if it is your thing, you do you. this guy sits here and tells you what you should be doing instead. mind your own business . >> soup kitchens? come on. how about doing nothing. that would be better. >> i don't know. i was just reading what the guy said. i think he is wrong. i am within hahn. >> really? >> yeah. >> that's not what you said this afternoon. >> i said i wanted to do the story, but i thought that guy was -- and he is the whiner.
12:38 am
you -- >> you mentioned your body is telling you you don't want to do this because it breaks down. yeah, as our writer tim diamond reminded us, the reason the marathon is the length it is is the legend of the ancient greek soldier who ran the 26point whatever from the battle to athens to report the victory and then he promptly died. >> the legend is he did it in an hour. >> and then died. >> too fast. >> he didn't pace himself. >> what i do is honor this legend by celebrating the technology we accomplished since then and i don't run 26 miles and i don't die. >> i concur. >> that's my way of doing it. you listed the magic of druids. they were placed there before the celtic priest druids were
12:39 am
around and that's impossible. >> that's right. that's right. that was in search of. >> i don't know what they taught you in the schools. >> the druids go there and they do their sorry mown. >> they didn't build them. >> the stones were placed there and they taped into the mystic cal properties. >> sometimes the simplest solution is the correct one. >> and i think there is a mistake in the article. the stones could have been moved by a small steam of -- small team of people. i think they meant a small team of people can we roll that? >> that makes much more sense. i am done. >> thank you, andy. >> thanks, andy ?ie. who wears short, shorts? she wore short shorts and let's just say they didn't fly.
12:40 am
that story when we return. first here is what is coming up on the next "kennedy. >> hey there "red eye" rangers m . i have comedian jimmy fala joins the panel. hope you join me.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibane swre. more problems for obamacare with more insurers seeking
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rate hikes for next year. they want an increase, blue cross, blue shield of texas. they want to bump rates 57 to 59% on average on plans sold to individuals. the obama says concerns about premium for a 2017 are premature and over blown. president obama is venturing into republican country visiting elkhart, indiana. they were a city hit hard by the recession. the president took some of the credit for the economic rebound in the last eight years, but then he turned his attention to the current presidential campaign. >> the republican nominee for president has already said he would dismantle all of these rules we passed. that is crazy. have we really forgot what happened eight years ago? don't think this agenda is going to help you. it is not designed to help
12:45 am
you. they are answers to our challenges and they are no answers at all. >> uber, the ride haling company is getting a massive cash infusion as it moves ahead with plans to expand globally. saudi arabia is investing $3.5 billion in the company. it will also get a a seat on uber's board of directors. minneapolis activists are unhappy that federal civil rights charges will not be filed in the shooting death of a young black man by two city police officer. the u.s. attorney citing insufficient evidence as the reason for his decision. clark was shot and killed by the two officers during a confrontation last november. i'm jook key iban -- i'm jackie ibanez. now head over to your news on fox air travel these days and the lines are too long and shorts are too short. a burlesque dancer was told
12:46 am
she could not board her flight because the flight was scandalous. maggie mcmuffin and that may be a stage name said the crew and pilot would only let her fly home from boston if she put on something more appropriate. they offered a change of clothes which she accepted without complaint. she purchased a pair of extra large pajama bottoms at the airport store. jetblue has reimbursed ms. ms. mcmuffin and credited her a future flight. she finds the whole thing problematic. >> my problem with this is it is entirely subjective. when we start to make women's bodies subjective we get into shaky areas as a society. i i feel this is a small indicator of that. >> she should be good at shaky areas. she hopes in the future the airline will adopt a clearer
12:47 am
dress code policy. >> it is clear that if you are wearing the shorts -- i liked the shorts. what did you think? >> it is se xist. some would not have to change. >> her shorts were hamburglar-like. >> a little prison attire. >> it is not even that bad. nothing is hanging out. >> every man i talk to say it is not that bad. >> there is nothing hanging out of the shorts. >> it is so tack key. >> it is not pornographic. >> she looks like an extra from "boogie nights." >> stunt double for roller girl. >> she seems sporty. she has a sweater on and she can tie it around her waist. >> she did suggest that. she was trying to, would with the crew. i can tie a sweater on my waist. i under why they said she gets
12:48 am
up to use the bathroom and she can say that to get on and not do it. i think having a more strict or more clear dress code policy, you would avoid any sort of stuff like this. >> that's it. the a you airline does not have a strict policy. she was on an earlier flight to boston and they allowed her to fly with the cute shorts. >> somebody will put their morality at the gate and tell her what she can and cannot wear. everybody thinks they get a vote in everything everybody else does. stay out of people's perm lives. >> and who took the photo of her? >> she did. >> no, the backside of her both of her hand are in front of her. >> she got someone -- okay how about this. marla, what about a guy in those cute little shorts? >> no. especially if there is anything dangling out because that's what would happen if a guy was wearing the shorts. >> he should be arrested
12:49 am
immediately. >> what should they do in be more clear or allow her to fly with the cute shorts. >> i am stuck on the fact that they gave her -- they reimbursed her and then gave her another ticket. that got the wheels spinning in my head. >> where would you hold the ticket if you got it? >> in my rack trap. >> i think she looks great. >> i think if she is walking up and down the aisles and maybe on the way to the restroom and it will affect other people and that's the problem. no one should wear something like this. you are sitting on the seat with a lot of bear sides. you are on the seat so many other people sat in. >> you can't get germs on your thigh. >> she wore the same outfit on the flight the day before. she has already worn it. that's nasty. >> and stinky. >> she is a burlesque dancer.
12:50 am
to tell you the truth i watched a few of her videos. she is talented. >> she has a lot of spirit. >> maggie mcmuffin. wow, what a show. people on twitter are upset. i know, shocking.
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before you tweet, think for a beet. think for a beat. that's one of the rules i tell pupils at the tom shillue academy of internet excellence. who ever runs cbs l.a.'s account should enroll. take a look at this tweet. cbs2 at 11:00, local teacher arrested for molesting a former student and craft beer for females. that is the worst pairing since clinton-gore. people on twitter were quick to call out the news station. rethink your media strategy. and somebody at cbs l.a. is about to be in trouble. but is the tweet really so bad? we did some digging and found it is common for the local stations to tease upcoming stories on social media. look at this tweet from qtpa in pennsylvania. a man was robbed at gunpoint
12:55 am
this afternoon while washing his car applebys is extending hours. and barbecue master talk about the perfect rub and a family of five is found beheaded on the border. more at 10:00 p.m. it happens, right? one more from wmde in delaware. wildfire destroy most of the county west of route 40 and petting zoo announces more summer hours. more at midnight. let's not be so hard on cbs l.a. it even happens to news stations we made up just to make sure no one thought -- how would it hurt? >> kotex was not a ream ad sh dash not a real station? >> tom, what do you think? >> i think the criticism is just and it is horribly offensive. craft beer for women? pleats. it is inappropriate. that's horrible.
12:56 am
>> it is called craft beer, okay . maybe craft beer light. >> do you like craft beer, joanne? >> i do. >> but do you think ladies need special craft beer? >> no, but they like to market to us because we fall for everything. >> nobody really likes craft beer. >> what about the tweet? do you think they made a mistake? >> i don't. if people were judged by what they tweeted i wouldn't be allowed to walk the planet. >> you would get in trouble on twitter? >> people tweet at me and i tweet back. donald trump will be the republican nominee and some of the stuff is offensive and people don't care. why is this different? >> trump gets away with it and why no this station, marla schulz? >> agreed. here, here. >> do you think they will change their policy? >> i haven't spoken to anybody so i don't know. i will report back.
12:57 am
>> special thanks to joanne know saw nosuchunsky and chris hahn and marla schulz and tom kodder. i have to go get a rack trap. >> thank you! se for lyft.
12:58 am
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life is full of constant surprise. >> oh, my goodness. all right. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. president obama's state department is admitting tonight that it deliberately edited out of its video records an exchange between our chief washington correspondent james rosen and the department's then spokeswoman. that exchange appeared to acknowledge an earlier lie from a different spokeswoman and then to justify it. at first the edit was called a glitch. now we know different. correspondent peter doocy has specifics. good evening, peter. >> reporter: good evening, bret. there was no technical glitch. the state department admitted today instead they deliberately deleted an eight-minute exchange about whether or not they


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