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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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incoherent. they're not even -- >> hillary clinton unleashing an all--out assault on donald trump over national security. how will trump respond? one of his backers, governor rick perry, is here. welcome everybody, i'm in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." the gloves are off and we are all over it. rick perry in a moment. first to jennifer griffin in san diego and john roberts in san jose where the campaign clash is going down. we again with jennifer. >> reporter: it was 35-minute speech here in balboa but didn't take hillary clinton long to come out swinging within the first couple of minute shoes hand throwing punches.
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a donald trump. here's what he said about his temperment. >> he is not just unprepared. he is temperment allie unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability, and immense responsibility. this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes because it's not hard to donald trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. >> hillary clinton went on to describe trump's obsession with what she called dictators. she said she'd leave it to the psychiatrists but then she went on to say that this is not a reality show. this is reality. being commander-in-chief. >> he believes america is weak. an embarrassment. he called our military a
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disaster. he said we are, and i quote, a third-world country. and he has been saying things like that for decades. those are the words, my friends, of someone who doesn't understand america or the world. >> reporter: she singhly said he should not have his finger on the nuclear button. she described how he had threatened alliances, alliances that had been built by previous u.s. presidents for 70 years. hillary clinton had a very steady tone as she delivered this point after point rebuttal to donald trump presidency. her aides have been saying this will be a persistent line of attack against trump in the coming days and weeks. >> thank you so much. jennifer griffin in san diego for us. and we head up north in california to john roberts in san jose on how trump is firing
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back. john? >> reporter: good afternoon to you. donald trump really started firing back against hillary clinton long before the first words to that prepared speech came out of her mouth when he was in sacramento last evening. basically saying that she was unfit to be commander-in-chief, following along the speech today as she was giving if witness tweets saying, quote, bad performance by crooked hillary clinton, reading poorly from the teleprompter. doesn't look presidential. and also saying crooked hilary doesn't have credibility. too mach failure in office. this is an issue where donald trump doesn't want hillary clinton to get traction on because clearly by virtue of the position in the senate, on the foreign relations committee, and then her time as secretary of state. a deep background in foreign policy experience one that trump does not share though professes to know more about other world
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leaders but if there was any question whether we are in the throes of the general election campaign, they're erased the gloves are off and i expect when donald trump takes the stage in san jose he goal after hillary clinton in ways we have seen before. maybe not on exact policy prescription when it comes to foreign relations but he will be attacking hillary clinton. now, here in san jose, he does have a lot of support but doesn't have the particular deep well of support that we have seen in so many other places because as many people come by saying they support trump, we have city councilors and public employee who say they're embarrassed to have him here in san jose. so should be an interesting anytime the bay area. >> we'll be watching every second of your reporting, thank you. john roberts in san jose, california. hillary clinton calling trump unfit, too thin-skinned be president. rick peris trump supporter good to see you. hillary clinton actually went as
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far as to essentially say, trump would start a nuclear war if he got insilted bay foreign leader. what do you say? >> well, i suspect that with hillary clinton's record, she is going to have some hyperbole that tries to get people focused off the issue at harf and the issues are whether or not, because of her half hazard way hoff -- we'll give her credit here and say it is a hap hazard way rather thank a calculated way of dealing with e-mails that our national security issues have not been hacked by some foreign country. that is where the people in the military, and i suggest the veterans, are real focused. is a talk to active duty military, and as i talk to men and women who have served this country, overwhelming support for donald trump. they don't want another four years of barack obama and that's what they see they'll be
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getting. >> it's very easy to attack when you have the stage all to yourself. and she is standing up there with prepared remarks, but put her on a debate stage next to donald trump. then what happens, you think? >> well, we'll see, again, a real fracture, exposure, see an individual that is really not been used to taking that type of criticism. what has it been? months and months since she has had a press conference, and wants to take hard questions, does not want to take hard questions from the media. donald trump will peel her skin off in a debate setting and actually he'll peel it off this evening, out in san jose, and the people of this country are really concerned about an individual when you have benghazi, the e-mail scandals, when you have the clinton foundation scandals. you want to talk about issues that really cut to the real heart of washington, dc and the
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insiders that bill and hillary clinton represent. donald trump understands what the american people are really tuned into today, and all of these attacks that we saw or we heard her talk about today, i think it's just off the skin of the duck. off the back of the duck. this is just water that's flowing out of her that's not having any impact. >> governor, during clinton's talk or speech, we got word from -- via twitter that the house speaker, paul ryan, now says, i will vote for donald trump. does that help him? does it help bring the party together? >> this has been an ongoing process you'll see -- it is a wide field. there will 17 of us at one point. this is a fractured field from the standpoint of a lot of good, talented men and women running for the presidency. they're all coming along, and i think by the time we get to september, october, the
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republican party will be full-well behind donald trump, realizing that the alternative here, donald trump, hillary clinton, supreme court appointments, it's really pretty simple. >> well, speaking of getting a party together in terms of the vice-presidential pick by donald trump, you as a veteran, former member of the air force, have said -- do you think that his vice-president -- his running mate needs to have military experience? particularly given today's speech from hillary clinton. >> well, think that he is going to have people around him, whether or not it's the vice-president or not, historically you have had a vice-president that was someone who would deliver a state. i'm not sure that's the case. i think donald trump has the ability to carry all the states he need himself. a vice-president who can help him from the standpoint of experience, someone who understands washington, dc very well.
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i think is an interesting pick as well. but i think more importantly than the vice-president is going to be the cabinet. the group of men and women he brings around him, and i think you will see him talking about those individuals but i also think you'll see very, very experienced, capable individuals, and a -- it may be a team of rivals that we have heard talked about all the way back to the lincoln years, people who were his competitors, at one time, but they are now on the team because they're americans and care where this country is headed. >> governor, hillary clinton in a new york magazine interview, new york city thing, what we sometimes read up here, predicts she can win texas. what do you say to that? >> i think -- >> it would help trump if ted cruz got behind him -- >> -- delusional. so far outside of the rachael --
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the realm of possibility. you want to -- hillary clinton may have outdone herself when it comes to reality. >> i want to ask you about senator ted cruz, do you think he will get vocal support, trump, from cruz? we all get our feelings hurt and this was a tough race. having been involved with it, and having run for the presidency two times, it's not beanbag and you better have a thick skin, but this is not about america. not about me or my feelings or not about my desire to be president of the united states. i wanted to be president. but the old saying of, if you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans, is very true. i feel that senator cruz loves his country. he is a great patriot and at the end of the day is going to be helping the republican nominee. >> when is the last time you talked to donald trump?
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>> we saw each other at the nra convention a week ago. so we had a good conversation, and we're trying to get back together as we speak. he is a busy man. >> would you like to share details of the conversation? >> we just obviously talked about some ideas -- dealing with veterans and dealing with our active duty military. knows that's where i in passion is and what i care and knows i have a lot of experience, having been the commander in chief of the texas guard and our force wes deployed multiple times into theaters. he knows my passion. he knows my interest. and he knows my expertise, and i'm more than happy to give it to him. >> in terms of your interest and your passion, just to talk a little bit about the flooding going on in texas, and the recovery efforts there, what does texas need? and -- can you just put it in perspective? we have been watching this and our heart's going out to the fine people of the state. >> well, we need sunshine and
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the wind blowing. that's the most important think we have. texas -- because of our history, we have always had a lot of very extreme weather whether it's hurricanes, tornadoes fires, floods. way have them. the good news is we have one of the most experienced emergency management teams in america. steve mccraw at the department of public safety, and i might add our local law enforcement and first responders, some of the best in america. unfortunately we have to deal with a lot of this type of weather from time to time, but texans know how to handle this. governor abbott is on to be of it. i know doing a great job out of the governor's office there he has a good team. but the professionals that are across the state, nobody better in the world to deal with these types of things. we have seen it before. whether it was katrina, ike, a
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host of other storms and events we have had, texas knows how to take care of these events and to protect its citizens. >> governor, great to see you. governor wreck perry from texas. take care. >> democratic reaction to clinton's speech later this hour, and a programming note. former g.o.p. presidential candidate ben carson will be our guest this saturday for a special "cost of freedom" 10:00 a.m. to noon. the number one business block -- if you're not watching, the number one business block has been on this race from day one. it's not going to stop until it is over. and then we'll keep going from there because we love doing it. briefing footage of james rosen on the iran deal was intentionally deleted. the spokesman for the state department admitting it but who ordered it? the judge says there is one way to find out. and later, florida's governor
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who gave the order? the state department admitting a deliberate request was made to delete on exchange with james rosen over the iran nuclear deal negotiations. arkansas republican senator tom cotton wants a name to doug mckelway whether anyone is fessing up. >> good afternoon. the state department may have thought that with yesterday's acknowledgment by spokesman john kerrby they could put this behind them. this eight minutes minute delet. kirby did not identify the person who ordered the editing
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of the tape and why. both saki and her then sun ordinary nat denied any involvement, harp saying in a statement-as jen tweeted yesterday i had no knowledge of nor would i have approved of this editing. i have no idea who asked for the editing of the tape. today rosen asked another question of saki via e-mail and noted her statement from yesterday, denied, quote, any form of editing or cutting from the briefing transcript. rossen also asked: the briefing transcript remained unaltered the entire time. do you want to issue a revised statement asserting the same for the video? which was altered. saki replied on the record to rosen: my statement applies to the video, which is considered a form of the transcript and eave aspect of this. see then tore into rosen for asking the question you have spent he last three weeks vilifying me on television without any evidence of my
1:19 pm
knowledge or involvement or without asking me. hopefully through'll find to focus on the globe. and the state departments spokesman was peppered with questions about the edits video >> doug, thank you. we called the state department for an interview with spokesman john kirby. he was traveling and could not make it happen. reaction to all of this from judge andrew napolitano. >> i don't know how we get to the bomb bottom of it. itself the problem with government and the problem with government is is you lie to to government, the government will prosecute you. admiral kirby is a very, very honorable career military person, now retired, in civilian life, and is the spokesperson for this state department, and he is stuck with a very, very
1:20 pm
difficult task. he was candid enough to admit they're trying to change history help doesn't know who and says he will get to the bottom of it. but the people that james was dealing with have destroyed their own reputations. and they'll be pointing fingers at each other. >> what about destruction of the public record? a at what point does it become illegal? does it become against in the law? >> i'm sorry to tell you it is only illegal if they tamper with a government record. so the question is, is the video of a state department briefing a government record? that is a question that the law hasn't directly answered. but it clearly is a crime to tamper with a government record. it's interesting that miss saki told james rosen that the transcript wasn't tampered if, just the video. that means there's a thug in the
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state department who doesn't know how to commit his thuggery. >> what you're telling me is in instances like this, and many more potentially, that there's no way to hold people accountable. >> unfortunately -- >> -- within government. >> unfortunate there isn't. this would take john kerry's enter generalization for struck from admiral kurdishby -- admiral kirby. it was probably done by somebody not there anymore and is not subject to their authority. but it is symbolic of the absence of morality in government. if it thinks you lied it to, ayla martha stewart, it will go after you. but if it can get away with lying to us, get away with tampering with history, denying historical events actually occurred, it will get away with it. >> judge andrew napolitano, always a pleasure. always. is harry playing dirty?
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who says bernie sanders is california dreaming? the final polls putting him two points behind hillary clinton. essentially a dead heat. to mike emanuel in modesto, california, where bernie sanders is rallying his troops. hey, mike. >> reporter: hi. it's quite a race out here in california with bernie sanders campaigning nonstop and now hillary clinton launching five days of campaign events ahead of tuesday's primary. the poll is the latest example of telling how close of a race it is with hillary clinton at 45%, bernie sanders at 43%, 12%
1:26 pm
undecided or unreported. within the poll's margin or error. and bernie sanders is trying to push hillary clinton to the left on issues. >> i urge secretary clinton to be bolder. of course she recognizes the realities of climate change but i want her to join me in supporting a tax on carbon. i want her to change her views on the very important issue of fracking. she supports fracking. >> reporter: clinton is back in california. she is expected to do 30 campaign events along with her husband over the next five days. and clinton continues trying to pivot to take on donald trump. >> donald trump's ideas aren't just different. they are dangerously incoherent. they're not even really ideas. just a series of bizarre
1:27 pm
rants -- >> reporter: back here, bernie sanders is going to rally at least a quarter million california voters before voters go to the poles on tuesday, he says. >> mike, thank you. bernie sanders is nearly dead even with hillary clinton in california and senate minority leader harry reid is telling him to get out, sayingom simes you just have to give up. democratic strategist doug disagrees. he wrote an towardal titled "clinton might not be the nominee." is senator reid, well, not of his right mind? >> well, think he is of his right mind. just think his not reading the political tea leaves correctly. look, hillary is -- as you heard from mike emanuel, tied with bernie sanders. the lead in the elected delegates is 250 or thereabouts. in is an ongoing criminal probe
1:28 pm
of the e-mail scandal in the clinton foundation going on as we speak, and there's always the possibility that the super delegates, who are overwhelmingly for secretary clinton, in the wake of a possible defeat, could defect. so, i don't think this is over, and senator sanders is, i think, behaving rationally. >> we had comments from senator barbara boxer yesterday, talking about sanders can't just diss everybody who supports clinton and lad essentially accusing him of sexism. so it smells of desperation on behalf of senators reid and boxer and all of her clinton supporters. >> i think there's a lot of truth to that. if the clintons are doing individually and collectively 30 events over five days, in a state where they had a double-digit lead a couple weeks ago, that suggests that the secretary of state understands what we're not talking about.
1:29 pm
that california is pretty close to do or die for her. >> the clinton campaign needs to be careful. we were looking at the video from the sanders rally. there's so much fever for bernie sanders. she is going to -- assuming she gets the nomination she will need all of his supporters. these are first-time voters, young people, and if you keep dissing them they won't come out for here. >> trump has been cutting into her working class democratic base. >> the afl-cio is going to put out talking points to put down donald trump supporter. >> please sighly -- precisely. she can't afford to move too far left or diss him because she needs his supporters if -- and i underscore-if she is the
1:30 pm
democratic not nominee. >> odds. >> 75-80% but snuff storm clouds you can't say 100. >> thank you. florida's governor issuing a dire zika warning. he is here, and after california, the president says he is going to campaign. the donald has another suggestion. >> now he's going to be campaigning, and you know what? he shouldn't campaign. he should go out and do the job that he is supposed to be doing, not campaigning.
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why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. the new zika scare in america as washington fails to act. florida's governor says we can't afford to wait. he its asking the president and congress to take action now before it's too late. governor rick scott joins me now. governor, good to see you. what is the state need right now in terms of funding and goods to attack potential zika outbreak in florida? >> right. well, we're blessed right now. we don't have -- we only have travel related cases but they move -- think about this. zika doesn't go on vacation. we're a few weeks away. congos on vacation. we can't go only vacation.
1:35 pm
if you look at what happened in brazil and puerto rico, we have a case of a child born with the side effects of zika up in the northeast. so we have to get prepared. here's what we have done. we have been working with the cdc, the department of health. i asked the president, because congress failed to act, which is very disappoint ---w -- we need insecticides, money for personnel, protective gear, communication help. we have to treat his like we treat a hurricane you. get prepared before it happens. don't wait until after it happens. then on top of that i need a plan from fema how they'll deal with this after the fact. but in florida we'll do everything we took get prepared but we need a federal partner. >> but, governor, do you not have the money yourself and the state coffers to take care of this? >> we're spending money now
1:36 pm
already but this is a national issue, not just affecting florida. our department of health is spending money, the counties spending money, mosquito boards are spending money to get prepared but with the olympics coming up, hurricane season started yesterday, with the heat, we'll see more mosquitoes and more rain. this is a national issue. further we know how to get prepared but we rely on a federal partner to be supportive. >> are you being too alarmist? your warning is kind of frightening given the fact we haven't had an infection here in the united states from someone being bitten by a mosquito with the virus yet. >> we have watched what happened in brazil and puerto rico. we can't get behind. he wave to prepare just like we prepare for a hurricane so we need to be ready, we need to -- issues with regard to make sure
1:37 pm
we have lab capabilities. you can't wait because once it happens, it can explode. so, we're going to do everything we can but the president needs to do his part, and i'm very disappoint congress has failed to act before they went on vacation. >> how quickly do you think they can act? >> it's now. the cdc says this could happen in a few weeks. we have people traveling to latin america, people coming from puerto rico and only 20% of the cases show symptoms. individuals show symptoms. so we don't know actually how many people have zika. so, we're going to do our part that they -- the obama administration needs to be a partner. they have funding. sat down with both members of congress and the secretary of hhs. they need to fulfill our needs now. >> governor, quickly, i want to
1:38 pm
shift gears and get your reaction to house speaker paul ryan coming out and saying he will vote for donald trump. he told the ap my goal is to make sure we're unified before the fall. what do you say? >> i think that's great. we need to unify. it's a clear choice. a businessman who is an outsider, in donald trump, who wants to build our military, secure our borders, destroy isis and we have a career politician on the other side, hillary clinton, who had her shot and didn't destroy isis, doesn't care about building our military or defending our borders. so we have to be unified to make sure we have a big win in november. >> can you get more republican governors to the convention? was reporting there are a number of prominent republicans who aren't going to be there. are you on the phone? >> well, in 2010, i did not have the republican endorsement. the establishment did not support me and i won the race because i wasn't after the voters. that's what donald trump is going to do go after the voters.
1:39 pm
all of us who care about the direction of the country need to support donald trump. i talk to individuals all over the country about why i support donald trump. i predict he will have a big win in florida and nationally but i think it's great that paul ripe has come onboard and we need to eye night this party. >> have you talked to trump, governor? >> absolutely. >> when? how recently? >> i talked to him on -- like, last thursday or friday. my goal is, i can have hopefully a positive impact on how he wins florida, and my focus is how do i make sure i can help him win the state of florida. it's very significant to win. he can win this state. he should win this state. i won both times. and -- but you have to work at it. you have to make sure you get the votes. tell your story. it's still about jobs. think donald trump will have a big win because he is a business person that knows how to create jobs versus hillary clinton who has never created a job in her life and has been a career
1:40 pm
politician and never focused on job creation. >> governor rick scott from florida, take care. speaking of hillary clinton the two words she did not say in her national security speech. then sick of all those airline fees? help could be on the way.
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hillary clinton taking clear aim at donald trump, essentially saying, because he is thin-kinked and would take america into a nuclear war. she said that and so much more in that foreign policy speech. with reaction, we have former helicopter pilot amber scott. amber, your reaction to the speech. >> thank you for having me. look, i'm a combat va of two wars, low level light attack
1:44 pm
reconnaissance helicopter pilate in iraq and afghanistan, and for our military, words matter, clearly defining a mission matters. calling our enemies radical islamic terrorist matter, and saying whether or not our troops are in combat matters to those who are on the ground in the country, fighting these wars. so, for her to not come out and call isis what they are, was just a continuation of the status quo, of the failed foreign policy from the obama administration she was part of, and if she would ever hold a press conference a reporter could ask her if she thinks the three americans that lost their lives fighting for isis in iraq was combat or not. >> richard, she could stand up there and clearly deliver a speech but when you have to debate somebody about your foreign policy chops and her experience, that's going to be altogether different for her standing next to donald trump. >> right. so, i bet you there is not a
1:45 pm
single expert that you have had on this network about foreign policy who does not know what brexit it bus donald trump didn't. not a concern person who done know what the nuclear triad is donald trump in the republican debate didn't. i guarantee you-probably not a single person who would say they're credentials about russia because they ran beauty path gem. at least sarah palin could see russia from her home. think hillary clinton is licking her chops at the prospect of debating somebody who is just fundamentally ignorant. say that not to be castigating. it's just inarguable. you don't know what new nuclear triad is you have no business running for president. >> amber go ahead. she is going to have to answer for her experience and for essentially putting our national security at risk because she needed to have her own personal e-mail server. there's a lot in her history that suggests she doesn't have
1:46 pm
the nation's best interests at heart or in mind. >> absolutely. hillary clinton spoke loud and clear when she put her own personal interests above the national security of the united states when she decided she was above the rules and the laws that everyone else has to follow when she decided to have a private server for her own personal use when she was secretary of state. she also -- integrity and character matters. she also is the one who left americans defenseless when they were under attack in benghazi and then lied to their families, face to face, after wears when she met the bodies a dover air base and lied to the families why they were under attack in benghazi. >> richard, i want to bring up sos a democratic strategist that the worst thing you can do is think that donald trump is stupid, and underestimate what he could do in a debate and will do on the campaign trail. >> so here's what we know he'll
1:47 pm
do i agree. i think a debate is going to be interesting because what we know is he'll say anything. for example, he criticizes hillary for her vote in favor of the iraq war. except that the very day after the iraq war started, he said it was a tremendous discuss. he criticize for her syria but there 2011 he said we have to go n to save lies when the butcher gadhafi was massacring people. so on the debate statement, when the truth just doesn't matter, i agree, that is kind of a challenge, but i bet you one thing, hillary clintoning rem with somebody for whom the truth doesn't matter but. >> i cannot wait to hear secretary clinton discuss truth. thank you, richard. amber smith, take care, both of you. >> thank you. >> is there hope for the weary flier? some of those airline fees could be heading out the window.
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they have no respect for our country. they have no respect for our president. they think he's a total lightweight and now he's going to be campaigning. and you know what? he shouldn't campaign. he should go out and do the job that he's supposed to be doing. not campaigning. >> donald trump telling president obama to stop campaigning and get back to work after the president slammed trump in a sech yesterday. to the fox business network charlie gasparino, conservative author kristen tate and democratic strategist simon rosenberg. mon, what's the president up to? it seems like he's more concerned about his own legacy than actually getting hillary clinton elected. >> think the president has an obligation to explain to the american people about what he's done and where he hopes the country goes. it's part of being the president. think donald trump, if he was really whining today when he was
1:52 pm
going on about president obama. president obama is going to be a major part of this campaign from here on out. he's the most popular major politician in america today. he's going to be a force, they better get used to it. >> and kristen, the president just is enjoying his approval ratings over 50% now. >> yeah. >> he likes the attention, clearly. >> right. i mean obama should spend a little more time being president and less time attacking republicans. we heard in his speech the other day, he was just focusing on trump's tweets and saying that we shouldn't be falling for the oaky-doak stuff. what a hypocrite. this is the height of hypocrisy. obama is the king of oak-y-doaky stuff. he in 2008 he talked about hope and change and was never specific about his policies and the media never questioned him about that. so trump is right, obama needs to spend more time doing his
1:53 pm
job. >> i think it's an effective thing for donald to attack obama on doing his job. but let's be real clear. part of his job is to get hillary clinton elected. to continue his legacy. and you know, whether you like it or not, president obama is more popular than donald trump right now. and he's going to -- >> possibly because he's been out of the country a lot. >> possibly because the two candidates out there, hillary and donald are so, when you look at polls, so loathed by so many people, that he stands above them. both of them and i will tell you this, aside from george w. bush, now i'm not that young, i'm not that old, but i'm not that young, i can't remember the last time a sitting president, george w. bush because of special reasons, he was highly unpopular, and there was the financial crisis, he did not really actively john mccain in 2008. i cannot remember the last time a president did not go out and really support the, his party. his party's nominee.
1:54 pm
particularly if he was in office. ronald reagan supporting george h.w. bush. i'm pretty sure bill clinton went out and supported al gore. and donald is going to have to get used to it. here's the problem he's got. as long as obama comes across, his poll numbers stay high, it's going to be very effective on him. >> but simon, i want to bring that in. because the economy has kind of -- i mean it's barely grown in the first quarter. and a lot of malaise out there, a lot of negative feelings, does that hurt her if obama tries to run on his economic record? >> no. because the contrast between the successful presidencies of bill clinton and the barack obama and the economy, versus the bushes -- >> well, what is the growth -- >> i mean the unemployment rate is. >> .8% gdp growth. bill clinton had a lot of, much more than that. >> the unemployment rate is half
1:55 pm
of what it was. the deficit is is a third of what it was. can i finish? can i finish? >> we've got to go. i've got to go to kristen for a final word. >> i think there are plenty of issues that deserve the president's attention right now because tearing down donald trump. i mean look at the violence plaguing our inner cities, in chicago in may alone we had 60 gun murders. >> you have to be realistic. he's going to try to crush them, his whole politics, he's the popular sitting president. he's going to crush him. >> as much as i would talk to charlie for eight hours, simon and kristen, thank you. airlines get rid of fees, get ready for this one. who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time.
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the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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1:58 pm
tired of being feed to death by the airlines? our trace gallagher is looking at the outrageous fees that are going away. hey, trace. >> travel aside, oil is low, so u.s. airlines are making a
1:59 pm
bundle of money. a big chunk of change is coming in the form of junk fees, baggage fees, change your ticket fees, booking fees. delta airlines was charging you an extra $25 to book your flight on the phone. if you had something unexpected happen like illness, death in the family or jury duty, united airlines was charging a $50 processing fee to change that ticket. now both of those junk fees have quietly gone away. what about baggage fees? don't hold your breath. last year u.s. airlines raked in $11 billion in extra fees, that's about $3 billion more than they made in 2014. and it's a good bet they'll make even more this year. congress is now considering a law that would force airlines to justify their ticket change fees and consumer advocates believe that could happen, so baggage fees are likely going to be here to stay. >> too much moola for those airlines to give up.
2:00 pm
it's like a buffet of doughnuts. a quick programming note, 10:00 a.m. saturday morning if you're not watching, something's wrong with you. this weekend, special coverage ahead of the primaries. "the five" starts now. i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling, her beach towel is a washcloth, dana perino and a special guest you will see in a moment. "the five," or six. hillary's speep, she imagined the horror of a trump foreign policy. she beat him like a rug, an orange one. >> i believe the person the republicans have nominated for president cannot do the job. donald trump's ideas aren't just different, they are dangerously incoherent. they're not even really ideas. just a series of bar


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