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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 2, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
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and then as you said, six soldiers sadly are still missing tonight. aircraft, k-9s, boats everything is being used to find those six who are unaccounted for. this brings the death toll to nine across the state of texas. nine people have died in this unprecedented flooding seen in areas like fort bend county southwest of houston where we are now. the office of emergency management says 14 homes have been impacted here. residents we've talked to anxiously waiting for the water to reseed and are praying that the new rain falling does not cause this river to rise one more inch. the trouble is all of the precipitation falling to our
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north can make its way down stream or down river. the governor of the state of texas greg abbott has declared a disaster in 31 counties and as if this flooding story was not tragic enough with what we have seen down here near houston, up near the austin area, even dallas-fort worth, this word out of fort hood three of our own soldiers have lost their lives and six unaccounted for. >> you said the river was 55 feet. is it reseeding at all? supposed to get more rain. >> very, very high level. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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today while secretary clinton was giving her foreign policy speech, trump was scoring a major victory toward republican party unity. speaker of the house paul ryan finally, after quite a political courtship warming up to trump. ryan tweeting this. i will be voting for donald trump this fall. i'm confident he will help turn the house g.o.p.'s agenda into laws. so, is this a sign that the
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rest of the g.o.p. is not far behind? former new hampshire governor john sununu depose "on the record." good evening, sir. >> how are you, greta? >> i'm well. how the speaker says is he going to vote for donald trump. why is it that we are seeing so many people that didn't particularly like him in the g.o.p. warm up to him? what's the difference. >> look. let's go back to why you have a presidential campaign. you have someone who runs for president bus they believe that they can bring policies to the game and they can make changes on things that people don't like going on in the country. and i think what ryan and others have been waiting for is to make sure that there is a coincidence of an agenda on issues. they certainly are concerned about three supreme court judges, possibly as many as three supreme court judges. and they are worried about the impact the presidential candidate can have on turnout for the down ballot. and they are trying to tidy up all those pieces. so each member of the leadership, if you will, has different priorities on each of those issues. and that's what they are
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working their way through. >> do you think we will see a governor kasich warming up to donald trump? and the reason i ask is because ohio is so important to the g.o.p. in this race. and he would be an attractive candidate to the ticket simply because he has legislative experience. he has also been a governor and donald trump has said that he is interested in that as well as business experience. he has said that, too. he has got maybe the right resume but he has not seemed particularly warm to trump. do you think those two could warm up to each other? >> well, in this campaign, anything can happen, greta. so john kasich is a good governor. he did a great job in ohio. he loves being governor. he wanted to be president. time heals all wounds and we will see what happens over the next four weeks between now and -- or six weeks between now and cleveland. >> do you expect it seems like governor jeb bush was also an opponent of donald trump's and they had a fierce battle and there was some insulting things said about governor bush. do you see him warming up to donald trump come november?
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>> that may take a little longer than john kasich. but we will see how that pans out. >> is this really -- you know, this 2016 race seems so rough and tumble. but then i saw the 1992 primary debate between governor jerry brown and president bill clinton both candidates at that time. that was pretty ugly as well. is this one worse than the other ones or not? >> i think this one has had a different flavor than any of the others. i think a lot of that flavor was in folks using language that i really haven't recalled being used very much in campaigns. i think the personal insults were a lot sharper in the primary in this campaign. now, there was a little exchange between now governor brown and bill clinton back in '92. but i think for the length of time it happened with sharp language, i think this was a little worse and not a little, a lot worse than 1992. >> i can only imagine what
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2020 is going to bring. anyway, governor, always nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> thank you, thanks, greta. >> and school is out. or is it? donald trump may be reopening trump u. that's straight ahead.
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trump university or maybe donald trump will not go down without a fight despite three separate
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lawsuits donald trump is tweeting this: after the negotiation is disposed of and the case won i have instructed my execs to open trump u. so much interest in it. i will be pres. john roberts is traveling alongside the trump campaign. john, what did he say? >> greta, good evening to you. it's part of trump's philosophy is never let them see you sweat. never admit fault. never show weakness. there are a lot of people who would probably love to escape it with whatever they have and not be held to any great degree of liability. but not donald trump. boldly stated that he is going to win this case and should he win the case and win the presidency, trump university will be back in business again. new york's attorney general eric sneiderman his contention n all of this who is handling the litigation this is straight up, no popes fraud. and said on a cable network morning show today that donald trump had approached his office to try to settle this before the complaint was actually filed. well, that drew a sharp response from donald trump's
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campaign today when i inquired about it saying no, wait a minute. it was eric sneiderman who first approached the trump folks with an offer of a settlement. settlement demands that they say they could not accept. they went on to say for sneiderman who go on a network morning show when he is so involved in litigation to talk about it is both unprofessional and unethical. and they think it's something that he absolutely should not be doing. but it just goes to show, greta, that it's really like trump always does, it's the power of positive thinking. it's the belief that you can weather any storm as long as you talk loudly and long about it. so this likely isn't going to go to the courts before november. it won't be heard until at least november, after the election. it would take months, if not years after that to finally get the litigation settled. so, it may be a while before trump university is open, if ever. but you know in election year, bold pronouncements, that's what donald trump is famous for and that's what he did today. >> john, thank you. so, is it or would it be a
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smart move for trump to reopen trump university? secretary hillary clinton has been using trump u to go on the attack. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. >> where donald trump enriched himself at the expense of hard-working people. >> i will win the trump university case. i could settle that case, i just choose not to. >> this is just more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud. >> judge is very unfair. he knows he is unfair. who happens to believe, we believe, mexican. i think that's fine. you know what? i think the mexicans are going to end up loving donald trump when i give all these jobs. okay? >> he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u. >> and most of the people that took those courses have letters saying they thought it was great. >> businessman and honorary
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co-chair for trump campaign carl delgino goes "on the record." nice to see you, sir. >> hi, greta. >> how do you describe trump university? >> well, trump university is a school that donald felt could be successful and could give a lot of kids an opportunity which they didn't have otherwise. and i think from his perspective he looked at it very positively as a civic service and i do disagree with your commentator when he said that this is probably donald trump just talking positively about the result that will come out of the litigation. donald trump is a business savvy man. he has been around the block a few times. he understands you listen carefully to your counsel and then you make good judgments in business. if he had not settled this thing up to this point and is he willing to go to trial, well then is he
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confident that he is going to win because not because he -- he wants to make a statement that is positive, okay, without and maybe hollow, but because he really earnestly believes that he is going to win this. and for a girl like hillary clinton to come out -- for hillary clinton to come out and say that he benefited from and filled his coffers, okay, from the abuse of some kids, and taking advantage of them, how does that come out of her mouth? okay, for a woman like that, who for years secretary of state and abused her office so she could fill the coffers of her foundation. how does she do that thing? >> all right, considerable, i want to -- carl, i want to bring the viewers in for a second. viewers now is a chance to vote at home on twitter should donald trump reopen trump university tweet yes or no on #greta.
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it only takes a few to be disgruntled in fact it only takes one and it will make headlines. especially if it's a high profile person by donald trump. on the other hand, i'm sort of curious, you have seen any satisfied customers? are there any students who have come out and said this was actually a great experience and i learned something? >> well, one thing do i know is that eric sneiderman did not do, this okay, for the taxpayer. he did it for his own self-love and self-help for him and his future candidacy. this man sued bank after bank after bank because he knew he could extort a settlement out of them. in this case i would believe that he is doing the same thing. he figured he could extort a settlement out of donald trump. that's wrong. >> but wouldn't it we hoove donald trump just from a pr standpoint to bring out a couple students who thought it was a good experience? people who file are obviousliously not happy. why not bring out a couple who said this is a great
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experience? >> why? because the press asked for it? you know. >> no. i think call off the dogs. i think it's sort of the call off the dogs. until we hear that, you know, there are going to be people who are going to be people keep hitting him with it. >> the only reason -- i mean, it's the press. okay. it's all about the press. they are choosing issues. okay. wherever they see something that might be weak or undefined or undefinable, okay, they're going to come in there and they are going to try to knock them down with that issue. if i were him, i wouldn't even respond to it i would just go ahead, win the lawsuit, reopen the school and do his thing. >> all right. well, the numbers are so far 64% of the people and we will keep the voting open. they say donald trump should open it carl, we will see what happens throughout the show as people continue to vote. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, greta. >> and we showed you these two mount everest climbers. their incredible journey was captured on
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we have been here seven weeks and it's time for the final push. our goal is to get out and summit and back out of that zone as quickly as we possibly can. >> we have been following the wild and exciting journey of these two climbers right here "on the record." professional climbers cory richards and adrian ballinger documented their mount everest climb on snap chat. here is a look at some of the best moments. >> camp looks like. we haven't been there in a few days. we really haven't gotten much snow. >> it's windy. but it's beautiful. big snap chat what's up. it's another lem himalayaian sunrise. for you kids who don't think there are no chores on mount everest you are wrong. my chore is to melt water.
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i'm 6 feet and 140 pounds i'm cold all the time. nighttime temps drop down to zero to negative 30 at night. negative 30 in the higher camps. zero in the lower camps. either way, every night i'm on the edge of really cold. >> and now back at sea level. so how did the climb go? cory richards and adrian ballinger go "on the record." thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> so exciting. easy for the rest of us to go climb mount everest to watch your snap chat. what surprised you most about the climb? >> i have been on everest before. i think what surprised me the most, really, was how not crowded the north side is. it is very, very different than the south side. i have always gone from the south side and that has its own set of complications and being -- was a totally
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different experience. you actually drive all the way to base camp and then you sort of have this beautiful view of the whole route and you start up. it's very, very different. >> adrian, you had hypothermia and tell me, i mean, how difficult is it to have that and was, you know, would you go back? >> you know, to climb the mountain without supplemental oxygen like cory and i were trying to do, it is incredibly cold. i knew that would be my greatest challenge. when my core temperature started dropping on summit day it became really dangerous for me. i got scared and i'm very glad i turned around. and absolutely i'm already dreaming about going back. >> you know, cory, when i look at the snap chats, i think to myself i wonder how the first climbers like, you know, what they would think, you know. fringes, he had munsd hillary it's been about 63 years since he climbed it. what they would think about the snap chat. what do you think? >> well, you know, that's actually a great question.
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we used the means we have in any given time. and i think honestly, we have sort of a nostalgic attachment to these times and people would go out and they wouldn't talk to home for months on end. but realistically, i mean, in all likelihood had snap chat existed or instagram existed they would have been using it as well. it's a story telling tool and we love to tell stories about the mountains. and i think that's something that people sort of miss. the nostalgia is created. it's not necessarily what was happening. >> adrian, is it quiet? >> the mountain itself? >> yeah. i mean, was it quiet up there? is it one of those -- sometimes i have been in snow it's so quiet it seems loud. what's it like up there? >> it's incredibly beautiful place. but suddenly on summit day we had a lot of wind and blowing snow. it really wasn't quiet. it's a pretty violent place sometimes. and i really felt that on summit day. >> so, are corey, there was
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no time of peace? it was always freezing cold and violent weather? >> i mean, there is times of peace. you find that peace in your tent. you find that peace at night, quiet nights. but honestly, you are very focused on sort of survival and honestly, you know, your brain is sort of preoccupied by that. and i think there is some noise in that. so, you don't necessarily register that. i mean, i was on the summit for three minutes before turning around and coming down because that's all the time you have. >> that's incredible. three minutes for all that work. anyway, it was amazing journey and thank you for capturing it on snap chat. corey and adrian, thank you both. >> thank you. >> promise us the moon. can donald trump and secretary hillary clinton deliver? what do voters really think? we have
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only with xfinity. presidential campaigns always come with lots of promises. donald trump is promising to build a wall along the mexican border. and he says mexico will pay for it. and secretary hillary clinton is promising to cush the power of wall street. polls show the people don't believe the candidates can deliver. only 24% think donald trump can build a wall. 39% say he will try and fail. and 29% say he will not even try. and on the democratic side of the aisle, the same quinnipiac university poll finding 56% of voters say secretary clinton will not try to cush wall street power. only 15% say she will succeed and 21% say she will try but fail. david catanese and from "the washington times" steven dine ma'am. stephen, it doesn't sound like the voters are too
11:51 pm
convinced. >> not good news. worse news for mrs. clinton. you saw at least voters thought or majority of voters thought that trump might try and then fail. the majority of voters say they don't even think hillary clinton is going to try and cush wall street. you know, the promises aren't exactly the same. they aren't exactly comparable. still, that's not good when people don't even think what you are saying on the campaign trail you have any intention of even trying to do. >> david? >> i consistently meet voters that are supporters of donald trump that know he is not going to be able to do all these things. they realize it i mean, they're not stupid. i think they are attracted to trump and, you can say the same thing about hillary supporters are attracted to her for a persona. right? presidential elections are not about issues. they're about attitudes. and i think that's what they are gravitating toward. >> are you suggesting it's more like -- are you for the packers or the bears? >> yeah, it's about branding. it's more about branding and the color of the uniform and about persona and honesty
11:52 pm
and trust one way or the otherness trustworthiness. >> i think if you sit the supporters, voters down in a room, they could pick those attributes over a particular issue. >> do you think there are people undecided between trump and clinton? >> yes. but not undecided as in oh, we like something about each of them, you know. give me a reason to go forward with them. it's the other way around. they are undecided and basically disgusted or put off by both of them and looking for whom they dislike the least and that's who, you know, they have a duty. there are so many of these voters i have a duty, i'm going to go vote. i don't really want to vote for any of them and i have to vote for somebody. the campaign's job is to make them dislike the opponent more. so, yes, there are undecided voters, the question is who are they going to be least turned off by. >> they are going to be holding their nose going into the voting booth. >> more undecided voters making a decision whether they're going to even show
11:53 pm
up. you will have some bernie supporters that will have to make a tough call eventually in a month or so whether they want to get on the hillary bandwagon and never trumpers on the republican side who are going to have to decide whether they are not going to paul lever for trump. we saw paul ryan move in that camp today. will others fall along it? >> will do crazy things for polling trying to figure out who your voter screen is and who actually will show up. we have to see whether you can trust any of the polls in the last couple of weeks. >> tuesday is big day for the democratic party. for bernie sanders and secretary clinton. >> we'll see if he can pull off a win, that last win against hillary. >> yes. well, we are going to be in new jersey because that's where the poll also close sooner. new jersey may close the deal for secretary clinton on tuesday before we even get to the california closing. but we will see. david and stephen thank you both. >> thanks. >> whose fault is it? t.s.a.? airline? or you? or you? the answer may surprise you. hello welcome to holiday inn.
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this is a fox news alert. we are seeing the first video of the desperate search for six missing u.s. army soldiers. three soldiers were killed when an army truck overturned at fort hood near a rain-swollen creek. earlier in the day three soldiers were rescued and are expected to be okay. the search is on for the missing six. the identities of the throw dead have not been released. let's all go off-the-record. tsa has been getting barbecued for long line lines causing people to miss flights that report coming after the tsa failed 95% of its mock explosives test. and today more scary news. for the last six years, an accused somali war criminal has been working as a security guard at dulles airport near washington. get this? the guy passed both t.s.a. and background checks? and what about airlines? bounced a 767 on the newark airport runway. then aborting that landing,
11:59 pm
trying a second landing and bouncing the plane again causing the cabin ceiling to fall on passengers. it took a third try to land. so far, no explanation from united. what's with that? it's not just tsa and the airlines. how about us? our manners. take a look at us. or maybe you don't want to take a look at this. jetblue told this woman she could unless she changed out of those shorts. thinks it's appropriate dress for families flying with kids. maybe do you too. what about this passenger? a man was kicked off a plane in ireland for taking photos of a flight attendant's rear end. you heard right. pictures of a night aturn can't's rear end. yes, the t.s.a. needs to improve. so do the airlines. so do some passengers. whatever happened to common sense and good taste? that's my off-the-record comment tonight. live twitter voting results on your screen right now. should donald trump reopen trump university and 27% of you say no.
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73% say yes. don't forget to vote on twitter every night. that's all for now. go to my facebook page and like it. see you tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m. eastern. . ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome to red eye, hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue, let's check in with andy levy. >> and handwritten letter, just love, flattery and revenge. personally i prefer them cut up from magazines. plus, elom musk says we're living in a computer-generated time. and i assume owners would do to you what they did to that poor gorilla.


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