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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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leland: so great to be here. bill hammer on an exciting assignment, we will see what he's working on martha: he's working on a documentary we will see soon. everybody have a great weekend. leland: enjoy the weather, hopefully no rain in texas . "happening now" starts now. jon: it's getting hot out there. hillary clinton and donald trump trading attacks on the campaign trail in a preview of what could be a rough and tumble admiral election battle. welcome to "happening now" on this friday, i'm jon scott p7 i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. rough and tumble to say the least. mrs. clinton unloading on donald trump in a foreign policy speech, questioning his credentials, his temperament and leadership ability. meantime, trumphitting right back on twitter and at a rally in california, watch . >> donald trump ideas aren't just different, they are
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dangerously incoherent. they're not even really ideas. just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies. [applause] he is not just unprepared, he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility area this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes because it's not hard to imagine donald trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. >> remember i said i was a counter punter? i am. after what she said about me today and her phony speech, that was a phony speech, that was a donald trump job and i will say this. hillary clinton has to go to jail, okay?
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she has to go to jail.jon: more words go into the street outside mister trump rally in san jose with protesters robbing his supporters, even pelting this woman with eggs and water bottles. here's fox team coverage with senior political correspondent mike emmanuelle live in napa california covering the democrats. we begin with foxman 's missed networks with berman in washington with the latest on the trump campaign. reporter: donald trump trying to continue the theme this morning that hillary clinton as he sees it is not honest. that was his assessment this morning in a tweet criticizing clinton's foreign policy feet from yesterday. the insults were aplenty last night as well during trump rally in san jose. he called clinton's address pathetic pushback on clinton's notion that he cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes. listen here. >> hillary said oh, donald trump. his finger on the button. i'm the one that didn't want to go into iraq, folks.
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she's the one that stupidly raised her hand to go into iraq and destabilize the entire middle east. reporter: as trump was making his speech, he gained at least one ally yesterday, house speaker paul ryan endorsed trump, winning ending a weeks long stalemate. after that rally things were far less cordial.protesters targeted trump supporters, punches were thrown with one trump backer bleeding from his head. trump this morning blamed a quote, small group of thugs for burning an american flag area and another woman cornered by a crowd and eventually had eggs thrown on her. john, one thing to keep an eye on going forward with trump's message is the economy. the many jobs numbers this morning was a major miss and trump immediately tweeted out the following afterwards quote, terrible jobs report just reported, only 38,000 jobs added. a bombshell. a trump advisor says they feel it will just increase the public distrust of government and the need as
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they see it or an outsider candidate. john mark . jon: berman, thank you. heather: to the democratic race where hillary clinton and bernie sanders are booked solid for events across california until tuesday's primary as mrs. clinton tries hard to put senator sanders in her rearview mirror read a senior political correspondent mike emmanuelle is watching the battle and joins us live from now california. reporter: heather, good morning. the weekly looking ahead to the generalelection, making the case that donald trump is temperamentally unfit to be president . >> making donald trump out commander-in-chief would be a historic mistake and it would undo so much of the work that republicans and democrats alike have done over many decades to make america stronger and more secure. it would set back our standing in the world more than anything in recent memory.
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reporter: clinton still has a fight on her hands in the california primary. clinton and her husband expected to do more than 30 campaign events in the golden state before the primary. took a swipe at her democratic rival last night the differences between myself and senator sanders this was ted kennedy's bill. president george bush said he would sign it, the house that they would vote for it at that time. i voted for it, senator sanders voted against it. the farmworkers that it was their best chance to get comprehensive immigration reform. reporter: bernie sanders campaign relentlessly in california doing rallies and news conferences up and down the golden state . side republicans are starting to unite around trump, sanders tarts to face questions about if he is the one dividing the democratic party and if he's being disingenuous with no sign of superdelegatesswitching to him . >> i don't think it's disingenuous to say that the people of california have a right to determine who the
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democratic nominee for president is, nor the people of new jersey. let the people speak and let the superdelegates make their case. reporter: sanders hoping to win in california will help him convince superdelegates consider switching over to him but met many democrats think that will be a heavy lift. heather? heather: there are reports that he has received his first superdelegate from new hampshire so we will follow up on that. mike emanuel life for us, thank you. jon: for more on the increasingly bruising battle between a clinton" (daniel halpert, online editor for the weekly standard and author of clinton eight, the audacious rebuilding of a political machine. also, jackie kucinich, your politics editor for the daily beast. welcome to both of you. jackie, normally campaign start heating up after labor day. we just past memorial day and things already seem pretty scorching.
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is this going to get hotter over the summer? >> john, i think we are going to be in a hazmat suit by the end of the summer. this raises going to get so hot and so toxic because these two don't seem like they're going tolet up on each other. that speech hillary clinton gave yesterday , actually it sounded a lot like marco rubio, some of the lines but that aside, that wasn't a policy speech. that was a piece meant to kind of almost carpet bomb but to really go after donald trump on some of the things he said on foreign policy. that's all. that's what that was and she really hasn't done that before so it will be interesting to see if this is something that becomes part of the clinton playbook against donald trump . jon: as she said, daniel, it was kind of a restatement of many of the attacks that have been launched against donald trump by his former republican rivals. jeb bush, marco rubio, ted cruz and others hit him on some of those name points and it didn't seem to have any effect in the republican primary.
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>> absolutely. clearly donald trump, he's the victor right? on the republicans sides of that wasn't able to bring him down. hillary clinton does have a couple advantages going in which is she starting a lot sooner. marco rubio, jeb bush, they tended to attack donald trump out of desperation when their own campaign started failing. we will see how six months of this from one person, sustained tax really go. could help hillary clinton a little bit. the other advantage that she has is that she's not fighting simply for republican votes, she's fighting for everybody's boat and i think despite also being able to do well with republican electorates, it remains to be seen whether he has that cross-appeal and to really unsolved this democratic demographic issue that really helped him out from endlessly that they have figured out how to win on the demographic map as it stands right now. jon: on political observer whom i greatly admire, charles krauthammer, guested
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that it was a pretty effective speech but maybe questioned the person delivering it. listen to this. >> it was so effective that trump responded not by trying to refute one or the other of the charges and there were a lot of them. lack of knowledge, lack of strategy, lack of policy and lack of fitting this for the office, lack of judgment. he wentright after her because she is about the worst messenger to attack him on these issues . ben ghazi, the reset. the premature withdrawal from iraq. jon: jackie, what do you think about that? when you look at the state of the world right now and again,mrs. clinton was secretary of state during half of the obama administration, a lot of americans are wondering how effective a job he has done . >> it's going to be really interesting to see these two candidates go after each of
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their weaknesses because as pointed out, hillary clinton does have a lot of vulnerability. she has a record of secretary of state that has many flaws. on the flipside, donald trump doesn't have any foreign-policy experience and doesn't seem to know a lot about the world in any sort of detail so until he sort of bones up on what's going on, she's going to keep hitting him on some of the flip-flops, some of the things he said one minute and said the opposite literally the next minute so both of their vulnerabilities are going to be on full display over thenext five months . jon: how does he try to quell some of the doubts that she raised in that speech, daniel? how does he try to prove himself statesmanlike and a person who should be trusted with the nuclear code for instance? >> i don't know if statesmanlike was the point. but what he did do i thought was quite effective despite the turnaround. she should be in jail. in that case, they should
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both have problems if you take both their arguments seriously in which case it might negate some of his own negatives so i thought, in california last night he said she should be in jail. she should be basically disqualified. she shouldn't be able to run and i think that really attacks her character, attacks or honesty, attacks or trustworthiness in a critical way that perhaps could be an effective response. jon: it is just the beginning of the summer, really, and the campaign season. we got a long way to go. daniel harbored from from the weekly standard, jackie kucinich from the daily beast . heather: she's not just dealing with trump. also taking a beating as she fights bernie sanders for california votes. and we had a brand-new poll that shows good news for the standards campaign but what about the voters who are most likely to turn out? can clinton count on them to push her over the top? and severe storms pummeling texas. leading to record downpours and deadly flooding across the state. the latest on the emergency response.
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>> get out, get out. get out.
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. heather: welcome back, a desperate search underway for four missing soldiers in fort hood, texas. this after floodwaters overturned their army truck, killing five other soldiers. severe thunderstorms have been drenching texas all week long with more than half of the state under flood watches or warnings. feinstein covered following the devastating weather, meteorologist maria molina standing by in the weather center but we begin with casey spiegel, he joins us live in richmond texas, just west of houston. casey? reporter: the names of the soldiers involved in this fort hood accident have not been released at this point but miraculously, three did
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survive. they were plucked out of those raging floodwaters and are said to be stable this afternoon at an area hospital in killeen texas. five soldiers, however, lost their lives as we know now. their bodies have been recovered but for troopers are still missing. multiple teams are out searching the remote area on post, all belong to the same first cavalry division at fort hood. officials say they were on a routine training exercise at the time when the attempted to go over a low water crossing. this now brings the death toll to 11, 11 people killed across the state of texas in the last week due to the weather. richmond texas where we are now is perhaps the hardest hit. it's in one of the counties hardest hit. an estimated 1400 homes here
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have been impacted by these floods. many houses are underwater, people using canoes and rafts just to get around. if they are not part of the mandatory evacuation orders like so many are still under this region. emergency management officials say it could take weeks before the waterfall he received in certain neighborhoods, texas governor greg abbott declaring a disaster in 31 counties so you can see how very widespread of an event this is, impacting thousands of people across the state like the people wholive in this neighborhood , one of many just completely washed out and underwater still. heather? heather: pc spiegel live for us, our prayers with those who have died and are still missing. thank you. jon: live team coverage of the flooding emergency continues now with our meteorologist maria molina live in the fox extreme weather center. >> unfortunately we continue to see heavy rain in the forecast out there, especially across eastern parts of texas but i want to share with you how much rainfall we picked over over
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the past week. it's been significant not only in the houston area but for the west across central texas with many areas picking up as much as six to eight inches and locally had earlier amounts of rain over the past week and the storm system still lingering, continue to produce areas of heavy rain. watches and warnings in houston, we also have flash flood warnings in effect because we have flooding either imminent in your area or is already occurring and as you see those images out of the houston area west of there, they are really devastating and it's important to take these warnings very seriously. our computer models continue to show heavy rain through portions of eastern texas, across southern portions of that state. it's going to remain unsettled not only for today and tomorrow but even into sunday and some areas out here could be picking up more than six inches of rainfall so that will be worsening the flood situation across portions of texas. otherwise we are tracking severe weather that will be
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possible today across the mid-atlantic and also across portions of the midwest. here you are looking at the threat for damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes. the tornado threat isolated to portions of the midwest and we do also want to quickly mention looking forward, a couple of days as we head into sunday across the mid-atlantic we could be looking at severe weather as well with even a tornado potential so a lot of weather to watch here over the next couple of days. jon: i hope that the people of texas get a break, they really deserve it. maria, thank you. heather: still to come, a former navy pilot's training kicks in when he falls out of his fishing boat and has to tread water for 20 hours in the gulf of mexico. we have those details on his dramatic rescue. plus, hillary clinton shifting her tactics, taking on donald trump and blasting trump university. will her new strategy resonate with voters? >> you know what? i'm a man of principle. and most of the people that
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took those courses have letters saying they thought it was great. >> he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump you. >>
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speak heather: welcome back. a florida fisherman lucky to be alive after treading water in the gulf of mexico for 20 hours. the coast guard posting this video of the rescue. you can see it shows a swimmer jumping in to retrieve 61-year-old william durden.
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he happened to be annexed navy pilot and hecredits that training for his survival. durden fishing by himself on his boat when he fell overboard without a life jacket. the wife called authorities when he didn't come home and they found him.cruz found durden off thecoast of florida 50 miles north of tampa . jon: wow. heather: lucky man. jon: hillary clinton takes a page from the trump playbook , stepping up to war of words with donald trump . she blasted him in a foreign policy speech, portraying him as unqualified and dangerous after she unleashed a similar attack on twitter against trump university, calling donald trump of fraud. will this new style of campaign work for mrs. clinton? judith miller is a pool of supplies winning investigative reporter and author, count thomas a syndicated columnist, both are fox news contributors. good to have you the two of you on together again . >> like old times. jon: like yes it is. judy, it's a different campaign told from hillary clinton. will it work? >> at least she's alive. he's countering doll props on the presence on broadcast media and the newspapers.
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he's finally figured out that if people are talking about you, they're not going to like you anymore so yes, he's being more assertive. she's actually calling in to broadcast networks and cable news stations. she's given to very strong speeches and she's honing in on what i think is going to be her main campaign theme which is donald trump is temperamentally unsuited for the presidency, he is dangerous so it will be crooked hillary versus dangerous donald. let's see who wins that one. jon: it's going to be interesting. i found it a little disconcerting to listen to her call into those shows. maybe it's because i'm not used to it, maybe could because he hadn't really done it before but i thought it was weird. >> this is new for the democrats, john. there used to slinging charges and conveying charges through the media against republicans and having the republicans story for cover,
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much like what happens at 3 am when you turned a light on in the kitchen in texas and all the roaches had for the exit so this is something totally new to them and trump is a fighter. he's shown that and this is what a lot of his supporters life, whether you respect them or not, whether you think he'd make a good president or not, this is an amazing thing that hasn't happened before. a lot of reporters are sick of trump apologizing and trying toprove they're not racist and sexist and homophobic and here's a guy who , this is going to be, this is going to make the thriller in manila look like the undercard. jon: when she says trump university was a scam and he cheated people out of there like things and that kind of thing, does that resonate with some voters? it may with some voters but i don't think most people give a hoot about trump university. the middle east is on fire, we've got serious problems with china and russia, the economy is a mess, the new unemployment figures out today, we see more people
8:27 am
were out of work, looking for work, can't find work despite the fact that a few tens of thousands of jobs were supposedly added. a lot of people working part-time, the effects of obamacare, higher taxes on that, the laying off of people, the robots that are now being hired by some, created by some fast food organizations because of the rays of the minimum wage. all these things are major problems. trump u. is way down the list of people concerns. jon: judy, do you think raising concerns about trump university can frighten voters away from donald trump? >> i think it's part of a scheme to, kind of a con man scheme he's going to be emphasizing that donald trump changes his position, that he's ignorant on foreign policy, that he doesn't know what he's doing and that is a con artist and i think trump you is case in point given the release of the documents and also his very ham-handed and offensive attack on a judge in his f and the city, that's a reference to being born, it's vintage trump.
8:28 am
it may work in the republican primary but i'm not sure it's going to work in a general election. >> judy, if you haven't noticed, most politicians are con artists . if the lesser of two evils, we are going to be choosing between the evil of two leftists. >> these are two unpopular candidates as we know so we are going to his tribute ) and send you off to the polls. jon: donald trump has plenty of ammunition to fire back at hillary clinton . >> he does and we saw his treat responding to her so-called foreign policy speech, he said i was against going into iraq. that's a strong argument on his part. hillary clinton has a record, donald trump is an outsider. he has a record of business and she has a record in governance. she wants to run as president ofthe united states so her record and judgment are fair game. >> it's also true judy that she still has bernie sanders to deal with. he's running hard in california .
8:29 am
>> potentially complicating her efforts to try to focus on donald trump. >> that's definitely true and it's sending money and energy and attention but i think the fact that we've seen now this new assault from her and this flurry of tweets and think she's never done before, now she has to pretend that she's going to be nice to the press the cause he doesn't want the press anymore than donald trump does but at least she has the savvy to know that attacking us and calling us sleazy and incompetent is not a way to win our affection. jon: we will see whether this new hillary 2.0 you want to call her that, whether that new candidate sticks. it's going to be interesting to watch. count thomas, judy miller, thank you both. >> thank you john.heather: she has a press conference, hasn't had one of those and while. jon: it's been six months p7 labor department releasing dismal job numbers for may. what it means for the economy and your bottom line. plus, stuff across california with bernie sanders hoping a
8:30 am
wave of momentum will carry him to a big win over hillary clinton. here's what a brand-new poll have to say, we tell you about it. >> if there is a large voter turnout on tuesday you're in california, we are going to win here and we're going to win big. were goingto go marching into the democratic convention with enormous momentum . [applause]
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. . . .
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jon: a "fox business alert" for
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you now. disappointing jobs report showing the economy added just 38,000 jobs in may. economists anticipated four times that number. meantime the unemployment rate tumbling to 4.7% from 5%. markets reacting to the news this morning. here to put it all in perspective, fox business network's lauren simonetti. >> it was a bad one all around. only 38,000 jobs added last month. that was the fewest in five 1/2 years. april and march's numbers, those were revised down as well. unemployment rate was lowered to 4.7%. it moved south because hundreds of thousands of people quit looking for work. they dropped out. if there is good news, wages went up just a bit. the average worker making a nickel more, 25.50 an hour but working fewer hours.
8:35 am
federal reserve watching data. the odds now of interest rate hike at their meeting june 15th, almost zero. economists at barclays are predicting two things out of this report. number one, a rate hike might not happen until december. number two there is now risk of recession. a recession in the united states. the impact on wall street negative. it is the market's first down day in three days. investors taking chips off the table. not just stocks falling but oil prices and the dollar both down substantially. we did get another report on factory activity. are the factories buzzing in this country? well just a bit. orders rising 1.9% in april. if you look orders in mining, in the oil field services industry, those tumbling 23%. there is just a couple of industries actually hiring. health care is one adding jobs. jon: i always read you have to add about 100,000 jobs a month or maybe 125 million just to
8:36 am
keep up with population growth. >> yeah. jon: 38,000 -- >> paltry. not a good number. >> add 35,000 to the verizon strike. but you're looking. 70, to 80,000 jobs but much fewer than the 125 needed. jon: thank you very much. lauren simonetti. >> thank you. ♪ heather: fox news is america's election headquarters and hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they are now locked in a tight race for california with plans to barnstorm the state all weekend long. mrs. clinton is just delegates shy of clinching the democratic nomination, but, the challenge from the senator, that appears to be sapping her popularity days before the primary. look at this. a brand new poll shows the pair in a dead-heat among eligible voters. sanders at 44% to clinton's 43. but mrs. clinton holds a 10-point edge among likely
8:37 am
voters, 49% to senator sanders 39%. julian epstein former counsel for house judiciary under democrats and we have the brad blakeman, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having us. heather: let's start with the first poll, eligible voters. 44% for sanders, 43% for clinton. perhaps even more troubling, just back in march, clinton was in the lead by nine points. so why is her popularity, why are her numbers dropping, julien? >> well, her numbers are dropping because she is in the middle of a very intense primary campaign. bernie sanders has proven to be very effective candidate, a popular candidate with his message, a very left mess ages. she will likely win not just because of likely voters numbers but because of early vote numbers where she is way ahead probably by about 10 points. whatever happens in california, there will be a split of delegates.
8:38 am
that won't matter too much. she will get delegates she needs out the new jersey primary that will put her over the top. she will be presumptive nominee, the party will surely come together. the rifts inside of the democratic argue i would argue are less than the risks inside the republican party. heather: brad, take a closer look at the numbers, would be expected if you look what happened across the rest of the country, bernie sanders doing well with younger voters in the state of california, but also with younger voters who are latino and asian and those voter groups, when hillary clinton competed here before eight years ago, she won all of those groups easily. so does she need to win the younger vote in these categories if she is going to do well in the general or win it? >> there is no doubt about it but that will come hard because we're seeing this late in the primary season the last primary and hillary is inevitable, you're still seeing people who reluctant to go with her and are going with bernie. this is real troubling with
8:39 am
hillary and democrats will have a hard time uniting their party. they like to look at republican dysfunction. i would counter julian we haven't seen anything yet. remember, hillary is still under serious fbi investigation. while she may be the presumptive nominee what happens if the fbi were to act out against her in indictment? what do democrats do then? the fact there is a cloud still hanging over hillary this late in the primary season and bernie being so popular in the important electoral state of california should be troubling. heather: that is a good question, julian. what if fbi indictment comes down, what then. >> what if. that would obviously be a problem but i think the chances of that are practically nil. the former attorney general under president george w. bush said there really wasn't a legal issue here even if it was bad judgment. and i think the current fbi director, who is republican, is going to very, very soon exonerate here in terms of any kind of criminal conduct. i think it will be a boost for
8:40 am
her when you have a republican fbi director basically exonerating. it will take the issue away. in terms of democratic solidarity, bernie sanders you can bet a dollar to a doughnut will campaign hard for hillary clinton in the fall. the x-factor here is president obama who is the most popular politician in america with approval rating around 51, 52%. when he campaign for hillary, base voters brood are speaking about will come back. contrast to what is happening on the republican side right now where you have party leaders giving donald trump a very begrudging endorsement -- heather: but at same time they are giving endorsement. unification is coming together. >> on surface. heather: where it is not on the democratic correct. on your fast coming together on republican side. donald trump insulting hispanic republican governor of new mexico, making kind of comments making about hispanic judge, mexican-american judge, all of the things that make him
8:41 am
toxic to so many voter demographics, you have so many republican leaders saying he is not a good standard-bearer for this republican party and there is even predictions now that the democrats could have a shot taking house. heather: brad what do you think about all of that. >> what i think that is wishful thinking this is the year of the outsider. if any year was the year of the outsider it is 2016. an hillary happens to be consummate insider. been around 30 years. and quite frankly i think at end of the day she overstayed her welcome which is achilles' heel of most politicians. donald trump's popularity is because of outsider of the you would think hillary because she was insider even among her own democrats would be attraction. it is not. it's a weakness. >> except for the fact that donald trump is most you unpopular -- heather: they both have -- >> hillary clinton has popularity problem but donald trump's far greater. >> and a trust problem. heather: thank you both for joining us. it will continue, definitely. thank you, have a great weekend. >> thanks a lot for having us. jon: fox news alert.
8:42 am
u.s. navy says american fighter jets are launching strikes against isis targets from an aircraft carrier in the mediterranean sea. now that is a first time that that has happened since the iraq war began in 2003. it is not clear whether these isis targets, and there is the harry truman. that is the aircraft carrier involved. it had been in the persian gulf and transited through the red sea and the suez canal up into the mediterranean. it is now launching attacks against isis targets from the mediterranean. it is not clear whether those targets are in syria or iraq. but the navy is touting its ability to hit isis targets without using the persian gulf as a launch point. we'll continue to get more information. if we find out more exactly what they have been hitting, we'll certainly let you know. latest on terrifying case of workplace violence, after police say a construction worker used a piece of heavy equipment to
8:43 am
settle a dispute with his boss. plus, an amazing medical break-through, as surgeons attach a high-tech prosthetic hand, giving the patient individual finger control. we'll talk to the doctors behind this groundbreaking procedure. ♪ ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. when it comes to quitting cigarettes, why does it feel like all or nothing? would you expect me to lose 25 pounds overnight? i'm taking it one cigarette at a time. that's how zonnic helps me quit. zonnic nicotine gum. every victory counts.
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. jon: construction worker in florida in major hot water right now. police say 32-year-old eric cox allegedly tried to bury his boss using a front-end loader. witnesses say cox was arguing with his superintendent at a job site in orlando when he dumped two loads of dirt on the man, pinning him to the ground before beating him unconscious, using a six foot a loom level. cox charged with aggravated battery.
8:47 am
his boss had a large cut on his head that required stitches. heather: "happening now" in north carolina. two surgeons successfully completing a procedure on first of its kind prosthetic hand where the individual fingers are controlled by the patient's own muscles. let's bring in the surgeons responsible for this amazing feet. dr. glen gaston and dr. brian laughlin. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks, heather. heather: dr. gaston, i will begin with you, how is this different than profit at the time tick hands in the past? >> the past prosthetic hands we've had in the past enabled the patient to move the thumb and all four fingers as unit. the limitations they can't move each finger by itself what question were able to do move muscles from one side the hand to allow the each finger to move on its own with the prosthesis.
8:48 am
heather: doctor, this is amazing footage as we watch. how does this happen? >> some of the muscles that control the fingers actually reside in the hand, they're just deep, buried in between the bones. so we were able to those muscles along with the nerve and blood supply and place them into different location such when the patient thinks to contract those muscles, to actually move those individual fingers. that that muscle contraction can be picked up by an electrode which can send the signal to a prosthetic individual finger to allow it to move just the way the patient wants it too. heather: this is amazing. are those electrodes under the muscles or are they along the skin overlying the muscles? >> they're on the skin. >> the electrodes are on the skin. we put the muscles right underneath the skin so they can be detected by the prosthesis. heather: why was that patient a good candidate and would any
8:49 am
person who has sustain ad full or argues amputation of their hand be eligible or good candidate for this? >> this patient was an excellent candidate for it because his injuries were, at the level where the fingers meet the hand and so the muscles that, some of the muscles that control those individual fingers were still completely intact. they still had the nerve and blood supply. so when the amputation was performed we were able to save those muscles that otherwise would have been lost along with their nerve and blood supply and place them into that different nerve location so they would do what we designed them to do. heather: when you're talking about the muscles and the nerves in the hand, what are the risks involved in something like this, this type of surgery? dr. gaston? >> well the nice thing for him is the risks weren't too great because if we had not done the surgery he would have just standard prosthesis that is available. doing the surgery allowed
8:50 am
possibility of improved function while having fairly low risk profile. heather: finally doctor, how can the wrist surgery help other amputees moving forward, not just hands? >> our goal is to disseminate the information to other surgeons so that when they encounter a patient who had a similar injury they will be able to apply the same surgical technique and work with their colleagues and prostehists to replicate what we've been able to do. where amputations are even more severe and the entire hand is lost if the surgeon is the aware of possibility that nerves and blood supply to those muscles can be preserved when they performing the am pew station and preserve those muscles they may actually be able to incorporate the same concept for patients who had even more severe injuries. heather: that would really be remarkable.
8:51 am
thank you so much and you know, you're giving hope to a lost amputees all across the country. thank you. >> thanks, heather. appreciate it. >> thank you. jon: new assessments coming in on the threat of terror and the growth of isis while stories surface of life behind the lines with the islamic fighters. protection now comes with an incredible double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it, love it or get double your money back. always discreet. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement.
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♪ jon: let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered" on this friday. sandra, harris what do you have. >> happy friday. hillary clinton tearing into donald trump and in hiking big foreign policy speech but trump is already firing right back. some are saying her speech was too much trump and not enough policy. so, who won the day? all right. plus speaker paul ryan finally and not so enthusiastically endorses trump. will this help unify the gop? >> ah, unity. iran is refusing to cooperate with the united states against
8:55 am
the islamic state savages and still the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism. again we ask this. is our partner in that controversial nuke deal really a partner? >> all that plus our #oneluckyguy, one of our favorites. he is here. i can't tell you who. "outnumbered" at top of the hour. jon: we'll find out in five minutes. heather: meanwhile the brutality of life under isis occupation now coming to light especially for women. a christian group telling the story of a woman who says that she escaped the terror groups mosul base. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has details. catherine? >> thank you, heather. christian advocacy group said iraqi woman recently escaped from mosul in iraq and sharing harrowing stories of rape where women held in so-called schools of direct death these are schools where isis fighters con verdicted them into slavery
8:56 am
camps and legitimatize rape and marrying or divorcing victims as many as eight or nine times today. fox news could not independently the video, leading experts told us her story is consistent with the terror group's tactics. >> translator: even so they would swap us. if he got bored with me would trade me for another girl. what wedding. for them it is a wedding. what kind of wedding is this? reporter: advocacy group provided a sales list for buying christians and other ethnic minorities, the document bearing isis seal. it could not be independently verified either but leading experts said isis distributed similar lists on the ground and also through social media. in this document, the highest prices are paid for the youngest victims. in this case children between the ages of one and nine. the state department said just on thursday in it is annual terror assessment, isis expanded
8:57 am
reach in 2016 despite the u.s.-led military campaign. heather: horrible. catherine herridge, thank you. reporter: you're welcome. heather: we'll be right back. stay with us. just thinner and 45 calories a slice. that's 45 reasons to layer, fold, sneak, peek, tease, taunt, like, love. because real cheese people bite with abandon. hold the sacrifice, no compromise. sargento ultra thin slices, we're real cheese people. ..
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>> see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> this is "outnumbered". here today, foxbusiness network's dagan mcdowell, democratic strategist julie which in ski and one lucky guy, one of our originals, cohost of fox and friends weekend tucker carlson is here and this is "outnumbered". always good to have you here, a huge day, a little fox and friends. >> feel a little better. >> in the hallway like everyone else, on the ground.


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