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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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people operating outside the workforce. the american economy is stalled. >> thank you, panel, that's it for us. thanks for having us into your home. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. kimberly guilfoyle in for greta. >> the biggest news story is all right here. u.s. military members in danger on american soil. frantic searches and daring military rescues. but, tragically, some heart-breaking news tonight. we have live reports from across the country. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. first, tonight, the wild 2016 race. the attacks just keep coming. secretary hillary clinton is not the democratic nominee quite yet, but that is not stopping her from taking aim at donald trump. and, of course, donald trump is not backing down. he is sharpening his own attacks on secretary clinton. >> i believed person, the republicans have nominated for president cannot do the job. >> i watched hillary's thing
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today which was hard. it's like taking sononax sleep all night, bing. >> making donald trump our commander and chief would be a historic mistake. >> i think she could make more money if she made speeches and sold them for people that can't sleep. >> he is just not unprepared, is he temperamentally unfit. >> her phony speech. thats with a phony speech. that was a donald trump hit job. i will say this, hillary clinton has to go to jail. okay? she has to go to jail. >> because it's not hard to imagine donald trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. >> lyin' crooked hillary. >> this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear code. >> she is a liar. phony hit job. guilty as hell. >> do we want his finger anywhere near the button? >> and crooked hillary says oh, donald trump, his finger on the button.
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i'm the one that didn't want to go into iraq, folks. >> we cannot put the security of our children and grandchildren in donald trump's hands. >> i have read so much about the emails, folks, honestly, she is guilty as hell. she is guilty as hell. [cheers and applause] >> he says he has foreign policy experience because he ran the miss universe pageant in russia. [ laughter ] if they do let her get away with it, it will be a big topic of conversation on the campaign trail, i can tell you that, folks. >> he believes america is weak, an embarrassment. he called our military a disaster. >> the fact that they even allow her to participate in this race is a disgrace to the united states. it's a disgrace to our nation. >> even if i weren't in this race, i would be doing everything i could to make sure donald trump never becomes president. >> hillary clinton hated
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obama. now it's yes, sir, mr. president, sir. yes, sir. what would you like? do you know why? she doesn't want to go to jail, that's why, folks. >> and we're just getting started. tonight, batting off, lead off for us tonight former speaker of the house newt gingrich goes "on the record." always a pleasure to have you here "on the record" and on fox. so, wow, just so you know, that was labeled a foreign policy speech by hillary clinton. your thoughts. >> well, look, i think you are getting a taste of what the next couple of months are going to be like. she is going to pound on trump. trump is going to pound on her. we're all going to get sick of it. it's unfortunate but i think that's the direction the campaign is going to go in. there are huge disagreements over legitimate policy. it would be tempting to see the two of them try for a week to just talk about their policy disagreements. but i don't think they can. i think she is totally drawn
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to attacking him as a person. he is totally drawn to counter attacking her as a person. that leads you to sort of a discouragingly negative and not particularly useful campaign. one of them may turn out to be the less unliked but it won't be a very good way to run the country. >> if you were advising secretary clinton, what would you have told her to do in that foreign policy speech? would you say lay out some specifics and stay away from personal attacks? >> i actually would say to her that for the next two months she ought to focus on a positive vision of a better america and better future. she has an opportunity to try to define how she would be different from obama. and how clearly she is different from trump. but the country -- the young people are going to sanders are going to sanders in part because they are repelled by clinton's entire style and her negativity, et cetera. and she doesn't need, you know, she doesn't need to attack trump as intensely as
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she is right now. trump is going to be around. he is not going to change much. she could take him on starting around september 1st and do just fine. but if she is this negative this early, and he is this negative this early, my hunch is that his personality wears better in an attack mode than hers does. >> okay. now, specifically though, if she was to focus on her foreign policy accomplishments and achievements, many of the critics say what could she tout, in fact? and donald trump hit her on the fact that, you know, she has got her did. na directly tied to the failed foreign policy and failed national security of president barack obama. and she was there for it as secretary of state. >> of course. well, and that's one of her challenges. look, if she gets sucked in to defending the past. she is going to get killed. i mean, my favorite story is this russian reset button, her very first meeting with the russian foreign minister. for some idiotic reason her staff goes and gets the
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button off the whirlpool of the hotel, which is a red button. they paint what they thought in russian what was restart. it turned out that it actually was overcharge. because the translator got it wrong. they give it to the russian foreign minister who breaks out laughing and says no, we are not going to pay an overcharge. nothing captured better the childishness and incompetence of the clinton secretary of state than her effort to re-set stupidly. now, i don't think she is going to win a fight over the recent past. if she got sucked in to defending libya. defending benghazi, defending syria, defending what she has done with russia, she is just going to end up getting beaten into the ground. >> yeah, it's really a problem. and then you tie in, of course, the email server, the private server scandal. the refusal to turn over emails, the deletion, et cetera, all impinging upon national security. they are highly problematic for her. it just seems that there is
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some legitimate grievances that the american people might have with her suitability as a potential commander in chief. >> which, of course, what makes her attack on trump whether or not is he suitable to be commander and chief goofy. i think that the challenge we have got and it's a really sad challenge is of right now these two candidates are rushing into a campaign to see which one we dislike least. because we're going to end up disliking both of them. and the question is going to be on election day holding your nose and deciding okay, i have to be for x because i can't be for y. i think as a citizen, that's not a very good way to run the country. >> no. that's the problem. they are going a little bit back and forth. i think this is a good indicator of how things are going to be, you know, going forward is a little bit of a taste test about the general election. but a lot more and as you see, of course, the protesters, violence erupting, so emotions are running high, speaker. >> that's right. well, and, by the way, if you look at what happened to governor walker in
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wisconsin, you had better expect left wing protesters and a certain amount of left wing intimidation because when walker introduced his reforms in february of 2011, they ended up with 100,000 people in madison. now, wisconsin is not that big of state. you take that and project it on to the city of washington, you could imagine a trump presidency a million people brought in by the unions and you can imagine over the next few months how hostile some of these outside crowds are going to be. just as happened in san jose. >> okay. well, both sides, i think, need to send a strong message that violence will not be tolerated. speaker, always a pleasure to have you. good to be with you tonight. >> thank you. >> donald trump wrapping up a huge rally in redding, california. trump spoke in front of his parked 757 jet. the crowds were so big, some people were actually turned away. fox news national correspondent john roberts is live in redding with the very latest. good evening, john. >> kimberly, good evening to you. it wasn't the biggest crowd of donald trump's campaign but it was as big as the
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fire marshall wanted to allow in this area. 3,000 people on the tarmac here at the redding airport. the municipal airport where it was 102 degrees in the shade. on the podium, the stage where donald trump was speaking, it was probably more like 115 or 120. but he spoke for merely an hour. some of it with the assist of a portable airconditioning unit that is built into his podium. and he thanked the people for coming out in heat like today saying he was honored that they would come out and support him. essentially, today, wrapping up the primary schedule, at least in terms of campaigning. one more set of primaries. that will be on tuesday, five left to go. including california. and the former speaker of the house was correct. this campaign on both sides looks like it's going to be intensely personal because donald trump reacting today to the hillary clinton foreign policy speech that she gave in san diego yesterday, which really read more like a screen against donald trump saying she is unfit to be president, that everything that came out of her mouth yesterday was
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polled, calling her obama-like. rejecting the notion that he don't have the appropriate temperament to be president. saying he does have the right temperament but the president needs to have a tough temperament as well. donald trump also calling the people who engaged in the violence last night after the san jose rally, quote, thugs, saying they accosted trump supporters as they were coming out of the rally. indeed, they did. the police chef of the san jose police department eddy garcia held a press conference a little earlier today in which he acknowledged there were not enough officers on hand there to control the crowd. about 400 protesters. 250 police officers, which is why some of the violence went unchecked for a while. and which is why some trump supporters got pretty badly injured last night. but he also said he didn't want to move his police officers in too soon, thinking that if they were to jump into the fray right away, that the protesters might turn on them and actually police engagement might be worse, might at least cause a worse result rather than a better result. he also appeal to do people who had videotape.
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there is a ton of it on the internet so that they could identify people who engaged in criminal activity. but, again, kimberly, looking at that videotape, whether it was the guy who was sucker punched or the guy who was coal cocked from behind or the woman who was literally trapped in front of the marriott hotel and had eggs thrown at her, there was obviously a lot of criminal activity going on last night. four people arrested last night. but there might be more estates in the arrests in the future. 15 states he wants to put in play. he will start hitting those next friday. kimberly? >> all right. great report. john roberts, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and we are now more than 24 hours after secretary's hillary clinton foreign policy speech and most of the headlines are about her attacks on donald trump. but what about the foreign policy plans that she laid out? >> i have some experience with the tough calls and the hard work of state craft. i wrestled with the chinese over a climate deal in copen hagan. brokered a cease-fire between israel and hamas,
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negotiated the reduction of nuclear weapons with russia. twisted arms to bring the world together and global saand stood up for the rights of women, religious minorities, and lgbt people around the world. [cheers and applause] i have sat in the situation room and advised the president on some of the toughest choices he faced. >> former u.s. spokesman to the united nations ric grenell goes "on the record" with me tonight. rick, much to discuss indeed. what did you make of that foreign policy speech or that's what it was called. >> yeah. really. i mean, she is not going very far in her own, you know, work at the state department because clearly it's very thin. i hope that she wants to have a conversation about her record at the state department. because even the things that she listed there, very shallow and she really can't take that much credit for
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it. first of all, a deal with china, when it comes to climate change? i mean, they didn't agree to anything, so that was a disaster. you look at the iran deal, or even iran sanctions as she brings them up, we would lo to have that debate against hillary clinton. she didn't do anything for 18 months on iran when she first too many over. and the one issue that she really forgot about was the arab spring which really became the islamic awakening right underneath her nose. and she didn't tell us about boko haram where she considered whether or not to put boko haram on the terror list. and she decided not to do it. so, this is not something that just didn't happen under her watch. it is something that she strategically thought about. she was lobbied by other obama administration officials. and she chose after looking at the facts not to put boko haram on the terror list. this is a woman who not only had the job as secretary of state, but when you look at
4:14 pm
her record, when you look at the issues that she was in charge of, that's where donald trump is going to be able to take it to her, to say you don't just get to say that you are a great secretary of state because you sat in the chair. you actually have to have a record and she doesn't have a record. >> you know, this is a point, in fact, that bernie sanders has brought up about her lack of, you know, qualification, competency to have the job. i mean, perhaps this is why yesterday instead of talking and touting her accomplishments, someone who has been in public service for a considerable period of time with an important position she, instead, went on the attack like it was general election and the last, you know, 30 days of the campaign against donald trump. >> yeah. and the other thing that she is trying to do with donald trump, is she is trying to make his unpredictability a negative. i actually think that this is where she has a real big problem because after 8 years of barack obama, world leaders know exactly what they're getting.
4:15 pm
and her argument is i'm going to do exactly the same. i'm a third term for obama. world leaders want a weak united states. that's why they are really hoping that someone like hillary clinton gets in. she's predictable. they know exactly what they are going to get. but with donald trump, he is unpredictable. and she has got to turn that into a negative. i don't think that's going to be a negative. it's a positive, actually. >> yeah, she is just trying to have people be afraid of him and then you had president barack obama saying that world leaders are worried or upset about the fact that he could be president. i think with good reason because they know what they're going to get with hillary clinton, which is more of the failed foreign policy, not following through. fake red lines drawn. it's frightening times we are living in and we definitely need leadership. rick, thank you so much. >> kimberly, good to see you. >> and back to the battle for california right now. redding california is calm. no major signs of anti-trump protests. but last night it was a different story in san jose.
4:16 pm
things descended into chaos. protesters and trump supporters clashing in the streets after trump's rally. and at least one member of the media was actively encouraging riots. editor at tweeting this advice, if trump comes to your town, start a riot. just a short time ago, he was suspended by vox. and things got so out of hand last night that trump supporters are even pelted with eggs, tomatoes, and bottles. [bleep], [bleep] [shouting] >> all right. well the "on the record" political panel is here from real clear politics, caitlin huey burns from the "wall street journal" jason riley. thanks for joining me tonight. a lot to discuss, obviously, between the protests last night, i mean, the lawless
4:17 pm
criminal activity assaultive conduct that we were witnessing all on the tape and throughout the day. what do you make of this, jason? >> i'm starting to think that all of these trump protesters are secret supporters at these rallies. >> they're helping. >> i think they are turning trump into a martyr, actually. you know, the protesters are persuading millions of republicans who may be on the fence about donald trump. they look at these rallies and they go i might support this guy just in the name of defending free speech and the right to association. so i don't think the protests are having the intended effect. >> yeah. and perhaps the counter effect. what do you think? >> i agree. i think that they certainly fuel trump. he mentioned it in his rally tonight saying, look, it's these people who are protesting me and getting violent. and these are not my supporters going after others who -- we have seen that in the past at his rallies. although not this extreme violence. so i do think it's incumbent upon hillary clinton and
4:18 pm
democrats, of course, to call this out. which they did today. i also think though, you know, the rhetoric has really gotten heated this election cycle with trump in the race. and we saw that particularly this week when he was in california, the comments that he made about the judge. this is going to continue on and on for the next several months, i think. >> it's been a bumpy ride so far but, yes. what about the people refusing to accept personal responsibility for actions of criminals out there whafing in this way, wrapping themselves in the flag and attacking a woman. i mean, it's really disturbing. >> i don't think that burning u.s. flags or waiving mexican flags in support of illegal immigration is the way to win over the hearts and minds of americans. i just don't think that's the case. and this was a left-wing mob doing this unprovoked. this was not donald trump at a rally inciting the crowd to go after protesters that he would pay their legal fees like we saw him do in the primary. that's not what was going on last night. this was inel city gaited by
4:19 pm
a left wing mob. >> so is there something that the candidates can say or do, you know, to try and quell some of this violence that we don't see what we're witnessing on camera now. >> well, i do think that, you know, democrats should come out and say this is not what we want. we really criticize the protests and we did see hillary clinton talk about that today. i don't think that she is encouraging this sort of thing. but, you know, they should -- i think they are doing the right thing in saying that this is wrong, this shouldn't happen. but, again, this is a very heated campaign. >> and people don't want to see this happening in this country. they are going to come here and get benefits and get healthcare and all of these things in a paycheck. they have some respect. don't burn the flag and don't beat people up, it's terrible. just as a starter. karen and jason, thank you so much. >> this is a fox news alert. 10 u.s. special forces rescued from the top of a colorado mountain. a helicopter called in to
4:20 pm
fly the green berets off the summit. fox denver reporter mccrady. i hope that's how you pronounce it this is really a fascinating story. because here you have some of america's finest and bravest heroes needing to call in a hero themselves. >> that's what everyone is saying today. this is a very, very difficult mountain. can you see longs peak right behind me here. can you see a lot of snow still on that mountain. still in winter conditions. it doesn't matter how good of shape you are in. it's 14,000-foot mountain that can effect anyone. now, those 10 green berets were climbing a difficult route yesterday when two of them got altitude sickness. they were force to do radio for help, where they were this difficult deeped ledge system the helicopter couldn't land. they were force to do spend the night last night and finish the climb this morning. that's when the helicopter was able to go up and rescue them off the mountain. now, the helicopter had to make seven or eight trips to get each of those men down the mountain to safety.
4:21 pm
and rangers said they were very thirsty, very tired, and very hungry. all doing okay tonight. >> all right. well, unbelievable. we are glad that they are safe and i guess it's a little bit mums the word on what they were doing up there we will leave that to their secrets. thank you so much for joining us. donald trump is no stranger to legal battles. but now he is in a battle with the judge. and one of his own cases. the "on the record" legal panel is here next. also, there is a desperate search for four missing u.s. soldiers. we're going to take you live to texas straight ahead. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he is a hater. his name is gonzalez perilio. he happens to be, i think mexican which is great. i think that's fine. you know what? i think the mexicans are going to end up loving donald trump when i get all these jobs. okay? >> donald trump is not slowing down on his attacks against a judge in the trump university case. trump now telling the "wall street journal" that judge gonzalo presents an salute conflict. he was born to mexican immigrants. i'm building a wall. inherent conflict of interest. earlier today, speaker of the house paul ryan speaking out against donald trump's comments on the judge. take a listen. >> look, the comment about the judge the other day just was out of left field for my mind. it's reasoning i don't relate to. i completely disagree with the thinking behind that. and so, he clearly says and does things i don't agree
4:26 pm
with. and i have had to speak up on time to time when that has occurred. i hope it's not necessary. i hope it's not. >> former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams. and former prosecutor katy phang. so much to discuss. people are abuzz about this, ted. not too happy. saying it was kind of, you know, out of line to mention the judge's ethnicity. the judge's heritage and then to suggest that there was a conflict of interest how do you call it. >> i would like to ask, mr. trump, have you no shame, sir? you are running to be commander in chief. not thug in chief or intimidator in chief to call this judge out, you're attacking the rule and the fabric of our society, meaning the rule of law. what are you gonna do if you get a black judge in a
4:27 pm
discrimination case? you're going to ask him to remove himself. or let's say you got a woman. this is very troubling and i would expect more and i would hope that at some stage, mr. trump will act matured and walk this back. >> okay, katy, so obviously as you see emotions are running high in this regard. we all have been officers of the court, respect the rule of law, the courtrooms, the best judicial system. you know, in the world. how do you see this? is this something that he has got a leg to stand on? do you think that there is potentially other than the one that might have been created now. >> absolutely no conflict of interest on the part of judge. lawyers vice president done what they need to do is which is a motion to recuse the judge. that is conspicuously absent in this case. trump is just talking out of where he talks out of that we all know.
4:28 pm
frankly kimberly and ted, i'm worried that donald trump is going to hear me say, this criticize him and say i should run back to the rice patties with my chopsticks. at this time he has no legal basis to challenge this judge and at this point is he doing something very stupid. why are you going to anger the judge that rules in your case if you think he has had bad rulings up until now that have hurt his position in this major fraud case, he's got another thing coming. >> all right, so, ted, what county judge do at this point? like listening to all these comments, can he put some kind of admonition and say, you know, gag order in the case? et cetera? i don't know. >> well, kimberly, the judge is between a rock and hard place. he is damned if he do and damned if he doesn't. but, if i were the plaintiffs in this case, i would file a motion with the judge to gag -- fora gag order. i would then -- 50's the judge in this case, and this is one reason why i would never be a federal judge. i would have his butt before me, and i would read him the riot act and tell him that
4:29 pm
he will do no more talking as it pertains to this case in my courtroom. >> i mean, really, katie, when you think about it, when you have got a case in front of a judge, you might want to throttle back a little bit. poke the cage or poke the bench, especially if they're going to make rulings but. >> yeah. it doesn't make a lot of sense. you know what? i'm kind of wondering why his own lawyers haven't tried to reel him. in trump had the same problem down here in miami. he had active litigation against a female opposing counsel. he doesn't limit it to just the judge. he about her breast feeding or needing to take a break during the deposition. he has no limits or he has no gag order. if the judge brings him in and he orders him to shut up, that is going to be grounds for him to try to recuse the judge. why fan the fuel or fuel the flames, just leave it alone and do what the judge is doing staying respectfully silent. >> katie, you are not wrong. but this is a sad
4:30 pm
commentary. we are about to pick an american president. and we have got this man screwing around with trump university trying to intimidate and disrespect a judge, talking about him being a mexican? where in the hell did this come from? >> okay. well, you guys laid out the case very well. let's see what the judge says. i mean, maybe he is watching. all right, ted and katy, thank you so much. this is a fox news alert. incredible live video showing an oil train derailment in oregon. can you see the flames and the massive plume of black smoke rising in to the sky. 8 cars are off the track and on fire. the 96 car train was carrying crude oil when it crashed. there are no reports of injury, and the cause is currently under investigation. and tragedy at fort hood. a frantic search for soldiers in the texas floodwaters. some dead, others still
4:31 pm
missing. and forecasters warn the rushing water is going to rise even more. that's all next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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4:34 pm hair color wants to to help you keep on being you.. nice'n easy. natural-looking color... ...that even in sunlight, doesn't look like hair color... it just looks like you. nice'n easy: color as real as you are. this is a fox news alert. the u.s. army is desperately searching for four missing soldiers. an army truck they were riding in overturning in fast-moving floodwaters at texas' fort hood. tragically, five soldiers are dead. their bodies all recovered from the raging waters. this accident highlighting just deadly and
4:35 pm
dangerous these texas floods are. we have live team coverage tonight. the forecasts for more possible floods in a minute. but we begin with fox news correspondent casey stegall live in richmond, texas. casey? >> kimberly, good evening. a spokesperson at fort hood says the armies were closing roads at the army post when this happened. they apparently tried passing a low lying road over owl creek when the floodwaters just toppled that vehicle. it happened in a remote and wooded section of fort hood. that has only hampered the search efforts for the four who remain missing tonight. three soldiers survived. double that? simply amazing. and were expected to be released from the hospital today. five of their fellow warriors, we know, did not survive. that means at least 11 people have now died across the state this week because of weather.
4:36 pm
now, richmond, texas, where we are now, southwest of houston, perhaps the hardest hit county. an estimated 1400 homes here have been impacted by the floods. many are under water. people using canoes and rafts just to get around. if they are not part of the mandatory evacuation orders in this region, like so many are still under. emergency management officials say it could actually take weeks before the water fully reseeds in certain neighborhoods because the river has spilled out of its banks. this is isn't flash flooding that just goes away in a matter of hours or day, we are talking weeks. texas governor greg abbot has declared a disaster in 31 counties. that gives you a perspective of how widespread an event this is across the entire state of texas. impacting thousands and thousands of people in the lone star state. kimberly? >> casey, thank you so much for that update.
4:37 pm
tragedy certainly there. and fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking all of the rain and the flooding for us this evening. rick? >> hey there, yeah, we have more rain to go. unfortunately, throughout the weekend. not as bad i think as what we have seen throughout the last 20710 days. west texas you are in the clear. you see this rotation here. upper level system that's been pulling all of this gulf moisture in across the area for such long time. the majority of the heaviest moisture at least is pulling off towards the east. and we are going to see flooding now across parts of louisiana and mississippi. and watches are in effect there. but over the next couple days we are going to see more rain here back across parts of southeastern part of texas. take a look at this. casey was just alluding to this. it wasn't just one town that saw the heaviest of the rain. although we saw that in breneman around 7 to 10 days ago. you get an idea, a lot of areas here have seen four to six inches and a lot of areas over a foot of rain just in the last week or so. you get that kind of rain and that's what's causing the flooding.
4:38 pm
the future radar here you continue to see, this bands of showers again throughout the day on saturday. by sunday, we finally see a front push this out and it's gone out of here by sunday night. and then next week, i have got to tell you, it looks like we are going to heat things up. keep in mind, kimberly, all that water that's on the ground will evaporate very quickly. it's going to get very hot and very humid across texas for the next week. i will tell you one thing, a little bit more rain to deal with here. but we are going to turn our eyes over the weekend to parts of florida. tropical season is upon us. hurricane season started this week. this little batch of clouds you see here across the caribbean. by the time we get this moisture here across parts of the gulf, we are going to watch potential tropical development for monday into tuesday across parts of florida. likely be talking about some flooding there with some spots that maybe see in excess of 10 inches of rain from a system that's going to move there at the early part of this week. kimberly? >> rick reichmuth at the extreme weather center. thank you so much. a sneak peek at bill bill o'reilly's brand new show
4:39 pm
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may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love helping little ones get off on the right foot. ask your doctor about lyrica. now moving 250,000 pieces of art to higher floors. the water spilling in the paris streets. germany is also being pounded by heavy rains. at least 15 people have died throughout europe after almost a week of flooding. a 7-year-old japanese boy who parents left him in the woods to teach him a lesson found safe after nearly a week. he was found in abandoned military hut four miles from where his parents left him. father was punishing him for throwing rocks at cars. when he returned to pick up his son, he was gone. japanese police are not
4:44 pm
pursuing charges against the parents and that's tonight's speed read. and a huge night this sunday right here on fox news because it's season two of one of my favorite shows. bill o'reilly's show legends and lies premiers at 8:00 p.m. eastern. bill sat down with greta to give us a sneak peek. >> bill, nice to see you. >> is it really, greta? i have never. [ laughter ] thanks for having me on the program. >> okay. i lied a little bit. but i have got to tell you, before i ask you about your very successful "legends and lies." i happened to notice that you have been number one in all of cable news since december 2000. the may numbers just ended but december 2000. that's inel credible. >> 15 and a half years i started when i was 12 years old. and it's just a phenomenon. look, everybody says well, congratulations and i appreciate that. but my staff is very, very
4:45 pm
good. and we have trained, you know, the navy seals of the tv industry i like to say. and i think we have put on a crisp, authentic show every night. and we work hard. and that's a good example to everybody. work hard, get good people around you, you'll succeed. >> all right. well, i'm willing to say you do a better job than i do. i'm not willing to say you have a better staff because i think i have the best staff. they have a harder job. they have to work with me. anyway, all right. "legends and lies," tell me what this is. >> last year fox news channel ran historical series "legends and lies, the old west," where we told but the len ranger. weigh as black man, nobody knew that we told you about black bart. he was a white man and he robbed all these stages without even using a gun. and wild bill fun. you learned a lot. the same formula is in play with "legends and lies, the
4:46 pm
patriots." we tell you about famous names, washington, franklin, the first rapper alexander hamilton, how he got that rap industry going. we tell you both the good and the bad. and we feature very high production values. the show moves along. it's entertaining. the hour is over before you know it, but you come away with a lot of knowledge. >> all right. when can i see this? >> sunday, 8:00 p.m. in the factor slot on sunday and then u of course, at 11:00 for the west coast. and i think people are really going to respond to the patriots in this election year. because the men and women that we talk about really were selfless. they sacrificed everything. put their lives on the line for their country. how many people do that today. and i think we have got to get back to the attitude of the founders. >> all right. is this fun to do? >> it's a blast. >> i know you enjoy your show every night but is this fun. >> it's a blast. i was a former history teacher as you know.
4:47 pm
to put together something like "legends and lies" the patriots. we have the book number one book in the country right out of the gate. i learn -- see, my researcher david fisher on this one, i learn so much myself that i didn't know. because my mandate is find out what they are really like. what benjamin franklin is really like. what george washington is really like. people are going to be surprised what washington was really like. they don't know. and will tell you very explicitly the good and the bad. >> how hands on are you? i know you narrate it but how hands on on the whole production. >> i'm the executive producer. as you know i'm the executive producer of the factor and executive producer of the "killing" movies. i'm pretty involved. i had to take out a couple of scenes from the first episode of "legends and lies." they were a little bit too much. a little over the top. i snipped them out. you still get it paul revere, samuel adams. samuel aadams, there is a
4:48 pm
reason they named a beer after this guy. what a mad man he is you will see that. again, everybody thinks it's staged. it's samuel adams, boy, he really shook it up. so i am involved at pretty much every level. >> all right. bill, friday night or not friday night, sunday night. >> sunday night. >> 8:00 p.m. in the o'reilly slot. and the rest of the time we 8 be watching bill o'reilly number one since december 2000. i don't know if your viewers realize what a big deal that is. that's amazing. >> thank you, greta. >> anyway, congratulations for that and for legends and lies. thank you, bill. >> appreciate it. >> legends and lies premiers this sunday 8:00 p.m. only on the fox news channel. and isis is now taking its depravity to a whole new level. new documents surface showing a price list for, quote, spoils of war. the sickening story next. for everyone. biotene.
4:49 pm
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chaos inside a cleveland courtroom when a father lunges at his daughter's killer. [shouting] >> madison was just sentence to do death for mutilating three women including perry's daughter. can you see convicted serial killer michael madison smirking as he dives over the table to grab his throat. he was removed from the courtroom but he says he did what he thought was right and is okay with facing charges if officials decide to file them. and just when you thought isis could not be any more barbaric, the brutal terror group is now selling women and children. new documents show a price list for, quote, spoils of war and the ages of the women being sold range from 40 down to just 1 year old. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge goes "on the record" from washington, d.c. catherine, what an appalling story. >> well, it is. it's important to bring it to viewers.
4:54 pm
kimberly, the iraqi christian woman claims married and divorced her up to nine times a night to justify multiple rapes. took local schools in mosul scawlg them schools of death where the victims range from 8 and 9-year-old children to women in their 60's. fox news reviewed a taped interview and transcript that were provided by the advocacy group in defense of christians. fox news blurred her face and altered her voice to protect her identity. the woman says it began in 2014 after the terror group took control of mosul in northern iraq and her husband disappeared. she left two older children in the care of neighbors and along with her new baby began searching for him. that's when she says she was identified as christian and repeatedly abused. she said if he got bored of me, he would trade me for another girl. what wedding. for them it was a wedding. what kind of wedding is this? they had me whenever they would desire it especially this one faruq who was obsessed with me. and he would say i like the people of jesus.
4:55 pm
we can't independently verify the video but fox news asked outside experts about her allegations and they said they are consistent with isis and their brutal tactics. >> oh my goodness. catherine, it's important to get these stories out there. people need to know what's going on. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> coming up, where in the world are the 2016 candidates? the campaign flash next. need to hire fast?
4:56 pm
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good luck with the meeting today. thank you. as our business is growing, and you're on the road all day long, it's exhausting. holiday inn has been a part of the team.
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you're on the fourth floor. it makes life on the road much easier. book your next journey at realpack uber flavor into ultra thin. it makes life on the road much easier. sargento ultra thin slices with just 45 calories a slice- that's 45 reasons to layer, stack sneak, peek, beg, like, love. sargento- we're real cheese people. it's time for campaign flash. secretary hillary clinton is in orange county, california. secretary clinton held a get-out-the-vote event in west minute. senator sanders was at the community college in fairfield, california. and donald trump held a rally at the redding memorial airport in redding, california. trump used his private boeing 757 as a back drop for the event. that's tonight's campaign flash. that's all for now. greta is backmond at 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss me every night on the five right here on fox
5:00 pm
news. up next "the o'reilly factor." good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor, a nation divided, left vs. right, in america. the growing ideological divide between liberals and conservatives is reaching a fevered pitch in this presidential election season. and it was on violent display outside a donald trump rally in san jose, california, when anti-trump protesters confronted trump supporters. [shouting] >> he grabbed my trump sign and started following me and saying i was a racist.


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