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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 4, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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justice jeanine pirro. her one on one interview with donald trump is featured for the entire hour. now, just from my heart of hearts i just want to say directly to him and his spirit, good night, champ. thank you. right now on "justice." >> jeanine, the country is a mess. >> one on one. do you think you have to dial it back? >> look, i have to be what i have to be. >> i sit down with the man who will be the gop nominee for president of the united states. his first interview inside his west coast home, to ask some tough questions. why did you refer to ethnicity? >> because his heritage is mexican. >> reporter: and to get some straight talk about the woman he is likely to take on in november. >> she is a major liar. i think people are fed up with the hillarys of the world. i think they are ped up with obama, who is one of the worst presidents ever. >> my exclusive interview with donald trump starts right now on
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"justice." hello, and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. well, he has defied the pundits, the prognosticators and the critics. although we're over a month away from the republican national convention, donald trump has already won the delegates needed to be the grand old party's nominee for president of the united states. this week i travelled to california and visited with donald in his beverly hills home. the first time cameras have been allowed inside. now, in the interest of full disclosure, donald and i have known each other and been friends for decades. he has even donated to some of my past campaigns. but this interview is about the issues, and how everything in the political world has changed in a year. all right. so here we are in sunny california. think back to a year ago. you were a billionaire who was
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dabbling in politics, a flash in the pan. there was this woman who was supposed to be corps nated. and now everything is backwards. this woman who was supposed to be corps nated is fighting bernie sanders, and in a tie, dead heat here in california. how did you do it? >> well, it's been an interesting journey. i mean, it started in june. june 16th of last year. and it's just been a succession of -- we've had so many victories. you know, we had 17 people totally running. and it's been an amazing period of time. i guess lot of people say that. i'm not the only one. but i fought a good fight, and i beat a lot of people that are good people. and now i have one left. it will probably be crooked hillary. she's crooked as you get. it will probably be here and we're going to see what happens. >> i think it was in august of 2015 when you were on my show, "justice." and we talked about the rnc. and you demanded that they treat you fairly. was the whole issue about the third party run thing? wasn't that part of the treat me
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fairly issue? >> well, it was. but we are going to see what happens. i don't think there will be a third party, certainly not a credible third party. right now you have the libbertarians, i know the people and i don't see that as much of a threat. >> but have they treated you fairly? >> yes, the rnc treated me fairly. they don't really control, the whacko some of these characters. >> johnson, carol -- >> i'm not talking about them. they are there are people on the fringe. i i don't want to mention them, i don't think they will have much of an impact. >> you feel the rnc has been good. >> reince was looking at 18, and probably at the highest point 18 people, and they were governors and senators, and not everybody agrees with everything i'm doing. i want the wall. i want certain things to happen. a lot of people agree with me. the interesting thing, jeanine is that i've gotten right now
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more votes than anybody in the history of the republican party. i went through the process. we did well in iowa. of a that it was a succession of victories with new hampshire and south carolina. everywhere. but the big story is everybody has come aboard. i mean, if you look at people that were chutely horrible in terms of what they said, they are now aboard. >> how do you feel about that? do you trust people who were just horrible to you? >> politicians can pivot much more easily than let's say a person like me with pivot. they say horrible thing and then two weeks later. rick perry is good guy. he was nasty during the election. then he got out. i didn't speak to him. he endorsed me and said the nicest i think so and said that donald trump is maybe the smartest person ever to run for the office. that's a nice statement. a long way from where he was before. i fully understand what he is doing and what he did and i like him a lot. other people have said -- this is a very heated ballot.
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you would know better than most. but there are those that say it was the most vicious battle for the nomination that any party has ever seen. >> done, to every the years you have dabbled in the idea of running for president. is it what you thought it would be? >> it's more vicious. it's -- there is more lying and deception than ever. i never thought there would be this kind of lying. but the lying and deception. the smiling and then the knife in the back. i deal with tougher people because the business world at the top is tougher. but in a certain way, they are more honorable. the deceit and the disgusting media because the media is very dishonest not all of it of course. but so much of it is dishonest. the washington post is very, very dishonest. >> i want to get to that. you have been the most successful candidate in history in terms of the press. and yet you believe that many of them are not treating you
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fairly. are you now going to limit your accessibility? >> no. look. i will say this, there are some that are really bad. washington post is really dishonest, really, really dishonest. >> why are they so much against you? >> because they think that i -- frankly, you want to know the truth the person that bought it has a big stake in amazon, and amazon is not paying taxes and i have said openly they should be paying taxes and they are also destroying the retail industry throughout the country. i don't care about that other than it's not good thing to happen to our country and i said it. they are going to be a monopoly. you look at the department stores, what's happening to them, they are going down the drain because amazon is becoming a monopoly, and they know dee -- he bought that as a tool for himself, like a lobbyist. but the washington post says 22 reporters on me. there is never a good story. coy win by the biggest margins in history and they will say donald trump should have done better. they a very dishonest group.
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"new york times" is very dishonest. "new york times" is a very dishonest newspaper. i would say the washington post is worst. i'm not talking about unfair. i'm talking about they are purely dishonest. things that they know. as an example i raised for veterans almost $6 million, and i think more will be coming in. but i raised almost $6 million. i thought that was positive story. i paid a lot of it out early. but some came in and we had a messed up situation. instead of a positive story -- think about it. i raised $5.6 million, and i think more is going to come in. i gave to many, many groups. >> why were you so agitated that day? >> because i thought i was treated very unfairly. when you raise -- i never thought that was a possibility that could be a bad story. that was a terrible story for me. they said oh, he should have
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given out the money faster. i didn't have any obligation to do it. i get up, i make a speech. i say let's get some money. i have one friend in the audience, gave $1 million. another guy gave half a million dollars. great people. they gave one. ike pearl myer. >> in the end you won, donald. >> no, no, but i got treated unfairly. i think -- here's the good news. i have a speaker that gets -- you know, i can fight back a little bit. it's very tough to fight the press when it's very dishonest. but i have a speaker that i can fight back. i think the people -- i have had so many letters from the vets and calls to my office and e-mails and everything you can imagine, tweets -- i mean the tweeting has become a big thing. i will say, i have had so many tweets, and facebook, where the vets are thanking me so much for what i did. here's the thing. when you raise $5.6 million and you are excoriated by these people, why wasn't it given fast enough? why wasn't this -- >> it's not like you are running
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for president? >> first of all -- no. but first of all i had no obl base even to do it. honestly from a pr standpoint i would have much better if i never gave anything -- if i never gave all those groups, i gave many, many groups, great groups -- i gave them money. a lot of money. more money than they have probably seen. they wake up and they get a check for $100,000. another one gets a check for $250,000. instead of being treated nicely i was treated badly. to mers that's unfair. >> do you ever think you can go like this and just say -- >> yes, when i'm wrong. i can take criticism better than any human being. >> you can. and i want to talk about that. i was on an airplane with you, your plane, i bet it was 15 years ago. and you were sitting next to me, and you were wreath reading i think it was a "new york times" magazine. i have a vivid recollection. i had already read it. it was story about you. i was in politics at the time and i'm sitting you kind of watching you.
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there wasn't a grimace. your brow didn't move. it didn't change your temperament. how did you get so tough? >> well, it's not a question of tough. when i am wrong and they write about it, i can take that better than anybody. i agree with them. i have no problem. but when they write falsely, when they write so many false things -- and you understand that, you did the political things. and i know you even went against hillary for a period of time. >> two weeks. >> a major liar. they talk about foreign policy that donald trump wants japan to get nukes. >> get a nuke. >> immediately. i don't want that. i want japan to pay us because we are protecting them if you don't pay us you have to be prepared to walk. if you walk, they are going the arm. how they are going to arm that's going to be up to them. but i never said japan shouldic nuke it's so false. >> what hillary is saying about you is you are a loose cannon. the world order is going to change. your fraud. you are a scam. is she picking up your way of
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handling the campaigning. >> she is trying to. trying to pick it up. bull hillary is incompetent. you know that by look at her past record. look at libya. look at what happened with benghazi, look at what happened with so many different things she has done. >> why do people support her? >> it's almost out of habit if you ask me. it's almost out of habit. it's like whenny do you keep eating popcorn when it doesn't taste good. b.a., b.a., and the same thing with her, she is a bt that. it's time now. i think people are fed with the hillarys fld word. i think they are fed up with obama, one of the worst presidents infer the world. i think they are fed up, china is ripping us off in trade. ripping us. mexico, ripping us off. >> they call you a racist because you want to make america first. "new york times," quote, the rise of donald trump traction
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growing debate on global fascism and washington post-op ed, this is how fashs fascism comes to america. where is that coming from? >> i don't get it. but it is a vicious group of people. it's on the left of where i am, and i'm sure where you are. but it's a vicious group of people, and frankly, i have to say, the one thing, they stick together. the republican conservatives do not stick together. you have a guy like bill crystal who is a total lightweight but he is to of the there trying to find an independent candidate -- you know, he is out there trying to find an independent candidate. can't find anybody. >> what does that tell you about how desperate the establishment is? >>er in desperate. the republicans don't stick together the way the democrats do. i give them credit for that. you look. even bernie and hillary, they are running but it is a much friendlier battle certainly than we as battles. he doesn't want to talk as much about the e-mails. although -- >> he has a problem. >> she has a real problem. that's a criminal problem she
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has got. that's a real trouble. she can talk all she wants. but if the administration is honest there is no way she can run. >> look at petreus. look at the price he paid. >> for doing much less. >> it's said that you are a movement, that people are speaking through you. how is it that a blue blood new york ivy leaguer with a silver tongue captures the loyalty, the imagination of the working class? >> well, it's been an amazing process and i understand it. i understood it a long time ago and people are talking about it. they are saying here is this guy, lives on if i have of the avenue. he's really rich and you know -- but when i was a young guy, my father built houses in brooklyn and queens. and i would go to those building sites and i'd work with the men. in that case it was always men. today it's men women. but i went and i was one of the first people to do that, to hire women. and i got no credit for it. minor details. what are you going to do. but i was literally in the
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construction industry. i was -- i was literally the first -- okay. so i would work with these people. and i would get along with them great. they were tough. they would fight at lunchtime. fist fights over something but i got along with them great. for some reason i honestly like them much better than the rich people. >> why? why? >> i don't know. i think they are more real. there is less phoniness. you can call them blue collar -- they are workers. >> yeah. >> they are workers. and some of them very successful people. and they become very successful because you know, it is a movement, but it's a movement of everybody. >> what is the movement, don? >> it's a movement of people that are tired of seeing stupid, stupid decisions made in our country that are destroying our country, where our companies are leaving, our jobs -- our people are being fired, where people haven't had a pay -- when you talk about blue collar, they haven't had a pay increase in 18 years, an effective pay increase
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in 18 years. it's a group of people that are tired of stupidity. it's a group of people that want common sense. and they want to win again. we don't win anymore. we don't win with our military. we can't beat isis. >> more to come. next, i ask donald trump about the controversy swirling around trump university. and his personal comments about the judge in the case. why did you refer to his ethnicity, donald? >> well, because his hair stage mexican. >> and i get trump's response to president obama's scathing comments this week about him. >> he ought to really focus on his job. because he is doing a lousy job as president. >> part two of my interview with donald trump is next as "justice" rolls on. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else,
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♪ "dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. welcome back to "justice," and the second part of my interview with presumptive republican presidential candidate donald trump. take a look at what donald has too say about the controversy around trump university and his comments about the judge in the case. trump university. did you oversell that? >> let me just tell you, it's just crazy what's going on. so we opened a school.
9:20 pm
we open a school that was very successful h a lot of students. and they did valuation reports after they left. and we have thousands and thousands of valuation reports. everybody saying it was great. they loved it, they loved it. i don't know if you ever heard it. but we had thousands of them. >> so why are you getting sued? >> because a class action firm from california who i hear gave eric schneiderman a lot of money to run, who i hear paid hillary clinton $900,000 -- this is all stuff that's going do come out that you don't hear -- but i hear they paid her $900,000 for speeches. >> who did? >> the firm that brought the lawsuit. >> the law firm? >> paid hillary clinton $900,000 as i understand it for speeches. they paid her a lot of money for her campaign. i heard 4 or $500,000 for her campaign. it is a very political thing. i have a judge who is truly unfair. i don't know the judge but he is truly unfair in san diego federal. >> why did you refer to his ethnicity, donald? >> well, because his heritage is
9:21 pm
mexican. >> so what? >> because i want to build a wall. i'm getting along great i think with the hispanics but i want to build a wall. some people don't like it. >> some people don't think that. do you think you have to dial it back? >> i have to be what i have to be. i'm going to tell the truth. i don't know if you saw what happened yesterday. but the 16500 border patrol agents endorsed me. first time they ever endorsed a presidential candidate. >> i asked them about the wall. how important is that? they said mr. trump it's so important. you need it. people -- i can understand people. he is of mexican heritage, i hope he is going to be fair but he has treated me very unfairly. this is a case that should have been won on summary judgment. when you have people that are suing you saying great things about the course in write asking actually on tape. when the person that brought the suit was dismissed from the case because she was such a bad
9:22 pm
witness because she had all the positive things about the course and she was dismissed. if she was dismissed he should have dismissed the whole case. the woman that brought the case, when we got to her deposition, we found her written word saying unbelievably positive things about the school. it was great. she valued it as great. it was then on tape -- we have a tape where she is saying the most beautiful things about it. nobody is forcing her. they go to court and they see the judge and they say, urn, we don't want her to be on the case anymore. so why wouldn't the case be dismissed? >> right. >> the judge dismisses her from the case. >> and lets the case stand. >> and lets the case go. he has been so unfair. i don't want to call out a judge, but he has been so unfair. now, maybe that will change, maybe he will be fair. i would say he should recuse himself. >> donald, you have a lot of money, why don't you pay them off and call it a day? you don't need this. >> i could have settled this case -- i could now settle this
9:23 pm
case. i could have settled this case. i chose not to. the reason is when this woman came to us, she wanted $300,000, which would have been $200,000. and they showed me. and i said why would she get that much money? then they showed me her valuation report, top, top, top, as though she went to harvard. harvard should get such great reviews. and then they showed me a tape about her saying great things about the school. i said how can you give her the money. let the lawsuit proceed. >> it's the principle? >> it's at the principle. it would have been cheaper. >> you would have had a much easier sleep. >> whatever. >> sleaze, you are a beauty. >> i had to say that to about the veterans, i gave emso much money and i was criticized for it. people like me, people that have the option of raising 5 or $6
9:24 pm
million for veterans and and other cuss causes, when they see what i go through for doing a great job and see what i go through, the washington post, a crooked paper, so dishonest, and the "new york times" wrote a story about me with women. and the women came out -- i was honored with row ann and you know the whole. >> did you remember her? >> i did, she was very nice person. and all of them. and i was so surprised. they come out. >> people who work for you love you, i was in trump tower, how does he treat you? >> he says treats us great. >> and said what about the women? >> he said better. >> a massive picture, looked like the national enquirer. and i said what is this all about? then i saw the women and they all came out and said we didn't say it. then the same writer, who should
9:25 pm
have been fired said that's not what we said that's not what we meant and implied. the same writer writes another story the next week that was also a hit. these papers are very dishonest. the media are dishonest. when i find a good journalist, a fair journalist, i cherish that journalist because that's a very important profession. i have such respect for a good journalist but there are very few of them. >> why is it that you have got the president of the united states who is coming out and basically saying all these horrible things about you? i have never seen that in history. i mean this early on, where the guy is coming out and trashing you. why? >> he is actually trying not to use my name because he is not supposed to. he ought to focus on his job because he is doing a lousy job as president. what he should do is focus on his job and finds out why are we losing so many jobs. 5% is a phony number. it's really 20 or 25%
9:26 pm
unemployment. that's a phony number to make the politicians look good. if you look for a job and you don't find and it give up and you go home and you go to sleep. >> you are still unemployed but you are not a statistic. >> you are no longer a statistic. because i'm going to have strong borders and a strong military, it certainly hopes. but the supports are there because the economy is horrible for them and these people literally haven't had a pay increase in decades. >> what kind of pay increase should they get? >> we need jobs in this country. when you see carrier leaving for mexico, when you see ford building massive plantsd all over mexico. when you see the pga taking it out of miami. >> to mexico. >> they took their world golf championship and took it to mexico. which is unsafe by the way. they had a tournament in mexico, people were being mugged and robbed and all sorts of bad
9:27 pm
things. i can't imagine the players are going to be thrilled. they took it from miami. the people of miami are incensed. they took it from miami and moved to it mexico city which has one of the highest crime rates in the world. it's going to be interesting to see how the players feel. >> it's talk about the most recent quinn feeiac pole. your unfavorables about 50, hers is at 50. do you have a better chance of flipping the hillary haters to your side? or does she get a better chance of flipping your haters? >> i think i do. i think i do because people know she is incompetent. people know that she can't do the job. they know one thing about me. i'm very competent, i can do the job. look i borrowed a million dollars and it's worth now $10 billion. i filed all of my documents, i filed with the if he ral elections. the biggest filing they have had ever and it talks about this great company that i built. i built a great company, little debt, tremendous assets.
9:28 pm
>> can you make america great again? >> i can totally make america great again. that's why i'm doing it. it's lovely to be with you, but i'd rather be with you without the cameras. to be honest, doing this isn't fun. doing campaigning isn't fun, awe although i think i'm having as good a time as anyone ever has. from i am i'm going to a speech with 25,000 people. >> everywhere you. >> >> we have the biggest crowds. the other night i had a crowd of 11,000, and bernie had 3,000. they said bernie sanders had a massive crowd. with me, it was donald trump spoke tonight. >> you are a new yorker, in your face, tough guy, why won't you debate bernie? >> i was asked the question by jimmy. and we had a lot of fun. and i said, let the networks put up some money. and i said, like maybe women's health issues. okay? okay? i did it for the vets. let's do something for women's
9:29 pm
health issues. and number one, the networks did not come through. they want to keep the money for themselves. >> of course they do. >> they would get such ratings. i would love to debate him. the problem is, he's number two. to debate number two when you have number one doesn't make a lot of sense. >> what do you say to the people who say the reason you don't want to debate bernie is you don't want to have a fight off in the hopes of getting his followers who will never support hillary? >>ic a lot of bernie's people will come to me. bernie and i are very different. but we are similar on one thing, trade. he understands what no other democrats understands or will say that the united states is getting ripped off big league on trade. he understands that. i can do something about it. i will make great trade deals. he wouldn't know where to begin. that's a big factor. bernie and i agree on one thing big. the united states is being ripped off on trade and i'm not
9:30 pm
looking to hit bernie too hard because i would like to get his followers. i don't know who she is going to pick. she may pick bernie, pocahontas, the phony native american. >> let's talk about the name calling. >> it's fine. >> okay. >> she's -- you know, you have more indian blood than she has. >> and i don't have any. >> that's more than shes to. >> do you? >> i have none, but that's more than -- no, she is a fraud. she said, no, no, i have high cheekbones she got into harvard. she said she was a minority. that's a fraud. >> if she was to run, that's no threat at all. >> no. no. i would like her to run. >> not only have you taken down the establishment, done, you discuss things that people only whisper about. all right? you are strong. you are smart. you have got great instinct. you have got great intuition.
9:31 pm
what do you say to those people who say as it relates to foreign policy that you will just make a decision and not have a cabinet that includes people who don't agree with you? >> well, you've known me for a long time of that's not the way -- i have a lot of people, ultimately i will make the decision but i have a lot of good people. but i kick when they say he doesn't have the people who have been there the last ten years. who wants those people. we have migration, syria, iraq is a disaster. we all these things. there is nothing good. if the politicians never entered office for the last 15 years, that includes obama, and it includes people more than obama, you wouldn't have the problems that you have today. i mean, just take a look. i always say, if our presidents would have gone to the beach and just gone to the beach and not done anything, we would be in better shape. jeanine, the country is a mess. the world is a mess. we helped make the world a mess. going into iraq was a disastrous decision. maybe the worst decision ever in the history of our country. number two, getting out of iraq
9:32 pm
the way obama did it, he didn't have a clue. and now you have -- and then she got into libya. and by the way, who has the libyan oil? i'll tell you who has it. isis has it. of the' great oil, by the way, the highest quality oil you can get. isis now has the oil that hillary clinton gave them by going in and doing that stupid -- you know, that stupid attack on libya. just -- the world was crushing and she goes in and wants to do more. she doesn't have a clue. she doesn't know what she's doing. she doesn't have the strength, the energy, she cannot be president. >> let's talk about strength and energy. how are you doing it? number one, you are accessible. you are on radio, you are on television. i mean, you are here with me now. i mean, you are in california campaigning, and you are sitting down with me. do you ever sleep? >> i don't sleep that much. i get four or five hours. but i just seem to have strength. i love what i do. my father used to say gotta love what you do. i say it all the imtoo.
9:33 pm
i love what i do. i'm having fun doing this. it's brutal in a sense but i have fun doing this. >> next, donald trump tells me why he can win in states where other republicans have traditionally had no shot. part three of my interview is next. "justice" is back in a moment. while you were busy not remodeling your bathroom, the internet got rocket mortgage. a fast, easy way to refinance. family road trip! fun! check engine. not fun! but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and if you really need help, help will find you , automatically, 24/7. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology
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the family spokesman says septic shock killed muhammad ali. while describing her father's final moments, his daughter said his heart kept beating for 30 minutes even after all his organs failed. she calls it a true testament of his strength and will. the former heavyweight champ died last night in scottsdale, arizona, after a battle with parkinson's disease. he was 74 years old.
9:38 pm
half the u.s. is bracing as heavy rain and possible tornadoes are expected this weekend. it comes as the rain in texas is lifting up. that's the good news. the widespread flooding that killed nine soldiers in ft. hood, it continues to threaten. texas governor greg abbott declaring a state of disaster in 31 counties. entire cities are underwater. crews are working to rescue people trapped in homes. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to justice. welcome back to "justice." and my sitdown with republican presidential candidate donald trump. next i asked donald what he needs to do to win the general election? >> and does he think he can get some of those states the republican establishment never could. take a listen. >> i think i have a shot at california. traditionally, no republican would even waste ten minutes in california. but everywhere i go, i get 30,000 people, 35,000 people,
9:39 pm
and you know, the sad part, if i have 100 protesters, that's all they want to cover. in fact, i had one the other day, fairly recently, where 31,000 people. and all they wanted to talk about was the guy that was stomping on the police car and should have been arrested by the way. i don't think they arrested him. but he was stomping on the police car, that's all they wanted to show. we get massive crowds. but i'll play to areas of the country that no other republican can play. we're going to get california. everybody would say don't waste your time in california. i have great relationships with people in california. i'm going to try for california, eye i'm going to try for new york. people would say forget about it. we are doing great in pennsylvania, great in ohio. we have a four-point lead in ohio already. we're doing really well in florida. my second home. new jersey just came out. we are doirsey is a place no republican would ever go to and i'm close to winning. >> let me ask you this. over the past year it's been
9:40 pm
1237 is the number. you made it to 1237. you are not only the presumptive nominee but you are going to be the nominee. >> i always told you i would make it. >> you always said you will, that's what i mean about the confidence, the instinct and the intuition. new number is 260. electoral college. you have got to win everything that mitt romney won and more. talking about ohio, you are four points up, do you think you need john kasich? >> i have a good relationship with him. i think relatively speaking i have, i got along with him pretty well during the run. i have no problem. some of them i did. marco came out and endorsed me the other day and we didn't have a good relationship. i respect him for doing it. i appreciate that he did it. john and i have had a good relationship. >> how do you get people who trashed and hated you to just come around? i mean -- >> i don't think you do. there are some that you don't even want. i had some, some very tough sessions with some of them. and it's not even honest in some cases if they around. you don't even want -- you have to write some people off.
9:41 pm
you are not going to get everybody. i don't want -- you know what i want? i want the people. that's who i ant want. but there will be some people who i defeated who are still licking their wounds. i understand that. it was a rough, rough race. >> by the way, the number for the electoral college is 270. more on my interview is still ahead as i asked some questions to donald trump. next we remember muhammad ali and i talk live with a man who once fought the champ. don't go away. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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breaking tonight, the world is mourning the death of muhammad ali. the boxing legend who transsended sports was a larger than life figure in and out of the ring.
9:46 pm
our next guest takes look back at his life. >> never before faced this type of opponent. >> in february of 1964, he entered the ring against the reigning world titleholder, sonny liston, he emerged the heavyweight titleholder of the world. muhammad ali was born cassius clay in louisville, kentucky, january 179d, 1942. clay started boxing at the age of 12. after winning a gold medal in the 1960 olympics he turned pro. it was after the liston fight that clay announced his affiliation where the nation of islam and changed his name to muhammad ali. >> it's hard to be humble when you are as pretty as i am. >> the three him heavyweight champion was one of the most popular men in sports history n. 1967 he was drafted in the u.s. army but refused to fight in vietnam citing religious
9:47 pm
conferences. he was stripped of his title and license to box. he was release 1970 and vowed to return to the. to ranks. in 1974 he got a fight against george foreman. the fight was billed as the rum number the jungle. >> on the last week i murdered a rock, injured a stone. hospitalized a brick. i'm so mean i make medicine sick. >> ali spent the first half of the fight with his book to the ropes and allowed his opponent to punch himself out. ali would drop foreman in the eighth round. he would again basketball the heavyweight champion of the world. he too they took home a $5 million purse which maybe feel paves the way to today's multimillion dollar fighting sport. >> after ali they did the explosion.
9:48 pm
>> reporter: ali lost four years later to an olympic gold medalis, leon spinks. only to win the title seven months later. this makes ali the only boxer in history to win the title three times. the roaring crowds are what fueled him for 15 years and 61 fights. but his drive to please them kept ali from heeding doctors' warnings. he was slowing down. his thyroid was blamed. medication was a daily routine. it wasn't until losing his last fight in 1981 that ali admitted parkinson's syndrome was the real enemy forcing him to take off the gloves for good. leaving the ring didn't keep ali out of the public eye. neither did the disease. despite parkinson's syndrome, his work with the community would never stop. his work around the globe was lauded. then, 1996, another high. muhammad ali was chosen to light the olympic flame in
9:49 pm
atlanta. in 2002, ali went to afghanistan as a u.n. messenger of peace. in he was kabul for a three day mission. three years later ali would accept the nation's hie civilian award. >> when you say the greatest of all time is in the room, everyone knows what you mean. >> president george w. bush presented ali with the medal of freedom during a ceremony at the white house. even as he neared 70 years of age, ali remained dedicated to humanitarian efforts as one of the most prominent u.s. muslims, he appealed to iran's supreme leader ayatollah khomeini to show mercy and release two hikers held on spy charges. despite his failing health, ali made an appearance at his greatest rival's funeral, joe frazier. he could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. when we think of the greatest, we'll always think of muhammad ali. a butterfly, and sting like a bee. when we think of the brian kilmeade, fox news. we'll always think of muhammad ali. next, trump tells me barack
9:50 pm
obama failed at the one thing next, trump tells me barack obama failed at the one thing trump thought he would be great at. my last segment with mr. trump is next. reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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>> here's the rest of my sit down from california. >> i like food. i would say i like steak. i like pasta, many different kinds of food. >> do you know what i think your favorite food is. >> no. >> meat loaf. we would always heat it up on the plane. >> special my mother's meat loaf. it's great. >> what can you do for this country? i know you say you are going to make it great again. can you bring together the division of the people. >> i think so. i tell you what, president obama has been a awful president but he has divided this country like no president in my opinion, almost ever. number one, we need a cheerleader. i always thought one thing with him. i said he is unequal phi to be president. hillary is unqualified because she has bad judgment. hillary has horrible judgment.
9:55 pm
and bernie sanders said that about her. but obama i thought was going to be a great cheerleader, and he turned out to be a very bad cheerleader. the one thing i thought he could do is bring people together. and it turned out to be just the opposite. i will bring people together. >> thank you donald trump. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> w
9:56 pm
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9:59 pm
invited us along to his rally that night in san jose, california. tomorrow night on a special sunday edition, i'll take you there, for some street justice from that rally. but here's a preview. >> why are you here? >> well, the reason i'm here is because trump stands for what i came here for 35 years ago, and i feel everything is going down the tube. >> what do you think about the wall? >> well, i think i have a lock on my front door and i have a fence around my house. so i believe that, yeah, having a wall for security is a good idea. >> what do you think of the fact hillary said today he's loose cannon and you can't let him near the nuclear buttons? >> she can say whatever she says. >> do you believe her? she's been around a while. >> i have an open mind. >> what about that video from
10:00 pm
bengha benghazi. that's part of a special sunday edition of "justice" tomorrow night at 9:00. that's it for us. thanks so much for watchi hi, i'm greg gutfeld. now three times more absorbent. here's what's coming up. attacks on trump supporters in california. the media calls them protesters, but should we call them something else? i nominate jerky jerk faces from planet jerk-face. it's hillary versus donald. she says he's crazy, he says she's crooked. i say buy stock in popcorn. and he calls himself the greatest and who are we to ago? respect to muhammad ali, tonight. let's get started, america. [ applause ]


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