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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 6, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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right now the biggest stories all right here. an outrageous sentence, a rapist a college varsity swimmer sentence to do only six months for raping a fellow student. breaking news, a massive tropical is bearing down on the u.s. a powerful storm could hit landfall. senator sanders may be low in the delegate count but is he now insisting he is not going away. crucial primary day just hours away. but right now donald trump. trump is not backing down. refusing up, sharpening his attacks against the federal judge presiding over his trump university case. some are calling out trump for his comments. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. the judge, who happens to be, we believe, mexican,
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which is great. i think that's fine. >> if he were a muslim judge, do you feel like they wouldn't be able to treat you fairly because of that policy of yours? >> it's possible, yes. >> i couldn't disagree more with what he had to say. >> this is one of the worst mistakes trump has made. i think it's inexcusable. >> the comment about the judge the other day just was out of left field in my mind. >> this judge was born in indiana. is he an american, period. >> this is a man who was born in indiana. >> attacking the judge saying is he a liberal and is he against me and doing things i don't agree with and he has lawyers that are supposed to be doing that. >> and today senator marco rubio saying it was wrong for trump to make those comments about the judge. and just a short time ago, trump defended himself again, talking to our own bill o'reilly. >> i have had very, very unfair decisions. people said this shouldn't have gone away a long time ago in summary judgment. i don't care if the judge is mexican or not. i will do great with the mexican people because i
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provide jobs. >> if the judge recuses himself it will be interesting. he is an honest man. i have checked him. >> i hope so. >> he is hand hun national weather service guy. >> i don't care if he is mexican or not mexican. all i want him to do is give me a fair shake. when we have thousands of people saying great. why does it continue to go forward? >> donald trump, sarah huckabee sanders goes "on the record." good evening. >> good evening, greta. great to be with you tonight. >> nice to have you here. all right. do you agree with donald trump on what liberal democrat, there's no way he cannot be biased, not impartial. he strongly supports open borders. i completely agree that this is a case that he needs to step away from and he is too entrenched, i think, on the wrong side in this and he should step down. yes, i absolutely agree and i think donald trump is right to push him back. >> two things, first,
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insulting and making a crack about the fact -- he said he was mexican. in fact, he is an american born in indiana. secondly if you don't like a judge, the way you would handle it, think he or she is unfair, you file a motion to recuse, you don't usually take to the airwaves and insult. >> well, i think we know that donald trump is not always conventional. so, it's not out of theuch time talking about with donald
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trump. >> the bloomberg has a report tonight with the headline trump orders surrogates to intensify criticism of judge and journalists, were you on that conference call? >> i was, yes, ma'am. this morning i was part of that call. and the bigger purpose was for trump. >> i understand. >> go ahead. >> originally started out he was going to thank his surrogates. can you give us sort of a tip? how are you supposed to attack the judges and what should the journalists be thinking about? what's the was absolutely one of gratitude. he wanted to bring all of the surrogates together and have an open conversation and open dialogue, which we did for nearly an hour. he spent time thanking us but also allowing all the different surrogates to ask questions on a number of issues. >> how about the other part. >> talk about the issues of the day. >> how about did he specifically say intensify criticism of judge and journalist? did he urge these surrogates
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to do that? >> i don't know that the word intensify criticism was used, but he certainly encouraged us to fight back. donald trump is anything but weak, answered wants his team to be as strong as he is and encouraged us to fight back when there are ridiculous charges out there, whether it's this or other things. he certainly encouraged us to push back. i think you will see all of us do that. >> any idea when he is going to have his v.p. named? >> that's a question that i think he is the only one that can answer on that. >> so you don't have any inside scoop on that one? >> you know, i think it could be as late as the convention again, donald trump isn't always the most conventional guy, he may wait for the big moment and unveil it there. he has spent time thinking about it and not taking the decision lightly. looking for the best voice and best person to turn our country around, rebuild our economy. keep us safe and secure our
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borders. somebody who will focus on those issues and complement him in our focus on that. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> you can see the rest of that donald trump interview tonight on bill o'reilly. trump joins bill tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right after "on the record." the "on the record" political panel is here. abc news political director rick cline and "fortune magazine" nina easton. nina, does this criticism of the judge hurt donald trump or is he teflon? because he has said things in the past that that people thought might hurt him and did not. >> more logic. his spokesperson is concerned about the judge being liberal or democrat and, in fact, he has been very clear that it's his mexican heritage. and by that logic then, greta, i think women judges should not be allow to do rule on gender equity issues or sexual assault issues. same logic, right? so i think it's definitely going to hurt him. i haven't seen so much unity in the party of lincoln for
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weeks. i mean, this has been a party that's torn itself apart. and, you know, let's just read through the names of people who are criticizing him over. this this isn't just the establishment. ben carson talked about the demoral dissent that this -- talking like this means. newt gingrich on his short list of vice presidential candidates is saying this is inexcusable apparently he backed off of that a bit. this is the party coming together over a really important question. i think it's going -- i do think it's going to hurt him. >> the short list is getting shorter even among the possible vp candidates as a result of this. i think about this in the context of this head start that donald trump had on hillary clinton. she is probably going to become the presumptive nominee that tomorrow. he was that five weeks ago. what have we talked about for five weeks. it's been staff changes hiccups. like this one where you have the whole party lining up and saying this is not who we are as americans. this is not who we are as republicans.
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i don't see how that helps. even if his supporters say rah-rah behind donald trump. i don't see how this fits into a strategy to win an election. >> it's like is he daring his supporters to support him. it's not just the original comment, it's the fact that is he doubling down on it. and people forget about comments that he made earlier. for example, accusing ted cruz's father of being part or linking him to the jfk assassination. that kind -- he threw out that comment and it kind of passed because the election turned but i don't think this one is going to pass. >> but, is it -- i mean, that happened during the primary. he still won. >> yeah. >> it's enormous teflon, rick, no matter what he says. you know, people are scandalized by some of the things that he says. yet, it doesn't seem to have -- doesn't even seem to nic him at all. >> that's undeniable. for his supporters, no. this is not going to be the thing that sends him running for the hilt. he needs more t
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looks at pledged delegates and he is not going to say that secretary clinton tomorrow night clinches it in knowledge. that he is going to wait until he gets to the convention and he thinks he is going to get the super delegates. is he helping donald trump, do you think? >> no. he is helping the democratic party. is he doing the right thing. he needs to go to that convention. he needs to force a "roll call" vote. we need to see what the democratic party stands for
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and the totality of the democratic party is not going to preside in the presumptive nominee tomorrow night. it's going to reside in a range from hillary clinton to bernie sanders supporters. you can't write that off because it's half the party now. >> that's a big divide. would you agree? >> it is a big divide. no question about it. >> so go back to my question whether it helps donald trump. so he has this big divide and he takes this political war right up to the convention. so at the convention, let's say he loses. and now his side is really angry. so now they stay home or some may even go to trump. does he help donald trump? >> fake unity does not help the party. and what the party needs to do is to try to find a way to harmonize its difference differences by coming up with a platform that represents the breath of the american people. >> okay. how do you reconcile some things. let's take education. secretary clinton doesn't say free education. she says affordable. evidence says free. >> i would say cut the dod budget which is rife with waste. i know that being a member of the committee that had
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oversight and find money that you transfer into education. we need to reset our priorities. that can be done. it's not like we don't have enough money to meet the needs of the people. >> is it possible that wildly thought of that senator bernie sanders would agree to something else? like a cabinet position or something else? there is some over way to bring him into the democratic tent? >> i know bernie and he didn't get into this campaign for himself. he got into it for -- to address the needs of the american people. i think it would be wise for senator clinton or secretary clinton if she assumes the nomination, which it appears that she will, to find a way to include the concerns of bernie sanders and those who have supported him. if the party is able to do that, it could have a shot at winning the white house. if it doesn't, it's going to be very difficult. >> tell me what's happening at the convention. give me your prediction. >> there will be a "roll call" vote. bernie sanders who has 20 states for him not going to be just recognized but
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appreciated. if you look at states that could make a difference down the road states like iowa, colorado, new hampshire, michigan, wisconsin, those are states that watch those delegates because there are splits in those delegates it it could be like a fault line that be reverb rates in reverberates in the general election. >> does he have. >> mathematically it doesn't look look. >> it's influence he? will get a bigger roll in the direction of the democratic party. >> this is ♪ just about bernie sanders. it's about the people who supported him because he represents a new direction for the democratic party. >> congressman, always nice to see you, sir. >> okay. >> three years after the irs got caught with its pants down targeting conservative groups we're finally seeing a list of those targeted groups but we are not seeing the list because the irs want you to see it we are seeing it because the federal appeals court forced the irs to tell us. fox news correspondent doug mckelway is here. what's going on? >> greta, a federal appeals court has succeeded in doing
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what congressional republicans have tried all along to do. force the irs produce a list of the groups unfairly and illegally targeted for scrutiny. class action lawsuit by nor-cal tea party patriots only after the sixth court of appeals had lost all patients with the irs stone walling. at every turn the irs has resisted the plaintiff's requests for information regarding the irs's treatment of the plaintiff's class. eventually to the open frustration of the district court. the irs list includes 426 organizations that were singled out for extra scrutiny. 60 of the groups used the word tea in their name, 33 had patriot. eight used the word constitution in their name while 26 had the word liberty in theirs. the tea party patriots reacted today by tweeting this quote: it's time to impeach koskinen for failing to comply with the subpoena for evidence. the irs has not responded.
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but for three years congressional democrats have made claim conservative groups weren't the only one targeted. we now have documents show the irs z were also screen progressive such as occupy groups. but this list released by the irs contains only three groups with the words occupy in their name and only one group with the word progressive in it. that, again, out of a list of 426. >> i bet my right arm there are a lot of people at the irs that know all about this and they are not saying anything and looking the other way. it's disgraceful. doug, thank you. >> you bet. >> one of the baltimore officers involved in the death of freddie gray just took a gamble. what is it? find out next. a huge tropical storm is about to make landfall in the united states. are you in the dangerous path? that's coming up.
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the judge. >> owe is the second officer judge trial that officer was fund not guilty. officer goodson was the driver of the police van when gray sthawferred fatal injury. goodson does face the most serious charge of all the police charged including what is known as depraved heart murder. kevin is back. is he here to go "on the record." nice see it you, kevin. >> nice to be here. >> tell me about court today. >> well, officer goodson was there. he was there.
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spoke at the bench white noise couldn't hear what was going on. they the came back and got right into it and officer's goodson attorney say that they and he had discussed it and going with the bench trial. judge williams will be the soul decider. then they went through a few outstanding motions that had to be decided before the trial, which is now to begin on thursday. >> did the prosecutor seem surprise they'd elect to do do bench trial and not have a jury? >> it's a little difficult to tell the prosecutor's up at the bench. we couldn't hear what they were saying. there was some back and forth with the defense attorneys. they are also meeting behind closed doors in camera with the judge, so we are not really privy to what exactly they know and what they don't know. but it really wasn't up to them. >> up to the defendant. i'm actually surprised at this. i think this is a much riskier choice for this officer than the other officer. i'm actually surprised that the officer, the driver of
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the van elect to do have a bench trial. i know the other one was found not guilty. none the less, i'm surprised. so the trial starts when, thursday? >> thursday morning. >> and do they -- what's the an anticipation. predict how long it's requesting to take? >> they have not gone through that yet. the last trial with the judge moved more quickly than the jury trial with officer porter, the first officer to go to trial. we don't really know. i would expect it to take longer than officer nero's trial. >> nice to see you. there is growing outrage tonight about a six month jail sentence for rape. and wait until you hear what the rapist's father is saying. that's next. tropical storm colin north of the bay into the panhandle moving into the southeast. fox news weather center is straight ahead. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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>> six months for raping a fellow college student. that's it six months. broke turner, a former swimmer accused of raping a woman behind a dumpster. it happened outside a campus fraternity party. at turner's sentencing, the judge gave him just six months behind bars and he faced 10 years.
11:30 pm
on top of that turner's father says his son should not be punished for, quote, 20 minutes of action. now, listen to part of the rape victim's impact statement. the rape victim read this in part. you took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice until today. the "on the record" locally panel is here, former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams and former prosecutor katy phang. actually, the witness impact statement is about 12 pages long and it is chilling as she describes the impact on her. but, tell me, would you have given this rapist, he was convicted of rape six months and of course if he has good behavior he gets out in three. >> greta, absolutely not. we are all responsible for our actions. this so-called rapist is saying that he got drunk and that he was behind a building with an unconscious woman raping her. and to give him six months, this is a miscarriage of justice. i really think that something should happen to the judge.
11:31 pm
i know they are moving for a recall and i hope he is recalled. if this is the way he judges out in santa clara, california. >> is he up for re-election tomorrow. i should add to it the rapist had the wherewithal when two people came upon him to take off and run. katie, six months down to three months with good behavior. would you have given this student that? >> as a former prosecutor, i find it to be appalling. you know, there is a concept of personal accountability. clearly broke turner doesn't understand that concept. so, when you look at the criminal justice system, there is a punitive aspect. there is a punishment that has to fit the crime. judge aaron persky himself stanford graduate captain of the lacrosse team. did he seeself in broke turner is the question. did he think maybe that could have been me and that's the reason he gave him six months followed by three years of reporting probation? the reality is broke turner will be labeled and will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. but this poor woman, also
11:32 pm
carries the stigma and damage and horrible trauma for the rest of her life. i think six months is absurd and the judge has no business being on the bench if that's the type of sentences he is going to mete out. >> i would like to know if the judge did disclose to the parties involved before the trial started that he himself was a stanford graduate who had been captain of the lacrosse team and, you know, he was an athlete at stanford, too. i mean, i don't know if that had any impact on it, but this sentence is so out of whack with what, you know, what you expect in a rape case. >> it certainly is and i don't know if he had the -- exposed that but you would have thought that he was a jock. he was involved in that school. but what bothers me more than anything is the letter that the father of this athlete wrote to the judge where he says it's a steep price for my son to pay for 20 minutes of action. what does he think that young girl is going to pay for the rest for the rest of her life? >> and katie, did you read the 12-page victim impact statement the way she
11:33 pm
described how had when she got to the hospital and how she was being photographed, what the police had to do to her, the indignity of that whole investigation? did you read that in her impact statement? >> i did, it was gutted wrenching. this poor woman's attack and victimization wasn't just that night behind a dumpster partially clothed with pine needles entirely around her. broke turner has not shown the remorse. has not taken and accepted the responsibility for what he has done and just like ted said for his father to say 20 minutes of action is ruining his 20-year-old son's life. clearly, i guess the apple is not falling far from that proverbial tree. if that's the message is he imparting to his own son to the court maybe he didn't raise his son properly. >> i will tell you one thing i'm not a voter in california but tomorrow judge aaron persky suspect for re-election and i know how i would be voting. >> i know how i would be
11:34 pm
voting. if you that are irresponsible i don't know how you can be on the bench. >> i don't know how he could look that victim in the eye listening to her -- read about what she went through. six months in jail plus the fact, katie, i will give you a few seconds. if he does good behavior, it's three months. >> that's the thing. so in florida we have something called truth in sentencing laws that make you do 85% of your prison sentence. california doesn't have that he is going to get out on good time. really he is not going to get any credit for time served. he will be out in months, not even. >> ted, katy, thank you. the judge's name in case you missed it california voters judge aaron persky. thank you both. and this may be a social media first and not a good first. chicago teen may have used snap chat to confess to murder. prosecutors say 17-year-old anthony mendosa shot and killed his 16-year-old friend and while in the back of a police car prosecutors say mendosa posted a video i killed chris and now i'm going to kill myself. and charges will be filed
11:35 pm
against the mother of a 3-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. that incident led to the killing of endangered gorilla. prosecutors say the mother simply turned her back and the son ran away. in a statement the family of the boy saying they want to do put this tragic event behind them and return to normal family life. the exhibit will reopen tomorrow but with a new, higher fence. and do you know who are the most powerful women in the world? how about who is number one? the new forbes list just released. we have the list. plus, kanye chaos. why did the rap everywhere nearly start a riot? that's next.
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get red i ready to speed read the news. terror attack thwarted. a french man arrested with 257 pounds of tnt. he also had rocket launchers, grenades and ak 47s, the would be attacker was arrested at
11:40 pm
ukraine's-poland border. the state department warning americans that the soccer tournament was a target. the teenager sentence to do 25 years behind bars. 19-year-old christopher stabbed, murdered a female classmate. why? because she turned him down. turned down his invitation to prom. the 16-year-old girl was killed in the stairwell of their high school. kanye chaos in new york city. conway west sparking a near riot when he announced on twitter a surprise performance. that surprise performance never happened. it was a fake. thousands of fans flooded the streets outside a concert hall. some of those fans even crushed. kanye announced the fake surprise show after outdoor music festival was can seltd because of bad weather. kanye's in-laws force to do evacuate their homes because of a wildfire. about 5,000 people told to leave their homes. the massive fire began on saturday and so far has burned more than 500 acres. the fire was sparked when a pickup truck hit a power
11:41 pm
pole causing an explosion. about 400 firefighters are working to put out the blaze and that's tonight's speed read. just released the annual world's 100 most powerful women. some big names dropped from this year's list. but there are some newcomers. so, who is in and who is out? executive vice president of forbe's media president and publisher of forbe's women. marah forbes goes "on the record." nice to see you, marah. >> nice to see you, greta. >> i couldn't help but notice the list. 2000 12, 2013, 2014, 2015, and again this year number one angela merkel, chance already of germany. why? >> merkel has been in the top spot for 10 out of the past 11 years she has been on the list. she not only oversees the fourth largest economy in the world but she defies and overcomes all the existential political and economic crises that the eurozone face also it be the greek debt crisis or the immigration crisis. what's extraordinary is that she has been able to maintain this power which only grows year over year. >> all right.
11:42 pm
one of the big surprises, well, actually maybe it isn't so much a surprise is that the president of brazil, actually should say now the former president of brazil, she has been on this list a number of times. and now former president -- gone. what happened to her. >> she is an example of how power is fleeting. she is right now facing impeachment charges, corruption charges and the like. she was a bright spot in terms of women's in power around the world. what's encourage something we have 11 heads of state this year including newcomer such as the president of taiwan, the head of myanmar, coroner -- croatia. >> i love to see melinda gates on this. here is a woman who has her own career herself. she is very successful in her own right. of course, married to bill gates and she has done so much with the wealth in that family. tell me why she is on the list. >> she has extraordinary power. she is someone who has revolutionized philanthropy.
11:43 pm
last year the gates foundation gave away over $4.2 billion. almost $37 billion since the foundation's inception. it's not just about writing a check. it's about revolutionizing philanthropy, transforming how people give and the way the aid in philanthropy will forever be done. around the world. >> elizabeth holmes who was a wealthy woman worth four or five billion dollars suddenly worth nothing. and she is gone. what happened to her? >> she is gone. holmes was the youngest self-made billionaire in the home. founder of the blood testing company. what a difference a year can make. there has been huge questions around the validity of the science, the efficacy, whether people can trust the company. she is facing major investigations. so she went from a newcomer last year on the list to dropping off this year. and, greta, i can't forget to mention the amazing powerful voices on our list who are shaping the news and making the news such as you. we will thrilled to have you on this year's power woman's
11:44 pm
list as well. >> i'm flattered and always happy to be on it it's always been fun for me. as i say i'm flattered but i'm very lucky to have this platform here at the fox news channel which is the goal to use it as effectively as i can and i hope i do that. >> more on the list is fun. also some i should mention ellen degeneres is on it again and angelina jolie is on it and beyonce is on it couple people in entertainment who likewise have used their platform. it's always exciting to seat list every year. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, greta, for having me. >> the greatest of all time returning home for the last time. the body of boxing legend muhammad ali arriving last night at town the louisville kentucky heavyweight died late friday night from septic shock. he had battled parkison's disease for friday. the funeral is planned for friday kfc center. that is where he boxed and
11:45 pm
won his first professional fight. billie crystal will speak. major tropical storm could land any s
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♪ "dinner!" "may i be excused?" get the new xfinity tv app and for the first time ever stream live tv, watch on demand, and download your dvr shows anywhere. this is a fox news alert. tropical storm colin is slamming florida. the governor of florida is issuing a state of emergency. "on the record" has live team coverage from the gulf coast plus the forecast. we begin with fox news phil keating in cedar, florida. phil. >> greta, the bands of rain coming and going and currently gone for the moment. as you can see by looking up at the sky, it is dark out there over the gulf of mexico. and as we speak, tropical
11:50 pm
storm colin, any minute now between 8:00 and 10 o'clock p.m. tonight is expected to make landfall right at the big bend of florida. that's basically where the peninsula turns into the florida panhandle. we're at cedar key, this is levy county. and as you can see by all the sea weed here on the street, all of this was under water, this whole street and several other locations in town all afternoon. road blocks have been set up. all of that coinciding with high tide and the big storm surge from this tropical storm that's pushing ahead of the actual center of the storm making landfall. 3 to 67 inches of rain are forecast for basically half the state of florida. it's going to be a wet week throughout the state. even miami dade and broward county are going to be seeing several inches of rain over the next few days because of all of the moisture in the air and the high temperatures that we have been having associated with tropical storm colin. once it gets through and makes landfall, the big concern amongst the states
11:51 pm
emergency operations managers as well as from governor rick scott's office is flooding and tornadoes. will they be spawned and will they be deep? everybody is waiting basically to see how much rain and how much flooding that tropical storm colin ends up delivering. for the moment though, as you can see by the gulf here, the waters have really kind of tamed themselves down. but by no means is the threat and the delivery of pain and damage from this tropical storm over. a big overnight event for the state of florida. by tomorrow morning, the center of the storm should basically be over jacksonville. it's a fast moving storm. 23 miles per hour. it's still packing maximum sustained winds, according to the hurricane centered of 50 miles per hour. once it gets through florida it's not just a florida story it, goes to the southern coast of georgia, south carolina, and north north carolina. so tuesday and wednesday those coastal areas could
11:52 pm
also see their own three to six inches of rain. the main east-west highway or roadway to get in to cedar key, that was actually closed off by the sheriff several hours ago just to keep looky lowes out. there is some looky lou's taking photos out their car window. emergency managers don't want to have the looky lou tourists put their lives into jeopardy driving into deep water. coastal flooding tampa bay area. the tampa region will be getting a whole lot of rain before this is all said and done. greta? >> thank you. and fox news meteorologist janice dean is tracking it all. okay, janice, we saw what happened where phil is. tell me where is this going? who is going to get slammed and when? >> much of the state of florida is feeling the effects of colin and this storm is not looking that great on the satellite imagery. the center is right off appear lash that cola florida.
11:53 pm
we expect landfall as phil mentioned in the next couple of hours. the whole state of florida is feeling the effects of this. heavy rainfall as well as gusty winds and we have seen tornado reports throughout the day today. the good news is no tornado reports right now. sometimes with these landfalling tropical storm systems we see rotation and weak tornadoes. are what we see potentially in the next several hours and in to the overnight. the severe threat through tonight, tornado threat is elevated for much of the state of florida in toward georgia and the carolinas. good news here is it's going to be a quick mover. overnight tonight, they are still going to feel the effects of tropical storm colin and then it's going to scoot to the north and east and really by this time tomorrow evening, will not be a problem. but, as phil mentioned, several inches of rainfall, 3 to 5 inches expected and some isolated areas a little bit more than that. but, again, the better news here is it's going to be a quick mover, but, you know, greta, this is early on in the season. unprecedent to do see three
11:54 pm
named storms so soon in the hurricane season so people need to be on alert, hurricane season got several months ahead of us, back to you. >> it feels like here we go. january anything, thank you. >> of course. >> and coming up, do you know what today is? if you don't, you should. i will explain off-the-record next.
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let's all go off-the-record. there is a lot going on right now. especially in politics. but i thought we should all just take a minute, take a deep breath and remember some very brave men who 72 years ago today on d-day stormed the beaches on western france. the one who described that day best was president ronald reagan. here's the former president, 32 years ago on the 40th anniversary of d-day. >> behind me is a memorial that symbolizes the ranger daggers that were thrusted at the top of these cliffs and before me are the men who put them there.
11:59 pm
these are the boys of these are the champions free a continent and heros who helped end a war. >> if you are relate to do one of those heroes, i'm jealous because i would have love to do know any one of them. they saved the world. we're going to be forever grateful to them. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. it's time for your campaign flash. the democratic candidates are making a final push for california. secretary hillary clinton held a get out the vote event in los angeles. and senator bernie sanders held a news conference in emeryville, california. he says his job in the next 24 hours is to win california and that's tonight's campaign flash. that's all for now. we will see you again tomorrow night. but tomorrow we will be coming to you live from
12:00 am
seaside heights, new jersey. all the 2016 election coverage as the polls are about to close in the garden state. tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington. go to my facebook page. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the tease deck. >> thanks, tom. coming up, they won't run ads from the republican national committee. oh no, replied the five people left. plus the white house is writing scripts for the hollywood a listers. hopefully zach snyder is not directing. and 538 determined the ultimate wedding play list. there is no radiohead on it. back to you, tom. >> can't believe you went after zach snyder. let's welcome our guest. she likes to shoot guns and surf, but hopefully not at the sa


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