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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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stops right here. yes, we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the general election is set. barring any dramatic developments in the campaign unlike any we have ever seen before, businessman donald trump will square off against former secretary of state hillary clinton this fall in what can only be described as a ground breaking and historic contest. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly, live from san diego, california. one of the six states holding elections today. at any moment, we expect donald trump to take the lectern at the trump national golf club in new york to discuss his campaign. as soon as he begins speaking,
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we will bring it to you. first, here's a look at how the candidates have fared thus far. at this hour, we have a few results for you. the polls closed first in new jersey. and right now, fox news can project as expected donald trump has won there. on the democratic side -- yes, you know, nobody else is running against him so, i mean, there wasn't a lot of drama. on the democratic side, hold on, fox news can now project former secretary of state hillary clinton will win new jersey's democratic presidential primary. yes, beating vermont senator bernie sanders based on the early vote return. that's big. hillary clinton has won new jersey. we are projecting, as we mentioned at the top of the show, she has now become the first woman in history to top the ticket of a major political party. secretary clinton's victory is based in part on the support of super delegates. as i like to call them, super
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delegates. it remains to be seen whether bernie sanders will continue to fight her until the convention. so far, all signs are yes. we'll continue to watch the remaining rations tonight in new mexico, south dakota, north dakota, montana and california and bring you those results as we get them. we have a huge show tonight, complete with expert analysis. chris luntz and his focus group is here. as we await donald trump, we begin with our chief political correspondent campaign carl cameron reporting from new york. >> we're expecting to see mr. trump come out in a matter of moments. and now the question is can donald trump really make the pivot to the general election and has he resolved his issues with the republicans. he's the uncontested republican nominee. it's a clear win. hillary clinton becomes the first ever female nominee for
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the democratic party. for the last week and a half, donald trump has been in a controversy of his own making. in the defense of himself and the trump university case and criticism of the judge overseeing that. today, relitigating essentially his side, suggesting he's not been treated fairly by the judge but saying he's not going to talk about it anymore. we know his speech tonight is a couple of pages long which means it's likely to be short unless he ad-libs. this was billed as an opportunity for the press to ask questions. and there are a number of questions. most from his fellow republicans. mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, said it was time for donald trump to apologize to the judge in that trump university case. paul ryan suggested that there are still a lot of questions about whether or not donald
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trump has the proper temperament. and a number of senators today have begun to withdraw their support. specifically, mark kerr, one of the most vulnerable republican senators up for re-election this year, has essentially reversed his endorsement and says he simply can't endorse donald trump. that is the setting for the speech tonight when donald trump no longer contested and no more primaries has to make the pivot to hillary clinton. it's going to be a tremendous night. we were told just a moment ago we could hear the voice of god saying everybody please take your seats which means donald trump is still a couple minutes away from here. this, again, another one of his golf properties, the national golf club here in westchester. he's used these facilities quite a bit. we'll see how he uses them tonight. the last time we were able to ask questions, we the media, he really trashed the press, said we were unfair. the conference call yesterday, suggested perhaps we were the ones acting as racists. lots of questions. we'll see if we get answers.
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megyn. >> carl, good to see you. joining me, fox news brit hume. as we await trump and his remarks. it apeers we have the general election contest set. bernie sanders is not going quietly. your thoughts? >> first thing, it is obviously an historic milestone for senator secretary clinton. but it lacks the drama, had it been a closer race, had she not been the front-runner eight years ago, and had she not had this terrible struggle with bernie sanders. if you look at the electorate map and the polling at the moment, she's well positioned to win this election. donald trump has ground to make up. i think it's widely agreed you have to run a disciplined and
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targeted campaign, with a disciplined candidate to win. that was the hall make of his campaign in 2008. he was very disciplined. the escapades that donald trump has been involved in suggest that discipline has not yet come his way. it will be interesting to see if he reads his carefully prepared message tonight, if he's on message, as some fellow republicans are urging him to be, we'll get a sense whether he's about to make a big pivot here. looks like he's coming by now. >> we'll go back to you after the trump statement. let's take a listen to donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee. >> thank you. thank you. wow. thank you very much. hello. i'd like to begin by thanking
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the people of montana, south dakota, new mexico, new jersey, and california. we had some big days. we have some big numbers coming in. i'm truly honored by your support. together, we accomplish what nobody thought was absolutely possible. you know what that is. we're only getting started and it's going to be beautiful. remember that. tonight, we close one chapter in history and we begin another. our campaign received more primary votes than any gop campaign in history. no matter who it is. no matter who they are. we received more votes. [ applause ] great feeling. that's a great feeling. this is not a testament to me but a testament to all of the people who believed real change,
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not obama change, but real change is possible. you've given me the honor to lead the republican party to victory this fall. we're going to do it. we're going to do it, folks. i understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle, and i will never, ever let you down. too much work, too many people, blood sweat and tears, never going to let you down. i will make you proud your party and our movement and that's what it is, is a movement. recent polls have shown that i'm beating hillary clinton and with all of her many problems and the tremendous mistakes that she's made, and she has made tremendous mistakes, we expect our lead to continue to grow and grow substantially.
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[ applause ] to everyone who voted for me throughout this campaign, i want to thank you. i want to thank you very, very much. to those who voted for someone else in either party, i'll work hard to earn your support and i will work very hard to earn that support. to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you with open arms. and, by the way, the terrible trade deals that bernie was so vehemently against, and he's right on that, will be taken care of far better than anyone ever thought possible, and that's what i do. we are going to have fantastic
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trade deals. we're going to start making money and bringing in jobs. [ applause ] now, i know some people say i'm too much of a fighter. my preference is always peace, however. and i've shown that. i've shown that for a long time. i built an extraordinary business on relationships and deals that benefit all parties involved always. my goal is always, again, to bring people together. but if i'm forced to fight for something, i really care about, i will never, ever back down, and our country will never, ever back down. thank you. i fought for my family.
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i fought for my business. i fought for my employees. and, now, i'm going to fight for you, the american people, like nobody has ever fought before. [ applause ] and i'm not a politician fighting, i'm me. you're going to see some real good things happen. just remember this. i'm going to be your champion. i'm going to be america's champion. because, you see, this election isn't about republican or democrat. it's about who runs this country. the special interests or the people. and i mean the american people. every election year, politicians promise change. obama promised change. and it didn't work out too well. and every year, they fail to
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deliver. why would politics want to change a system that's totally rigged in order to keep them in power? it's what they're doing, folks. why would politicians want to change a system that's made them and their friends very, very wealthy? i beat a rigged system by winning with overwhelming support. the only way you could have done it. landslides all over the country. with every demographic on track to win. 37 primary/caucus victories in a field that began with 17 very talented people. after years of disappointment, there's one thing we all have learned. we can't fix the rigged system by rely on very -- and i mean this so, so strongly. on the very people who rigged it. and they rigged it. and do not ever think anything
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differently. we can't solve our problems by counting on the politicians who created our problems. the clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves. [ applause ] they've made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access, selling favors, selling government contracts, and i mean hundreds of millions of dollars. secretary clinton even did all of the work on a totally illegal private server. something that how she's getting away with, folks, nobody understands. designed to keep her corrupt dealings out of the public record. putting the security of the entire country at risk. and a president in a corrupt stp is totally protecting her.
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not right. i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week, and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clintons. i think you're going to find it very informative and very, very interesting. i wonder if the press will want to attend, who knows. hillary clinton turned the state department into her private hedge fund. the russians, the saudis, the chinese, all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return. it's a sad day in america when foreign governments with deep pockets have more influence in our own country than our great citizens. i didn't need to do this. it's not easy. believe me, i didn't need to do
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it. but i felt i had to give back to our wonderful country which has been so good to me and to my family. i've traveled to many of our states and seen the suffering in people's eyes. i visited communities in new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, connecticut, indiana and ohio whose manufacturing jobs, they literally, these jobs have virtually disappeared. an embarrassment to our country and it's horrible. i've embraced the victims of illegal immigration. moms and dads who have had to bury their own children. because of people that shouldn't have been in the country. remember it, folks, remember it.
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i visited the crumbling cities and the struggling schools. i've seen our dilapidated airports. highways. bridges. and i've compared them to other countries where we see facilities so far superior to ours, it's really not to be believed. hard to imagine what's happened to our country. mis america is getting taken apart piece by piece. auctioned off. rapidly. auctioned off to the highest bidder. we're broke. we're broke. we owe $19 trillion. going quickly to $21 trillion. our infrastructure is a disaster. our schools are failing. crime is rising. people are scared. the last thing we need is hillary clinton in the white house or an extension of the obama disaster.
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[ audience shouting "trump" ] what a crowd, what a crowd, thank you all very much. we love our country. we can turn this all around. we're going to do it by putting america first. [ applause ] that commitment is the foundation for change that's been missing and it's been missing for a long time. it's important to understand what america first means. it means on foreign policy, we will never enter into any conflict unless it makes us safer as a nation. it has to make us safer as a nation. this is -- this is the opposite
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of hillary's foreignich invaded destabilized iraq, unleashed isis and threw syria into chaos and created the mass migration, which is wreaking havoc all over the world. and while putting iran on the path to nuclear weapons and making them a dominant power in the middle east. and they are dominant. and we have made them that way, folks. we have made them that way. better hope i'm president. on trade, america first means the american worker will have his or her job protected from unfair foreign competition. what's happening there is absolutely a disgrace. [ man shouts "no tpp" ]
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>> no tpp, you're right about that. we are going and remember this, we are only going to have great trade deals. we're only going to have that. we're not going to approve the transpacific partnership. which is a disaster. a disaster for our country. almost as bad as nafta. signed by bill clinton. which has just stripped our countries of our factories and manufacturing and moved them to other places, in particular, mexico. if it's not a great deal for our country, we will not sign it. it's got to be great for our country, for our community, for everybody in here. because, believe me, we are all suffering. and we're suffering big league. and it's getting worse. on energy policy is america first means opening up america's great potential to bring wealth and prosperity to our own workers. including our wonderful and
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hard-working miners who have been absolutely totally mistreated by this administration. on economic policy, america first means having tax and regulatory policies that keep jobs and wealth in the united states. substantially lowering taxes for middle class americans and businesses. likewise, regulation, which is strangling our economy, which will be brought down from its present insane level, we will make it very, very good for our companies, for our small businesses and for people that want to survive and do well in our country. [ applause ] on immigration policy, america first means protecting the jobs, wages and security of american workers. whether first or tenth
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generation. no matter who you are, we're going to protect your job. because, let me tell you, our jobs are being stripped from our country like we're babies. the beauty of america first is that it brings us all together. every american worker of every background is entitled to the same benefits, protections and rights and privileges. it's got to be that way. now, the people in charge say things can't change. i'm here today to tell you that we have to change. we have no choice. we have to change. we're going to put -- we're going to put america back to work. we're going to make our own products. we're going to put america back to work. [ applause ] we're going to rebuild our inner cities which are absolutely a
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shame and so sad. we're going to take care of our african-american people who have been mistreated for so long. we're going to make you and your family safe, secure and prosperous. prosperous again. together, we will put the american people first again. first again. we will make our communities wealthy. we will make our cities safe again. we will make our country strong again. ladies and gentlemen, we will make america great again. remember. thank you. thank you very much, everybody. >> a fired-up donald trump.
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a little bit more controlled. using the teleprompter, which something we almost never see him do. somebody suggested on twitter this is the more reined in donald trump that people like senator mcconnell have wanted to see. perhaps some have not wanted to see because their not yes is let trump be trump. perhaps this is donald trump too. the more presidential version he told us he is more than capable of doing. when he announced his candidacy, no one thought he had any chance. here he stands tonight, the presumptive republican nominee, a very different-sounding man. at least tonight. back with us now, our fox news senior political analyst brit hume. >> it was strikingly different from the meandering things he's been saying in recent days. you can argue all you want about whether his promises are plausible or whether he can
6:24 pm
sustain them and defend them in a general election campaign. but these were the themes that got him nominated. that's what we heard tonight. on issue after issue after issue. and there's a lot in this for a lot of people. it's a message that will appeal to not just the segment of the republican electorate that nominated him, but to a larger slice of the electorate as he tries to build a constituency large enough to elect him in the general. and that's what his business is about. and that's what this speech seemed tailored to do. and he delivered it effectively. not at great length. shorn of all the stuff that's caused him a lot of gratuitous distractions in recent days. >> just before we went to donald trump, you were suggesting the electorate map suggests donald trump is going to lose this general election. i don't mean to suggest you have
6:25 pm
a case of whiplash, but did you change your mind in those four minutes? >> no any republican nominee, if you look at the electorate map, faces a formidable challenge and begins inevitably as an underdog. if you look at the states that democrats have won in cycle after cycle, democrats have won many more. they have a built-in electoral college advantage because of the way the population is distributed in our country. so it's tough for any republican. but it's impossible for republican to win if he doesn't have or she doesn't have as the case may be a message that appeals to a broad cross-section of the electorate. and that's what the challenge that donald trump has faced and the opportunity he's faced since he clinched the nomination some weeks ago. begin to build out his appeal. so that he has a chance of winning enough states to win the election. but we're going to be looking, when we come this fall, we're going to be looking at a lot of the same states we always are, florida, ohio, the swing states,
6:26 pm
and he has a challenge. he's got to find a way to win those states where, you know, democrats may outnumber republicans, and that's the challenge. >> you heard him tonight trying to speak out to not only the people he didn't win over during the republican primary process but to bernie sanders voters who he believes and has said all along he believes he can win with. brit, good to see you. the fox news decision desk projected donald trump will win two more primaries tonight, one in new mexico, one in south dakota. in both states he was the only candidate -- be happy about it, there you go. so it's a bit -- i mean, it's secure. the nomination is all but secure. doesn't become official until july. our guests join us. all right, good to see you both.
6:27 pm
let me start with you, as a trump critic, that was a different sounding trump. could you get behind that trump? >> well, i think it should be a rule that all politicians read from teleprompters because it gives them a chance to formulate thoughts. look, i thought it was a good speech. it starts to lay the groundwork of addition. and that ultimately is what particularly republicans are forced with. he's got to get people who aren't normally with you to convince them to come out and vote for you. democrats normally start with 240 electoral votes. republicans start with more like 116. the question here -- >> crazy when you think about that. the democrats normally start with 242 in the bag. states you know they're going to win. that they always win. and the republicans normally start with how many? >> 113. >> wow. >> 243 is better. that's easier. >> yeah. >> and i think -- i was
6:28 pm
interested to hear him speak about that. people don't appreciate the difficulty of putting together a winning coalition in -- >> those people and history has never seen anything like the trump -- >> no, they haven't. i give you presidential. donald trump has this amazing way of taking negative energy and negative press and turning it into rocket fuel for his campaign. amazing speech. he teased monday where he's going to have this huge disclosure about hillary clinton and i suspect -- i've got some ideas what it may be. i'll leave it up to him. it will be huge. it's got to be something clinton foundation and donations and possibly e-mail scandal. this man has a way of taking a scandal and flipping it into such positive press. i mean, in two weeks, three weeks, no one will know who judge curiel is. everyone will have forgotten
6:29 pm
about the trump university situation and will leave it to what it is, a relatively minor civil suit. >> he's exactly right, that's exactly what did happen, but it's typically because trump would generate a new controversy that would dwarf the old controversy and everybody would move on because it's like, okay, it's the flavor of the day. >> it's different than any other office. you're investing in what you think is the soul of the nation and what you think is the leadership of the nation. this is something what ronald reagan really could bring together. i think that more than any candidate we've seen in a long time, donald trump is the message. so the challenge for donald trump is going to be able to sustain a positive, not angry, inviting open message if he goes out to the country. it's very hard to do. you know, this isn't even the pregame warm-up for a campaign. this thing will be decided post-conventions. but he's got to sustain this. and really mean it from his heart and not just reading from a teleprompter. that's true of any candidate but
6:30 pm
i think it's a particular challenge for him because two days ago, he was talking about how if you're born in indiana, you're not really american. >> yeah, how this judge's hispanic heritage -- >> he circled back on that one. i think it was the judge's affiliate much more than the judge's -- >> that's not what he said. >> he didn't say it earlier, i can tell you something -- >> i can tell you, we have it on tame, five times, saying the fact that the guy had hispanic parents. >> saying things and having a slightly different meaning than he intended. i can tell you right now, i've spoken to him -- ronald reagan was called the great communicator. i can tell you right now you just witnessed it. donald trump is also a great communicator in a different way. sometimes it can seem a little rough around the edges. but the power of his words. you just saw him reading off a prompter. it's so natural, by the way, that he could be a news anchor per he's amazingly talented at communicating the ideas with
6:31 pm
such force and power that you believe when he says he's going to do things, you say, wow, i think he can really do it. >> i think david should run. >> he's got my vote. some say i'm too much of a fighter. my preference is peace. my goal is to bring people together. can he sell that, given the history of his comments? >> i think it's very difficult to do. if trump -- trump is someone whose instinct is to divide people, not bring people together. that's why he's got to sustain this -- [ audience booing ] >> it's fun having the hecklers in the audience because -- they mock because they love. >> he has to sustain this. a challenge for him. >> great to see you. you heard brit hume talk about the general election. we've put together a fierce focus group of bipartisan voters. when we come back, you will hear them take on the fight between donald trump and hillary clinton in a must see preview of the battle ahead next.
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welcome back. we are live in beautiful san diego, california, where they are voting today and how. we have voters with us here. democrats and republicans who are prepared to vote in this general election contest which we're looking you can feel and hear the enthusiasm. i want to get to the focus group. first of all, for the republicans in the group, raise your hand if you are on the fence about trump prior to tonight. and did his speech do anything to assuage your concerns? >> not especially, no. i am kind of a never trump republican. i voted for ted cruz today. i'm proud of it. yeah, donald trump, you know, i just am not so persuaded by him. he's been a democrat most of his life. a lot of his positions, he's swaying now and going back to the liberal side of things. >> the people who feel as dylan
6:37 pm
does, would you vote for hillary clinton? i mean, that's what the republicans say. go ahead. >> gary johnson. the libertarian. i've voted republican my entire life. this year, i'm giving the other guy a chance. >> any other disaffected republicans who don't love trump but who will vote for him anyway because they don't want to vote for clinton? >> absolutely, i think he's going to bring jobs back to america. literally the united states government has sent manufacturing and tech support abroad while they've started giving american jobs to foreign workers. huh-uh, absolutely not. they created a labor crisis for the united states. >> the democrats who are out here, he was trying to appeal to bernie sanders supporters. how about you? would you consider trump now that bernie seems to be on the swan song? >> never trump. >> never trump. so you go for hillary? >> i'm not even sure i would vote for hillary. >> donald trump is not stopping at the republicans. he's try to rein in some of the
6:38 pm
democrats too. he thinks this is how he's going to build the coalition. he can get enough democrats over to him -- >> i think that brit said it earlier. i think you really have to address the disaffected voters. the people who don't vote. and i think the candidate on either side that takes control of that particular sector. because this is a nuclear election. it's going to be nuclear. this thing is going to get big. it's going to be bigger than anything we've ever seen. the motivation behind that is going to be the candidate that can actually talk to the people and make them come out and vote. that's the winner. >> go ahead, corey. >> this is a horribly disspirited election. none of the above voters are probably going to decide the election. the swing state. it's going to down to people who don't want trump or hillary and can't make a decision and have to pick one for their side and it's hard to stay tuned in on.
6:39 pm
>> let's hear from the trump supporters. i know there are trump supporters thinking these folks don't get it. >> what's going to cause trump to win this election is those bernie supporters are going to come over to him. you know what, hillary clinton is the absolute worst decision for this country, okay. she has proved herself to be absolutely wrong. she's big government. we need to go back to the constitution. it's all about economics. >> i would say yes she has proven herself and donald trump hasn't proven anything, okay. it's like a horse race. my dad was a -- >> -- has proven she cannot -- >> what would you rather vote on, the horse that hasn't ridden, the horse who can't get into the gate because you can't get a rider on back to even win the race? at least hill tri has already won two races. as far as being a senator and being our secretary of state. it's the triple crown. >> they want to get in on that.
6:40 pm
>> here's the difference -- >> the first woman -- >> you, ma'am, in the front. >> yes, our first woman president, yes. >> hillary has the experience and she can take us where we need to go. donald has done absolutely nothing but alienate everybody. women, minorities. no. no. absolutely not. >> everything she's tried, she's failed. she failed in egypt. they're a mess. the whole administration is -- saudi arabia, we need them as partners. then we've got this guy, donald trump -- >> trump doesn't make it better. >> no, he doesn't, he doesn't, he's already offended -- >> he never once addressed the immigrant situation in this country -- >> i legal immigration? >> well, i'm association in the words of eva longoria, and i am an eva, she said the border crossed us. we did not cross the border. this country is made of people
6:41 pm
from every country in the world. and when you choose to purposely alienate hundreds of thousands of millions of people from all ethnicities, all religious backgrounds -- >> they broke the law coming over. i grew up in san diego. we've had to deal about our whole entire life. i'm association and who is the person who cuts your lawn and takes care of your children and washes your dishes and scrubs your toilets -- >> -- financial aid from students like me -- >> -- everybody that is the focus -- >> i'm association thsorry, the away financial -- >> they're not flying american flags. they're flying mexico flags -- >> let me just -- you're a trump supporter -- >> -- irish flag in st. patrick's day -- >> -- what did you think about the comments about the judge -- >> i'm learning about it, i actually went to the trump rally where he was -- >> and people said --
6:42 pm
>> i didn't hear much about did -- >> -- proud of their heritage -- >> i believe there may be some bias with the judge -- >> some bias? no -- >> -- just a little -- >> go ahead, corey. >> what donald trump said is un-american to say that somebody's ethnicity can affect their own judgment is completely un-american -- >> we'll go back to -- >> voters -- >> go ahead, ma'am -- [ crowd speaking at once ] >> when i look at trump's website, the number one issue is his school. his number one policy is pay for the wall. i want someone who cares about education, economy, health care. i want someone who has true policies. we want substance. i don't want somebody who goes to bed thinking about himself and who bothered him that day. >> go ahead. >> i respect what she's saying,
6:43 pm
but the reality is all the things you just mentioned, health care and all the things that continue to be a problem in this country, we don't really address. the media has their own way of saying things. i think the american people are fed up. i think they -- >> so who do you like? who do you like? >> pardon me? >> who are you voting for? >> i'm a trump supporter. >> you're convincing me or yourself? all right this is great, you guys, stand by -- >> -- how he treated you -- >> it's not about me, it's not about me. my feelings are irrelevant. all right, i got to go. you want more? right? i think these guys want to get in on it, right? i think they're having focus group envy. we have much more coming u including frank huluntz who wan
6:44 pm
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hillary clinton officially clinches the number of delegates to make her the presumptive democratic nominee. her challenger bernie sanders is not backing down quietly. his campaign says you should not expect to see the senator drop out any time soon. joining me now, bernie sanders supporter. and a hillary clinton supporter. great to see you both. it is history. this is history. first time a woman has secured the nomination of a major party. >> yes, absolutely historic and long overdue. >> what factor does that play in her securing the actual win in november? >> i don't think it has much to do with that. i think she stands on her own merits. if you look at her track record of accomplishments, of working on the issues that working families care most about. she's the most qualified candidate. >> what's she going to do to
6:49 pm
dispatch bernie sanders? >> i give bernie sanders a lot credit. he has excited first-time participants into the system. younger voters. that's healthy for democracy. i think that's, you know, much to his credit, he's talking about issues that resonate with a whole generation. >> he's talking on and on, she wants to get rid of him? >> no, i understand that. >> right. i would just say this, there's a finite amount of time between now and the november election and the quicker that democrats can coalesce and unify behind our nominee, i think the better for us in terms of the outcome. >> bernie and his supporters have said forget that, we're still in this thing and we're going to go all the way to a contested convention. >> absolutely. that's because the rules, as you'll notice, the dnc has not come out and declared she's the presumptive nominee. because the rules are the candidate needs to reach 2,383 pledge delegates. >> right, and she's got super
6:50 pm
delegates mixed in. >> right. they're not so super in my opinion because some are lobbyists. >> he says he's going to could be verdict some over to his side and so far he hasn't gotten any. >> well, today there was would be from california so he's got one. well, regardless of that, a contested convention. but that's not democracy's about. so we're going to go to the convention, have a contested convention, bring democracy back. bernie sanders has brought in independents. the party needs to unite because otherwise you're going to see hillary, the presumptive nominee, at least, struggle in her contest against trump. >> so the issue here is the dnc has one job right now. that is to elect the most electable candidate. bernie sanders is the only one beating trump. he beats trump --
6:51 pm
>> better than her versus trump. >> sure. look at the fact if you just look at the pledged delegates, too, hillary clinton is leading so -- >> maybe not after california. >> this attempt to sort of sway superdelegates would undermine the outcome of popular voting which clearly favors hillary clinton and i'm going to say this, there's too much at steak in the november election because i think bernie sanders at the end of the end of the day has more in common with the values of hillary clinton and the democratic party than they do with donald trump and i don't take anything for granted. donald trump is a dangerous man. he's a divisive man. >> hillary clinton -- >> to beat him, we need to unite and be rowing in the same direction. >> the kind of candidate that can win, that's bernie sanders. we're going to a contested convention. >> disagreeing. >> great to see you. >> thank you for having us. >> a fired up focus group and chris stirewalt are next. don't go away.
6:52 pm
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♪ ♪
6:56 pm
♪ welcome back, everybody, here we are in san diego, california, with a fired up group of focus people. and chris stirewalt, our fox news digital politics editor. chris, first of all, what did you make of the trump speech tonight, the pivot speech as they're talking about it? >> too much republican, not enough trump. trump needs to be more trump. >> what do you mean? >> so the republican party -- >> he can't win. >> no, no, he can't win. he did win. he won faster than mitt romney, he did it in 13 weeks. >> when he does the sort of trump, judge curiel stuff, he gets pummeled, be more presidential, be more trump. >> i am 100% in favor of the idea that what donald trump needs to be is true to the person who god made him to be. and that person is loud, that person is controversial, that person angers republicans. he needs to stay in that space and keep doing it because as
6:57 pm
soon as he acts like reince priebus wants him to act, boom. >> you guys agree with that? >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> oh, wow. >> look how good looking and smart these people are. obviously they agree with me. obviously. >> so raise your hand if you believe in the let trump be trump? >> let trump be trump. >> you're a democrat. doesn't mean it in the same way the rest of you mean it. >> trump. >> yeah, go ahead. you in the front. >> part of the establishment of the republican party does not want to change what they are because they're really rinoss. they're not really conservatives. >> the republican party needs to be shaken up and trump is the person to do it. they have failed miserably in power as somebody who started out voting as a republican, i have been so utterly disappointed in this party recently. trump brings some needed change and if he's arrogant and he's obnoxious, great. far better than a criminal. >> other than -- better than a criminal.
6:58 pm
they like the wrecking ball effect. go ahead. >> everything you said is true. there's also a theory that says well, he's going to be so in over his head and he's already going to the party to get help. that it's going to be an establishment republican party, anyway, or an establishment -- >> you really think trump will wind up bowing to the establishment? >> no. i think -- i think -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. you can't do the dance. it's either the trump, the whole trump and nothing but the trump. there's no other trump. there's not like another setting when you say i'm only trump until about 1:00. >> it's like i'm only trump until about 1:00. >> if trump changes who he is, he's not going to win this and this country is going to continue to go down in flames. we need somebody to come in and stir the pot. it's unfortunate, but it's true. somebody needs to fix this. he will get the people in the middle, absolutely. >> he's a -- >> without -- >> wait, wait. led sidney make her point then
6:59 pm
you, sir. >> i'm conservative through and through. i can't stand any of the politicians, don't care if they're republicans or democrats in washington or california. >> you like -- >> i'm for trump. it's the only time i'm not going to plug my nose when i vote for president. >> you like him. >> he's a conservative, he's a free enterpriser. there's a -- he loves america. >> you in the back, sir, i promised you next. go ahead. >> trump is going to -- aisle an independent. there's no way in the world if donald trump keeps up with the egotistical buffoonery, he's going to pull me toward him. he alienates me which millions of americans -- >> egotistical buffoonery out in politics now? >> so judgmental. >> i'm sorry. >> for everybody here, clap if you think donald trump is going to win the election. [ cheers and applause ] okay. and now -- and now clap if you think it's going to be hillary. [ cheers and applause ]
7:00 pm
okay. i don't know how exactly weighted the groups are, full disclosure there. thank you for watching. thank you, san diego. bret and i will be back at 11:00 for special coverage. good night. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. polls in montana have just closed. and in just a few moment, donald trump will join us right here and fox news is projecting he now has enough delegates to win the nomination. but first, tonight, fox news is projecting that hillary clinton has, in fact, clinched the democratic nomination. she's getting ready to address supporters in brooklyn, new york. first joining us, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. here with reaction. i watched a very different donald trump tonight. in that speech. i want to get your take on it. >> well, i thought that he was exactly what he should be. he was presidential. he was controlled. it was thoughtful. it was a set