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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  June 7, 2016 10:00pm-1:01am PDT

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the general election match basically seven, hillary clinton versus donald trump as we wait for senator bernie sanders to speak. tuesday evening in west. >> welcome to america's election headquarters, hillary clinton basked in the cheers of her supporters as she became the first female nominee, a historic night, the first one have a major political party. this as fox news can project that after multiple wins tuesday night clinton will have enough pledged delegates to secure the democratic nomination.
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>> we've reached a milestone. first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party nominee. >> so now she has pledged and the super delegates as well. mrs. clinton faced a tough fight in california from senator sanders. he is expected to speak from santa monica any moment now. president obama called the senator earlier in the night to thank him for energizing the voters and we're told the two will meet on thursday. donald trump has already clinched his party's nomination and he won five more primaries and donald trump has enough bound delegates to guarantee him the republican nomination. >> he spoke earlier this evening. a different type of speech from mr. trump because he used a
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teleprompter tonight appearing more presidential and he came out hard against mrs. clinton. >> we kocan't solve our problem by counting on the politicians who created our problems. the clintons have turned the politics of personal enrichment into an art form for themselves. they've made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access, selling favors, selling government contracts and i mean hundreds of millions of dollars. >> for senator sanders to speak in california trying to see where he is going with this campaign, there are reports that he is laying off many staff members, especially those in the field having do with the campaign. there is the setting or actually he's expected to speak there and they are not happy. those supporters were booing at one point when president obama, they got the word that the president talked with the senator earlier this evening so we will see what the senator says and if he is pulling back
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on his campaign, if he will concede or vow to continue which he has said in the past taking this to a contested convention because for him it's been more than running for president it's been the start of a movement. >> he probably thought he would do better than he has tonight. he won north dakota. california has not been called but he's behind in that state as well. we will see what he has to say. we'll take you there live. donald trump tallied five more states tuesday night but has he taken steps backwards. he is coming under fire for comments about the federal judge presiding over the civil lawsuits. he has said the judge is biased against him because he's of mexican heritage, those comments causing one lawmaker in illinois to resend his support and now lindsey graham is calling on
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other republicans to do the same. let's bring in the trump senior representative. good morning to you. >> very early morning but happy to be here. thanks for having me. >> thank you so much. first of all i'll ask your general impression of this evening and the results. >> i mean, look we have made history. there has not been this many votes for a gop primary contender ever. sweeping five states tonight and mr. trump had a great theme in his speech about unifying the party moving forward and how honored he is to have the support of the other candidates and he wants to welcome bernie supporters which i thought was a great thing to add so we're looking forward to shifting to the general election strategy. >> speaking of that support, after paul ryan's endorsement it seemed to -- it seems that donald trump was maybe pivoting and then he pivoted back and he's had all these controversial
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comments over the judge presiding over the trump university case but then this evening sounding more presidential. do you expect this trend will continue. >> i think what we're going to see now is we're going to be focusing on the issues. i want to clarify hillary clinton has named herself the presumptive nominee and i think it's important for the american public and the viewers to know that the dnc has a very strict process in terms of the super delegates and they cannot count those votes technically until the actual dnc election. she is really misinforming the public to say she is the actual presumptive nominee at this point but looking forward to the general election as i do anticipate that she will be the contender, we will be focusing on the issues because her platform is emotion and when we look at things like the economy,
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jobs, national security issues, she doesn't have a very strong premise to stand on so we look forward to unveiling those issues specifically. >> but in terms of unity of the gop, how can donald trump now as the nominee bring everyone back together when you have people like lindsey graham asking people who are now endorsing him to take back those endorsements. >> i think if you look at the historic voter turnout he has unified the gop and he's reached across party lines. this has never been done before. it's not a politics as usual career politician and perhaps maybe some of these individuals aren't used to his method of delivery or his tone at times but he speaks from his heart and from conviction and when he puts his heart and mind to a goal he accomplishes it. he's accomplished something so amazing up to this point and we will continue to do so and he
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will accomplish becoming the next president of the united states. >> he said he has a big announcement coming up this week. do you have any ideas that you can give us as to what that will be. >> i don't at this time. i certainly let him do that. i certainly look forward to that myself. >> what about a vp pick, have you heard anything on that front? >> corey lewandowski is heading up that process and that's tightly held i'm sure for obvious reasons. we look forward to unveiling that at the right time. >> do you think he'll be sticking more to a prompter like he did this evening. >> it's hard to tell mr. trump speaks from the heart. he has conversations with americans at his rallies aened when he's out on the campaign trail they're having behind closed doors. so i think that depends on the format and there's many things that go into the decision to use the teleprompter but i think we'll take it as a goes. he speaks from his heart and he has a connection with the american people that no one has
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ever had. >> you talked about crossing over, there has to be some concern regarding the hispanic vote when it comes to the general election and the campaign will need to work on that. have you heard how donald trump plans to reach out to those constituents, the hispanic voters? >> i think that's misplayed in terms of the media. i travel with mr. trump and i'm on the front lines of the campaign. at these rallies and the overwhelming support from the hispanic community is already there. so again clearly that's an important voting block and we will continue to touch on those issues but the fact of the matter is mr. trump remains committed to creating jobs for those people and by addressing illegal immigration as it's been ignored by obama and for his eight years of his presidency and giving jobs away to illegal
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immigra immigrants mr. trump is going to be creating jobs for those people who are here the right way and following the law. >> the economy, the number one issue for people across the board, it always continues to be. thank you. >> absolutely. >> thanks for joining us and congratulation on a big night as well. >> thank you. it is a big night in american history with hillary clinton becoming the first presumptive female nominee of a major party this after her failed bid in 2008 and it marks a turning point in our nation. she's ahead of senator sanders right now and we expect him to take the podium any moment now. so the question is what will he say? joining us now is brad sherman from california he is backing mrs. clinton. thank you for joining us this early morning or evening on the fox news channel. >> good to be with you. >> there were reports of layoffs in the sanders campaign tonight and he will meet with president
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obama in washington on thursday. what will he say in a few minutes? will he pack it in or continue or will he end his candidacy or as he has said will he still move on to the convention and try to contest it and grab some super delegates away from hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton has won a majority of the pledged delegates, a majority of the super delegates. she's won the majority of any kind of delegate . i am a super delegate. there's no way there's going to be a rush of super delegates away from hillary clinton. she is our nominee. i don't know whether he will keep running for one more week because we do have a primary in the district of columbia but i think whether it's this wednesday or next wednesday that we're going to see him play a historic role and that is do everything he can to prevent a
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man that's appealing on the basis of racism keep that man out of the white house. >> you're referring to donald trump but how does he do that? how do they get together potentially when he has said some nasty things about mrs. clinton, he's had a movement against her and recently questioning the clinton foundation? >> i think the attacks on our side have been very modest compared to what you saw on the other side. trump has unified a chunk of the republican party but obviously he's having problems. there's nothing that would prevent one candidate from supporting the other. >> you believe that the senator will eventually support mrs. clinton? >> i think at the end of this month and by the middle of this month but it may not be tomorrow or the next day. >> it seems like a blow out by mrs. clinton, 61% to 37%.
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you've got about 5 million absentee ballots. the polls show it was so close. are you surprised by the apparent huge lead -- there it is. we have it on up on the screen now, that apparent almost nearly double that mrs. clinton has against the senator so far? >> i am very gratified and a little surprised at how well we're doing at this point in the evening. i think when all the ballots are counted and i think that by hillary winning in california, which was sanders last stand, it will be easier for him to bring his people aboard and unify behind a not only a historic candidacy in a good sense of the term, we have a nominee who is by temperament and by experience
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the most qualified person in the country to serve as president, but also a historic candidacy and turning back the first validly racist candidate for president that we've seen in my lifetime and i'm over 60 years old. >> just over one-third of the vote in. 61% and 37% for senator sanders. surely not what the polling predicted. some said senator sanders would win california and that's not the situation tonight. representative brad sherman we thank you for spending your evening with us. >> thank you. >> heather. donald trump is the gop's presidential nominee winning the garden state and picking up an additional 51 delegates but some republicans appear to be app ensive about trump's success.
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joining us by phone is the republican committeeman from new jersey. thank you for joining us this morning. >> no problem. >> how was voter turn out in new jersey. >> a little early to tell but i think it was on par four years ago when mitt romney got 80% of the vote and donald trump got about the same amount. 81% so far that we've seen. a big strong win, donald trump won every single county in new jersey. he won every single congressional district so at 81% of the vote shows the broad breadth of support republicans in new jersey are giving to donald trump. >> all 21 countries in new jersey. in terms of the gop leadership in your state, how do they feel about the presumptive nominee? >> he had the endorsement of virtually every single county
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chairmen. our leadership in the legislator. no one ever has you anonymous support. but the vast majority of leadership were behind donald trump and that's why he had the organizational support and all those counties. won every single and won every single congressional district. >> do you think any of those lawmakers may change their mind based on some of the controversy surrounding donald trump this past week or do you think that they'll move on from that? >> i think they'll move on from that. listen, it's the first week of june. there's a long way to go here. two conventions yet to be held. people will have up weeks and down weeks and i think the support in new jersey is going
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to grow. >> he definitely sounded completely different in the speech that he gave there this eving in new jersey. what did you think about it? >> i think it was very good. he struck the right tone, very presidential and was looking forward. i think that's what republicans in new jersey and around the country wanted to see. >> thank you so much for joining us. appreciate you staying up late with us. >> thank you. we're waiting for senator bernie sanders to address a crowd of supporters in santa monica. he's going to appear at a podium right there any moment now. the question is will he press on to the washington, d.c. primary next week or will he call for party unity and fall in line with hillary clinton or will he repeat his vow to take his fight to the convention floor. we'll take you live to the senator and show you that crowd. >> they're jumping up and down. >> they can't wait to see him but they are disappointed tonight. >> plus the presumptive
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republican nominee donald trump vowing he can take california in the general election. coming up, the fight for that key battle ground state and others.
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as they wait for the candidate. the question right now will he gracefully bow out or continue the crew said that has inspired so many young voters. let's listen for a second. ♪ >> let's bring in our political panel to say what they will say. is bernie done? >> it looks like he is as my friend judy miller would say toast but i want to say this. i don't think his movement is and i think that what he will bring in to the party is how
10:22 pm
super delegates are held or done in the future. i think the platform committee will be meeting actually they're starting to meet tomorrow. he has five people on that platform committee. i think that's going to be very influential in what happens in the general election. >> what do you do with all the dashed hopes of all those millions of people that he inspired. are they going to go with hillary clinton? >> there's a lot of talk about her appointing the senator from elizabeth warren from massachusetts. that would be two women on the ticket but there's a lot of talk about that. that would take care of the bernie crowd. >> he's set to meet with president obama on thursday. what do you think will happen there judy. >> i've given up predictions in this election. i do think that clearly it's going to be a kind of come to jesus moment, a little talk between the president and the leader of the party and i think
10:23 pm
he will call upon bernie sanders to do the right thing if he hasn't already done it by then i suspect after california he probably. this is a decisive defeat for him. >> if he listen to senator sanders what he's been saying so far, he says these super delegates can change their minds and president obama is a super delegate. what is to keep sanders from trying to change obama's mind. >> that's when he thought hillary clinton wouldn't clinch enough delegates to get the nomination, i think she does clinch it based on delegates alone. i think the president is eager to get into this campaign to take on donald trump so i think that's the reason behind meeting with hillary clinton so quickly. i thidon't think the sanders
10:24 pm
movement follows certainly not in anonymous way and i think he might have created something even beyond his own control from this point forward. so it will be interesting to see now having lost california likely and having hillary clinton with pledged delegates if he keeps his word to keep the march on to philadelphia but i think that is detached from the movement he's created does. >> bernie sanders argues that he does better in the polling and he beats donald trump if you look at the general election, what about a third-party run? do you think it's possible he would do that? >> no, i don't think that's going to happen. even he hasn't given any indication that's likely and it would be terribly destructive at this point in the race which most people think is going to be very close. >> he is his own third-party. he's not a democrat. it's the first time he's ever run in his whole life as being a democrat. he describes himself as a
10:25 pm
socialist democrat. he is independent. he was able to remember a whacko party in vermont years ago. >> he described himself as a democratic socialist. >> i stand corrected but the folks in tv land know what i mean. what is his role going forward. >> i think we'll hear a lot from the speech tonight. i think he has to be somebody they consult with like they're going to do on the platform committee. i think he brings in some of the more radical parts of the party to the main fold and i think he influences hillary clinton's agenda. >> when you say radical, the israeli radical thing. >> no wall street, that kind of thing that he has been speaking to and getting crowds for. >> doesn't hillary have to pivot to the center. >> she definitely does and i think you're going to see that start. she's limited by the bernie
10:26 pm
supporters. it's going to be a very fine balancing act. >> both hillary clinton and donald trump we heard them both reach out to his followers this evening. >> and donald trump made the appeal frankly directly to the working class voter that feels that the economic system in its current form has not served them well. he talked about the free trade agreements that in many minds in this country have failed to create manufacturing jobs. hillary clinton made more appeals that donald trump is unfit and unhinged. he doesn't have the temperament. i think trump is going to make the appeal but it's not necessarily the idea that sanders voters will go on mass to trump it's will they turn out for hillary. remember in almost every single contest, even ones he's lost, he's won voters under the age of 40 in every category by serious double digits. that's a big problem for her. >> hold that thought because we have to take a break very quickly but we're going to go to the sanders event when this
10:27 pm
happens once again so make sure you stay tuned for that and we'll be right back. stay with us. constipated?
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief we're waiting for bernie sanders to address supporters. we expect that almost any moment now. the one person in america besides the senator and his wife jane who knows what he's going
10:31 pm
to say on our guy, our fox news digital politics editor. he's further south than santa monica. he's in san diego. chris, what do you think the senator is going to say when he comes to that podium and in terms of the odds? what can he do? >> i think santa monica was the home of "three's company" was that not the case. he'll say come and knock on our door. no, here's the deal for bernie sanders. he lost. she beat him. she's going to beat him. her numbers in california i haven't seen the latest vote share for her but ten minutes ago she was on track to win with unbound, bound, pledged, unpledged, any math you can do. the reality for sanders is he may have stayed too long because the point at which he had the most leverage to make hillary
10:32 pm
clinton give him the things he wanted as it related to the party or a running mate was before when he was having his good run in may and he was running races in may. you can't stay in too long and start losing. tonight he's losing. >> what happened and why? he was on a roll there for a while and then he hits california which in many places very liberal and it seems like a blowout tonight. 61% to 37% so far with a third of the vote in. >> she's smoking him like medicinal marijuana tonight. may was a good month for him. it had a lot of states that were overwhelming white. he does better with white voters. his footprint looks like donald trump's. you get into a big diverse state like california hillary clinton does quite well with hispanic voters and she is on track to do better with hispanic voters than
10:33 pm
anybody ever has. the reality for bernie sanders is his base is just in a party that is amazingly diverse, the democratic party, his base is too white. >> over this weekend we had these big stories how he was gaining with looatinos and how e young people at one point 5 million new voters 53% of those were young so one would assume were his supporters, so there was this hope because the polls showed they were neck and neck that he would pull it out. >> can i point out something which is no one would have imagined that we'd be doing this tonight, right? you know why we never covered the california primary like this before, because it never matters. nobody pays any attention because it's at the very end. the very fact that not only one of the two parties made it to the last day, well there's the d.c. primary next week, made it
10:34 pm
to the last day of voting and the fact that the republicans who we thought were going to go to the convention, that folded up earlier, the very fact this is going on is the reflection of the division in the democratic party. this is the reflection of what's going on and how ret sent democrats have been to take hillary clinton for their taste. >> how does senator sanders kind of gracefully back down especially after everything he said about wall street, about the clinton foundation, about the donations even though he dismissed the e-mail server and e-mails a while ago. how does he get out of this thing. >> i don't how they say it where you're from but where i'm from they say eat the frog first. if you have something bad to do do it first. what bernie sanders has to do to
10:35 pm
have a career -- remember he's not a democratic, what he needs is to be okay. he needs to be okay with hillary clinton because he stayed too long and he got beat. now he has to be nice and go out on the stage and say congratulations. if he does anything else they'll kill him. they'll grind his bones into dust and bake bread with it. >> bill clinton said he would be out there for everybody until the last dog died. maybe the puppy has four legs in the air. >> i'm disappointed you didn't mention colon os copies. >> this is a family telecast. we don't do polyp humor. >> i encourage everyone to read your piece from june 6th. >> thanks. >> you don't want to miss the interview with hillary clinton. that is tonight because it is
10:36 pm
wednesday after all on special report starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern, 3:00 p.m. pacific time. >> senator sanders motorcade has arrived so we expect his speech in maybe about ten minutes or so from now. if you want to stay that you can stay tuned because the motorcade is of course always the first indication that your candidate is there and everyone sits and waits. it's got to be tough for those people. there were reports this evening that they were booing when president obama's name was mentioned and this sort of thing so they've had such spirit and enthusiasm, they have backed this unlikely candidate and now they have to sit in the evening in california and potentially see him maybe say we're going to continue the cause but not my candidacy. >> how do you think he will acknowledge hillary clinton's win today. >> we'll have to see. the coming out would be my cause continues but the candidacy may
10:37 pm
not at least for another week. >> the revolution will continue. >> you don't want to disrespect the voters in washington but we'll see. the voters have made hillary clinton the presumptive democratic nominee. >> when it comes to women she has struggled to shore up their vote during the primaries, specifically younger women. will she have more luck with them going up against donald trump. we'll talk about it. >> i'm going to take a moment later tonight and the days ahead to fully absorb the history we've made here, but what i care about most is the history our country has yet to write. my experience with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call
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(thiazolidinediones) may cause serious side effects like heart failure that can lead to death, even if you've never had heart failure before. don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. toujeo® helps me stay on track with my blood sugar. ask your doctor about toujeo®. there's the senator sanders event wap we' event. we're waiting for the senator to speak any minute now. will he bow out and end his candidacy or take his crusade to the convention. we'll bring you his remarks. >> we will wait and see and you will not miss it. hillary clinton making history as she becomes the presumptive democratic nominee.
10:42 pm
she is the first woman nominated by a major political party. >> we've reached a milestone. the first time the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee. tonight victory is not about one person, it's belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible. >> however clinton was not without some problems without the primaries and the caucuses. and it was all thanks to bernie sanders who is now walking out to talk to his constituents. i understand you see them all still waiving their bernie signs and they really are anticipating what he will say and i'm sure he will thank everyone that followed him and thank everyone who has warorked for his campaignen as well and say that
10:43 pm
the revolution will continue in some way. >> he has been a remarkable candidate, an unlikely candidate in his 70s who has fired up the imagination, spirit and inspiration of millions of americans across this country no matter what your political persuasion but the big question is what does he do next? about a quarter of the sanders voters say they will not vote for the apparent presumptive nominee of the democratic party, hillary clinton. >> we'll see if he tells them to tonight. [cheers and applause] >> thank you!
10:44 pm
[cheers and applause] >> thank you! thank you all! [cheers and applause] thank you! [cheers and applause]
10:45 pm
let me -- let me thank -- let me thank -- let me thank -- let me thank -- let me -- let me thank all of you -- let me thank all of you for being here tonight. [cheers and applause] and let me thank all of you for being part of the political revolution. [cheers and applause]
10:46 pm
i especially want to thank the tens of thousands of volunteers here in the state of california. [cheers and applause] and i want to thank the people of california for their incredible hospitality. [cheers and applause] it has been one of the most moving moments of my life to be out throughout the state in beautiful evenings and seeing thousands and thousands of people coming out. [cheers and applause] people who are prepared to stand up and fight for real change in this country. [cheers and applause]
10:47 pm
all of you know, all of you know that when we began this campaign a little bit over a year ago, we were considered to be a fringe campaign. [ boos ] but over the last year, i think that has changed just a little bit. [cheers and applause] by the end of tonight we'll have won, i believe, 22 state primaries and caucuses. [cheers and applause] we will have received well over ten million votes. [cheers and applause] and what is most extraordinary to me is the fact that in
10:48 pm
virtually every single state we have won by big numbers, the votes of young people -- [cheers and applause] -- you young people understand that they are the future of america and they intend to help shape that future. [cheers and applause] and i am enormously optimistic about the future of our country when so many young people have come on board and understand that our vision, a vision of social justice, economic justice -- [cheers and applause] -- racial justice --
10:49 pm
[cheers and applause] -- and environmental justice -- [cheers and applaus [cheers and applause] -- must be the future of america. our vision will be the future of america. [cheers and applause] our campaign from day one has understood some very basic points and that is first we will not allow right wing republicans to control our government. [cheers and applause] and that is especially true with donald trump as the republican candidate. [ boos ] the american people in my view
10:50 pm
will never support a candidate whose major theme is bigotry. [cheers and applause] who insults mexicans, who insults -- [ boos ] -- who insults muslims and women -- [ boos ] -- and african-americans. we will not allow donald trump to become president of the united states. [cheers and applause] but we understand that our mission is more than just defeating trump, it is transforming our country. [cheers and applause]
10:51 pm
the vast -- the vast majority of the american people know that it is not that the top .1% owns as much as the bottom 90%. we're going to change that. and when millions of americans are working longer hours for lower wages, we will not allow 57% of all new income to go to the top 1%. [cheers and applause] and we will end a corrupt
10:52 pm
campaign finance system! [cheers and applause] democracy is not about billionaires buying elections. [cheers and applause] and we will end a broken criminal justice system. and we will break up the major banks on wall street. [cheers and applause] and we will join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all
10:53 pm
people as a right. [cheers and applause] and we will bring about real immigration reform and a path to citizenship. [cheers and applause] and we will -- and we will tell the billionaire class in corporate america that they will start paying their fair share of taxes. [cheers and applause] and what we understand and what every one of us has always
10:54 pm
understood is that real change never occurs from the top on down, always from the bottom on up. [cheers and applause] that is the history of america, whether it is the creation of the trade union movement, the civil rights movement, the women's movement, the gay movement. [cheers and applause] and that is what our movement is about! [cheers and applause] bernie! bernie!
10:55 pm
bernie! bernie! bernie! bernie! bernie! >> but you all know it is more than bernie. it is all of us together. [cheers and applause] it is what this movement is about is millions of people from coast to coast standing up and looking around them and knowing that we can do much, much better as a nation. [cheers and applause] that whether wall street likes it, whether corporate america like it, whether wealthy campaign contributors like it, whether the corporate media likes it --
10:56 pm
[cheers and applause] [ boos ] >> we together -- together we know what our job is and that is to bring the american people together to create a government that works for us. [cheers and applause] next tuesday we continue the fight in the last primary in washington, d.c. [cheers and applause]
10:57 pm
we are going -- we are going -- we are going to fight hard -- we are going to fight hard to win the primary in washington, d.c. -- [cheers and applause] -- and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to philadelphia, pennsylvania! [cheers and applause]
10:58 pm
[cheers and applause] i am -- i am pretty good in arather ma tick and i know that the fight in front of us is a very very steep fight, but we will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate we can get. [cheers and applause] tonight i had a very kind call from president obama and i look forward to working with him to make sure that we move this country forward. [cheers and applause] and tonight i had a very
10:59 pm
gracious call from secretary clinton and congratulated her on her victories tonight. [ boos ] our fight is to transform this country and to understand -- and to understand that we are in this together. [cheers and applause] to understand that all of what we believe is what the majority of the american people believe. [cheers and applause] and to understand that the
11:00 pm
struggle continues. [cheers and applause] i want to thank the if this campaign has proven anything, it has proven that millions of americans who love this country are prepared to
11:01 pm
stand up and fight to make this country a much better place. [ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ] thank you all. the struggle continues! wow, wow.
11:02 pm
sounded initially like perhaps he was going to bow out. but oh, no, and interestingly, he did not mention hillary clinton until the end of that speech, about 15 minutes in. and he said that hillary clinton called him, and obama called him, as well. >> he will meet with president obama at the white house later on this week. he was defiant and will continue his campaign for him, not just the campaign and the candidacy but also a struggle for a revolution in this country, he said, to the washington, d.c. primary next week. and then as he has vowed on to the convention in philadelphia, trying to contest that. well aware of the situation with the math. but as we said, he said this was not just about one issue, but changing the terms of the democratic party and the quality, wall street, special interests. social injustice, and the theme of bigotry that he said that donald trump was guilty of.
11:03 pm
>> that was one thing he said that they would not allow the right wing republicans to control the government. that is a quote. especially true with donald trump. >> let's bring in our panel now to see what all of this means. we'll be joined with our fox news contributors. ellen, let me start with you. are you surprised? >> i am actually very surprised. i didn't think he would not concede, he doesn't have the votes coming in. but he is head of a movement and it continues and frankly the movement will be needed by the democratic party not just in this election, but future elections. don't forget we have a down ballot election, that is very important here and that movement may influence that as well. >> well, what happens when the movement runs against the wall, with the math favoring hillary,
11:04 pm
apparently? >> well, she is the nominee but the movement is still there. the movement exists whether she is the nominee or not and pushes her from going to the middle. otherwise i think she would have moved to the middle much sooner. >> i think that he congratulated her. but it was at the end of the speech. and the crowd clearly did not like it. they booed, cwhich was amazing. and the only door he left open was his attack on donald trump. the only way he can unify his supporters, he can bring them over to her is to say at some point ultimately it's more important to defeat donald trump than it is to you know, fight forever for a candidacy that will for the go anywhere. but i must say it was a very tough unrelenting speech. and the struggle goes on. and it could not have made hillary clinton happy. >> and as you said, it's more than bernie, and obviously, tony, in his view that is exactly the case. >> that is right, that is why i
11:05 pm
felt all along own the objective indicator should have led to the conclusion he would have withdrawn from the race. it's hard to imagine he would have after he started. and following this quote, which i thought was one of the most powerful pivots in the piece. our mission is more than beating donald trump, it's transforming our country. to go after the top 1%, hillary clinton is the poster child of the top. criminal justice system reform. bill clinton is the president who basically created the laws that he now wants to fight. and he goes after wall street and the banks. she collects most of wall street donations than any our candidate. she got all of those millions from goldman sachs. he is not letting her off the hook. he is there to keep accountability of her candidacy. he has already won the argument,
11:06 pm
if not the votes. >> so what is going on in the clinton campaign tonight? >> well, i would imagine there is a tremendous amount of distress, because they would obvious obviously singularly focus on donald trump. >> do you think it was interesting she called him this evening, and he made a point to say that. >> i did, also he said that obama called him, and looked forward to -- >> it was a kind phone call. >> everybody coming, mohammed coming to the mount. but this was interesting, he didn't even acknowledge the historic moment that was hillary's tonight, which is the fact she wille lead the party, the first woman to do so in the election, not only that it was so ungracious. >> it seems that he may have sandbagged the president tonight.
11:07 pm
let me get you -- >> mike emmanuelle was actually traveling with bernie sanders tonight. wow, i bet his followers were very happy tonight, mike, what is the feeling? >> reporter: and i got to tell you and eric that the place went bananas here at the hangar at the santa monica airport. we were not sure what we would hear from bernie sanders, it sounds like the results in california were not what he hoped for after campaigning here for two weeks. so some of his staffers are antsy, edgy, perhaps suggesting the end was near. but then bernie sanders has the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand, as strong as ever saying the fight will continue. when he said he was going to go on to washington, d.c., next tuesday, the crowd here went absolutely nuts. so that really hit a key withes
11:08 pm
diehard supporters who gathered here in southern california tonight. they don't want to give up on the movement or the bernie sanders dream. and so when he said he is going to continue the fight that certainly resonated very well in this big room behind me. heather, eric? >> we also heard a lot of boos when he mentioned hillary clinton. what were people saying, did you have an opportunity to speak to anyone before bernie sanders came out. what did they think he would say? >> well, there is a lot of hard feelings after the associated press and some other media outlets called hillary clinton the presumptive democratic nominee last night, when you had six contests on this day. so basically they were accusing the corporate media, if you will, of suppressing the vote. so when sanders made mention of the corporate media, there were boos. the crowd went nuts, unhappy
11:09 pm
with their broadcast. and so basically they're all about bernie. fired up for bernie. don't want to hear that the end is here, don't want to hear that hillary clinton is to presu the nominee, he congratulated hillary clinton on becoming the presumptive nominee, his diehard supporters don't want to give up the dream just yet. >> you know, obviously, the core beliefs of income inequality, social justice, and the corporate interests and all of this, we have breaking news, he has now notched up another state, the senator we are told has won montana. so he has taken both north dakota and montana tonight. and you can see five points ahead of hillary clinton. besides this movement, is there an indication he will try to
11:10 pm
follow up on the past and change the minds of the super delegates. you have 720 of the super delegates -- >> she needs about 500 of them to change. >> it's an up-hill battle. he said generally the math is not with im. but do you think that the inner workers of his campaign will continue pressing forward on the international apparatus to try to pick up more super delegates from hillary clinton. >> well, he told us at some point in the morning he will fly back to vermont to reassess with his campaign team. he hoped to go back with a win in california. it's not clear what the final result will be at this hour. but bottom line he was hoping after campaigning nonstop here in california, spending 2 and a half million on advertising that he would be able to pull off a win and help make that argument to the super delegate that he is the strongest candidate to take on donald trump. it's not clear he will have that
11:11 pm
ammunition. but jeff weaver's campaign manager told us earlier in the day he thought there was zero chance of bernie sanders dropping out tomorrow when he got home to vermont. so what he said tonight, it certainly says he is going to try to strange to twist the arm of super delegates. it will be interesting to see what happens with his meeting on thursday. we hear there will be a rally in washington, d.c. on thursday night without the next contest. so it seems like status quo, even though there are headlines in the wall street journal and "the new york times" that sanders is having to cut his staff, because money is an issue. when you call somebody the presumptive nominee, the money flow tends to run out to the other guy. >> well, certainly the contest is continuing, mike emmanuelle from santa monica, thank you. let's talk about the president's meeting with the senator later on this week.
11:12 pm
let me read a statement from the white house earlier this evening, the president thanked senator sanders for energizing millions of americans, with issues like fighting economic inequality, and saying the resident looks forward to continuing the conversation with senator sanders but how to build on the extraordinary work he has done to engage millionings of democratic voters and build on the enthusiasm in the weeks and months ahead. does that sound like they had a conversation where he said i'm continuing, i'm pressing forward and going to keep on campaigning. i ain't giving up? >> well, it certainly does sound like that. and in fact the president did meet with senator sanders, a couple of months ago at the white house. they're looking for the small donor because they have to raise a lot of money and sanders has his fingers on that small donor. >> i mean, tony, if you're
11:13 pm
barack obama, what is in your mind now? you know, saying the math is not there but he is going to continue, you can respect that? >> both the president and secretary clinton have to manage bernie sanders very carefully. i suspect they're not going to strong arm him, they have not up to this point. even though the mathematical rationale has been difficult for his candidacy. he believes he remains with the leverage and will try to use the leverage to make sure some types of the platform are exchange, the rules committee, maybe tackling the super delegates. all of these things are important to him because bernie sanders realizes he has a legacy and has basically created a movement, part of a revolution that he has to honor in many respects. here is something interesting. he said in his remarks he must do better. barack obama has been president for eight years. people for get there is a large part of the progressive movement
11:14 pm
today very disappointed in this president. i would argue he has been progressive enough, but others don't feel he has gone far enough. so i don't think bernie sanders necessarily feels that loyalty to the president. >> i was wondering why is president obama meeting with him on thursday if bernie sanders just came out this evening and said i'm going through to next week to you know d.c., no matter what. do you think he told president obama in the phone call or perhaps president obama was surprised like the rest of us this evening? >> that is yet to be reported, but we do know that president obama is coming up to be on the jimmy kimmel show, which obviously takes priority over the future of the democratic party. but beyond that, i think he -- as tony said, must handle bernie sanders as a keg of dynamite.
11:15 pm
for hillary clinton, that is getting his supporters and independence, people who may not turn out. it's crucial for her victory, she cannot afford, no matter how angry she may be, despite the fact she had to spend a million dollars in california that she was not planning on spending on advertising to beat him. she still has to tread very carefully. >> did president obama still come out this week and throw his support as has been projected towards hillary clinton now? does edo that? >> i he he may wait until after the democratic primary in d.c. next week, next tuesday, and then he can do it. but i just want to follow up on what tony said about how there are people disappointed in president obama and bill press, my talk show friend, talked about buyer's remorse. and i think this had to do with president obama, and that is what bernie sanders is tapping
11:16 pm
into. >> by staying in and continuing does that help hillary in the end, that a lot of these people, millions of people don't go out disappointed tonight because as you say it is a crusade and revolution and his own movement that will start continuing no matter what is in the white house in january? >> that will be the possible upside scenario, i don't think it's likely. i think a large part of the sanders base doesn't like hillary clinton, they don't think they is authentic, they think she is part of the corporate elite in washington, d.c. that has failed the large amount of voters. i think it is obvious she will inspire a lot of young voters. >> he made sure to emphasize that this evening. the young voters, but whom will they dislike more? donald trump or hillary clinton? in the end, i think the clinton campaign assumes that many or most of those voters will come
11:17 pm
around to her side. i'm not sure if that is correct, but that may be an assumption. >> if they vote at all. >> if they turn out it will be key. >> i'm so interested about the meeting on thursday. >> we do have a quick programming note for you tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern, brett baier will sit down with the presumptive democratic nominee, hillary clinton, i'm sure she will have something to say about the speech. >> and mr. sanders is kind of boycotting the o'reilly program, when he put him on tv months and months and months ago, so senator, you got an invitation. >> come visit us. >> well, right now we're still waiting for the final results from the democratic primary, even though the initial results show mrs. clinton ahead as the senator. so the gap will close. >> we did have that breaking news, senator sanders now projected winning montana and
11:18 pm
north dakota. and we will also discuss the top issues coming up, which were on the minds of voters as they cast their plballots today as well a the key voting group they need to court in the general. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
11:19 pm
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welcome back to america's election headquarters, this is 2:21 a.m. here on the east coast and joining us now is the chief political correspondent for political review. and jessica tarlov, a strategist. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> so right away, i'm going to get your response. bernie sanders, he is in it and staying in it, says he is going to fight for every delegate. that is a quote, what do you think? >> well, sure, he is in it until the bitter end, heather. you know he has really energized the young voters, which is something that hillary clinton has not been able to do. he has a lot of energy and momentum behind him. and i'm sure that hillary thought he would have been put away much sooner than now. and here we are in june, bernie sanders is still here. i don't agree with anything he says, the man is a socialist, but he has given her a run for
11:23 pm
her money, that is for sure. >> and jessica, what did you think, next tuesday, washington, d.c. says he is actually taking it all the way to philadelphia. how is this impacting democrats in general and hillary's campaign explosi campaign? >> i think it's terrible for democrats in general. they is the presumptive nominee, that happened, she won the votes fair and square. i thought he sounded as it was put that it was not gracious. i thought that it was beyond not gracious. i thought it was bitter and narrow minded when you look at the big picture with donald trump. he did not say to his saturaupps when they booed her, and that we are on the same side. i thought it was hugely wrong for the kpap. there is a big piece out tonight by politico, that the in-fighting with his campaign,
11:24 pm
he is essentially not listening to anyone. he is calling all the shots himself. i wouldn't put it past him that maybe he was going to tell obama that he was conceding, and then no. >> that is exactly what we talked about, why meet with president obama. >> again, he is in it until the bitter end, because don't forget, the fbi is still investigating hillary clinton. she is the first presidential nominee to be under fbi investigation. so that is another historical first in our country. >> yeah, our original topic that we were going to discuss are the female voters and who will be able to get them. who needs them in terms of the general election. and with bernie sanders still sticking in it, you know, he spoke very strongly against donald trump. but as you said jessica, he didn't come out and even really
11:25 pm
congratulate hillary clinton at all. so how does she get some of the voters, specifically the young female voters who now are going for bernie sanders? >> well, i think that she keeps hammering away at her message and keeps being nice about bernie sanders, which i'm guessing is becoming increasingly difficult under the circumstances. but she has a substantial lead with female voters against donald trump, up 54/30 in the latest polling i saw. the latest poll, she was up 57-33 with white college educators with female voters. that all works in her favor. she has not with a perfect record with female voters but i think it's one she can win, she is ahead with female voters and african-american voters. >> they're trying to reshape her image, something else that bernie sanders talked about this evening is that top 1%, and income inequality. and do you think that she made maybe a misstep with that what, $12,000 armani jacket when she
11:26 pm
spoke about income inequality? >> well, listen, hillary clinton is in her own club. and for her, yeah, she can wear whatever she wants. that is a big message to the voters in terms of what she can spend on clothing. that is something that somebody would probably pay for a car, for example. but hillary clinton is having problems with female voters. they are not excited about her. they don't trust her. and the polling i've read is that she is having serious problems getting female voters to support her. so we'll see what pans out as time goes on of the but the way i see it, hillary clinton is also her worst enemy. because again, she has a lot of problems going on with the fbi investigation, the clinton foundation investigation. and so there are a lot of issues that people are watching. and again, people just don't trust the woman. >> and you can add to that list now bernie sanders who is not giving up. all right, jessica and denean,
11:27 pm
thank you for joining us. and sticking around. >> good-bye. >> she was shopping at ralph lauren a few weeks ago, that was just armani. >> they just announced laying off a whole lot of people. >> she was inside when i walked by four weeks ago. still ahead on this hour, we'll have more on hillary clinton's historic evening. and as we told you, she has the delegate votes to be the nominee, but well, with senator sanders not going anywhere, who does she fight first? bernie or donald. and who rains on her parade tonight. what will that mean for the rest of this race. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance.
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don't look at me! (vo) only verizon has the largest, most reliable 4g lte network. switch now, buy two samsung phones, and get a free 50" smart tv, plus up to $650 back. only on america's best network. today, donald trump spoke at the westchester golf course he owns, he quoted the speech, citing many of the same themes. but what happened today, with the big surprise, ain't going to happen soon, because senator sanders is staying in. let's talk to judith miller, adjunct professor, and vp of jamestown associates. let's listen to mr. trump before we go to them. >> well, we have -- it is 2:31
11:32 pm
a.m. tony, let me start with you. there was a reporter this evening that senator sanders is calling all the shots. not giving up. he has a meeting with president obama on thursday, what do you think happened? he came out with the big crowd and said he is not going anywhere. he has the deep principles that he relies on and run this race on and he will not give up. >> the energy was unmistakable. even when hillary clinton delivered her remarks on what is unmistakably a big night for her, it was not even a fraction as intense. i think bernie sanders much like ted kennedy in 1980 is willing to roll the dice. he has won 22, maybe 24 states, won a lot of these in the second half. picked up steam here towards the end. i think if he won california he would have certainly a better
11:33 pm
rationale, but if he wants to drive home he feels that hillary clinton certainly will not pay enough attention to those more progressive sets of issues without him into this race. what i thought was more interesting, because you brought up the trump speech as well is how he appealed to the bernie sanders vote on the economic argument, the trade agreement, getting americans working again. the unfairness in the economic system and economic order. these are things if you are a bernie sanders supporter and that was why you were supporting him, trump is appealing. on the other issues, sanders has a beef with trump, i don't think if you're a social justice -- >> judy, what do you make of trump -- >> earlier it was pointed out that he did not think or even address or was very gracious about mrs. clinton and her apparent historic achievement this evening. and he was coming out strong with his campaign continuing and
11:34 pm
he did not quiet the boos with he mentioned her name. >> absolutely, this is vintage sanders, he is so unpopular with his party, as unpopular with the democratic hierarchy as donald trump was with the republican hierarchy. and it's so interesting to me that both of these men who have these extraordinary popular followings are really an anat had h o hema to the party they claim to want to represent. >> to those who voted for the other part, i will work very hard to earn your support. to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you with open arms. >> all right, well, bernie
11:35 pm
sanders did not say i'm dropping out both for hillary clinton. but he did say very specifically, we will not allow donald trump to win. so why do you think he was so strong against donald trump this evening? >> well, i have a theory. you know, i have a mental health background. so i tend to look at things from a longer perspective. and they overlapped in the senate almost two years i believe. and i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall, during even though he caucused with the democrats and is quote unquote an independent at that point in time i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during his interactions with hillary clinton. because i'm telling you, i doubt whether this is just this campaign. >> do you think that was part of the conversation with president obama this evening, if you're not going to drop out, be sure you don't switch over to the donald trump campaign -- >> i also think bernie sanders
11:36 pm
is very legitimately despited about the fact that the ap committed in my opinion, malpractice, yesterday without one contest taking place all of a sudden coming up with this projection that hillary clinton had the amount of votes. on the eve of tonight where many contests would take place. i thought it was under-cutting and stunning. and i think sanders alluded to that. i think wants to reject this idea that they have to play by the old rules where the establishment elite guard gets to rig the system and call all the shots. so look, i think he is going to keep it interesting, although it will be very curious in how president obama i think manages this relationship. it's very likely he will become as the potential head of the democratic party, the broker between hillary clinton and sanders. >> do you think what he did tonight. that ap decision, because when
11:37 pm
that came out it then followed that some networks called the race for mrs. clinton, that alone could have been such a blow to senator sanders that it made his decision to press on. because it fits, as you said, tony, right into his rationale that he talks about. >> well, that is one of the questions that we hope the reporters covering bernie sanders with him will be asking him. is this what he intended to do when he walked out on the stage, we really don't know. and i think what he intends to do in the coming weeks will determine her prospects. >> you can look at the latest polling, yesterday they were 2 percentage points apart. and then you look at the votes that came in this evening, and it was what, 60% to 9 -- >> there it is. now we have just under a half. and the senator said it will close up. and it is closing a bit.
11:38 pm
but look, they're still 20 points apart. but for the senator, it's more than just the race for the white house now. it's a revolution in his mind that he has been fighting for the last 40-some odd years in vermont, that it is spread across the country. >> and they will leave the republicans and democrats in the tough race for the white house next fall. senator sanders has we have been telling you, ain't going anywhere. and coming up, a look at the many issues both candidates will have to confront, all along the way. stay with us. >> many of you feel like you're out there on your own. that no one has your back. well, i do. i hear you. i see you. and as your president, i will always have your back. >> i'm going to be america's champion. because you see, this election
11:39 pm
is not about republican or democrats. it's about who runs this country.
11:40 pm
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
primary and caucuses just about over, the last contest is in washington next week. now the presumptive nominees are looking forward to the general elections. hillary wright has a look at the issues that will dominate the
11:43 pm
issues. >> good morning, to you as well, eric and heather, bernie sanders, notwithstanding, what happens in the general election, let's take a look at what they may look like. with enough votes, hillary clinton is celebrating her special place in history during a victory rally here in new york city at the navy yard. clinton acknowledged she had just become the first woman in history to become a major nominee for the presidential party. for that she thanked pioneering women in the past, and the party. >> we all owe so much who came before us, and tonight belongs to all of you. >> and with that, hillary clinton praised her democratic rival, bernie sanders, and looked at the efforts to win the general election, and then
11:44 pm
blasted the presumptive nominee, donald trump. >> he is not just trying to build a wall between america and mexico. he is trying to wall off americans from each other. when he says let's make america great again, that is code for, let's take america backward. we believe we should lift each other up. not tear each other down. >> donald trump, who has come under fire by fellow republicans for his critical comments he made about a federal judge's mexican heritage reached out to ease the concerns of established republicans during a rally in briarcliff new york, trump said he would make republicans proud of their party and the trump movement. instead of talking off the cuff, he used a teleprompter, and focused on the attack against hillary clinton saying she and
11:45 pm
her husband have used public office to personally enrich themselves. >> they have used hundreds of millions of dollars, selling access and government contracts to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. secretary clinton even did all the work on a totally private e-mail server, something that how she is getting away with it, folks, nobody understands. >> so that is a look at the campaign and the back and forth that will take place between trump and clinton. here are the analysts who some say will determine who becomes president. number one, it's the economy, stupid, if the economy doesn't improve, clinton could find herself in jeopardy if people can't find work and improve their incomes and their lives. a lot of frustrations, analysts say trump, because of his business background could be a strong person for the economy. other issues that impact both
11:46 pm
candidates how will clinton defend her public record on sec? the state department e-mails, foreign policy, the deaths of the ambassador and three other americans in benghazi. the conflict in syria, isis, libya, all of these are open to attacks from trump. but analysts say will trump win if he continues the campaign in the way he has in the past. he has to change his style, and as some republicans say, become more presidential. so no matter how you see it, eric and heather, it's clear this will be a nasty campaign. so put your seat belts on, this will likely be a bumpy ride between now and november. we ain't done yet. >> and kelly, it just got more bumpy with senator sanders vowing to press on with his revolution. thank you. all right, we can tell you fox has confirmed, this is breaking news from a senior campaign official, that over
11:47 pm
half of the bernie sanders campaign will be laid off in the next week. fox confirmed that sanders will have two meetings in fact in d.c. on thursday, one of those as we mentioned will be with president obama in the white house in the morning. another one with senator reid, in reid's office in the early afternoon. so additional information for you that has been confirmed from fox. right now -- >> we'll go back to the panel. >> are we going to the the panel? >> to the panel for a second. two meetings, with the president and harry reid, what will he say to both of them when he is in washington? >> well, i think the issue is what harry reid will say to senator sanders, that will be the bigger issue because he now still has him as a senator who is caucusing with him, now he is a democratic party person. so i think harry reid will try to bring him in the fold a bit, so to speak. >> reid has already been
11:48 pm
critical of bernie sanders and encouraged him to leave the race. the issue of sanders, and particularly with the minority leader reid, there is nothing reid can offer him. how do you buy something for somebody who refuses to buy. i think what you're starting to see is the dialogue being established, the lines of communication for the eventual constitute when sanders does lead for a way that reid and obama both approve. >> quickly, what does sanders do? >> well, sanders is going to do what he has always done. now the unofficial leader of the revolutionary movement. >> all right, we'll continue to talk about it. everyone stay with us. we will be right back. do not move. show me movies with romance.
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back to america's election headquarters, hillary clinton making history as the first woman to become the nominee of a major party. but bernie sanders is determined to stay in the race. joining us now the president of the women's media center, and well as a clinton adviser and
11:53 pm
fox news contributor. and ethan bareman, thank you for joining us so early. >> hello. what a night out there. >> what a night, jimmy, i'll actually start with you. i mean, hillary clinton did make history this evening. >> absolutely. >> but has it been over shadowed? >> no, heather, i was in the room when secretary clinton made her speech tonight. and the room was electric. i found it really interesting, because she was so softspoken of the -- and i think that added to just how historic that moment was. softspoken, strong, it was so much more than just about hillary clinton. this is about little girls and boys and how their collective futures have dramatically been changed tonight with hillary clinton getting the nomination.
11:54 pm
and i think whoever tries to take that away, whether it's donald trump, and i certainly was disappointed in senator sanders' speech a few minutes ago. whoever is trying to take that away, that is playing politics at a time when you really can look at this nomination and see just how far we've come. >> ethan, i want to go back to what jimmy was talking about, and the speech that hillary clinton gave this evening. off the very start of the speech she was talking about a gender, being a woman, and the glass ceiling. what did you think about that? >> well, i congratulate secretary clinton for her victory and she is absolutely right. she is the first major party candidate woman representing and running for president. and getting the nomination. but let's get to the point back here for a second. so she talks in these platitudes just like a politician does. but what is her track record on
11:55 pm
these issues of working together? she has a terrible track record on this. her likeability, her trustworthiness, these are all major issues, bernie sanders is sticking in this race. that will be a problem for her all the way through. she gave a great speech, it was wonderful. what will she actually do with this nomination? that is what it comes down to. >> and jimmy, you were talking about how she was softspoken, i was thinking about that as well. but do you think that is part of the effort to revamp her image, because even the delivery as you said of her speech was very different this evening. >> oh, no, i don't think so, i have been in many rooms, both labor a large and small, and i think one of the reasons you see the campaign so focused, that is where she connects with voters and really has i think the best
11:56 pm
interaction. and she is always softspoken, now, there are times she is, and times when you have to take it to donald trump like she did and say that he was unfit, unprepared, and too dangerous for this country. and so she is also a fighter. but i think really when you look at just the historic moment of tonight, 50 years ago, heather, there were states in this country where women could not get credit card or rent apartments. could not even serve on a jury. >> very different now. >> this is history making, history made. >> i have to wrap you up. evan, thank you for joining us as well. our special campaign coverage continues after this break. history made tonight. hillary clinton, the first major party candidate.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
hillary clinton rewriting the history books of our nation. >> she is the first woman to become the presidential nominee of a major u.s. political party senator bernie sanders is not standing down. >> emphatically not standing down. welcome to the third straight hour of america's election headquarters headquarters. clinton has won at least three more states. sanders has won two. the biggest prize, california, still too close to call. >> breaking minutes ago, it turns out the sanders campaign will layoff what we are told is over half of the campaign staff in the coming weeks.
12:01 am
but the vermont senator defiant in santa monica, california this evening, saying he has plans to roll on to washington, d.c.'s primary next week. >> we are going to fight hard to 1 -- to win the primary in washington, d.c. and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> well, on the gop side meantime donald trump, the republican nominee finished off the primary season with added momentum as well. >> he won the five contests and now fox news can project that they have enough bound delegates that he will win his party's nomination. >> for more on that garrett joins us from the dc bureau. good morning.
12:02 am
it is very early morning. >> good morning to y'all. the day the shadow was darker than ever and he came over -- he came under fire after his controversial comments of the federal judge overseeing the case of trump university. he has an inherent conflict of interest because his parents were born in mexico and his stance on immigration. less than a week after endorsing trump paul ryan called those remarks unacceptable. thisy said they were -- they said they were the textbook definition of a racist comment. trump appears to be moving past the controversy and issued a statement saying in part it is unfortunate that my comments have been misconstrued as an attack against people of mexican heritage. i am friends with and employ thousands of people of mexican-american dissent.
12:03 am
based on the rulings i feel justified in questioning whether i am receiving a fair trial. while this lawsuit should have been dismissed, it is now scheduled for trial in november and i do not intend to comment on this matter any further. in miss victory -- in his victory speech he did not talk about the trump university case at all. he spent a majority of the time hammering away at hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton turned the state department into her private hedge fund. the russians, the saudis, the chinese all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return. it is a sad day in america when foreign governments with deep pockets have more influence in our own country than our great citizens. >> trump is well aware of the division within the democratic party and with hillary clinton securing enough for her party's m no nation he is also reaching out to bernie sanders
12:04 am
supporters who may have a hard time backing clinton. >> garrett, thank you so much. i believe, eric, you will talk more about hillary clinton making history becoming the first woman to win enough delegates to win her nomination. >> now more on the historicky vent -- the historic event. >> at least now the momentum of his strewy is in hillary -- history is in hillary clinton's corner. she is the democratic prooy sum tiff nominee and the first woman to do it. >> thanks to you we've reached a milestone. first time in our nation's history that our woman will be a major party nominee. >> hillary clinton celebrated in brooklyn, new york with
12:05 am
enthusiastic supporters who reveled in her historic victory. she paid tribute to her deceased mother, dorothy, who instilled in her the strength to achieve what ever she set her mind to. and winning enough delegates to capture the democratic nomination come eight years to the day she lost the race to obama. clinton had only kudos for her tough opponent, bernie sanders. >> i want to congratulate senator sanders for the extra campaign he has run. he has spent his long career in public service fighting for progressive causes and principals and excited millions of voters especially young people. >> hillary clinton has 2,197 with new jersey, new mexico and south dakota and sanders has 1,663.
12:06 am
sanders on tuesday refused to concede the nomination vowing to move on to washington, d.c. which is next tuesday. he won the north dakota caucuses and the montana primary. he tried to stake a claim for the biggest prize, california. our fox news decision team says it is too early to call, but hillary so far has the lead. sanders rallied supporters in santa monica. >> our campaign from day one has understand some very basic points and that is first we will not allow right wing republicans to control our government. especially true with donald trump as the republican candidate. >> the white house says president obama called both mrs. clinton and bernie sanders congratulating them for running inspired campaigns. at sanders' request the president will meet with the vermont senator on thursday.
12:07 am
and sanders campaign will layoff half of its staff in the next week. eric? >> despite that it seems he is staying in for now, at least through next week in washington, d.c. he sees it as a revolution in his words and a movement. what will mrs. clinton to react to sanders staying in the race. brett will ask that question. he has an interview with hillary clinton and you can see that this evening on "spcial report" at 6:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox newschannel. heather? he said from the beginning that the nomination process was rigged in his opinion. joining us is the president of rasmusson media. >> i am here. good morning. >> good morning. what did you think? bernie sanderses says he is not going anywhere. he is going all the way to philadelphia and he will fight for every delegate he can get. >> you know, i think this is the natural outcome of the rhetoric that has gotten him
12:08 am
this far. just as donald trump's tone has got him friends and foes bernie sanders has been saying this process is rigged and he wants to fight for something and make it more than a campaign about himself. i wouldn't be surprised if part of his effort when he goes to the convention is to change the rules so we don't have so many super delegates next time around. >> do you remember in 2008 hillary clinton herself wasn't too happy with the super delegate system. apparently between 2008 and this time around she learned how to work that system a little bit. >> it is amazing how things go. when things work in your favor you like the system more. something to note that something that was the same in 2008 and 20 20 -- 2016, the democratic primary, the person with the most pledged delegates did win. we did not see a system in 2008 where hillary clinton won
12:09 am
the pledge delegates and the super delegates took it away from her. that doesn't look like it i will will happen this time either. >> that's what is surprising to a lot of people. hillary clinton as of this evening is in the lead with pledged delegates and super delegates, but bernie sanders says he is not going anywhere. >> of course. part of the reason is hillary clinton does not have enough pledge delegates to legally clinch the nomination. what that means is if anything happens, anything dramatic happens he is there. >> anything dramatic like the fbi investigation? >> something dramatic like the fbi investigation would certainly be the most likely surprise. politically if hillary clinton did something and she is way behind in the polls that macon
12:10 am
vince the super delegates. >> we have to wrap you up, but i believe i will see you at 5:00 a.m. on "fox and friends first," is that correct? >> i am looking forward to. it. >> see you then. >> we are burning the midnight oil here on the fox newschannel all through the evening. despite capturing his party's nome nag done -- nomination donald trump is a thorn in the side of some republicans like the senator from illinois. he is rescinding his endorsement of mr. trump, but he is in a tight race in illinois. and lyndsay graham is encouraging lawmakers to do the same and unendorse trump. can trump unify his party? now vince from "the daily caller." it is just after midnight on the west coast, so the folks in california where they are counting the votes are
12:11 am
watching us this evening. you know, the democrats, they are divided even though mrs. clinton has a historic achievement. you have sanderses staying in. what can the republicans do about trump especially after the events of today and the remarks about the judge and the mexican heritage comments. >> it took a full court press from every prominent republican to get ton nailed strum -- to get donald trump to a place i didn't expect. his comments involving the judge, he would no longer address them in the public. the media was misconstruing him and that's wrong, but he is not going to address the issue in public anymore. he feels like it is a losing issue for him. i thought that was amazing for a guy who has spent the entire race anytime he has gotten pushed back, pushing ahead and going with it or changing the subject entirely which is what
12:12 am
he did. he said i will attack the judge because this is my best chance of winning in the court of public opinion. >> he will move from attacking the judge to hillary clinton because he has a big speech planned for monday. man oh man was he scorching against her. he said clinton has turned the politics into an art form and mrs. clinton turned it into a private hedge fund. do you think he will get traction for that? >> i think he will. he has had a lot of success and now that it is down to just hillary and trump, it is going to get a lot more media play. if what he is saying is correct and he will go after her with the clinton foundation and the involvement of their private donors and the relationship with the state department, this will be a first for him. he has basically avoided it in clinton of the sex scandals of the 90s.
12:13 am
it looks like a full scale attack on hillary clinton. clearly he needs to and this is what republicans want him to do. mitch mcconnell wants him to stay on message. the republican party is getting all lot of heartburn, but also from the electorat. 70% of people went for candidates like ted cruz and ben carson and donald trump. the party is very con -- confused. the voters want something different than the establishment in washington. how do we get that something different? donald trump to play at least a little by our rules so that when we go into november we can stand by our nominee jie. and it looks like he will have a long and grueling list when he deals with mrs. clinton and we will see what he says on monday. vince, thank you for staying up. it is 3:13 in the east. you must be drinking a lot of of espresso. >> i love doing it.
12:14 am
fox news has great coffee. >> that's good to hear. >> i live on it. >> just be careful of the green room food. >> that is true. back to the political panel. the bureau chief of talk news and the executive vice president of jamestown associates and all fox news contributors. judy, what does donald trump need to do to move beyond the controversies? what can he do? >> he can't. he can try and change the subject by asserting he was misconstrued, but look at this lineup in his party. paul ryan who is the a author of the 2012 autopsy on why mitt romney did not win pointed out that barack obama got 80% of minority votes. you cannot win in an election if they will repeat the bad performance. donald trump goes out of his
12:15 am
way to alienate a judge whom arnold schwarzenegger called a hero. he was determined to fight the mexican drug cartels. >> it doesn't get worse when you say paul ryan say it is the definition of racism. you can't wipe it away saying i am done talking about it. the people in his own party know he went out of the -- donald trump went out of the way to make this accusation. this is a huge problem. this is a problem for donald trump. >> it is the first time they said this is the huge problem. they can't overcome this. every time he does. >> i didn't say he cooperate -- we have been talking about primary elections and a general election is a totally
12:16 am
different ballgame. this will not fly on the general public. >> donald trump's ability to self-correct cannot be under smited. -- underestimated. we talk about the media he gets and it goes into the billions. people also listen every time he speaks. moo than a structural generic politician he can fix the problem if he looks at issues related to jobs and the economy and things that we know. even hillary pollster all of the foreign governments and the server and the national security compromise, all of those go against hillary clinton in an affirmative way. he can really change the trajectory and she goes into dangerous territory which she uses trms like she did tonight when she said trump is
12:17 am
unqualified. that's because of things he has said. there are things he can -- the two focuses of the criminal investigation of the fbi, the clinton foundation and the clinton family themselves enriching themselves base of her position at the department of state. he is better off focusing on laser beam. >> isn't that the term that bernie sanders described to go against hillary clinton. >> you have gone over the edge and he shouldn't have. what tony was saying is true of the other candidates, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. without that nobody will make it. >> what is it about donald trump's performance that leads
12:18 am
you to believe he is a disciplined candidate. every one fell off their chair. hillary clinton does not talk about the positions as much as temperrent meant. temperament. every time he makes a racial slur and that reinforced the name. >> there is a book about to be released by one of the secret service members that she doesn't have the temperament. donald trump has been mostly on message which is how i would suggest. he focuses on the theme of making america great again and the rigged system and the bad deals the country has suffered through under barack obama. when he gets off message and says things about the judge and people are uncomfortable with. i actually think he has the capacity for message discipline for sure. >> what are we talking about? hillary clinton made history
12:19 am
this evening, but we are talking about donald trump and his issues. and bernie sanders staying in the race. a lot of attention taken from hillary clinton. >> the headline is the major event. he has been apparently noteminad and will lead the major party. >> it depends on what party you are affiliated with. jay meanwhile we are -- >> meanwhile we were talking to sanderses. he said the troubles continue. a senator from vermont who doesn't have to be a socialist democrat or democrat socialist. it is right through trying to be a senator and now the democratic nomination, it ain't going anywhere. what does it mean for the race?
12:20 am
we will have the analysis wherever you are. thank you for staying with us because we know you have choices. they brought this on themselves.
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12:24 am
senator sanders for the extraordinary campaign he has ran. he has spent his long career in public service fighting for progressive causes and principals and he has excited millions of voters, especially young people. and let there be no mistake. senator sanders, his campaign and the vigorous debates we've had about how to raise income, reduce iny qult and in-- inequality and upward mobility has been good for the democratic party and america. >> hillary clinton may have nabbed her party's title of presumptive presidential nominee, she has her work ahead. when it comes to scooping up sanders' supporters he is not helping yet.
12:25 am
he vows again to continue on with his campaign. we are joined by the gener is editor of "the doo daily >> the daily caller. i can't wait to hear what he had to say. >> he sounds like a man who wants to continue the revolution. when washington votes the final race in the season perhaps all the way to the convention. you know, in the back of his mind he may believe there is a small chance hillary will be indicted m he will be standing there and win the nomination. on the other hand he may want hillary clinton to offer him something to get out of the race. we will have to see. if i was hillary clinton i would try to set up a meeting face-to-face to see what she could offer him and get his supporters behind her. >> that's what we were talking
12:26 am
about being of significance. hillary clinton is the one who called bernie sanders. and then president obama walled bernie sanders versus him calling them. what do you think that means? there was an offer made and bernie sanders came out and said i am going to still in it? >> dl is no question there is pressure being applied and then throughout the next week or so you will see his friends in the senate call and tell bernie there is no chance for you to win. you are only helping donald trump. does that matter? he is a revolutionary, a man who believes in the left wing ideas. he was -- he wasn't even a democrat. maybe they can give him something, but special -- certainly he will not be peer pressured out of the race. >> benefiting hillary clinton
12:27 am
in that he came out so strongly against donald trump who was vying for followers if and when he drops out. >> perhaps that's the best hope. bernie may not care about the democratic establish manhattan. he is helping donald trump and win against hillary clinton. that may be enough to say you know what, i believe in my ideas and my disagreements with the democratic establishment. i don't want a guy i totally disagree with. >> meeting with president obama and harry reid and what do you think will be said? >> they are uh lopting some of the ideas and maybe even offer to make a national memorial to his hero left wing anti-war leader leader of the movement. maybe that will insight bernie
12:28 am
to get into the race. they should figure out what they can offer bernie sanders to help shape the vice presidential ticket. >> he did not say no to that. allow somebody to shape the ticket. there has been talk about that. >> thank you for joining us. boy a tangled web we weave when we talk about politics. thank you. >> and not to mention the soviet iewn -- union. there promises to be a direct assault on hillary clinton. >> trump announces what he says will be a major speech. p what he could say coming up.
12:29 am
12:30 am
12:31 am
12:32 am
welcome back to america's election headquarters. we want to show you the latest number. california, everybody was watching that this evening and it is still too close to call. hillary clinton with 57.7% and bernie sanders with 41.3%. we will continue to watch those numbers and we will tell you when that race is called, if it happens this morning. >> you know, senator sanders said the race would tighten up and that's one reason he is staying in this race no matter what the delegate numbers for
12:33 am
mrs. clinton says. hillary clinton has been accused of a lot of things and it is likely on -- likely to get a lot longer in the next eight days. >> designed to keep her corrupt dealings out of the public record and putting the security of the entire country at risk and a president in a corrupt system is totally protecting her and not right. i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week. sorry about that. that was donald trump talking about the e-mail server. join ug us what is the on-line editor of the weekly standard and the book about the clintons. >> the uh dishes rebuilding of a political machine. you know the list. where do you think mr. trump will start? >> he give us a good indication. if you go further, hillary
12:34 am
clinton turned the swimming pool into her own hedge fund. conflicts of interest and hillary is personally prove fitting because we are made at the state department payings her family in the form of speeches. that's particularly where donald trump will go on monday. it is ripe for criticism and one of the most effective lines he used throughout the primary is he is independently wealthy and he can't be bought off. turning that against the clintons is the next step and it will be mighty effective. >> what would happen if they put the alleged pieces together and any actions taken by the state department. they denied any wrongdoing so far. >> they have denied wrongdoing. there is another book that
12:35 am
seeks to detail this in particular. these decisions on arms and meanwhile hillary clinton and bill clinton are receiving checks for bill clinton's speeches while they are being made. there are a lot of dots to be connected and probably more information to be learned. nonetheless i think just -- we hold our government officials to a high standard the width of impropriety should be scrawt niecessed and this is a lot more than that. i think he will . the media -- point in the media from the big speech he said was coming about next monday. >> let's tell you what he said. what he promised is the clintons have turned
12:36 am
enrichment into an art form. they made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access and selling favors. she turned the it into a private hedge fund and israel -- what will come of these allegations? >> it is investigated by authors and myself. it has bt -- hasn't been as far as we know. some serious questions need to be asked and that's what donald trump claims to do. somehow he enters politics in the same way. he is independently wealthy and he doesn't need the politics. he is trying to do it as a civic duty as cording to what donald trump says. hillary and bill enter
12:37 am
politics dead broke. they left -- bill clinton left the white house dead broke and hillary clinton used their office and closeness to mor and i think that is the tran formation we are seeing in american politics. they created a center that enriched themselves. that is very, very new to american politics and not the way things have been done before. >> you wrote the book and president reagan went to japan for one speech. >> they were killed for it. it was considered gross. >> they are benefiting from hundreds of millions of dollars and it may be a topic in the campaign. always.
12:38 am
>> thank thank you. >> one group between the clinton foundation and the money they make is the loriat education who runs colleges all over this country and a lot in latin america. >> and bill clinton as he was serving as the temporary hour honorary chancellor was paid $15 million over five years jie. we'll see what the list s. >> trump giving a shoutout to his victory speech. >> as we have been reporting from the big surprise is he is staying in the race. what are the chances of some of his supporters flocking to mr. trump. we'll have more on that coming up.
12:39 am
12:40 am
12:41 am
12:42 am
donald trump is not limiting his request for supporters. he reached out to better 23450e sanders' followers too. listen. >> to those who voted for someone else in either party, i will work hard to earn your support. i will work very hard to win that support. to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you with open arm. >> now from our dc bureau,
12:43 am
thank you for joining us so early, angela. >> thank you for having me. it is my pleasure. >> it has will be an exciting night. you heard trump there and his speech making a play for bernie sanders. he came out strong and says he will continue on through you next tuesday and then even on to philadelphia. what do you think the best thing donald trump had to say this evening? >> i think the best thing that he is our champion and he wants to unite the party. donald trump looks presidential tonight. i wish it would have happened a longtime ago, but he looks great. he wants to be a champion for america. he laid down the facts. >> can he stick to that or will he continue to go off message?
12:44 am
>> i think you have to be a disciplined person to be as successful as donald trump is. now he seems he can't speak his mind and it -- i think he cab do it. >> he has fellow republicans taking away their endorsements. they already endorsed him. i have lyndsay gram telling how to follow suit. how does he bring this back party and how does he overcome my coul lets. >> that he cannot get over. he cannot get over that and some people will pull their endorsements. it is cold for a racist. i am not calling done knolled trump too, but i said here is the apb.
12:45 am
he can get supporters even though better san nears is backing him, bought rat trump is a moderate and you can pull the mill ben yells over. >> how? >> by messaging. the rigged system. millennials are upset. they went to college and believe in obama's. some of these people are serving sables. i don't think is a candidate saying one thing will ruin it. people are so aping gree and they are suffering. they want someone they can bring back to jobs in america. that's how he will pull fork over. talking about race and reledge general. if you will represent the united states of america we have to be united and not divided. >> you can do that with the angela mccloud mike thank.
12:46 am
>> what comes next in the political campaign? our political panel will tell us. >> it has been a big night for politics and we will have their final words. >> we will fight hard to win the primary in washington, d.c. and then we take our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice to philadelphia, pennsylvania!
12:47 am
12:48 am
12:49 am
12:50 am
and the final thoughts before panel. the bureau chief of talk media news and judy miller uh junk professor at the manhattan institute of policy research. my final thought is larry david got good news tonight. another month on "saturday night live" playing senator sanders. ellen, let me start with with you. hillary makes great progress and he stands in. >> we have to talk about the movement because the democratic party as i said earlier is going to look at
12:51 am
how he could get small continue becauses in. hillary will have trouble doing that. she realized that if they are going to raise that billion dollars they need to raise they have to pay attention to how bernie sanders did it. >> does he complicate her path? >> -- of course, but maybe they will vote for her. >> i think i am still struck by the importance of this milestone in 2008 whether -- when hillary gave her compression speech it was gracious and eloquent and we wondered where was that candidate during the campaign. tonight we saw that candidate again. some some called it boring and others -- this was a major,
12:52 am
major event and we shouldn't lose sight of it. >> dramatically vent than bernie sanders. >> and dramatically different from what we heard from donald trump. even though he has a great bumper sticker the speech was negative. the job was being taken away and it was exploited and it was a very down beat message. it is coming from mrs. clinton the politics of hope jie. it was a rare speech by hillary clinton where she is optimistic. she sets a nasty tone whether it is against -- in her speech. you can't take it away from her, but this is an an awfully messy primary season for her and we have seen the remarkable candidacy of bernie sanders live on even after
12:53 am
tonight's losses. i will tell you what impressed me about the trump's speed aside from the fact it that he began to move toward issues that matter to voters is he began to engage barack obama in this fight. barack obama got up to 51 approval rating because no one has been paying attention to him. when people don't pay attention to you, they like you. trump said he will bring real change and not obama change. he pointed to the failures of the obama administration. this is a referendum election. it is extraordinarily difficult for the party to win the party for three consecutive terms. the vast majority do not want a third obama term. >> do you see this campaign moving more toward the issues on monday trump will have the
12:54 am
alleged list of hillary with the clinton campaign and foundation and everything else. >> you are slightly right. absolutely right. the republican party does have a party with donald trump. we called these people leaky faucets. it is as if -- you know he goes fine and then it leaks alt bit. >> can they get beyond that? will they? >> we'll see. donald trump is a work in progress. i think his negativity and the statements he has made as defined by his -- just like hillary clinton with the past record and e-mails will come back to haunt her. >> going back to bernie sanders, what does he hope to accomplish. coming up on thursday he will meet with president obama and harry reid. what is he doing?
12:55 am
>> he truly believes in this message and throughout the campaign cycle do you see the contest? it is my turn. i have been waiting for this and i earned this fnlt beer nissan deers is talking about the injustice and we need morey -- equality. he has a real rational for the candidacy and he wants to protect the issues he is standing up for and the longer he stays into it, the more he potentially gains leverage. >> what happens when mrs. clinton gets the nomination? does he stand outside the window throwing tomatoes at the democratic party. >> this is a long-term problem. i don't think it is even cured if they unite and sanders endorses her. she really has an authenticity problem and they say they are corrupt. >> and they said specifically
12:56 am
if he does not do that. if better intoe sanders says vote for hillary clinton, some stay home. >> both leading capped -- candidates have negative rightings. we can't change that. >> it has been one night. >> we have been here almost every tuesday of primary season. good job you guys. >> thank you. >> and we will -- >> thank earn at home as well. >> exactly. mrs. clinton the first woman fume knee. sanders is staying in while there is more to come. >> "fox and friends" coming up at the top of the hour. don't go away.
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good morning. it is wednesday, june 8th and welcome to an early edition of "fox & friends first." i'm heather childers. >> i'm abby huntsman. the final six months is paving the way for donald trump and hillary clinton but bernie sanders says he is staying in the race. >> clinton declaring victory in at least three out of six races. the critical primary in california not yet called, but clinton is in the lead. >> no surprises for trump with a clean sweep across all five states. >> i'm going to be your champion. i'm going to be america's champion


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