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  Hannity  FOX News  June 8, 2016 10:01pm-10:08pm PDT

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matchup going to look like between these two political rivals? we asked donald trump about face off against hillary clinton. here's more of my interview with the presumptive republican nominee from yesterday. let's go to a general election campaign. hillary clinton is the democratic nominee. you're the republican nominee. you know, this is two very different governing philosophies here. break down where you see the biggest differences in your two campaigns and where america would head. >> well, first of all, it would be more of the same with obama and all those bad decisions. so many bad decisions have been made and you look at what's going on with the jobs numbers now. 38,000 number which is horrible. actually, it's one of the worst i guess in close to seven years. you look at so many other factors, economically. the country is really struggle. we're doing poorly and we are -- i'm telling you, this country has such incredible potential. you look also at the military where we're really depleted. the military is in such bad shape. i don't know if you saw the
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feature that was on the other day where our jet fighters are prepla p replacing parts from museum and going to plane graveyards to open up old planes and get parts for our current jet fighters which are very old. you have other countries with brand new stuff. it's very sad. we'll be strong on the border, be great for economic development, get rid of obamacare, replace it as you know with something very, very good. i mean, there are so many alternatives and so good by comparison. obamacare, i don't know if you saw what happened in texas, but blue cross blue shield threw obamacare up 60%. 60 pk on the numbers are getting worse than that. i understand on november 1st, new numbers are going to come out which are going to blow it sky high. it's going to make it unacceptable. >> the average -- >> we can't allow them to change the date. >> the average health care premium since obama has been president is up 40%. obamacare has not helped families. one in five american families without a single person working. one in six american males 18 to
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34 that are either incarcerated or out of work then 95 million americans out of the labor force but we keep getting told even though they created 38,000 jobs, we're told unemployment number keeps going down. is that a case where they just lie to us? >> yeah, well, it's a fixed number. look, they had the worst numbers that they've had in seven years. and the employment rate went down. which tells you what i've been saying for a long time. it's a sham. it's a scam. look, the whole thing's a scam. frankly, bernie sanders has gone through it. he's seen it. the whole thing with the rigged deal going on. i actually saw it a little bit but we won by so much, massive landslides, virtually every state -- >> you think the system was rigged from the beginning and bernie had no chance whatsoever? >> i do. i think he had no chance unless he won by even bigger numbers i think he had no chance. the beauty of what we did, i won by massive landslides all over the place whether it's new
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hampshire, south carolina, nevada, no matter where we went and came to new york and got tremendous numbers and pennsylvania, ohio, i mean, no matter where you look, michigan, i won michigan which was amazing. but we got tremendous numbers and, you know, ohio is close. we did well. we ran against john. he did a good job there. and, you know, so many different places. florida was unbelievable. the numbers in florida. the nd of victory we had was fantastic. so, you know, i think that probably helps. that helps solve a problem where something is rigged, you solve it by winning with massive numbers. you go and you knock out your opponent, you don't have to worry about what they're doing. >> what do you make of this new book, gary burn, former secret service agent, interesting life he had. he was posted directly outside of the oval office during bill clinton's presidency. and he talks about hillary clinton lacking the integrity and the temperament to be the president of the united states. she has an explosive temper. she's impulsive.
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enabled by sycophants and has the disdain for the rules that everyone else has to follow. you think the media is fair in their coverage of that versus how they cover you? >> well, so far it's got very little coverage which is really amazing because basically it says her temperament is a disaster which i know. and you know. and a few people know. i don't know if the word is getting out. but this is somebody that knew them very, very well. saw her in action. and look, she was a disaster. she doesn't have the temperament. she doesn't have a lot of things to be president. including, frankly, good judgment. her judgment is horrible. and bernie sanders said that. bernie sanders said that her judgment is terrible. she doesn't have the judgment, the good judgment to be president. so you got something right. >> at a lot of these rallies, we see now, we've been able to pinpoint that there are certain groups, for example, veterans groups associated with hillary were in front of trump towers. then we see certain other
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leftist groups and supporters of bernie and hillary organizing at trump rallies. it culminated in what happened in san jose. i don't know if you saw the video. this poor woman was literally surrounded by a mob and waving the mexican flag in her face, throwing an egg in her face. guys being chased down the road by a mob of people, getting punched and bloodied and bruised. then san jose mayor blamed you for what happened with these people that were involved in this violence. what is your response to that? specifically. and more specifically, with somebody like angela davis urging people to, quote, do whatever is necessary to stop trump. do you interpret that as a threat? >> well, i think the mayor was absolutely a disaster. he didn't know what the hell he was doing. we had a tremendous rally with many, many thousands of people. the place was packed and they left and they met a bunch of thugs. they were absolute thugs.
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by the way, the woman, she was incredible, way she kept the stiff upper lip. >> she was incredible. >> she was being pelted with eggs. she was strong. this woman was incredible the way she handled it. ultimately they let her inside because they say what was happening, it was terrible. these were thugs, people burning the american flag. they were absolutely terrible. and frankly, the mayor should be ashamed of himself. he couldn't do the job. i think he was almost afraid to do the job. but these were their people. these were bernie people. they were hillary people. these people are set out to do a mission. these aren't protesters. these are much worse than ro te protesters. some of the police tell me, when you see people wearing face masks, things over their face, you know they're professional agitators and you had a lot of professional agitators, but inside that arena, that place was -- it was a love fest. believe me. and coming up, donald trump smashes the record for the most votes by a republican candidate in a presidential primary. his son, donald trump jr., is here next with reaction.
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and then later tonight -- >> to all of those bernie sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of