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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 8, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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supporter, you feel that election is stolen. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we'l this is a fox news alert. a deadly terror attack, a mass shooting in the heart of tel aviv, israel. four people brutally murdered and five more wounded in one of the busiest markets in all of israel. fox news middle east correspondent john huddy is in tel aviv. john? >> yeah, well, greta, this is exactly the spot where the attack happened around 9:30 in the evening yesterday evening because we are now in the overnight hours. this is in central tel aviv. er is reason that market. it's a very busy, popular market with tourists. there is an outdoor mall area. there is a lot 6 restaurants, a lot of bars. but this particular location, basically and we will show you the surveillance video.
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but this is essentially where the shooters, two gunmen were sitting. they got up and you can see one turns around, shoots a person directly behind him. he then opens fire and you can see, this is where they cleaned up a lot of the blood. there is surgical gloves and even circles where the bullet casings were found. a number of them, numerous all through this area. the second gunman then turned his gun in the direction of the camera, just in front of me. again, very popular location. the two gunmen then took off. they were captured. they are in police custody at this point. but, as you mentioned, four people were killed. at least five others injured. that number certainly could be much higher and some in serious condition at this point. what we know about the gunmen right now is that they were possibly in their early 20's. they are cousins from the hebron area in the west bank. this has been a flash point, particularly the border there for violence over the
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last year and a half. near daily attempted stabbings and stabbings mostly on border police and security forces there. we're waiting for more details, obviously, about them. but, right now, in the village that they lived in in the hebron area, that is now a closed military zone. now, earlier this evening, prime minister netanyahu arrived back from russia where he was, you know, there visiting with president vladimir putin. he arrived here shortly after the attack. he was aware of it and he came here just a little while ago. i'm not sure if we have that sound. but he called this a savage murder and terror attack, yet another one. that said, you may remember on new year's day, there was a shooting, again, in central tel aviv, not very far from here. two people were killed in that attack. that was a lone wolf attacker. as far as the gunmen in this attack, greta, it's unclear if they were tied to any type of terror group or terror cell or if they were
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acting, again, as lone wolf attackers. but, as i mentioned, prime minister netanyahu was here. here is what he said. listen. >> this is a savage crime of murder. and terrorism in the heart of tel aviv. it's done by criminal terrorists who don't value human life. >> and, again, another savage, another attack here in tel aviv. again, new year's day and then, remember, there was also a stabbing rampage back in march in the old city ofafter if jaffa. more about the gunmen, i'd tis, background, village now closed, military zone as the clean-up here at the restaurant continues. greta? back to you. >> john, thank you. and now israeli police spokesperson nikki goes "on
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the record." good evening, sir, and, of course, my condolences to the families and to your nation. you know, more failure hitting israel is very tough and i'm sorry, sir. >> thank you. >> do you happen to know the condition of the five who were wounded? are they likely to live? one of the individuals, the people that were in the shopping area in the restaurant area, they were taken to the hospitals in the tel aviv area as soon as the attack took place, were taken into hospital in moderate to serious condition. each one of those innocent people were shot at close range when those two terrorists opened fire, using those automatic weapons. >> do you know if the two terrorists, if they are tied to terrorist group or terrorist cell or if they are lone wolves? what you can tell me about them? >> well, there is an ongoing investigation which is continuing just more than four and a half hours into the attacks. we know the identities of
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the two suspects. we know where they came from. they came from the west bank area. security operations taking place right now as we are talking. what i can confirm is that the two terrorists and what we need to understand is how they arrived in the area. did they plan the attack ahead of time? did they focus on that specific area which was a very busy area this evening in tel aviv. the weather was warm. people were walking around, going to the bars there and taking their time having a free evening. and we need to find out why do they target that specific area? because there was different police units in and around the central bus station area and the train station as there has been heightened security across jerusalem and across tel aviv as well over the last few days. but there was no specific warnings whatsoever of a terrorist attack that was going to take place this evening in tel aviv. >> were these two terrorists, were they known to the police, to israeli authorities before tonight? >> that's something that we are definitely looking into. their profiles, their
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background, what they were connected to in terms of social network. did they have any connections to any of the terrorist cells? that's all something that we are focusing on in the ongoing investigation at the moment. >> has nineteen credit for or put anything on the internet or bragged about it or praised it? anything like that? >> well, until now, we haven't seen any official terrorist organization taking responsibility for that terrorist attack. but what can i tell you and what we have seen over the last two hours is, unfortunately, within the west bank area as we have seen palestinian celebrating this attack. meanwhile here in israel, where we will be mourning for a week over the people we have lost. we are talking about four innocent people shot to death. literally shot and killed at close range for no reason whatsoever. and unfortunately passed away inside the palestinian area as they celebrate here, we will be mourning for the next few days. >> how does prime minister
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netanyahu nation tonight. >> the prime minister touched down very important visit moscow and at the scene of the terrorist attack in order to get his message out. the message is what took place is horrific, totally unacceptable. carried out by two palestinians who murdered innocent israelis. that's totally unacceptable. whatever action has to be taken will be taken based on the security assessment that will be carried out and implemented both tonight as well as tomorrow morning. >> superintendent rosenfeld, thank you very much for joining us, sir. >> thank you very much. >> and we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you new information from israel as we get it. and the crazy, yes, crazy presidential primary season is almost over. it won't be official until the conventions but it does seem to be behind us. but do buckle up because the general election it, could be even crazier. presumptive g.o.p. nominee donald trump is now teasing a speech next week aimed right at secretary hillary
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clinton. >> i am going to give a major speech on, probably, monday of next week. and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clintons. i wonder if the press will want to attend? who knows. [ laughter ] hillary clinton turned the state department into her private hedge fund. the russians, the saudis, the chinese, all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return. it's a sad day in america when foreign governments with deep pockets have more influence in our own country than our great citizens. >> what can we expect in that speech on monday? 2012 g.o.p. presidential candidate and author "of the right promise" mr. herman cain goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hello, greta, thank you. >> i guess we sound bite from secretary clinton last night would have said donald trump doesn't have the temperament to be president because they are both firing shots back and forth at each
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other. given last night, let's move on to monday. what do you expect donald trump to say on monday? >> bill clinton was first elected to the presidency about 25 years ago and there are a lot of things during the clinton presidency that hillary had direct involvement in that many young people don't know. they don't know about travel gate. they don't know about hillary care where bill clinton gave her the authority as an unelected official to oversee trying to force hillary care down the throats of the american people and it failed. they don't know about hillary's recommendations to the justice department which failed. they don't know about hillary's recommendations to bill about recommendations to the civil rights commission which failed. there is a whole list of things that most people never knew or have forgotten about and i would presume that that's what donald trump is going to make america aware of in that
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speech next week. i'm just speculating. >> all right. now, those seem more policy-oriented like hillary clinton and, of course, secretary clinton has embraced obamacare since then. i don't know if she has embraced the entire part of it but certainly a lot of it. those seem like issues. do you expect on monday though, because, let's face it, it can get a little dirty than talking about involvement and recommending things to the justice department or not. do you expect monday speech to get dirtier and in the areas that we're all thinking about? >> yes. i believe that they are also going to get dirtier because it is recognized by some people that hillary was actually involved in trying to cover up bill clinton wants indiscretions. >> was she? >> even if they don't go there, greta. >> is that -- >> -- they have got plenty of other ammunition. >> i mean, i hear that said all the time. and you know, you say it enough times, things -- people seem to believe they are true. is there actual fact that
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she did, that she tried to cover up. that she knew something and tried to cover up? >> that, i don't know, greta. this is why when donald trump teased that he is going to do the speech, we'll have to see what hard evidence he has. obviously, some of it is going to be accusations with no proof, but i'm saying that there are so many different things where there is a trail of proof of cronyism that he can focus on those and still make a very strong case that, as hillary said, hillary said when she is president, if she is president, she is going to put bill clinton in charge of the economy. he is not an elected official. it just demonstrates the co-cronyism that they both show if she gets to that office. that's what i believe he ought to basically illustrate. >> some people may like the economy that bill clinton had in the 1990s. let me turn to the other issue and that's the vice presidential pick. we hear today that donald trump has narrowed that list down. do you have any thoughts on
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who he should pick? >> well, my number one pick remains the same, whether or not he gets selected or not and that's newt gingrich. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house has been both an insider and an outsider. he was out of congress long enough and he even told me personally that he has learned a lot of things, looking at it, after being speaker of the house that he would do differently. i still think he would be the number one pick. >> mr. herman cain, thank you very much for joining us, sir. >> thank you, greta. and in his bid to defeat secretary hillary clinton, donald trump is not just taking swipes at clinton but also setting his sights on senator bernie sanders supporters. >> to those who voted for someone else, in either party, i will work hard to earn your support. and i will work very hard to earn that support. to all of those bernie sanders' voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you
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with open arms. [cheers] >> but can trump supporters to team trump? "boston globe" anna linskey and from the hill a.b. stoddard. where are the sanders supporters going? because they are talking about a revolution. revolution with trump or revolution with clinton. >> some of them are going to go all the way to the july convention without making a decision here. >> how about november? >> all the way to november, that's right. trump made such a good play to them i thought in his speech last night by reaching out on trade, an issue where hillary clinton has come around to sanders' position. in talking to a lot of the liberal groups today, asking that same question, they were saying they really want to hear hillary clinton turn up the volume on trade and the minimum wage and some of those issues where she moved over towards sanders. that's one play that will kind of keep them in the fold. >> a.b., everybody says the
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party will unify at the convention. i'm not so sure. in 2008 they had the puma party unity or something else, and these people didn't go to senator barack obama. they went to senator john mccain. there was that deep division. and bernie sanders talks about a revolution. and, secretary clinton, if you love her or hate her, she is still more part of the establishment than donald trump. >> right. i mean, first of all, a lot of those pumas did go for obama but a lot of them held out. >> and actually went to mccain. >> she thinks they will move back around. but she campaigned vigorously for then senator obama because she want to do run for president. she had her own self-interest at heart. senator sanders is not going to run again. plus the sooner he gives into her the more he looks like a sell out to his supporters. he is stuck in this place where he has promised them a fight at the convention. what is he asking for? he doesn't just apt speech. we don't know what he wants. she really in a base election where trump supporters so enthusiastic she has to turn these people
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out in the fall. trade is a huge issue. annie has made a point, if she has to go super left on trade. we know where she has been free trader like her husband and barack obama. >> now is your chance to vote on twitter. here is the big question can donald trump pick up senator sanders' supporters tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you the results throughout the show. from the very beginning senator sanders has said the system is rigged. secretary clinton having been the winner can't say the system is rigged. donald trump agrees with senator sanders and says the system is rigged. >> where are those who think the system is rigged going to go? to trump or to clinton? >> i think it's a great point. if it's the year of the outsider, and that's the emotion, especially given that trump is not a true conservative on so many issues, you know, there is a segment of them who will go to trump. i mean, absolutely. who are going to feel robbed. especially if sanders keeps on talking about how, you know, how -- like you said,
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if he keeps talking about the system being rigged and there is a really clear path for them to go to trump. i think clinton has got to worry about that. >> the system was rigged in trump's favor on the republican side because he ended up getting more delegates in his vote chair and basically on the democratic side, sanders could not catch up even if -- he can't overturn the super delegates gotten more votes. but, these people want an outsider. as trump makes the play just simply without talking about the system as a change agent that he is going to burn the place down. i think that's attract terrive to sanders' supporters. >> or stay home. another issue as well for the democratic party. annie and a.b., thank you both. the state department is now opening an investigation into a mysteriously edited iran briefing video. someone at the state department scrubbed video of an exchange between then spokesperson jen psaki and fox news reporter james rosen. during that 2013 briefing psaki admitted iran nuclear
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negotiations began back in 2011. the video of that briefing now has that exchange removed. so today a state department spokesperson is trying to find out who order deferred the editing. and the stanford rape story is dominating the headlines. one of the student who one of the student who heroically helped stop you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪
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♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. outrage at stanford university now spreading across america. >> this is a miscarriage of justice. i really think that something should happen to this judge. i know they are moving for a recall. >> january 2015, two
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graduate students at see this man raping 23-year-old unconscious woman behind a dumpster outside a campus fraternity party. >> if my i would be livid. >> pinning him down for the police. the story doesn't stop there. at turner's sentencing, he faced up to 14 years in prison. but judge aaron per ski giving the convicted rapist six months behind bars. yes, only six months for three felony counts of sexual assault. the judge's reasoning? the rape carried, quote, less moral culpability because turner was drunk at the time of the attack. >> i think the lenient sentence is a complete injustice. get this, the defendant's father writing his life will never be the one he dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve. that is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action. calling the rape 20 minutes of action created a firestorm on social media see how she reacted and the effect of those 20 minutes
11:22 pm
on her life. it just shows the amount of ignorance. >> and today total outrage, more than 600,000 people this petition removal of judge per ski. >> six months is absurd. >> that sends a message to everybody across this country, go drink and you can sexually assault this woman and use alcohol as a defense to lessen your sentence. >> joining us one of the two stanford graduate students who helped stop that horrific rate rape. carl goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> thank you for joining us. and tell me what happened that night? take me back to that night and tell me where you were, what you saw. >> sure, it was me and a friend, peter, we were biking and we were right outside this fraternity house, essentially, and we saw a couple. and my friend started
11:23 pm
noticing that something seemed weird. when we looked closer we could see that the girl clearly wasn't moving while the male was. then we stopped, started scouting it then my friend peter took action and started approaching it i walked behind him. we essentially called the guy out. after a while, after a brief like conversation, the guy decide to do run. my friend peter chased after him. then i quickly went to her and helped peter until the police came. >> what was that first brief conversation that you had before he ran? what did he say? >> i don't want to go too much into detail. it's in the statement from the courts, sorry. he essentially said that he wasn't doing anything -- no. >> he didn't seem drunk to you? >> i mean, he could run, so i mean i guess that answers the question. >> when you first
11:24 pm
approached. >> he wasn't slurring at all. >> when you first approached him and were talking to him before he took off running, was the woman, was she standing or was she lying on the ground? was she moving? what was going on with her? >> like i said, she wasn't moving at all. that's why we approached him initially. when i first attend to do her, i tried to shake her up, nothing happened. i checked do see if she was alive -- she was never moving. >> was she clothed? >> was she what? sorry? clothed? >> was she wearing clothes at that point? >> i mean, sure, yeah. like you read in the court statement she had a dress but it was pulled up. the man who took off who we now know is the defendant did he say anything to her at all? >> not really, no. >> did he say that, you know, that he knew her? did he give you any indication he even knew this
11:25 pm
woman, what was going on with her that she wasn't moving? >> no. >> what did he say before he took off running? >> like i said, i don't want to talk about details, sorry. >> okay. did you call an ambulance? what happened to the young woman? >> so, are a a while, more people came to the scene and then i talked to them and we decided to call the police and an ambulance came as well, i guess. i could not see exactly what happened. >> so, in order to restrain him, did you have to chase him and grab him or did he surrender to you? >> well, like i said, my friend peter cut him down and restrained him at first and then i helped peter restrain him because he tried to get loose. >> you know he has been sentence to do six months in jail. do you have any thought about that sentence, whether it's a fair one or too hydrocarbon -- harsh or too
11:26 pm
lenient. >> i don't want to comment on that, sorry. >> what's the experience been like for you? >> i mean it was a horrible thing to experience, obviously. very shocking and disturbing at first. i would say. it's something i have thought about a lot. and with me for a long time. not in the same way they will but it's something horrible to experience, i think. >> have you ever met the woman since then? you have talked to her? >> >> i have not, no. >> how is your friend doing who was with you? >> i think he is doing okay. i don't want to comment too much about him either, sorry. >> why do you -- why you have agree to do talk to us? i don't mean to be harsh but you don't want to talk about it. i'm confused. >> se. i think this is an important issue. it seems like people appreciate it when it comes
11:27 pm
out and sounds like it's a big problem in general in the u.s. i don't want to make personal statements about it because i don't think that's up to me but i still think the issue is clearly -- >> what's the reaction on campus to this? >> obviously people are very upset about it. clearly. >> you have seen the petition to -- for the judge to step d >> i have. >> are people talking about it on campus whether -- are other students saying he should or should not step down? >> i haven't been on campus that much last couple days. i have been away. >> thank you so much. i do know this has been extremely painful for you and difficult for you. this young woman owes you a lot of gratitude. so do the rest of us that you stepped up and did this, you and your friend. >> sure. yeah.
11:28 pm
i'm glad to help, obviously. i think anybody else would do the same, thanks. >> you are very nice man. thank you, sir. >> yeah, thank you. >> and the calls are growing to get rid of the stanford rape case judge. one lawmaker calling for the judge to resign is here ♪ staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. and it's available in two new flavors, vanilla caramel and double chocolate fudge. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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we're back with more on the stanford rape outrage.
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rock turner the convicted rapist is blaming it quote on the culture want in a statement to persky. chances of becoming olympic swimmer are ruined but the harm to the victim are hardly mentionness this letter. letter is helping to fuel calls to get rid of judge persky. california state member is calling for the judge's resignation assembly member eggman goes "on the record." good evening. >> good evening. >> have you ever called for judge to resign before? or is this the first time? >> this is certainly the first time i have ever called upon a judge to resign. >> so you must be pretty certain about this one? >> i don't know who looks at this case and doesn't say this is a travesty of justice. >> i was a criminal defense attorney, i could tell you i have never seen anyone get six months for rape. i must nit that i have seen a lot of different sentences. and i understand if he gets good time it's really going to be three months. >> three months, right. right.
11:33 pm
and for a young woman whose entire life has been i think we all read her -- anyone watching this case has read her incredibly eloquent statement and all of us as women, you know, feel that pain and are outraged at the thought of this happening, being a perfect case, i mean, you as an attorney knows it a perfect case a crime was committed there were witnesses. there was physical evidence. he was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault and to be dismissed with six months because his life might be impacted and his swim times went down i think is just a travesty. i'm not an attorney. i'm a social worker. and i have certainly have counseled young women who have been through experiences like this, and i can tell you it scars people forever. i also, before in the legislature i was a university professor. so i know something about the cultures that occur on a college campus. but i don't think anybody can say that this was --
11:34 pm
that justice was administered. and i think until we begin to speak out, to say we will not accept a rape culture in our justice system. then we aren't doing our job. >> i think -- i mean, some aspects of this that are disturbing. this woman was unconscious. it wasn't even a situation -- she was unconscious. >> um-huh. >> it's just appalling. has the judge spoken out and defended himself? has he given some explanation for this? >> we -- i haven't seen or heard any -- his only explanation was, you know, he feels pad. he got the letter from his father and he seemed to attribute it to the drinking culture and and i have heard people what does she expect? she was drinking. maybe she expected a hangover. i don't think she expected to be sexually assaulted and then, again, for it to be a picture-perfect case for someone to be convicted to be given six months in jail
11:35 pm
is -- in county jail, i think it's just -- it doesn't pass anybody's test. yeah, we are looking for. go ahead. >> i understand it's a petition, a number of signatures on it to have him step down. >> right. so we're exploring every means available to us. so, there is a petition through for him -- for a recall. we are calling for him to resign. again, i think anybody who is interested in changing this idea of rape culture or this idea that women are responsible for crimes committed against them, again, even when there is evidence, even when a jury finds that somebody is guilty to say it's the woman's fault they were both active. this was a woman who was unconscience and he was caught in the act. so the petition going on. we are calling for his resignation. we are also looking at impeachment procedures and we are certainly -- this man is also up for election right now. he is currently running unopposed. but we are certainly looking
11:36 pm
for a write-in candidate to challenge him in november. if there is anybody out there. >> thank you very much for joining us. i usually defer to the judgment of the judges in the courtroom but i will tell you, in this one, you know, i don't understand this judge at all thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you very much forever for your interest [inaudible] >> part-time workers are on the rise but not by choice. obamacare may to be blame. a new report from goldman sachs shows several hundred thousands of americans have had their hours slashed so employers don't have to cover them with health insurance. tennessee congresswoman marsha blackburn is here to go "on the record." nice to see you. >> good to see. >> you what do you think about the goldman sachs report? >> i think it's probably spot on. what we know from obamacare is that it is difficult for employers with 50-plus employees to keep people working that 40-hour workweek. so they are cutting hours. we're now up to 6.4 million people who are working part
11:37 pm
time simply because they have had their hours cut because of obamacare. >> well, there is also, according to the report, and this is one of the complaints about obamacare early on is that if you are a small business person and 48 employees or 49 employees and thinking of expanding, you are not going to expand because once you hit this 50 threshold you have this huge expense. in addition to people getting hours slashed so they get below the 50. people aren't expanding to grow their business. >> that's exactly right. that's one of the reasons that voters are so frustrated during this election season. they have seen the impact of this and it effects them in a very real way. wage stagnation. can't get a promotion. can't get a job. employers are not able to expand. so that effects the entire economy of the community. >> is the republican party, opposed obamacare. this is completely down party lines decision vote on obamacare. are you preparing an alternative? because people are still hurting and need something. >> absolutely. >> are you doing that?
11:38 pm
>> we have had alternatives since before obamacare was put into law, going back to the blare house summit in 2009 i was the one to brought forward state line purchase of health insurance. the reason we did this, greta, is because hillary care was the precursor to obamacare. in tennessee, my home state was the test case for hillary care and it was a disaster. it quadrupleed in cost in five years. nearly bankrupted the state. >> we'll be watching to see what the republicans propose between now and november. >> we have a lot of ideas. >> you better get busy. you have until november. congresswoman nice to see you as always. >> good to see you. >> talk about dragging their feet. i'm talking about the irs. took three years but the irs finally force to do admit they
11:39 pm
11:40 pm
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
well, this week the irs finally admitted officials singled out and targeted conservative groups. the irs confessed that at least 426 organizations were
11:43 pm
targeted, co-founder and national coordinator of the tea party patriots and founding member of the for tell tea party is here to go "on the record." nice to see you, mark. >> nice to be with you, greta. >> tell me, what's your thought about this list? >> well, i mean, let's be blunt about what it is. it's a farce. it's a scam. it's a coverup. it was issued voluntarily by the irs not in response to discovery requests. not in response to court orders. they produced this list as a scam to try and include liberal and leftist and progressive groups on the list to mislead the media at american people as to what they were doing. >> so the whole point is that as you expand the list if you include liberal groups it doesn't lock like you were specifically targeting conservative groups; is that right? >> that's correct. important to understand the procedure and you know this as an attorney in discovery you make specific requests. the plaintiffs in this group requested a copy of all lists ever produced inside the irs. that were used for
11:44 pm
targeting. they actually ultimately did produce over 1,000 lists that the plaintiffs are now in possession of. this list is not among them. this is a list that was produced strictly for public consumption, filed with the court publicly for no reason. not by court order, just as a pr game by the irs. really outrageous. >> what do you think slide off different topic. come november. >> what are they saying about this whole issue about being targeted and told into the political dialogue now? >> well, let's remember that the targeting took place during the 2012 cycle so the goal of the administration at the time, i believe, was to suppress political speech and they did that for a lot of these groups. what folks are looking for is to see this completely exposed. most people don't believe that a hillary clinton administration will have any interest in seeking justice any more than the obama administration has. so, i would guess most of them are going to vote republican. most of them are going to vote for trump and hope we actually see some real action in this case by
11:45 pm
congress. >> mark, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> and in a twist, identical twin charged in the murder of horrific death of her sentence. a witness is here next. don't forget to watch hannity at 10:00 p.m. donald trump and donald trump jr. that's tonight a closing the stage this afternoon for auditions? what's on that piece of paper? oh, miss maroney, your forehead! should not be doing anything. i just had botox. i know exactly what's happening! ah! whoa! this is a bad streaming experience. the girlie show is a real fun lady show. (vo) don't let bad streaming ruin a good show. don't look at me! (vo) only verizon has the largest, most reliable 4g lte network. switch now, buy two samsung phones, and get a free 50" smart tv, plus up to $650 back. only on america's best network.
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test test will they brought this on themselves.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. a wild murder allegation out of hawaii. a woman drives off a cliff to kill her identical twin sister. the twins alexandria devol and anastasia were arguing before she hit the gas and drove the ford explorer over the cliff. anastasia was killed and alexandria is charged with murder. she joins us via face time.
11:50 pm
good evening, sir. >> good to be with you, greta. >> tell me what you saw and also tell me what the scouts who were with you. i think they saw a little bit more of what happened. what happened? >> yeah, they did. i was with a group of 15 scouts. we had part of them out on the point were fishing. we were facing the cliff and then we had two of our leaders and two of our scouts that were in a van headed in to town and they were the last ones to see them before they went over the cliff. and what they explained to us was that the two sisters were stopped and parked in the middle of the road. and if you know the roads they are very narrow. they couldn't pass. 40 feet from them. what they witnessed is that there was screaming and fighting and pulling of hair and what they noticed was the driver had the presence of mind to turn off the hazard lights, put it in drive and they hit the gas and they sped up and went right by our van and about
11:51 pm
60 feet after that went off the cliff apparently there was no brakes involved and just horrific. >> how long was -- okay, so one sister survived, the one obviously charged with second degree murder. how long was she down there before they were able to get her out of there? because i mean the cliff looks like it's 200 feet deep. >> you know, i will tell you, it's a miracle that she survived. so i kind of questioned if she really had the intent of driving off the cliff. because she knew she was going to die. if you know that area, that's a steep cliff. it took the authorities probably about 15 minutes to get someone down there. but there were two local men that knew the area and they made their way down that dangerous cliff. i was going to swim from the point we were at but they told me not to because the water was just so rough. and we could see from the top the driver sticking a hand out or an airbag or something trying to signal to let us know that she was
11:52 pm
alive. so it was pretty -- it was a miracle. >> you know, the first reports said that the surviving twin, the one who is now charged with second degree murder, that she was in critical condition. the first thing i read. second thing i read was she was being held in jail without bond. are you hearing anything about her? >> yeah. i talked to the detective in charge and they have to arrest her before she was trying to leave the state. apparently she only had an arm sling. he said there was nothing wrong with her that she had to stay in the hospital. again, that was quite a miracle for her to be alive. >> oh, what a terrible scene and i feel terrible for those scouts that had to see that. how are your scouts doing? >> you know, they are tough. they look like they are going to power through it. just a tough situation to be in. if there. >> indeed and scouts are tough. that's good. i like stouts. -- scouts.
11:53 pm
thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> do you remember joe the plumber? i know you, too he gained presidential attention during the campaign he grilled barack obama about his small business tax policy. >> what's your name? >> my name is joe. >> good to see you, joe. >> i'm getting ready to buy a company that makes 250 to 270, $208,000 a year. your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn't it? >> joe the plumber is back and he may not be a plumber any more but is he now a trump supporter. joe goes "on the record." good evening, joe, nice to see you. >> nice seeing you, greta. >> okay. so you are a trump supporter. have you been a trump supporter since the beginning of the campaign last august or are you a new trump supporter? >> actually, i have always followed him and ted cruz. my website joe for we gave them both equal time. i liked both of them. but, ultimately, obviously trump won out and i really
11:54 pm
look forward to seeing what he can do as president. >> do you really like trump or are you taking him because he won out? >> no, i really like trump because he says what's on his mind, kind of like me, you know. he doesn't worry about what the media says and what other people think. he speaks his mind and the american people, that's really tapped in to a lot of americans. they are tired of politics as usual. you know, donald trump is a threat to politics as usual. and the appeal is outstanding out there in america. i have talked to a lot of people. they love the fact that he is not politically correct and he throws caution to the wind and that's what scares the politicians this day and age. >> one of the favorite parlor games going on in washington who is going to be the vice presidential nominee on either ticket. let me ask you who you would like to see donald trump choose as his vice presidential running mate. >> you know, donald trump has definitely not been running your average race and so it's really going to probably shock a lot of people who he picks. i couldn't even hazard a
11:55 pm
guess. you know, i'm just looking forward to him grabbing the bernie supporters out there and bringing them into the fold and really burying hillary clinton. >> what does he have to do to get the bernie supporters? >> well, the young voters throughout aren't stupid but they are impressionable. that's a reason why bernie sanders was able to gain such traction. you know, when these young voters have grown up on hillary clinton all they have heard is scandals, compromise, corruption, and the lying. you know, with trump, on the other hand, they have seen him the last 15, 20 years on celebrity apprentice, you know, they associate words with donald trump like winner, businessmen, successful, speaking his mind like i was talking about earlier. so i think trump needs to keep being trump, talk about how business is going to actually come around and bring jobs back. so i really thi he is going to appeal to them. >> joe, i have got to go. thank you. more "on the record" more "on the record" straight ahead. the call just came in. she's about to arrive.
11:56 pm
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live twitter voting results on your screen right now. can donald trump pick up senator sanders' supporters welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey. >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, hillary clinton is the first woman to secure the position as a woman in admonishing. and a mom receives over 400,000 in free stuff for wearing a chewbacca mask will that's more money than peter got for playing the part. and steph curry announces he will not play for team usa in the olympics. his hatred of er


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