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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 9, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> good morning. hope you are off to a great day. beautiful day in new york city. you are watching "fox & friends first". >> i am heather chilleder. thank you for starting your day with us. we begin with a fox news alert. brand new videos of the chilling moment evil terrorists filled with hate opened fire in a crowd crowded area. >> good morning, colin. >> good morning, heather. >> we are having some audio
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problems with colon powell in tel aviv. >> troubling video. >> we will get back with him in just a little bit. >> we are going to talk about hillary clinton. she may be the presumptive nominee but the party's drama far from over. chief rival bernie sanders still refusing to concede as he heads to the white house to meet with president obama. garrett tenney is live with what we can expect. >> today's meeting at the white house could determine when bernie sanders drops out and backs hillary clinton. fox news says one issue sanders may raise is democratic chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz who they accused of bias in the past. they asked that she may be fired in exchange for him supporting clinton.
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clinton meanwhile says she is now focused on the search for her vice presidential pick. >> i am diving in thinking hard about this. i am looking first and foremost to who i believe can fulfill the responsibilities being president and commander-in-chief. >> one of those being talked about for vp pick is massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who is expected to endorse clinton as soon as next week. warren is extremely popular among progressives and some believe she is the best chance for clinton campaign to attract supporters. with the democratic race coming to a close donald trump is ratcheting up his attack on clinton while trying to win over supporters using the old criticism of hillary clinton. >> she was a disaster. she doesn't have the temperam t
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temperament. she doesn't have a lot of things to be president including good judgment. bernie sanders said that. bernie sanders said her judgment is terrible. she doesn't have the good judgment to be president. >> she will continue to be in the general connection for large campaign donors for a meeting at trump towers. we will see what happens in the meeting. brand new video of terrorists opening fire og innocent people inside of a crowded market in israel. >> let's go back to connor powell who has the developments in tel aviv. >> as i was saying earlier before we got cut off it was a little more than 12-hours or so before two men walked into this up scale restaurant and opened fire. amazingly the restaurant is already back open.
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the only way you can tell there was any type of attack is the presence of the media that is here today, politicians wandering around as well. it is open and they are proud of the fact that the restaurant is back and open. two men from the hebron area khalid and mohammed mcombre came into the restaurant, opened fire. a witness describing it this way. >> oo they started shooting point blank at people sitting down. >> they had been sitting down dressed in suits trying to blend in when they opened fire. it is a very disturbing site to have on a popular, very beautiful night to have this attack. in response to the attack the israeli government canceled some 83,000 permits for palestinians to enter jerusalem for ramadan. they raided the house of a
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family. there is no indication these two individuals these two cousins had any type of activism or criminal behavior. there were a lot of questions as to why these two men choose now to attack. in the last nine months or so we have seen a huge increase of palestinian attacks on israeli mainly from the october to january period there were increases in the attacks. they were primarily with knives and cars. this is appear to be an escalation connected to a larger wave of attacks. we don't know just yet. they aren't sure who was behind us. clearly the efforts it took for them to get into the tel aviv from the west bank. it took coordination. there are a lot of questions about how the attacks were taken off. >> you mentioned the restaurant is open already. it shows how much israelis are used to dealing with terrorism whether it be through guns or
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knives or whatever the method is. saddened by that this morning. thank you for bringing us that report and our best to the folks there. >> the woman accused of potentially driving off of a cliff to kill her twin sister may be off the hook. the judge dropped the murder charge for a lack of evidence. witnesses say allison and ann were screaming at each other pulling each other's hair before allison drove off of a rock wall in maui. her identical twin ann killed on impact. they were accused of ripping off employees before skipping down and filing for bankruptcy. heather? >> a gruesome trial. starting today the baltimore police officer driving the van when freddie gray suffer add spinal injury. officer woodman junior offering a trial with a judge instead of
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a jury. he is only one of six charged with murder for driving erratically. officer nero and miller have filed lawsuit against the states attorney mosby. they claim she charged against them for her own political agenda. >> maria shir poef vau v -- shaa testing positive for meldomium in january. a notice came out saying that drug would be banned this year. she was unaware of it and has been taking the drug for years for heart issues. >> cashing in on the greatest. the legendary boxer mohammad ali. 14,000 people are expected to attend the traditional muslim service. he changed his name from cashes clay after turning to the muslim faith. here's what we mean about
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cashing in. some are making big bucks off tickets to the memorial. scalpers selling tickets on-l e on-line. >> your favorite beveterans dominated the night. keith urban bringing his tour mates to eldredge and morris on stage to open the awards. ♪ >> it was carrie underwood who stole the show with church bells. take a listen. ♪ >> a lot of people talking about how great she looked last night. she took home the award for female video of the year and also performance of the year. >> and tim mcgraw claimed the
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night's biggest prize for overall video of the year for his song "humble and kind." >> i love his hat. i love those cowboy hats always. it will not be the same for the weekend, though. storms are moving in. maria molina has the latest for us. >> you mentioned the beautiful weather across the u.s. u. that is correct. we are enjoying sunshine and pleasant temperatures out there in places like new york city and areas expended down to the southeast. across parts of florida we have been dealing with heavy rain out there. we have lingering showers across areas like miami and surrounding areas like florida. we are looking much better in the eastern u.s. we have a storm system moving in and it is bringing in a threat for showers and potentially storms through out the day. that is something we will watch carefully. over the next couple of days
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things will get unsettled as well across parts of the pacific northwest. temperatures relatively cool across the great lakes and into the northeast. you are only in the 50's out there in chicago and cleave lapped. 40's as we head further northeast across places like maine. if you look at the plains 70 in dallas and also dell rio. as we head into this afternoon across parts of the plains that is where things are heating up. middle to upper 90's as far north as parts of the dakotas. felt a little more like winter in new york city. cool temperatures this morning and yesterday. it is 10 minutes after the hour. the obama administration creed now targeting u.s. citizens. >> she bragged about her 4.0 gpa
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plan to stay for life.
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>> the state department changing course deciding to relaunch the investigation about how more than 8 minutes of an interview with james rosen about secret iran talks was intentionally cut from the record. patricia stark is here with the latest developments. >> a surprise about face from the state department this morning making the decision to dig a little deeper into who is responsible for editing controversial exchanges out of a 2013 briefing. the questions from fox news james rosen centered around the nuclear deal between the white
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house and iran and whether or not u.s. citizens were deceived. is it the policy of the state department where the preservation of the secrecy of secret negotiations is concerned to lie in order to achieve that goal? >> there are times it needs diplomacy to progress. >> all public affairs officials deny ordering the edit. they first called it a glitch then admitted it was intentional have no way to find out what happened and consider the matter closed. >> it is going forward so it will ner happen again. >> unfortunate as this incident was it didn't break any regulations or policies. given secretary's strong interests given congress's strong interests and media's
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strong interest we have see dieded died d- -- decided to look at that. >> since new rules were broken and no new rules are put into place even if they solve the mystery of whou it happened. >> patricia stark live for us. >> hillary clinton is doubling down saying her e-mail scandal absolutely will not be a problem in the general election. the nominee sitting down with bret baier to explain how she is dealing with the fbi investigation and how her husband could help in the white house. >> he ran a much different campaign as a new democrat. when you say he should be in charge of the economy, is he in town with today's democratic party? >> i think there are lessons to learn from what my husband did during his eight years and i think that president obama doesn't get the credit he deserves for having to deal with
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a terrible financial crisis. i will be looking for good advice and one of my best advisors about what we can do will be my husband. >> you have been asked about the e-mail investigation. i want to ask you about things quickly. has any one talked to your representatives? >> that's not going to happen. there's no basis for it and i am looking forward to it being wrapped up. >> has anybody in the fbi talked to your representatives? >> they have interviewed a lot of people. i am looking forward to participating. i have offered to do so since last august. nothing i sent or received was marked crass fied. nothing has been demonstrated to convict that. >> you are saying zero chance this is a problem for you in
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this election? >> absolutely. that's what i am saying. that happens to be the truth. >> see if the fbi agrees. 17 after the hourt. hold on to your doughnuts they got 100 bmw's but not for the job you expect. >> the cool hopping bear. >> looking to get refreshed. >> we will show you that when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> he will carry the republican man tell and he will never, ever let you down starting now. now. >> it is time to brew on this. a student who graduated at the top of her class is sparking outrage after bragging on twitter about living in the united states illegally. >> valedictorian 4.5 gpa full tuition paid for at ut 13 cords slash medals nice legs and oh, i'm undocumented. >> one person tweeting the phone number to the enforcement anonymous tip line. >> texas is one of the states who allow illegal students graduated from in state high schools to get in state tuition. >> after she since deleted her twitter. >> send an email at
2:23 am and we will share them later in the show. >> at first a big change to tell you about that is coming to the apple app store. >> let's talk to cheryl casone to our sister network cheryl casone. >> very interesting. apple is now going to start putting advertisements up every time you do a search for an app on the app store. google and android have something similar. they are going to be opening up app developers for ner revenue. if you have an app on the app store you can get more revenue because you can offer subscription to users of your app. it is a win win for app developers and for those of us that love the app store. >> so you don't have to just be 25. >> we are talking pretzels being recalled. are they the small little pretzels. >> all of them unfortunately. i love my pretzels.
2:24 am
frito-lay are having to recall several varieties of the rolled gold pretzels. if you have a peanut allergy it can be dangerous. the flour supplier to frito-lay there's peanut residue. there have been a couple of reactions. general mills had to do the same thing tiny twist sticks and the honey wheat braided from rold gold. >> burger ching has a whopper-ito. people are upset about it? >> it is blowing up twitter in a funny way. people have been putting up funny comments about this. it is being tested by one franchisee. there have been sightings in finishing, ohio and texas at local burger kings. basically, yes, it is what you see on your screen. it is a burger but in a flour tortilla. if you like your buns even if
2:25 am
your cardiologist does not you can go for the regular bun. it is less bread. >> coming up at 5:45, a different type of a story i want to bring to you. a huge data breech at the irs that happened back in 2015. we are finding out more people were exposed. protect yourself not just from the irs but identity thieves. >> 25 minutes after the hour. terror targets a brand new kill list from isis. it is threatening the lives of thousands of americans. >> first on this day in history back in 1972 sector yacht w-- secretariat won the national crown. the challenge disaster was an accident not sabotage.
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>> it is thursday june the 9th. terror in tel aviv. chilling video as two gunmen unleash a barrage of bullets on completely innocent people having dinner inside of a market. we will tell you about the attacks that is sparking brand new fears at home. >> and the president and the socialist a high profile meeting at the white house today between president obama and bernie sanders. could bernie bb the man to take dount the chair of the dnc>> the terrible first pitch that made the list of the worst ever. watch that right there. it is almost h it is so bad. >> "fox & friends first" continues right now while we continue to have fun here. >>
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>> good morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". >> beautiful shot there as the sunrises over new york city. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. brand new video just in of the chilling moments that terrorists opened fire at a crowded market in tel aviv. they used machine guns to shoot at people. good morning, connor. >> good morning heather. as israeli police try to figure out who launched the attacks they are book in school and there are people here eating and
2:31 am
dining just as they did last night before the two gunmen. israeli police say they were khalid and mohammed mahambre as part of the palestinian west bank. they were wearing business suits dressed in up scale fashion similar to everyone else in the area. up scale restaurant. they ordered and opened fire killing at least four people injuring at least 8 people. prime minister benjamin netanyahu talked about the attacks. >> this is a savage crime of murder and terrorism in the heart of tel aviv. it is done by criminal terrorists who don't value human life and are willing to murder innocent citizens who are
2:32 am
sitting in a coffee shop. a larger tragedy was avoided by the resolute action of citizens of security people, police. >> now in response to last night's attack israelis canceled some 83,000 permits were filed in jerusalem during the holy month of ramadan. they also raided the family house. they were cousins of a small village outside of hebron. we don't know much about these two individuals they weren't on any one's radar in terms of akvism and extreme i. they are trying to find out who might have helped these two pass checkpoints and get here to tel aviv and how they got their hands on the automatic machine guns. a lot of questions remaining but one thing we do know is four people were killed and eight wounded. there is a lot of outbreak in tel aviv. >> concerned about the escalation that happens next.
2:33 am
we will check in with you later. >> washington, d.c. about to feel the burn. vermont senator bernie sanders heading to the white house. they are looking toward the general election and trying to find a running mate. garrett tenney with what we can expect on that. >> there's a lot riding on today's meeting. that may include the future of democratic party chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz whom sanders has been clearly not a fan of in the past and accused of bias as well. campaign sources tell us sanders may ask she be fired in exchange for him supporting hillary clinton. yesterday's spokesman josh earnest said president obama would not formally endorse hillary clinton until after meeting with sanders. clinton meanwhile says she is now focused on her search for the vice presidential pick and without naming names yesterday she did reveal that list does
2:34 am
include several women. >> i am looking at the most qualified people that includes women because i want to be sure whoever i pick could be president immediately if something were to happen. that's the most important qualification. >> in one of those being talked about is potential vp pick is massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. warren is extremely popular among progressives and some democrats believe she is the best chance for clinton campaign to attract supporters. fox news also learned warren is expected to endorse clinton as soon as next week. on the republican side donald trump is courting supporters using sander's own criticism of clinton to do it. >> she was a disaster. she doesn't have the temperament. she doesn't have a lot of things to be president including good
2:35 am
judgment. bernie sanders said that bernie sanders said her judgment is terrible. she doesn't have the good judgment to be president. >> they are billions of dollars of the general election contest. he will take his first step towards that with a meeting with trump tower with a large group of donors. >> garrett tenney we will be watching this happening. >> brand new arrests to tell you about. stemming from the violence outside of a donald trump rally in san jose. > three people all juveniles arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the fourth person is seen here wanted by police. six people total arrested by the violent altercation. john kasich quietly signing
2:36 am
a medical marijuana bill in that law making ohio the 26th state to legalize the drug for medical purposes. kasich said it can help kids with certain medical conditions. vaporize others edibles and oils will be allowed. smoking marijuana is still considered to be illegal. the new law goes into effect in september. >> taking it to los angeles now police officers are about to get a sweet ride. the los angeles police department shelling out $4.2 million for bmw's. these are green. the department is buying 100 compact i 3 electric cars as part of the sustainable city plan. you won't be seeing the cars. no chase with these cars as you can image. they are just for basic transportati transportation. >> in l.a. they love the car chases. wouldn't want to see that little
2:37 am
he can tri -- electric car in a chase. >> we have a look at the weather with maria. >> there will be changes across the nation over the weekend. i want to start out mentioning the weather will be absolutely beautiful across the eastern u.s. it should remain that way. the temperatures are a little bit on the chilly side. we are in the middle 50's right now in new york. cooler as you head further north in parts of new england. not much going on out there. the lippingering showers in parts of florida. we are track showers and potential for thunderstorms on the way today. >> temperatures heading for the planes. they are mild already. you are in the 70's kansas city and dallas as you head further south into places like houston. take a look at what happened this afternoon. feeling summer like out there.
2:38 am
near the 90's as well in kansas city down into parts of texas and northwest. temperatures in the middle 60's. again in the eastern u.s. things are can laking good. 70's and 80's for a big chunk. oo a bear we started with looking for a bit of a refresher. the 2500 bear. 200 pound. >> 250 pound bare caught cooling off in a backyard pool. the wild animal you see wading in the water after wandering into a neighborhood in l.a. >> the bear climbed into a tree for an afternoon nap. they chase it had into the nearby hills. >> up next a bear to a little pony playing opossum.
2:39 am
>> don't do that. you embarrass me in front of the neighbors. >> his owner said pinto lays down like every day. they get calls from people who really think he's dead. >> i believe that. >> we have been laughing about it all morning long. snoop dawg embarrassing himself. the ser moan nool first pitch through it way wide. he called it an honor to kickoff the match against the braves but couldn't deliver. the rap king may want to forget a little bit. >> poor guy. >> it is now 39 minutes after the hour. a massive data breech to tell you about the irs failing to protect the information on more than 100,000 taxpayers. next what you can do to protect your private information. >> the major city with soda and
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diet juices. >> take a look at luke bryant performing. hunting, firing, loving. when my doctor told me i have
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>> thousands of americans targeted on a massive isis kill list. a hacking group with 8,000 names on-line calling on followers to quote kill them strongly. >> kwguantanamo bay detainees admitted men launched attacks in u.s. and allied forces in afghanistan since they were let go of gitmo. they believed to have killed at least 6 americans. the obama administration declined to comment on this saying the intelligence behind it is quote classified. heartbreaking. >> the irs informed taxpayers nationwide the private information was hacked.
2:45 am
cheryl casone with what we want to know. >> a report from the inspector general showed the irs failed to show 100,000 people the personal information was exposed to hackers and identity thieves. initially they said 220,000 people total were exposed by last year's massive hack and got the transcript on-line service. turns out it was 350,000. thet they broke into the system they wanted since tive information such as birth dates and tax return data. this as the agency has formally relaunched the get transcript on-line service with better security options. there is is a multi step process. there will be a verification step using a mobile phone as well. the agency must provide the aut then tation process.
2:46 am
they will allow the ability to use tax returns. >> thank you, cheryl. >> 15 minutes to the top of the hour. we are talking about spaghetti fat. >> shut up and don't talk to me again. >> i am asking what your name is. >> the draum that you ma made one flight attendant lose his cool. >> the country music awards that wasn't very country over performances like this one. >> first let's check in with steve doocy who dances just like that. >> he has great moves. >> coming up this thursday
tv-commercial tv-commercial
2:47 am
judged drew napolitano is joining us to talk about if the president of the united states endorses hillary clinton what does it mean about the e-mail and the corruption. >> maria bart ris in the kitche making pizza because her family is famous for it. the doctor who said she had an abortion. she and her beautiful daughter will join us live. busy three hours kicks off right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. we searched billions of flight combinations
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♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. ten minutes before the top of the hour, and philadelphia is the first city to target soda with a bombshell new tax.
2:51 am
>> we are joined live from the city of brotherly love with more on this tax. good morning to you, dave kinchen. >> reporter: good morning. the philadelphia city council gave preliminary approval for a soda tax increase but with changes to the initial proposal by philadelphia mayor jim kinney. instead of 3 cents per ounce, the plan that passed through committee last night would tax 1.5 ounce on sugary drinks. and now some of the raised tax revenues would tap out the city's general fund in addition to quality pre-k education and parks and rec centers as originally opposed. and opponents say that adds insult to injury.
2:52 am
>> this will stay raise taxes on thousands of items that a family shops for every week. so this will still hurt families and small businesses. >> reporter: keep in mind, new york tried this and it did not work out there. and san francisco tried it there and it did not work out there. >> i just love that you called it pop. that's what we call it in the midwest. thank you. >> people are topping off everywhere. we'll talk about country music now and the country music star shining bright at the cmt music awards. >> but some are outraged over the show event. >> t patricia is here to tell us why so many are upset that. >> carrie underwood took an
2:53 am
award for her song "church bells." she took home the award for female video of the year and performance of the year. tim mcgraw winning overall video of the year for his song "humble and kind." but many country music fans outraged saying there was not enough country music. what were stars like pitbull doing there? ♪ many took their frustrations to social media. comedian wheeler walker jr. said, quote, take out the music and the hosts and this show isn't half bad. and jake lopez says, pitbull, leona lewis, cheap trick and billy ray cyrus in the first 15
2:54 am
minutes? are they actively trying to turn off viewers? >> try again. thank you, patricia. and under fire. is she illegally in this country? she wrote valedictorian, 4.5 gpa, toll tuition paid for at u.t., and oh yeah, i'm undocumented. s. see your lexus dealer.
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it is about three minutes before the top of the hour. here's what's happening today, thousands are expected to mourn muhammad ali in his hometown of louisville, kentucky. and the house immigration plan is expected to include more robust defenses along the border and high fencing. and starting today, it's not okay to smoke in california if you're 18. the governor signed a bill banning a pack of smokes and tobacco products for those under the age of 21. and bernie sanders is scheduling a meeting with president obama this morning. should sanders help oust debbie wasserman schultz. time now for the good, the gad and the ugly. >> many showed up to a world war ii veteran who was homeless with no family. just four people were expected to attend the funeral until word
2:59 am
spread on social media. and bussing in a load of onion shallots and they found lots of drugs. shut up, don't talk to me again, okay? >> sir, i'm asking what your name is, that's it. >> the passenger said it unfolded after the crew ran out of pasta. you can't run out of pasta. well, now it's time for "brew on this." a student graduated on top of her class after bragging about being in the country illegally. >> her tweet said, valedictorian, 4.5 gpa, full tuition paid for at u.t., 13 cords/medals, nice legs and oh, i'm undocumented.
3:00 am
>> so many kids will not get this chance. >> another wrote, this does not affect me. congratulations young lady! i will gladly pay my taxes to help others. good morning, it is june 9. i'm ainsley aerhardt. we are live in tel aviv with four dead after terrorists open fire. and we are live at the white house. will bernie sanders will convinced by the commander in chief to drop out? we'll tell you what we know. and carrie underwood and country's music biggest stars under the same roof for the cmt awards. so why did pitbull


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