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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 10, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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on the auction block. the road station described as a former spy account that the nsa still uses dishes to monitor international communication. you can use a cell phone here, lockdown bill: that town could be hours. for the low low price. have a good weekend everybody . heather: "happening now" starts now. jon: we are watching the funeral procession, awaiting the public memorial service for muhammad ali. boxer, a fighter insidethe ring and out and one of the most important voices of the 20th century. welcome to "happening now", i'm jon scott . heather: i'm melissa francis in for jenna lee. thousands lining the route in mohammed ali's hometown of louisville as his casket makes a final tour of the
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city where the first lace up a pair of boxing gloves and more than 30,000 people are expected to fill an arena at this afternoon's celebration of life. every time heavyweightchamp 156 bytes , an olympic gold medal and transcended sports in the civil rights era. muhammad ali died a week ago at 74 after fighting a great battle with parkinson's disease for most of his life afterboxing. while remaining one of the most famous people in the whole world . jon: among the people who will speak at today's service, clinton, billy crystal and brian gumbel, reflecting on ali's extraordinary life and career. my tolling is live at the ks the young center in louisville. reporter: i don't have the luxury of a monitor right now so you're going to have an advantage on me for that
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precise moment when the funeral procession begins for once it begins we know it will be in accordance with the chance wishes. hedesigned his final farewell intended to make a statement. i had a conversation with rashida ali's daughter and he said that statement will simply be love one another, be kind to the people you meet , have the confidence and conviction to do what is right. she says it would not be fitting without the chance legacy to do any of this privately. he never met a camera he didn't like what she says with all of this attention, world leaders, the world media bearing down on louisville it's made it difficult for her to deal with her own emotions. >> at the end of the day, stripped-down, i'm a girl that lost her dad and my dad was my friend and i miss him. i'm going to miss the phone calls and the jokes and i just want to touch him.kiss him. it's just hard. i feel likehe should be here like daddy, look at this. it feels weird . reporter: a list of pallbearers include the actor will smith who portrayed ali
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in the movie, a man who largely followed in ali's footsteps, first with the olympics and the heavyweight title, lennox lewis. >> i'm truly honored and like i said, i got to say it again, it's a privilege. i'm one of the pallbearers who actually bring muhammad ali to his final resting spot and he will always be remembered and he will never be forgotten. reporter: rush a ali always said that can't believe that his parkinson's was hereditary, it was not brought on by boxing. when her son decided he wanted to fight, he brought granddad to the house to talk about it. he responded by taking the kid how to flip a jab. it back to you in new york.
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jon: what a day, thank you mike. muhammad ali inspired an entire generation of athletes including the only five time heavyweight world champion. vendor holy field will join us a short time from now to reflect on ali's career and life and how ali influenced his own career as a future champ. melissa: now from america's election headquarters, the presumptive nominees of both parties scheduled to deliver remarks in washington about an hour from now. donald trump will be courting religious voters at the state in freedom coalition, road to victory conference while hillary clinton is to speak out on women's issues in a speech to planned parenthood action fund has mrs. clinton is meeting right now with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren today to endorse clinton last night after a fiery speech attacking donald trump. meantime, new fox polls show clinton with a slight lead over the billionaire businessman, 42 to 39 percent. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in washington with more on all of this. carl? reporter: the faith in
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freedom forum is one organized by ralph reed, formerly executive director of the christian coalition, prominent policy coalition of leslie five years. in about 90 minutes, 75 minutes, we expect donald trump to come in here accompanied by a parade. we are told they could be as many as 400 additional supporters they will pack into this already crowded room for his remarks. he said number of speeches from terry's including mitch mcconnell and not once has donald trump's name been raised. the senator from alabama one of the first to endorse donald trump, will one of the first senators who helped to write his immigration plan made no mention of him although sessions was clearly talking about pro-trade and anti-immigration policies that trump has based his candidacy on. we expect him here to emphasize his faith, try to reach out to social conservatives. these are not grassroots reporters, these are grassroots organizers,
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evangelical groups around the country that are active in grassroots politics. the leaders of those organizations are here so this is an opportunity for him to talk both tactics and strategy. there is a teleprompter up there. we don't know if mister trump will use it but he has been doing that more frequently in recent weeks . this is a chance for him to reach out to evangelicals as well as to some of the powerbrokers in dc that he's been battling with for the past couple of weeks with his remarks about the judge in the trump university case, saying he wasn't impartial and was biased cause of his mexican heritage. right now we are told the trump campaign and mister trump does not have any meetings land with any of the republican leaders here in dc. he does have a big rally plan later this evening in richmond. melissa: carl cameron, thank you so much. john? jon: as donald trump pivots to the general election, a new editorial focuses on the tasks that speaker paul ryan faces in trying to unify
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republicans behind their new standardbearer. charles krauthammer's latest column is entitled sympathy for the speaker. paul ryan is in a general genuinely difficult fix with donald trump. he writes, ryan was legitimizing resistance to the new regime giving it safe harbor in the house even as resisters were being relentlessly accused of treason for quote, electing hillary, unquote. in the end, ryan called an armistice. what was he to do? oppose and resign and then what? what would remain of conservative leadership in the gop and if he created a permanent split in the party he would be setting up the gop's entire conservative wing as a scapegoat from loses in november. talk about all this with charlie eric, columnist for the washington times, colleen's white house correspondent for the wall street journal. colleen, how do you see the fix that paul ryan is in or is he in one? >> he definitely is in
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effect. i think krauthammer asked a good question, what was he to do? paul ryan at first put some distance between himself and donald trump. he didn't immediately fall in line, he didn't endorse him right after trump stood up the nomination so he kind of underscored his misgivings there but over the long term, he really has little choice but to eventually endorse him if he was going to be chairman of the convention and remain speaker of the house but he put himself in the position of supporting a man and then turning around and saying that his comments were racist so now paul ryan and all these other republicans have to answer the question, how do you support someone if you believe he's racist? the one he said publicly he didn't like what donald trump had to say about the judge hearing his case. let me play that for you now. >> claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the test books definition of a racist,. that should be absolutely disavowed. it's absolutely unacceptable the one he was pretty clear there charlie. what more is ryan supposed to do? >> paul ryantook the media bait and put himself in quite
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a pickle . the problem here is that what donald trump said about the judge was i think just about everybody can agree on that but you say something stupid and it has something to do with ethnicity or it has something to do with race, that doesn't make you a racist. all ryan shouldn't have even brought up that word. now he is in a very untenable situation as a whole, this guy is racist yet i'm still supporting him.paul ryan ought to just sort of stick to what he's doing and he can condemn the remarks without bringing up that incendiary charge which has forced the media loves and it's what the media, it's the only issue that the media things is worth ever talking about and they're going to not only going to take paul and catherine donald trump but the media is dying to take donald trump down but they are going to use it to sort of drive wages between every single republican leader out there.
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it's fine that paul ryan doesn't agree with donald trump. i think it's healthyif they have disagreements . i think a disagreement about among republicans even if you have on the run for the white house and another who try to keep the majority on the house and in the senate, i think that makes for a healthier gop but you don't have to get into crisis like this. this is self-defeating. >> he did say colleen essentially that he couldn't tell what was in donald trump's heart or head. he said that the comments themselves sounded racist but trump is acknowledging not to be the most polished speaker in the world, he kind of says what's on his mind and doesn't have a long history of practicing his word or a political audience. >> i think compounding all ryan concerns is the fact that donald trump hasn't exactly apologized, he said his words were misconstrued and he certainly has made a number of controversial comments over the course of this campaign so all ryan now has to come, is he going to
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be asked over and over again to answer for donald trump's comments and in the meantime, paul ryan obviously wants to be focused on policy this week when he was talking about donald trump's comments, he was kind of rolling out a poverty plan which was completely overshadowed by what donald trump said so instead of talking about the economy, instead of talking about the bad jobs report that came out last week, instead of talking about all the policy position that paul ryan wants to focus on is now being forced to answer for donald trump and you must be wondering if this is something that's going to be repeated again and again over the course of the next five months. jon: she put it pretty well there charlie. there was a lot of potential father for republicans to feast on over the last week and now they are seeking this controversy. >> she's exactly right and this is exactly what is going to be going on. every week from now until the election. republicans are going to have to be different and as is donald trump. donald trump needs to not
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talk about the trump university case ever again. don't talk about the judge ever again. talk about how he's going to make america great again or whatever his policy is. talk about that stuff and the same has to be said for paul ryan and the rest of the republicans. focus on the positive message they got and ignore all the questions on the media that are aimed at tripping them up . >> focus was on the baseball bat. >> that's right, exactly. >> and maybe paul ryan should wear the make america great again and all his events. >> question answered. thank you both. melissa: security beat up across israel following a terror attack in tel aviv. how will it impact the first friday of ramadan in the old city and new charges leveled against the driver suspected of crashing into a group of cyclists , killing five of them. and then fleeing the scene. we want to hear from you.
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stories where following. charles pickett junior faces five counts of second-degree murder for a crash that killed five cyclists on a michigan road. police say pickett drove his truck into nine people who were riding bicycles, then fled the scene. a 23-year-old disappearance now solved. rhode island medical examiner's office identifying the remains of steve and sro. they were found behind the building owned by a reputed mob associate in march. the sorrow was a nightclub manager who does. in 1993.
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his family said they're looking forward to finally getting him a proper burial. and police in california asking for the public's help finding this german shepherd puppy. maia apparently was stolen from her 14-year-old owner while they took a walk. two men approached maia and the teenager saying they were armed with a pistol. they took my and drove away. melissa: police in jerusalem on high alert on this first friday of ramadan area thousands of police patrolling the old city just days after four israelis were shot dead by terrorists at a popular shopping and dining complex in tel aviv. john henry is live in jerusalem with the latest. john, what's it like they are today? reporter: you can definitely see the heightened police presence. there's a lot of officers posted on some of the major corners, intersections throughout the city. but people, it's been busy as usual because we are going into a jewish holiday. that said, a lot of major security measures have been put into place here in
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jerusalem and the west bank as well. as far as the number of officers, 3000 police officers have been posted throughout jerusalem as i just talked about. there was concern today about possible clashes after friday prayers at the temple mount compounding the old city. the first of theholy month of ramadan but the prayers and peacefully . still, police remain on high alert and that will continue throughout the weekend. it's the jewish holiday of shop a lot so that with wednesdays are attack has heightened security concerns as we know. mohammed and khalid mohammed, both 21 opened fire at a cafi in central tel aviv, that dramatic video of people running for their lives, four people and wounding about a dozen others . the idf conducted over night raids and arrests in connection with wednesdays at half and in the wake of the attack, israel has suspended the permits or 83,000 palestinians in the west bank to get into israel during the
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holy month of ramadan and also the idf has sent into military battalions into the west bank in order for security there. as for violence today, no major attacks but the idf did report and it having at the entrance to the city of nellis in the west bank. this has been a hotspot for stabbings, attempted stabbings. there were no injuries of security or police officers there but they did shoot that the dallas palestinian word if that person was killed or not so right now things remain the most part called. melissa, back to you. melissa: thank you so much for that report. she self. jon: her parents should be celebrating the end of her freshman year of high school. instead, they are mourning the death of their daughter. her mom says the teenager killed herself after nude video was posted on snapchat so will the police behind it face any charges. >> marks our legal panel is here with that.
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jon: now some apartment residents near las vegas are counting themselves lucky after a massive aluminum awning broke free from a warehouse, crushing several of their cars. firefighters say a fierce
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gust of wind caught the structure in east vegas and a bullet across the apartment complex. it landed in the parking lot, demolishing half a dozen cars. one witness says it sounded like a praying crash.>> we came outside running to see what happened and i saw a lot of people running around the apartments in the parking lot. we find out all of these metal, this fall on top of the car. jon: luckily, nobody was hurt. firefighters say the gust of wind that caught that wanting top six meat 60 miles an hour. melissa: of florida mom seeking justice after her 15-year-old daughter took her own life. she blames bullying after a nude video of tovonna holton-teamer was posted on snapchat just hours before her death. now according to a friend of obama, some girls recorded her in the shower and her ex-boyfriend posted online after they broke up. you may remember there was another tragedy that put her in the headlines in 2010.
8:25 am
see prince had herself in her massachusetts home after months of persistent bullying by other students. high students were charged with an array of felony and misdemeanor violations and pled guilty to criminal harassment area princes parents also settled with the school district for $225,000. for failing to protect their daughter. red pc is a former federal prosecutor, troy platen is a criminal defense attorney and a former prosecutor. thanks to both of you for joining us. >> let me focus on this most recent florida case. do you see criminal liability there? they took the video,they posted it online , what's the standard? >> the standard, there's a couple different standards that play. the question is whether or not they were restless or what they did was reasonably foreseeable that this young woman would commit suicide. i think if it was an ongoing harassment thing, kind of an
8:26 am
ongoing bullying thing like you saw in massachusetts, charges may be appropriate but there's a lot of things we've got to go through to get there in this instance. based on what i've seen so far i think it would be a tough case. melissa: you agree with that? what is it with that would have to be group here in order for the kids who put the picture of online or the video online to be alive? >> one of the things that's important here, melissa, is that the police are reporting that this young girl may have allowed this video to be shot. this wasn't a surreptitious video. this wasn't a case where somebody stuck not the camera into alocker room for one of her friends inside the locker room or somewhere . melissa: why does that make that different? >> well, it makes a difference as to whether or not she allowed it and whether or not there was intent to cause her harm but fred is absolutely correct. the authorities would have to
8:27 am
show that a reasonably knew or suspected that showing this video and distributing it on snapchat and twitter would cause her this kind of harm or cause her to take her own life. melissa: what's the difference between the case in massachusetts because in the case of massachusetts, now we are hearing they are being sentenced. there are charges that are sticking there and it obviously sends a strong message to the community that you are going to pay a legal penalty for bullying. what's the difference in that case? >> they should send that kind of a message. the difference is melissa in the case in massachusetts, it was ongoing but there was a lot more harassment, a lot more bullying than what we have here which i've only seen so far which is one picture. i got to tell you something. there's this kind of deep, dark, evil side of social media. i have four teenage sons and this snapchat stuff is out of control and i think irrespective of whether or
8:28 am
not this girl, she shouldn't have let herself have her pictures taken what it was petty to some people and then blasted out to a lot of other people and that's the danger and that is reasonably foreseeable and that can lead to liability. melissa: troy, besides the other kids that are involved in the case, who else bears liability in this case question mark because when you look at massachusetts, obviously the school district was thought to have not protected that child. what about the venues online where this is going on? who else could come in and stop these things from going on? >> it would be hard to put any liability on social media to stop or filter this type of thing. that would be almost impossible and i don't think that type of technology even exists but unfortunately, even her mother faces potential criminal liability for failure to secure the firearm. this child got the gun out of her mother's first and in florida, if you have somebody under 16 who could
8:29 am
potentially have access to god, it needs to be in a locked box or have a trigger lock so her mom faces a second-degree misdemeanor in the state of florida and anyone who transmitted these images which could be considered child pornography could be facing third-degree felony charges or exactly that, transmission of child pornography. >>. melissa: what a heartbreaking case. thank you so much. fred kesey, troy slayton, thanks to both of you. >> europe is set to host one of the world's biggest soccer tournaments with games set to take place at venues across the continent including one at the same stadium targeted in the paris terror attacks . jon: remember that terrible night. what european security forces are doing to keep fans and
8:30 am
athletes say. plus, donald trump says he doesn't need political ads to win this election, claiming the news media will give him all the free airtime he wants. what are media panel things about that. >>
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jon: fox news is america's election headquarters with
8:34 am
donald trump trying to flip conventional notions of how to run a presidential campaign. many political analysts think he will need at least $1 billion to compete with hillary clinton and they point to his lack until recently of any funding operations but trump tells lindberg news there is no reason to raise $1 billion for his campaign, i just don't think i need nearly as much money as other people need because i get so much publicity. i get so many invitations to be on television, so many interviews if i want them area so let's check out that campaign strategy with hugh miller, a pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter, author and fox news contributor. lynn sweet is washington bureau chief at the chicago sun-times. you're not political concert what you all are our media panel today. what you think of what trump has to say? he does seem to be a media magnet. >> and until now he has defied the law of political gravity having a bare-bones operation, no campaign to speak of , he out a field of 17. however, he did that with free publicity and 10 percent of registered republicans turned out to vote in
8:35 am
primaries. a general election is a very different, very different ballgame and i think that mister trump has not made the transition to understanding that these rules of the game are truly different and that you need a lot of money and a very good campaign organization. look at the opportunities in this last week. and look at the inspector general's report of hillary clinton which was dating about her activity. what we talking about? whether or not donald was a racist because of his remarks about judge curiel and whether or not mexican-americans will get to preside on his case. he needs discipline and he needs people around him to whom he listens and i'm not sure we are going to see that. i think he may still think we can do the general as he's on the primary and i'm not sure that will work. jon: let me play devils advocate because so many people on both sides of the political aisle decry them
8:36 am
effects of so much money in politics so donald trump is the one who saying, i'm not going to run a billion-dollar presidential campaign for once . should he be applauded for that? >> both things can be true, many things could be true. let him go raise money the way bernie sanders did. through small donors but you need some money. right now he's saying basically he could go to the general election and run it as he did in the primaries, duly noted but let's look at what he did. he had, because he was so provocative and willing to go on endless interviews and with great ratings, he had free media. now, the landscape has changed. hillary clinton already has started doing a little more media. look at the powerful circuits she has that i bet you would be happy to have on your show in a minute. barack obama, michelle obama, joe biden, elizabeth warren. at some point, bernie
8:37 am
sanders. he has no one to speak for him right now. my goodness, paul ryan? what he says about donald trump at the moment is that his remarks were racist so he can do certain things without money but you need a campaign and he doesn't have a 50 state operation or he says he wants to run in all states. that is something even obama and romney and clinton and mccain did not do because you target the state where you think you can win outside your republican or democratic base. he needs some strategic decision-making then and we haven't seen it yet. jon: kimberly stossel has been a gift on this program several times, wrote an interesting piece in the wall street journal entitled trump can't win it forever. she writes, mister trump is in a race against the
8:38 am
seasoned politician who commands a machine and is already setting daily him. the mainstream media are in the tank for her and their airtime will be be devoted to skewering him. mister jones orders remain the minority in a fractured party that he has yet to unify. there's no need to guess whether mister trump lack of a campaign is hurting him, it's proven by two irrefutable leaks of negative press coverage, missed opportunities and eroding poll numbers. it sounds like she's kind of on the same page with both of you about his strategy , judy? >> that's true and i was going to quote that article if you didn't. it actually goes to the heart of his problems which is yes, you can get lots of free media. you can call morning joe or you can call somewhere and fox news and get on the air but it's not going to help you in the four or five states that he absolutely must win in order to win a general election.
8:39 am
there, you need local advertising and local surrogates as lynn has pointed out, he just doesn't have that so unless he pulls this together very quickly and also by the way, stop alienating so many people in his own party and so many independents, he's going to have a very tough time . jon: she was on fox news on happening now, republican strategist, he kind of took a look at donald trump strategy, here's what he had to say. >> he says he can replace targeted advertising with publicity, i find that very hard to believe because hillary clinton knows that if she wins florida, she likely wins the election so she's going to pound irony, date and broward county easily by tv, internet and carrier pigeon. he has to fight back. he can't just go on bill o'reilly's show and counterpunch because it's all about being on local airwaves because that's where the people see him. jon: what you think about that, lynn? >> he's right.
8:40 am
what trump likes to do is and this can be mentioned in the column and we all know, you'll execute these big arena things and even look at what his stuff speech has said. it has been from some speeches i heard, he regales the audience with tales of how well he's doing in the polls. that's going to change one-on-one when is the general voting age population of likely voters that fold as opposed to the larger slice of likely republican voters. what's he going to say? and if he insists on mixing his personal business and that is his trump university lawsuit which he could have just settled for better or worse and cleared the deck as he goes to the general election.if we can't do that and he can't separate himself from his business that he runs to be the president of the united states, then he will get bogged down not by any reporters in the tank or not, this is just regular investigative looks and i
8:41 am
might say looking at lawsuits on trump university, it's pretty low hanging fruit that every candidate of any stature goes through. jon: he's also down three points in the latest fox news holes with hillary clinton . >> how is he going to talk about that in his stump speech. jon: thanks, have a good weekend. melissa: we are celebrating the life of muhammad ali as we watch his funeral procession through his hometown of louisville. the three-time heavyweight champ had a huge influence on future boxers and other young athletes including our next guest who went on to win five heavyweight championships. evander holyfield is here to share his memories of the greatest. >> this is lulu, our newest dog.
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melissa: we are awaiting the celebration of life memorial service for boxing legend muhammad ali after a funeral procession through the streets of his hometown of louisville kentucky. one last journey past locations that molded muhammad ali as a fighter and humanitarian. the three-time world champ will be remembered this afternoon in a public memorial with thousands expected to pack an arena following a private ceremony and family funeral. muhammad ali inspired a generation of boxes and other athletes, including one on a very youngage that was evander holyfield. mister holyfield says ali gave him the courage to try to be a champion , a feat he accomplished five times. thank you for joining us, sir. you said he had confidence, that's sort of an understatement when it comes to muhammad ali but why is that so important in your memory? >> to even take the chances
8:46 am
of going out there making it better, you have to believe. you have to have that confidence that allows you to go out there and if they don't turn out, go back and do it again but ultimately if you don't quit, you pass the test. melissa: you talk about how he really took the heavyweight championship itself to global popularity. taking it around the world and introducing us to a lot of people who may not have known before, he really made it a thing. talk about howimportant he was to support .>> it takes faith. and at that time, it was quite different because you know what? nobody was standing up and ali took the chance and he prevailed and we live today
8:47 am
as a saint. i would tell him i want to be like ali, wow. i want to try. i want to see if i could be that and when i asked my mom, she said it was okay to do it. and you know what? i made my mistake but i didn't quit and because i didn't quit i became who i am today. melissa: what is something about him we may not know or the public may not know, a misperception or something personal we haven't heard? so many people out there sharing his memories. >> i think that this thing about him, he wanted people to be better. he would get on them. my mama told me she wanted me
8:48 am
to be better than her but when a man, and talk to you and he is telling you things that you should be better, you want the world to be better and that's where i stand. i'm going to put my stuff on the line for everybody who says look, if i do this then you can do it. i did it and you can do it. and that's ultimately the goal in life that each generation get better and ali , he inspired that. jon: what about as a fighter? did you ever go back and watch his technique, watches films and try to incorporate some of what he did into your own time in the rain? >> of course. ali was quick, he was quick and you know, he had this
8:49 am
thing where if i had to make adjustments, i'd make something up. what i do well, i did this and he didn't. he had quick movement, good hand speed and he was a big guy had his time because he was tall. with me, i wasn't as tall. i was short but you have to use what you have and you have to create a statement and use this and my whole thing, at that time i became a fighter that i am. i watched, i paid attention cause i knew that hard work is the things that you do to people not watching. jon: i wouldn't want to have been in the ring with either one of you.
8:50 am
melissa: when was the last time you saw him or spoke to him question mark what would your final memory be? >> it was his first day. it was his birthday and i was there to share, help him get on the stage and all this and it was just amazing. all the people who appreciated him then, while he was alive. everybody bringing up there and they were showing tapes and showing all these different things because they at that time, they didn't know when the end was going to be. melissa: evander holyfield, thank you for sharing your time and memories on this day, we really appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. we will be right back. >>
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8:55 am
waterworld , toour world, jeff waters at the top of the hour . jon: he's getting his game face on right now. see you then, top of the hour. melissa: right now, france getting set to kick off euro 2016, it is the second biggest tournament after the world cup with 24 teams playing more than 50 matches across the country. amid heightened security concerns in the wake of terror attacks in paris and brussels. benjamin hall is live in london. one of the preparation. >> ? >> this is what should be a glorious moment for france but it has been overshadowed by these other issues. anomaly security concerns from terrorism great but francis currently suffering crippling strikes around the whole country. nevertheless, today the match will go on, the opening game at the national stadium to start between france and romania.
8:56 am
this is the first stadium which was attacked by isis in november and there have been threats by the terror group to attack it again. 90,000 additional security personnel have been deployed to watch over the stadiums and fans around the country. for months, french police have been preparing for possible attacks, rehearsing for suicide bombings, multiple attacks and got environment crowds. the terror app has been released to a people of danger. millions of fans will have their but they will have to deal with strikes and rubbish piled up in the streets of paris. many flights have been canceled as have some airtran flight and no european soccer tournament is complete without begins and last night french and english fans began fighting in marseille, the riot police being called and a number of arrests. so concerned are the police about security concerns they have been all bars and cafis in the company from broadcasting the game outdoors saying basically don't have the ability to guard all of them so have a lot of preparation for the tournament but the game must go on and it will. >> we will be right back. why do so many businesses
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melissa: see you back here in one hour. jon: special coverage of the muhammad ali funeral begins in two hours. we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: begin with this fox news alert and a live picture now, the world saying a final farewell to the greatest of all time. mourners lining the streets of louisville, kentucky. at one point they were moments ago running alongside the hearst carrying the body of muhammad ali. it is winding its way through the city on way to private graveside funeral for boxing legend and hometown hero. as you can imagine, people are watching. 3,000 people expected to fill an arena to pay tribute to his life inside and outside the ring. the service will feature eulogy from former president bill clinton. long-time friend, remarks by


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