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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  June 11, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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amazon. go buy the book. happy birthday to greta tomorrow. bill o'reilly is next. good night. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease desk. >> donald trump said he won't need to spend money on ads because he gets new free media. i would argue, but, look, he has us talking about him again. and promises to stop your significant other from binge watching and binge watch cheating on you. it is easier than the option of being single. and questions from you, the viewers. stick around to see if yours made the show. if it is about cats, it didn't. back to you, tom will. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guest.
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she parties like it is 1999. and by that i mean she jams out to kid rock. pay attention millennials. this is what a real man looks like. matt walton'. and judging by the suit he is all business. comedian greg johnson. and he has more brains than dr. frankenstein's lab. columnist and author -- let's start the show. >> donald trump doesn't need to raise a billion dollars because he will be on tv that many times between now and november. the presumptive gop nominee told bloomburg news that there is no reason tonraise that. i just don't think i need nearly as much money as other people because i get so much publicity. i get so many invitations to be on television and i get so many interviews if i want them. he gets as many interview requests as
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chewbacca mom, maybe more. can his presence on tv alone win the presidency? recent reports suggest his campaign is not the tightly run ship we assumed it was. his campaign staff is skeletal and lacks the ability to coordinate a message leading to chaotic set pieces where the entire party apparatus is owned by trump's personal twitter account. is that the fact? trump has -- i mean as goofy as it sometimes seems he will be able to command the media and can he do it all summer? >> sure, but that's not what raising a lot of money to spend on television commercials is for. it is not just to get on television. any candidate can get on television plenty. the issue is she will run ads saying he is a racist and he is a felon and he did all of this terrible stuff. if he doesn't answer it in the seven battle ground states
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where obama won the presidency in 2012 ,t him and goes at him and goes at him the way obama went after romney and romney was not able to respond for months she will have a real advantage and he is now reaping the whirlwind because he said he would self-fund his campaign. it looks like he spent all of the money he is willing to spend and there is no fundraising apparatus and the republican national committee will have trouble raising money for him because he walked around saying he had $10 billion. and so she has $76 million in the bank and he has $2 million in the bank. she is going to drop nuclear bombs on his head. >> well, wait a minute. i feel like he is -- he may mott have the apparatus in place, but this guy is lined up. isn't he ready to dump a truckload of money on him? >> he doesn't even need that. he has publicists in his corner.
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you know the name baron? it is not that common. it is the name of a magazine about rich people. he is naming them after baron and tiffany after money basically. you are right about the battleground states. it will come down to those undecided people in the few little states. >> does it work anymore? joanne, i feel like there is just a sea of that. i don't pay attention to him at all. does anybody? >> i think we all get annoyed by them. gosh, another one on our tv? i have seen this so many times already. right now trump, the optics for him it is about money and evil and this campaign money. it is dirty money. there are ties associated with it. that's where he is when he says nope i don't need this money. you keep your money. i don't want anything to do with it and eel ea win on my own. you also need a staff and you have to pay a staff. but there is a lot of things this money can be used for, and he is going to need it
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because this will be a long race. >> listen, we live in new york city, most of us at this table, and we don't get commercials. you go to ohio and florida and virginia and the battleground states between like july and november and in an election year is it wall to wall. what we used to get new york it is wall to wall 24 hours a day. and if she has 18 hours a day of ads up and he has an hour a day of ads up and all of the ads are negative against him and he is not countering her he will be at a disadvantage. itit is another to speak to 135 million americans who will vote in november. he does not have the power to control discourse with all of that. people who want paying attention. >> greg, you are a low information voter, right? >> of course.
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i think -- >> i think this is all talk and he is doing it for more publicity. that'stwhat everybody does. >> he has a plan and all he needs is that plan and john miller. he has some problems and he is being sued for fraud and stuff like that. the secret to this summer and to him winning is going to be malania. he has to put her out there. she will be the next first lady. if you are voting on first ladieses who will you vote for, bill clinton? he would be the grossest ever. she is a watch designer from slovenia. get her in the white house. >> remember that tweet? it had cruise's wife. >> i'm sure bill would like that. >> bill's face moves when he speaks. >> so does hers. >> emotions cause wrinkles and i need to stop showing mine
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right now. >> she couldn't show emotions if she tried. >> the next story gina davis is producing a documentary. the actress has long been an advocate for expanding opportunities in hollywood. she tells variety there has been no real improvement in the number of female roles since 1946 and it is an important film. i'm sure that she found the right female director. that's him. that's the director. i would have gone a different way. gina davis' documentary will be directed by a man. further establishing that literally no one gets it. she wants a good director, right? she has to pick the best person for it. >> this is a funny one. of course women's roles have
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not improved since 1946. there were better roles in hollywood in 1946. half of the movies were made for women in 1946 which was a banner year for hollywood attendance. 90 million people went to the movies every week. movies were made for women. now they are made for teenage boys and there are not many roles for women. it is not a feminist issue, but it is an issue of nobody wants to go to the movies unless there are three female superheros. >> he's right. what happened to katherine hepburn? >> what is wrong with gina davis? she is making a movie how there are not enough female directors and picks a male director. she has a gender institute and should she have white men run that and women cook? >> how backwards is she? >> she has to have an appropriate director she needs a woman, gay transgender,
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pregnant, little person from baghdad. find that person, gina. find her. >> you know gina is watching. >> she has to get the film done. >> what are you implying? >> she is a woman so she needs a woman director. >> it's never been fair. it is ea never been -- it's never been about fairness and equality. i don't think she would have been talking about this. i think it was a brilliant move. >> she is going to get the headlines. maybe she will switch to a female director. >> i hate to burstule of your bubbles -- i hate to burst your bubbles. the director selected her. the director and the co producer are a team that work
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on social justice issues and they want to create a project highlighting what it is like in hollywood for women. they thought wouldn't it be great if we got gina davis on as head producer? they asked her and their whole argument of keeping him as a director is this is not just an issue for women and about women. men need to be involved in the conversation. i'm sorry. i don't know why we are doing this story. >> how many names of -- did that guy have to go through before he hit gina davis as the producer? >> isn't she a bigwig? >> she won an oscar in 1988. do you want to do the math? >> what if it blows up in her face and she has him wearing bikinis during the interview. >> now she will get some eyeball s.
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>> she should have charo. that would be interesting. she is incredibly boring. >> spielberg directed's "schindler's list." that's a bad example. >> william wiler directed "ben her". >> and now there is a sequel to "the passion." >> i am on the next story. small towns are at war with google and their wicked ways. the google app ways uses realtime traffic data to calculate the quickest routes for drivers and it is having a big impact on quiet roads in residential areas. it used to be the locals knew the cut through routes, but google maps and ways are letting everyone know. in some cases we have to address it to preserve the sank tau tee of our residential neighborhood! some have filed fake reports to try to trick the app.
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the nature of crowd sourcing says if you put in a fake accident the next 10 people will report ta it is not there -- report that it is not there. isn't that the benefit of crowd sourcing? >> it is. at the risk of sounding like biz beth warren, it is not your road. it is everyone's road. traffic sucks. if on occasion a few more cars come down your street and you don't like it, move. petition the town to put up signs and such other things. this guy has way too much time on his hand. the one making up the fake -- >> i don't think elizabeth warren would agree with you. she would be on the side of the guy putting up the insurance department report. she thinks it is an evil corporation.
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>> i don't think we should argue about it. >> i think elizabeth warren, she would file a complaint if they were driving through the precious came brej neighborhood. >> that's what i'm saying. >> when i am in l.a. that app gets me from the valley to the airport in like half the time. >> i go through like beverly wood. >> when you had 9 thomas guide and you had to flip through the dumb book and crashing into people. >> what is the answer to this? >> i think this is a tremendous advertisement for ways. i don't have a car. it is like the gina davis thing. i can't help their quiet lives. >> it is infuriating. you move into a quiet neighborhood and there is 45,000 more cars. they are blogging and tweeting
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and then in a few years they are driverless cars. >> the problem is that when it was less used it was more effective. so many people on the road have it that everyone is following the detours and the detours are getting trafficked up. when it was a little known program it would direct you out of traffic now everyone is following you on the side roads. >> most of those detours are because of construction or because of some kind of traffic jam elsewhere. the app does sell for just and once that detour gets clogged up it then sends the driver somewhere else. why is the neighborhood inconvenience more than our inconvenience. >> it is the people in these neighborhoods complaining. >> he is right will anybody who filed a false report should get the death penalty.
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>> i can't -- i can't relate. i have no sympathy for these people. i live on 11th avenue. i hear sirens and honking and i currently have scaffolding. there are men who are outside my window. i can't do anything in my bedroom. >> is there just a bunch of guys hanging out? >> the work permits are -- i can't read those. i am afraid to ask them. >> in the history of "red eye." >> that was fantastic. >> i am going to check the work permit. >> my elevator is going too slowly in my building. >> this is an interesting story. a recent study has many at a loss for words.
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a third of americans never floss. we summoned ben kisse -- kis se l to checkup on the study. >> do you floss some. >> yes. >> do you floss if. >> yes. >> sir, do you floss? >> that guy doesn't floss. >> according to his research 100% of people floss. great work. the giants always find the truth because people are too scared to tell them a lie. is this one-third of people? do you believe that? >> it is an inconvenient chore. i don't like doing it, but i do have to do it. when i was more lax i got a cavity. >> this is a regional thing too.
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i'm sure we all floss. >> and a shout out to my dental hygenist and she said i am doing an excellent job flossing. >> they never say that. >> you need to do more. >> i carry floss with me. >> all they do is scold you. they are like the new librarians. >> me and mine are friend. we chat. >> it is like the people you go to and they go -- like that. leave me alone. i am paying you like 80 bucks to put your hands in my mouth. >> do you remember that device that shot water in people's face? it was supposed to be on everyone's sink. >> i think they are a liability issue. i am going with a liability issue. people have water guns and it is not good.
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>> do you floss? >> every day. >> i don't have a water pick and i think the electronic took the place of the water pick. >> i have an electric toothbrush and i think you should all use them. >> is your spouse cheating on you? netflix cheating that is. the story when we return.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. a 22-year-old singer famous for her time on a popular tv show "the voice" has died after she was shot in orlando, florida last night. she was outside the concert venue where she had just performed when a man walked up
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to her and opened fire. authorities say the suspect then shot himself. he died along with the sing -- the singer-songwriter finished third in season six of "the voice." the greatest champ of all time was laid to rest. they started with 100,000 people lining the streets to catch a glimpse of the hertz carrying his remains. it was at times serious and then other times colorful. >> he was funny. he was beautiful. he was the most perfect athlete you ever saw, and those were his own words. >> ali who was 74 years old died last week after a long battle with parkinson's disease. turning to politics, presumptive gop nominee donald trump taking more criticism and this time from mitt romney
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. romney says he worries trump is looking at the racist tendencies. he will consider voting for gary johnson, the libertarian nominee. and gawker media is filing for chapter 11 bank -- bankruptcy. they must pay $140 million to hulk hogan for invasion of privacy. the 14-year-old website plans to sell the publishing company, but other bidders could come into play during the court auction. now back to "red eye." >> it is to prevent netflix cheating brought to you by an ice cream maker. watching your favorite squeeze
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squeeze -- favorite movie without the favorite squeeze is unforgettable. >> a commitment ring. it can only be watched when they are activating together. >> you never have to experience the pain of this reenactment. >> it will prevent unfor unfortunate misunderstanding. >> you couldn't wait two days to watch the season finale. >> and change the heartbreaking facts. >> whoa, he died? that was unexpected. >> who was the worst actor in that video? >> it is a tie. this is ridiculous. if you need a product from an ice cream maker to ensure your spouse or boyfriend isn't lying.
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are people breaking up because of netflix cheating? that's ridiculous. how terrible are you if you have to bump a ring with your girlfriend when you want to watch netflix or whatever? i think this comes in for couples who have different sleep schedules. i work nights and sometimes i sleep home and catch a couple of episodes of "blood line" while my wife is asleep. >> what is wrong with that? >> i -- there is nothing wrong with that. i have no idea what is going on on "blood lines." i can stay up late and watch with "blood lines" and then fill me in. that's the problem. if you are watching a show with your wife or husband or something and you watch had episode and you get 10,000 miles ahead of them in terms of the plot. who is that? i already forgot. that's like stanus. >> you need the after show pod
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cast. >> you need the after show pod cast to keep up with the episodes. >> you can get them registered. are people going to propose? a guy gets down on one knee and says will you i'm mass skew late me? >> we are together to watch mow swrard and the jungle. >> it is way too much el emphasis on a passive activity. it is not by which a relationship should be measured. not in my house. >> you have a great house. >> i do. no traffic either. >> do you remember when we had guy shows and girl shows? they would walk girl shows shows shows and we would watch girl shows. now we watch together. >> there are still guy show. somebody tell me that "game of thrones" is not a guy show. >> i know women watch "game of thrones" bit it is a guy
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show. the camera pans and there are four naked women and somebody has a conversation about the king's landing and then you pan over and there are another three naked women. >> the tutors. >> "out lander" is for women. >> i don't know. >> "red eye" is for everyone. >> like i always say, if you're gonna cheat, just take off your ring. what prevents them from just not wearing it? if you are a cheater you will be a cheater regardless of a ring. >> can i drop some trivia on you? i have never had the ice cream, but there is a trilogy of movies by the british director and the screenwriter and it is sean of the dead and hot fuzz and this is the end -- i can't remember --
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anyway they are great movies particularly hot fuzz. that's the only reason we should be discussing cornetto. >> i think hot fuzz. >> thank you. >> does it hurt to store all of that information in your head? >> it hurts. >> coming up, half time with andy levey. don't forget the "red eye" pod cast is back.
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well -- welcome back. time to find out what we missed. hi, andy. >> hi, tom. how the hell are you? >> good. >> weekend. trump will depend on free media. john, you said raising a lot of money is not so you can get on television. the issue is hillary will run ads and if he doesn't answer she will have a real advantage. i guess he thinks he can answer not with running counter ads, but by calling into tv shows and i suppose tweeting? i'm sure that's true. he can go on fox and friends, but that's not something that will be watched by five million people in ohio at exactly the same moment. >> how dare you. we can -- >> i apologize. i had no idea. >> we canned at this time that out.
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>> this sinting. according to our fox news poll, 47% of people say they are more likely to change the channel when trump comes on the tree while 52% say they are more likely to change the channel when clinton comes on tv. maybe trump is on to something here with not wanting to run ads constantly? i don't know. my opinion is if he wins it was a brilliant strategy and if he loses it was a spectacularly bad strategy. i said something last night. this is my new thing. matt, you said it would come down to the few undecideds in the battleground states. >> they say it was only around 17% of americans haven't -- said they haven't decided who they will vote for. >> that's your swing. i got that right. you look great. >> thanks. >> you said trump needs -- >> how are you? >> i love you.
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you're the best. >> no, you're the best. >> greg, you said trump needs to send milanea. bill would be the grossest first lady ever. >> i did. i love your twitter. you have an instagram this year. >> that's cool. i respect that. do you follow my snap stories? >> you are on snap chat? >> no. i do have a snap chat account, but i don't use it. you countered what greg said about bill clinton being the grossest first lady ever. unfortunately sound comes out. >> it is true that he does not sound the way he used to. he is horse and he sound 10 years older. that will promote sympathy.
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>> it is to the the way his voice sounds. it is the things he says. >> compared to what? >> milanea? >> the way he was a really good politician and how he is not a really good politician. >> she is sexier. >> i will agree with that. >> geena davis about gender equality. movies these days are made for teenage boys. i am just really tired of your anti-comic book movie propaganda. >> 20 years now and i am like the ludite because you have already won and i don't know why i have to bring it up. i am a jap nice -- japanese soldier in the young dwells of world war ii in 1974. >> you said hollywood was never fair and it is about
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making money. you just did a movie with female director jodie foster. in the green room i thought i heard you say never again. did i miss hear that? >> you must have. >> in case jody is watching, that was a joke. i made that up. >> she watches every night. >> joanne, you handled the fact checking on this story so thank you for that. >> you're welcome, men. i geena davis did not pick the mail director as much as the mail director picking her. >> she did pick it. she was the head producer. is she out of her mind? you have to pick a woman to direct the movie. it is a no brainer. >> he is sticking to his guns. >> this is trump like. >> and men don't listen to women. >> so bow it.
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so be it. >> you asked how many steps the director and his partner had to go down before picking gina dave advice -- geena davis to partner with. it is because she started -- she runs this gina davis institute on gender and media. >> i still think if they could have got jennifer lawrence and julia roberts and charo. susan blakely from rich man, poor man. >> what was her name? >> any of those people would have to be. >> a woman directed that. >> penny marshall directed that. it is a no brainer, andy. >> she was great in "the fly." >> some small towns are made. i am not clear how this turned
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into a discussion about elizabeth warren. >> no one wants to hear your stories about going to the airport. >> he takes them like everybody else. >> don't try to act like you are as cool as him. come on. >> i am wearing the long sleeve izod shirt. >> way older than he is. >> yes you do thing he is cool. >> these will be driverless cars. >> and then 3-d printer less cars. >> it will only get worse. >> it is a complicated issue. if you don't want a lot of drivers going through your neighborhood, don't live in a shortcut area. it is your own fault. >> can we roll the out of
12:39 am
context moment please? >> i can't do anything in my bedroom anymore. >> it's true. >> how is that out of context. it is in the context that joanne wished it to be in. >> it wasn't once i put it in the out of context moment. >> he took it out. >> i am fact checking your out of context moment. >> greg you said if you need a product from an ice cream maker you have bigger problems. it seemed like a cheap and unnecessary shot of ice cream makers. i was standing up the whole segment. joanne, what stops you from taking the ring off and cheating? the idea is you link the app to hulu and amazon and
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register the shows together. then both have to be present and rings nearby and you can't play the episode. >> you can't watch chelsea hand her. >> that is so confusing. >> rid -- rid includes thing in the world. >> who makes these things? >> there was a reference to a fantasy film. >> i hate fantasy films. >> when we come back, i with i will be interviewing a man shattering the trust of the american people one apple store at a time.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibane swre. much of the world is saying goodbye to the heavyweight boxing champion muhammad ali on friday. louisville, kentucky police estimate thousands were there to say their final goodbye. another 15,000 attended a three-hour memorial service to cap the day. president bill clinton and television personality brian gumble were among the speakers. billy crystal gave the champ credit for his success in the and -- entertainment world.
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crystal got his start doing an ali impersonation. >> i want to talk about george foreman. he sugly. george was so slow. i am so fast at 33 years of of age and i am so fast and i can be in my bed before the room gets dark. when i was done he gave me this big bear hug and whispered in my ear, you're my little brother. >> and the sports world is saying goodbye to another icon on friday. gordie howe was known as "mr. hockey" setting scoring records that were broken by wayne gretzky. he spent most of his career with the detroit red wings. finally imagine a light bulb installed in 1908 and it is still burning. the bulb was first installed at the stage door of an opera house in fort worth, texas. it has been carefully moved three times since and is now
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on display at the fort worth stock yard museum. it is not the oldest light bulb ever. a bulb at a california fire house is seven years older. there you go. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye." log on to fox kyla fisher is a comedian and film maker posting videos on a website called youtube. here he is pulling one of his most famous pranks and posing at an apple store. >> mic scan. this is a quick scan to see if you are eligible. >> a retina scan. it says you have great credit and it connects to your info. >> are you kidding. >> if you pay me cash and just
12:47 am
put it in my pocket i will running you up. i will just start pulling the stuff of on the shelf and stuffing it in my pants. whatever i can fit in my pants is what i can hook you up with. >> aren't you going to get caught? >> i hope not. >> tyler fisher. >> a quick scan. >> obviously what you are doing is wrong, but is it illegal? >> it is like the wild west. you can do whatever you want. i went in there without permission and didn't get any sort of paperwork done and it is still on the internet. i think it was being taken down. they took it down and it was not apple. a lot of employee as sent me
12:48 am
part of the video. people wanted to go to the luvra branch and do stand up. if they pay i will go -- international. >> these videos make my wife uncomfortable. i like them. what kind of people like this video? >> anyone. i am making fun with technology and the phones examine we will buy into the jargon. let me make a box of products and everyone says that's interesting and i will look into that. >> they believe you. i want to show another clip. you are offering a special pregnancy test that gives discounts. let's run the tape. >> do you know anyone who is pregnant? >> yes, i do. >> how does it work? >> you just pop it in and whoa
12:49 am
have a -- you can get a free ipad mini. >> do they know who the dad is? >> they have married. >> did anyone actually take up your offer to go in the back room for test? she said i have a few friends that are pregnant and she started texting them. i also of oner a city husband countdown. she said i think i know somebody. i had to get out of there because security found out. i worked at four stores and nobody said anything. >> do you have any other pranks 1234. >> i worked at whole foods and de end ped to be the humans of new york photographer. that was the most fun. i have one out on money -- monday.
12:50 am
>> wonderful. find them on youtube. tyler fisher, thanks so much. you send us your "red eye" questions. we'll bring you our answers after the break. don't go anywhere.
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coming up on the next "red eye" dave smith, jed jedediah bila and jill dobson. >> hey, earn. i'm giant immediate yen ben kissel. we asked you to submit questions for the cast of "red eye." we got a ton of responses so let's get to. it the first is for you and you will hate it. atom shillue seems to -- at tom shillue wears the same shirt, tie, coat. should we take up a collection to buy him some new duds? >> ben, first of all i have a different tie on. i actually have different denim shirts. i actually have -- these are
12:55 am
just four of my light denim shirts and then i have two more at home. they are different. i don't need to buy more. >> i didn't know you could be so diverse. why anyone thinks you are a serial killer is beyond me. >> look at all of this denim in a row. >> you don't have a bunch of black shirts in a closet. >> that's completely different. the next question is for you. what did you think of the political questions in the miss usa knowledge paent. >> don't ask pretty women questions. no one wants to hear them talk. >> that's untrue. >> of course everyone talks about politics and eel love it. you need to ask the girls questions people are talking about. it doesn't matter what you say. it is how you say it. people wnt to know you have an opinion and you want to say it well. don't alien name people with your answer. >> speaking of beautiful women
12:56 am
the next tweet is to you, andy and love is in the air. we are coming to nyc. can we see andy veey in person and buy him a drink? >> ordinarily i i can't. yes under going maintenance in the lab. it is mostly to the hair color program. i am booked up on saturday. >> it's your lucky day and i am completely available. tweet at me and i will be happy to meet you anier when. this goes out to a fella named jimmy brown. we have a thing here, a chalkboard, a little behind the scenes. basically we ask a lot of celebrities and they say no. >> it is not so much as we choose guests as the guests
12:57 am
choose us. >> we know who they want and they know who they don't. >> leo was on there. that is not just any guy named leo. >> billy zane was on there twice. >> amazing questions and incredible answers.
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