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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 11, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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there was no direct apology, but donald trump seemed to try to make amends today over controversial comments he made about the judge overseeing his trump university case. the approach could help the gop's presumptive nominee who is fending off attacks not just from the left, but also from the right as well. chief political correspondent carl cameron starts our coverage tonight with a look at the issues getting in trump's way just six weeks out from the convention. >> donald trump walked into the faith and freedom coalition of evangelical political organizers and seemed to reverse his controversial claims that the federal judge handling the fraud
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suit against trump urt is biassed because of his mexican heritage. >> no one should be judged by their race or their color and the color of their skin. >> his opposition to accepting syrian refugees in the u.s. brought protesters to their feet. >> refugees are welcome here. >> he used a teleprompter for the second appearance in a row. the first time he's been scripted for back-to-back appearances in his entire campaign. he promised to repeal obamacare, protect religious freedom and slammed hillary clinton for proposing policies he said would hurt minorities most. >> her education policies, economic policies, her immigration policies. and her trade policies will plunge our poor african-american hispanic communities into turmoil and even worse, despair. >> trump aides said he had no meters planned with power brokers. instead he hung out at the old office building. speaker paul ryan and mitch
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mcconnell continue to criticize trump's rhetoric and limited understanding of complex policy issues. while at the same time the republican leaders say he's still the best choice over clinton. mcconnell made no mention of trump at the forum, but did in a bloomberg podcast while ryan was at mitt romney's annual political bash in park city, utah where many consider trump's candidacy dangerous. >> suggesting that a person can't do their job because of their race or ethnicity, that's not a politically incorrect thing to do, that's just a wrong thing to say. >> it's pretty obvious he doesn't know a lot about the issues. >> trump's turbulent business history and practices are being criticized by democrats and facing renewed ask scrutiny. he's been sued 60 times for people who accuse him for failing to pay for work done or failing to pay workers. according "u.s.a. today" and "reuters." trump holds a rally in richmond. he's been sharpening attacks on clinton and promoting a speech
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blasting her. she'll be firing back from cleveland where the republican convention is a month from now. well who is who of republicans are attending mitt romney's summit in utah. many in the group of conservatives have grievances with the party's presumptive nominee, donald trump. was today's summit a start of bringing the party together or something else? correspondent leland vitter attended today's events joins me now from park city with details. good evening leland. >> evening, bret. mitt romney blasted donald trump again today. top staff key donors from the 2010 presidential campaign, 2012 campaign gather here every year to talk about big ideas, american leadership. and with a very few exceptions, people here are somewhere between upset and distraught over the coming trump nomination. and that by far is the largest topic of conversation. over the next few days, they will hear from house speaker paul ryan, spokesman says ryan
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will talk about a gop plan to combat poverty. people i talked to said they want to question how ryan is dealing with trump. rnc chair reince priebus is here to talk about party unity. many complain its dysfunction in the rnc that allowed trump's rise. the one million or perhaps $1 billion question here is if any of these big donors are willing to actually do something about trump rather than just talk about how terrible his presidency would be. here's romney's finance direct fund-raiser 2012. >> is there an appetite for plan b? money for plan b? >> i think there would be money for plan b there would be an appetite for many people for a plan b. but i don't think there's an option for plan b. the process of donald trump has gone through the process, he will be the republican nominee. there's nobody that i've talked to that's planning a third-party run. >> folks here pushed back hard on the concept that this is a never-trump conference. but it is clear that those who
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are right at the center of the 2012 race are looking for a way to become relevant once again in 2016. bret? >> leland vitter live in park city. well she's been called a firecracker who has unleashed her own fury against the presumptive gop nominee on his favorite medium, twitter. and she comes with a popularity that could possibly help hillary clinton shore up bernie sanders' supporters. after endorsing clinton thursday, democrat senator elizabeth warren met privately with clinton today here in washington, d.c. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports on the meeting and the vice presidential whispers. >> a day after receiving the endorsement of top democrats, secretary hillary clinton met with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. at her home in washington. immediately rekindling rumors that she was vetting warren to be her vice president. >> i am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for hillary clinton to become the next president of the united
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states. >> the one-hour meeting was the first face-to-face meeting between the two that we know of since the campaign began. warren has been more ideologically aligned with bernie sanders, she has mentioned frequently among the top three to four names being considered as a running mate. clinton would not play ball when asked about it today. when she stopped at a bakery called uprising. >> you guys have got to try the cold chocolate. it is delicious, isn't it? >> senator warren did not shoot down the speculation before meeting clinton, when asked if she thought she was qualified, if called upon to step in. >> yes, i do. >> a fox news poll shows clinton leading donald trump by 18 points among women. among white women, the two candidates are tied. unmarried women prefer clinton by 34 points. a key demographic she was trying to reach during remarks at a planned parenthood function today in washington where she took aim at trump. >> and he actually said -- women
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should be punished for having abortions. this is a man who has called women pigs, dogs, and disgusting animals. kind of hard to imagine counting on him to respect our fundamental rights. when he says pregnant women are an inconvenience to their employer. what does that say about how he values women? >> clinton is hosting a dinner for top democratic fundraisers at her home behind me here in washington, d.c. tonight. the rnc put out a statement after the warren endorsement, calling her a sell-out. remarking that hillary clinton represents everything that warren stands against from her speeches on wall street to her perceived coziness with big banks. bret? >> jennifer griffin here in d.c. thank you. new revelations continue to come out from state department emails released through the freedom of information act, foia. one brings up a possible
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cover-up for hillary clinton. the "washington times" reports that rajiv fernando, a doan who gave millions to the clinton foundation, was given a seat on a department intelligence board, while clinton was secretary of state. when reporters began asking questions about that appointm t appointment. aides began emailing each other about needing to protect clinton. fernando resigned a short time later. did the kgb breach clinton's server? the clinton confidante at the center of the email firestorm said a hack another claims he penetrated clinton's personal email server was working for the russians. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the story. >> clinton confidante sidney blumenthal told fox news that the romanian hacker may have worked for the post-cold war nemesis. >> marcel lazare is romanian. he worked from a russian server, he may be part of a russian
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information operation. >> while blumenthal said there's no way that lazare, who goes by guccifer hacked clinton's emails. >> you accessed a lot of accounts, marcel. >> yes. >> is the clinton server he's easy or hard? >> both, for me it was easy. for me, for everybody. >> this 2012 email released by the state department may challenge clinton's claims about her email practices. a u.s. government source told fox news that the email sent to h, personal account is marked classified. the c appears to be a classified code known as a portion marking. the rest of the email was redacted before being released by the state department, a sign that the information was classified. this government manual shows how paragraphs are reviewed in given codes, u is unclassified, s is secret, c is confidential. >> if in fact it is truly marked confidential and she read it and it made it to her, that would
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conflict with what she previously said. >> in an interview with fox news, here's what clinton said wednesday. >> nothing that i sent or received was marked classified. and nothing has been demonstrated to contradict that. >> blumenthal said he expects the fbi director james comey to publicly confirm that clinton and her aides did not deliberately compromise the nation's secrets. >> that's the at the center of the department of justice, fbi investigation. whether anybody had intent, criminal intent to put classified information outside of the system. i believe that was not the case. and i think then that we will see a statement coming from the fbi stating that. >> asked about the april 2012 email, a clinton campaign spokesman did not directly address the classified marking. but said it was another example of government overclassification in the state department review process. bret? >> catherine, thank you. first, it was facebook. now there's word another
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internet giant could be trying to skew the news. while facebook maintains there was no tampering with its trending topic stories, toward a liberal agenda, google now faces a similar claim over squelching unflattering hillary clinton headlines in its search engine. national correspondent william la jeunesse reports. >> sources discover that google has been actively altering search relgss in favor of hillary clinton's campaign. >> how did sourcefed reach that conclusion? it typed in the words hillary clinton cri. google's auto complete function automatically filled in hillary clinton crime bill. and crisis. do the same on bing or yahoo, you get hillary clinton, criminal. so i said try it again, typing in hillary clinton, ir-n-d. google's own trending site shows
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eight times more searches for hillary clinton indictment than hillary clinton india. >> the intention is clear, google is burying poer tension searches for terms that could have hurt hillary clinton in the primary elections over the past several months by manipulating recommendations on their site. >> source fed searched bernie sanders and donald trump. example trump r-a-c for racist. this time the google search matched yahoo and bing. >> this appears to be an intentional manipulation of search results, the presentation of those to favor an outcome somebody wants. >> google denies that, says it does not favor any candidate or cause. claims to the contrary simply misunderstand how auto complete works, predictions are produced based on a number of factors, including the popularity of search terms. >> based on what the results are, based on what the other search engines show, there's definitely a problem here. google explains that its systems automatically filter out offensive or inappropriate auto complete predictions. so negative information is not
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the first thing that pops up for candidates or anyone else. bret? >> william, thank you. up next, shots ring out at a texas airport. all caught on camera we'll take you there. plus the obama administration claims to have ended two wars. but keeps adding to the fight. how the white house tries to explain that, next.
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a witness captures some intense moments on camera today after police shoot a man at a dallas airport. [ gunshots ] >> police say an officer was responding to word that a man was using rocks to attack a woman in a car. when the officer arrived, police say the man tried to rush him and that's when the officer fired his gun. the suspect remains hospitalized tonight. the month-long european championship soccer tournament kicked off today in france amid unprecedented security. 90,000 police officers, soldiers and private guards have gathered to help protect the more than one million fans expected to attend that competition. today's opening match between france and romania was seld held at the same stadium targeted by
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suicide bombers last november. the obama administration claims it as one of the biggest accomplishments in the administration -- bringing two wars to an end. they say. but as the president's term comes to an end, the administration seems to be ramping up its war operations, chief washington correspondent james rosen reports from the white house. >> this is how wars end in the 21st century. >> more than two years after president obama touted the end of the american combat mission in afghanistan and two weeks after his senior adviser listed an end to the war itself among her boss's purported accomplishments. >> auto industry back. ending two wars. >> the obama administration shifted its war footing in afghanistan. expanding the rules of engagement so the 10,000 u.s. forces in theater can accompany conventional afghan troop units, not just afghan special forces on to the battlefield and support them using u.s. air power. while he maintained that the u.s. mission hasn't changed, defense secretary ashton carter speaking at the defense 1 tech
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summit in washington explicitly referred to the new rules of engagement in terms of an american combat role. >> it's a good use of the combat power that we have there. >> the white house stuck more closely to the administration's line. >> the u.s. combat role in afghanistan ended at the end of 2014. and the president not considering restarting it. >> army general john nicholson who took over three months as the top american officer in afghanistan had requested an easing of restrictions on the troops under his command, who were previously conducting offensive actions only when u.s. or afghan forces were in danger of being overrun and in selected counterterrorism strikes. in the 15 years since the u.s. military went into afghanistan fog the 9/11 attacks, never has the taliban enemy controlled or contested as much territory inside the country as it does now. there have been successes, last month an american drone strike killed the leader of the afghan taliban in pakistan. but some analysts and afghan war
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veterans regard the policy shift as long overdue. among them, michael walt, a lieutenant-colonel in the special forces reserves and author of "the warrior diplomat." >> the entire region is shaken and unstable. that was with 10,000. it's not clear to me how we're going to be able to be more helpful to our allies with half that number at the end of the year. >> that was a point that josh earnest emphasized today, that the new rules of engagement will not prevent the commander-in-chief for sticking to his plan it withdraw roughly half of all u.s. droops in afghanistan by year's end. bret? >> james rosen live on the north lawn. a down day for the markets, the dow fell 120. the s&p 500 dropped 19. the nasdaq lost 64. mixed results for the week, the dow was up .33%. the s&p 500 lost .1% and the nasdaq was down a point. coming up, saying good-bye to the greatest. constipated?
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thousands of people lined the streets in louisville today to say a final good-bye to boxing legend muhammed ali. you saw it here on fox news. e ali's hearse traveled to a louisville cemetery before dignitaries, celebrities and fans gathered for a celebration of his life. correspondent mike tobin reports from kentucky on today's send-off for the champ. >> drapeden in inn an islamic tapestry and having earned his place in history, the man who bore the title, the greatest, muhammed ali prepared for his final trip through his hometown of louisville. bearing his pall was will smith who portrayed him in the movie "ali" and mike tyson and lennox lewis. >> he will never be forgotten. >> fans threw flowers as the hearse made its way unthe
1:28 am
boulevard bearing the name of the champ. past his boyhood home an historical landmark preserved and painted pink. ultimately over a bed of rose petals for a private family bureau yul. that preceded a very public memorial. >> only once in 1,000 years or so do we get to hear a mozart or see a picasso. read a shakespeare. ali was one of them. >> and broadcaster bryant gumbel. >> i shook the champ's hand. i was 17, i was awestruck. and man i thought he was the greatest. >> the very public farewell was fitting to the champ who never shied away from the cameras. even when the ravages of parkinson's syndrome were evident in his trembling body. but his daughters say with all the attention the family has yet to grieve. >> i'm going to miss the phone calls and the jokes and i just want to touch him, kiss him.
1:29 am
it's just hard. i feel like he should be here like daddy, look at this. you know, it feels weird. >> rasheda believes there will never be another ali. you can't duplicate the opponents, you can't duplicate the time. he rose up through social injustice and became a voice that could not and would not be ignored. the final speaker was former president bill clinton who said muhammed ali was truly a free man, a free man of faith. sports fans are also mourning the loss of another legend tonight -- former detroit red wings player, gordie howe died today. howe helped bring home four stanley cup champions in his 25 years on the team. and was named an nhl all-star 23 times.x÷x÷
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here is what hillary clinton would do to our country. she'll appoint radical judges who will legislate from the bench overriding congress.
1:36 am
hillary clinton's wall street agenda will crush working family. she wants to raise your taxes big-league folks, big-league. she wants to abolish the second amendment. >> donald trump would take us in the wrong direction on so many issues we care about. economic justice, workers' rights, civil rights. human rights. the environment. all of that is on the line in this election. >> well get ready, we're going to hear more of that. the general election in full bloom. if you will. donald trump and hillary clinton today. meantime, donald trump dealing with some, some people in his own party, including the senate majority leader who said this in an interview. >> it's pretty obvious he doesn't know a lot about the issues. i think he'd have a much better chance of winning if he would quit making so many unfortunate public utterances and stick to the script. ? also said to pick a lawmaker who
1:37 am
snows noes stuff this was trump's response. in a quote to "time" magazine, my voters don't care and the public doesn't care. they know you're going to do a good job once you are there. with that, let's bring in our panel. expanded panel today, steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard." tucker carlson of "fox & friends" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. has trump gone over the tough week or is he getting back to getting his stride? or do you think he's wobbly still? >> the best quote i saw about this was, it's in a construction site when it says x number of days since we've had an accident? i think we went four days now. with sticking to script. i don't know that it's going to be maybe a whole week. but i think we're going to see this pattern continue where he is not a scripted candidate. that is the appeal of donald trump. that is his brand. is to be somebody who is not
1:38 am
going to be a typical politician. so i think he will short-term stay on script. but once the barrage of attacks come from democrats, the super pacs, et cetera, seeing him stick to script then is going to be very interesting. >> he was on script today. about hillary clinton's emails. >> hillary clinton has jeopardized, totally jeopardized national security by putting her her emails on a private server all to hide her corrupt dealings. bill and hillary made $150 million, giving speeches to special interest groups, since 2001. these donors own hillary clinton. they own her. >> tucker, he's getting ready we're told to give a big speech with this focus specifically on monday. >> any time he's not talking about himself, it's a good day. the question is does the campaign see his attacks on the judge as an existential threat
1:39 am
to the presidential campaign? those words hang in the air, they can't be taken back. but they can be learned from. do they see this as the moment where he might have blown it? are they going to make the necessary changes? it's possible that they do. look, the more he talks about hillary, the better. at the very moment he was speaking, she was speaking to planned parenthood. kind of hard to believe that the wake of those videos that anybody would get in front of planned parenthood. >> charles, you know we saw the fox news poll where he trails three, but within the margin of error on registered voters. you ask likely are you interested in this election. likely to vote. and he's up four over hillary clinton after the judge's comments. so is it sticking? >> it's only one poll. but you wonder what the impact is. >> the real third rail of american politics is race. and racism. and if you're accused of it by
1:40 am
people in your own party, then it becomes something that you can't really shake off. whether, i don't think it's going to have any effect on people who supported him up until now. he's skirted around it for a long time. when you get the majority leader, what it's done is it's opened him up to attacks from the inside in a way that hadn't existed before. and that i think could have a corrosive effect. in in other words after indiana people were flocking to him, and saying all these nice things and it was all, going rather smoothly. that flocking and uniting and lining up for the train, i think is now at least on hiatus. and it makes some of those who got on the train thinking twice. that i think is the lurking danger. because unless he can unite the rest of the party and can get at least a kind of neutrality out of other leading republicans, it's going to be hard. >> this meeting in park city,
1:41 am
utah. said to not be a never-trump organized event. they don't have anything, and essentially all parties are conceding there is no effort, there is no white knight, it's over. the party is going to have to deal with it. >> it's awfully late. i don't think there ever really was much of an organized never-trump movement. i think it was a bunch of people saying i don't want to vote for donald trump. i think charles is right in one respect, i disagree with him in another it may be the case that having these republicans criticize trump does have some lasting effect. on the other hand if you're a trump voter or a republican sitting at home, you've heard democrats make these arguments about republicans, about any number of republicans that they're sexist, they're racist. they're misogynistic. over the years, ad nauseum. i think at a certain point people tune that stuff out. the difference with what trump said this time i think is it was bigoted. it was a bigoted comment. he said it made bigoted remarks
1:42 am
first of february, then in a speech, then to "the wall street journal." >> semi apology today. >> repeatedly today, in cnn interview. i think he didn't recognize that what he said was bigoted. >> well i don't think there's any defending with a trump said. on the other hand it might have been worse, he might have come out for racial discrimination in hiring. and in promotions and in contracting and in college admissions, that would have put him on the same side as hillary clinton. who explicitly favors that. entire federal agencies devoted to that. so it's not to defend trump, but to put it in some perspective. this is the currency of the left. this is identity politics, that's just true. i'm sorry. >> we've got not a lot of time. we want to go, it's friday and you know what happens on friday, we go to a place called candidate casino. we've changed it to vice president candidate casino. today elizabeth warren huddled with hillary clinton. so let's start on the democratic side. amy, $100 in chips. democrats. >> i want to start off by saying
1:43 am
i've never picked a vp right. i'm placing my bets. terrible about this. i don't think it's going to be elizabeth warren. i put $5 on that i think she's much better as an attack dog for hillary clinton than being on the ticket with her. i'm putting at the top, tim kaine, a safer choice, the kind of person that hillary needs, her whole message is about stability, reaching out beyond that base. tom perez, who is the labor secretary, sherrod brown, the senator from ohio rounding it out. >> steve, democratic side first? >> i'm hedging here, basically what i'm doing. i putjulian castro. 15 on tim kaine. >> david petraeus, that's an interesting call. >> that was the last sort of crazy thought. i think she wants to run a safe campaign. i think she wants to provide a contrast with donald trump by being safe. i think most of these that i've list reasonable doubt safe
1:44 am
picks. >> tuckery? >> i don't think she's holy in charge of this decision. i think elizabeth warren is the favorite, i put 60 on her and castro, 40. >> edgy. >> charles? >> she puts petraeus on there that means we can abolish the classification system sbirnly, if that's on the ticket. i've narrowed it down. she has two choices, you're going to go center or go left. you go center, you go kaine, you go left, you go share rod brown or elizabeth warren. >> republicans, steve? >> hedging my bets, the only person i've got more than $10 on is bob corker. $10 on newt, on sessions, jim scott, john thune, tom cotton and then it's dennis rodman. an out of the box pick, trump is reality tv star. experienced diplomat. >> this is why you lose in vegas. this is why you lose. >> amy?
1:45 am
>> i'm not much different from yours. i split it up to with, with bob corker getting most of my votes. i also put oklahoma governor mary fallon in there. i think a woman would be a good pick for him and leaving the rest of it in the player to be determined later. i think it's going to be somebody who is not on this list. >> tuck centre. >> i believe it will be chris christie. i put $80 on chris christie. >> $80? >> decisive. >> i think it's true, i would bet $80 on it, i think herman cain is a disant second. >> i've got newt gingrich up there. christie up there, scott brown, john thune, jeff sessions. >> okay. steve, you want five on omarosa? >> no. >> i'll take your $80 bet on chris christie. >> done. >> i've got the field, you got christie. >> wow. >> we do this pretend this is pretend. >> this is going to get us fdic
1:46 am
problems. >> take chips. next up, obama foreign policy flip-flop, our panel weighs in next.
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1:48 am
1:49 am
the question i think has
1:50 am
simply been what else can united states do to support them in those efforts. the president feels strongly that the afghans must remain in control of the security situation in their own country. the u.s. combat role in afghanistan ended at the end of 2014. and the president is not considering restarting it. tell that to some of the soldiers in afghanistan or iraq, frankly, syria. take a look at the speeches. we have been able to see what addresses were typically listed as military addresses by this president since he came in office, 2019. there were nine of them. the last one where the president talked about the war or wars was april 13th. yet, they're increasing, the operations. we're back with the panel. charles, this seems semantics. you had the defense secretary today talking about the fighting season in combat. and then he caught himself and realized the white house was saying no, no, it's not combat. >> look, i think it's demoralizing. if you are out there.
1:51 am
you have a family member out there, risking their life and hearing the president and high officials pretending there is no combat, i think it's appalling. it's a president who made a promise. his whole policy, the timing of the withdrawal in iraq and in afghanistan were done for political reasons because he wanted to end up as the than who ended the wars as if you can end wars unilaterally not ending the war as well. it's done entirely for political and now legacy reasons. and to the extent it distorts what we actually do up until now, we could only participate in defensive operations. here is a military out there. the afghans, if they are engaging in successful offensive operation, we were not allow to do help them out. now we are. so at least there is a change in policy. but the rhetoric undermines and to a large extent. >> does it hurt hillary clinton in any way on obama foreign policy and this battle over semantics whether they are in combat or not? >> i was just going to say.
1:52 am
this is the interesting part of this campaign so far. we started this panel looking at the two candidates attacking each other. we haven't heard either one of them addressing this issue yet. hillary clinton gave a foreign policy speech that really was an anti-trump laying out the terms against trump without talking about her own foreign policy. trump's response and the republican response was attack her personally as opposed to going after some of the foreign policy decisions. i think that's going to be a key element in this campaign. but thus far, neither candidate has been particularly impressive in talking about what they're going to do going forward. >> steve? >> well, it's certainly -- her candidacy. she wrote about this in her own book and talked about while bruce riedel, who had done obama's afghan pact review policy warned against trying to separate the taliban from al qaeda. she was the one who pushed the policy to say no, no, we can separate them. it's okay. we can pick off the taliban
1:53 am
separate this is you an admission policy failure. we are ramping up our efforts against the taliban specifically. she drove that policy. she should have to answer for it. >> i want to turn quickly. this is published reports now surfacing that hillary clinton's publisher removed a section of her memoir dealing with the transpacific partnership, the trade deal that's so talked about from the paperback version. simon shuster says in a brief it acknowledges that part of the book tucker was taken out but it was zapped to quote accommodate a shorter length. this is a large paragraph cheerleading for nations to get on to the tpp. >> it was the condensed version of the book that takes out all the politically inconvenient part. reared's digest. >> do you have any idea how expensing paper is these days? >> it's like it never happened. it's not in the book. it never happened. she never supported that trade deal. ever. look it up. >> yeah, but just get the paperback. okay. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for the panel's
1:54 am
winners and losers. ♪
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1:56 am
1:57 am
we are back with the panel and winners and losers, quick round, steve? >> my winner is peter hole defeated gawker. my loser is spicer at the rnc who defended donald trump's comments today saying that the trump never meant to be speaking about the judge's heritage. just wrong.
1:58 am
>> amy. >> winner hillary clinton obviously had a good week this week getting the party to unite around her. especially the establishment. loser is paul ryan who was -- this is supposed to be his week where he was going to show how the party could come together and he could talk about his agenda. obviously, that did not happen. >> not yet. tucker? >> the big winner is bernie sanders. he lost the race but he won the argument, the entire democratic party now follows his ideological lead, congratulations. the loser is humanity. it's one thing americans can use is best looking people on the planet. 3.4 million of them since obama took office. fertility rates are down. we know what to do we just need to do more of it. >> wow. [ laughter ] >> winner than loser. >> humanity, huh? wow, that's a big one. my loser is sanders. is he not the big winner. is he a big loser. he was yesterday the most interesting man in the world, and today he is gone. he was handed a gold watch, a little trip around washington,
1:59 am
washington you won't hear from him. all we will be talking about is elizabeth warren. my winner of the week is the never trump movement. yes, the movement is dead. yes, the idea of parachuting in a new candidate is a fantasy. however, what happened over the last week, week and a half is posthumous vindication for the movement. >> i just want everyone to know on the commercial break we only had a short period of time expanded panel. we want to do make sure everybody had time. everybody had 20 seconds. charles was going to go first. he said i will take it, i will go last. it ended up that there was plenty of time. >> that's because all of you panicked when you heard that i gold first. [ laughter ] >> we condensed it. like the book. >> behind the scenes. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. please join me as i sit in for chris wallace as host of "fox news sunday" this weekend. surrogates for both campaigns will join me from the trump campaign, chairman of the senate armed services
2:00 am
committee. jeff sessions and for the clinton campaign minnesota senator amy klobuchar. it should be interesting. it's a seven day workweek. that's all right. kimberly guilfoyle is in for greta tonight.ld he possibly ha say? have a great weekend. tonight on this special edition of "hannity" -- >> crooked hillary, crooked, crooked hillary. she is a crooked -- she is a crooked person. hillary clinton is a weak person. hillary clinton is totally scripted. hillary clinton is a thief. i think she's pathetic. i think she should be in jail for what she did with her e-mails. okay? >> donald trump takes on hillary clinton. >> i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going. >> then deal me in! >> she shouts into the microphone and it drives everybody crazy. and frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of


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